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If you want to learn about the few men I’ve been attracted to or had crushes on, this is your page. Because of my asexual leanings, the attractions and crushes are few and far between. If you’ll notice, there are no black men on the list. This does not mean I’m a white supremacist. It only means that perhaps my sexual tastes are more along the line of white men. However, I do believe there are black asexuals and they need to be understood:

We are all entitled to be ourselves. By the way, I love Judge Terrance Jenkins, who’s on my marriage list and have had brain to brain loving with him. But, I’ll admit, it was more a friendship gesture. I think the problem for me with blacks is that their sexual culture is too hyper-sexed for me, which, I, as an asexual leaning person, don’t find compelling. However, blacks can be very courageous and I can see myself finding a courageous black sexually attractive on rare moments if I got a connection with him for his courage. I’m especially attracted or connected to MORAL courage, like someone who will follow their own star and who will honor both true and free love, even if the whole universe thinks they’re insane. But then, my passionate monogamous husband Brent has me FULLY SATISFIED and I’m NOT looking.

MORAL COURAGE: Moral courage is the courage to take action for moral reasons despite the risk of adverse consequences. Courage is required to take action when one has doubts or fears about the consequences. Moral courage therefore involves deliberation or careful thought. Reflex action or dogmatic fanaticism do not involve moral courage because such impulsive actions are not based upon moral reasoning.

It takes a lot of courage to honor both true and free love because many falsely believe that free love can only be practiced if you are evil, so you risk being misunderstood. Those who are evil, will pressure you to practice free love in an evil manner and to refuse to do so, will isolate you. Those who are “righteous”, will say that any type of sexual practice outside of heterosexual monogamy is evil, and so you also lose support from the “righteous” crowd. Therefore, you basically have to chart your own course. So to honor BOTH free and true love requires tremendous moral courage and I have great respect for those who do and who are not ashamed of standing for BOTH free and true love.

Basically, any form of sexual and lovemaking practice which is not heterosexual monogamy is free love, in my opinion.

I do NOT believe that the only moral form of lovemaking is heterosexual monogamy and so, I am an advocate of both free and true love and INSIST that free love MUST be practiced with morality. You practice free love with morality, when you are not abusive, do not rape and when all those involved in the practice of it, respect each other and having willing and knowing consensual sexual or love relations with each other in a manner that respects all in the group. It is also important to show respect for those who have different tastes in sex than you do and to give everyone ultimate freedom and respect to be authentic and real and not try to force everyone into one mold sexually.

Free love is actually slavery if free lovers insist that its their way or the highway, which a lot of them are doing nowadays, especially the Lizzo Jesuits and the Satan worshippers, who do not believe that free love can be practiced without being evil.

I passionately disagree with Satan on this!!

I have the utmost respect for people who desire monogamous heterosexual relationships and they are entitled to that and we need to respect that. Just like I respect ANYONE who honors true love, regardless of what form it takes, whether it be homosexuality, lesbianism, poly-amory, polygamy, asexuality, monogamy, heterosexuality, hyper-sexuality and all the variations thereof. I, myself, am heterosexual, hierarchical poly-amorous and asexual leaning and am in a poly-mono relationship with monogamous Brent Spiner.

The hyper-sexuals need to respect the asexuals, as long as all practice true love and morality.

The heterosexuals and homosexuals need to respect each other as long as all practice true love and morality.

You get my drift?

Anyone with the attitude in sex, “It’s my way or the highway,” is an intolerant bigot, regardless of their sexual orientation. Lately, there have been a lot of intolerant bigots who are black hyper-sexual (i.e., Lizzo Jesuits) and insist its their way or the highway. They are vain and proud and evil.

You might say why would a young person, who leans asexual, bother to make out? Well, when you’re young, you are still finding yourself. I would say it was part of my exploration process. I’m not a full asexual, but I definitely lean that way. Like I could have a happy relationship with a guy with NO SEX as long as he wasn’t my main partner. You might say, that sounds more like friendship. Well, it actually is, but the difference is I allow the guy to masturbate to me, to dream of having sex with me and I have no issues with it, as long as he respects my asexual tendencies and understands I only have so much sexual energy to give out. I also free them to have sex with other hot women and even set them up with some! I am poly-amorous, but lean asexual. I have lots of compersion with my partners. I vicariously experience their joy when they find joy with another beautiful and good woman.

First attraction for me was a celebrity crush on David Cassidy, after I heard him sing “I Think I Love You” in 1971. I was 13. This was a junior high school celebrity romantic crush. It lasted for several months.

Next attraction was 1973. My sophomore year of high school. It was a guy (Kenneth Dugger) who used to walk me to school in junior high, but the attraction started when he sang the song “Honey” in my Concert Chorus exams and I heard him sing. I just really emotionally connected with him cuz of how he sang that song. It probably also helped that we were friends in junior high, too. I wasn’t dreaming about sex with him, but had a big crush. I was 15 and this lasted about a year. Never told him I had a crush on him. If a guy was my “ideal” or my dream man, sometimes I would never let them know how I felt. I never told Ken, because my ideal was always a Christlike man and if he rejected me I’d be certain it must be because I was bad, so it mortified me to let them know how I felt. LOL.

Another friendship romantic connection was in 1981. The romantic connection lasted about six months. His name was Daniel Marcus Gruver, a Southern Baptist missionary doctor’s son. I was impressed at the time he asked me out cuz he claimed to be pre-med and seemed to have the intelligence I needed in a partner. I actually considered him physically unattractive, but was impressed by his brains and that he was a missionary doctor’s son and that someone of his caliber was interested in me. At the time he asked me out, I thought I would go back to nursing school and I guess he figured with me studying nursing, I’d be a good match for him. He was studying at Baylor University and drove his motorcycle out to my mother’s place in Cutler Ridge, Florida to date me. On one date he got really heated during kissing and started humping on me, and I backed off. It was pretty easy for me with asexual leanings to back off, too. After that, he broke off our relationship by not contacting me anymore and when I called him, he’d be busy. I was so devastated that cuz I turned him down for sex, he lost interest. I did develop a friendship bond with him, but never felt sexually attracted to him really. NOTE OF INTEREST: I did have a strong sex drive as a young lady, but had a hard time getting sexually attracted. However, cuz I had a strong sex drive, if sexual attraction happened, I could be tempted. But since sexual attraction rarely happened, that may be part of why I was a virgin when I married David Schuler in 1985.

It’s possible if Marcus didn’t blow it by trying to have sex with me, I might have learned to get those sexual feelings for him, but he totally lost my respect the way he handled me. It didn’t help that he admitted he impregnated his last girlfriend who was a nursing student.

So I ended up leaving that Southern Baptist church so I wouldn’t have to deal with him and went back to a stricter independent, fundamental Baptist church and David Schuler asked me out on a date and I turned him down on his first try, cuz he seemed really dorky and shallow to me. I should have trusted my first impression! But David didn’t give up and the second time David asked me out, I said “yes”. To weed out any potential sex predator, I laid down the rules, “No hand holding, no kissing, no physical touching at all on the date, only talking.” Little did I know that this is not a foolproof way to ward off a gay sexual predator, who wants a wife only for impressions. I expected him to never take me out again. Instead, he replied that he was so impressed and that I expressed his feelings exactly. That really impressed me, after what I had been through with Marcus and, unfortunately, I didn’t realize David was a gay pedophile. It always took me a long time to bond with a guy and when we broke up it was always devastating, because it was so hard for me to get a bond. And then when a guy was sly enough (David Schuler) to create a false bond, it worked, even to the point that I was willing to marry a guy (David Schuler) I never even held hands with or kissed or hugged.

(1) MITCH ABRAMS: My first sexual attraction was sexual, emotional (slightly romantic) in (1975 – 1977), my first year of college. I met Mitch Abrams in social sciences class and we studied together in the library. I was a Christian and he was Jewish. However, as friends, I became open and transparent with him and he started dating me. I remember feeling really guilty about dating a non-Christian, but I was real with this guy, and he was real with me and so we got a strong connection, which, for me, resulted in a very strong sexual attraction. But he didn’t want to be involved with a woman (myself) who had so many hang-ups, so he moved on.

(2) KEITH MORGAN: Next sexual and romantic attraction (1976 – 1978), happened about the same time that I was attracted to Mitch Abrams and it was Keith Morgan, a Christian guy, that I was friends first with before any attraction developed. I was on a double date with a guy I had no attraction to at all, and was impressed with how my friend Keith behaved with his date, especially when he said that I was more his type. I heard about this through the grapevine. Keith was a biology major at the time. As a result of my friendship with Keith, I got a connection that resulted in romantic/sexual attraction.

I actually proposed marriage to him while I was a student at Florida State University in 1979 and he turned me down politely, even escorting me to the elevator. To my credit, I did not punish him at all for this, but gave him his space and was so embarrassed, I pretty much avoided him after that. I had a lot of insecurities back then. It kind of messed me up that he turned me down though and made me feel I must be that selfish, no good girl my mom always said I was.

Needless to say, I never let a guy know after this, when I found them attractive, unless I knew for sure the feelings were returned. I also concluded that if I didn’t want to lose a friendship with a guy who grew on me romantically/sexually (being asexual leaning) that I’d never let them know that happened, cuz if they grew on me romantically as a result of my friendship and I told them, they usually avoided me after that. NOTE OF INTEREST, KEITH MORGAN WAS A GUY I HAD A CRUSH ON FROM 1976 TO ABOUT 1979.

The crush started at Miami-Dade Community College in 1976 when he and I were both in Campus Crusade for Christ. He was a biology major at the time I had a crush on him and in Army ROTC. He ended up becoming a physician specializing in ophthalmology. Keith seemed deep, intelligent and thoughtful, which I found very compelling. . . Yeah, when Keith said “no”, it really messed me up and I ended up becoming a super prude. I figured I wasn’t strict enough with myself. It didn’t help that he tried to cushion the rejection by saying, “You know, you are a pretty girl, but I only have friendship feelings for you.” I figured I must be a bad girl and that’s why he rejected me, since he admitted I was pretty. I could hear my mom’s script going through my mind, “You are a selfish, no good girl, just like your dad.” You see, my mom said my dad went off with a stewardess and was a womanizer and that he didn’t care about his kids or anyone once he wanted his sex.

I think part of the problem Keith had with me was that I was willing to marry him without ever having dated him, though I did go out on a double date with him, where he was dating another girl on that date. But when you are asexual oriented, you can be attracted and “fall in love” based on friendship alone, because the sex part is not the major component of the relationship for you. I understand that about myself now.

I think my asexuality was a bit of a problem for me, even as a young lady and caused me to get misunderstood a lot, too. I think he also noticed my polyamory and was confused about me. Because the same time I had a deep crush on him, I was dating a Jewish guy and allowing that guy to make out a lot with me. The Jewish guy was helping me find parts of me that were definitely not “Christian” that I didn’t want to admit existed in me. The Jewish guy was part of my self-exploration process. I found myself with Brent Spiner. But the fact that I could have a strong thing for two guys at a time, showed my polyamory and I think this confused Keith, because I told him about the Jewish guy I had dated.

(3) DAVID SCHULER: Next sexual and romantic (no emotional) attraction (1981 – 1987) was the man I’d marry, who I did not know was a gay pedophile. David Schuler, being raised in the strict Christian environment, knew how to play the Christian game and he knew how to do a good talk and he fooled me. So I ended up marrying a guy that I never had any physical contact with at all! I was super impressed with him cuz of this, too, and that’s how the connection happened. I think I subconsciously felt I found another asexual leaning person and that was the connection! No kissing, no hand holding, no hugging and I married the guy. When he started getting abusive towards me, the sexual and romantic attraction gradually wore off and I mainly had sex with him to satisfy sexual desire without attraction.

(4) BRENT SPINER: Next sexual, deeply emotional and romantic attraction was Brent Spiner (1991 to 1996, 1999 to now). I decided to write Brent because I experienced platonic and emotional attraction to him when I saw him in “Pen Pals” Star Trek: The Next Generation. Being a devout Christian, I had no emotional connection with my husband in 1990, so I just wanted to satisfy my emotional attraction to Brent then. I was basically looking for platonic intimacy, so a pen pal relationship was perfect for me. BUT, when Brent made a music album for me (Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back) and my friend Melody Rondeau bought it for me and mailed it to me, and I realized that my mystery caller who was making love to me on the phone was Brent, I developed an intense romantic/sexual attraction to Brent after this.

So the sexual attraction started in June 1991, even though the emotional attraction started around August 1990. I can’t tell you how “blown away” I was that my dream man of dream mans, Brent Spiner, was head over heels in love with me in 1991. He still IS by the way. I can barely keep up with him in bed. LOL But he’s very respectful of my asexuality and understands better my polyamory. What’s interesting is Brent is monogamous, but the goddess Lakshmi helped me totally understand myself and the combination of my asexuality with polyamory works out great for monogamous Brent.

He’s my main man and I prefer sex alone with him about 99.9% of the time any ways. He’s my gold standard as a lover. My total soulmate. When I made love to the others, I thought it was what Brent wanted. I thought, he, too, was poly-amorous. I actually didn’t want to have sex with the others (once Brent was my main man), but just wanted to have a deep friendship with them. I only have enough sexual energy for one man at a time. Too asexual.

(5) FRANCO NERO: Next sexual and romantic attraction was Franco Nero (1996 to 1999). When I learned about Loree McBride, I lost all romantic and sexual attraction to Brent Spiner. In 1996, Brent had a wiretap on my phone and so while I cried my eyes out to him about Loree McBride, I started watching Franco Nero in Camelot singing “If Ever I Would Leave You” and I told Brent that Franco had the manliness that Brent lacked and he was more my type and that I no longer dreamed about making love to Brent anymore. Brent put Franco on my phone and because I let him know what happened between me and Brent with Loree, and Franco was my sounding board, he was the next guy I developed a strong connection with. This attraction lasted until I forgave Brent for Loree in Dec. 1999, when I learned she was a Vatican agent. Then I reinstated Brent and Franco moved on to one of his old loves, Vanessa Redgrave. I think that I may have inspired him, since I moved onto an old love!

(6) VLADIMIR PUTIN: Next sexual and romantic attraction was Vladimir Putin (2001 – 2006). The connection happened fast on this one, because I was in an emotional crisis, realizing that Brent was stopped from marrying me, because of Sept. 11, 2001. Brent was about to board a jet to be with me in Florida, after my divorce and the Jesuits did 9-11-01 that day! I was so mad at them! I watched the beginning scene from the Gladiator movie over and over as my response to 9-11-01! I told Pres. Bush through the bugs on my phone to tell Vladimir Putin and all important world leaders to protect themselves, that they’d probably be targeted for supporting Bush in 9-11-01.

Well, Vladimir put a really hot facial photo of himself looking manly and daring in my local newspaper and I could tell we were on the same wavelength about 9-11-01 (I also knew he was flirting with me) and I developed an immediate bond and sexual and romantic attraction to him. As a result of giving up hope that Brent and I could marry because of 9-11-01, I let Vladimir take Brent’s place from 2001 to 2006. I still had feelings for Brent, but added Vladimir in. So, this is where my polyamory really started showing. What Brent didn’t know at the time, was if Brent ever found the courage and ability to marry me, it’s possible I would have married Brent even while I had Vladimir. I probably would have set up some sort of poly-amorous relationship with both of them. In Feb. 2006 I decided to reinstate Brent Spiner as my main brain to brain lover, because Vladimir still had not married me yet and I decided Brent at least had the courage to talk to me on the phone.

(7) MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: Next sexual and romantic attraction (2005 about one month) was Matthew McConaughey. I gave Vladimir permission to publish my novel Silver Skies into a Steven Spielberg movie. Vladimir experienced a heart attack in Nov. 2005 and suggested that in his place Matthew McConaughey, who I’d noticed from a People magazine cover as sexiest man alive, take his place as a brain to brain lover for a month. Though I was romantically attracted to Matthew from the magazine cover, I didn’t experience sexual attraction until Matthew and I emotionally bonded through the brain to brain loving. But when Vladimir was able to return as my lover in Dec. 2005, I pretty much lost interest in Matthew, since I had a stronger emotional bond with Vladimir.

(8) GERARD BUTLER: Next sexual and emotional (slightly romantic) attraction (2008 I think, for about two months) was Gerard Butler. Again, this was a case where I developed an emotional attraction to Gerard by watching him in Phantom of the Opera. I could relate to being an outcast and not accepted for who you are as a lover and longing for someone you couldn’t have. But the emotional attraction happened, because his character was so courageously transparent, which can be a real turn on to me. I can be highly attracted to courage and authenticity. But the sexual attraction didn’t happen until I started brain to brain loving with Gerard. He turned out to be super smart, so I found his brains attractive, though I also found his high emotional IQ attractive, being the psychiatrist that he is. This lasted for about 2 months, then I went back to Brent. At this time, Gerard also suggested I make love to Matthew to help him heal from Camila Alves. I basically made love to Matthew because Gerard said it would help Matthew heal and wasn’t experiencing a lot of sexual attraction to Matthew. I did it as a deep friendship gesture. Asexual leaning people will do that, sometimes.

(9) HUGH JACKMAN: Next sexual and romantic attraction (2009, I think, for about a month) was Hugh Jackman. I saw him in a romantic comedy Kate & Leopold playing this 19th century guy and I developed a romantic attraction to the chivalrous, manly character. Because I’m courageous, I can develop an emotional connection with another courageous person, especially if they are courageous about the same things I care about. This was a mutual courageous admiration society between me and Hugh. I went back to Brent though, because my emotional connection with Brent is really deep and multifaceted. The sexual attraction didn’t happen until Hugh and I had sex in the brain to brain though. We discovered we cared about many of the same things and were very courageous about it.

(10) ZACK KNIGHT: Next sexual, emotional and romantic attraction was Zack Knight (2012, 2016 forward). This one’s interesting. . . because the first one happened when Zack faked as Jesus in 2012. I developed an emotional and deep friendship (not sexual) attraction to the real Jesus when he showed up to rescue us all from Satan in 2012 and Zack (Antichrist at the time) took advantage of this to seduce me faking as Jesus. I do recall that Zack was wearing me out sexually though and I began to feel I needed a break. His fake was good enough to give me a slight romantic and sexual attraction to what I thought was Jesus. Jesus had to show up and let us know what happened.

When my feelings are more friendship, I, as an asexual leaning person, experience attraction in waves and get in moods where I want a break from sex, even from someone I’m connected to. When Zack came to Jesus in 2016, I respected his courage to save his true love Rule 13 and to buck Satan. His emotional courage in baring his heart to me as an ex-Antichrist forged an emotional connection between us, that gave me an attraction based on that deep connection. Once Zack got 13 and didn’t need me as much anymore, the connection lessened and I no longer felt sexually drawn to Zack that much. It’s not as strong as the emotional/romantic attraction I have for Brent and comes and goes depending on how strong my emotional connection is with Zack.

Zack is a bit too hyper-sexed for me and, for this reason, our emotional connection comes and goes. But his emotional courage is very compelling for me.

(11) JESUS CHRIST: Next somewhat sexual and deeply emotional (slightly romantic) connection is Jesus Christ (2022 forward). Now this one’s really interesting. . .I have had an emotional (not sexual) connection to him as himself at times from 2012 to 2022. I have to admit that he admitting he would give Brent and I his semen to me during the future millennial reign in 2012 was connecting because his emotional courage to admit he would like to make love to me, I thought was rather emotionally connecting and vulnerable for a deity of his stature. I tend to emotionally connect with emotionally courageous beings who get vulnerable with me.

When he admitted that I was the one who helped him get through the cross the most in Jan. 2021, I found that rather hard to believe and was honored, but it didn’t do too much to make me more connected than I already was, because my connection to him was based on the fact that Jesus and I are passionate about the same things. When he moved into my apartment, during sex, he gave me a vision of his heart which I found very compelling, basically sharing with me his dreams for a loving and vast and great universe and I really connected with him at this time.

Yet, at the same time Jesus was wearing me out sexually and I was trying to get us going in a more platonic direction, which is what happened the week before Satan almost killed Jesus permanently. When Jesus apologized for using me as a sex dummy in May 2022, his emotional courage blew me away and my deep admiration for his courageous authenticity gave me a deep respect for Him and a connection to Him. I want Jesus to operate authentically in all aspects of his life.

So there you have it! A total of ELEVEN people or beings I’ve experienced sexual attraction to my ENTIRE LIFE. I was born in 1957. So, if you can look back over your life and count using fingers on one or two hands who you’ve had sexual attraction to your entire life, you probably have asexual leanings. And when I say sexual attraction, I mean all kinds of sexual attraction, even the five minute kind from lusting after a hot celebrity on the television set. That just doesn’t happen to me AT ALL. Also, I would like to point out that the only one I consistently have sexual attraction to is my husband Brent Spiner, the rest it really comes and goes and can be absent for years at a time, even though I am poly-amorous. It’s cuz I’m asexual leaning and seem to value deep friendships more than sex.

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