Tribute to Miss Universe 1967 Sylvia Hitchcock

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NOTE OF INTEREST: I currently live in Alabama. I also went to the same high school as Sylvia, which is Miami Palmetto Senior High. Jeff Bezos is also a graduate of my high school. I also attended Miami-Dade Community College, formerly called Miami-Dade Junior College. I have always admired Sylvia as a prime example of what I consider a beautiful woman and think she should be a role model for women everywhere, unlike Antichrist and very mentally ill Lizzo who can’t even touch Sylvia’s coattails for both inner and outer beauty. I have lots of stuff about her below all the videos of other women I consider super hot.

I feature on this site, women that I think are super hot and who, I feel, would make great role models for women, unlike extremely mentally ill Lizzo, who gloats in her food addiction, which, if she overcame, would solve her obesity problem. Rather than gloat in her mental illness, she should face the fact that she’s mentally ill and try to get better by getting treatment for her mental illness rather than trying to normalize it and force it on the world! No thank you! Why should we people who are mentally healthy demean ourselves down to your mentally ill level, Lizzo! Get real and face your illness, rather than trying to force it on us!!

To see a black woman that I admire as extremely beautiful, check out this page and the videos below. I choose who I feel is super hot based on the individual, race is not even a consideration when I choose. If they happen to be black, like in the case of Miss World (see below), I will choose a black woman. But if the whites outdo the blacks in a contest, go eat it up, you petty people that try to make everything about race.

In the videos just below is an Asian that I think is super hot. I also include a Russian who was disqualified for the 2002 Miss Universe, but I beg to differ. You can also see Gladys Zender who has a striking resemblance to future Gail (myself) and my mother in her twenties.

I think Oxana is super hot. This one is Russian.

Gladys Zender, who looks a lot like me in the future and what my mother looked like in her twenties, is super hot.

I look for both inner and outer beauty in those that I think are hot. In fact, if the person only has outer beauty and is totally lacking in inner beauty, they’re a TOTAL DUD in the beauty department and even ugly, as far as I’m concerned.

I wanted to focus on Sylvia, (below) in this post because she’s particularly outstanding in the inner beauty department and seems very wholesome and healthy. A real role model.

I recommend my men create an automaton of Sylvia, what she looked like when she won the Miss Universe title in 1967 to give the world an example of a woman I admire as a prime example of beauty. I also am not in the least ashamed of being a baby boomer and feature some baby boomer music that fits the times when Sylvia was crowned Miss Universe. At least we didn’t spend all our time staring at smart phones all day and we went out and played in the grass and outside! Play for us meant going outdoors and participating in physical activities. We were a healthier lot, if you ask me. The unhealthy upstarts coming up could learn from us! And those who won beauty pageants back then, seemed healthier too, if you ask me, both inside and out.

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock-Carson (January 31, 1946 – August 16, 2015) was an American model and beauty queen who held the titles of Miss Alabama USA and Miss USA, and was crowned Miss Universe 1967.

Hitchcock was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts and grew up on a chicken farm in Miami, Florida. She attended Palmetto High School, Miami-Dade Junior College and studied art at the University of Alabama. A junior at the University when she won the Miss USA title, Hitchcock chose not to complete her degree. Sylvia was a member of Chi Omega sorority.

Hitchcock married William Carson, the inventor of a fruit harvesting machine, in 1970. They had three children, Jonathan, Christianne and Will, and seven grandchildren.

Hitchcock, who had previously competed in local pageants in Florida, represented Alabama at the Miss USA 1967 pageant. She was chosen as one of the fifteen best in swimsuit and won the Miss USA title on May 22. In July she became the first Miss USA to win the Miss Universe title since Linda Bement in 1960.

Hitchcock also appeared in the 1968 Indianapolis 500 on May 30, 1968.

After relinquishing her title she tried modeling in New York City but became disillusioned with the city and returned to Miami where she worked for a television station. In 1972 she was one of a panel of twelve judges for the Miss Universe 1972 pageant won by Kerry Anne Wells.

She resided in Lake Wales, Florida until her death from cancer on August 15, 2015. She was 69 years old.

Now that I’ve featured the hottest of the hot, I have given all the men on my marriage list the freedom to leave and find another if they want and am thrilled for Edward Prendergast (used to be on my marriage list), who has found a woman (obviously not skinny) but loaded with inner beauty. I’m not saying that everyone who is fat is mentally ill, but when you try and force people to applaud your obesity and create a whole image around being some sort of victim because you have a food addiction and then try to murder and harm those who won’t play your game, I have to DRAW THE LINE.

You might say, aren’t you trying to shame fat people? Nope. If the fat person has inner beauty and they find love, all power to them! It’s just that we shouldn’t be jealous of those who look better than us, but be happy that they are blessed with beauty and can grace the world with it.

Edward’s woman is loaded with inner beauty and it makes her beautiful, at least to Edward, and that’s what counts! She may be overweight, but obviously is mentally healthy, unlike very mentally ill LIzzo. Lizzo, the reason you can’t find love is not because of your weight, it’s because you are very mentally ill. I believe you have a severe case of Borderline Personality Disorder, among other things.
These are my old friends, Lisa and Bruce Burkholder and boy does Lisa have a ton of inner beauty! I always admired her for this. Who cares if the woman is overweight, when she’s this beautiful inside! We studied together for Christian missionary service in college in the 1980s. You see, LIzzo. It’s not your weight, it’s that you have a serious mental illness–that’s your problem.

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