Gail Designs A T-Shirt For Jesus

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Check out this T-shirt I designed for Jesus. Jesus will LOVE THIS. It captures accurately what he would die over! Right as I was posting this, the sun just glowed really bright through my window! Jesus LOVES THIS.

This is what I saw from my window on 11-1-22 right after I designed my t-shirt for Jesus.

I like this design because it shows that Jesus is a free spirit who also has class and he is represented by the sun and its light as an asexual and aromantic supreme deity, who, though He himself is asexual and aromantic as a supreme deity, fully supports those who have romance and true love in their hearts and who can practice any type of sex (whether it be kinky, passionate, romantic, sensitive, lustful, monogamous, poly-amorous, gay, straight, or whatever), as long as it honors both true love and freedom in their hearts. Like if you’re monogamous, respect the freedom of those who are not, to be who they are. If you’re lustful and kinky, respect the freedom of those who prefer monogamy and a more refined approach and allow them to be who they are. You see, Jesus is big into freedom of all sorts and wants us to respect those who differ from us and he hates it when we put everything into labels or try to categorize lovemaking, sex or how we approach love and romance and then try to force this on everyone.

He wants us to feel free when we make love, but understands that variety is the spice of life and don’t force your preferences on others. As long as freedom is honored and true love is honored, Jesus is happy in how things are going in his Universe. And so that’s why I love the design I created.

He also dislikes abusive sex or abuse PERIOD. So, yes, be free, but don’t be mean, vindictive or abusive in your sex or in the way you handle others.

Someone suggested the photo should be more kinky, but it’s Jesus himself who has been appearing as the sun to me a lot lately, and this is taken from the Veterans Memorial Park and some parts of it are kind of kinky. We have to remember that while Jesus allows for all sorts of freedom and variation in love and sex styles, that HE HIMSELF has no need for sex or romance, being a supreme deity.

I personally think he can sample all sorts of loving styles in his universe and enjoys them all, as long as true love is honored. However, he no longer samples human sex, because that is limited to three dimensions and is dangerous for him, because it weakens him to do so. He won’t even do it vicariously, like he used to. Fortunately, for Jesus, he really has no desire to do so any ways, so He doesn’t feel like He’s missing too much. I do believe he can sample the love that sometimes accompanies human sex and this alone (separated from the sex), is enough for Him. I think that the love and emotions that sometimes accompany human sex is not limited to 3 dimensions and so he can experience this vicariously should he choose to do so.

I do think he can vicariously experience 11 dimensional love making between the gods and I imagine this would be very meaningful to Him. Human sexuality is limited to 3 dimensions and I believe he only participated in it in the past to be an example. He realizes now this was very silly of Him and he no longer does this. Far better to let those humans who best represent what he stands for, like myself and Brent Spiner, and to let us be the examples for others to follow, than for Jesus to participate in a sexual act that is dangerous for him and that he has no real desire to participate in any ways.

But then, we must always remember he is a supreme deity and has no need for sex and romance with any individuals or beings, and if he chooses to “experience” it vicariously (like 11-dimensional lovemaking between the gods), it would be mostly for pleasure and not a real need.

As a supreme deity, I imagine he’s mostly concerned with governing the multiverses in a manner that honors his nature, which stands for free and true love, and so I think the image I created below is perfect for Jesus.

Zack says he plans to sell this in our merchandise store.

I created this design for a t-shirt for Jesus!
Jesus will LOVE THIS!

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