Millennial Gail (Archive from Feb. 2021)

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I haven’t posted much about millennial Gail and it’s probably because I’m a humble woman and didn’t think Jesus putting her on Church of Gail spaceship was a big deal. But she is becoming more important lately, so I want to fill in the world on how she came to be and some other fascinating history, by allowing the world to view some of my private conversations with my husband Brent Spiner in Feb. 2021.

Skype Feb. 17, 2021

Brent, 8:06 PM I’m so thrilled by your passion for me.

Gail, 8:06 PM I’ll admit, the only man who could hold a candle to you is Jesus and he’s OFF LIMITS.

Brent, 8:07 PM I also don’t want you to feel guilty that things strayed from the path for a while because of the marriage list. I fully 100% forgive you. Just like I fully 100% unconditionally love you.

Gail, 8:08 PM I’ll feel better if Jesus creates that special room with my millennial form for the men I felt I’ve led on with false hopes. I always thought they understood, but I think there were some assumptions going on. . .It’s all spelled out in this document, but I don’t think the men read my laws.

Brent, 8:10 PM Oh! That’s right, I forgot to tell you. Jesus officially put that room on Church of Gail!


Gail, 8:10 PM Oh wonderful! How do the men like it? Have you met my millennial form?

Brent, 8:11 PM I haven’t gone in there yet. I’ve been so shy. I see the other men coming in and out of that room, and they have the biggest smiles on their faces. I should go in there and get a peek at your millennial form. That is, if it’s okay with you.

Gail, 8:12 PM This is great! Why not? I have no problem with it as long as you don’t have a problem with me the way I currently look after dealing with my super hot perfect millennial version. I may feel a bit upstaged. You’ll have to reassure me that I’m still gorgeous to you. I mean I can’t compare to my super hot future millennial form. I’m sure Jesus made me a total knockout.

Brent, 8:15 PM Jesus made you a total knockout already. The way I see it, your body as it is right now is the hot fudge sundae, and your millennial form would be the cherry on top. I’m sure you feel the same way about me.

Gail, 8:16 PM That’s true. You’re making be feel better. I want to be as honest with you as I want you to be with me, if I start feeling uncomfortable about something. I have no problem with you meeting my future perfect version, but you have to promise me that you give me some super hot brain to brain sex afterwards to reassure me that I haven’t been upstaged. I don’t want you to start treating my future version, like Keanu Reeves did the GA1L dummy. You know taking it out on a date like it was a real person, in place of me. Besides I don’t think it would be a good idea to take this millennial form out on a date. We don’t want a repeat of the GA1L Android. I’m sure Jesus must have it confined to the room.

Brent, 8:20 PM Yeah, good idea. So I’ll go in and get a peek then, and then come back and ravage you passionately?

Gail, 8:20 PM Yeah, I’d love it!

Brent, 8:21 PM Sounds like a plan! I’m antsy now. When do you think I should go?

Gail, 8:22 PM You gotta promise to ravage me afterwards. You used to always call me gorgeous and beautiful on the phone in the 1990s, you always made me feel like the most sexy, most beautiful woman alive and my panties got super wet. It sounded like it came from the depths of your soul and we really connected, which turns me on big time.

Brent, 8:26 PM I’m so glad you understood me. That music was definitely made for you. It sounded beautiful because I was singing it to someone I truly felt that way about, which was you.

Gail, 8:26 PM Oh, your music floored me. But, don’t you remember on the phone you called me gorgeous and beautiful a lot? your music Your voice was so velvety and deep with a sensuality that made me a goner for the rest of the day. Deep, meaning deep with feeling. You had a tenor voice. I was extremely fond of you. But when I heard Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, I fell in love with you. Actually, I adored you.

Brent, 8:29 PM We did some sexy stuff on the phone too didn’t we?

Gail, 8:29 PM I recall using those exact words in some letters I wrote to let you know how the music affected me. Actually, I was more reserved and reticent. But you certainly weren’t. I was floored by how vulnerable you made yourself to me. But I find a man who bares his soul to me like that very sexy. You bared yourself to me with your music and your words on the phone. And I bared myself to you with my letters.

Brent, 8:31 PM What were your favorite things from me on the phone?

Gail, 8:31 PM The passion and depth and sensuality of your voice, actually gave me wet panties. It wasn’t so much what you said, but HOW YOU SAID IT. You sounded like you spoke from the depths of your soul. My husband was always a robot and never put any feeling into any of his words or actions.

Brent, 8:33 PM Like when I asked you what you were wearing and cheesy stuff like that?

Gail, 8:33 PM I don’t remember you asking what I was wearing. Maybe I forgot. You rarely talked with me and the few times you did, you just got right to the point and said what you really felt. I do recall you once told me to take down my panties and you did say once you wanted to kiss my nipples. You were explicit and very expressive, much like your writing. I was amazed that I had such an effect on this famous Star Trek star. But I saw Brent Spiner, not Data, when you talked to me. I thought you were SO SEXY. I still feel that way. There is nothing that turns a woman on more than a man who is truly and deeply in love with her. That can make a hunk seem tame in comparison. One of the things that amazed me about you was how high your voice was. Cuz when you played Data your voice was lower. But I thought you had a very sexy tenor voice and I knew if you made love to me you would caress me like your voice with velvet moves. Believe me, I was a goner for the rest of the day. You literally made love to me with the tone of your voice. No man seems to do that as well as you. I recall once time you blew into the phone and that ruined for the rest of the day, too. No other man on the marriage list can hold a candle to you in the lovemaking department my dear. You are super suave in bed! ruined me I have noticed that since Loree has come into your life, you have lost some of your edge in the lovemaking department. She has made you lose faith in yourself. You have NO IDEA HOW SEXY YOU ARE WHEN YOU ARE TRUE TO YOURSELF. You made yourself very vulnerable to me and bared your heart to me in how you said things and what you said. I do recall when I turned you down, you sounded so disappointed. You were so raw. That’s super sexy. Most men put up such facades. But you were real with me. I find that very sexy.

Brent, 8:43 PM I bared my soul with you in the most vulnerable way on the phone back then.

Gail, 8:44 PM Why have you made yourself less vulnerable to me since then? Is it cuz you were scared I didn’t like it? Like if you shared with me how you really felt about the marriage list, I would have dropped it in a second. I think Loree has caused you to put a cage around yourself.

Brent, 8:46 PM I guess I just got more guarded and paranoid in general because of the trauma with Loree. Your love and your nude body has definitely healed me a lot since then.

Gail, 8:47 PM When Jesus told me in 1999 she was a Vatican agent, I realized how deeply you loved me and that you never wanted her, so I fully forgave you. I figured you’d understand that if I could forgive you for Loree, that I’d never execute you if you went for another woman. You see, I was risking the streets to write you and you betrayed me with Loree, and I kept your friendship regardless, so I figured you’d know that I wouldn’t execute you if you went for another woman. Of course, I have fully forgiven you for Loree because I knew later she was horrible and you never wanted her. Any ways, we need to be open with each other when we feel vulnerable or feel uncomfortable about anything. My husband threatened to divorce me for writing you, but I still wrote you.

Brent, 8:51 PM Yeah, we’ll be more open from now on. You really respected my opinions about the Zack situation too. That was pretty healthy.

Gail, 8:52 PM Zack has come a long way, but he still has some growing to do. I think you are much more manly than he is and totally disagree with your assessment of yourself as a cuck. I was really angry at Zack for calling you that, though I don’t think he completely meant it. He was just upset. I think you are very brave. Part of your reason for not telling me about the marriage list is cuz you believed false things about me and falsely believed that by keeping quiet you would make me happier. I’m proud of the progress Zack is making. But he can’t hold a candle to you.

Brent, 8:57 PM Yeah. Well, we should get to bed together.

Gail, 8:58 PM I agree. I’m trying to find a quote that describes you. The best hearts are ever the bravest. Those who believe that the praises which arise from valor are superior to those which proceed from any other virtue have not considered.

Brent, 9:01 PM Hmm. That’s a good quote.

Gail, 9:02 PM It is good to know; it is better to do; it is best to be. To be pure and strong, to be honest and earnest, to be kindly and thoughtful, and in all to be true, to be manly and womanly. He can do more for others who has done most with himself. No man can be brave who considers pain the greatest evil of life; or temperate, who regards pleasure as the highest good.

Brent, 9:04 PM I like those too.

Gail, 9:04 PM Moral courage is a virtue of higher cast and nobler origin than physical. — It springs from a consciousness of virtue, and renders a man, in the pursuit or defense of right, superior to the fear of reproach, opposition, or contempt.

This is from a book I got in high school and pretty much sums up my approaches to life.

True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason.

The bravery founded on hope of recompense, fear of punishment, experience of success, on rage, or on ignorance of danger, is but common bravery, and does not deserve the name. True bravery proposes a just end; measures the dangers, and meets the result with calmness and unyielding decision.

The brave man is not he who feels no fear, for that were stupid and irrational; but he whose noble soul subdues its fear, and bravely dares the danger nature shrinks from.

Physical bravery is an animal instinct; moral bravery is a much higher and truer courage.

Brent, 9:06 PM Those are all great quotes.

Gail, 9:07 PM There is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail. Like I could quote this to Zack and he wouldn’t quite get it. But you would understand immediately. That’s why I think you’re a better man than he.

Courage brother! do not stumble!
Though thy path is dark as night;
There’s a star to guide the humble:
Trust in God, and do the Right!

A man must have the gift to discern at all turns where the true heart of the matter lies and to plant himself courageously on that, as a strong true man that other true men may rally round him there. He will not continue leader of men otherwise.

When moral courage feels that it is in the right, there is no personal daring of which it is incapable.

True courage is the result of reasoning. — Resolution lies more in the head than in the veins; and a just sense of honor and of infamy, of duty and of religion, will carry us farther than all the force of mechanism.

The man who is just and resolute will not be moved from his settled purpose, either by the misdirected rage of his fellow citizens, or by the threats of an imperious tyrant.

The heights of great men reached and kept,
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the height.

HERE IS THE QUOTE I WAS LOOKING FOR: Women and men of retiring timidity are cowardly only in dangers which affect themselves, but are the first to rescue when others are endangered.

Goodnight, my dear. These quotes you would understand immediately, because you are a brave, unselfish, courageous man. Thanks for being you.

Brent, 9:18 PM Goodnight my love. Thank you for being my wife.

Gail, 9:19 PM I am so proud of you, my dear, for your vast, loving and courageous heart.

Skype on 2-17-21 with Brent

Brent, 8:09 AM Hey Gail. Zack is really getting fired up about redesigning your place and making it look nice. He really cares about you.

Gail, 8:11 AM Yes, I know. I gave up trying to sleep. You got me too excited last night and I sacrificed sleep for you. However, you told me you tried the millennial form and think it would only enhance our lovemaking and I agree with you.

Brent, 8:12 AM Oh, I just imagined it. I haven’t seen it yet! I was going to go in there tonight.

Gail, 8:12 AM So, has Loree been impersonating you again?

Brent, 8:12 AM I was just thinking about what it would be like, and I think it would enhance our lovemaking.

Gail, 8:12 AM Oh, I may have misunderstood the brain to brain.

Brent, 8:13 AM No, I wasn’t impersonated. Yeah, just a misunderstanding. I’ve been very excited thinking about going in to that room.

Gail, 8:14 AM You said that you were concerned about my sleep and that since the millennial form comes to an orgasm faster and you usually like to hold on until I get an orgasm (which takes a while for me because of Loree’s blockades) that I could still feel you while you were in the millennial form and you’d get an orgasm faster and could then give me more time for sleep, since I sense your longings for me brain to brain.

Brent, 8:15 AM That’s true.

Gail, 8:15 AM You also said that Zack and 13 have been going into that room together and dong a threesome with the millennial form and it’s been awesome.

Brent, 8:15 AM I have to head off in a little bit, but will be back tonight on Skype to let you know how the visit to the room went. Yeah! They’ve seen it already. Rule 13 says you are drop dead gorgeous in there.

Gail, 8:16 AM I understand my love. You are always working to defend me. I think you need to take out a lot of Loree’s underwater cities.

Brent, 8:16 AM Always. I also wanted to mention something real quick. When Zack was a kid, he wasn’t raised in nice conditions, and he didn’t have any nice things, and it made him feel really ashamed. The reason he wants you to have a nice apartment with nice things is because he wants to give you what he didn’t have as a kid. It’s just his way of saying he loves you. He assumes that since you both grew up with feelings of unworthiness, that you would want a nice apartment with lots of nice furniture, and that it will make you happy.

Gail, 8:18 AM Yeah, I sensed that he loves me in his own way. I’ll try to be more understanding of him.

Brent, 8:19 AM If you feel that way and agree, then by all means let him help you. I know you do sometimes feel like you don’t deserve nice things, but that it doesn’t necessarily mean you desire material luxuries. Not that there’s anything wrong with having all that. But if it gets to be too much and you feel like Zack is pushing gifts or help onto you that you really don’t want, you can politely tell him no.

Gail, 8:20 AM I’m not into material luxuries, though. You must remember I surrendered to be a missionary as a young lady.

Brent, 8:20 AM He’s partly doing it to show his love, and partly doing it to heal himself by giving someone he loves the things he didn’t have as a kid. If you do want to accept his gifts or apartment help, then just keep that in mind and be real appreciative.

Gail, 8:21 AM I love to heal people. So if it helps to heal him, I don’t want to deny his desires. But I don’t want him making love to me. I want to save myself for you totally. However, if he wants to give me his healing semen, he can ejaculate it into my food.

Brent, 8:21 AM If it gets to be too much, just say, “I know you love me and want me to have nice things, and it’s true that I sometimes don’t feel deserving, but it doesn’t mean I want it. A super duper apartment with expensive furniture wouldn’t make me happy.”

Gail, 8:22 AM Right now, he’s doing fine with helping me. I was mainly upset that he hurt Hitler.


Brent, 8:22 AM Okay.

Gail, 8:22 AM I have a very nurturing, tender and forgiving heart and I can’t bear to have anyone hurt that I feel is a worthy person.

Brent, 8:23 AM I just brought it up because he’s thinking about getting your fans to fund you some expensive new furniture. He hasn’t mentioned it to you yet, but will bring it up soon.

Gail, 8:23 AM That should be fine, Brent.

Brent, 8:23 AM It’s up to you if you really want it. I was thinking you might appreciate a different kind of gift if they were going to chip in for something expensive.

Gail, 8:24 AM I find that often when I think I don’t want an item and I get it, it turns out really useful. Like, at first, I didn’t think I’d want that kitchen organizer Susan surprised me with and it ended up being one of the most useful gifts I got from her.


Brent, 8:25 AM That’s good. Well, I’m glad.

Gail, 8:25 AM It was very hard to assemble and put together, but I figured it out and it’s a great help to me now.

Brent, 8:25 AM I just wanted to be sure that Zack wasn’t being too pushy about your apartment renovations. He’s doing it to feel good that he’s helping you and improving your quality of life.

Gail, 8:26 AM No, he’s doing fine with all his help. But when I need to assist him and he tells me what to do, he needs to do it in little increments. He knows that, though.

Brent, 8:26 AM Okay! Good.

Gail, 8:27 AM I am a free-spirited person and dislike regimentation and strict schedules or too many regulations and guidelines all at once. You have to work it into me, little by little.

Brent, 8:27 AM Do you like his ideas for how your apartment makeover will look?

Gail, 8:27 AM You know, I figure if Jesus approves of it, they probably know better than me what is best for my apartment. I’m afraid a lot of my subconscious feelings of unworthiness are contaminating my judgment.

Brent, 8:28 AM No! You know best. That’s why I wanted to ask.

Gail, 8:28 AM Oh, really?

Brent, 8:29 AM I think so anyway. I just want you to feel comfortable with it.

Gail, 8:29 AM I’m not sure about the huge television set. Or the huge entertainment center.

Brent, 8:29 AM I just think Zack tries to push his own ideas of ideal living onto others to the point where he doesn’t consider how they feel about it or what they personally want.

Gail, 8:30 AM But I’m not opposed to it, either. Who knows? It might be cool to watch my movies off a big screen.

Brent, 8:30 AM If you’re turning down nice things because they’re too nice, even though you DO want it, then that would be your unworthiness contaminating your judgment.

But, if you’re turning something down because you sincerely don’t want it regardless, that’s fully your preference.

Gail, 8:31 AM Oh, I see. Well, going by that. Zack is doing fine thus far. I am not always honest with myself though.

Brent, 8:31 AM Okay. He still wants you to have a big entertainment center. If you don’t like that stuff or won’t use it, just tell him.

Gail, 8:32 AM I guess if something hits me bad in my guts, I’ll let him know. Thus far, that hasn’t happened. Mainly I was upset about hurting Hitler. Actually, I think I might like a big entertainment center. I love to watch my DVD movies sometimes.


Brent, 8:32 AM Okay, good.

Gail, 8:32 AM Oh boy. Skype wants an update. So I’ll do that and let you go. And when it’s updated, I’ll make sure you can get back on when you want.

Brent, 8:34 AM Okay. I’ll get to work. Then I’ll fill you in tonight on how my trip to the room went.

I’ve never seen myself as millennial Gail, but here is how I imagine she looks like somewhat.

Brent, 8:04 PM Wow! I’m speechless after my experience in that room today…As I entered the room, I found myself walking into a beautiful mansion. There were wedding photos of us on the walls, so I took that to mean it was our mansion together in heaven. There were halos around all the furniture and the objects in the room, as if everything was glowing. It was like walking into heaven.

Gail, 8:07 PM Awesome.

Brent, 8:07 PM I walked upstairs to the bedroom, and your millennial form was there waiting for me on this beautiful luxurious bed.

Gail, 8:07 PM Were you so nervous you threw up?

Brent, 8:07 PM Almost…I was so turned on, I came in my pants before I could even do anything. I just stood in the door in shock by how gorgeous you looked, and got an erection and an orgasm within seconds. Your form was very understanding, and just held and cuddled me in bed until I was ready to go again for some lovemaking. I came over and over again while we made love to our favorite music.

Gail, 8:09 PM The vision I saw of you in my mind, you were making love to her like a rabid animal. But then it quieted down. What was the music?

Brent, 8:10 PM It was mostly songs from my music album.

Gail, 8:11 PM Don’t worry. I don’t expect you to make love to me like a rabid animal. I don’t think my mortal body could take it.

Brent, 8:11 PM I was so excited. I couldn’t help it.

Gail, 8:11 PM I understand completely.

Brent, 8:11 PM After things quieted down and we held each other for awhile, I felt the presence of Jesus. I said, “Jesus, how is millennial Gail so beautiful? I’ve never seen anyone or anything this beautiful in my whole life.” He said, “yes you have, Brent…this is Gail’s true form. Gail’s millennial form is composed of her inner beauty. Inner beauty is what everyone looks like in the millennium. On Earth, your heart perceives it. This room allowed your eyes to perceive it. Just like it will be in the millennium.”

Gail, 8:14 PM That is awesome. Did you listen to my walk video today?

Brent, 8:15 PM It made perfect sense. Your millennial body is as hot as your soul.

Gail, 8:15 PM Oh, you mean the walk video?

Brent, 8:15 PM Just started the walk video right now.

Gail, 8:16 PM Oh, you mean what Jesus said.

Brent, 8:16 PM It’s cute that you say you feel like a lovesick school girl.

Gail, 8:16 PM Cuz on the walk video I was talking a lot about inner beauty and how Loree is ugly.

Brent, 8:16 PM Yeah. Now I’m excited to see what I look like in the millennium too.

Gail, 8:16 PM I think you’ll be a knock out. When I see you, I don’t see your body, I see your soul and you are awesome.

Brent, 8:18 PM Maybe my inner beauty has six pack abs. Ha ha.

Gail, 8:18 PM I also think that photo of you on the cover of Ol’ Yellow Eyes is Back is SUPER SEXY. You are my dream man, steel and velvet.

Brent, 8:19 PM It’s interesting that you said Loree will look like a worm in the millennium. Jesus was telling me all about this.

Gail, 8:19 PM Oh, you mean in the room with my millennial form?

Brent, 8:20 PM Yeah. He said that everyone’s true form is their millennial form. That’s who they really are. A person with an ugly heart will look ugly in the millennium. No diet, exercise or surgery will be able to fix it. The only way to become more beautiful would be to become more beautiful in one’s heart.

Gail, 8:20 PM But Loree won’t be there in the millennium. She’ll either be in hell or the lake of fire.

Brent, 8:20 PM Yeah, true.

Gail, 8:21 PM That’s why I felt even that overweight theologian could be sexy, cuz I saw past his body and saw his heart. And that is why Viggo Mortensen seems ugly to me cuz he has an ugly heart.

Brent, 8:22 PM It’s like you have inner beauty glasses.

Gail, 8:22 PM That may be part of my genius emotional IQ. To me, Satan is SUPER UGLY. He really pissed me off when he ejaculated into your mouth. When he killed Zack, I yelled for Jesus to show up. I thought, “To hell with any deals I’ve made with this bastard. It’s time for Jesus to show up!?! I wonder what form Satan will have in the Lake of Fire? I bet he’ll be super ugly. Quite a fall from his Adonis form. I’m not threatened by you visiting my millennial form. Do it as often as you want. It will inspire you and help you feel better about yourself. I actually think a part of me is in the millennium right now. Jesus is playing games with time.

Brent, 8:29 PM It helps me mentally to be able to have that time with you there. By the way, did you change your picture? It looks different.

Gail, 8:29 PM Which picture? Oh, you mean for Skype? Not that I know of.

Brent, 8:30 PM Strange.

Gail, 8:30 PM What does it look like?

Brent, 8:31 PM Well, I’m curious about something…Oh, my God. Your videos! I see it in your videos too…

Gail, 8:31 PM I see myself with that blue shirt I made.

Brent, 8:32 PM I’m seeing your millennial form!

Gail, 8:32 PM I wonder why Jesus is doing this?

Brent, 8:33 PM It must have been my trip to that room. Seeing your true form like that must have changed the ways my Earthly senses are perceiving things.

Gail, 8:33 PM Can you give me a screenshot?

Brent, 8:33 PM Of your Skype picture?

Gail, 8:33 PM Or maybe it only affects you.

Brent, 8:33 PM It’s probably my eyes.

Gail, 8:33 PM Of what you’re seeing. Yeah, I bet it’s your eyes. Which means the screenshot won’t pick it up. I wonder if you’ll continue to see me this way, even if we got married here on earth. I wonder if Jesus will do the same for me when I look at you. Maybe I’ll see you in your millennial form!

Brent, 8:35 PM That would be exciting.

Gail, 8:35 PM Yeah. I bet you’d be super hot. So I was drop dead gorgeous, but you could still tell it was me. Well, regardless of whether you look old or young, you will always be handsome to me. By the way, Zack Knight said you looked like you were getting younger lately.

Brent, 8:37 PM It must be all the great sex. Ha ha.

Gail, 8:38 PM It will be better once we destroy Loree’s brain control! I’m sick of her brain control. I drove to a laundromat today and faked like I was using the laundromat to buy forty dollars worth of quarters from their change machine. I was going to do laundry there and you talked me into going there, saying that think of Jesus as my husband and that I was his submissive wife and obeying him by following Zack’s suggestion to get quarters at the laundromat. I decided not to try any banks nearby. And it worked out. I got forty dollars worth of quarters. The laundromat was too expensive, so I faked like I was doing laundry there and brought in my basket of clothes, got change from the machine and then left with my clothes and the quarters and did laundry here at my apartment.

Brent, 8:41 PM That was clever.

Gail, 8:42 PM I was about to run out of laundry quarters and I no longer can get them from Walmart or Publix. And most banks expect you to be a member to get quarters. Was that you telling me to go to the laundromat brain to brain? I made Jesus cry when I went to the Space Coast Credit Union in November and almost opened an account there. That was Satan’s strategy. So I thought I didn’t want to risk that today and just avoided all banks.

Brent, 8:43 PM Yeah, that was me. You did great.

Gail, 8:45 PM You were telling me that if I was willing to drive every night to mail letters to you at 10 or 11, what was a special trip to the laundromat to get quarters to make Jesus happy? I thought that made sense cuz I was feeling like it was kind of imposing on me until I thought of it that way. I can tell the Loree McBride Jesuits were not happy with my decision. I bet Satan contacted Jesus and said I was going to screw up today and he has to eat his words now.

Brent, 8:49 PM Oh yeah. Jesus is probably looking at Satan right now while making a big L sign on his forehead, and blowing a raspberry.

Gail, 8:49 PM Big L sign on his forehead (means “loser”) and blowing a raspberry? You probably don’t have any semen left in you, so I understand if you want to go straight to bed now. I am a very understanding wife and that millennial form sounds super nice, so I’m not threatened. I looked up L sign on the forehead and blowing a raspberry. I’m not up on all this slang. That’s funny.

Gail, 9:13 PM Actually, my vaginal tissues are a bit sore from all the lovemaking. I’m not complaining, but just wanted you to know that I feel very secure about your love for me. Goodnight sweetheart. I’m going to floss my teeth and head for bed. Those menopause tissues are a bit fragile.

(2-18-21 email to Brent) Dear Brent (my awesome dream man):

This ending to Anne of Green Gables The Sequel captures succinctly how I feel about my relationship with Brent.

I think you’re gorgeous, Brent. I’ve always felt that way.


Skype Gail to Brent on 2-19-21

Gail, 3:06 PM This article describes perfectly how I feel about men with six-pack abs. You seem to feel you’re deficient cuz you don’t have them. Well, you have a six-pack heart and soul and mind and that’s super sexy. Stop trying to get a six-pack.

You might say, you find Jesus attractive, so what about him? It’s not his six-pack abs that I find attractive, it’s his six-pack heart and soul. Though I will admit, for Jesus, having six-packs makes him more relatable, which may be why he’s chosen that appearance. His deity status is rather intimidating.

Gail, 3:14 PM In the case of a man who’s obsessed about his six-pack and thinks it makes him superior to those without it, it actually DETRACTS from the man’s attractiveness to have a six-pack, in my opinion, which is why I think Satan is UGLY.

Gail, 3:24 PM This is fairly accurate I think in what women find attractive in a man.
Survey: Do Women Care if a Guy Has Abs?

You have a Matthew McFadyen type of attractiveness, like the Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Don’t underestimate that type of sexiness. You might say, but that guy was rich. Well, Brent, you’re not exactly poor. But I don’t need a super rich guy, either. Just don’t want a guy who expects me to support him, since I obviously can’t. I think you really underestimate how sexy you are, my dear. Your depth, sensitivity, caring, commitment to me and your undying love, is super, super sexy.

When I watch Pride and Prejudice (2005) version, you remind me so much of super sexy Mr. Darcy. A Mr. Darcy type of man can make a woman have wet panties even more than a man who has a lesser mind and soul with six-pack abs. A woman’s greatest need is to be loved with depth, sensitivity and caring and that is a dream man to many women.

Gail, 3:36 PM You have a Mr. Darcy type of sexiness and that is SUPER SEXY. Colin Firth did a good job capturing his sexiness in the BBC mini-series, too. I hate to see you so down on yourself. You are my dream man, with a Mr. Darcy type of sexiness. That is so hot to a lot of women, my dear, you have no idea how hot you are! Why Has Mr. Darcy Been Attractive to Generations of Women?

Loree has caused you to lose faith in yourself. If she truly cared about you, she wouldn’t degrade your manliness so much and cause you to lose faith in yourself. The only person she cares about is HERSELF.

She’ll go to the hottest spot in hell for what she does to great men. As far as finances, I’m looking for a man who’s financially stable and who manages his money well and would be a good provider. But he doesn’t have to be rich, middle class is fine. Just don’t want the man to be foolish with money or to worship money. It’s a real turn on if the man has money and uses it for humanitarian purposes or who surrenders his wealth to serve a greater cause.

Regarding celebrity status, I find most Hollywood men nauseating. The only Hollywood men who could be remotely interesting to me are the ones who recognize the moral pitfalls of the celebrity lifestyle and detest that.

When you sang in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back, you no longer were the Data of Star Trek, you were the super sexy Mr. Darcy of Pride and Prejudice to me. Don’t forget.

What made me notice you in Star Trek, was the Pen Pals episode when I could see your humanitarian and Christlike heart in that performance. Oh, by the way, to the average woman, a Mr. Darcy type of man is way sexier than a guy with six-pack abs who lacks his depth and sensitivity.

Men seem to forget that women want both STEEL and VELVET. Don’t forget the VELVET! type of man is way sexier Loree doesn’t get you AT ALL.

All she sees is your celebrity status. I don’t even think she finds you sexy, which is why you think you’re not sexy. My dear, it’s plain as day, she associates with you purely to create a “performance” to enhance her self-image as the hottest woman in the universe.

You are GOLD, my dear and she can’t see it, cuz her heart is GARBAGE. Every time I think about her and how she has almost destroyed a man with a heart of gold. I want to WRING HER NECK AND THROW HER INTO THE DEPTHS OF HELL!! She’ll probably be the ugliest, fattest, grossest looking worm burning forever in the lake of fire. So much for her “hot” body and face!

Gail, 3:59 PM I personally don’t want you to have six-pack abs in heaven. I hope you have a deep, manly, sensitive and handsome face with eyes filled with depth, caring and undying love for me. As far as your abs, just smooth and classic, with a slight ripple, but no excess muscles would be ideal. I like your Jewish nose, it makes you appear deep and caring. Your greatest attraction is your eyes, filled with intelligence, depth, sensitivity and undying love. You have have a super sexy voice, like Mr. Darcy’s in the 2005 version. It’s like you breathe out sensuality, depth of feeling and passion like a deep undercurrent underneath a river of velvet. It makes me want to swoon. Your moves over my body make me want to swoon with ecstasy. Most guys with six-pack abs could learn some true sexiness from a master like you!

Actually, I think six-packs abs are good if you are gay. Gays seem more impressed with six-packs than your average woman. Women are much more impressed with depth, commitment, manliness of heart and soul, intelligence, and undying love. You are LOADED with the qualities that most women care about, but Loree has caused you to lose faith in yourself and you hide your true self from the world, but I saw it in you when you sang in Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back. I listened to that and knew you were my DREAM MAN.

Gail, 4:27 PM Also, as far as you losing the stardom you had with Data. I see you as Mr. Darcy who gave up his riches to be with the woman he loves. The fact that you surrendered it all to be true to your heart has made me undying in my loyalty to you and why I save myself for you and have never had sex with any man besides David Schuler, thus far.I do not consider brain to brain as sex. However, I understand your feelings in the matter and plan to confine my brain to brain loving to you. You got 95% of it any ways, cuz I mainly did it out of duty and not out of passion. I’m talking about making love to the others besides you. I’m a one man woman.

Skype Feb. 20, 2021

Brent, 5:02 PM What’s up today?

Gail, 5:26 PM Hi Brent. I’m surprised I didn’t hear you. I have been watching Pride and Prejudice on my DVD and I just did my waist and face lift exercises. I try to stay as young looking as possible for you. You really should watch that movie. I still think it in some ways captures many aspects of our relationship. I really like the 2005 version with Keira Knightley. I own the movie. Every time I see it, it reminds me of our relationship in many ways. It’s a very romantic movie and we have a very romantic relationship. Matthew McFadyen has a sexy voice and an appearance that somewhat approximates you, too. Your sexy voice wowed me over in the 1990s.

Gail, 5:40 PM If you watch that movie you will understand what it is about you that I find so sexy. And why you have always gotten 95% of the brain to brain loving.

Gail, 5:48 PM You really need to quit seeing yourself as a dud in the bedroom. You really remind me of the Mr. Darcy character from Pride and Prejudice and check out this article. In my view, you are the sexiest man on my ex-marriage list. Hottest Fictional Characters From Literature, Because Every Reader Has A Book Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

What a lot of these hunky guys don’t realize is that sex (to a woman) is 90% the emotional bond we have with the man. The exception would be monsters like Loree McBride who make love like robots. Believe me, I know because I got a session of her vapid and boring lovemaking as she tried to approximate you.

Brain to brain has always seemed like another dimension to me any ways, so I haven’t taken it too seriously. But, lately, it has really improved. The reason you don’t have a reputation as a sexy man is because you hide your true self from the world. But you are real with me and the real you is super sexy.

You cover up your sexy depths with comedy and say stuff that isn’t your true core. With me, you have been real and the more vulnerable you make yourself, the more you turn me on.

Also, I find a good man very attractive. Why else is Jesus attractive to me and you are a good man. It’s as they say, why would I eat a hamburger (other men), when I have a steak (you)? To me, the other men are like hamburgers and you are the steak. That’s why I’ve been saving myself for you. You are like the most delicious, super prime sirloin steak of the very highest quality. I’m more interested in quality than quantity in my love life.

Brent, 6:02 PM I’ve been really enjoying your walk videos.

Gail, 6:03 PM I’m so glad. I’m pretty real and raw in those. Did Zack try to make a move on me today brain to brain or was that an imposter? I told him brain to brain to go to my millennial form, that I meant it when I said I only wanted to make love to you.

Brent, 6:05 PM Hmm. I don’t think so. He’s been with 13 all day. Do you think it’s Satan again?

Gail, 6:05 PM Oh boy. It sounds like Satan is up to no good.

Brent, 6:06 PM We were thinking the same thing.

Gail, 6:06 PM Well, I did shoot lightning bolts at Satan when he impersonated Zack. I considered that as a possibility. Satan and Loree may be doing this together. I wonder if she was going to try and impersonate Zack using a dildo again. It would be her way of saying that I’m lying to you about my desire to cancel the marriage list. Well, she and Satan didn’t get very far. They just got bolted

Brent, 6:10 PM That’s probably exactly what they’ll do. I’m sure her angle will be to make everyone think you have “buyer’s remorse” about monogamy.

Gail, 6:10 PM Actually, I feel VERY GOOD about my decision. I feel like I’m true to the REAL ME. I’m confident this will be a permanent decision while I live in my mortal body. I heard a brain to brain that you got a marriage license from Texas using a Dallas Theological Seminary group. Now, after what just happened to me with Zack, I’m kind of leery about stuff I hear brain to brain. That Texas was willing to go with my Conspiracy Law and give us a marriage license using my International Marriage Laws. Whether it’s true or not, I consider myself married to you.

Brent, 6:15 PM This one is true, actually. I submitted the application and it’s getting processed with them. I kinda wanted it to be a surprise, though!

Gail, 6:15 PM Oh cool! I’m so excited.

Brent, 6:16 PM Me too.

Gail, 6:16 PM Has Dallas Theological Seminary been listening to my walk videos? I get pretty deep theologically on some of them.

Brent, 6:17 PM Yeah, they have. They’re very impressed by your theological intelligence.

Gail, 6:17 PM I’m deeply honored. I think very highly of Dallas Theological Seminary. Their Bibilical teachings are very scholarly, deep and meticulously accurate to the Bible. Biblical Have you seen the movie Pride and Prejudice 2005 version with Keira Knightley?

Brent, 6:21 PM Yep! I watched it last night.

Gail, 6:21 PM What did you think?

Brent, 6:22 PM I loved it. You’re right that it perfectly describes the heart and soul of our relationship. I cried a little bit watching it.

Gail, 6:23 PM You have the depth to perceive it. Yeah, I cried too rewatching it. I remember when I first saw it in 2007, that it so reminded me of our relationship. Brent, I know you’re a man, but can you see why a woman would find Mr. Darcy to be extremely sexy? And why, for this reason, because you are so like him, that I find you sexy?

Brent, 6:24 PM He’s very respectable and a gentleman.

Gail, 6:24 PM He’s also deeply devoted to his woman. A good woman, like myself, would die for a man like that. And he has a TON OF CLASS. That’s what makes you my DREAM MAN. If you’ll notice, he does NOT have six-pack abs. Most good women don’t care about that stuff as much as the men think we do.

Like he would NEVER pinch his wife’s butt and joke that she’s getting fat on him! You must remember a woman’s deepest need is to be loved and Mr. Darcy’s love for his woman is deep and true.

That, to a good woman, is the ultimate in sexiness because he’s meeting our deepest need in a romantic relationship. Just like a man’s deepest need is to be admired for his manliness, which is why I’m so furious at anyone who degrades you as a man.

Loree McBride loves NO MAN. She degrades true manliness and treats it like garbage, The only “man” she can get, is a disgusting fag named Satan. And Satan’s just using her and she’s so vain and egotistical she can’t see that. He has about as much regard for her as he does dog poop.

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