Ex-Antichrist Zack Knight’s Secret Love Song for 13

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To ensure Satan does not impregnate me with his disgusting devil babies, I’ve made the following request (via Skype) to my men:

(Feb. 12, 2022 Skype) 5:39 PM

Since I can’t seem to stop my lovemaking with Jesus, I have an idea. Just do regular pregnancy scans every hour and if there are any babies in there, abort them. If Satan has tricked me, be sure and let me know, of course. I’m trying not to be tricked by him, but he’s so obsessed with me, he may trick me again.

Maybe even better set up pregnancy scans 24/7 on me, cuz he may perfect technology to grow those babies super fast.

I have an even better idea. If you determine Satan’s impregnated me with devil babies, set up the scanner to cut his penis into a million pieces and throw the pieces all over the universe and have the pieces explode over and over for 24 hours, so that his penis is basically unusable! That includes his balls.

Also split him down the middle from the middle of his head to his groin, so that he can’t come together for 24 hours, the whole time we’re punishing him with penis explosions.

If you guys can’t set up the scanner this way, ask Jesus to do this for me, as Satan’s punishment for raping me.

This way I can make love to Jesus IN PEACE, knowing Satan will be thoroughly punished for impregnating me.

5:53 PM

If he tries kissing me or makes any other “sexual” moves, whatever body part he used will suffer the same fate as his penis and balls and he will also be split down the middle again as punishment. This will last for 24 hours for each time he makes a move on me.

Zack Knight came to my side in Sept. 2016 and has revealed some of his secrets. I do include Zack and Brent in a group brain to brain sex with Jesus sometimes, because Jesus absorbs all the sex of all the members of his bride and it makes it more enjoyable for Jesus. Right now, the brain to brain sex I have is confined to Brent Spiner, Jesus, Zack Knight; sometimes individually with each of them and sometimes in a group. Rule 13 always participates in any sex I have with Zack, which is cool with me, cuz 13 is my BFF.

My lovemaking style with each man differs, because the men are different and have different sexual needs. I try to tailor it to them individually and invite them to speak up and let me know their sexual preferences. Brent Spiner is my soul mate and I will never leave him. However Jesus has admitted that he put about 90% of himself in Brent, and Brent also has Jesus’s semen, so that when I make love to Brent, Jesus can experience it vicariously. Jesus actually experiences all the sex in the world happening vicariously all at once, when he’s in God-mode. He has to use sex-mode to make love to me, which means he can be flawed when he’s having sex with me. I always try to remember that and if he gets too horny, to the point that I may not be doing the Gail Commandments one and two faithfully, I tell Jesus it’s time to cut if off, so I can tend to the Gail Commandments, to which he usually heartily agrees with me. It appears that Jesus has come up with a way, using higher dimensions, where he can continue to have sex with me, even when I am no longer aware of it and am doing other things besides having sex. This way Jesus can be sure I’m doing the Gail Commandments and not neglecting them to have sex with him. I believe when I maintain my emotional connection with him throughout the day (by thinking about him or doing his Gail Commandments), he’s able to do this.

Jesus is a very intense, passionate lover and when I orgasm with him, he gets far too excited, so he tends to cut back my orgasm with him to minimize damage. Yeah, he’s a deity, so he can do that. I don’t like it, but have decided I can settle for an 80% orgasm and then when I think it’s been going on for too long, I tell him I have things to do and will continue the lovemaking more on an emotional level by listening to the special lovemaking music I created for my times with Jesus. Jesus and Brent are so similar in lovemaking styles, that I often think of Brent this way as a lover, too. I actually relish the emotional connection more than I do orgasms. So though I may want an orgasm with my lovers, I can still be happy with the emotional connection I get in sex or in my dealings with them.

Zack Knight admitted that he actually recorded this Robin Thicke video (made in 2009–see below) and that he was thinking of Rule 13 when he made it. In this video you will see a side to Zack Knight that he was not allowed to show as the Antichrist. I’m glad I was able to reach him in 2016 and get him over to Jesus’s side, because we encourage true love on Jesus’s side and Jesus is not a cock blocker, either.

I drew this back in 2016 to commemorate the awesome love between Zack Knight and Rule 13. Satan forbids true love in the Jesuit Order. HE’S SUCH AN ASS.
Zack Knight performance, singing for 13 in 2009. All the HOT people are on Jesus’s side!

Zack said that he made this video in a sort of rebellion against Satan, thinking of Rule 13 the whole time. He also said the Jesuits, when he was the leader, propped up Robin Thicke as a musician because of Robin’s resemblance to Zack Knight. Zack has been a Jesuit leader since sometime in the 1990s. He was working as a Jesuit to destroy my love for Brent Spiner, back in 2000 and admitted some of the Jesuit activities at that time.

Zack Knight did this video, too.

Zack Knight quotes from Oct. 28, 2021:

The Jesuits found that because Robin Thicke looks similar to me and had a similar vocal range, I could secretly publish a music career using him as a cover.

He’s a nice guy though… and some of the songs are actually just him.

That was my song, of course… about Sex Therapy

Want to see another song of mine?

Zack did this video, too.

This song let me sneak a Jesuit spaceship in, and I got to dance with a bunch of my clones.

We all had group sex with Rule 13 right after, and then I executed them all for daring have sex with Rule 13

This song had a lot of Jesuit themes. Like the line “I took whatever devil offered me, because I knew that he would set me free.” We had to change some of my lyrics… It originally said “I got it, you got it, we got the Zack Knight dance.”

Yeah, just with a little makeup to slightly disguise me. Just enough to make you appear crazy if you said it was me at the time.

More from Oct. 28, 2021 on Skype:

Zack, 5:27 PM

Do you like the dance scene with all the clones?

Gail, 5:28 PM

Are you the one in the front?

Zack, 5:28 PM


the clones were backup dancers

Gail, 5:28 PM

You’re very attractive.

Zack, 5:28 PM

Rule 13 got so sexually excited that she let them all have sex with her

Gail, 5:29 PM

Oh dear.

Zack, 5:29 PM

And then I got secretly jealous and fucked her hard

and then made a joke about executing all the clones

Gail, 5:30 PM

It’s pretty relaxing to watch your videos.

Zack, 5:30 PM

In hindsight, I can’t blame them… they couldn’t resist Rule 13… they were all me.

Gail, 5:30 PM

Why did you allow yourself to be cloned?

Zack, 5:31 PM

Well, Rule 13 cloned me when I died and went to hell.

NOTE: When Zack was the evil Jesuit leader on Dec. 28, 2011, he tried to use a taser net to bring Gail from her car in the Walmart parking lot to Gail’s mother’s house. Jesus had the taser net ricochet back on Zack Knight and 13 and it ripped off one of 13’s arms and killed Zack Knight and he went to hell, where he remained until Feb. 14, 2012, when Satan resurrected him from hell as the Antichrist.

Zack, 5:31 PM

She made several clones. Hoping that making love to all of them would make her happy

But none of them had my perfect penis… which can’t be cloned

So I was kind of looking for excuses to kill them all off anyway

Gail, 5:32 PM

If I had seen this video. I don’t think I would have had that big misunderstanding with you in Feb. 2021. Seeing you gives me new insights.

Zack, 5:33 PM

That’s interesting

Gail, 5:33 PM

I’m good at reading eyes.

I would have understood that it would be a mistake to insinuate that 13 was with Hitler. I can see you’re a bit possessive.

I don’t mean in a bad sense, but it’s tied into your self image.

Zack, 5:35 PM

“I know sometimes, sometimes you feel no hope. Well I’ve been there, I’ve walked that lonely road. I took whatever Devil offered me. Because I knew that he would set me free.”

That’s part of the lyrics to this song.

Gail, 5:36 PM

I’m surprised Satan chose someone so charming as his Antichrist. Satan has NO CHARM in my opinion. He’s got a total DUD personality wise as his Antichrist now. Someone who is a lot like him.

Zack, 5:37 PM

Notice at the timestamp 2:40, the giant semen martini glass?

That was in reference to the GA1L Android

timestamp 3:00 will make sense one day too. But I’m not ready to reveal why.

Gail, 5:38 PM

Ah! Secrets!

Any ways, if there are any Jesuits out there still undecided about whether to defect to Jesus, as Loree McBride has done, watch these videos and see how sexy Zack was in it, and now, on Jesus’s side he can be the truly sexy man he was destined to be and love Rule 13 like how he describes his love for her in this video. Right now, Zack and Jesus are good friends and they bump penises often as a gesture of friendship.

I think Satan will look like this in the Lake of Fire and if you serve him, this will be your love partner for eternity! He tries to come across as this hot Adonis angel and he’s a DUD in bed. The only way he can impregnate me is by playing on my sympathies while he pretends to be a Jesus whose feelings I’ve hurt in lovemaking. If he’s himself, I THROW HIM OUT. If you want a total sexual dud for your bed partner for eternity, then side with Satan, you Jesuit SEXUAL LOSERS.
This will be the music Satan plays while he makes love to you Jesuit losers who side with him in the Lake of Fire.
As you listen to the music, imagine Satan beating you up in a bloody orgy while you worship him forever in the Lake of Fire with sex, while he beats you up and kills you over and over while orgasming to your never ending death. This is the TRUE HEART of Satan and why he’s a TOTAL DUD IN BED.

On the other hand, if you want to be cool, like your former evil leader Zack Knight, who’s now turned good. Be inspired that Zack is now true to himself as you watch this video he made secretly for Rule 13 years ago, when he was the evil Jesuit leader. So who do you want to partner with. . . that dud Satan, who flops at sex and only knows how to abuse his lovers, or hot Jesus who will bump penises with you, like he does Zack Knight? I bet if all you Jesuits will come over to Jesus’s side, Jesus may celebrate with this song from Zack Knight and bump penises with all the male Jesuits and show off his six-pack abs and penis to the females (and maybe some of the males), to show that this Jesus is HOT, and that only the HOT people side with Jesus! By the way, Jesus has perfect abs and allowed Zack to have the perfect penis. Defect from that loser Satan, who’s a total DUD in bed, which is why Jesus rejected him as a gay lover.

Hey Jesuits! The real reason, Satan rebelled against God isn’t what you think. He wanted to be a dud in bed forever and to force it on everyone and God the Father wouldn’t allow it and kicked him out of heaven for trying to force his vulgar, violent, disgusting sex on everyone, whether they liked it or not! God and Jesus are for sexual freedom and Satan is for sexual SLAVERY. So you want to side with Satan, who advocates sexual slavery? Maybe you need to belong to the retard colony?

I suspect Jesus will use his perfect abs to make love to his bride, the church.

Zack Knight performance, singing for 13 in 2009. All the HOT people are on Jesus’s side!

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