Lizzo’s CubeSat Satellite Flying Mites

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If you want a copy of this music video HERE IT IS.

Lizzo has created flying satellite mites that help them broadcast fake news, do brain control and send strong shock signals to our bodies, like jolts underneath my tongue when I eat. These small satellites (about the size of a 1990s small television set) send their signals through Jesuit funnel or bubble shields that protect and encase the evil signal and travel with the signal until it can reach its target. The shield travels with the evil signal and protects it from anything that would destroy it. To ensure that the signal can reach its target before being destroyed, Jesuits must rely on small satellites that release the signal NEAR the target.

They are probably using invisibility shields around the small flying satellite (possibly CubeSats) in order to launch the satellite near its target without detection. My guess is these satellites appear instantly, do their job and then disappear.

So they may be good mainly for short term projects.

Nevertheless, it does not take long to send a jolt through the human body using electrical signals from these roving small satellites.

The “CubeSats” are able to fly in oxygen or air and get real close to us because they are encased inside huge flying mites. We have taken some of them out and the mites explode releasing acid into the air.

The mites propel themselves through the air using propulsion (fuel) and/or battery power. If they use fuel, the fuel is loaded with toxins and regular-sized mites (to infect humans) and is designed to cause toxic air pollution as part of the exhaust produced as the television-sized mite flies. The toxic air pollution produced from the mite exhaust is filled with toxic genetically engineered mites, acids, and stuff that help Lizzo destroy anyone who won’t worship her.

While most satellites need to float in space, CubeSat mites can exist in the air and get real close to us, enabling Lizzo to send very strong signals to our bodies. These CubeSat flying mites are all encased inside invisibility shields, too. But through the process of elimination, we’ve finally figured this out.

Batteries have ACID in them. So creating mites with acid and metal makes them excellent electrical conductors.

Having her “satellites” very close to her targets, enables Lizzo to be very precise in attacking her enemies when she uses signals from herself or her space fleet, enabling her to attack with signals in a manner to make it appear that what is happening to the victim is a normal (albeit) dysfunctional bodily function.

I, personally, don’t have a problem with fat people, as long as what they do does not violate my right to be authentically myself or to live a life of freedom and health. However, to force or pressure people to live in unreality and to punish them if they refuse to shoot their brains to hell to accommodate a fat person, who, in most likelihood, has a very unhealthy lifestyle, is criminal. And fat criminals, like ANY criminal, should be punished. If you really don’t care what people say about you, piece-of-shit Lizzo, then why do you try to KILL those who won’t play along with your psychopath game? If you were truly self-secure, you would just be fat and non-chalant about what people said about you and wouldn’t try to KILL THEM for not agreeing with your self-assessment. People are allowed to have their tastes and if some people think fat people are ugly, leave them alone. It’s about freedom and choice, Lizzo, not about control, deception and crime, if people won’t play your narcissist games.

Lizzo, you are ugly, not because you are obese. You are ugly, because you’re ugly on the INSIDE. It does appear that there is evidence that a person, if they are ugly on the inside, will become obese. God never intended for any of us to be obese though. A little extra weight is fine, but obesity generally indicates an unhealthy and unbalanced lifestyle and a person who is filled with unhealthy obsessions.

It’s the TRUTH, piece-of-shit Lizzo and if you were not a piece-of-shit, you would face the truth about yourself and strive to be better, rather than force your piece-of-shit inferiority (which you tout as superiority) on everyone like a deadly cancer.

PIece-of-shit Lizzo has been launching millions of satellite mites over where I live, which is why, in spite of using my Gail Shield, I still get bad brain control (which causes me to injure myself and make lots of mistakes) and electrical jabs under my tongue. LIzzo is so inferior she has to brain control people into her unreality, since a sane person can see the truth about Lizzo, that she is very unhealthy and unbalanced.

In your favor, piece-of-shit Lizzo, your master Satan is physically hot and comes from a privileged background and he is just as much of a piece-of-shit as you are. That’s about the only good thing I can say about you in your present state. You and your buddy Satan could win the Nobel Prize for MURDER. My. . . what an accomplishment. We don’t give a flip about your obesity or your looks, but we DO care that you feel you have the RIGHT TO MURDER US IF WE WON’T AGREE WITH YOUR SELF-ASSESSMENT OF YOURSELF.

When I was a kid, I had a big complex about having skinny, polio legs. How would you like it, if I decided polio legs are gorgeous and I KILLED YOU, IF YOU DIDN’T AGREE WITH MY ASSESSMENT? Think on that, Lizzo. Cuz that’s who you are. You, in your current state, are a PIECE OF SHIT. In all fairness, I have to say that so is your master Satan.

SATAN AND LIZZO ARE BOTH PIECES OF SHIT. CONSUMED WITH PRIDE AND VANITY, ENOUGH TO KILL OVER IT. Lizzo is obese because her heart is obese. She’s a glutton to herself and her vanity and her physical appearance is an extension of who she is on the inside. Satan, too, is a glutton to himself and in the Lake of Fire, will be just as obese and physically ugly as Lizzo. This is the end of all who are gluttons to themselves and are so self-absorbed, they can’t see past their noses. Satan does plastic surgery on himself to stave off the inevitable.

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