Real TEXAN and CHRISTIAN J. Frank Norris is Back to Torment ANTICHRIST Lizzo

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J. Frank Norris (1877 – 1952). They called him The Texas Cyclone.

UPDATE on April 23, 2023: The J. Frank Norris automaton has been perusing my website to learn more about Jesus and is evolving closer to what Jesus would want him to be. He has had to rethink some of his stances, but still remains a brave and moral Texan, who won’t take any “shit” from Satan’s side.

This may be a dumb idea, but I think it would be fun to make an automaton of J. Frank Norris and have him specialize in preaching against Antichrist Lizzo. We could give him a special hour on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Something tells me he’d be a big hit. It would drive LIzzo batty.

While I’m at it, here are some chapel sayings by Bob Jones Sr. (lived 1883 to 1968) that shaped me as a young lady, and that I still quote often today.

J. Frank Norris would rake LIZZO ACROSS THE COALS and if she showed up in his church, he’d get out his gun and SHOOT HER. I happen to know about him, because of who my heroes were when I was in my twenties.

You see, Satan is trying to create the impression that Lizzo is a Texan. Well, so was J. F. Norris and he will definitely set the record straight on whether Lizzo has the right to call herself a TEXAN.

Even worse, Lizzo has been saying she’s a CHRISTIAN. Yeah, we need J. F. Norris to set the record straight on THAT ONE.

Even more fun is that Lizzo is from Detroit and J. F. Norris had two big churches, one in Fort Worth, TX and another in Detroit, MI. Maybe he could start street preaching around the country! That would be so much fun.

If every one wants to know why I’ve chosen J. F. Norris, just say, he’ll set the record straight on whether Lizzo has the right to call herself a Christian and a TEXAN.

Even more fun, give him lightning bolt powers, so that he can zap dead any Lizzo Jesuits he sees while he’s preaching.

We can make more than one copy of him, too. Perhaps make about ten of him. Oh boy, would that be fun.

Here’s some information about J. Frank Norris and I’m proud to say he violates just about all the social justice asinine rules. He’ll be a nice balance to the insanity that currently rages on planet earth.

I expect Lizzo to take down the site where I got the information below, so I’ve made a back up below. Some of the links don’t work that great and here is a copy of the website where I made the back ups.


         Dr. Norris was constantly embroiled in religious and political battles and was known as “The Fighting Parson” and “The Texas Cyclone.”  He met opposition head-on and did not fear any man.  He once said, “When I die, let it be carved on my tombstone ‘Here lies a man who never turned his back in the day of battle or feared to face a foe.'”  Dr. Norris was a preacher, pastor, educator, world-traveler, revivalist, builder, fund-raiser, author, and the editor of his own newspaper.  His friends loved him and admired him, but his enemies hated and feared him.  A newspaper reporter once wrote, “There is an eleventh commandment in Fort Worth – Thou shalt not mess with J. Frank Norris.” He fearlessly exposed the social evils of society.  He aggressively probed issues, investigated improprieties, and publicly exposed and castigated the offenders.  His life is filled with stories of adventure, courage, faith and danger – the stuff from which legends are made.  He helped to cause the resignation of the president of Baylor University, and fought liberalism throughout the Southern Baptist Convention.  He almost single-handedly stopped gambling at the Dallas Fair and horse race gambling in Texas for over eighty years.  He was shot at, his life was threatened, and three thousand men, led by the mayor of Fort Worth, drank to his being run out of town, or to his hanging.  He closed down the infamous “Hell’s Half-Acre,” that housed the notorious “Hole-in-the-Wall Gang.”  Twice he was charged with burning down his home and his church.  Both times the juries declared him “Not Guilty.”  Many people believe that the fires were started by his enemies.  He was tried for murder in a nationally reported trial in  Austin, Texas.  The jury deliberated only one hour and fifteen minutes, and declared him “Not Guilty” on the first ballot.  Thus, Dr. Norris was found “Not Guilty” of first degree murder, which the dictionary defines as “murder committed premeditatively and with malice.”  The jury found Dr. Norris “Not Guilty” because they were convinced that the shooting of D. E. Chipps was not premeditated, and was done without malice.  The jury was convinced that Dr. Norris shot Chipps because he felt his life was threatened.  Dr. Norris was also involved in politics.  He helped to defeat a Democratic Presidential candidate in Texas and helped to elect two Republican candidates to the Presidency.  He was a friend of several world leaders such as the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.  He burned the Nazi flag before a huge audience in Madison Square Garden.  On another occasion he burned the Communist flag before a gigantic audience in Detroit, Michigan.  He strongly and continuously opposed religious and political liberalism,  Roman Catholicism, the Ku Klux Klan, the National Council of Churches, and liberalism in the Northern and Southern Baptist Conventions.  He simultaneously pastored two of the largest churches in America, 1,300 miles apart, for thirteen years. 

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