Ron Hamilton’s “Rejoice In The Lord” (1950 – 2023)

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Ron Hamilton’s “Rejoice In The Lord” plays in the background as I feature memories of my time at Baptist University of America from 1979 to 1983 and then end with how my life has ended up.

I just learned that Ron Hamilton went to be with Jesus on April 19, 2023. I loved his music and often listened to it in the 1990s and earlier. Though I used to think rock music was sinful and only listened to Ron Hamilton’s style of music, I still love a lot of the music I used to listen to, even though I now listen to rock music, too.

Ron Hamilton (Nov. 9, 1950 – April 19, 2023)

As I listened to one of my favorites from Ron Hamilton’s music, I thought how much wisdom I had as a young lady, in spite of being a “prude” in my twenties. I turned down a chance to be an Air Force officer to go to Baptist University of America after I graduated with honors from Florida State University, and now I’m at least a five star general. Ha!

This is what Pastor Rayburn Blair looked like in 1979, which was the time I graduated from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. I was attending his church called Temple Baptist Church (and taught Sunday School there and sang in the choir), when the B.U.A. Singers showed up and I started thinking of going to B.U.A. after I graduated from F.S.U. My family disowned me, but Rayburn Blair’s church gave me a hundred dollars a month to attend B.U.A. I majored in Missions and Education. I earned the rest of the money from working jobs. Rayburn Blair is a die-hard Texan and I loved how he put his arms around his wife after every church service to escort her out of the church building. He’s the reason I respect Texas men. And now I got one! My Brent, from Houston.

Pastor Blair trained at J. F. Norris’s school, another red-blooded Texan and Alabama man. Ironically, a bunch of LIzzo Jesuits just did a shoot out at J. F. Norris’s birthplace in Alabama. When I was a young lady, these were my heroes. I never watched television in my twenties and considered Hollywood a cesspool of immorality and vulgarity. I also made a post to honor J. Frank Norris.

Though I feel I was a bit rigid, I’m proud of myself for my courage to follow my own star and not let anyone pressure me to do otherwise. When I decided to become less rigid, it was after thinking it out on my own and not because I was worried what people or church people thought of me. I have always respected moral courage, which is why I have a deep admiration for people like J. F. Norris. I think it would be a fit punishment for Lizzo Jesuits to have to listen to J. F. Norris preach at them all day and night in hell. LOL

This is what he was like:

I think today’s young people are very lost on their path. I never thought I’d see the day when someone would be ashamed to call themselves male or female. TOTAL INSANITY.

NOTE: Don’t even call Antichrist Lizzo a TEXAN. So she went to secondary school in Texas and claims to be a Texan of sorts. Don’t make the Texans PUKE. I bet all the red-blooded Texas men would chop her up and burn her in a big bonfire and be celebrating, if they could do it! I know that’s how my red-blooded Texas husband feels!!

Though I never went to the mission field through a traditional mission board, I’m sure Jesus feels that I am his missionary and that’s what counts!

I don’t regret turning down the chance for an Air Force officer’s commission, because I was doing what I felt was God’s will at the time and my life has taken amazing turns. I never worshiped money or fame, but always worshiped Jesus. I have no regrets and as far as I’m concerned, in spite of everything, Jesus has not let me down. I’m so proud of my husband Brent for saving Jesus from asshole piece-of-shit Satan.

I’m also proud of Ron Hamilton for making great music for Jesus and I loved his music! Even if you are messed up, if your heart is in the right place, God shapes you from where you’re at and turns you into a diamond.

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