Misao Satake Fuller Automaton at Church of Gail

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Update on Jan. 16, 2023. I haven’t heard much about my Nov. 24, 2022 requests for automatons (see below), but am aware that a Misao automaton of my mother is operational and has been since I requested it on Nov. 24, 2022. I have heard “brain to brain” that the Misao automaton has her own show on Gabrielle Chana FOX News and it’s a BIG HIT. My mother was very beautiful in her twenties. I have also heard brain to brain that the Misao automaton requested we not have a funeral for the real Misao at the Arlington National Cemetery as I requested, because Misao in heaven does not consider herself dead, but feels more alive than ever. Apparently, Misao is able to communicate with us from heaven through her automaton on earth. I wouldn’t die over any brain to brain communications I’ve had. Regardless, I MYSELF do not feel my mother is dead but feel she is more alive than ever up in heaven in her beauty pageant body.

My mother was always pretty spunky and I can see her requesting we not have a funeral for her. If she had any energy left, she’d use it and would NEVER consider herself dead, if she could be an influence. My mother was full of energy, even in her old age and I used to wonder where it all came from, because when I lived with her in Melbourne, Florida when she was in her seventies (May 2001 to Dec. 2001, Jan. 2003 to August 2003, Oct. 2003 to July 2004), she wore me out sometimes. Her own mother lived to 102. Nevertheless, I am grateful to her for giving me a place to stay when I could have been homeless, right after my divorce from my Jesuit husband David Schuler in May 2001. The Jesuits prevented me from being with Brent (or with Vladimir Putin) at the time.

My mom looked a lot like Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957. By the way, I hear that future Gail looks a lot like Gladys Zender, too! There is a future version of me on Church of Gail, too, that the men on my marriage list can make love to, since with my asexual tendencies, I get wore out with too much sex and Brent Spiner is enough for me! Though I am poly-amorous, I have some strong asexual tendencies. This works out great for my monogamous husband Brent. I have enough sexual energy for him and after him, I’ve had enough! An asexual can only give out so much before getting TIRED. I am a full romantic though and love cuddling. I am not a full asexual, but am strongly asexual and need a real strong emotional connection with my partner to find sex meaningful and enjoyable. I definitely have that with Brent. Once I’m “tired” of sex, I often do sex out of obligation and I’ve decided I won’t do that to myself anymore.

Music that honors my mother’s passing.
Music that honors my mother’s passing.
My mother looked sort of like this, when I was a little girl. She was a swimsuit model, too. This is Gladys Zender Miss Universe 1957, the year I was born, by the way!
Photo of my mom taken probably around 1999.

Update on Jan. 16, 2023: Antichrist Lizzo has been behind the mites. I thought it was my sister because I could tell whoever it was they were fat and obsessed about their fatness. My sister has lost interest in serving Satan, apparently,

Dec. 6, 2022 Update: Sandra is NOT the Antichrist. Buddha said this about my sister on Dec. 6, 2022:

Buddha, 10:03 AM

“As it turns out, your sister hasn’t thought of you and your men in a very long time. Not up until your mother’s transition. She did some soul searching, and realized you were “living rent free in her head”. Anger is like a poison that you drink yourself, while your enemy remains free. She decided to forget her childhood grievances with you and move on. Given all the evidence, it would appear she is not the Antichrist nor associated with the Jesuits any longer. Satan recently knocked on her door and asked to come in, and she told him to go away because she was watching TV. He kept calling her, but she never returned his calls, and all of his texts were left on read. Basically, she ghosted him. He hasn’t tried to use her since.”

Skype to my men on Nov. 24, 2022:

6:02 AM

My sister attacked my sleep with her mites. But I think I got around 6.5 to 7 hours any ways. I have an idea . . .I was initially against the idea of making an automaton of my mother Misao. But perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad idea. It would be her in her young, beautiful beauty pageant body. We could get the prototype from heaven. So we’d need Buddha’s help on this. I bet my mother in heaven is very ashamed of Sandra right now and now has the energy to deal with her.

Perhaps she could live on Church of Gail and we’d make an automaton of Bill Fuller as her companion. He would also be in his young body.

They could live in a house on Church of Gail that looks like the Melbourne, Florida house they used to live in. Possibilities for what my mother’s automaton could do on earth. . . She could have her own show on Gabrielle Chana FOX News where she could offer Buddhist meditation for peace, health and prosperity on earth. On this show, she can talk about how she feels about her daughters and events on earth and can offer meditation for her daughters to be true to who they were destined to be and maybe offer extra meditation for Sandra who is definitely off her path. The whole world can watch her meditations.

Of course, we will allow her to choose what she wants to do with her time. But something tells me, she might like this idea. . .

The same for the Bill Fuller automaton. He can join our military if he wants and do whatever he wants to do. I am sure he and the Misao automaton will be making lots of love together.

Even wilder, we could have them lead the funeral for Misao at the Arlington National Cemetery! LOL

If Sandra’s there at the funeral, that would be something else. Any ways, that is just an idea. If it’s dumb, you can drop it. But I bet my mother from heaven would love to be able to have an opportunity to correct some mistakes she made while she lived on earth and her automaton can do it for her.

If the Bill and Misao automatons wants, we can make other automatons from others who live in heaven now as their companions to visit them. . .perhaps a Robin Williams automaton, a Jim Carrey automaton, automatons of the Oshu Fujiwara family, etc.

If Misao chooses to have her own show on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, they can join her as fellow commentators.

Any ways, this is only a suggestion. . . But it occurred to me that if Sandra is the Jesuit leader and she now feels she can go “all out” because mother’s gone. . . Well. . . perhaps mother shouldn’t be gone. . .

But then, it appears Sandra was going all out even when mother was here. But now, we have mother the way she was always meant to be. If anything. . . at least Misao from heaven can have a word with Sandra if she wants and she has the energy to deal with her, too!

My mother never liked being told what to do, so I am only offering suggestions. . .But if she is in her young, fully self realized form, I am certain she would side with us against the Jesuits.

Another thing I like about this is that it makes a plain statement to the world, that Sandra’s choice to be evil is against what my family stands for and that Sandra is a traitor to our family’s values.

If we decide to do this, it’s good we waited a bit. Because Misao in heaven has had time to think about her life and what really matters to her and when we make her prototype as an automaton, it will be the Misao as she was always meant to be.

Perhaps this will inspire Sandra to be true to what she was always meant to be.

See if you can do something about these mites, so that I wake up less at night. They really attacked my sleep last night.

Apparently, my sister is mad that her mites didn’t stop me from buying a new mattress pad at Walmart (because I was able to walk there) and she wants me to punish me for that and make me think the mattress pad is cursed or something. What a low life.

6:40 AM

It’s funny, but I feel like my mother has never really left us, kind of how I feel about Jesus leaving us. Now with her automaton with us, that will be the case.

It’s because I can sense her mood from heaven. She really wants to be able to deal with Sandra right now. We can let her automaton do it for her.

She’s at peace, but I think would love to have an automaton she can use to correct some mistakes she made in her life.

6:54 AM

Some more ideas. . . We can also make an automaton of my dad and Howard Hughes! And let them have their own show on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Not sure if my dad is alive or not, but having him on Gabrielle Chana FOX News would be something else. We could also make an automaton of my paternal grandfather and his wife Verla and perhaps find out if my sister told the complete truth about my grandpa showing him her penis. My grandfather’s name was Robert J. Chord. How about we add in an automaton of King David, too! We can let them all live on Church of Gail and maybe even be next door neighbors. This way everyone will get to know my family and who I’m descended from. If King David wants, we can make automatons of his favorite wife or wives as his companions. I know David adored Bathsheba.

Of course, they will all be in their young bodies. Not sure if Howard Hughes went to heaven or not. But perhaps the automaton can inspire Howard wherever he went to correct his ways and get right, so he can be in heaven.

Regardless, the world would find this a treat. Because I have a rather fascinating family.

Howard Hughes can talk about how he feels that I am his great niece.

If we can force blast these broadcasts of these automatons into my sister’s house, so much the better.

As far as the occupations of the automatons, that will be up to them. Another possibility, we might be able to make automatons of all those who died in Jan. 2021, when Loree McBride destroyed the second Church of Gail. That would greatly add to our forces.

The only automaton we don’t want to make is Jesus, because Jesus has some sort of non-interference agreement with Satan and the automaton would probably be a violation of that.

7:09 AM

If we make automatons, we can also make automatons of any companions they want, like wives or friends they’d like for companionship. So my dad might want an automaton of his favorite wife. He had several.

The automatons all need to be the heaven version body, the young body. If anything, this will inspire those in the world to be good, because it will show them what goodness will give them.

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