Antichrist Angelina Ballerina/Alexander the Great

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In my novel, the Antichrist will be Angelina Ballerina or Alexander the Great. Here is some fascinating research I have compiled about Alexander. Jesus says the Antichrist is currently on hold. But I believe the Antichrist for the tribulation will be Angelina Ballerina or Alexander the Great.

Interesting Bible study on the Antichrist:

Good Bible teaching on the Antichrist. However, I disagree with his view that Christ has always eternally existed. Jesus himself admitted that his dad, God the Father, is a lot older than he is and superior to Jesus. However, Jesus was born into the cosmos way before earth and the current universe was created.
Is Satan playing games with me? Viggo is the leader of the group of men who used to be on my marriage list, but now bed Loree McBride (who sided with Angelina). He brain to brain sexed me in 2018 faking as Brent Spiner. UPDATE: It may just be a coincidence that Viggo could pass for Alexander the Great though.

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