PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT (8-20-11, updated 9-28-16, updated 8-8-19, updated 5-7-22)

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Dearest Brent:

I composed a pre-nuptial agreement several years ago, and I think I covered all the bases that I’m concerned about. I feel this is necessary to protect both you and me from Jesuit interference with our marriage. If you do decide to make our marriage more legal in writing, please incorporate the following pre-nuptial agreement into the contract. I wrote it all myself, taking into consideration my experiences with the Jesuits. I don’t think we’ll ever need it, but, read it, doesn’t it make our marriage seem more VALID, and may help to silence Jesuit accusations that you are a game player with women, who only likes to have irresponsible sex and not live up to your obligations? I don’t believe this about you at all, but I know the crap that Loree has been giving you.


UPDATE on May 7, 2022: It seems there has been a misunderstanding and the men on my marriage list felt that if they were unfaithful that I would execute them. Please read what I wrote below, there is nothing in here about executing anyone for unfaithfulness. We only execute those who commit crimes that are violations of Conspiracy Law. Basically, if a man violates this contract he forfeits his marriage rights to me.

However, starting April 2022, I have been officially married to Brent Spiner, who now lives in my apartment and has had real sex with me. So he is considered my legal husband. This means only Brent Spiner has marriage rights as of this 7th day of May 2022.

However, I will keep the marriage list, for those who want to remain and enjoy future Gail in the future Gail room at Church of Gail. I am a poly-amorous, demisexual person. Because I am demisexual, I prefer few and emotionally intimate sexual relationships and Brent is the one I have the strongest bond with.  I can go for years just being happy with Brent alone. The ones who make love to me outside of Brent Spiner must understand they do not have husband rights as defined by this document and are only bonding with me for pleasure or to add spice to my marriage to Brent, who is my husband. They must not betray the commitment that Brent and I have for each other, or they will be kicked off the marriage list.

This also means they are free to have other sexual partners besides myself, if they wish to do so, the only condition being that whoever they choose must be a good person who will not willingly betray Conspiracy Law or who will not betray our cause as we fight for true love to be honored in the Universe. Gail believes in free love and true love. The men besides Brent can remain on the marriage list as my sex friend, who wants to support Brent and I as we fight to promote true love and free love in the Universe. They must understand that because I get in long demisexual moods, that I am not obligated to have sex with them, that is why I allow them to have other partners (as stipulated in this paragraph), or they can leave the marriage list, if they wish, like Edward Prendergast has done (good for him). I wish that whatever decisions the men on my marriage list make that they honor their true authentic selves and promote true love and free love in their life choices.

The following document I will work on over the next year, and will update it as I feel necessary. I feel it is necessary for me to have a pre-nuptial agreement with my future husband due to the Jesuits’ obsession with my love life, so this is the document and I’m working on it over the next year. . .I don’t trust any lawyer. I act as my own lawyer. All men on my MARRIAGE LIST must agree to this pre-nuptial agreement or drop them from the list, because they will have to sign and agree to this before they marry me. This is the pre-nuptial agreement, have them all read it and see if they can live with it. I’m open to suggestions and you men on my marriage list can suggest stuff to me through satellite-brain communications. But I definitely feel we need a pre-nup before we marry or we will give the Jesuits wiggle room to cause trouble in our marriage.

For the purposes of this document a marriage is considered a contract between Gabrielle Chana, born September 15, 1957 and a man who is her ACTUAL husband, where she and this ACTUAL husband agree to abide together as husband and wife under the laws of whatever country they live in, in which both obtain a marriage license and are considered legally married under the laws of the country they live in (or are married in). To abide together as husband and wife is defined as actually living with the spouse under the same roof as the spouse and to be having willing and knowing ACTUAL physical sex ALONE with that person and no one else (not brain to brain or some form of group sex) with that one spouse. Just because the spouse allows willing and knowing group sex, does NOT make those who participated in the group sex the SPOUSE of Gail or Gail their SPOUSE.

So, let’s say that Gail marries Brent Spiner (no. 1 on her marriage list) and she is living with Brent under the same roof (fulfilling the abide portion) and/or has also had willing and knowing sex ALONE with Brent (bodies and sexual organs touching each other with no other participants besides the two), then Brent is her legal spouse according to this contract. Just because Brent allows other men on the marriage list to have group sex with Gail, does NOT make them legally married to Gail (according to this contract). The ONLY people who have the rights to this contract as a MARRIED PERSON, are Gail and whoever is her ONE legal spouse. HOWEVER, any man on her marriage list must agree to the terms of this contract as a POTENTIAL husband (should the no. 1 person die or no longer be her actual spouse) and cannot be on Gail’s marriage list if they violate the terms of this contract, even as a POTENTIAL husband. So basically the rules are laid out for Gail’s ACTUAL spouse and her POTENTIAL SPOUSES. The rules for marriage dissolution only refer to the ACTUAL spouse, not the POTENTIAL SPOUSES, since they are not considered Gail’s husbands, but only POTENTIAL HUSBANDS according to this contract.

If no marriage has occurred (i.e., no actual and willing and knowing physical act of sex between Gail and the ONE PERSON who is her spouse, called her ACTUAL SPOUSE), then this marriage contract is null and void. HOWEVER, this contract has been written up for two purposes: 1) to lay out the rules for marriage to an ACTUAL SPOUSE (when it happens) and what are the grounds for rights after that marriage has been dissolved, 2) to lay out the eligibility rules for POTENTIAL husbands. In other words, if a POTENTIAL husband has already violated some rules laid out for the actual spouse (like having knowing and willing physical sex with someone other than Gail without her willing and knowing permission), they can claim no rights to Gail as her POTENTIAL SPOUSE anymore. Gail and any other man on her marriage list are under no obligation to pay a POTENTIAL SPOUSE anything (related to their obligations to Gail as a POTENTIAL SPOUSE), if they have violated the rules of this contract for the ACTUAL SPOUSE. Once a POTENTIAL SPOUSE has violated the rules for being an ACTUAL SPOUSE, then lose all their rights as any type of spouse of Gail.

For instance, a group of men who called themselves Gail’s Men Going Their Own Way, violated the rule about abuse, and insisted that Gail participate with them in violent sex that would have devastated Gail’s vagina. They also betrayed Brent Spiner, who is no. 1 on Gail’s marriage list and tried to harm him and betrayed Brent’s wishes to protect Gail, making them TOTALLY unqualified as a POTENTIAL SPOUSE. They have NO RIGHTS under this contract for this reason. Even worse, once they willingly and knowingly assisted Loree McBride (the evil Jesuit leader), they became guilty of high treason, and now deserve the death penalty. Surely, these men have NO CLAIM on Gail or any of her POTENTIAL SPOUSES or actual spouses (should she actually marry her no. 1 man on her marriage list).

Gail can only have ONE legal or ACTUAL spouse at a time. Once the willing and knowing sex with that spouse has happened, Gail is married to that spouse. For this reason, Gail prefers to wait to have any type of actual sex with any man on her marriage list, only after she has physically consummated her marriage to the no. 1 person on her marriage list first one-on-one, in order to clearly establish who is her legal spouse (according to this contract). If any man objects to the fact that Gail insists she has sex only with the no. 1 person on her marriage list first before having sex with any of the others, they must be removed from the marriage list, because such an attitude will cause disharmony and problems with those on the marriage list. Also, if Gail does not want to have sex with any POTENTIAL spouse, she should not feel obligated to do so. She is only obligated to have sex with her ONE SPOUSE (the one she is legally married to). Gail is not legally married to more than one man. She will only have one actual spouse, the rest are POTENTIAL spouses. She can only have sex with a POTENTIAL SPOUSE if her ACTUAL spouse approves. If the POTENTIAL SPOUSE does not like this, they must be removed from the marriage list and will have no rights whatsoever as a spouse of ANY KIND.

Just because Gail’s ACTUAL spouse allows or encourages Gail to have sex with any of the POTENTIAL spouses, does not give the POTENTIAL SPOUSES legal rights as Gail’s ACTUAL SPOUSE. The only exception would be if a pregnancy occurs in Gail as a result of the willing and knowing sex with Gail (highly unlikely since Gail is way past menopause). If such pregnancy occurs, the POTENTIAL SPOUSE would be treated as an ACTUAL SPOUSE only in regard to the child conceived and in no other matter. Obviously, if the ACTUAL spouse dies or Gail’s marriage to them ends, then the ACTUAL spouse ends up being someone who is a POTENTIAL spouse on her marriage list, that she will then choose to be her ACTUAL SPOUSE. Remember, Gail can only have one ACTUAL spouse at a time. The POTENTIAL SPOUSES must not assume that they are the ACTUAL spouse and that they have the legal rights of the ACTUAL spouse. If they continue in this attitude of being the ACTUAL spouse when they are NOT, they must be removed from the marriage list because they will cause problems for the list. Having sex with Gail as a POTENTIAL SPOUSE is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT, and any man who does not see it this way, does not deserve to be on Gail’s marriage list. Gail is under no obligation to have sex with any POTENTIAL SPOUSE. Her only sexual obligation is to her one, ACTUAL spouse. Gail freely gives brain to brain sex to all her POTENTIAL SPOUSES, so they may have to learn to be satisfied with this. However, brain-to-brain sex does not make them an ACTUAL spouse.

Gail considers herself legally married to ONE MAN at a time. So whoever has the number one spot on her marriage list or whoever is abiding with Gail as her husband is her spouse, according to this legal document. If this has not happened, then Gail has no ACTUAL SPOUSE yet, she only has POTENTIAL SPOUSES. Furthermore, the wife, Gabrielle Chana, and the husband, _____________________, must be who they claim to be. They cannot be a clone of the person they claim to be, they must be the person they claim to be (born on the same day and in the same place as the person they claim to be), unless either party willingly and knowingly allows the clone to replace the current spouse (in which case this must be agreed upon in writing by all parties involved). If it is discovered that any party to this contract has married a person who is not the person they claim to be), or they have somehow entered into the marriage through deception, so that they have deceived the spouse into believing they are someone other than who they claim to be to the spouse, then the marriage will be considered null and void and unenforceable, and the marriage will be invalid. This pre-nuptial document covers the rights of dissolution between the two parties who have entered into and maintain a valid marriage. If the marriage is invalid (as defined by this paragraph), then the rest of this document is not enforceable, because there is no marriage, and no party in this case has any right to any marital claims against the other. In a case such as this, the deceived party can sue the other party for damages caused by criminal deception (fraud), but that will not be covered by this pre-nuptial agreement. If the fraud was unintentional, and the fraudulent person really believed he/she was the spouse that the other intended to marry, then the party that was defrauded must determine who was willingly and knowingly behind the fraud that caused the fraudulent marriage and sue the guilty party (or organization) for damages, so that he/she can go on with his/her life without the fraudulent marriage partner. Ideally, the real person that should have been the marriage person may be discovered and the marriage can be saved, and the fraudulent person exported. If the guilty party behind the fraud cannot be found, and the parties no longer desire to continue the fraudulent marriage, then the marriage will be treated as a valid marriage and will fall under the guidelines of this pre-nuptial agreement.


PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN GABRIELLE CHANA or Gail Chord Schuler, the woman born September 15, 1957 at Miami, Florida, AND ANY MAN SHE MARRIES. This must be signed by all men who are on Gabrielle Chana ‘s MARRIAGE LIST. If they do not agree to this, remove them from the MARRIAGE LIST. When, and if, Gabrielle legally marries any man on this list, so that she lives with him in a normal husband/wife relationship, she will print this out and both will sign this as a pre-nuptial agreement before the marriage. She writes this pre-nup, to prevent the use of Jesuit clones to sabotage any future marriage she has with any man on her marriage list. If she gets stuck with a bad clone of a man she has married, she wants to get out of the marriage with minimal consequences.

For the purposes of this document a mental illness is defined as any impairment of mental or emotional function that causes a person to lose the ability to think or act logically, and to make decisions and/or actions with reason and fairness, and is primarily caused by one’s own drug addictions, alcoholism, and/or neglect or misuse of the physical body.

For the purposes of this document sex is defined as the physical sexual act between a man and woman. It is not masturbation or fantasizing–it is the actual physical act of the male and female sexual organs meeting together with literal skin touching skin.

However, if the impairment of mental/emotional function is of a type (such as Alzheimer’s disease) that the person has absolutely no control over (and is definitely of the type that has come upon this person despite his/her attempts to follow a reasonably good health lifestyle), this will not be considered a mental illness but a regular illness and will be treated as an ordinary illness and not a mental illness, for the purposes of this document.

For the purposes of this document extreme negligence of one’s health is defined as one who neglects or abuses the needs of his body in such an extreme manner, that he/she has habits or a lifestyle (not caused by the criminal pressures of others, but by his/her own volition) that could induce a health emergency within a week or a month, if he/she was to continue these habits.

If the marriage break-up is caused by the infidelity of one or both partners, then the rules for division of property and assets will be upheld, but all rules for the care or provision of the unfaithful spouse (in case of health problems at the time of marriage dissolution) will not be upheld. No marriage partner is required to pay the health care costs of an unfaithful spouse. An unfaithful spouse is defined as one who has had sex with someone other than his marriage partner, and who was not driven to be unfaithful because of the cruelty or abuse of his/her spouse.

In the case of Zack Knight and Rule 13, who Gail added to her marriage list in September 2016, they would be unfaithful if they have had willing and knowing sex with someone who is not on their marriage list (without the permission of their spouse) and who they do not love. Bukkake will not be considered sex for the purposes of this legal document, so as long as the bukkake is okay with the spouse and everybody participating in it is a willing and knowing participant, then bukkake is fine. Zack and Rule 13 will be allowed to have their own marriage list, because Zack has a history of being the Jesuit leader and of having sex with many women. If he uses sex to willingly and knowingly hurt or take advantage of a good woman or person, he will be removed from Gail’s marriage list, and if he and Gail are legally married at the time of his unfaithfulness (as defined by this document), then Gail and Zack will have grounds for divorce and to have all the rights outlined in this prenuptial agreement. Zack needs to take care of and love any woman or person he places on his marriage list, and should come up with a prenuptial agreement for his marriage list, like Gail has for hers. As long as he remains faithful to all the women or persons on his marriage list, he can remain on Gail’s marriage list. As part of his prenuptial agreement, he needs to state that no woman or person can be on his marriage list, who will try to hurt or usurp Gail Chord Schuler or Rule 13 who will share the no. 1 spot on his marriage list, and that any woman or person on his list who does so, must be removed, unless Gail or Rule 13 have been unfaithful to him. For Gail or Rule 13, to be unfaithful means to have sex with someone not on their own marriage list (if Rule 13 desires to have a marriage list) and to have this sex without the consent of their legal spouse (as defined by this document). Zack currently shares the no. 3 spot on Gail’s marriage list with his true love, Rule 13. Gail has placed Rule 13 on her marriage list, because Gail often does three-way brain to brain loving with both Rule 13 and Zack Knight. Gail is heterosexual, but has added Rule 13 to her marriage list as her BFF. Also, Gail has no issues with homosexual or lesbian marriage, and will allow Zack or Rule 13 to have a marriage partner(s) of the same sex if they so desire.

So Zack Knight and Rule 13 are the exception for the faithfulness part of this agreement. If they genuinely love another person, and desire to have them on their marriage list, they can add them, but any person on their marriage list, they must love and take care of. Both Zack and Gail are created with the ability to successfully manage more than one spouse, kind of like King David in the Bible. But for most people, having more than one spouse would be a disaster in terms of morality and fairness. Nevertheless, if Gail legally marries someone on her marriage list, she will refrain from actual sexual relations with anybody else on her marriage list with flesh touching flesh, unless her spouse desires for her to do so, and will limit her actual sexual encounters (actual flesh with flesh) to her spouse and those approved of by her spouse. Zack Knight and Rule 13 need to set up similar rules for their prenuptial agreements. When a spouse has willing and knowing sex with someone else besides his spouse (without the permission of the spouse), that will be considered unfaithfulness as well. We don’t want situations to come up that cause disharmony between those on the marriage lists. But, for the most part, all those on Gail’s marriage list are a non-judgmental and generous lot and jealousy has never been a problem. Group sex for Rule 13 and Zack Knight is fine as long as all participants are willing and knowing, and none of the members has the intent to harm another member.

Should those who decide on the marriage list for Gail, want to add someone who is similar to Zack Knight and Rule 13 (in other words both the husband and wife support and love Gail), this is permissible. In that case, the husband and wife added would both be considered POTENTIAL SPOUSES and can be considered part of Gail’s marriage list. When a husband and wife team are added to Gail’s marriage list, they must fulfill all the rules laid out for Zack Knight and Rule 13, as if those rules applied to them. As far as them being an ACTUAL spouse, that would only happen if their ACTUAL SPOUSE died or was no longer their actual spouse and Gail’s ACTUAL spouse also died and then Gail chooses that widower or divorcee as her ACTUAL spouse. But as POTENTIAL SPOUSES, they can participate in group brain to brain sex with Gail or with any sex with Gail that both Gail and her ACTUAL SPOUSE approve of.

To help clarify the terms ACTUAL and POTENTIAL spouse. As of August 8, 2019, Gail has no ACTUAL spouse, because the literal, physical sex with her partner has not happened yet. Brain to brain sex does not qualify as sex according to this contract. So, on August 8, 2019, all of those on Gail’s marriage list are her POTENTIAL SPOUSES. However, with Brent Spiner at no. 1, Gail is considered to be engaged to marry an ACTUAL spouse, who will be Brent Spiner. Therefore, whoever is no. 1 on the list (even as only a POTENTIAL SPOUSE) has the power to kick off anyone as a POTENTIAL SPOUSE or to decide on all sexual matters related to the marriage list, like when or how any type of brain to brain sex can occur. Also, when Gail does have actual physical sex with those on her marriage list, she must have sex FIRST with the no. 1 person on her list, in order to establish who is her ACTUAL spouse. After that, any sex that takes place with Gail will be up to her ACTUAL spouse. For Gail to have willing and knowing sex with any man besides her ACTUAL spouse (without his permission) would be considered unfaithfulness to him according to this contract. It also goes the other way, for Gail’s actual spouse to have willing and knowing sex with any other person besides Gail (without her permission), would be considered unfaithfulness to Gail according to this contract.

Basically, unfaithfulness happens, when a spouse willingly and knowingly has sex (actual flesh with flesh intercourse) with someone else that would willingly and knowingly and physically or emotionally harm one of the spouses to the marriage contract. If the sex, of whatever sort it is, is done with the full permission of the spouse, it is not unfaithfulness, as long as innocents are not harmed in the act or acts.

Group sex with all members of the spouse’s marriage list (brain to brain or any other way) is never a problem, as long as all participants, including the spouses have no problem with it. However, permission from the spouse must be gotten first before having actual group sex (with actual flesh touching flesh). This permission can be brain to brain, if other means of communication have been blocked. Gail actually prefers monogamy and anticipates that she will limit her sexual encounters to whoever is her ACTUAL spouse, while having brain to brain sex with the rest.

Any sex with those not on a spouse’s marriage list (as in the case of Gail, Zack or Rule 13) must not result in pregnancy, or if it does, that pregnancy must happen because of love and not just sex, which means that if Zack willingly and knowingly makes a woman pregnant, he has to add her to his marriage list. If the pregnancy happened, because of evil interference from the outside (like artificial insemination or brain control), Zack or the spouse of this prenuptial agreement will not be responsible for it, but the criminal behind the sexual crime will be responsible for it, and it may also be a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law (see International Reproductive Laws).

The spouse on Gail’s marriage list is not unfaithful if he/she falls in love with someone other than his spouse, but has not acted on that love (with sex with that person), or because his/her spouse beats him/her up or abuses him/her, so that he/she desperately needs another besides his/her spouse for his/her sanity. Abuse is defined as any attitude or action imposed on the marriage partner by the abusive spouse which denies that spouse’s basic needs for shelter, health and basic needs (such as the need for rest or the need for medicine or food for health), and/or which brings strong and unnecessary and prolonged emotional or physical pain to the suffering spouse. To lose one’s temper is not abuse, but if you lose your temper and beat up your spouse, that is abuse. To force your spouse to do something bad for their health, when they don’t want to do it (and when it’s not necessary for them to do it), is abuse. Throwing things is not abuse, but if you throw things at your spouse to hurt them, that is. Passion in the bedroom is not abuse (Gabrielle loves a man who is passionate in bed), but to force one to have sex at gunpoint is. Making love to your partner like a machine (with no feeling in your moves) for years and years is a form of emotional abuse, especially to a woman who needs to feel nourished and loved by the lovemaking experience–though I imagine there are some men who would feel this is emotional abuse. How do you prove this in court–it’s almost impossible–but I mention this to show that I have a healthy attitude towards sex in marriage and would never believe that passion in marriage is abuse (except to a sick person who has unhealthy views about the marriage act). Holding a grudge is not abuse, but if you hold a grudge for so long that your sexual performance in the bedroom becomes a walk on ice for two years–that’s a form of emotional abuse. If you take delight in hurting your spouse emotionally for over a year and never seem to get over it, (as long as you don’t bring physical harm to your spouse during the tantrum), if you get over it and make things right with your spouse, but continual temper tantrums day in or day out and never getting over it, is emotional abuse (or with physical acts of violence)–physical abuse as well. Overly restricting your partner, so that he/she feels to please your demands he/she must always feel as if a boa constrictor is around his/her neck (is a form of emotional abuse), because you will emotionally and/or physically abuse your spouse if they don’t meet your impossible demands.

If any spouse has had willing and knowing sex with someone other than his/her spouse (and was not driven to do so by an abusive spouse), that spouse is an unfaithful spouse as defined by this document. Obviously, someone who is a victim of rape (including drug rape) is not an unfaithful spouse.

Division of Property: Gabrielle and her soon to be ex-ACTUAL husband will divide their property however they agree at the time of marriage dissolution, except that items that are more likely to be used by (or needed by) one party over the other, such as a piano, which only Gabrielle could play, would be granted to the party that is more likely to use (or need) that property. If there is a dispute over which party needs a certain property, the courts can decide which party has the greater need for the property, and the property will be given to the party that has the greater need (this includes a house, a car, etc.). One thing to take into consideration in division of property is the need to make payments (mortgage, car payments, etc.). One party may not be able to afford the payments (mortgage, car payments, etc.). One party may not be able to afford the payments, in which case it may be best to give it to the party that can afford it. Or, if one party has a real need for the property, but can’t afford the payments (or if the property is extravagant, it could be replaced with a property of lesser value, but still useful). First, the need for the property must be determined. If the party that has the greatest need can’t afford the property, but needs to make payments on the property (but can’t afford to make payments), then alimony payments that cover the payments for the property should be allowed (if the other spouse can afford to make payments). In cases where neither spouse can afford to make payments, then the property can be given to the party that has the greatest need and that party must decide whether to agree to accept the property or to refuse the property. If they agree to accept the property in this case, they will be responsible for all payments of the property and can’t fault the other party if they fail to make payments. If the property is refused by both parties (because neither wants to make payments), both must sell the property as soon as possible and divide the proceeds evenly between the parties. If the property is extravagant and the alimony payments would be outrageous to cover payments, then the property needs to be replaced with a property of lesser value but that will still do the job and the party that is granted the extravagant property will be awarded alimony to make payments on the extravagant property for a reasonable amount of time needed to sell or replace the property with a property of lesser value that will still do the job. Evidence must be provided by the party granted alimony to make payments on his/her extravagant property that he/she is doing all in his/her power to sell the property to replace it with a property of lesser value that will still do the job or he/she will lose the right to receive alimony payments for their extravagant, but temporarily needed, property. Should either party decide that they want to forfeit their right to a certain property (and allow the other to have that property), they can agree to this (in writing) at the time of marriage dissolution.

Division of monies and assets: Those monies and assets that have been earned primarily by the efforts of one ACTUAL spouse over the other actual spouse will be granted to the spouse that put the most effort into earning those assets. However, if both spouses have played a role in earning those assets or monies, then, if there is a dispute over the percentages (or how much each put into those assets), the courts (or a legal arbitrator) will determine the percentage of effort that each spouse put into earning those monies and assets and then (after that percentage is determined), the percentage of effort that the spouse put into earning that asset or monies will be the percentage rewarded to the spouse after the marriage dissolution. Once an agreement over percentages is reached, that agreement and the percentages agreed upon, will be put in writing, and signed and dated by both parties (with witnesses).

EXCEPTION: If, for whatever reason, one ACTUAL spouse could not play a role in earning monies or assets for the family due to health problems (other than those health problems caused by attempted suicide or by mental illness or by extreme negligence) or if a spouse could/did not play a role in earning monies or assets due to a mutual decision by both spouses at the time of their marriage that one spouse should stay more at home than the other (and, therefore, not bring any or much income into the family), while the other earned money from a job other than that of homemaker or parent, then the spouse that stayed more at home (and could not or did not bring in any or much income) while the other could advance his/her career will be awarded monies and assets that are compatible to the income that this stay-at-home spouse could have earned if he/she continued his/her job in the workplace (in a job comparable to his/her skills and/or abilities), if that spouse (after the marriage dissolution) has a need for income to meet basic expenses (as defined by this document). THE BASIC PREMISE OF THIS PRE-NUPTIAL AGREEMENT IS THAT IF THERE IS NO NEED, BECAUSE BASIC NEEDS ARE MET, THEN NO MONIES FROM THE INCOMES OR INHERITANCES OF EITHER EX-SPOUSE WILL BE GRANTED TO THEOTHER EX-SPOUSE, other than those monies and assets they have already earned through their own incomes, savings, or inheritances. If both parties have monies saved together in any type of savings or assets, they will be divided to each spouse according to the amount that each contributed to the account (or an amount mutually agreed upon by both parties). If there is a dispute over how much each contributed, this will be decided by the courts (or a legal arbitrator). Monies paid into retirement accounts belong to the persons who have the accounts, regardless of who paid into them. If a spouse stayed more at home and did earn income from a career that did not penalize his/her income because he/she stayed at home, because this spouse had a career not affected by his/her decision to stay more at home (such as being a successful writer who earned enough income to clothe, feed, and take care of himself/herself or her family), then, for the purposes of this section, that spouse will not be considered a stay-at-home spouse with little or no income.

Any debts incurred during the marriage solely by one party and that were debts not incurred for health or basic needs (such as food, or necessary clothing–not luxury clothing) must be paid by the party that incurred those debts without the consent of the other party. If the debts were incurred to meet necessary health or food expenses (including acupuncture or chiropractic or natural medicine that is effective in treating the health conditions) that the one spouse refused to pay and could have paid for these, these debts will be considered health expenses that must be included in the alimony payments to the ailing spouse. Also, refusal to pay for the necessary health expenses of the ailing spouse will be considered a form of abuse (as defined in this document), especially if there was a way these payments for the health care could have been made while the two were married. If one spouse claims that a health treatment is fraudulent and, therefore, he/she should not be required to pay for this, evidence must be shown that this treatment does not help the patient’s condition or worsens it, and this evidence must be verified by health professionals knowledgeable about the treatment (who are licensed to perform this type of treatment) and who are qualified to make this assessment.

No spouse will be penalized for failing health as a reason for failed monies or assets in the marriage as long as the failing health was not caused by attempted suicide or mental illness or by extreme negligence. If one spouse (or soon-to-be-ex spouse) has a need for income that he/she could have earned if he/she retained his/her health during the marriage, that needed income will be granted to the spouse as much as is reasonably possible, and that won’t debilitate the spouse who must pay. If the ill ex-spouse has enough of his/her income to take care of his/her health expenses, he/she cannot require the ex-spouse to cover any of his/her health expenses. This section is included in this document, to prevent a marriage break-up solely due to a cold spouse who wants to dump his/her partner because his/her health expenses are getting too expensive for him/her. However, once any ex-spouse remarries or has sex with any person other than his/her ex-spouse, the requirement to pay the health costs of that ex-spouse ends, and the ex-spouse is no longer responsible for the health costs of that ailing spouse who has become intimate with another besides his/her former spouse. If a spouse (who is making health payments) suspects that his/her ailing ex-spouse has had willing and knowing sex with another besides himself/herself, she/he must provide evidence that this is the case. The evidence cannot be based upon presumptions or because the two were alone in a dark room together. Maybe they didn’t intend to be in the dark room together. And even if they were in the dark room together, it doesn’t mean they had sex, or that the sex was willing. Basically, the ex-spouse won’t get out of the health care costs of the ailing spouse unless he/she can prove beyond any doubt that this ailing spouse has had willing and knowing sex with another besides himself/herself. If the marriage break-up is because the ailing spouse has had sex with another besides his/her spouse and was not driven to have this sex by an abusive spouse, no spouse is required to make any payments for the health problems of the unfaithful spouse.

Both spouses are required to maintain (or have) some type of health insurance that covers most conditions and covers most catastrophic health care costs (if the couple live in a country like the United States where health insurance is necessary for expensive health care costs) for themselves and their children during the entire marriage. If they are financially unable to maintain the health insurance, the reasons for this must be noted and taken into consideration during the marriage break-up, but if health insurance could have been maintained and was not, no spouse will be responsible for health care costs of the spouse who could have maintained health insurance and did not. The amount of support granted to an ex-spouse who is awarded alimony for health impairment will be determined by how much this spouse could have earned if he/she retained his/her health during the marriage. No spouse will be awarded alimony or child support if that spouse does not need it maintain a roof over his/her head or to maintain health or for basic needs or to pay debts or the costs of child care (for a child that both spouses adopted or had through sex together after the marriage). Instead the assets and monies will be divided as outlined in this document. If there is a dispute over the amount needed to maintain health or a roof over one’s head (basic needs) or the costs of child care, it will be decided upon by the courts or by a legal arbitrator.

However, in no case will any spouse be required to make any type of payments to either spouse if he/she lacks the ability to pay, because he/she has not enough to maintain health or a roof over one’s head or because he/she, despite best efforts, fails to find work that pays him/her enough for alimony or child support. If there is a dispute over the ability to pay, this will be resolved by the courts or a legal arbitrator. No deadline can be imposed on any spouse (to make payments) who lacks the ability to pay, until, and if, it is determined with certainty that that spouse now has the ability to pay.

Regarding children: Any children born to the couple (or adopted by the couple) will be seen equally by both spouses after the marriage, or both parties can make other arrangements mutually agreed upon by both parties in writing (with witnesses). The only exception will be if one of the spouses is abusive or criminal, then limitations must be placed on how much (if at all) the abusive or criminal spouse can see his/her children. If the child is old enough and has enough emotional strength and maturity to make the decision, he/she will decide which parents he/she wants to see or live with. If the child does not want to make this decision, or is incapable of making this decision, then a psychiatrist chosen by Gerard Butler or Gerard Butler himself (a psychiatrist who practices in England, and who played the phantom in The Phantom of the Opera) will make the decisions about who should be granted custody of the child and how the visitation should be arranged. If Gerard Butler is one of the spouses in the dispute, then Gerard must chose (as part of this pre-nuptial agreement) about ten psychiatrists or mental health professionals that can be used if there are any disagreements about custody of children after the dissolution of his marriage (they must be named and agreed upon in this document as part of the pre-nuptial agreement), whose advice and expertise must be used as part of the decision over custody. Gerard has been chosen because he is one of the best psychiatrists in the world with brilliant insight into the minds and souls of all types of people. These psychiatrists and mental health professionals will NOT decide over child support payment decisions, they will only decide who gets custody (if there are disputes over this). If, for some reason, Gerard or any of the psychiatrists involved becomes mentally or emotionally impaired so that they cannot render a fair and just decision in this matter, evidence for this impairment must be proven in court and then other equally competent psychiatrists will be chosen to make judgments in this matter.

Regarding support for the children after marriage dissolution: The party that has custody of the child will not necessarily demand that the party with non-custody must pay child support. If one of the spouses stayed at home and earned little or no income, that party will not be required to pay child support for the child, even if that party is not granted custody of the child. The decision over child support will be determined by the ability to pay, and by whose child this is. If the child is a leftover from a previous marriage and that is not considered a child of this current marriage, then the party whose genes reside in that child must take care of that child. However, if either party agrees to take on the support of the child (despite the fact that there is no genetic link to that child with his adoptive parent), that is certainly acceptable, and should be put in writing and signed and dated with witnesses.

If both parties brought this child into the world, through a sexual act between the parents, then both parents are responsible to take care of this child. Because Gabrielle Chana is _____ years old at the time of this writing, it is highly unlikely that she will have a biological child with her future husband. So this dispute may be over any adopted children acquired after the marriage because both parties desired to adopt this child after the marriage. Any children that existed before the marriage will automatically be given to the party that had them before the marriage, along with all responsibilities for child care, custody and support of that child, unless the parent is abusive or criminal. However, (in the case of children acquired after the marriage) if one of the parents stayed at home in a job with little or no income in order to care for the children, then the parent who was able to maintain his/her income will have the primary responsibility for child support, because he/she has the greater ability to pay. The parent who stayed at home during the marriage (so that he/she had little or no income of his/her own) in order to care for the children will not be required to pay any child support, until and/if that parent obtains a job (or income) that pays him or her as much as she/he could have earned if he/she did not stay at home to care for the children, or at least enough income to pay for his/her basic needs plus child support. Also, if the former stay-at-home parent cannot acquire a job (or income) that pays him enough for food, housing, and basic needs PLUS child support (if child support is necessary), that parent will not be required to pay child support after the marriage dissolution, until and/if he/she acquires a job (or income) that pays him MORE than his basic needs, so that child support payments will not destitute him or her.

Any child acquired after the marriage through adoption, that was only desired by one party, in which that party imposed this child onto the marriage against the wishes of the other, is not considered a child of the marriage, but will be considered a child of the spouse who desired that child. In cases such as this, that child will go to the spouse who desired him/her, along with all the responsibilities for its support and care. If the unwilling parent (during the marriage) later becomes a willing parent because he/she has fallen in love with the child, then this child will be considered the child of both parents that love this child and both parents are equally accountable for its care and support. Evidence must be shown in court that this child was not desired by one parent and was not forced upon any parent against his/her will or knowledge. Any spouse who is coerced into adopting an unwanted child, should protest to the adoption agency. This should stop the adoption immediately. If it can be proven that the protests were blocked or hindered, then the adoptive parent can claim he was tricked into adopting a child he/she did not desire and that was not the result of his/her sex with the child’s biological parent. Just because the child has the genes of the parent does not mean that he/she had this child through willing and knowing sex with the biological parent. We have many sexual crimes committed today, where sperm or eggs are stolen and used to impregnate women who have never had sex with the man who has the sperm that impregnated the female. Therefore, evidence must be proved that the pregnancy was caused by this man or woman having willing and knowing sex with the other genetic parent of the baby.

Gabrielle’s enemies often use unwanted children as a means to cement a relationship together that is not based on love or commitment of the partners to each other. If such a stratagem succeeds, it is not fair to the spouse (or the child) who was coerced into being a parent, when they did not desire the child and had no sex with the party to create the child. Ideally, no one should adopt a child unless both parents desire it, but this is an imperfect world, and mistakes happen. And so that is why this section has been written into the prenuptial agreement. No one should be forced to adopt a child, just because that child has his/her genes and he/she did not willingly and knowingly commit the sexual act required to bring that baby into the world. We will not encourage the clever sexual crimes (involving stolen sperm or reproductive materials) so rampant in today’s society.

For the purposes of this document, basic needs are defined as the amount of money needed to maintain health and a roof over one’s head. It does not mean the amount of money to maintain an extravagant lifestyle. No spouse will be required to make payments on billion dollar homes or Mercedes Benzes and expensive cars or boats or yachts, unless they are stuck with the payments on them, and they need to avoid creditors. In that case, they must try to sell (or replace) the expensive property within a reasonable amount of time and live less extravagantly. At the time of marriage resolution, they will be given a reasonable amount of time to sell (or replace) the expensive property in order to pare down their expenses (if they claim they need income from the other ex-spouse to make payments). If they do not sell (or replace) that property within that reasonable amount of time, or for some good reason, can’t sell (or replace) that property without a loss, then their need to make payments will be respected. However, if they fail to try to sell (or replace) the property, despite their best efforts [and evidence must be provided that they have tried to sell (or replace) the extravagant property in order to pare down their expenses], then they alone will be responsible for payments on that extravagant property–they cannot allow any ex-spouse to be responsible for payments on their own extravagant lifestyle.

Payments for properties that are luxury items will not be required of any ex-spouse. If the luxury item is a temporary necessity (like an expensive home or an expensive car that is needed to have a roof over one’s head or is needed for transportation), then allowances for alimony payments for this item will be considered until that expensive item can be replaced with an item of lesser value. EXCEPTION: If the payments are almost paid up and it is cheaper to keep the luxury car or house, then payments will be required until the property is paid off and then the required alimony payments for that luxury, but necessary, item must stop. An automobile is a necessity, so allowances will be made for a car, but it doesn’t have to be a luxury car, and two cars may not be necessary. No spouse will be required to finance an extravagant lifestyle for the other at the time of marriage dissolution.

The goal of this prenuptial agreement is to ensure that the health needs of all parties are met at the time of marriage dissolution, and that all can maintain a roof over their head and have basic needs met, and that no party takes advantage of the other to maintain an extravagant lifestyle at the expense of the other party.

People should go into a marriage because they want to love and support the other, not because they hope to obtain an inheritance from the spouse after they die (or divorce). If, for some tragic reason, the marriage must end, it should end in a manner that makes it easy for all parties to go forward with their life and to not be crippled with debt, creditors and financial pressures caused by the cold and ruthless acts of any party.

Both parties agree, in this prenuptial agreement, that if a marriage break-up occurs, both will do all in their power to honor the spirit of this prenuptial agreement, to allow all parties to go forward with their life and to not cripple any party with unnecessary debt, creditors or financial pressures or outrageous requests for alimony or child support that would debilitate any party.

If an ex-spouse has a medical condition that requires that he/she needs to spend more money than most to maintain health, and, therefore, cannot pay child support because of this, that spouse will not be required to pay child support because he/she lacks the ability to pay. Gerard Butler (an M.D. who practices in England) or other M.D.s or physicians whom he chooses to assist him and who must be named (and agreed upon) in this prenuptial agreement (in case he is the ex-spouse), will determine what type of income the ex-spouse needs to maintain his/her health (at the time of marriage dissolution) and if any soon-to-be ex spouse lacks the income needed to maintain health or only has enough to pay for his/her own health expenses (and has no money leftover after this), that debilitated spouse will not be required to pay child support or alimony, because he/she lacks the ability to pay. The amount of income determined as necessary by these health practitioners must match the current costs of such needed health care at the time that the spouse needs these services, if it does not, then that health practitioner’s assessments will be disregarded as invalid and another opinion must be obtained, to obtain a fair assessment of monies needed by the ill spouse for health maintenance. All health practitioners that Gerard Butler chooses to work with him (in drafting legal documents about health maintenance costs) must acknowledge acupuncture, chiropractic and natural medicine as viable forms of health practice and must allow (if necessary) the use of these alternative medical treatments and the expenses involved (as part of the required health maintenance costs of any ex-spouse who needs these services to maintain his/her health). The health practitioners must draft a statement regarding the ex-spouse’s health needs and the costs for these needs (at the time of marriage dissolution), and must state (under penalty of perjury and a fine of $1,000,000 or more if they are willingly and knowingly dishonest or unfair) what are the current health needs and costs of the ex-spouse. If any health practitioner involved in the drafting of this statement is deemed mentally or emotionally unfit to make this statement at the time the statement is made, then his statement will be null and void, and another health practitioner must draft the statement. Health insurance payments must be taken into consideration, and no spouse should be required to pay what health insurance covers. Also, both parties are required to maintain health insurance coverage during the entire marriage for themselves and their children (if they live in a country like the U.S. without national health care). If a party fails to maintain health insurance, they must present evidence that they were unable to do so, and in this case they will not be held accountable for lack of health insurance.

This document must be signed by any man who is on the marriage list to marry Gabrielle, which is the marriage list managed by psychiatrist and actor Gerard Butler (among others), who determines the rankings on the marriage list and who should be on it. Any man on the marriage list who has willing and knowing physical sex (literal skin touching skin in sexual intercourse) with another woman besides Gabrielle must be knocked off the marriage list, and, when this happens, Gabrielle will not be required to fulfill this contract with that man because he will be removed from the marriage list and this prenuptial agreement with him will become null and void. If a man (who has signed this prenuptial agreement) has been faithful to Gabrielle, but an accuser claims that he has not, the accuser must be tried in a court of law for treason against the United States of America, because such an attack on the character of Gabrielle’s fiancé is an attack on the men who support and love a Nobel Prize winning writer and lawmaker, who is saving the United States from a holocaust. Treason (in this paragraph) is defined as any willing and knowing act designed to discredit Gabrielle or a man who loves her, to support the goals of those who desire to takeover the United States in order to set up a government similar to what Adolph Hitler set up in Germany. If the woman (false accuser) is determined in a court of law to be guilty of treason, she will be sued for damaged to her country and for damages to the man who is falsely accused and she must next be tried for the death penalty (because such a woman and those who support her are very dangerous persons detrimental to the freedom of the United States). Usually such a woman is part of a conspiracy that may involve clones of the men who want to marry Gabrielle, all persons involved in the conspiracy must be arrested for treason and tried in a court of law for this. If found guilty, they must pay damages to the United States, to Gabrielle, and to the man falsely accused or framed. All men who are on Gabrielle’s marriage list must read this prenuptial agreement, including this paragraph and sign the statement below:

I acknowledge that I have read the above paragraph (along with the entire prenuptial agreement), and agree that if I have willing and knowing sex (sexual intercourse with skin touching skin) with any woman besides Gabrielle, that I will be kicked off Gabrielle’s marriage list, and will forfeit all rights I have to this prenuptial agreement. I also understand that if I refuse to sign this document, that I cannot be on Gabrielle’s marriage list and I cannot consider Gabrielle for marriage. I also realize that by entering this agreement, that I will be engaged to marry the most targeted woman in the world and am prepared to suffer the consequences of this decision–that I will be falsely accused, that my semen will be stolen and used to impregnate women I’ve never had sex with, or that my clone will be used to impregnate women I’ve never had sex with. I agree, that, if necessary, I will make public statements or appearances to deal with these problems when they come up, and that I will make court appearances to deal with these problems when they come up. I also realize that Gabrielle will pay all the costs for all such legal proceedings or appearances, including expenses for airfare and other expenses necessary to appear on news networks, etc., etc., (from her legal winnings from previous lawsuits against the Jesuit Order) that arise from the matters discussed in the above paragraph, as long as that money is available. I understand that to be on Gabrielle’s marriage list, I must forfeit all privacy and that the most minute details of my intimate moments with Gabrielle will become public scrutiny and may be aired as part of films or broadcasts about my relationship with her. I agree to forfeit my privacy, in order to prosecute those criminals who would harm Gabrielle, or to help maintain the reputation of the men on her marriage list, so that I can show that I truly love and honor Gabrielle as my future spouse and can clear my name and reputation from attempts to discredit my feelings for her. Signed by future husband ___________________________ on this ____ day of month______, year _______.


As far as payment of health care costs for an ex-spouse, these payments will not be required for conditions that the ex-spouse acquired after the end of the marriage.

This prenuptial agreement is signed by both parties ______________________________________(future husband) and Gabrielle Chana (future wife) on this _____ day of __________, in the year of ______ at _________________________________ (place, city, town, state, country). By signing this agreement, we agree that we have made this agreement without force or coercion from the other party of our own free will, and that we are not under the influence of any drugs or substances that would hinder our judgment.

Witnesses to this agreement are __________________________________ and ______________________________________. We acknowledge that to the best of our ability on this ____ day of ____________, in the year of ________ at ________________________ (place, city, town, state, country) both parties have agreed to this prenuptial agreement of their own free will, and both appear to be of sound mind, and free from the influence of any substances that would hinder their judgment or ability to make this agreement.

Witnesses will sign here to agree to above statement:

Signed Witness 1:____________________________________
Print name of witness here

Signed Witness 2:_______________________________________
Print name of witness here

This agreement will be filed with any and all courts of whatsoever country that may have jurisdiction over this pre-marriage agreement

UPDATES on September 28, 2016 to add Zack Knight and Rule 13 to Gail’s marriage list, defining what is considered faithfulness for Zack Knight and Rule 13 on Gail’s marriage list, UPDATES on August 8, 2019 to clarify who is an ACTUAL spouse versus a POTENTIAL spouse and other matters. UPDATE on May 7, 2002 to declare Brent Spiner as Gail’s husband who is now legally married to her and to clarify the conditions for remaining on the marriage list and the penalties for violating those conditions.


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