My Evil Sister Making Love to Satan, Is Current Jesuit Leader

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UPDATE on Mar. 25, 2022: Even though Jesus says the Antichrist is on hold, there is a Jesuit leader operating and my men don’t seem to know who it is. But this leader seems obsessed with Vladimir Putin, who is in my Cabinet, so they are obsessed with destroying me as U.S. President. My sister is obsessed with Putin, note the lying letter she had my mother submit to a judge in 2012 that had me Baker Acted against my will in Florida and taken to a psych ward.

Also, the brain control Sandra has used has been very pinpoint accurate, like she caused me to injure my thumb and finger yesterday in the exact places where I use them to masturbate, so that I am unable to use them for that purpose. For her to have such an accurate attack on me indicates that Satan has told her the exact parts of my fingers that are used to enhance my brain to brain lovemaking with Jesus and she and Satan take special delight in sabotaging my lovemaking with Jesus, because they both are JEALOUS OF ME.

It seems that Satan and Sandra are making love and comforting each other over the jealousy they both feel that Jesus makes passionate love to me! Satan rebelled against God and Jesus because Jesus rejected Satan as a gay lover. Sandra is just fuming with jealousy that all these hot men want me and don’t want her, which is basically something I’m not too obsessed over. So both Sandra and Satan are having sex with each other comforting each other over the jealousy they feel towards me. I say that is a pretty sick sexual relationship!

Apparently, Sandra is enjoying Satan’s black, devil acid semen and he may be offering her instant healing from its toxicity. She’s pretty perverted right now. It appears she enjoys it to the point that she is now doing Satan’s bidding and Satan has told her that cuz she can’t have Antichrist powers, because Jesus says the Antichrist is on hold, that she can’t suffer 24/7 debilitating nightmares like Loree experienced that caused Loree to surrender to us with a humble, loving heart. It did take Loree six years to come to her senses though. She was Jesuit leader from 2017 to Jan. 2022.

I told Jesus I don’t want it to take this long for my sister to come to her senses and what could we do to speed this up? Judging by the way this current Jesuit leader operates and because my men don’t seem to know who it is, I suspect it’s my sister, Sandra Metcalf.

It seems Sandra’s focus as Jesuit leader is to make me disobey the Gail Commandments and Gail Commandments 2.0, to oust me as U.S. President by attacking the credibility of my key Cabinet members (like Vladimir Putin), to use vehicular homicide to go after me and my supporters (which explains why my car is currently having serious brake problems), to make fake news even worse than it was under Loree (as if the fake news under Loree wasn’t bad enough). It appears that Sandra is so enjoying sex with Satan that she is now doing Satan’s bidding and Satan has promised her that Jesus can’t torment her with debilitating nightmares in her mind, like Jesus did Loree, because she doesn’t have Antichrist powers. Satan is comforting Sandra by telling her that he considers her fatness an asset and is basically coddling her to suit his purposes. He actually hates her and she’ll know it when they both share the Lake of Fire together as sexual partners FOREVER while he abuses her to his heart’s delight there.

I’ve been seeing a lot of fat chicks cross my path lately WITH PRECISION TIMING, so this new group of evil Jesuits seem afflicted with jealousy and are acting it out with delight under Sandra’s leadership. It seems Sandra’s focus is to destroy me cuz she’s mad at Jesus for making passionate love to me instead of her and that Jesus has always favored me over her. I would like to say that not all fat chicks are Jesuits, but when I go for a walk and one just shows up out of the blue to intersect with me so that I am forced to pass by them within two feet no matter which way I go, that’s more than a coincidence. I’ve seen a lot of this lately with this latest group of Jesuits. They also seem to hide behind corners and then I suddenly see them or they stall in front of me while I am walking and wait for me to get near them before they move forward.

Satan is just so jealous right now that Jesus is making love to me, he could make love to a whale and it would suit his purposes.

Jesus, I have a request. I’m getting sick of my masturbating finger being attacked with such precision, which indicates that Satan is working hand in hand with Sandra. I also don’t like how it’s not safe for me to drive because of her. She is also worsening my gastrointestinal symptoms to punish me for violating the low FODMAP diet, because she wants me to stay on it in violation of the Gail Commandments.

However, when I love a man, like I do Jesus, Brent and Zack Knight, it frustrates me when my ability to make love to them is blocked. So I don’t appreciate what my sister and Satan tried to do to my masturbating fingers! This is awful low of them! You know, if they both would concentrate on being worthy of love, perhaps Jesus would make love to them! Don’t they have better things to do than to focus all their energies on destroying Jesus Christ’s favorite?

Since it appears that Satan meets with Sandra and makes love to her on a regular basis and that’s how he has gotten her cooperation, and why she is so devastating now as the current Jesuit leader, I think to speed things up, so that we don’t have another six years of Sandra as Jesuit leader, just start giving her a vision in her mind of her future as Satan’s lover in the lake of fire RIGHT NOW!

Here is some inspiration, Jesus. Jesus did say my sister needs a good spanking. Giving her a 24/7 nightmare of her future in the Lake of Fire with Satan if she doesn’t amend her ways would be a good spanking. Even if she won’t be the Antichrist, if she’s making love to Satan, as I suspect, she deserves the nightmare. Satan can jump from her to the Antichrist in the Lake of Fire as he desires. If she’s not the Jesuit leader, then do this to whoever is the Jesuit leader, cuz whoever they are, I can tell they are motivated by jealousy.



I am a very generous person and a very generous lover and encourage my lovers to have total sexual freedom, especially Jesus, who I feel deserves this. After all, he died a horrific death on the cross for his bride, the church. So I want him to enjoy his bride to the fullest.


Jan. 31, 2022: I’m fairly certain my sister is the new Antichrist in place of Loree McBride. I have updated my Conspiracy Law, so that the term Loree McBride or Zack Knight Jesuit now means Sandra Metcalf Jesuit. It is death penalty to be a Sandra Metcalf Jesuit! I have updated Conspiracy Law to make the term Loree McBride Jesuit now mean Sandra Metcalf Jesuit. It is with great sadness that I must report this tragic news. I am so ashamed of my sister, but as a righteous ruler and lawmaker, I must do what is right and best for my people.

Hmmm. . . it appears my extremely jealous sister Sandra Metcalf, is in try outs for the current vacant position of Antichrist, because Loree McBride has turned good and Jesus decided to make love to Loree to reward and heal her. One thing both she and Satan have in common, is that they are both fueled by jealousy. Satan is jealous over Jesus making love to Gail and to Jesus’s bride (the church) simultaneously and Sandra is jealous that her sister Gail gets all the hot men.

These are Sandra Metcalf’s eyes, which capture her true ugliness, which she is trying to OWN. Shame on her!

To get the background for this post, refer to the other posts I’ve made this month of January 2022.

I’ve learned new things about Jesus as a result of the sex party we had with Jesus. He, apparently, is willing to use his penis to heal a woman, if that will work, as long as that woman is headed in the right direction and his “sex” with her will bring her onto the path He wants for her. Because he can use me to clarify what he’s really up to, he seems willing to use this method now. You see, when Jesus “makes love” to a mortal woman who is headed in the right direction and just needs some encouragement (especially if sex with him would be meaningful to her), he believes that there’s nothing like a good dick to help her.

You might say, does this mean he’s in love with that woman? Ugh. . .I wouldn’t exactly put it that way. It’s more like he wants to reward the woman with a true love experience in bed to inspire her to honor true love in her life. And who better than Jesus to show a woman how a man can make true love to her? My guess is, Jesus is making love to Loree because she has never experienced true love and he wants to give her a true love experience. My guess is, that once she gets a good taste of it, he will bring someone into her life who will finish the job for him, just like he’s brought Brent Spiner into my life.

You might say, this is really confusing. . . So Jesus has no needs as a sexual partner and this is completely unselfish of him? Well, he IS Jesus, after all. Everything he does is completely unselfish. HOWEVER, to say that he has no needs would not be completely accurate either. He does have a need to be happy and he is happiest when true love and freedom and joy flourish in the universe.

Because he rolled his eyes back when he ejaculated into Loree in oral sex, he seemed to be really getting into it. Yes! He WAS getting into it. You see, while, he made love to Loree, he was making love to his bride, the church and sort of using Loree as a sex dummy. He didn’t mind doing this because he wanted to give her a taste of true love and she would know that the feelings he expressed to her sexually were genuine, but that he was also expressing his feelings for his bride, the church, at the same time.

I mean, come on, admit it. . .have there ever been times you folks out there, when you’ve had sex with someone and you imagined you were doing someone else? Well, I think those are the mental gymnastics Jesus uses when he has “sex” using his penis with a mortal right now. By the way, I think he just started doing this. I don’t think he’s done this before. It’s just that it’s getting real close to marriage time for Jesus.

That’s why, right after he made love to Loree, he then moved onto Brent next! Not that he’s gay, but that he was letting us know that when, and if, he does decide to use his penis to heal someone, by giving them a transformative sexual experience, that in his heart he feels he’s using his penis to make love to his bride, the church. So, in a sense, when he moved onto Brent next, he was also using Brent as a sex dummy, while he imagined he was making love to his bride, the church. And don’t forget that Brent is part of his bride!

Jesus’s full sexual experience with his bride, will be fully 11-D (11 dimensional) and will involve his penis as well as his perfect abs and this will happen in the future millennial reign.

You might say, okay, then why has he moved into your apartment? And you say, he’s now walking around naked? Yes! He’s not only walking around naked, but he’s been ejaculating all over my apartment and it’s glowing! He’s claiming his territory. You might say, it sounds like he wants to make love to you and you and Jesus have said he won’t do that!

Okay. Here’s where it gets complicated. I can figure this out because I have a VERY HIGH EMOTIONAL IQ, at least way over 10,000.

Jesus has always wanted to make love to me, but his deepest, truest feelings are for his bride, the church. I am his favorite in the bride, so when he makes love to his bride, which is a large group of humans, he thinks about me the most (which is why he always says “no homo” when he gets affectionate with a male). This also explains why Satan targets me so much, because Satan has a gay obsession for Jesus and Satan knows Jesus thinks about me the most during all his lovemaking. During lovemaking, Jesus can absorb all the essences of EVERYONE in his bride and he enjoys their beauty during the sexual experience, but he enjoys ME THE MOST out of them all and that’s why in the Bible his bride is characterized as a female.

Okay? Then why doesn’t he move into everyone’s house, who’s a member of his bride? Actually, that may happen during the millennial reign. Not sure how he’ll do it. But because I am his favorite and usually do what he wants, I have enabled him to move into my apartment and he can get started with my apartment as his lovemaking headquarters.

I mean, this is something we all can relate to. When you love someone, don’t you want intimacy with them? Well Jesus is no different! I say give this awesome guy (Jesus) a break and let him be happy. He deserves it! He’s a TOTAL GIVER and if he chooses to use his penis to heal someone (like Loree McBride), I say GO FOR IT, JESUS! From what I understand, he’s even kind of doing that with me.

From what I understand, Jesus is super turned on by me, because my happiness is his happiness and I want him to make love to WHOEVER HE WANTS, as long as it makes him happy. I’m kind of like a comfortable old blanket he can return to, always reliable and his deepest, truest love in all his bride, the church.

You might say. Hey! I thought he said he wasn’t making love to you! Well, he’s not. He partly said he wouldn’t be making love to me, because he knew Brent felt very insecure about all these hot men (Jesus included) that desire me. He’s experiencing vicariously the sexual experience between me and Brent and/or any other person turned on by me who is a good person and absorbing it all! To make it even more powerful and meaningful for him, he has given Brent his semen, so when Brent and I make love, he absorbs it all and experiences the orgasm vicariously with us. I’m learning that Jesus has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to make this more enjoyable for him and has taken lately to allowing me to feel his penis penetrate me brain to brain, though his penis is NOT really penetrating me right now. It’s some sort of 11-D tricks he’s using. Brent gets to absorb Jesus’s feelings during the transaction, so Brent doesn’t mind at all.

Lately, Jesus has been borrowing Loree’s vagina while absorbing the lovemaking between Brent and I to make the sexual experience more real to him. This accomplishes several objectives. . . it heals me, it heals Loree, it heals Brent and it gives him ecstasy, because he is making love to his bride, the church using a REAL human body. Something he’d died over and literally did die over. That’s why he went to the cross!

Do I think he will continue this arrangement where he uses Loree’s body as his surrogate while making love to his entire bride? I have NO IDEA. My guess is he’s just trying to give her a true love experience and once she gets a good taste of it, he will introduce someone into her life, who will take his place as a physical lover and he will move on to make love to her in more of a group love experience, like how he will make love to his bride, the church, during the millennial reign.

You might say, aren’t you jealous? Absolutely not. I’m thrilled for Loree, thrilled for Jesus and thrilled for myself. You see, he is allowing me to vicariously experience a bit of his orgasm into Loree, while he’s mostly thinking about me while he’s doing it! Brent gets to experience it, too and Brent is my favorite and my deepest, truest love. Just like I am Jesus’s favorite and his deepest, truest love. He loves all in his bride, but I’m his favorite in the bride. When you deeply and truly love someone, their happiness is your happiness and you literally live and die to bring them ultimate happiness in EVERYTHING because you are thrilled over WHO THEY ARE and want to reward them and help them find happiness in EVERY WAY.

Now back onto my evil jealous sister. . .

Skype Jan. 30, 2022

8:29 PM

I have this queasy feeling that the next Antichrist will be my sister.

Satan will take away her retardation.

9:04 PM

Whoever Satan picks will be someone who has never experienced true love and someone that Jesus WOULD NEVER MAKE LOVE TO. Satan learns from his mistakes.

He also tries to pick someone who would be good at making me look bad and making Jesus look bad and that would make it easy for him to target me. While we are enjoying our honeymoon with Jesus’s semen, see if we can get a read on Satan and see who he’s meeting with.

Maybe we can nip this thing in the bud and start monitoring those who seem to be working with Satan. Our objective would be to make it hard for them to get a following.

If he uses my sister, he will take away her retardation, give her genius IQ and will improve her appearance. She will feel forever indebted to him for making her look glamorous. His goal would be to make me look like a sorry person for Jesus to be living with, since I must have horribly defective genes to have such a horrifying and evil sister.

She may end up looking like Sandra Bullock.

It also helps that my sister HATES JESUS. Satan would never want to risk another Antichrist who’d be interested in making love to Jesus!!

My sister would tell Satan that she hates Jesus and that she wouldn’t make love to Jesus, even if Jesus crawled to her on hands and knees.

That’s why I think Satan may be considering her as an Antichrist.

But he won’t call them fat and ugly people, of course.

9:24 PM

If he does use my sister, he will get a following by taking ugly people and giving them makeovers.

The ugly people of the world will feel vindicated.

He’ll tell them that they aren’t ugly and Jesus is a liar and unfair to call them ugly.

That they are victims of discrimination. It will be a fat chicks mentality with them.

Except he will do plastic surgery on all the fat chicks and make them beautiful 3-D.

They will take pride in NOT DOING THE GAIL COMMANDMENTS and saying that Jesus is a fake and not real, even though they know it’s not true. Why do all this hard work, when plastic surgery is so much easier?

You know how the fat chicks are. They don’t face up to their defects and blame others.

Satan will take advantage of this to curry their favor.

Satan will start a movement to stick up for the rights of fat and ugly people and say they are victims of discrimination and start lawsuits like crazy on their behalf.

This will be Sandra’s future in the Lake of Fire as Satan’s eternal sex partner. She will have sacrificed true love for THIS.

He’ll come up with a magic pill to give them physical beauty and say that this was withheld from them unfairly and then blame it on the beautiful people who had a secret monopoly on the pill and wouldn’t give it to them.

Like Covid, the pill will be a lie and the only reason the fat and ugly people are getting better looking is because of satanic power on their behalf.

But he’ll tell them it’s the pill doing it and that it was unfairly withheld from them.

Suddenly, all the truly beautiful people will be called terrorists, murderers and criminals and they will be accused of unfairly targeting the ugly people.

9:44 PM

Interesting comment from Kat underneath my last YouTube video: Kat commented: “That eye socket story was offensive to me.”

This is her channel:

Satan appears to be working with this person.

It’s also interesting that the Antichrist is described as missing an eye.


Zechariah 11:17
Or blind in the right eye.
He has a withered arm, too.

I don’t think my sister will be the final Antichrist, but she may be a precursor or a model that Satan will work with. Cuz I don’t think Jesus will allow the Antichrist to be my sister. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t be a temporary one, like we had with you (Zack), Angelina Ballerina, Loree, etc.

Satan is refining his tactics and fine tuning his Antichrist.

10:27 PM

Once my sister gets her brains back (because she’s currently retarded) and realizes that Loree didn’t stop her from getting the Covid shot (which makes you retarded), she will hate Loree and will want to retaliate. She will say that Loree was her BFF and betrayed her and will hold that over Loree’s head FOREVER.

My sister is SO JEALOUS that Satan will have an easy pawn with her.

She’ll get even more jealous when photos of me as millennial Gail get spread around. All the beautiful people will start getting murdered when she’s in charge.

I better head for bed. Goodnight you all. I wish there were NO ANTICHRISTS.

Skype Jan. 31, 2022

7:03 AM

It just occurred to me that the non-interference agreement between Satan and Jesus appears to be mostly off, so whatever happens, Jesus can handle it and he will use strategy on Satan to make it come out great.

7:23 AM

Kat is continuing her rant. . .I think this is my sister.

Kat: That eye socket story (about Sheli) was offensive to me.

Gail Chord Schuler: Truth can hurt sometimes, especially if you have the same problem.

Kat: that’s gross. Sounds like s kindergarten student wrote that. So sad and pitiful.

Apparently, my sister is in try outs for the Antichrist. . . This gives me an idea. . .

Jesus seems to like to use my website. . .

I don’t think Satan’s made up his mind yet about who he wants for Antichrist.

Okay, here’s what I think will happen to my sister if she does become the Antichrist. Her punishment in the Lake of Fire will be for Satan to rape her violently for eternity while ripping her body to shreds and killing her over and over, but she won’t be able to die, cuz this is eternity. She will get WHO SHE IS RIGHT NOW, a WOMAN WITH THE HEART OF SATAN. So it will look like this. . .and she’ll hear his bloody rape music in the background while he kills and rapes her over and over, laughing the whole time. She will be forced into submission to violent rape, whether she likes it or not.

She loves to rape and inflict pain and feel in charge while doing so, so she will be raped by someone who has her heart, the devil HIMSELF. She will hear this music all the time while Satan lords it over her in rape, forcing her to submit to his violent sex while he kills her while violently raping her over and over.

This is a pretty horrible future for my sister and she needs to wake up. She tells herself that she would never want to make love to Jesus, but she’s lying! Anyone would want to make love to Jesus if they had an ounce of goodness in them! Even Satan! That’s why Lucifer rebelled in the first place because Jesus rejected him as a lover, because, to Jesus, Lucifer is UGLY. Jesus is not into violent, hurtful sex though and that’s why he rejected Lucifer as a lover. So Jesus, do to my sister, like you did to Loree, except we won’t play the “You’re So Ugly” song to my sister, because she’s decided to OWN HER UGLINESS and VIOLENT SEX and use that to justify her jealousy. She gets a high from rape, so give her all the rape she wants, except it will be an eternal and bloody rape fest ON HERSELF with Satan as her partner.

The primary thing driving Loree was her self-hatred and being horrified to find out who she really was, believing she was irredeemable. With my sister, jealousy is a larger factor and also she’s raging mad at God for what she feels is unfairness that I got all the better traits and God allowed her to be inferior to me. So with Loree, she deep down hated herself. With my sister, she deep down hates God because God won’t accept her as she is and give her a sex partner who honors who she is. Well sista, you got your sex partner who honors who you are, and that partner is SATAN, who has YOUR HEART. You are NO BETTER THAN HIM!

Jesus sees my sister as one with the heart of Satan, so that will be her eternity in the Lake of Fire if she continues on her current path. They both love violent sex and they both are raging with jealousy. The only difference is that Lucifer experienced true love in heaven and chose to reject it to glorify himself with violent sex. Whereas my sister has never experienced true love, but she has Satan’s heart though and must learn to humble herself and choose love over rape or she will be forever raped by Satan, because in her current state she is a woman with Satan’s heart. She has Satan’s heart to Jesus and will be rewarded with Satan’s eternal companionship on her current path.

You might say, how could Jesus’s favorite have a sister like THIS? Well, I chose for love unconditionally all my life and my sister never made that choice. We are the product of the choices we make.

Sandra blames her evil on her birth and thinks Jesus defected her with evil genes, but, in fact, she is evil because she CHOSE to reject love a long time ago and to never believe in it. Jesus knew she would make these choices and that I would always choose love in the end and that most of my choices my entire life have been to honor true love. If Sandra would start choosing love over rape, she will evolve into a person who honors love and will change her fate and her character.

Jesus makes us who we are by the choices we make. We are not BORN GOOD or EVIL. We BECOME good or evil based on the CHOICES WE MAKE.

If Sandra had consistently chosen for love all her life, she would be as beautiful as I am and would have a hoard of hot men after her, like I have. Our true beauty is determined by our CHOICES, not our GENETICS.

SANDRA HAS NEVER COMMITTED HERSELF TO HONORING TRUE LOVE WITH HER LIFE. Whereas, with me, that is ALL I CARE ABOUT. And this is all Jesus cares about, and that’s why I’m His favorite.

You see, Satan rejected love for rape and it leads to this. Jesus found him ugly because he rejected love and prefers rape. Sandra has never really made the choice for true love. She has chosen rape over love and, therefore, has Satan’s heart. She needs to choose love over rape or she will end up in the Lake of Fire as Satan’s eternal rape companion.

Satan will be acting out his anger on Sandra, that Jesus has rejected Satan as a gay lover. When if either Satan or Sandra would make true love the main focus of their lives, Jesus would be their lover.

That’s the difference between Loree McBride and Sandra Metcalf. My sister really hates Jesus right now. She thinks his entire universe is unfair and she just wants to take out her rage that she feels she is unfairly the ugly sister compared to me. In a sense, she and Satan have this in common, that they are both mad at God, even if for different reasons. In a nutshell, both Sandra and Satan feel that God and Jesus are unfair and they think they’d do a better job of running things to resolve some inequities, cuz it isn’t fair, they think, that Jesus doesn’t approve of violence, control and selfishness in lovemaking. They are both too self-absorbed to see the bigger picture, that’s the problem. God always sees the bigger picture in all He does and everything he does is motivated by a deep, pure love for all in His creation. If they understood this, they would love Jesus as I do and would strive to help him, not hinder him. They need to understand that all that matters is that TRUE LOVE IS HONORED. I understand this and that’s why I’m so forgiving and why I’m Jesus’s favorite.

If she continues on her current path and ends up as Antichrist, she’ll be in a permanent state of being violently raped by Satan, her partner, in the lake of fire, listening to his bloody, violent rape music feasting on her ever dying corpse. He’ll kill her over and over while raping her, but she won’t be able to die. This is what Sandra thinks she wants (or she’s sold herself short) and this is who SHE IS (on her current path) and what she’ll experience in the Lake of Fire.

On the other hand, give her a vision of Jesus making love to her as part of his bride, during the millennial reign whenever her mind and soul start yearning for true love. If my sister honors true love, her home is heaven and she gets to be part of the bride of Christ in a beautiful Sandra body and soul. So make your choice sister.

Do you choose to honor true love and become beautiful?

Or do you choose to honor self-absorption, violence in sex and lust in rape and become Satan’s permanent bloody rape victim for eternity in the Lake of Fire?

So when she thinks about how she enjoys rape, she goes through the Satan rape experience and hears the Satan’s bloody rape song feasting on her eternally dying and mutilated corpse as Satan has a permanent rape feast over her eternally dying and raped body. She will realize this is why Jesus rejected Lucifer as a lover, because this is not how Jesus loves. So if Sandra prefers violent rape over true love, that is what she will get FOR ETERNITY.

When she thinks about how she wants Jesus to make love to her as part of his bride, she will be in a beautiful body with Jesus making love to her as part of his bride and she will hear Shinobu Sato’s song “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing” (below) instead and get to make love to Jesus, as part of his bride, the church, in a beautiful Sandra body. . . You see, Jesus honors us with beauty and true love, depending on how much we honor true love with our lives. If Sandra thinks it is unfair that Jesus insists on true love in sex, it is because she’s too evil inside to see or appreciate the vastness and awesomeness of true love. When she understands this, her jealousy will leave for good and, like myself, she will do all she can to spread true love in all the universe.

Choose your lover, Sandra Metcalf, Jesus or Satan. If Satan’s your lover, he loves violent rape, just like YOU DO, and he likes to torment people with sex, just like YOU DO. He gets joy in suffering, just like YOU DO. Oh, YOU’RE SO UGLY, not because of your physical obesity, but because of WHO YOU ARE. YOU HAVE BECOME A GLUTTON OF SELF-ABSORPTION, MURDER AND VIOLENT RAPE, REFLECTED IN YOUR UGLY OBESE BODY! If you could forget about your obsession with your lust and rape and feed the part of you that yearns for true love, you will evolve into a beautiful woman who will find true love and a glorious true love sexual experience.

And quit lying and quit being jealous. As you can see, I am never jealous of anyone. If someone is superior to me, I’m thrilled and strive to be more like them. I see them as inspiration. You need to follow my example. If not, have fun listening to Satan’s rape music for ETERNITY while being raped in your Sheli body!! By the way, Satan won’t be looking so hot in the Lake of Fire, so your rape companion will be ugly to boot.

2:11 PM

I made some fried chicken and it appears Sandra used brain control to cause me to forget to coat it! It appears she’s the Antichrist right now.

The chicken’s okay. But it would have been better if brain control wasn’t used to make me forget to coat it with the flour coating.

She’s tried to be sly about this, but I figured out she’s the Antichrist. Satan didn’t waste any time!

She’s been really attacking me since I made that web post today, so that’s a dead give-away.

She’s using very heavy brain control.

I suspect when we look at her, we wouldn’t recognize her. Satan probably gave her a makeover.

She’s tougher than Loree McBride, so it may take longer to bring her down with the music haunting her brain. We shall see.

She’s in a RAGE. She’s furious that I figured this out so fast. She’s screaming at Satan and telling him he doesn’t know me very well.

Satan’s trying to calm her down and I’m not sure he will remove her Antichrist powers, even if she wants them gone. I think he likes her toughness. Not sure if he plans to make love to her.

She hasn’t even had time to build her following. I suspect what following she has is a bunch of sorry good for nothing people consumed with jealousy who Satan has given a makeover to.

In the meanwhile, she’s hearing that Satan rape song in her mind from my website and is being continually raped by Satan in her mind until, and if, she honors true love and starts hearing “Love Is A Many Splendored Thing.” Satan chose her cuz he figured she’d be tougher than Loree and not give in so easily with tormenting music in her mind. While this may be correct, Jesus will win.

Hearing that music all day and seeing a vision of yourself as someone who is what you absolutely detest and someone that NO ONE WOULD WANT TO MAKE LOVE TO would drive ANYONE INSANE.

After about a week of this, she will probably beg Satan to remove her Antichrist powers, so that she can die just to spite Jesus.

But that won’t help her, cuz she’ll hear it in hell.

I expect my sister to take longer. She’s tougher than Loree McBride.

My prediction is that she will die and go to hell and after being there a while and never getting that music to stop, she will eventually get right with Jesus.

She’s so stubborn and tough, she’ll need to spend some time in hell first.

Will Jesus resurrect her from hell after this? We shall see. He did that for Hitler.

But then Hitler’s sins were less grievous.

I’m not going to tolerate ANYONE being the Antichrist, ESPECIALLY MY SISTER. I don’t show favoritism to anyone when it comes to THAT.

I’m going to bolt her right now. I hear her screaming. She’s the Antichrist. She may as well get used to being one and SEE HOW SHE LIKES IT!!

My sister will probably take at least six months. At least we figured this out real fast.

We are dealing with a SUPER TOUGH BITCH.

3:09 PM

With my sister, this is a principles thing. She feels she’s in the moral right and that Jesus is a despicable deity. She doesn’t care if shes suffers torments. She wants to make her statement.

She blames Jesus for who she is and thinks Loree is a weak pansy.

She doesn’t long for love because she agrees with Satan that it doesn’t exist. Though Satan is aware he became who he became cuz of his choices and he lies to his followers and tells them they were BORN EVIL and can’t help who they are. But it’s not true. We are not born evil. We are born with FREE WILL Free will to choose true love or to choose against love.

If we choose against love, our fate is sealed in the Lake of Fire.

Boy, have we got our work cut out for us!

The challenge is to get her to long for love, since she thoroughly enjoys being a disgusting rapist. At least Loree deep down didn’t always enjoy it. Loree felt empty. My sister LOVES being a rapist. It makes her feel vindicated.

Her reasoning is that Jesus allows evil, so He must be evil.

The fact that Jesus allows her to be so evil, is proof enough to her that Jesus is evil and she believes she has no control over her choices, that this is WHO SHE IS and no one can convince her otherwise.

My sister is addicted to vulgar sex and feels, like most people addicted, that she can’t stop. What she doesn’t realize is that this addiction comes from a lie she believes that true love is impossible for her. But she has NEVER MADE A CHOICE FOR LOVE. She won’t even give Jesus a CHANCE to remake her into a beautiful woman, because she always chooses against love.

Since she feels love is impossible for her, she feels it should be impossible for everyone else! But love is not impossible for her, she needs to start making choices that honor love. She won’t even take the first step, to just make choices for love one day at a time.

When you come to a crosspoint in your life and you have to choose for love, choose love. If you make a habit of doing this all the time, you will become a very beautiful person and you will have a true love sexual experience.

Jesus you need to do more than give her this song. She needs to suffer some physical pain very strongly. Make her experience hell in the vision, so that she can’t function. When she realizes how much true love means to Jesus, she will realize she better choose for love OR ELSE.

She needs to be in so much pain that she can’t do her job as Antichrist.

Surround her with the Lake of Fire and make her FEEL IT.

It’s like Jesus said. She needs A GOOD SPANKING!!

She’s long overdue for a spanking, so she might burn for a while before she surrenders!! She’s used to being a super bully and getting away with it. Now it’s time for HER TO BE BULLIED AND GET A TASTE OF HER OWN MEDICINE.

3:29 PM

While the Antichrist cannot be killed, Jesus can decide how much pain the Antichrist feels.

My sister requires some TOUGH LOVE.

She has a pretty high pain tolerance, so you’ll need to turn the furnace up HIGH, JESUS.

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