Silver Skies 1996 Version & Millennium Music Themes

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This video also seems appropriate for my novels in progress.
This music is also appropriate for these novels.
Jesus Christ theme for these novels.

These are music albums I made to inspire me as I work on Silver Skies 1996 version. There is a Silver Skies 1996 theme that starts off with the Dor Ben Habakkuk Theme, then the Brianna Wilhelm theme, then the Franz Wilhelm theme.

For Silver Skies 1996 Version, I have also created a Jewish longings theme to portray the heart of the nation of Israel during the tribulation:

Jewish longings theme

I started working on this novel in 1994 and am still working on it. It was written to honor the awesome true love I found in Brent Spiner.

Dor Ben Habakkuk Theme
Brianna Wilhelm Theme
Franz Wilhelm Theme
Franz Wilhelm Themes
Antichrist Theme
Antichrist Alexander the Great Theme
Silver Skies: The Millennium Themes

Silver Skies: The Millennium is the sequel to Silver Skies 1996 Version and is about Jesus Christ’s millennial reign for 1,000 years over the earth.

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