Comparing Brent Spiner, Gail Chord Schuler & PIECE OF SHIT Lizzo’s High Schools

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UPDATE (April 16, 2023): Added some interesting yearbook photos (the ones I could find) into this post. If you click on the photo, it will open up to a larger new window.

Lizzo may have graduated from a Houston area high school, but the school she went to is way inferior to the ones that Brent and Gail attended. Brent Spiner graduated from Bellaire High School in Houston. Piece of shit Lizzo graduated from Elsik High School in Houston. Gail graduated from Miami Palmetto Senior High in 1975. Though where one went to high school, doesn’t determine destiny, this is an interesting cultural study. Gail is NOT impressed with Lizzo AT ALL and thinks her music is boring and monotonous and only basically is a political and boring social justice mantra disguised as a bunch of beats, that Lizzo calls music. Gail just calls it discordant NOISE.

Gail actually took one year of music theory as an elective at Florida State University and is a music lover and feels that the noise LIzzo makes is NOT MUSIC. When Gail took music theory at Florida State University, the music school there was ranked #3 in the entire nation, with only Juillaird and Eastman ahead of it. As far as Gail is concerned Satan has taken over the Emmys and made it RETARDED.

It wouldn’t be fair to rate Lizzo as a hip hop artist because Gail admits she’s not a hip hop fan. Gail’s more into classical. HOWEVER, from a musical composition standpoint, Lizzo is an absolute flunky in musical composition. Her compositions are mundane, — the same, the same, the same and her lyrics SUCK.

When did political and social justice speeches become music?

It appears the music industry has degraded to political mantras parading to beats. What’s genius and creative about that? No complexities. No nuances. Just boring mantras and speeches put to a beat, BORING and RETARDED. Just a narcissist putting their gas lighting to a beat. This is GARBAGE. This is not music! You can be a musical composition flunky and do that.

Great music makes you think. Great music makes you feel. Great music rises you higher. LIzzo’s narcissist lyrics put to a beat, do none of that. Though I’m not a fan of hip hop, Ice Cube seemed to have deeper lyrics than Lizzo. His lyrics had deeper meanings. They weren’t just narcissist rantings.

Lest Lizzo cry fowl and say we are discriminating against her because she can’t help where she went to school. That is true. But it certainly does not appear Lizzo has overcome her background to rise to the stars. Rather, she remains in the dumps and has gone EVEN LOWER and has descended to hell and vulgarity.

Just cuz both Lizzo and Brent went to Houston high schools, does not mean they are alike in ANY WAY. Besides, Houston is a huge city and you can find just about anything there, from the purest saint to the most debauched sinner. Gail knows, cuz she used to live there for about 3 years.

Lizzo also spent time in Michigan and Minnesota, so she really can’t claim to be a Texan. Gail is certain the state of Texas would like to DISOWN Lizzo! Brent is more of a Texan, in that he was born in Texas and stayed there until he graduated from college. Gail is more of a Floridian in that she was born in Miami and graduated from college and high school there.

As a disclaimer, Gail would like to say that where you went to high school is not a determining factor in your fate. BUT if you went to an outstanding school, as it appears both Brent and Gail did, it won’t hurt.

On the other hand, some people like Judge Terrance Jenkins from Compton, overcome their backgrounds and do stuff like graduate from Harvard Law School.

It appears Lizzo’s ONLY accomplishment is being a piece-of-shit and making piece-of-shit music. Satan gets lower and lower with each successive Antichrist. At least Zack Knight had some class and at least Loree McBride wished she was good deep down. Lizzo is just a piece of shit and proud of being a piece of shit. Zack and Loree had to overcome a bad background to get where they are. Lizzo is not an overcomer, she is A PIECE OF SHIT LOSER, who is proud of all her weaknesses and gloats in them.

This is where Lizzo went to high school, not too impressive, like Lizzo herself, who is a piece of shit. PLEASE don’t ever insinuate that just cuz Brent and Lizzo went to high schools that are sort of close to each other, that Brent and Lizzo have ANYTHING in common. Brent is so far above Lizzo, it ain’t even funny!

This is where Brent Spiner went to school. Brent is a U.C.L.A. medical school graduate and doing a great job as U.S. President. He is also Gail’s dream man and husband and Gail is mighty proud of her TEXAN Brent. Lizzo is a fake Texan, she wasn’t even BORN IN TEXAS. I’m SURE Texas would like to totally DISOWN HER.

1967 Bellaire High School Yearbook Photos

Cecil Pickett was Brent’s drama teacher at Bellaire High. Brent followed him to University of Houston and ended up graduating from University of Houston. Lizzo also went to University of Houston (MUCH LATER), but dropped out. Texas and Lizzo don’t seem to agree with each other. Lizzo then moved north to Minnesota. Brent’s name in high school was Brent Mintz.

This is where Gail Chord Schuler went to high school. She graduated in 1975. Gail and Jeff Bezos are friends and I’m sure Jeff is HORRIFIED that Lizzo has taken over Amazon! Jeff graduated from Miami Palmetto Sr. High school, too. Gail is also proud of Miss Universe Sylvia Hitchcock, who also graduated from this school. As far as Gail herself, Gail is a bona fide Nobel Prize winner (see below)

1975 (Mostly) Miami Palmetto Sr. High Yearbook Photos

Miami Palmetto Concert Chorus was pretty impressive. We did all the chorus for Handel’s Messiah every year at Kendall United Methodist Church (around Christmas time) and did the chorus for professional operas with the Miami Beach Symphony. I participated in three Handel’s Messiah performances and showed up when I went to college because Palmetto Concert Chorus alumni were allowed to participate back then. I recall we did the chorus parts for La traviata and Pagliacci with the Miami Beach symphony and some professional opera singers. Our chorus master, Richard Bullman, who stood behind me in this photo, was a graduate with a master’s degree from University of Miami Music School.

This was me as a junior at Palmetto High. I hated this picture because I tried to cut my own hair and you can see what happened. I’m much better at cutting hair now. LOL In my junior and most of my senior year at high school, I dreamed of going to Lynchburg Baptist College (now Liberty University). I ended up going to Miami-Dade Community College, then Florida State University, then Baptist University of America (Decatur, Georgia). B.U.A. as we called it, also was where Larry the Cable Guy went to school, before dropping out. LOL I remember him from college comedy skits during chapel. He always had me laughing in stitches. We knew him as Dan Whitney at B.U.A. I remember thinking that no one could accuse us Conservative Christians of not having a sense of humor and was amazed how genuinely funny some of our chapel services were. Little did we know. . . that our funny Dan would end up as Larry the Cable Guy. And if you can’t tell from my teenage photos, I loved to laugh and was a happy kid after finding Jesus as my Savior. Believe it or not, at B.U.A., all our dates were chaperoned, no hand holding, no kissing, etc. and I LIKED IT THIS WAY. I wanted the emphasis in dating to be on friendship, NOT MAKING OUT. I can tell I leaned asexual even back then. I recall that some of my B.U.A. classmates secretly chafed under the rules though. They must have been full sexuals. LOL However, at Miami-Dade Community College, I did a lot of making out on some dates with guys, trying to find myself. But I was determined to be a virgin for my husband and succeeded, when I married my secret gay husband David Schuler in 1985. I think my asexual tendencies helped me stay a virgin though. It was a piece of cake for me to turn off the flow when things got too hot. I recall one of the guys took it real personal and broke up with me after that. He lost me for good after he did that. Especially since he was a missionary doctor’s son.

You might say why would a young person, who leans asexual, bother to make out? Well, when you’re young, you are still finding yourself. I would say it was part of my exploration process. I’m not a full asexual, but I definitely lean that way. Like I could have a happy relationship with a guy with NO SEX as long as he wasn’t my main partner. You might say, that sounds more like friendship. Well, it actually is, but the difference is I allow the guy to masturbate to me, to dream of having sex with me and I have no issues with it, as long as he respects my asexual tendencies and understands I only have so much sexual energy to give out. I also free them to have sex with other hot women and even set them up with some! I am poly-amorous, but lean asexual. I have lots of compersion with my partners. I vicariously experience their joy when they find joy with another beautiful and good woman.

I will admit that with my main partner, I like to be their number one, simply because it makes the sex more meaningful to me and I need a strong bond with my partner for the sex to be meaningful. However, if they had an occasional dalliance, like I do, I’d have no problem with it. But the goddess Lakshmi confirmed to me that because Brent is monogamous, he has no desire to stray. It’s just who he is and that’s cool. That explains why the few times I have strayed, it’s usually after a major battle and we’ve all suffered and all have a strong bond. Usually, for me, the strong bond is diluted doing more than one at a time though and I prefer one on one.

With my main partner, I like sex on occasion because it feels so bonding and close. Even with Brent’s strong sex drive, I can be happy for days without sex. If Brent was less sexual, I could possibly be happy for months or for EVER without sex. Sex is never an emergency for me. When I have a partner who acts like sex is an emergency, I get WORE OUT. LOL It’s kind of like a combo friendship/sex gesture on my part when I have sex with my main partner. I have to have some cuddling as part of it. Pure sex with no cuddling, no friendship is a total TURN OFF to me. To me, a guy is hot, when he’s hot on the inside.

I am very bonded to my main partner and all those in my polyamory need to respect that. If they don’t, they get kicked off the marriage list. No one disrespects my main partner, or they’re GONE.

Gail Elaine Chord, age 16, in 1974.

This photo was taken on Old Fashioned Day at South Dade Baptist Church in Homestead, Florida. I LOVED dressing old fashioned. As a teenager, I dreamed of being a nineteenth century woman, cuz I thought morals were better back then, especially with sex. I was against the hippy movement as a Christian teenager and thought they were a bunch of heathens. And yet, when I went to secular college, I made friends with some tamer hippies, so as you can see, I was a bit of a confused mess. Like a lot of young people, I suffered some identity crises. I didn’t find myself until after Brent came into my life around 1990 onwards.

Yup, that’s real gold in that medal. Gail has won Nobel Prizes for all sorts of stuff. Gail got this at her P.O. Box on April 14, 2023. Apparently, graduates of Miami Palmetto Sr. High don’t do too bad. Gail credits Gail’s English teacher from high school for her aptitude in English and writing, the name of her teacher was Ms. Sheridan and boy was she hard! Gail deliberately signed up for her class, because she was fascinated by her literature courses, as hard as they were. Ms. Sheridan always showed up to class in a wheel chair, but she was a great English teacher.




Miss Universe 1967 Sylvia Hitchcock as a junior at Miami Palmetto Sr. High (1963) in the two photos above.

NOTE OF INTEREST, KEITH MORGAN WAS A GUY I HAD A CRUSH ON FROM 1976 TO ABOUT 1979. I actually proposed marriage to him while I was a student at Florida State University in 1979 and he turned me down politely, even escorting me to the elevator. To my credit, I did not punish him at all for this, but gave him his space and was so embarrassed, I pretty much avoided him after that. I had a lot of insecurities back then. It kind of messed me up that he turned me down though and made me feel I must be that selfish, no good girl my mom always said I was. The crush started at Miami-Dade Community College in 1976 when he and I were both in Campus Crusade for Christ. I found some photos from his Coral Gables High 1974 Yearbook, that show his picture. A person’s taste as a romantic partner, even if that person turns you down, says a lot about them, so I want to include the photos I found of him from his high school yearbook. In college, he grew a mustache, which was very becoming on him. He was a biology major at the time I had a crush on him and in Army ROTC. He ended up becoming a physician specializing in ophthalmology. Later, around 2011, he ended up on my marriage list! So he, apparently, changed his mind. Not sure if he’s on the marriage list now, but I hope he’s happy because he seems like a very nice guy. By the way, Brent Spiner is my soul mate and I am very happy and secure with him, which has given me the confidence to expose some of the “crazy” things I did in my youth as I attempted to find myself as a sexual and romantic person. But underneath it all, you can see I really wanted to be a good girl, which is what counts.

Keith seemed deep, intelligent and thoughtful, which I found very compelling. . . . Like I said earlier, for me, a guy is hot only if he’s hot on the inside. If I recall, he had brown hair and blue or green eyes. His full name was James Keith Morgan.

Gail’s TWO Major Crushes As A Young Lady

With my asexual tendencies, I didn’t have a lot of crushes and went for years without any crushes. But I do recall two that were rather significant. Ken Dugger used to walk me to school and we were friends first, which is how it always works with me. Friends first and then MAYBE romantic feelings later. Love at first sight never happens to me. I need a connection first and then it happens. Ken Dugger ended up becoming a police chief. I was 15 when I had a crush on him and I still didn’t know who I was. Keith Morgan is now a physician. He is closer to my ideal than Ken. Of course, I ended up marrying my ideal, who is Brent Spiner! But, as you can see, I was attracted to a guy who seemed hot ON THE INSIDE. This was true even when I was a “foolish” young lady. I didn’t want to be a foolish young lady and was only foolish in the respect that I wouldn’t be myself with a guy, because I thought deep down I was bad. But I didn’t want to be bad and certainly, if I thought I was bad, wanted to be better and strove to emulate girls who seemed better than me and to be their friend in the hopes that they would rub off on me. I totally don’t get people like Lizzo who seem to gloat in being bad. That’s why I call her a piece of shit. Even if you are bad, you should NOT be PROUD OF IT FOR GOD’S SAKE!!

What interesting about both these guys is they did free charity work in their communities to try and make the world a better and kinder place. I recall Ken did free police work. Looking at the Coral Gables High yearbook, it seems Keith did some charity work as well. I have always been attracted to “Christ-likeness” in a man.

There were others in my life that influenced me, but they were not my “ideal” at the time. If a guy was my “ideal” or my dream man, sometimes I would never let them know how I felt. I never told Ken, because my ideal was always a Christlike man and if he rejected me I’d be certain it must be because I was bad, so it mortified me to let them know how I felt. LOL. Yeah, when Keith said “no”, it really messed me up and I ended up becoming a super prude. I figured I wasn’t strict enough with myself. It didn’t help that he tried to cushion the rejection by saying, “You know, you are a pretty girl, but I only have friendship feelings for you.” I figured I must be a bad girl and that’s why he rejected me, since he admitted I was pretty. I could hear my mom’s script going through my mind, “You are a selfish, no good girl, just like your dad.” You see, my mom said my dad went off with a stewardess and was a womanizer and that he didn’t care about his kids or anyone once he wanted his sex.

Actually, Jesus said my airline captain father dad was a good man and that my mother drove him away with her narcissism. NOTE OF INTEREST: My dad’s paternal uncle was Howard Hughes. So that means Howard Hughes is my great uncle. The Jesuits murdered Howard Hughes, because of his King David genes. They used bad brain control on Howard Hughes to make him go “insane”. I also think the Jesuits were behind the deadly plane crash Howard got in that really messed him up.

I also didn’t want to ruin a friendship by inserting romance, because most guys seemed to have their antennas up for girls who wanted to marry them and would run away after that. Or at least that’s how I saw it.

I can’t tell you how “blown away” I was that my dream man of dream mans, Brent Spiner, was head over heels in love with me in 1991 He still IS by the way. I can barely keep up with him in bed. LOL But he’s very respectful of my asexuality and understands better my polyamory. What’s interesting is Brent is monogamous, but the goddess Lakshmi helped me totally understand myself and the combination of my asexuality with polyamory works out great for monogamous Brent. He’s my main man and I prefer sex alone with him about 99.9% of the time any ways. He’s my gold standard as a lover. My total soulmate. When I made love to the others, I thought it was what Brent wanted. I thought, he, too, was poly-amorous. I actually didn’t want to have sex with the others, but just wanted to have a deep friendship with them. I only have enough sexual energy for one man at a time. Too asexual.

I think part of the problem Keith had with me was that I was willing to marry him without ever having dated him, though I did go out on a double date with him, where he was dating another girl on that date. But when you are asexual oriented, you can be attracted and “fall in love” based on friendship alone, because the sex part is not the major component of the relationship for you. I understand that about myself now. I think my asexuality was a bit of a problem for me, even as a young lady and caused me to get misunderstood a lot, too. I think he also noticed my polyamory and was confused about me. Because the same time I had a deep crush on him, I was dating a Jewish guy and allowing that guy to make out a lot with me. The Jewish guy was helping me find parts of me that were definitely not “Christian” that I didn’t want to admit existed in me. The Jewish guy was part of my self-exploration process. I found myself with Brent Spiner. But the fact that I could have a strong thing for two guys at a time, showed my polyamory and I think this confused Keith, because I told him about the Jewish guy I had dated.

I tend to be hierarchical poly-amorous, in that I have a main guy and can have other lesser lovers on the side. The main guy is the one I want most or all of my sex with, since I don’t have much sexual interest as it is and the rest I want a deep friendship relationship and they are free to have others, if they want. At the time I was dating both Keith and the Jewish guy, I hadn’t made up my mind what kind of a guy I needed for my main man. I can see that looking back.

I found him now and that man is Brent Spiner. I tend to be attracted to men who I feel are hot on the inside and who care about their community and want to make the world a better place. I love humanitarians.

Here’s what a former crush looks like now. Not surprised he’s still in police work. He was very passionate about this as a teenager. Can’t find anything on James Keith Morgan. He must be very private.

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