My Apartment’s Copy In Heaven With Mom & Jesus

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Don’t have any good photos of my mom. But here is one from her in the 1990s, or early 21st century, when she visited Vancouver, British Columbia. This was part of a tour where she ended up going to Hong Kong, too.

It appears that since my mother went home to be with her husband Bill, who went to heaven in 2014, that she now has the ability to visit me in my apartment whenever she wants, because there is a copy of my apartment in heaven. This seems like something Jesus would do for her, because I had to cut off communications with her from 2015 forward due to the influence my evil sociopath sister had on her. My mother is now under the good influence of her husband Bill and has returned to the good mother she was always meant to be.

It appears my mom left Florida around Oct. 2017 to live near my evil sister in Marietta, Georgia, about two years after I was forced to cut off my communications with her to be safe from my sociopath sister. Mom died in Oct. 2022. So mom lived near my sister for five years, which may be part of the reason mom got so tired and Buddha and Jesus decided she’d suffered enough under my sister’s influence and it was time for her to go home to heaven. During this five years my mother missed me and now in heaven she can visit my apartment all she wants. She never talks to me, but I sometimes sense her presence.

She is very happy right now and in complete peace in heaven.

This is video I captured of the “signs” Jesus gave me to let me know that my mother can visit my apartment without leaving the home she shares with her husband Bill in heaven.
This is a video I made to be in my place at my mom’s funeral, since I will not be attending my mother’s funeral., but have asked my husband Brent Spiner to attend in my place.
I made this cooking video to honor my mom, who I bet, is eating it in heaven right now. She used to love Vermont curry and made it all the time.

2 thoughts on “My Apartment’s Copy In Heaven With Mom & Jesus

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      Wondered why you haven’t posted anything lately so I came here to take a look.

      So sorry to read here about your mother. It’s always sad. I don’t know much bout your relationship with your mother other that what you’ve written here, but no matter what she was your mother and loved you. I lost my mother October last year. Her and I didn’t see eye to eye on much of anything ever since I can remember, but still it’s sad.

      I don’t have the gift for gab as you do so I’ll leave it there.

      BTW, your resemblance to you mother (pic shown in this post) is remarkable. She was a beautiful lady.

      Hope you feel like posting vids again soon.


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