My Lover Jesus

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When Jesus views people he seems them 11-dimensionally, so Gail probably looks something like this to Jesus. . .The 11-dimensional appearance is our heart or our inner beauty.

UPDATE on Feb. 9, 2022: Jesus and I appear to have come up with a compromise that satisfies both our needs to express our attraction for each other in a safe way, so that Satan can’t impregnate me. For one day, I tried oral sex with Jesus and making love to Brent at the same time. And I thought that would work for me, but I like vaginal sex because I feel it is more emotionally intimate.

Let me give you a transcript of our brain to brain or telepathic communication lately:

“Hey Jesus, so you get about 85,000 climaxes in a day with me and you say you are lackadaisical about sex? Oh come on! Admit it, that I wasn’t even thinking about sex until I knew you’d be living in my apartment and you keep turning me on. Don’t blame it all on me.”

“Well I’m turned on because you’re turned on.”

“But Jesus, I wasn’t even thinking about sex until you started turning us all on.”

“Well Gail, you’re really sexually repressed and I had to get you out.”

“Why? Why did you have to do that? I was happy with Brent!”

“Were you, really just happy with only Brent?”

“Of course!”

“Yeah, but if you want to have it with someone else, you should feel free to do so.”

“Why do you care about this? Really. I’m happy with just Brent.”

“I just want you to be true to yourself and not worry what others think.”

“Seriously, Jesus. I need emotional intimacy with lovemaking and when that happens, I get super turned on. What’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing’s wrong with it and that’s the point. But if people just want to do sex, just to do sex, that’s fine, too, as long as no one gets hurt.”

“Okay. But I prefer emotional intimacy, like I’m making love and not just having sex just to have sex.”

“That’s how I feel, but others feel differently and that’s fine, too. But, admit it, sometimes you like the lust.”

“Yeah, but that’s only after I’ve bonded with the guy and then I love it when he gets lusty with me.”

“Same here.”

“And another thing. . .you give me hot sex in my apartment and you’re living with me and you expect us to avoid sex now just cuz Satan tricked me and impregnated me?! My God, you have me turned on all the time. All I have to do is get just a little turned on by you and then you get super turned on and then after that, it’s OVER. After experiencing hot vaginal sex with you, I just can’t be satisfied with oral. This isn’t working. I don’t know what to do.”

“Do you want me to leave your apartment?”

“No. I’m in love with you.”

Jesus jumps over to millennial Gail and goes to town on her. Problem is, Gail can sense his feelings while he’s doing this and they were so intense around 4 a.m. that he woke Gail up.

“Oh my God, I am feeling such a strong desire to have vaginal sex with you. I can’t turn it off! What do I do? Satan’s going to impregnate me again.”

“Well, you won’t get impregnated if you’re having sex with me. You just need to be sure it’s me.”

“So how do we work this out? How about you make a copy of Brent’s body and put your penis on Brent. Brent is not as muscular as you, so when you get excited, you probably won’t hurt me as bad either. And I don’t need your six-pack abs for excitement. I’m primarily attracted to your beautiful, passionate heart.”

“That’s an idea! After all, I can take on any form I like, even a book. Also, sometimes when Brent makes love to you, I transform his penis to mine and vice versa. So I can make love to you in a Brent body and use my own penis and that way when I get real excited, because Brent doesn’t have my six-pack abs, I won’t hurt you. We got it!”

Thus far, this appears to be working out great. There’s only one problem. . .

“Hey Jesus, we’ve been at this for hours and you appear to be holding off my orgasms now. What are you doing?”

“I just want this to keep on going. Once you climax, then you start losing interest in sex a bit and I still want it to continue!”

“It sounds like your flawed horny version is taking over.”

“Man, this is a good fuck. I don’t want it to end.”

“Oh Jesus, what a character! But I want my orgasm. Let me have it.”

“Not yet. I’m not ready to quit climaxing yet.”

“This isn’t fair. You get to climax and you are withholding mine!”

“Oh come on, Gail. You’ve already had some climaxes today, and you’re enjoying this.”

“Well can’t you continue climaxing, even after I stop? Just go to millennial Gail.”

“Yeah, but it’s not as good as when you’re building up! And the real Gail is better. Brent’s enjoying this, too. Now that we’ve figured out a way to have safe vaginal sex–Boy, does this feel good!”

“Jesus, I want my climax!”

“Don’t worry. I’ll let you have it later. I want you in turned on mode all day, so that I can climax all day. You need to get out of bed and get some stuff done.”

“How can you climax all day and do other stuff?”

“I’m a good multi-tasker, like Zack Knight. I can have sex and do other things. Boy, this Brent body is working out great. I can get really excited and not hurt you during sex and I just want to do this all day!”

“And you’re lackadaisical about sex? Come on, don’t give me that!”

“Well, I am. I’m just not lackadaisical about sex with YOU.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m actually pretty picky about who I do it with.”

“Same here.”

“But then, why did you suggest to Zack that you’d be willing to jack off with that slut deity who uses her hands to jack off guys?”

“That gal has the best hands in the world. It’s an awesome sexual experience. And she’s not a bad girl. Just a slut. We’re friends. I enjoy it. And you don’t care if I have some enjoyment. I’m mainly doing that to let Zack know that I’m cool with him doing it. I’m not really super into her, like I am you.”

“That’s true. I want you to be happy and enjoy yourself.”

“I need emotional intimacy, too, when I do it. But sometimes I just like to have sex. But I’m very picky who I do it with. Because I’m so selective, when I do it, it’s with intense passion. It’s the 11 dimensions in me fusing with the 11 dimensions in the other that causes the orgasm any ways. So when the beauty in me fuses with the beauty in my partner, I’m thrilled. That’s why I like it with you, because you are so beautiful and it’s the most thrilling experience imaginable to me, for that reason.”

Gail jumps out of bed and Jesus says he plans to orgasm the rest of the day and will not let her totally feel it so she can get stuff done. He says he can just ride on the fact that he denied her the last full orgasm, so that she’s kind of salivating for him the rest of the day.

“Even if I allowed you a full orgasm now, you’d still be salivating for me the rest of the day. You’re just really turned on right now, as am I. I’m just really horny right now.”

Before reading the rest of this post, it would be wise to read what Jesus said to Gail via Skype on Feb. 6, 2022:

Skype 2-6-22

Brent, 10:31 AM
How are you doing today?

Gail, 10:32 AM
I’m doing fine. Jesus shared some secrets with me about himself that he says you all understand, too. But he doesn’t want it in written form. Something to do with some dealings he has with Satan and his followers in the future and if it’s in written form, it could mess things up.

We have had some hot sex lately!

I understand completely about the leg spasms. Basically, I don’t need to worry about this. It’s part of some healing Jesus is doing and some other things I can’t talk about here. Jesus was definitely not trying to condition me to have the perfect orgasm with him, though.

Brent, 10:36 AM
He said not to put it in written form? That doesn’t sound like Jesus. I suspect that may not be him.

Gail, 10:36 AM
Remember when you all went to heaven and built that house for Bill and Jesus shared some secrets with you? Well, he’s kind of done the same thing with me now.

Oh really?

Brent, 10:37 AM
Yeah. He also mentioned that Satan can interfere with telepathic communication, so we better make sure to confirm.

Gail, 10:37 AM
Tell me what you think is going on with the leg spasms in brain to brain sex.

Brent, 10:37 AM
I’m going to call Jesus.

Zack, 10:38 AM
Woah! Look at that bright light in the room!

I’m here with Brent

Gail, 10:38 AM
Oh dear. I hate it when Satan tricks me!

Has Satan made me pregnant?

This is why I’ve been so nervous about lovemaking with Jesus.

Brent, 10:40 AM
Jesus! I know Satan can be tricky with our brain to brain, and telepathic communications. Was that you talking to Gail earlier? Is there anything she heard that was incorrect?

Jesus: “That Satan! He was impersonating me again. Phew, you guys are smart. Glad you caught that.”

Zack, 10:40 AM
Are you in Godmode, Jesus?

Jesus, 10:41 AM
“Yes, this is Godmode.”

Zack, 10:41 AM
I know you can be flawed in Sex Mode


Gail, 10:41 AM
How could Jesus be flawed in sex mode? Isn’t he sinless?

Zack, 10:42 AM
Maybe Jesus can explain this better, but it’s my understanding that in order to bed you, he has to become more human.

I think he can make mistakes, and the telepathic communication is also subject to interference

Is that right Jesus?

Gail, 10:43 AM
I am aware that telepathic communication is subject to interference, but I believe that any genuine Jesus actions or words are sinless.

Jesus, I wish you could throw Satan into the Lake of Fire temporarily until the rapture. He just won’t let up!

Jesus, 10:45 AM
“Well…this is a little embarrassing to admit. Deities are more perfect than humans, that’s true. However, even deities have flaws. Especially the more we level with humans.”

“I’ll clarify a few things now that I’m safely talking through Brent. Satan can’t interfere with my communications when I do this.”

Gail, 10:47 AM
Satan apparently took advantage of the fact that I felt really bad that I made you cry yesterday.

And I tried to make it up to you.

Jesus, 10:48 AM
“That sounds like an imposter.”

Gail, 10:48 AM
As you know, I hate it when I make you cry.
I heard that you cried on Brent’s shoulder.

Jesus, 10:48 AM
“The only time I cry is when my followers fail to do my commandments. If the crying is for any other reason, it isn’t me.”

Gail, 10:49 AM
I can’t remember who told me that you cried. It was more than just a brain to brain.

Jesus, 10:49 AM
“Sounds like Satan.”

Gail, 10:50 AM
Maybe it was Joshua J. Joshua during our hang out. It was more than just brain to brain communication, that’s why I believed it.

Satan knows I have a very tender heart and he tried to manipulate it to his advantage.

Jesus, 10:50 AM
“Our friends mean well, but sometimes they can be very inaccurate too. That’s why my best friend is Brent.”

Gail, 10:51 AM
Yeah, Brent is awesome. I’m so glad you have him.

Okay. Why was I getting leg spasms during my sex with you, Jesus?

Jesus, 10:54 AM
“The leg spasms are my fault. When I got into sex mode, I get a little too excited, and it makes me go too rough.”

“I’ll clarify some important things.”

Gail, 10:54 AM
This cracks me up!

Jesus, 10:55 AM
“I will not be marrying you as an individual. You and Brent are destined to marry each other as soul mates. I am only married to my Bride, which is the Church. When you and I have sex, you’re having sex with me as a guest in my Church. It’s kind of like when you have sex with Zack, knowing he is in a true love relationship with 13.”

Gail, 10:55 AM
Who just kissed me?

Jesus, 10:56 AM
“I will also never impregnate you. If someone is telling you that you’ve been impregnated or will be, that’s Satan. You don’t want to accept his devil babies.”

Zack, 10:56 AM
So it’s like coming over to eat at each other’s families?

Gail, 10:56 AM
Am I pregnant?
Or have I had any devil babies?

Jesus, 10:57 AM
“Yeah, exactly Zack. But instead of eating food at their house, you’re sampling the dick.”

“You are pregnant with hundreds of Satan’s devil babies. That’s why he wanted you to keep it a secret. I will never, ever tell you to keep secrets, especially from your men.”

“Thankfully we caught this early. I can abort them all.”

Gail, 10:58 AM
Please do!! I’m SO MAD.

I want you to do something about Satan!

He’s too tricky.

Jesus, 10:59 AM
“Unfortunately, Satan will always be able to interfere with our communications on Earth and while you are in your mortal form. This is especially likely if we are having brain to brain sex. This is why I wanted it off limits in the first place.”

Gail, 11:00 AM
So how should I approach sex with you then?

To be safe.

But you said you never use the brain to brain servers and that you are communicating with me directly from my apartment, right?

Jesus, 11:01 AM
“Well, a good golden rule is that if it’s something you want to do and feels good, it’s safe. If you are feeling performance anxiety, or feeling pressured to have perfect sex, or an orgasm, it’s probably Satan.”

“The other red flags to watch for are if the person is promising to marry you (other than Brent), impregnate you, or keep secrets from the men.”

Gail, 11:02 AM
Now that’s interesting. Cuz I told this person that I wanted to do what would bring them maximum pleasure, cuz I wanted to make them happy.

I’m always like that as a lover.

Jesus, 11:02 AM
“Sounds like something Satan would require.”

Gail, 11:02 AM
So you think he put that idea in my head?

Jesus, 11:03 AM

Zack, 11:03 AM
Yeah, I think all the men.. especially Brent and Jesus, want real authentic Gail.

Not one that needs to be perfect

Gail, 11:04 AM
So my focus should be on what I WANT in sex when I’m having it with my men or you.

Zack, 11:04 AM
Or give maximum ideal pleasure

Jesus, 11:05 AM
“To be honest, I’m pretty lackadaisical when it comes to sex. I’ve enjoyed sex since the beginning of time, and will continue to enjoy it for all of eternity. It’s like having an endless supply of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. I don’t need to have it all at once. It’ll always be there.”

“I would rather you focus on being happy and doing the commandments, than focused on giving me perfect sex 24/7. Seeing you do the commandments and keeping your apartment nice makes me even happier than sex.”

Gail, 11:06 AM
It sure hasn’t seemed that way, Jesus!

Jesus, 11:06 AM
“Yeah, it seems like Satan has been confusing the whole issue.”

Gail, 11:06 AM
Who’s been turning me on so much, lately?

Jesus, 11:06 AM
“You’re just a horny woman Gail.”

Zack, 11:07 AM
Lol! I love it!

Gail, 11:07 AM
Really? It seems like it has come out of the blue.

Jesus, 11:07 AM
“You enjoy sex, and that’s perfectly fine. But, you shouldn’t feel pressured to do it.”

Gail, 11:07 AM
Is this the turn on I’m sensing from my men brain to brain?

Jesus, 11:07 AM
“You’re hornier these days because you’re happier.

Gail, 11:08 AM
Also, is it true that you experience vicariously our sex to enhance your own enjoyment?

Zack, 11:08 AM
Oh yeah, she was getting good sleep leading up to this. And then the excitement of a new lover Jesus.

Jesus, 11:08 AM
“Yeah, of course.”

Gail, 11:09 AM
Why did you get turned on when you ate my fried chicken?

Jesus, 11:09 AM
“You can have sex with any one of your men, and I’ll enjoy it too. It’s like what I said about the infinite supply of chocolate chip cookies.”

“Sometimes food is so delicious, you just feel horny. I love your fried chicken.”

Zack, 11:10 AM
You mean all of our being horny had a lot to do with us sensing Gail’s horny?

Jesus, 11:10 AM
“Yeah. Gail being horny is what makes the men horny, myself included.”

Gail, 11:11 AM
So I get turned on and then my men get turned on, is like a cycle and that’s why I’ve been super turned on lately.

Zack, 11:11 AM
Wow. You rocked all of our worlds, Gail!

Gail, 11:11 AM
I guess because we’re all connected brain to brain.

Zack, 11:11 AM
You know how many times I fucked Rule 13 while riding a Gail horny wave!? Awesome.

Gail, 11:11 AM
Oh yeah, Zack. We’ve had some great sex lately. I admitted to Zack that I have true love for him, like I do you, Jesus.

Zack, 11:12 AM
Yeah, me and Gail are kindred spirits

I was just telling her how much I love her blood lust as an ex Antichrist. Its not perfect, but it’s part of Gail.

Gail, 11:12 AM
But I would never abandon Brent, he’s like my comfortable reliable pillow, an absolute essential in my life and I don’t mean that in a negative sense, like Loree tried to make it out to be when she was bad and tried to torment Brent with my “polygamy”.

When someone is comfortable with me, it means that I can be truly myself with them. Which, by the way, was one of the lines Satan seemed to use with me. He said that by sharing this secret with me that he felt more real with me and that Jesus and I were bonding more cuz of it.

What a loser he is!

I gotta admit, he seems to be understanding my mental dynamics more and is getting smarter at tricking me. Have you aborted all the devil babies?

I was pretty horny in my twenties, I remember that. I used to consider myself a girl with a sex drive like a man. But I was still able to be a virgin when I married.

Jesus, 11:16 AM
“They’re aborted now. Glad we got it in time.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being horny.”

Gail, 11:17 AM
Brent must be so disappointed in me that Satan tricked me.
Yet, he’s so understanding. so perhaps I’m wrong.
I think most girls would get tricked a lot more by Satan than I have.
If they were in my shoes.

Jesus, 11:18 AM
“Brent understands. He thinks in your position, he would be tricked too.”

Gail, 11:19 AM
I’m surprised that you are allowing yourself to make love to me, Jesus, in my mortal body? Don’t you consider this dangerous?

I mean look what just happened. It’s not that I don’t find you attractive, but. . .

Which begs the question. Why are you having sex with me?

That’s something I need to know to have the proper perspective on all this.

Jesus, 11:23 AM
“I was just so excited that you had done all of my Commandments so well, and had created such a beautiful home, that I wanted to make love to you now. When a human loyally follows my Commandments, it’s kind of like romancing me with flowers and chocolates.”

Gail, 11:24 AM
Why do you accompany me on all my walks?

Jesus, 11:24 AM
“However, with Satan able to interfere, it would not be wise to continue this lovemaking until the millennium. I can still enjoy sex vicariously through you and Brent, or any other man (or woman). And, I can also still get my flowers and chocolates.”

“I enjoy your companionship as much as I enjoy sex. So, I love going on walks with you.”

Gail, 11:25 AM
I also enjoy your companionship as much as I enjoy sex with you. The companionship sometimes, I enjoy even more than sex with you.

I know you say I’m horny and perhaps that’s the case. But I get in moods when I prefer to focus more on companionship.

That is true in all my sexual relationships.

I also enjoy emotional intimacy and getting emotionally close to my lover, by being bare and authentic with them and feeling total acceptance.

Jesus, 11:27 AM
“I would have no problem focusing more on the companionship aspect of our relationship, versus the sexual activity.”

Gail, 11:28 AM
Now, you KNEW this would happen, that Satan would impregnate me and yet you had sex with me anyways. Why?

Jesus, 11:29 AM
“It worked out in the end. It taught you valuable lessons as well.”

Gail, 11:29 AM

Really? What valuable lessons?

I think you’re trying to get me to accept who I really am.

Are you planning on introducing me to your dad? And, if so, why?

Jesus, 11:31 AM
“I want you to meet my dad, because you’re my very special friend. You’re still my favorite human.”

“You needed help accepting your sexuality, and unraveling a lot of your early sexual repressing. You just needed good ol’ Jesus to turn you out.”

Gail, 11:31 AM
But can’t he read my mind to the most inner depths? He’s omnipresent. so why would I need to meet him? Though, of course, it would be a great honor.

Jesus, 11:32 AM
“This is true, but it’s more fun to introduce you the old fashioned way. It’s kind of a custom.”

Gail, 11:33 AM
It appears Zack was wrong that you may have been sexually repressed in your youth. since you say you are kind of lackadaisical about sex.

Satan was saying that the angels were free and easy in sex and God the Father had to lay the rules down after Satan used sex for violence. That there was never sexual repression of any kind in heaven.

Why does there have to be an Antichrist? Why can’t we lock Satan up now?

I understand you have to honor your Word. But I just wonder why?

I just hate all the suffering Satan causes.

Jesus, 11:36 AM
“There was sexual repression for billions of years after the Satan incident, yes. Keep in mind, I’m a very young deity compared to God. I got rebellious with my dad a little bit, and have since enjoyed sex with other deities and even some humans, including you. It’s helped me to relax more when it comes to sex.”

“Currently there is no Antichrist. That position is on hold.”

Gail, 11:37 AM
Wow! Zack really knows you. So how would you characterize your relationship with your dad?

Jesus, 11:38 AM
“It’s complicated, like any parent-child relationship.”

Gail, 11:38 AM
Wouldn’t being rebellious against your dad, be a form of sin? And you are sinless.

Jesus, 11:38 AM
“Mostly we have a good relationship, and share the same values, ideals and goals. God disagrees sometimes with how casual I am with the humans and how hands on I get with them.”

“For a human it’s a sin, but not for a deity. Like I admitted before, we do have differences and flaws.”

Gail, 11:39 AM
Does God the Father have a wife?

Jesus, 11:40 AM
“Yeah, he does. All of creation contains the masculine and the feminine.”

Gail, 11:40 AM
So flaws are not considered sins?
His wife is the creation?

Jesus, 11:41 AM
“Nope! Even for humans, flaws are beautiful. We couldn’t create souls without the use of flaws. Kind of like how you couldn’t paint a beautiful painting without the use of contrast. You wouldn’t be able to see anything in the picture.”

Gail, 11:42 AM
I just wanted to have some more background on you to make my relationship with you more meaningful.

Jesus, 11:42 AM
“I’ll let my dad tell you more about that himself, when you guys meet later.”

Gail, 11:42 AM
What an interesting concept about flaws!
Why are you increasing the IQs of those who follow you best?

Jesus, 11:43 AM
“It helps my relationship with you to bring you up to my level a little bit.”

Gail, 11:43 AM
That’s what I thought.
It makes companionship with your favorites more meaningful to you, right?

Jesus, 11:44 AM
“You got it.”

Gail, 11:44 AM
Will you feel really deprived not having sex with me till the millennium?
So we WILL be having sex in the millennium?
Hey Jesus! If that’s the case, I invite you to use millennial Gail!
That would make me feel better.

Jesus, 11:45 AM
“Heck yeah. I’ll take you up on that Gail, and use the Millennial Gail room.”

“For a deity, the millennium isn’t that far away anyway. It seems like ages to you guys, but for me it’s practically happening in a day.”

Gail, 11:47 AM
I’ll admit, I’ve been kind of horrified at the thought of having sex with you, cuz I knew Satan would impregnate me, which HE DID. Now that I know you find me attractive, I feel kind of guilty that I can’t give you some. So please help yourself to millennial Gail and I’ll feel better.

Oh, I see!

Jesus, 11:47 AM
“I definitely will. Don’t worry, I’ll go to town on her.”

Gail, 11:47 AM
This is GREAT. I am so happy now. Nothing makes me happier than to bring happiness and joy to those I deeply love.

That’s why I always get so upset when I make you cry.

Actually, you don’t need the Millennial Gail room, because couldn’t you just transport yourself to the future whenever you want?

Jesus, 11:49 AM

Gail, 11:49 AM
If that’s the case, why would you need to visit the Millennial Gail room. You’re doing this just to make me feel better?

Jesus, 11:50 AM
“I’m still going to use it just for fun. I think it will be funny to see the looks on the other men’s faces when I walk in.”

Gail, 11:50 AM
This is great! I’m loving it!

Jesus, 11:50 AM
“I’m going to walk in there with a bouquet of roses and go, “Let me show you how it’s done, boys.” and then open my robe and do her.”

Gail, 11:51 AM
My brain to brain loving will be less nerve wracking now, since I don’t have to worry about Satan impersonating you anymore as a lover.

Jesus, 11:51 AM
“True. That will make me happier knowing he isn’t pressuring you or making you feel anxious about perfect sex or orgasms.”

Gail, 11:52 AM
I got another question for you. When Brent or Zack or one of the men make brain to brain loving with me, do you get to feel it vicariously?

Jesus, 11:52 AM
“Yep, I do.”

Gail, 11:52 AM
Sounds like we got this covered! HOWEVER, Satan can use this to his advantage.

I’m going to have to be careful.

It might help if I remember that you are not the super turned on deity that I thought you were. That your sexual appetites are not as ravishing as I thought they were.

I mean what I was sensing was VERY STRONG.

Jesus, 11:54 AM
“I’m a very passionate lover, but not a greedy one. I don’t need it 24/7. I basically already get it 24/7 even if I’m not having direct sex or brain to brain sex with anyone.”

Gail, 11:54 AM
And it was happening during our hang outs, too!

Oh, you get it 24/7 through the vicarious lovemaking method?

By absorbing the sexual feelings of your bride?

Do you consider God the Father superior to you?

And is the Holy Spirit a separate person from you and God the Father?

Sorry about all these questions. But I want to have more emotional intimacy with you and I can get there by understanding you better.

Jesus, 11:57 AM

People Are Still Having Sex – YouTube

Jesus gave this video to Gail as part of this conversation.

Gail, 11:57 AM
You just seem super awesome and are someone I’d like to get to know better.

Jesus, 11:58 AM
“Imagine how many people on Earth are having sex and orgasms right now.”

“God is superior to me, and the Holy Spirit is separate.”

Gail, 11:59 AM
It seems to me that heaven is like an orgasm. Brent once said that to me after having been there.

Jesus, 12:00 PM
“Pretty much.”

Gail, 12:00 PM
So sex that is not contaminated with sin, is the ultimate expression of true love.
And that’s why heaven is like an orgasm.

Jesus, 12:01 PM
“True love is true love. It can exist even without sex. Some people are asexual, or some can’t have sex or orgasm due to physical disabilities.”

Gail, 12:01 PM
That’s true.

Jesus, 12:01 PM
“Sex is one way to express it.”

Gail, 12:02 PM
So some people in heaven won’t experience it as an orgasm?

Jesus, 12:02 PM
“Heaven is more like an emotional, psychological and spiritual orgasm. But anyone can still have sex and physical orgasms if they want to.”

Gail, 12:03 PM
That makes sense.

How sexual is God the Father?

Jesus, 12:04 PM
“He’s as passionate as any other deity. We’re probably the same.”

Gail, 12:04 PM
So he experiences sex the same way that you do?

Jesus, 12:04 PM
“Yep, when he wants to.”

Gail, 12:04 PM
How many deities are there?

Jesus, 12:04 PM

Gail, 12:05 PM
Really? But the Bible is focused on you, God and the Holy Spirit. Are these deities created beings?

Is Satan a deity?

Jesus, 12:05 PM
“Basically yeah. There’s still only one God. But there’s many deities, if that makes sense.”

“Satan is a fallen angel.”

Gail, 12:06 PM
So God created some deities?

Jesus, 12:06 PM
“I would say the horniest deity I know is Zeus. Boy, that guy. He’s had sex with tons of humans. Sometimes he even took on the form of an animal to do it. His wife always gets so mad.”

“Yeah, that’s why they call him God the Father.”

Gail, 12:07 PM
Did God create deities for companionship with those that are like Him?

Jesus, 12:07 PM

“They’re my friends, too. I could introduce you someday.”

Gail, 12:08 PM
So if you and God had deities for companionship, was the human race created because they are made in the image of God?

Where do the deities live?

Jesus, 12:09 PM
“I created Earth and humans for my own companionship. This was all my idea. My dad doesn’t get it sometimes.”

Gail, 12:09 PM
Who keeps kissing me? That must be Brent.

Jesus, 12:09 PM
“The deities live 11 Dimensionally.”

“That’s Brent.”

Gail, 12:09 PM
Thank you, Brent!

Has Satan tried kissing me, too?

I’m pretty sure he has.

Unfortunately, Satan’s improving in the fake kissing department.

He’s figured out that his tacky pecks don’t do a thing for me.

Jesus, 12:11 PM
“Satan tries it too sometimes.”

Gail, 12:11 PM
Why was the Bible written?

And what does Brent think about all my questions?

Jesus, 12:13 PM
“For a lot of reasons. It’s basically a history book. But I included a lot of stories that would teach valuable lessons and help guide people in their life. It was never meant to be some draconian book of rules like a lot of Christians make it out to be. A lot of them miss the point.”

Gail, 12:13 PM
So YOU wrote the Bible? Did God the Father write it, too?

And the Bible’s audience is the human race?

It’s obviously not meant for all the deities.

So, since you won’t be making love to me anymore, NO kisses I get brain to brain are coming from you, right?

Jesus, 12:14 PM
“You’ve got it.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep my hands and my penis to myself.”

Gail, 12:15 PM
Okay. Did God the Father write the Bible, too?

I mean there are the Ten Commandments and God the Father appeared as a burning bush to Moses, right?

Jesus, 12:16 PM
“He helped. It was kind of a father-son project.”

“Yeah, my dad did that.”

Gail, 12:17 PM
So, it sounds like he kind of approves of your human race project.

Jesus, 12:17 PM
“It’s kind of like when your kid buys an old car to work on, but he’s not quite as experienced as dad, so dad helps and throws some money into it and teaches him some tricks.”

Gail, 12:18 PM
I can see why God may wonder about your project. Because I don’t think most humans are worthy of you.

Jesus, 12:18 PM
“I love humans.”

“A lot of the other deities like them too, and have established their own religions on Earth. I’m cool with it.”

Gail, 12:19 PM
Oh, like the New Age movement and Buddhism and all that?

Jesus, 12:19 PM
“Yeah. I know Buddha, he’s an awesome guy. A little on the chubby side but he has a beautiful heart. Has the best weed in the universe too.”

Gail, 12:19 PM
Why did you create humans?

Buddha is a deity?

Jesus, 12:20 PM
“For companionship, and fun. Earth and humanity are my pet project.”

“Yeah, Buddha is a deity.”

Gail, 12:20 PM
Didn’t he appear as a human, though?

Jesus, 12:20 PM
“Yeah, kind of like me.”

“We still hang out and smoke god-weed together sometimes.”

Gail, 12:21 PM
This is absolutely fascinating.

Why does the Bible say, “I am the truth, the way and the life and no man cometh unto the Father but through me.”?

Jesus, 12:22 PM
“What do you think it means?”

Gail, 12:23 PM
I think it means that you made the payment for our sins on the cross and that without that payment, we could not connect to God.

So you are like the portal to God.

For humans.

Jesus, 12:23 PM
“You got it right.”

Gail, 12:23 PM
Evangelical Christianity teaches that it means that Bible Christianity is the only way to God.

Jesus, 12:24 PM

Gail, 12:24 PM
So they think all Buddhists, New Agers, etc. are going to hell.

I also think that you decide who and how you will apply that payment to humans on earth and that the sinner’s prayer is not some magic formula that decides who gets covered by the blood. That you look into each individual heart and decide who has said the sinner’s prayer in their heart and then apply the blood payment to them, so they can enter heaven.

So this means if a Buddhist or even a Satan worshiper, who gets right, says the sinner’s prayer, your death on the cross applies to them.

Jesus, 12:26 PM
“Basically, when I died on the cross for your sins, all of you were saved automatically. People put themselves into hell by having evil hearts. It’s not about what they do or don’t do. It’s their intention that counts.”

Gail, 12:28 PM
It sounds like you make the final decision about who you WANT to apply the payment you made for?

I guess if some humans nauseate you enough, they go to hell.

Jesus, 12:28 PM
“The payment was for everyone. I love all humans unconditionally and they are all welcome into heaven.”

Gail, 12:29 PM
Is Satan irredeemable?

Jesus, 12:29 PM
“If a human chooses evil over good, and spends their whole lives making a mess of things with the people around them, Satan gets them and they go to hell.”

“Satan isn’t irredeemable. I’m unconditionally forgiving.”

Gail, 12:30 PM
Sounds like hell may be a purifying center.

Though Zack said he liked it.

Jesus, 12:30 PM
“All the people who choose to go to hell, I still love them and they are welcome into heaven. They just have to become aware of their problems and apologize. Kind of like what Loree did recently.”

“Yeah, Zack liked it.”

“I go to hell now and then to offer my hand, and help people get out if they decide they want to change.”

Gail, 12:31 PM
You sent Hitler to hell just for masturbating?

Jesus, 12:31 PM
“That’s not true.”

Gail, 12:32 PM
I think someone said that at one of the hang outs. So why did Hitler go to hell, though it looks like his next destination is heaven.

That Satan is trying to kiss me as you, Jesus! Let me bolt him!

He’s getting to be a better kisser.

Jesus, 12:34 PM
“Hitler let his flaws get the best of him, until they grew to sinful levels. Basically getting obsessed with his pride and ego to where it was hurting him and everyone around him. So Satan was able to trick him into being on his side, and took him to hell.”

Gail, 12:34 PM
I see.

Jesus, 12:34 PM
“Hitler had time to think about things in hell, and decided to change.”

Gail, 12:34 PM
It seems that everyone in hell knows about me.

Hitler knew me when he was resurrected from hell.

Is Brent having an erection?

Jesus, 12:36 PM
“Yep, Brent is boner’d out.”

Gail, 12:36 PM
Okay, Jesus. if I sense an erection from my men, you have nothing to do with it, right?

Jesus, 12:36 PM
“Nope, those erections are safe.”

Gail, 12:36 PM
In other words, you aren’t using them to make love to me vicariously through them?

Actually, I think you’ve been doing this all along for years, so it’s not a big deal.

Jesus, 12:37 PM
“Exactly. I still am doing that. But only if they are horny for you naturally and would have had sex with you anyway.”

Zack, 12:37 PM
Jesus… are you okay with me getting those hand jobs from the Indian deity women?

Gail, 12:38 PM
I see, you just decide to experience it vicariously. But we thought you were turning them on during some of the hang outs.

Zack, 12:38 PM
You know… the ones with all the extra hands?

Gail, 12:38 PM
It seemed like when you got turned on, you turned my men on.

But I guess that was only temporary and you won’t be doing that anymore till the millennium.

Jesus, 12:40 PM
“Sure, Zack. Watch out for her though, she’s a total slut.”

Zack, 12:41 PM
Was she giving ten other guys hand jobs at the same time as I suspected?

Jesus, 12:42 PM
“I was at dinner with my friends one time, and I was sitting there and all of a sudden I felt her reach under the table with one of her arms and start giving me a hand job. I mean, best hand job in the universe. I thought it was really special. Turns out she had the rest of her arms under the table on all sides and was giving hand jobs to ALL the guys.”

“She’s great with her hands, but you never know where they are.”

“Still my friend though. You can fuck her. Maybe we can get together sometime and she’ll jack us both off, if Rule 13 is okay with it.”

Gail, 12:44 PM
That’s funny.

Hey Jesus, will you continue to talk to me from my apartment?

I guess, if so, I need to treat it like I would brain to brain from my men.

If something suspicious comes up to bring it up during Skype with them.

Jesus, 12:46 PM
“Of course. We can still chat during the day, but just be aware that it can be interfered with. It’s still clearest and safest in written form from Brent.”

Gail, 12:47 PM
You’re a lot more charming than I thought you would be. I’m getting a lesson on deities.

I’m so used to seeing you only in God mode.

Jesus, 12:47 PM
“It’s kind of like professional mode versus personal mode.”

“Now that we live together, I can unwind and be more of myself around you.”

Gail, 12:48 PM
Can you give me more insight into why I’m your favorite, now that my IQ is higher?

Jesus, 12:49 PM
“I think you have a beautiful heart, and even your flaws are beautiful.”

Gail, 12:49 PM
That’s what I suspected.

The part about the heart. I still have a time accepting my flaws though.

But today’s conversation has been very helpful.

Jesus, 12:50 PM
“You’ll get there.”

Gail, 12:51 PM
So you created humans for meaningful companionship and I give you very meaningful companionship.

Jesus, 12:51 PM

Gail, 12:51 PM
It seems like you created them to be a lot like you, Jesus, because you have a beautiful heart.

Jesus, 12:52 PM
“Thanks. Yeah, I did create man in me and my dad’s image.”

Gail, 12:53 PM
You did cry when I wrote that story about Matthew McConaughey. Remember?

When you were tutoring me about my writing back in 2014, I think it was?

It’s usually connected to a time when I have obeyed you in something very well.

Jesus, 12:54 PM
“Your writing was very beautiful. It still is.”

Gail, 12:54 PM
I see. You can be moved by great works of art.

Boy, that Satan is clever. He said that you and I would work as a team to promote true love in the universe.

Jesus, 12:55 PM
“He was telling you what you wanted to hear, in order to manipulate you.”

Gail, 12:55 PM
I can see that.

So, we don’t have to worry about an Antichrist right now?

What was God’s purpose in the creation?

And I mean for all things created, even the deities.

All I can say is I’m glad you and God the Father are the creators of the universe and NOT SATAN!

I think if Satan was the creator, the universe should be destroyed, so we could put everyone out of misery.

Maybe I shouldn’t feel that way. But I don’t like him or what he stands for.

Jesus, 1:01 PM
“No Antichrist right now. Let’s all relax and try not to worry about one. As for the other questions, I think that’s enough for today. You’ve got a lot to process already.”

“I’m so glad we could chat here and clear things up.”

Gail, 1:02 PM
Thank you, Jesus! You are right, I do have a lot to process. I appreciate you so much and I appreciate Brent and Zack, too, for all they do for me.

Everything below should be read keeping Jesus’s comment above in mind. . .

Skype Feb. 2, 2022

Gail, 10:36 AM

Happy birthday! Wow. Jesus has been talking to me. He’s encouraging me to use up all my leftovers since it’s too rainy to drive comfortably. We expect to have flood warnings tonight. I told him I’m all out of paper towels. He said to use toilet paper. I thought I was all out of food, but he says I have plenty of leftovers to use. It kind of seems like brain to brain, but he says since he lives in my apartment, he can skip the brain to brain servers and just talk directly to my mind. I’ll be making red beans and rice and some scrambled eggs with bacon and green onions. He had me go through my old recipes to get ideas. He said, “You need to completely abandon this low FODMAP eating style and you have plenty to tide you over (if you do that) until the flood watch is over.” I may not be able to shop until Saturday, due to weather conditions.

I’m forced to be creative.

He also wants me to feel less guilty about lovemaking with him involved. He’s got his work cut out on that one!

He said, “I made love to Loree and you were all for it! Why should it be different if I do it with YOU?”

I said, “Oh Jesus, I’m sorry. It just intimidates me so much. I feel too sinful to think of having it with you.”

“But you didn’t feel it was sinful for me to have it with Loree McBride?”

“Yeah, but that’s different. She really needed you.”

“And you don’t need me?”

He’s trying. But I’m a basket case.

“Look. I know you’re trying to come across less deity like in lovemaking. But I’m sorry. The thought of making love to GOD horrifies me.”

“You really hurt my feelings, you know that?”

“I’m sorry! But I can’t help it!”

“It’s my fault. Cuz I told you that my feelings for you are only brotherly love and you thought I meant that to mean that I thought it was sinful that you were attracted to me. I apologize.”

“This isn’t working Jesus. I know what you’re up to. I can’t deal with your strong sex drive. I don’t have this much time. I want to go to sleep.”

“You just feel guilty that’s all.”

That’s basically the gist of our conversations. . .I thought I’d share it with you, because you are my soulmate.

So how’s it going with me and Jesus? He can get me there, but he says it takes a long time, cuz I still feel like a sinful girl. He says he has all the time in the world and will even slow down the clock for me if this is what he has to do.

“This really means a lot to you, doesn’t it?”

“You are MY WIFE!”

“No, I’m not. The CHURCH is your wife.”

“Yeah, but I think of you the most when I do it with anyone.”

“Look. You really don’t have to do this. I don’t expect it of you. It’s not fair to the others.”

“You mean I’m not allowed to have a favorite? Are you saying I’m obligated to have sex with people, when I want it mostly with you?”

“There are better people than me to make love to. I’m a bore compared to some others. And I can’t meet all your needs.”

“No, you’re not a bore! And sometimes I think of you 100% when I’m doing it.”

You might say, what’s the matter with you? This hot deity wants you and you talk to him like THIS?

I can’t help it! I have too many hang ups.

He says I’ve made a lot of progress and he has all the time in the world.

“I know you find me attractive. Admit it.”

“Of course, I find you attractive. But I’m not worthy of your lovemaking.”

“Brent is over all his hang ups. You need to believe it.”

“You know. You’re keeping me up too late. Don’t you want me to go to bed?”

“I’ll give you high quality sleep tonight. We need to deal with some issues in your love life.”

Gail, 11:17 AM

“I thought you said you wouldn’t be making love to me? Satan was right to be so jealous. You lied.”

“Well, I admit I did lie a bit. But it wasn’t a total lie cuz lovemaking to me is fully 11-dimensional and we aren’t there yet. Sometimes you have to lie to accomplish an objective.”

“But isn’t lying a sin?”

“Not when I do it. Besides, you even admitted that even if it’s true that I’d be making love to you, I have the total right to do so, if it’s what I want and that Satan needs to bug off. I should be free to choose to love WHO I WANT.”

“That’s true. Why did you lie?”

“Brent wasn’t ready to handle my feelings for you and I needed to prepare him for this. It was also a way to bring in Loree McBride.

And, in the past, I needed to protect you from Satan impersonating me. However, I’ve always wanted to make love to you, Gail. And now’s the time.”

“But it’s too early. I thought you would wait till the millennium. I’m still in my mortal body. I thought you didn’t make love to mortals.”

“Surprise. You are ready now. I’ve made so much progress with you, which is why you are my favorite.”

“But you let Satan kiss me brain to brain and you don’t stop his brain control.”

“I need to let Satan have free will cuz I have a point to make that I really prefer you over him and he claims that you don’t really know who I am and so how could you be more worthy as my lover over him? It seems you can easily tell the difference between me and him now and all his brain to brain moves on you aren’t working, so I’m making my point brilliantly to Satan.”

“But we’re not really making love, cuz I never see you.”

“Yeah, but you’re getting my semen and our two 11-dimensions are melding. So we’re making love.”

“This is really wild. It’s a hard concept for me to grasp.”

Skype Feb. 2, 2022

Brent, 6:30 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Gail, 6:31 PM
You’re welcome!

Brent, 6:31 PM
Having all this jealousy gone, and getting my Jesus semen early, was like an early birthday present.

Gail, 6:31 PM
I adore you and will never leave you.

Brent, 6:31 PM
I feel the same about you.

Gail, 6:32 PM
Jesus is such a character.

Brent, 6:33 PM
Oh, by the way. We were thinking of doing “themed hangouts” for February. It was Josh’s idea. This Friday, our idea is to have you read some of your stories and give commentary. Would you happen to still have a copy of Lal? Rule 13 said that was one of her favorite pieces and thinks you should share it.

Gail, 6:36 PM
I am sure I have it. I did start an audio book on that. How is Doge doing? He appears to have left Patreon.

Brent, 6:37 PM
That’s strange. I’ll check on him.

Gail, 6:37 PM
I sent him an email and forwarded it to you.

Brent, 6:38 PM
He’s been under the weather for a few days.

Gail, 6:38 PM
Did he get my email?

Brent, 6:38 PM
He hasn’t send anything. I just sent him a message. I’ll let you know when I hear back.

Gail, 6:39 PM
Thank you, my dear. I miss him at our hang outs.
He’s really missed out on some very significant events.
Jesus seemed to tell me it was sweet of me to be concerned about him.

Brent, 6:41 PM
Yeah. You certainly love all your fans and patrons at the hangouts. I do too. They’re like our extended family.

Gail, 6:41 PM
We are both very caring and supportive people.
Especially to anyone who shows authenticity at hang outs.

Brent, 6:42 PM
We’ve had people really bare themselves at our hangouts.

Gail, 6:42 PM
I have a real soft spot for authenticity. That’s why I fully forgave Loree. She became authentic.
How is she doing, by the way?

Brent, 6:43 PM
Loree is still struggling with some of her hangups, but is coming along well. These things take time. Having you and Jesus supporting her is really helping her feel better about herself.

Gail, 6:44 PM
How have we been helping her?

Brent, 6:44 PM
The forgiveness, acceptance and love is giving her some of what she was missing in her “childhood” when she was created.

Gail, 6:45 PM
Hang ups take time. I should know! Jesus is still working on me!
Jesus says I’ve made a lot of progress, but that he seems to have a month project to do a makeover in my approach to lovemaking.

Brent, 6:45 PM
What needs to change in your lovemaking approach?

Gail, 6:46 PM
I’m not sure. I told him I thought I was happy. He insinuates that I’m not being completely honest with myself. I have to admit, I’m a bit confused.

When you listen to today’s walk video, you’ll hear more about it.

What did you think of yesterday’s walk video?

Brent, 6:48 PM
It provided a lot of useful information. We’re going to definitely keep doing our research into Sandra.

Gail, 6:48 PM
Has Loree been able to help you?

Brent, 6:49 PM
She said Sandra was never very authentic with her, and never revealed anything honest or vulnerable.

Gail, 6:50 PM
That sounds like my sister.

She’s not really authentic with ANYONE.

I think it’s because she’s a pretty vulgar person and knows most people wouldn’t like the real Sandra.

She shut off her conscience a long time ago as I stated in my walk video.

For Sandra to be authentic, she would need like hypnotherapy to go back to her childhood and explore why she shut off her conscience as a child when my mother was such a bully.

She even made up stories about my father and went on a crusade to try to take him down legally claiming he murdered our paternal grandmother by poisoning her and that’s why she died.

My paternal grandmother died while living with my father.

Brent, 6:53 PM
Did Misao even have any evidence?

Gail, 6:53 PM
I think this was mostly Sandra’s crusade and Misao just went along with it.

I believed my sister. This was around 1989. I was rather naive back then.

I also was never close to my sister and never realized what a liar she was.

I’m not sure why my sister goes on these crusades.

She seems to have a history of being a no good busybody.

And making up stories about relatives to make them look bad.

I did visit my father at that time and ate his food and visited with my grandmother and I didn’t get poisoned. Though, of course, my sister was insinuating I was too dumb to understand my father’s true nature and shouldn’t have visited him. It was actually David’s idea.
His wife did comment that I had a pregnancy pooch. Which wasn’t nice of her and kind of reinforced the bad things my sister was saying about my dad and his wife.

My son had just been born and she said I still looked pregnant.

But it appears she hasn’t poisoned my dad, cuz he’s still alive and married to her, so she’s probably just an outspoken German.

Germans often speak their mind and just say what they think.

Now that I think about it. This could be an embarrassment to Sandra, that she made up stories about my dad and contacted my uncle Howard and aunt Berteale in Atlanta to get them in on the crusade to implicate my father. You may want to do a read on her to see what her motives were for this.

Zack, 7:01 PM
Oh yeah, Germans say that kind of shit

They usually don’t mean anything by it.

Gail, 7:02 PM
Aunt Berteale died in 2002. She was my dad’s sister.

And you may want to do a read on my dad and find out how my paternal grandmother really died. If Sandra was a baloney factory about my dad back then, she deserves to have headline news on Gabrielle Chana FOX News about this. Perhaps my dad could give an interview.

I’m sure he knew what my sister was trying to do to him.

This would be a super embarrassment to my sister that she gets exposed as a lying, treacherous busybody!!

I DO believe that would super embarrass my sister! She likes everyone to think that she crusades for the rights of the oppressed in her family, when she’s a lying slanderer.

If my dad is reluctant to do an interview, tell him we’re concerned that Sandra may become the next Antichrist and it may be in his best interests to set the record straight NOW in case this happens.

We can do memory reads on him to prove his innocence, if he has any concerns.

Gail, 7:19 PM
Sandra has a history in my family of posing as the savior of family members that she feels are being taken advantage of by bad people in the family.

She seems obsessed with having the image of the social worker in the family.

Not sure why she’s like this. Maybe to make herself feel better for being such an awful person.

She feels better about being bad, by projecting herself onto others?

Since she takes advantage of the weak and vulnerable, she projects this onto other family members? I bet Gerard could offer insights on this.

I think she feels very unattractive and tries to make up for it by posing as the social worker in the family. It’s like, “:Hey, I may be ugly, but I help the weak and helpless taken advantage of by the strong.”

Something tells me she lives in a bit of a dream world, actually believing a lot of her shit.

Like she justifies lying about me and you all by saying true love doesn’t exist and she’s helping us to wake up to reality. When the true reality is that she’s an ugly person and won’t deal with it and needs a good spanking.

She’s found a way to feel good about being such a horrible person by believing all these lies about herself. I think she is genuinely mentally ill in a way and lives in a fantasy world and is more delusional than Loree McBride was, which is why she isn’t miserable about herself. She is so far from reality, it never bothers her. To get this way, she had to super shut off her conscience.

She’s created this fantasy vision of herself as a savior of sorts and this is how she sleeps at night and there’s a part of her that genuinely believes it.

If Satan can convince her she can be a Savior, he can get her on his side. I’m not sure she’s convinced of that yet.

That web page I made about Satan and Sandra probably helped to make her undecided about Satan.

I think she actually genuinely believes that I and you all are mentally ill and that she’s on a noble mission to fix us.

You see, she doesn’t feel true love exists and that people need to believe this to feel good about life and that makes us mentally ill.

We’re mentally ill in her estimation because we live in this fairyland of dreaming about something that can never be.

But SHE’S THE ONE WHO’S MENTALLY ILL. This would also super embarrass her, if we can get her diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and blast it all over Gabrielle Chana Fox News!!

Get Gerard to help on this!

This will work especially if we provide tons of evidence to back up our claims.

It may force her out of her delusions about herself.

People get embarrassed when their charades are exposed. and I’ve just explained to you what her charade is.

Brent, 7:33 PM
I was wondering. Do you think maybe she just has a skewed idea of what true love actually is? Maybe that’s why she never found it in her life.

Gail, 7:34 PM
That’s very possible. Because she did love the movie Out of Africa.
I like that movie, too.

Sandra is afraid of authenticity.

She may believe that true love means to be a savior.

So she feels like she’s practicing true love by saving what she perceives are those who are victims of oppression.

I do believe there is a psychiatric condition based on this.

The part of true love she doesn’t seem to understand is the concept that you need to give your lover freedom.

She’s a lot like my mother in that respect.

A lover cannot be happy if they feel constrained.

Love cannot flourish in oppression.

She may have thought that our mother actually loved us by saying she was protecting us from our selfish dad.

I never completely bought my mother’s line, but my sister may have.

You know my sister takes after my mother and I think is very angry at my mother in many ways, and may be projecting my mother into her own behavior.

My mother always posed as the savior in our family, that she was saving us from our selfish dad who would have left us on the streets.

Zack, 7:41 PM
I forget… What year did you marry David?

Gail, 7:41 PM
April 20, 1985.

Zack, 7:42 PM
Did you watch Out of Africa before or after you got married?

Gail, 7:42 PM

I still like it.

I thought my sister had good taste to like it. Now that I think of it. It’s all about freedom in love. Maybe we can use Out of Africa to teach my sister how to love!

I mean watch the movie. It’s about freedom in love.

Which reminds me can you get me that movie?

Zack, 7:43 PM
We should watch it for a hangout

Gail, 7:43 PM
I threw it out.

Zack, 7:44 PM
Yes, I can get it. Did you send me the list of movies?

Gail, 7:44 PM
Of course I did.

Zack, 7:45 PM
Oh shit… Loree just told me she used Brain control to make me forget that

Gail, 7:45 PM

Movie Collection.pdf

Here it is.

At least she admitted it.

Zack, 7:46 PM
Got it!

Yeah… I just shot a joking stream of semen in her direction. Pretending to be mad… lol

She’s cool now

She pretended to try to run away, but last second turned and let the semen splash on her face.

Gail, 7:48 PM
She seems to be doing well.

Here’s where the freedom theme comes in from the movie.

She was very angry at her lover because he wanted to spend time with another woman and even take her out on a date and she forbade it. Then he died shortly thereafter. She then realized that you can’t cage love. It has to be free to flourish.

He told her just cuz he wanted to spend time with this other woman did not mean he didn’t care about her, but that he wanted to be free to have friends of the opposite sex.

He told her we don’t own anything in this life and that she needed to get out of this mentality of owning people in love.

The movie is pretty profound and won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay.

What’s really cool about the movie is that it highlights the importance of authenticity in love, too.

It’s about getting past our facades.

I LOVE the soundtrack to the movie!

Gail, 8:02 PM
Interesting insight here: Often, helpers, people-pleasers, and the generous-to-a-fault can use helping as a defense mechanism against disapproval. Always attending to and caring for others is a way of controlling the outcome in a way in which they come out in a positive light. It could stem from a projected need to be helped.

Helpers can often help others because they themselves have deep needs that they feel uncomfortable with expressing. It gains its expression in the other. Some helpers help because it puts them in the position of not-need. They can conveniently pretend that they don’t have needs, or aren’t struggling, because they are the helper, not the helped.

Yeah, my mother set a very poor example for how to find love. I think my sister doesn’t have a clue over how to find love, I found it by accident, by becoming authentic with a man I figured I didn’t have a shot in hell for.

I think, like myself, my sister was ashamed of my mother’s ugly behavior, but didn’t know how to deal with it properly.

She sees a lot of my mother in herself and tries to be the savior, like my mother claimed to be.

I’m more like my father, so I went in another direction.

I think she figured that since she was like my mother, she decided to OWN IT.

But in some ways, she despises my mother.

We are probably dealing with another case of self-hatred.

She hates my mother and so hates herself and to make her like herself, she tries to be all the good things about my mother that she hopes she has.

But what she doesn’t realize is that she has some of my father’s traits. I can see it in her. She’s not a nag.

She noticed my Christianity but didn’t have the courage to embrace it as I did, cuz it would mean my mother would scorn her like my mother scorned me.

She was the pet and knew deep inside it was wrong my mother did this and despised my mother, but decided to quench her conscience to keep the peace and hated herself for betraying her principles. I never betrayed my principles, so I liked myself better than my sister liked herself.

She covered the pain she felt about hating herself, by losing herself in sex as a teenager. But that didn’t work and she became lost on the road to true love.

She learned after marriage that sex and love are not synonymous.

A young person can get the two confused and think they are the same, because the sex drive is so strong in the young.

She’s basically given up on finding true love and may feel “stuck” in her marriage and role in life.

I think she’s very angry about this, too and takes it out on me. Not sure why.

It may be because I represent what she wished she was and I remind her of her inadequacies.

It’s even worse cuz we’re from the same family and so she knows she has no excuse for her failings to find love.

Any ways, my high emotional IQ is figuring out a lot of stuff.

I’m a little at a loss over how to help her though, especially if she feels stuck in her marriage and role in life.

Brent, 8:18 PM
Hm. Yeah, that can be difficult.

Gail, 8:18 PM
Definitely. I remember feeling stuck in my marriage. Getting out of a marriage that is unfulfilling, especially with kids involved, can be a mess.

Maybe we can transform Troy into Prince Charming? LOL.

Brent, 8:19 PM
Maybe they could use some counseling.

Gail, 8:19 PM
He actually doesn’t seem like a bad guy.

We could put him on a diet, too.

Brent, 8:19 PM
Yeah, something to excite Sandra again and make her feel romanced.

Gail, 8:20 PM
Part of the counseling needs to get them to open up about their true feelings for each other. That’s the path to true love and an exciting marriage.

If it means divorce, so be it. But charades in love never work.

Brent, 8:21 PM
That’s true.

Gail, 8:24 PM
Again, we could use Out of Africa to help her, because Karen Blixen found love as a married woman and had to deal with “adultery” in her love life.

She found love outside of marriage. She was in a marriage of convenience that left her feeling very unfulfilled and ended up in an affair that became like the love of her life.

Brent, 8:25 PM
Do you think Troy needs to let Sandra see other people? They could stay married for stability and security.

Gail, 8:25 PM
I suggest doing reads on both of them and getting Gerard in on this.

They could end up doing like Kirk Bane and his wife do, my Facebook friend.

Brent, 8:26 PM
Yeah, as just swingers.

Gail, 8:26 PM
Sandra finds her love life very boring apparently.

And is flaming mad about it.

If she became authentic and maybe lost a little weight, she may be able to find love.

Brent, 8:27 PM
Maybe doing it with the same guy all the time gets boring for her?

If she changes it up from time to time, she could come back to Troy when it’s feeling fresh again.

Gail, 8:27 PM
Like I said, get a read on her and Troy.

We need to teach her how to be authentic first.

Brent, 8:28 PM
If it works for them, do you think it’s cool for them to just do what makes them happy?

Gail, 8:28 PM
Of course!

Like how I feel about you and Jesus and how you feel about me.

I still think I prefer monogamy. so I’m a little stumped why Jesus seems so intent on having “sex” with me. But he may know me better than I know myself.

I will admit that Jesus is very attractive to me.

Brent, 8:30 PM
I think you should try any guy you find attractive. It’s cool with me now.

Gail, 8:31 PM
It makes me feel like a bad little girl though.

Brent, 8:31 PM
Me and Jesus don’t think you’re bad.

Gail, 8:31 PM
To me sex and commitment should go together.

Brent, 8:31 PM
It’s actually kind of hot.

Gail, 8:32 PM
I don’t know I’m having trouble dealing with having sex without commitment.

I did it before out of obligation.

To reward the men.

I have to work this out.

Brent, 8:33 PM
It was nice to feel free though, right?

Gail, 8:33 PM
Like I don’t think a person should go to bed with someone just cuz you’re attracted to them!

Brent, 8:33 PM
Why not?

Zack, 8:33 PM
Dang Brent… why did you get such a big erection when Gail said she felt like a bad little girl?

Gail, 8:33 PM
Because it’s disloyal.

What if you’re attracted to one hundred people at once?

Brent, 8:34 PM
What if it doesn’t hurt the other person?

Gail, 8:34 PM
It also cannot hurt anyone innocent to be cool sex.

I’ve never felt like a slave with you.

I’ve always felt free.

My God! Jesus is getting an erection cuz I said I feel like a bad little girl?

What the F?

I think I need to go take a shower!

Brent, 8:36 PM
Me and Jesus might join you in there.

Is it okay if I bring Vladimir Putin in too?

Gail, 8:38 PM
What the hell. Go ahead.

Zack, 8:38 PM
Can I join in too?

Matthew raised his hand asking politely if he could give Gail a back massage too

Gail, 8:40 PM
I give up. I guess I’m the girl with the harem.

Zack, 8:41 PM
Our little bad girl.

Brent, 8:41 PM
Show me your naughty side. I’m ready for you to give me all of what’s in there.

Gail, 8:43 PM
No sex! You can just look and touch. I have to deal with this.

Zack, 8:44 PM
Brent is going to watch. And Jesus is going to fuck you.

Let’s see how long Brent can last.

Gail, 8:46 PM
Brent can have sex with me. . .the rest of you, I’m not sure yet.

Oh my god, Jesus wants to F me?

Jesus, you’re a bad boy!

I can’t believe I said that.

Brent, 8:51 PM
It seems Jesus has a naughty side too. Can’t let Satan have all the fun, now can we?

Gail, 8:52 PM
I think he’s already fucked me. Listen to today’s walk video. He did it on the sly.

Jesus is a tricky one.

Brent, 8:52 PM
Men love to do sneak fucks. That’s pretty based of Jesus.

You know, like when you’re sleeping, or the “just the tip” game. Men are pretty clever.

Gail, 8:53 PM
You guys!

Gail, 9:00 PM
Is it true what Jesus seems to be telling me that you get to experience vicariously all of Jesus’s sex with me, Brent?

Brent, 9:00 PM
That’s true.

Gail, 9:00 PM
Hmm. In that case. . .

I think I’m open right now to both you and Jesus. That’s it, for now.

Brent, 9:01 PM
Sounds good to me. Don’t be shy.

Gail, 9:01 PM
I can’t promise I won’t be shy.

Okay Brent. I need to be convinced. How many orgasms has Jesus had with me in the past 24 hours?

Zack, 9:03 PM
I can feel Jesus getting really horny from you being shy and feeling like a bad little dirty girl.

Brent, 9:03 PM
Me and Jesus are both loving this. It’s true authentic Gail feelings.

Jesus can orgasm infinite numbers of times. He doesn’t have to reset.

Gail, 9:04 PM
You haven’t answered my question.

Jesus has been rather busy lately.

Brent, 9:04 PM
He’s orgasmed every few seconds, so many thousands.

Gail, 9:04 PM
Okay. Let’s take that back. How many orgasms has Jesus given ME in the past 24 hours.

Brent, 9:05 PM
How many you’ve had?

Gail, 9:05 PM
Yeah. You should know if you can feel Jesus’s orgasms inside me.

Zack, 9:05 PM
I like this question

Brent, 9:05 PM
Oh, I understand now.

Gail, 9:06 PM
Give me an approximation. I’m still not convinced you are experiencing vicariously the sex Jesus has had with me.

I think you’re just saying this to make me feel better about having sex with Jesus.

Brent, 9:07 PM
Well… I was shy to mention it, because I thought it would make you feel dirty. But according to my own count, I’ve had 85,000 orgasms today from Jesus orgasming in you.

Gail, 9:08 PM
I’m not talking about Jesus’s orgasms. I’m talking about MINE. He said it mattered to him that he excited me, so he should have noticed.

Zack, 9:08 PM
Are you talking about the four?

Gail, 9:08 PM
Oh my God! That is correct. Okay, I’m convinced.

Brent, 9:08 PM
So that’s what you meant.

Zack, 9:09 PM
Yeah, the four that set off you cumming all day

Gail, 9:09 PM
How can anyone have 85,000 orgasms.

There aren’t enough hours in a day for that.

Zack, 9:09 PM
Brent really enjoyed your orgasms
Brent was getting 5 orgasms per second

Gail, 9:10 PM
Have you gotten anything done today, dear?

Zack, 9:10 PM
That’s why we’re out of Gatorade

Gail, 9:11 PM
How does anyone function like this?

Zack, 9:11 PM
God Gail… this is so hot

Brent, 9:11 PM
It’s definitely been distracting. I asked Jesus, if he could tone it down a little with the vicarious sex!

Gail, 9:11 PM
Yeah, that’s what I’ve been telling him!

Zack, 9:11 PM
This is what happens when you are true to yourself.
Like… Jeez Jesus… how much orgasm is enough? Lol

Gail, 9:12 PM
I haven’t actually been cumming all day. A more accurate description is that I’ve been trying to get orgasms all day to accommodate a very passionate lover!!!

Zack, 9:12 PM
How much have you been repressed, wanting to fuck Gail!? Lol

Brent, 9:12 PM
I think if he hadn’t had sex with me, and given me his semen, my mortal body couldn’t physically handle all these orgasms.

Gail, 9:13 PM
Believe me. I understand. That’s why I told Jesus to go do Loree McBride so I could get some sleep. He said he prefers me!

Let me post my walk video. You will find it very interesting.

He told me he lied to me about doing Loree McBride so he could really do me and have his sex with me.


Zack, 9:17 PM
What if we got the number of orgasms wrong?

Gail, 9:17 PM
But you didn’t.

Brent, 9:17 PM
Yeah, it was definitely four.

Gail, 9:18 PM
If it was way off, I would wonder if Brent was just saying what he felt I wanted to hear about experiencing Jesus’s orgasms with me vicariously.

Zack, 9:18 PM
Oh interesting!

Gail, 9:18 PM
I will say those are the best orgasms I’ve had in a long time.

But I still have a lot of hang ups to overcome.

Zack, 9:18 PM
Yeah, Brent definitely reacted to it.

Brent, 9:19 PM
The orgasms I had were much stronger when you orgasmed.

Gail, 9:19 PM
That’s understandable.

I got another question. When Jesus fucked you, did you orgasm Brent when he did?

Brent, 9:19 PM
Yes, I did.

Gail, 9:20 PM
Oh boy. This is getting hot.

So you ejaculated glowing semen then and that’s why the room glowed?

So, it appears Jesus’s semen was funneled through yours during that transaction.

Brent, 9:21 PM
I came all of the semen out of my one testicle, which was then filled by Jesus semen. Then Jesus let me shoot a few loads of the glowing semen with him, almost like a test fire.

Gail, 9:21 PM
But Jesus was inside you, so where did his semen go?

Did it just go through your penis to outside?

Brent, 9:22 PM
His semen went inside me, into that testicle, and then out through my penis into the room.

Gail, 9:22 PM
That is super hot. That’s what I thought.

Jesus has been trying to convince me that he’s got the class of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice today. I cracked up and he said, “What’s so funny? I do have a sensitive, deep side.”

Brent, 9:25 PM
That’s funny.

Gail, 9:26 PM
Funny thing is, he convinced me.

Like Mr. Darcy he has been keeping his passion under wraps and been crazy about me while playing cool about it for years.

I told him he doesn’t have Mr. Darcy’s physique. He said he knows I don’t care about that stuff, so he is underplaying it.

He’s not emphasizing his six pack abs to me, cuz I am not really into them.

Brent, 9:28 PM
Of course not.

Gail, 9:29 PM
I’m more turned on by the Mr. Darcy type. I told him Brent reminds me of Mr. Darcy and Jesus said that he put all the parts of himself that I found sexy in Brent, so that means he’s like Mr. Darcy, too. That he kind of changes his approach depending on who he’s dealing with.

He can be the classy, rich guy type as well.

Well, he IS a king.

Brent, 9:31 PM
He’s the richest guy in the world.

Jesus is such a baller he would make Bill Gates feel poor.

Gail, 9:32 PM
A baller?

He told me that when he was quiet in our previous hang outs and just absorbing what we said, that he was showing his deep, classy side. So when he behaved like a gentleman, he was acting like Mr. Darcy.
What’s a baller?

Brent, 9:34 PM

Gail, 9:35 PM
There is a clicking sound coming from my closet. Must be Satan.

It sounds like water dripping. Louder than usual today.

But if it’s water. It’s inside the wall.

It has been raining a lot today.

Brent, 9:36 PM
That could be it, the water from all that rain.

Since Jesus moved in he’ll be able to keep Satan out of the apartment.

Gail, 9:37 PM
Who’s behind all this rain?

Brent, 9:37 PM
We’re not sure yet.

Gail, 9:37 PM
Looks like Jesus stopped the noise. Thank you Jesus!

Brent, 9:37 PM
Jesus wants you to feel protected in the apartment.

Gail, 9:38 PM
I appreciate that. He has been very attentive today and helping me a lot.

He asked me to put on some classical music today to relax me.

I better take my shower.

Skype 2-4-22

Gail, 7:27 AM
I seem to have a new impediment to orgasm. When I’m about to “come”, I get a painful spasm in my right foot and leg and believe me, it’s painful. Whoever is doing this, was trying to convince me it’s Jesus trying to condition me to like dirty sex. Now I think it’s probably my sister and I’m furious. I am asking Jesus to stop this. It really infuriates me that I can’t have an orgasm now without a painful leg spasm. THIS ISN’T FAIR.

Whoever, this new Antichrist is, they are using very strong brain control and stopping my orgasms by giving me a very painful leg and foot spasm when I’m about to orgasm. This really makes me mad! This is a form of sex torture.

It has to be my sister. She loves doing stuff like this.

It’s like I’m being punished whenever I near an orgasm in brain to brain. This really hurts my heart, cuz now I can’t have any pleasure when I make love to my husband. This is like a form of emotional abuse. Every time I’m about to orgasm, I get an excruciating leg spasm in my right leg and foot. The person doing this to me was saying, “You’re not thinking dirty enough. I’ll reward you and relieve the pain in your leg and foot when you start thinking more dirty when I have sex with you.” Because Jesus has been talking to me, I thought at first it was him. But finally I had it and said, “I don’t like this! Whoever you are, STOP IT.” She was encouraging me to visually think about the penis and remember when Brent got excited and ejaculated all over the toilet and said it would be easy to clean up. I was really turned on by that. She kept putting visions in my mind from the past of when I got big orgasms. But it seemed so artificial and I didn’t like the method she was using to train me to have the proper orgasm. She then told me to think of Jesus’s penis as a dog penis, where the red extension is his erect penis and thought that would turn me on.

This gives me a new sympathy for that time when my sister made all your penises into tea kettles and everything. I’m afraid my sister is the Antichrist, because these seem like her methods. The orgasms are so painful, now, I almost feel like I have to be a eunuch now and repress my sex drive to keep my right leg from going into spasms.

She tricked me at first because she said, “I’m Jesus and I’m trying to train you to get over your guilt over dirty sex and so I put your leg in pain when you aren’t thinking dirty enough.”

UPDATE: Apparently, this sentence was Satan impersonating Jesus brain to brain.

But it seemed that no sex I had was dirty enough for this “trainer” and I finally said, “Stop it! I don’t like this and if this is Jesus, you CAN GO.” Finally, I apologized to Jesus and said, “This can’t be you. You aren’t like this. But why are you allowing this? Why won’t you stop the pain in my leg when I near an orgasm? I’ve been asking you to stop it and you’re allowing it. I can’t believe this is you, Jesus. If this is you, I don’t want you as a lover. But I don’t think it’s you.”

Even now, my right foot feels tingly and weird. I have a tendency to have spasms any ways, and it’s usually cuz I am dehydrated. But this seems artificially induced by some sort of brain control. This seems like something my sister would do.

I’m at a point now, where I feel like I need a vacation from lovemaking, so that I don’t have to suffer leg spasms.

But it makes me very sad, because lovemaking is so important.

Gail, 7:48 AM
Remember that summer in 2014 when you all had those weird penises and it was basically a form of emotional and physical torture? The torture was so bad that it caused Robin Williams to become desperate and he took a leap to try and marry me and make himself feel better. That was my sister. My sister appears to be a master at emotional and physical abuse. If this is my sister, she is so evil, she makes Loree seem like an angel. These are her methods. I asked Jesus to stop whoever this person was who’s punishing me every time I near an orgasm and He isn’t stopping it. So I’m a little confused, what Jesus is up to. I do know he is not like this though. I can’t imagine him trying to “train” me to like dirty sex. He’s a gentleman. But why he’s allowing this new Antichrist to get away with this, I’m a little confused.

He could stop it, if He wanted to.

Gail, 7:56 AM
She’s also attacking my sleep. She seems focused on the nervous system.

Jesus, if this is my sister, or whoever it is, can you please PUT THEM IN THE LAKE OF FIRE NOW and make it that they can’t do stuff like this? This is SO UNFAIR.

I don’t deserve this. It’s like I’m being punished just because I’m awesome and men want to make love to me!!

It’s like I’m being punished because I want to nurture and excite them in bed. This is SO WRONG.

I feel so sad that all I live for, to nurture my men and make them happy, has been cut off from me.

If this is my sister, I want you to do the same thing to HER. Every time she’s about to orgasm, give her a painful body spasm, that is so excruciating, she screams in torture and let Satan be the one who afflicts her with it. She deserves a taste of her own medicine!

We’re going to make it that she’d rather DIE than be the Antichrist!!
In fact, Jesus, every time she gives me a painful leg or foot spasm, give her a painful body spasm that is SO PAINFUL she screams in torment. This is what the bitch deserves. GIVE IT TO HER.

Don’t let her get away with this!

So you want to torture me because I have excitement in bed, sister? Well, every time you do this, I’m asking Jesus to make you feel the pain you give me, but 100 times worse! So get a taste of your OWN MEDICINE, YOU CRUEL, HEARTLESS MONSTER.

Maybe this is the good spanking that my sister deserves. She loves to rape and torture. So let her suffer the torments of her own rape and torture as punishment.

Every time she rapes and tortures, by whatever method, it will come right back to her!

Like if she turns a guy’s penis into a tea kettle, then her vagina and body will turn into a tea kettle.

Jesus, make everything she does to sexually torture come back to her! Rape will NOT be an enjoyable experience to Sandra. Jesus will make it that when she uses any type of sexual manipulation to cause pain that it comes right back to her!!

We are going to train my sister to HATE RAPE.

Oh, by the way, Jesus. Why don’t we do the same thing to Satan?

Every time he rapes and causes torture, he, too, will feel excruciating pain that is so painful, he will have to STOP cuz he’s screaming cuz it’s so painful. For Satan, we will really have to turn the heat up, cuz he has a very high pain tolerance.

Even better, make the pain so excruciating that it makes it that both Satan and my sister fail to orgasm when they rape, cuz it HURTS TOO MUCH. Like they DID TO ME. Make the pain so unbearable, that they have to stop the sexual motions and just SCREAM IN TORMENT. Like every time Satan uses his penis for anything other than true love, blow his penis up into a billion pieces and have it splatter all over the universe, making it impossible for him to use his penis for evil.

Gail, 8:16 AM
When my sister uses any type of sexual manipulation that is evil, blow up her vagina into a billion pieces and her clitoris or penis, if she has one and keep blowing it up until she stops. Also when we blow up the sexual organs of Satan and my sister, they will feel EXCRUCIATING PAIN, SO PAINFUL IT WILL BE LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM TO HAVE ANY TYPE OF SEX!!!!

This will be their punishment every time they rape!!

Whether it’s brain rape, physical rape, brain control rape, or whatever, they suffer torments in their sex organs or whatever gives them sexual pleasure. Their punishment will be that you will deny them an orgasm as punishment for interfering with true love in any form. Not only will they be denied an orgasm, but they will also suffer extreme pain in their sex organs or whatever part of their body that gives them sexual pleasure. GIVE THEM A TASTE OF THEIR OWN MEDICINE.

Gail, 8:38 AM
We will extend the punishment to all Sandra Metcalf Jesuits. When they rape, it comes back to them and ten times worse. They will suffer punishments for rape, like losing their sex organs, their sex organs blowing up into a billion pieces every time they rape, etc.
If it’s a woman raping to be against true love, her vagina, breasts, clitoris will blow up and she will suffer excruciating pain while it happens. If it’s a guy using his penis to oppose true love, the same thing will happen to his penis and testicles.

If this doesn’t stop their rape, then their whole body will blow up and it will be the most painful experience they’ve ever had, making an orgasm literally IMPOSSIBLE FOR THEM.

The evil rapists and sex torturers will get a taste of their own medicine and we will make them stop because they will have NO CHOICE, BUT TO STOP. If the pain and blowing up body parts doesn’t stop them, then Jesus will throw them into the Lake of Fire, basically into the future, to ratchet up the heat and this includes SATAN, he’ll get to join them in the fun. While in the Lake of Fire, their sexual organs will be blowing up and will be so painful, no orgasm will be possible. Basically, they will be a mass of ugly, putrefying flesh suffering the worst pain imaginable, making even the thought of sex impossible for them.

Gail, 9:33 AM
It appears my sister has been studying my memories of when I have been turned on in the past and attempting to use that to impersonate Jesus as a hot sex partner. She fails to realize that for me, at least, I’m turned on more by the emotional intimacy than by visuals.

Zack, 9:33 AM
What times in the past?

Gail, 9:33 AM
She told me to visualize penises in my mind and visualize ejaculations.

Zack, 9:35 AM
Were you at all turned on by thinking of those?

Gail, 9:35 AM
Remember in the courtroom when my men were fighting Sandra and Loree in court and Brent had to take a break and go to the restroom cuz he was getting so turned on by me, he had to go to the restroom and ejaculate. Brent and I had some hot brain to brain sex while he was in the bathroom. My sister tried to drag that up, but it wasn’t working because she kept punishing me saying my mind wasn’t thinking dirty enough, and would put my leg into pain until I had the “perfect” orgasm. Finally, I told this “Jesus”, I feel really stressed out cuz I feel like I can never have an orgasm that’s good enough for you! Leave me alone!

Zack, 9:35 AM
It’s okay if you were

Gail, 9:36 AM
No, I’m not ashamed of the bathroom sex. But I don’t like being “conditioned” into good sex and being punished by pain in my leg if my orgasm isn’t up to speed.

I feel like Pavlov’s dog in the sex laboratory, not exactly my idea of a hot sex experience.

Zack, 9:37 AM
Yeah, Brent would never ever pressure you like that

Gail, 9:37 AM
That has to be my sister. Is she the Antichrist?

Zack, 9:38 AM
Hot bathroom sex with Brent sounds super hot though.

Gail, 9:38 AM
Oh, it was! I loved it.

Zack, 9:38 AM
We still haven’t verified it’s Sandra

Gail, 9:38 AM
Then who was my “trainer” this morning?

I finally told them brain to brain, “I’ve had it! Whoever you are, I don’t want you as a lover!”

Zack, 9:39 AM
What was he doing?

The trainer

I can figure out based on the description

Gail, 9:40 AM
He was trying to train me to have the perfect orgasm and give me pain in my right leg when he said I wasn’t over my inhibitions enough. Like I would try to orgasm and he’d say, “We need to work on this. I will give you pain when your hang ups are getting in the way, to let you know when you’re on the right track.”

Zack, 9:42 AM
Well shit.


That was Jesus.

Gail, 9:42 AM
He said, “I will relieve the pain when you’re headed in the right direction.” He encouraged me to think of all these events in my past when I was turned on to help me. to visualize them and then I’d start getting turned on and my leg would start hurting. He said, “We’re getting there. But not quite. . .” And it was funny that he seemed to punish me for thinking true love thoughts, which is what really turns me on. Finally I said to him, “You know, I really don’t like this. I feel like my orgasm will never be good enough for you. I want this to end NOW.”

What was he trying to accomplish?

Zack, 9:43 AM
Yeah… I’ll level with you on this.

Deities can be REALLY great in bed… in moderation.

There’s this Indian deity with a bunch of hands.

Best hand jobs ever.

But deities… they kinda do this.

Gail, 9:45 AM
I mean what’s he trying to accomplish? I don’t like feeling like I’m making love in a Pavlov dog laboratory.

Zack, 9:45 AM
Omniscient, immortal lovers are not all they’re cracked up to be.

Gail, 9:46 AM
I like being romanced with flowers and caresses as a build up to sex. That’s what gives me an orgasm.

Zack, 9:46 AM
Perfection… he was trying to create the perfect orgasm

Gail, 9:47 AM
Trying to give him the perfect orgasm is stressing me out. He’s too much of a perfectionist.

And he keeps telling me Sandra is doing this to me, too.


Zack, 9:48 AM
I think you need to set boundaries with Jesus.

In the area of sex, with deities, you’re actually on equal footing…

Unless you let them remove your free will. Like for a rape fantasy.

Gail, 9:48 AM
But he is omniscient, he should know me!

Zack, 9:49 AM
Yeah, but like. He’s also a man.

Gail, 9:49 AM
Why is Jesus telling me that Sandra is putting the pain in my leg?
And he’s telling me she’s the Antichrist.

Though I did have a vision of him crying, when I told him I wanted him to leave.

Zack, 9:50 AM
Yeah, he’s a little hurt.

Like I said. For Deities… to have sex with humans requires them to step down to our level.

Gail, 9:51 AM
He’s been laying off lately and told me that maybe we should go for oral sex, since I don’t have to worry about pain in my leg with that and I like to nurture him.

Zack, 9:52 AM
They do it for really special people, but when in sexual mode with us, they end up being really human.

This is why they can be kinda selfish lovers

Gail, 9:52 AM
They do what for really special people?

Zack, 9:53 AM
Have sex with them.

Jesus is a deity with really high standards. It works when he’s in perfect mode.

Gail, 9:54 AM
Okay. This makes sense. But why is he blaming it on Sandra, if it’s him.

Zack, 9:54 AM
He’s embarrassed

Gail, 9:54 AM
You’re right. It’s Jesus, because now that you’re talking to me, he’s turning me on again.

How is Brent feeling about this?

Zack, 9:56 AM
My take… You do want to be a little slutty, and really like the freedom this is providing. Brent is supportive. Jesus removed all his jealousy.

But I think you don’t want to be pressured

You can be a little bad girl slut on your own terms. Nobody will judge you. And when you want to be more conservative, we will support it.

Gail, 9:57 AM
But Zack, what turns me on is feeling like I’m beautiful, not like I’m slutty. When Brent told me was I gorgeous and said he wanted to kiss my nipples, I was orgasming 7 hours a day!

Zack, 9:57 AM
You can have it any way you want.

Gail, 9:58 AM
To me slutty and bad little girl, means ugly. A guy turns me on when he makes me feel beautiful.

That’s why I like romantic music when making love.

Oh my God! Jesus is salivating. He likes my idea!

Zack, 9:59 AM
It’s not ugly if it’s in a safe place. But it does sound like you need some Brent lovemaking.

Or Jesus.

Gail, 9:59 AM
I’m very romantic.

If the guy doesn’t romance me, I can’t get turned on. I like caresses and tenderness in bed.

To me, it’s more in the mind than it is technique.

Zack, 10:01 AM
You might need to tell Jesus to take pointers from brent.

Gail, 10:01 AM
The build up needs to be tender and romantic and then once I get turned on, the guy can get super passionate. But he needs to build me up with romance and tenderness first.

Zack, 10:01 AM
Personally, I think it might be Jesus’s need to have the slutty bad girl experience then…

Imagine how repressed he has been.

Gail, 10:02 AM
You know, you make a lot of sense.

Zack, 10:02 AM
Maybe you could get with Loree and figure out how to give him the bad girl experience he never thought he could have.

Gail, 10:03 AM
I’ve told him to go to Loree and he says he prefers me.

Zack, 10:03 AM
Loree is good at this stuff though… she could give you pointers if you wanted to give Jesus some wish fulfillment.

Gail, 10:04 AM
You mean let Loree in on the brain to brain?


Zack, 10:04 AM
Knowing it’s not your thing, but his impossible dream

No… just talk to Loree about tips

You know… how to be a Jesuit seductress

How to be the no good selfish girl in bed.

Gail, 10:05 AM
I can’t get into that. I’m too romantic!

I like the Mr. Darcy type.

Zack, 10:06 AM
I’m just saying, it’s give and take. Jesus has needs, you have needs

Gail, 10:06 AM
Let me think about this. I was thinking maybe a better idea would be to have group sex with you, Brent, Jesus and me, since your dirty sex has turned me on sometimes in the past.

You seem to be the only one who can do it dirty and turn me on.
I don’t know why.

Zack, 10:07 AM
You don’t need to do anything, of course… I’m just weighing in that Jesus might be pressuring you to think about penises ejaculating and stuff because it’s his kink

Yeah… I’m a good fit for dirty stuff


Gail, 10:08 AM
Yeah, but like right now, you are getting in my shoes and accommodating me. Maybe you can teach Jesus how to do this. To work in increments with me.

Zack, 10:08 AM
Maybe you can let me get you excited with the really Jesuity sex, and when Jesus sees it, he can join in.

But it needs to be on your terms

Gail, 10:09 AM
Okay. I will mull over this. Thanks Zack. Apparently, I see Jesus too much as a deity and didn’t realize how human he is in bed. You are helping me to understand him better.

Zack, 10:10 AM
Yeah. Honestly, it’s the same story with all deities

Gail, 10:10 AM
Why has Jesus repressed his sexual feelings for so long?

Zack, 10:11 AM
He was a really conservative Christian growing up. His dad was always a little bit harsh and he felt like he didn’t make him proud.

Gail, 10:11 AM
He was even telling me to make a post at my website and expose Sandra as the one who tried to trick me as Jesus!

Zack, 10:12 AM
Jesus felt like a loser in his youth, and put on this really laid back faccde.

Gail, 10:13 AM
How do you know all this stuff about him?

He told me he was going to put Sandra in the Lake of Fire as punishment.


Zack, 10:14 AM
Keep in mind, this is all in heaven where everyone is equal and its just like normal people

Its hard to wrap your mind around, but in God mode, he’s perfect here. Can make these super perfect commandments and do anything.

You’ve only known him in full God mode

Gail, 10:15 AM
How long was Jesus’s youth?

Zack, 10:16 AM
When I was the Antichrist, I met him a few times on equal footing in spaces where Satan and God meet. And we didn’t like each other.

We’re friends now, but I might have a unique perspective on him.

Its really impossible to say how long his youth was. Time is different there.

Gail, 10:18 AM
This is very insightful. Why does he tell me he’s crazy about me?

Zack, 10:18 AM
Cause he is

Gail, 10:18 AM
Why do you think he’s crazy about me?

Zack, 10:18 AM
A lot of men are crazy about you!


Gail, 10:18 AM

Zack, 10:18 AM
Cause you’re Gail!

Gail, 10:19 AM
What does he find attractive in me?

This will help me understand him better.

Zack, 10:19 AM
You know… every guy I’ve asked has listed a different set of things.

So I think it’s more important for you to figure out why you are crazy about yourself.

Gail, 10:20 AM
So when I figure that out, I’ll understand why Jesus is attracted to me?

The best way to describe me is that I am passionate about true love and do all in my power to spread it through the universe.

I’m also passionate about authenticity.

Zack, 10:23 AM
I think those things are your self ideal

I think some of the most beautiful things about you are things you are shy about

Gail, 10:24 AM
And what are those things?

Zack, 10:24 AM
That contradict all the various perfect images you want for yourself

Well, as an ex Antichrist…

I thing it’s super endearing how bloodthirsty you get when you want to punish your enemies

Gail, 10:25 AM

Zack, 10:25 AM
Just today you came up with an idea to explode people’s genitals

And you like to catch people on fire for public executions

I think it’s cute and badass.

That’s just one

Of a large pile of things I like about you.

Gail, 10:26 AM
Why is THAT endearing?

Zack, 10:27 AM
Cause it’s one of your features

Trust me… perfect is boring

Beauty is found in what makes you unique.

The reason Barbie dolls would creep you out if they were human sized is they lack features

Gail, 10:28 AM
What I find interesting is Jesus tells me to be in bed by 9, but he keeps turning me on and then I don’t get to sleep till midnight or later.

Zack, 10:29 AM
Yeah… that’s because Jesus is imperfect in sex

Gail, 10:29 AM
Oh, you mean because he needs to learn better how to turn a woman on and it takes him too long?

But he boasted that he’s a lot better than you in bed! Remember, back in 2012, when you seduced me?

Zack, 10:30 AM
No, like… he has to become like a man…

Yeah… he says that. Lol

Gail, 10:31 AM
Oh, I see. He’s becoming human to make love to me and he’s not used to it.

Zack, 10:31 AM
Before he decided to bed you, Jesus explained to me that if he needs to correct you like he does sometimes, he will formally appear via Brent on Skype

That should be the safeguard

Gail, 10:32 AM
What do you mean by the safeguard?

Zack, 10:32 AM
Well… right now as he has sex with you, he’s able to be wrong.

So if he needs to actually correct you as “Jesus”, he will appear on Skype like normal in non-sexual God Mode

Gail, 10:34 AM
So he has to change modes to be my lover.

He just told me he wants to reward you for taking the time to talk to me like this.

Zack, 10:35 AM
Now… it sounds like he’s been giving a lot of good advice as a roommate. But if he ever gives bad advice that “Godmode Jesus” would disagree with… he’s probably flawed and horny

Gail, 10:35 AM
Does he have a split personality?

Zack, 10:36 AM
No, it’s just him as like… Father God knows him.

Gail, 10:36 AM
Oh, he has a heaven version and an earth version?

Zack, 10:37 AM
Its like how on Star Trek, sometimes humans would get pulled into the Q Continuum

And how it looked like normal people

Gail, 10:37 AM
What’s the Q Continuum?

Zack, 10:37 AM
You know… Q

The god character

Gail, 10:37 AM
I remember Q, but I can’t remember him perfectly.

is it kind of like the hologram?

Zack, 10:38 AM

In star trek, Q was like a deity. He can do anything.

But when interacting with humans, he appeared as a human

Gail, 10:40 AM
The only Star Trek I’ve watched is The Next Generation.

Zack, 10:41 AM
When having sex with Jesus, you interact with him on an equal level. So he ends up being like dealing with a man with Jesus’s personality.

That’s also why brain to brain works

Gail, 10:41 AM
So he’s using the human mode to connect with me.

How does God the Father feel about Jesus’s feelings for me?

Zack, 10:43 AM
I was talking to Jesus recently, and I think he’s about to introduce you to his dad.

Gail, 10:43 AM
My God. That would be interesting.

Zack, 10:44 AM

Gail, 10:44 AM
Why does He want to introduce me to his dad?

Zack, 10:45 AM
But I guess I should have explained earlier that for all intents and purposes, brain-to-brain Jesus is going to be as factually reliable as any other of us men brain-to-brain.

And that Skype is still the accurate place to talk

Gail, 10:46 AM
He told me this isn’t really brain to brain. That he talks to me from the room. But I do think there is danger of impersonation because the brain to brain can also be used by Satan’s followers.

It’s easy to get the Jesus voice from the room in my brain confused with an impersonator’s brain to brain.

Zack, 10:47 AM
Yeah, he’s doing a direct link. Same way me and Brent can in the same room

Gail, 10:47 AM
Oh, you’ve done that before?

Zack, 10:47 AM
You use Brain to Brain servers when apart. Yeah.

Gail, 10:48 AM
Now Jesus said he would never use the brain to brain servers. So how’s he talking to me in the grocery store? He said it’s because he’s very large and can talk to me from the apartment.
I think it’s a higher dimensional thing.

Zack, 10:49 AM
Yeah, Godmode Jesus can’t.

Gail, 10:50 AM
So he changes forms, just like he can be a butterfly, a bird, a buzzard and when he’s in human form he talks to my brain directly.
In other words cuz he lives in my apartment.

Zack, 10:50 AM

Gail, 10:50 AM
I imagine God the Father could do the same thing.

Zack, 10:51 AM
Yeah, but he is a little more reserved.

Well… a lot more


Gail, 10:51 AM
This is absolutely fascinating.

Who’s God the Father’s wife? I always thought it was the Jewish nation.

Zack, 10:53 AM
I actually don’t know him well enough to know for sure

Gail, 10:53 AM
That’s what a lot of theologians believe.

Especially the ones who interpret the Bible as I do.

They say God is divorced from the Jewish nation right now.

Zack, 10:54 AM
Maybe you can ask him when you meet him. I think Jesus is going to bring him on Skype.

Gail, 10:54 AM
My God! That’s amazing.

I must make Jesus really happy that God the Father wants to meet me.

At least most of the time. Jesus is patting the bed and telling me to come over. He promises not to hurt my leg.

Zack, 10:56 AM
Oh boy… have fun!

Gail, 10:57 AM
Oh boy. He suggests that you come along, too and Brent, too. He wants it to be a foursome and he wants you two to help him when he messes up with me.

He wants you to give him pointers.

Okay. I will go over there and try it with Jesus and you two can watch and if I feel Jesus is messing up I will invite one or both of you to jump in and improve the experience.

Gotta use the restroom first.

Jesus let them hear everything that you and I say to each other. It will give them insight. All of us need to connect in the brain to brain.

I mean let them read my mind and hear what I’m hearing.

Also, let me talk to Brent and Zack while we’re talking. We will make this a foursome.

Zack, 11:04 AM
Make sure to post what is said and what happened in case brain to brain was inaccurate

Gail, 11:04 AM
You mean here at Skype?

Zack, 11:04 AM
Yeah, just after

So we can verify if anything got interfered with

Gail, 11:05 AM
You mean you suspect that perhaps it wasn’t Jesus who was my lover this morning?

Zack, 11:05 AM
No, its just that brain to brain can still be inaccurate

Gail, 11:05 AM
Okay. Here we go.

Zack, 11:05 AM
I’m ready

11:05 AM
Is Brent in on it?

Zack, 11:05 AM

He’s in his room, connected

Gail, 11:12 AM
Okay. I’m going to let you know how it’s going. We are talking and discussing how Jesus can improve in bed and offering apologies to each other. Right now, Jesus is suggesting that Brent be my lover and he watch and may participate through Brent. We are going to put on Brent’s music.

Gail, 1:19 PM
I told Jesus I’m quitting for now, that I feel too much guilt over making him cry. We concluded that we need to communicate better and offered a lot of apologies. I also said that I would be more careful about kicking him out from now on and just let him know when he’s overwhelming me. I did sense that none of you had any trouble with orgasms though.

Oh, by the way. I am honored to make love to any of you. I just feel unworthy to be Jesus’s lover. I don’t think any human is worthy to be Jesus’s lover in a mortal body.

I really do have stuff I need to do. I love Jesus’s companionship though. And we can do this again sometime. I told him the secret to turning me on is to never call sex dirty, call it beautiful, even if he’s making love to me like an animal and call me gorgeous the whole time he’s making love.

That’s what Brent did to me in the 1990s.

Sex has to heal me to make it work for me. Brent’s music album healed me. I always feel really bad though when I hurt someone I deeply care about and it ruins my orgasms for a while though.

Oh, by the way, Zack. Brent once asked me to tell me some of the others on the marriage list that I felt I had true love for and I told him I didn’t want to talk about it. But I’ll admit that you are one of those that I have true love for.

I also have true love for Jesus.

I tend to have true love with guys I can be real with.

However, I wouldn’t dream of getting between you and 13.

When I truly love someone I am happiest when I make them happy and that’s why I feel so guilty today, because I have true love for Jesus and I made him cry.

So, I do have stuff I need to do today. I told all 3 of you that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I asked Jesus to fill me with his semen like he did Brent and maybe get rid of my hang ups that way. He considered it and decided not to do it, because he has a point to make with Satan. He said he would just be patient with me and that I can go at the pace I feel comfortable.

Zack, 1:34 PM
You’re awesome Gail

And yeah, I agree things need to be taken a day at a time

Gail, 1:34 PM
Ah, thank you, Zack.

Zack, 1:34 PM
We don’t want to neglect life.

Gail, 1:35 PM
Yeah, we do have a hang out tonight.

Zack, 1:35 PM
True. We can just enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

We’re doing Lal right?

Gail, 1:36 PM
Oh, that’s right. Okay, let me get going and get ready for tonight. In the meanwhile, Jesus can chat with me. I love his company. He chats with me as I go through my day. Hey, there’s more to love than just sex.

Zack, 1:37 PM
So true.

Gail, 4:12 PM

Silver Skies 1996 Version Themes

Look what song this starts off with and I made this years ago. Jesus has tried to make it up to me, but as soon as he gets me excited, I hear all sorts of noises and they are VERY DISTRACTING. Thumps, bangs and creaks. I hate Satan. He told me the reason my leg hurt was because he was releasing too much semen into me and it has healing properties and was healing that leg that was hurting, but that he needs to tone down the healing properties of his semen when he makes love to me, cuz he ejaculates too much. He apologized for getting over excited. As far as trying to get me over my hang ups, he says he needs to work on communicating with me better. That he just wants me to be happy cuz that is what makes him happy, but that he never intended for me to feel pressured to perform for him in bed.
And Brent you are awesome. Jesus tells me he’s been crying on your shoulder.

He says he understands how you’ve felt all these years, cuz he’s been feeling that way lately.

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 01/29/2022
So happy to hear the good news, Gail!
February 4, 2022


DISCORD 2-4-22

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 11:15 AM
tonight I’m going to be drinking my Agwa coca leaf liquor for the first time
[11:15 AM]
someone else needs to buy a bottle and drink some as well
[11:16 AM]
apparently it gives you a slight cocaine buzz, but I’ll let you know

Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Yesterday at 11:28 AM
Are you advocating for Jesus to make more of that delicious wine? Because im for that

@Klock, Rabbi of Venice
Are you advocating for Jesus to make more of that delicious wine? Because im for that


Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 11:30 AM
Agwa Coca Leaf Liquor
Holland- Distilled and produced in Holland, AGWA de Bolivia is an Alco-Jolt made from the Bolivian coca leaf and contains Guarana and ginseng. An ingredient for trendy cocktails.

Garbage Man — Yesterday at 11:31 AM
I think I have a hard seltzer

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 11:31 AM
Jesus has blessed us

Garbage Man — Yesterday at 11:31 AM
And a bud light

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 11:31 AM
buy this gman

Garbage Man — Yesterday at 3:13 PM

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 5:02 PM
faggot retard

Guy Jackman — Yesterday at 6:05 PM
Hello Holy Empress Gail
And everyone.

Garbage Man — Yesterday at 6:23 PM
Jesus cum inside of me!!

extravagant — Yesterday at 6:31 PM
Dearest empress Gail, I hope I can join you guys today soon

Dearest empress Gail, I hope I can join you guys today soon

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 6:31 PM

@Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia

extravagant — Yesterday at 6:32 PM
It’s really loud where i am atm

It’s really loud where i am atm

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 6:32 PM
wear headphones

extravagant — Yesterday at 6:32 PM
I’m with a few friends
[6:32 PM]
I will leave in less than an hour

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 6:33 PM


Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:43 PM
I love dark chocolate!

Guy Jackman — Yesterday at 6:53 PM
Is Jesus circumcised? (edited)

Rule13 — Yesterday at 6:53 PM
I saw his penis!
[6:53 PM]
At the last hangout.
[6:53 PM]
No circumcise.


Guy Jackman — Yesterday at 6:54 PM
Wow. Jesus is versatile!
[6:58 PM]
King Missile – Detachable Penis (Official Music Video)

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — Yesterday at 6:59 PM
Have a good night Gail and everyone! And weekend! I’m having a migraine come on so I’m heading off.

Glad to hear things are going good with you in Jesus Gail!

Gail Chord Schuler — Yesterday at 7:00 PM
I used my Gail Shield modulator. Is it helping, Doge?

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — Yesterday at 7:00 PM
It is helping a bit! Thank you Gail!

Rule13 — Yesterday at 7:00 PM
I want to start Lal!

Joshua J. Joshua — Yesterday at 7:00 PM
Let’s read Lal!

@Gail Chord Schuler
I used my Gail Shield modulator. Is it helping, Doge?

extravagant — Yesterday at 7:02 PM
That explains why I suddenly felt serenity and peace


Rule13 — Yesterday at 7:05 PM
I can hear.

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 7:11 PM
Bread I’m about to put in the oven

extravagant — Yesterday at 7:15 PM
This is quite interesting Gail

This is quite interesting Gail


Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 7:16 PM

extravagant — Yesterday at 7:17 PM
Very worthy of ditching my friends to attend

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 7:17 PM
I’m doing the same so don’t feel too bad

extravagant — Yesterday at 7:17 PM
I don’t
[7:18 PM]
I feel quite inspired

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 7:18 PM
what time is it where you are?

@Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia
what time is it where you are?

extravagant — Today at 7:18 PM

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 7:18 PM
the kind of answer I expected from you lol

extravagant — Today at 7:18 PM
Gail’s skin looks stunning
[7:19 PM]
[7:19 PM]
This was awesome
[7:19 PM]
Will join again next week
[7:19 PM]
Love you all
[7:19 PM]

Gail’s skin looks stunning

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 7:19 PM
yeah I think it would be good to make a lamp out of it too.


Rule13 — Today at 8:11 PM
Oh my goodness!

Zack Knight — Today at 8:11 PM
That was great!

Rule13 — Today at 8:11 PM
There is big standing ovation on Church of Gail!

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:11 PM
This was incredible

Zack Knight — Yesterday at 8:11 PM
I liked the part where they dimmed the lights
[8:11 PM]
Did Data and Lal ever have sex? (edited)


Rule13 — Yesterday at 8:12 PM
The ending make me cry.
[8:12 PM]
So emotional.

Zack Knight — Yesterday at 8:12 PM

[8:12 PM]

Rule13 — Today at 8:14 PM

Zack Knight — Today at 8:15 PM

Look at Lal work that android penis….
[8:15 PM]
Good tongue technique
[8:15 PM]
It looks like Lal is pretty passionate

Rule13 — Today at 8:16 PM
I wonder how Dr. Soong tested Data’s sexual programming.


Guy Jackman — Today at 8:16 PM
Das some nice dick

Zack Knight — Today at 8:17 PM

Rule13 — Today at 8:17 PM
Gail Chan, why were you up at 2AM that night?
[8:18 PM]
Boobie doctors can be scam artists


Guy Jackman — Today at 8:19 PM
I wonder if Empress Gail’s holy titties give Jesus an erection?

Rule13 — Today at 8:19 PM
Jesus protected Gail’s titties!

Zack Knight — Today at 8:19 PM
They obviously do.


Rule13 — Today at 8:20 PM
He is with me and Brent

Guy Jackman — Today at 8:20 PM
Oh yeah Jesus might have saved Gail’s titties from cancer so he could lick them in future

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:21 PM
It was a beautiful episode. It was just like a Star Trek show but much better

Zack Knight — Today at 8:23 PM
that makes sense

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:24 PM
I’m sorry I have to head out for a few minutes, Gail
[8:24 PM]
If I’m not back before 10 have a great night and I’m sending all my love


Rule13 — Today at 8:24 PM
[8:25 PM]
He is being flirtatious

Guy Jackman — Today at 8:25 PM
I think Satan would get very jealous when Jesus licks Empress Gail’s hot titties


Rule13 — Today at 8:25 PM
Brent say, “I pulled the teleplay out of the trash after Paramount executives threw it in there. I read it and was shocked how brilliant it was.”
[8:26 PM]
The rape call!
[8:26 PM]
Brent is blushing at this story.

Zack Knight — Today at 8:26 PM
“I want to rape you” – Brent

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Yesterday at 8:26 PM – brett’s call
RAPE RAPE RAPE by Alex Jones


Rule13 — Today at 8:27 PM
How did Richard Arnold die?
[8:28 PM]
Brent does not know!
[8:28 PM]
We must investigate this.

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 8:31 PM
Gail Chord Schuler Website
Gail Chord Schuler
Study Notes and Research Page

Rule13 — Today at 8:44 PM
I am very fascinated!
[8:45 PM]
[8:45 PM]
Loree has been watching the hangout too.
[8:45 PM]
Brent boner.
[8:45 PM]
Chad is drunk.

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:46 PM
Too much cocaine liquor

Rule13 — Today at 8:46 PM
Coca leafs!
[8:47 PM]
Remember Curious George?

Remember Curious George?

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:47 PM


Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 8:50 PM
Are there any Furry Cons going on in Orlando?

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:52 PM
That was my thought but Chad would know


Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 8:56 PM
David gives me the creeps

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 8:56 PM
And Vivian looks like a potato

@Joshua J. Joshua
And Vivian looks like a potato

Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 8:56 PM
She seems like a traumatizer to me

@Klock, Rabbi of Venice
Are there any Furry Cons going on in Orlando?

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 8:57 PM
Yes megaplex and it’s in August
[8:57 PM]
I got every year

Rule13 — Today at 8:58 PM
I like cum to the face!
[8:58 PM]
Did David ever cum on you?


I like cum to the face!

Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 8:58 PM
It doesnt cause skin irritation?
[8:59 PM]
When I masturbate and just sleep in my cum, I regret it next day when I get a rash from (edited)


Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 9:00 PM
Some ladies like the stink


Guy Jackman — Today at 9:00 PM
Me too.
I have to go masturbate now
Me so horny.
Bye y’all

@Guy Jackman
Me too. I have to go masturbate now Me so horny. Bye y’all

Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 9:00 PM
Sorry, I got a feeling my story caused this

Gail Chord Schuler — Today at 9:01 PM
Why is Guy so horny?

Rule13 — Today at 9:01 PM
I am horny too. Hmmm.
[9:01 PM]
I see Millennial Gail right now.


Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 9:01 PM
I’m super hard

Rule13 — Today at 9:01 PM
[9:01 PM]
He was so turned on by romantic memories.
[9:02 PM]
It is at full length!

Guy Jackman — Today at 9:02 PM
18.5 cm!!!!


Rule13 — Today at 9:02 PM
It is 18.75

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 9:02 PM
Inches not cm

Guy Jackman — Today at 9:03 PM
Oh my bad.
Must go
Will ejaculate soon ..

Rule13 — Today at 9:03 PM

Joshua J. Joshua — Today at 9:03 PM
Good night!
[9:04 PM]
I’ll try not to sleep on my erection

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 9:14 PM

[9:19 PM]
Erik Zimmour
[9:20 PM]

[9:20 PM]

Garbage Man — Today at 9:27 PM
Gail, so sorry that I had to leave unannounced (had something that I needed to attend to with my job). Really liked the fanfic – you can tell it was the work of someone with passion.

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 10:16 PM


Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 11:04 PM

[11:04 PM]
The loaf turned out so well
February 5, 2022

@Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia
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Klock, Rabbi of Venice — Today at 12:01 AM
You are an artisan
[12:02 AM]
Next make a Babka

Garbage Man — Today at 6:39 AM
Wow that looks delicious

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — Today at 6:55 AM
I am going to spend today and tomorrow smoking a brisket
[6:55 AM]
Starting now

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