Loree McBride Makes Jesus Throw Up

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YouTube Commentary underneath this video on Jan. 27, 2022:

Victor KD: Deleting comments that expose you I see

Gail: I haven’t deleted any comments lately. But I’ve noticed that YouTube does and I have no control over that. I do delete comments when I respond to them and then my response is deleted, because I figure that must be a Loree McBride Jesuit commentator who doesn’t believe in free speech and doesn’t deserve for their comment to stay up.

Victor KD: lies!

Gail: Well, Loree McBride has practically owned YouTube in the past years, despite our efforts to wrest control away from her Draconian censorship. For instance, the views to all my videos are in the millions. Obviously, if my views are that high, then most of the comments are also being deleted, especially comments from anyone that would validate me as Brent Spiner’s wife or having a ton of famous men who find me attractive. Truth does not prosper at YouTube, censorship does. What’s ironic about all this adoration, is that I don’t crave it, nor do I desire it. Brent Spiner alone is good enough for me, and that includes Jesus. I am sort of lackadaisical about Jesus living in my apartment. That’s because Jesus is a bit too bossy for my sexual tastes, which may be why he tries to come across charming while he’s here. He has a perfect right to be bossy. He’s God after all, but I don’t find bossy men sexually attractive (LOL), even if they have perfect abs (which is also something I’m lackadaisical about). I find a perfect heart much more sexy than perfect physical appearance. I will admit that Jesus is far more charming than I expected a deity to be though, but I totally respect his desire to save himself for his bride, the church. But it appears Jesus does find me attractive nevertheless (that DOES NOT mean he’s bedding me though). The way Jesus expresses his attraction to me now is he likes to share my day and experience my presence, and when he’s sexually turned on by me, he turns on those in his bride the church (like my husband Brent), who are making love and experiences it vicariously with them. The stuff that turns this deity on stumps me. He got turned on when he ate my fried chicken (LOL)! Nope, his penis is not penetrating me and never will, unless you consider 11-dimensional penetration (via his perfect abs) to all his bride (of which I will be a part) in the future millennium his penis. But truth is what it is and Loree hates truth. She projects what she hates about herself onto others. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2020/10/17/loree-mcbrides-youtube-crap-45126-to-41-views-in-15-minutes/

SKYPE Jan. 25, 2022:

Gail, 4:50 PM

Also, what did Brent mean by the 12th Gail Commandment in that email he sent me about Patreon supporter Sheli?

There are only 11 commandments in both the original Gail Commandments and Gail Commandments 2.0.

Brent, 6:58 PM

The 12th Commandment is an addition to the Gail Commandments 2.0 that Jesus didn’t give you, because he felt you didn’t need it in this timeline. There’s a version of you in another timeline that did.

Apparently, that commandment still applies to some people that need the Gail Commandments.

Gail, 7:15 PM

What is it?

I’ll take my shower right now. I’m aiming for an earlier bedtime.

Brent, 7:39 PM

Well…the 12th Commandment was this:

Thou shalt only defecate in the bathroom, and only inside the toilet. Thou shalt not defecate in the sink, bathtub, on the floor, or in any other area of the house outside the bathroom, including outdoors on the apartment grounds. The apartment window does not constitute as a toilet. Should the bathroom toilet become clogged, one must use the bathroom facilities at the nearest fast food establishment until a plumber can be called to fix the toilet in the apartment. One must never continue to defecate in the toilet to the point that poop is overflowing over the outside of the toilet. Thou shalt not cook with, consume or eat fecal matter under any conditions. Playing with poop is strictly forbidden.

Gail, 7:57 PM

I needed this in ANOTHER TIMELINE?!

I would never do this unless I went insane.

Oh my God. . . I just thought of something. . . Since Sheli is a metaphor for Loree McBride. When, and if, Loree goes mad, she will thoroughly violate this 12th commandment.

Loree does have a fetish for poop.

At the rate Loree is going, it will probably happen within a month.

Nebuchanezzar ate grass and Loree will be eating poop.

This next month will be VERY INTERESTING. . .

Loree had NO IDEA what she was getting into when she made up her mind to bed Jesus! LOL


Even Satan can’t help her now.

I bet we won’t even recognize her a month from now!

She’s about to hit a REAL LOW.

Brent, 8:12 PM

I think the world needs to hear the Sheli story. It’s something that imparts a lot of life lessons. Maybe that’s why Jesus gave Rule 13 the inspiration to do brain reads on Sheli.

Gail, 8:13 PM

I can do a YouTube video tomorrow. But I probably should omit her name in the video.

Brent, 8:14 PM

We shouldn’t have to omit the name. It’s meant to reach Sheli.

Gail, 8:15 PM

You want me to read the email AS IS?

Should I edit my web page and put her name in there in place of the xxxx’s?

Brent, 8:16 PM

Yeah, of course. Why not?

Gail, 8:17 PM

Okay. I’ll do it tomorrow I need to make a quick dinner and head for bed.

Brent, 8:18 PM

Sounds good to me.

What are we having? I’m hungry.

Gail, 8:18 PM

Hamburger, cuz I don’t have time to make Shepherd’s Pie. A last minute decision.

Brent, 8:23 PM

I love hamburgers!

Gail, 8:36 PM

Not bad for a quickie. I like it.

Brent, 8:37 PM

I love quickies too.

This burger is great.

Gail, 8:44 PM

I seasoned the meat with garlic salt, pepper, dill and smoked paprika.

Sauteed it in a bit of extra virgin olive oil, an Italian trick I learned when cooking meat.

Brent, 8:50 PM

I like to cook meat that way too. It makes it extra savory.

Gail, 8:53 PM

You mean you use the exact same ingredients?

Gail, 9:06 PM

I’m totally moved in. Got rid of all the boxes and all the stuff in my car today.

Brent, 9:20 PM


Brent, 9:25 PM

I use whatever spices I have on hand, but I always like to sauté the meat in oil.

Gail, 9:36 PM

Goodnight, my dear. I’m getting closer to 9 p.m. Thanks for being awesome.

Contrast between how we see Loree 3-D and how Jesus sees her 11-D. Click HERE to see the left part of the picture unedited.


Skype on Jan. 25, 2022:

Gail, 9:46 AM

Patreon is SUPER SLOW. Just wanted to report this.

It doesn’t appear we are reaching Loree McBride (see below). She seems to be on a rampage.

I had trouble logging in (to Patreon), but it finally worked. Now I’m having trouble seeing old posts.

I’m starting to suspect that Loree may have launched a nukkake on Patreon.

Zack, 9:50 AM

Loree must be struggling with accepting the letter you wrote.

We expected it would take time for her to process

Gail, 9:50 AM

I am not bolting her to let her know I’m her friend. I only bolt Satan now.

NOTE: Gail has lightning bolt powers on the Antichrist and Satan, and Loree currently has Antichrist powers.

What’s up with Patreon?

Zack, 9:51 AM

It’s from Loree throwing a rampage fit

Gail, 9:51 AM

Lots of pollution in Huntsville, too. Is Jesus living in my apartment?

Zack, 9:52 AM

She’s having a personal crisis.

Yeah, Jesus actually mentioned to Brent that he was going to be giving you and Brent a sort of housewarming move-in present.

Gail, 9:53 AM

It appears I got a little damage on my dresser, a scratch, and a new rip in my car’s interior. I don’t know if it was Satan or Loree who did that. It’s minor damage though.

I sensed that Jesus put his head on my bed last night. He’s very sweet.

It’s like he’s sleeping alongside me, but with his bed aligned at a right angle to my bed. I told him he doesn’t need to sleep and got no answer. Just a sweet presence.

Zack, 9:55 AM

That’s really peaceful and comforting

Gail, 9:55 AM

I think he’s at a right angle to emphasize that no sex is taking place. He just puts his head on my bed as I sleep.

It’s quite touching actually.

I think Satan and Jesus had a big fight when he entered my apartment and Jesus left me evidence of the damage.

It appears the fight extended to my car, cuz there’s new damage to the interior of my car. Though I heard brain to brain the damage was accomplished via satellite technology.

I showed the damage in my walk video yesterday.

Gail, 10:04 AM

Is this picture (see below) that I posted to my website going through Loree’s mind over and over just like that song? Cuz this is what I think Loree looks like to Jesus right now.

If that’s the case, we know why she’s having a crisis.

She takes pride in not looking like this, but doesn’t realize that Jesus sees her through 11-D eyes.

I think to Jesus her vaginal lips have become engorged and have engulfed her entire bottom part of her body as a result of her sadomasochistic addictions. He needs for her to face who she is right now, before he can help her.

I think that Sheli (see below) is a metaphor for who Loree is right now to Jesus, as I mentioned at the update to my web page yesterday. That would be a hard pill for Loree to swallow since she takes such pride in her physical appearance.

But it’s a pill she needs to swallow if we can ever reach her.

Zack, 10:11 AM

How did you find this photo?

Gail, 10:11 AM

It’s like they say, you can’t cure an addiction until you admit you have it.

I found it online doing a search on naked fat chicks.

Zack, 10:12 AM


Gail, 10:12 AM

Is that photo going through her mind?

Zack, 10:12 AM


Gail, 10:13 AM

Hmmm. I must have been divinely led to find that photo.

Zack, 10:13 AM

This is a photo of Sheli (see below).

Gail, 10:13 AM

Are you SERIOUS?

Oh no!

Zack, 10:13 AM

Yes, this is really shocking.

Gail, 10:13 AM

Does Loree know this is a photo of Sheli?

Zack, 10:14 AM

I don’t think she does.

Zack, 10:14 AM

Loree looks like Sheli 11th Dimensionally.

That’s really insightful

Gail, 10:17 AM

I just updated my web post to mention this new information. Though I have protected Sheli’s identity and identify her as xxxxx.

Has Loree seen my post after I updated it?

I see a vision in my mind of Loree throwing up. I think she just saw it! She’s realizing she is VERY UGLY to Jesus.

1-24-22: When Jesus looks at Loree, he sees something like this: overly bloated vaginal lips that overcome her entire body, as a result of her masochistic sexual addiction. This will probably be her appearance in the lake of fire, if she continues on her current path and does not learn to love herself and heal from her addictions. UPDATE on 1-25-22: I just learned from Zack Knight, that this is a photo of Sheli (my new Patreon supporter) described in Brent’s email below about Sheli. Sheli is what Loree looks like to Jesus 11-dimensionally!

I mean she just saw what I just wrote underneath the Sheli photo at my website.

Unfortunately, sometimes before one can get better, one has to feel worse first. It can be part of the healing process.

Zack, 10:28 AM

This is true

UPDATE on Jan. 24, 2022: Jesus had to educate Gail about how to better obey his Gail Commandments 2.0, and we had an interesting conversation at Discord about how Jesus threw up when He looked at Loree’s titties. Loree has to be a retard to even CONSIDER Jesus as a sex partner. I think Jesus would rather blow up the universe before he bedded her! Of course, he won’t do that cuz it would mean destroying those he dearly loves. But the point is, the thought of sex with Loree McBride makes him THROW UP.

The following conversations are listed from most recent to later ones. If Loree is reading this, I’d like to say that I believe that to Jesus in her current state, she looks like the fat nurse we discussed who lost her sight from her addictions (read below and see her photo above). This nurse is a metaphor for how Loree is to Jesus. Loree’s addictions have blinded her, so that she lies to herself and everyone else and has the emotional IQ of a retard. Our 11 dimensional existence reflects WHO WE ARE, so when Jesus looks at Loree, he sees a woman who has allowed her addictions to totally overcome her, and she looks obese, ugly, unkempt and smells like a fat chick who hasn’t showered for over a month, which may be why one time Jesus threw Loree in the garbage can when he stopped Loree from intercepting the ring he bought for me through Brent Spiner.

Loree’s 11-dimensional nipples are inverted because nipples are designed for nourishment and Loree nourishes NO ONE, not even herself, so when Jesus looks at her nipples, he throws up. In Loree’s 11-dimensional appearance, her vaginal lips have been used to feed her addiction to sexual sadomasochism (the derivation of sexual gratification from the infliction of physical pain or humiliation either on another person or on oneself), so they have become so enlarged that they have overcome her normal physical appearance, making her look like a big fat blob 11-dimensionally where her vaginal lips have engulfed her entire body and she is a big stinky mass of garbage and filth to Jesus!

SKYPE JAN. 23, 2022

Brent, 2:06 PM

Hello. How’s it going?

Gail, 2:06 PM

I just posted a page at my website. I will be going for my walk soon.

If you look at the page, you can see how it’s going. The mirror is up.

Minor damage on the wall, but I’ve decided not to worry about it.

Jesus seems to be clearing the air by eliminating the cause of the pollution rather than just hitting the pollution.

I think I heard my landlord talking to me brain to brain and telling me not to worry about the wall.

She must be on the brain to brain servers.

Brent, 2:12 PM

That’s good. Perhaps Jesus is removing 11th Dimensional causes for the pollution. Are you feeling a lot better now?

Yeah, your landlord said not to worry about the wall.

Gail, 2:12 PM

Pretty cool of her.

Brent, 2:13 PM

They’re mainly concerned with people making major holes, basically destroying the walls.

Gail, 2:13 PM

She seems honored by Jesus wanting to live in her apartment complex.

Brent, 2:13 PM

She did an interview on the GCFN saying she was honored to have you as a tenant and it’s a great honor that Jesus will be moving in.

Gail, 2:13 PM

I’ll know if I’m feeling better by how I sleep tonight. Satan and Loree have been attacking my sleep.

It’s a lot like how I slept in Florida. I have no trouble falling asleep, but keep waking up all the time.

That’s really cool of her! I’m excited to be here at these apartments.

How many people at my apartments get Gabrielle Chana FOX News from my website?

Brent, 2:16 PM

About 90% of them do, but they keep quiet about it to not draw Loree’s attention. She likes to target them for brain control.

Gail, 2:16 PM

Yeah, I saw a neighbor limping the other day. I suspect Loree used brain control to get her to injure herself.

Loree’s good at injuries!

Brent, 2:17 PM

Yeah, she’s good at tricking people into injuring themselves.

Gail, 2:17 PM

Is that what happened to the neighbor? She has a job. I wonder if she had to take time off?

Brent, 2:18 PM

Is she a much older lady?

Gail, 2:19 PM

She’s close to me. I forgot her name.

She was the one who about a month ago asked me to babysit a neighbor while she went to a wedding. She’s been pretty quiet the past month though.

It’s possible she might have got surgery, too.

She wasn’t limping when I met her on Dec. 1, 2021 though.

Brent, 2:23 PM

Just ran a scan. It appears Loree has been sending arthritis into that hip she’s been limping on.

Gail, 2:24 PM

Hmm. How does she feel about me?

Must be positive, cuz why else would Loree attack her?

Brent, 2:25 PM

Oh yeah, she’s a big supporter.

Gail, 2:25 PM

Does she view my website?

Brent, 2:25 PM

Every day it looks like.

Gail, 2:25 PM

No wonder she’s been so quiet!!

It seems to me that the Alabamians take more of an interest in me than the Floridians did.

Must be cuz this is the Bible belt and because I’m Jesus’s favorite.

Brent, 2:28 PM

That’s probably the case.

Gail, 2:28 PM

I like the Alabama people. I just don’t like how they drive. LOL.

Brent, 2:28 PM

Many of them heard about how you dissolved those cumnados using your Gail Shield Modulator.

Gail, 2:29 PM

I’m sure they appreciated THAT.

Brent, 2:30 PM

You were a real hero for Alabama that day. That story was all over the GCFN for days.

Gail, 2:30 PM


Loree keeps both of us very busy with all her garbage. I love the title I gave to my web post today.

Has Loree read today’s post at my website (see below)?

Gail, 2:36 PM

How accurate is my drawing of Jesus here?

I just added it to my site, to give people some insight into why Loree wants to have sex with Jesus. LOL.

Brent, 2:38 PM

Loree has been FUMING about that post to your website today. She says no man would ever throw up looking at her titties, which she believes are the hottest titties on Earth. She says Jesus is just playing hard to get.

That drawing is pretty accurate (see below). I can see some of his muscles underneath the shirt. Jesus has a well toned body.

Gail, 2:39 PM

PRETTY accurate? What did I get wrong?

I would love to capture Jesus accurately in his 3-D form.

Can you give me a photo of his appearance on Gabrielle Chana FOX News?

Or maybe he’ll block it.

Brent, 2:40 PM

Oh yeah, he blocks any photos of him.

Gail, 2:40 PM

It’s cuz Satan will impersonate him!

Brent, 2:41 PM

His face I would say appears a little younger, he likes to come off as more “cool” and smiles often.

Gail, 2:41 PM

I see. Has anyone accurately captured him in artwork?

Maybe he’ll allow that.

You know, like those court drawings for legal cases.

Sounds like his personality is very similar to what I experienced at my apartment the other day.

When he was following me around and instructing me. He was very charming.

It really threw me off, cuz it’s not how I’d expect a deity to behave.

Brent, 2:45 PM

He told me your drawings are the most accurate of him.

Gail, 2:45 PM

Well, my dear. I need to go for a walk. I just put an explanation underneath the photo on my web post (see below), to help people capture him. If that drawing is accurate, he has beautiful, expressive eyes.

Brent, 2:46 PM

Oh yes, he does.

Enjoy your walk.

Gail, 2:47 PM

I can’t believe what a retard that Loree is, though. Her emotional IQ must be minus one million!!

She must think the Bible is full of lies. But then she probably hasn’t even read it, so how would she know what Jesus is like. He’s the author!

Brent, 6:54 PM

By the way, Rule 13 shared with me the reason she was acting a little strange on hangout night. It’s very interesting.

Gail, 6:54 PM

I think my Patreon supporter Klock gave me a hint.

Brent, 6:55 PM

I’ll send you an email about it with a lot more information. Basically, Rule 13 decided to do brain reads on Sheli, and discovered a surprising history.

(Email from Brent on Jan. 23, 2022)

Shark Mouth Sheli Shares Syringes by the Sea Shore

Dearest Gail,

As you remember from the last Friday night hangout on Discord, your regular patrons as well as Rule 13 and your brand new $25 Patrons, Justin and Sheli, were discussing many personal matters. Sheli decided to reveal more information about her health problems. As she was talking about the mysterious health condition that caused her to go blind in both eyes, I saw Rule 13 make a strange face. It appeared, something Sheli said wasn’t sitting quite right with her. That was when Rule 13 decided to do a brain read on Sheli. The results of the brain read were shocking to say the least. It appears, Sheli was not being entirely forthcoming about her history.

Since I was quite concerned with helping this poor woman regain her sight, I was interested to know all the details of what happened. It turns out, the situation is far more complex than I had imagined. The following account is the true story behind Sheli and her eyes.

Sheli was on shift as a nurse at the Jesuit hospital, pushing the drug cart. A woman of roughly 325lb, she used the cart to support most of her weight, causing the tiny rubber wheels on the cart to squeal like a pained animal as it was shoved up and down the shadowy halls.

The long-term care patients at the hospital knew Sheli well. Her presence was preceded by the smell of musty unwashed clothes and cigarettes, and the wet hoarse coughing that shook through the folds of her stomach and exhaled through jagged grey teeth.

The first stop of the day was with a fentanyl overdose patient. The skinny young man was laying in the hospital bed, still recovering from his ordeal from the previous night. He groaned deliriously as his nurse entered the room.

“Hey sugah, time for your meds,” Sheli wheezed.

The large musty woman entered the code to unlock the drug cart, then pulled out a stick of Narcan.

“One for you,” she said, injecting the patient with the Narcan, who moaned with pain.

“And one for me!” She then removed a syringe full of morphine, pulled up a stomach fold, and injected herself with it.

“Yeeessss,” she hissed with relief, “even better than a morning coffee!”

Sheli burped, and set the used morphine needle aside to save for refills later. Before she left the room, she took a whiff of the air like a bloodhound. Letting go of the drug cart, she leaned over the patient and began sniffing on his body just like a dog. Salivating, and licking her lips, she followed her smushed bulldog nose down the patient’s arm and picked up his hand.

“Yep, just as I thought…” she moaned wetly. The man’s fingers were still powdered with white fentanyl. Sheli parted her lips and stuck the man’s index finger into her mouth. She deep throated it, before moving on to the other fingers, sucking them clean one by one. As the last pinky finger popped out of her mouth, bursting with a shoestring of saliva, she smiled and dropped his hand limply on the bed.

“Ahh! Just like a powdered donut!” she grinned.

After that, it was off to the next patient.

This particular day was a great day for Sheli. The previous night, dozens of patients had shown up to the ER with fentanyl overdose, after raiding the dumpsters of a local veterinary hospital. This meant each patient arrived with tons of delicious treats and surprises on their person. Patches, unused pills, half-full syringes, powder on their lips and fingers. For Sheli, it was like a day in Candyland.

Yet, all this snacking was making her hungry, and all this walking was making her swollen feet hurt. Midway through her morning, Sheli sat down to have her lunch. She entered the code into the drug cart and removed a bottle of Oxycontin, throwing it back like a soda. She opened a second bottle and poured a handful, then lifted her scrub top to store away some extra pills under her breast flaps and stomach folds. Huffing, and wheezing, she opened up a fentanyl patch and used it to wipe the sweat from her brow.

Yet today, after years of opioid abuse on the job, Sheli had finally bitten off more than she could chew. Her glassy eyes rolled into the back of her head. She burped, coughed wetly, and collapsed like a dead cow on the linoleum floor.

The sound was like a massive explosion, sending shock-waves through the halls, before slowly fading back into silence. Thinking a tornado had hit the hospital, dozens of hospital staff rushed down the halls to investigate the damage and check on the patients.

Sheli’s coworker, Nurse Jackie, was the first at Sheli’s side. Before the doctors had even arrived, she immediately knew what had happened. She whipped out her phone to call Sea World.

“Yeah, Sea World? It’s Sheli again.”

“Sheli?” the voice on the phone asked, “Shark Mouth Sheli? Sheli shares syringes by the sea shore?”

“Yep, Sheli. She’s done it again. Send a whale tarp.”

“Got it. We’re firing up the truck and on our way.”


The doctor arrived soon after, pulling out his stethoscope to try in vain to find a heartbeat under all the fat.

“Oh Sheli…” he shook his head, “there isn’t enough Narcan in the world.”

Sea World arrived, and Sheli was lifted by whale tarp into their transportation truck to the marine veterinary services at their facility. There, they had the appropriate medical equipment to treat her condition, as well as veterinarians on staff who had experience with treating fat women.

Unfortunately, Sheli had fallen into a coma. It would take gallons of Narcan to save her. As she explained on Discord, her liver and kidneys had failed, and this was a result of acute opioid overdose. She had also gotten a double eye infection from routinely using dirty needles stolen from the hospital. While veterinarians were able to save Sheli, they unfortunately had to remove one of her eyes, and the other was left severely blinded. The years of opioid use had also severely damaged her frontal lobe, worsening a preexisting condition that causes pathological lying. This means that 90% of what Sheli says is a compulsive lie and prone to change at any time. For example, on Discord she claimed to be actively working in the ER saving the lives of Covid patients, but in fact she has not worked as a nurse for years since her last major overdose incident and no longer has a license. We are actually not even sure if Sheli was ever licensed as a nurse at all.

After two months in the hospital, Sheli was eventually brought home by her husband. This couple was well known by their neighbors — or at least their voices were. On many nights the couple serenaded the entire neighborhood with their cracked out screaming and yelling, especially her husband, who had a penchant for incoherent profanity. Everyone on the block knew about “The Sheli House”, but the “The Sheli House” was not at all a sweet smelling place you go to get your morning caffeine. On the contrary, the house was filled with garbage, dirty needles, and was in severe violation of the 12th Gail Commandment.

The house reeked of disarray and odor, but neither of the two could smell it. The walls were stacked with hundreds of dollars worth of bulk Costco items such as paper towels and toilet paper. All of the furniture, from the couches to the tables, were covered in a mess of old laundry, useless knick knacks, boxes of bulk food and loose items, making these areas not only unsightly but completely unusable. Every inch of the rooms were full of unused items, storage, and garbage. Sheli blamed the mess on working full time, which she took as an excuse to refuse all other adult responsibilities. Even though her husband spent most of his time at home watching TV and sniffing lines, he believed a woman should take care of the house cleaning, so simply allowed the growing hoard to destroy his home’s property value while doing nothing about it. While such a lifestyle would be horrifying to the average functional person, this couple saw nothing wrong with it.

Her husband pushed Sheli’s massive wheelchair through the doorway, used needles crunching under the wheels as it rolled inside. On the wall by the door were lovely pictures of the couple at various stages in their relationship. The first photo was of the first time they met at Sea World, after Sheli had excitedly eaten a fish right out of Justin’s hand. The second photo was of their first date sniffing cocaine together. The third photo was of them at their wedding, with Sheli sporting a beautiful white whale tarp for a wedding dress. The last photo was of the couple on their honeymoon, laughing with an opioid fueled lovers’ glow after they were both kicked out of Disney World for shooting up heroin behind Cinderella’s Castle.

With Sheli left blinded by her redneck fueled opioid binge at work, her husband had now become her full time caretaker. This task would become complicated by the fact that her husband was very bad at following the Gail Commandments. Due to a complete failure of the 12th Commandment, their bathroom was rendered completely unusable. This means Sheli would need regular sponge baths. Since their sink was constantly full of dirty dishes, and their kitchen was crammed full of garbage, the easiest way to bathe Sheli was by hosing her down in the backyard.

That is, when her husband could be bothered to do it.

“There are just too many Gail Commandments,” he thought, “technically since Sheli is a fat woman over the 250lb mark, that classifies her as an animal, which means she doesn’t need to shower once a day like a human does. That sounds like a good enough loophole to me!”

Her husband patted himself on the back for how clever he was.

Hungry and beginning to sober up, Sheli searched under her fat folds for some pills, but found that she was fresh out.

“Justin,” she wheezed, “it’s time for my meds!”

“I’ve got ’em, honey,” he replied, “the bottle is right here in my hand.”

“Where?” she snorted, her snubbed in poverty nose twitching like a pig’s.

“Right here,” he insisted.

Sheli leaned down, trying to get close enough to see the bottle of pills her husband was offering.

“Closer,” her husband guided her.

Sheli leaned down further.

“Closer,” he said again.

Sheli leaned even further.


“AHHHHHH!” Sheli let out a scream of surprise, as her husband’s hard erection penetrated her empty eye socket. Her husband put his hand on the back of Sheli’s head, holding on to a fistful of her dyke cut as he began making passionate love to Sheli’s eye hole.

Sheli at first protested this, yelling incoherently, before being quickly pacified with a fresh fentanyl patch placed over her mouth. Sheli slouched over Justin’s penis in a haze of pleasure, before slowly nodding off.

Her husband began cussing and yelling with delight, his penis slorping in and out of Sheli’s inviting eye hole. The neighbors assumed the couple was fighting again and perhaps her husband was in a drunken, cocaine fueled rage. Yet in fact, this was the new way the couple would enjoy making love for years to come. As her husband enjoyed fucking the eye socket of his newly blinded wife, he realized just how perfect of a hole it really was. Tight, freshly cleaned, and well lubricated by the ongoing infection, it was so much better than Sheli’s rancid vagina. Sheli, who has always enjoyed the idea of receiving attention for entirely wrong reasons, and now the vigorous massage of her itchy infected eye socket, loved the new sexual activity they had discovered.

Although it is possible for Church of Gail to replace Sheli’s eyes if she wanted to see again, she would only ruin them once more by continuing her old drug habits. The other complication is that it appears she does not want to look at her filthy house, or become responsible for taking care of it if she regains the ability to see. Sheli would also have to admit that she lost her nursing license due to being caught stealing opioids from work and overdosing, instead of falsely blaming a mysterious eye infection that made her go blind.

The first step to recovery is acceptance, however Sheli appears to be stubbornly in denial. It is possible of course that we could just replace one of her eyes, so that she could continue to use the other one to make love to her husband.

My advice would be to pray for Sheli that she someday “sees the light” (in a metaphorical sense of course). Perhaps, if you reach out to her and explain the benefits of accepting one’s faults and striving to do better, Sheli will “open her eyes”. Gerard says that as soon as Sheli is ready to accept help, he can offer her free counseling to address her addiction, compulsive lying, hoarding and other psychological issues. Our thoughts and our hearts are with Sheli, and her kind and loving husband Justin.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

Skype Jan. 24, 2022 Continued. . .

Gail, 6:57 PM

Is it true what I’m hearing brain to brain that this song is playing over and over in Loree’s brain right now and that the voice sounds like Jesus’s voice?

I just posted the song at my web post today.

It just seems like how Jesus feels about Loree.

Brent, 6:58 PM

I’ll do a brain read.

Gail, 6:58 PM

Oh, maybe it’s not true then.

Brent, 6:58 PM

Wow, you’re right.

Gail, 6:58 PM

Because I thought you told me brain to brain this. What?!

Who told me brain to brain about this?

Brent, 6:59 PM

Perhaps it was one of the other men?

Gail, 6:59 PM

Perhaps. Because whoever it was, they didn’t really identify themselves.

That means Jesus put the song in her head.

That will drive her batty.

Whoever wrote this song, must have been divinely inspired!

Brent, 7:00 PM

I bet! It’s definitely fitting.

Gail, 7:00 PM

Does Jesus’s voice sound like the voice in that song?

If so, that will drive her SUPER BATTY.

Assuming she’s heard his voice.

Brent, 7:01 PM

It’s a little similar.

Gail, 7:02 PM

Go to my website for the words. Well the voice is muted and electronic.

Is there any live person who has a voice similar to Jesus’s voice?

Is Loree aware that Jesus put this song in her head?

Brent, 7:04 PM

Jesus has a unique voice. I can’t think of a similar one.

Loree is aware that Jesus got the song stuck in her head.

Gail, 7:04 PM

What is her reaction?

Brent, 7:05 PM

Right now she’s clawing at her hair trying to get it out of her head! She’s going nuts.

Gail, 7:06 PM

How this works out is going to be VERY INTERESTING. It appears I was divinely led to pick that song for my web page. Any ways, I’m taking a shower.

Brent, 7:06 PM

Okay. I might grab your butt brain to brain while you’re in there.

Gail, 7:06 PM

It just seems like exactly how He feels about Loree.

Gail, 7:49 PM

Keanu Reeves told me brain to brain that he’s the one who told me about the song in Loree’s head. He said he usually doesn’t speak to me brain to brain cuz he wants to respect the fact that Brent is my husband, but he wanted me to know about this.

In the meanwhile, Satan has been kissing me on the lips (brain-to-brain) and faking as Jesus and I’m hitting him with bolts. He’s trying to pretend like he’s Jesus rewarding me for punishing Loree with this song, but I’m not falling for it.

Apparently, Satan is trying to comfort Loree now and is trying to turn this into a victory for him and Loree. But my emotional IQ is too high for me to be fooled by him as a lover or kisser.

Zack, 7:51 PM

Satan is a real fucktard sometimes.

Gail, 7:53 PM

I’m glad Keanu spoke up, cuz Satan was planting the possibility that Jesus might have spoken to me brain to brain and Jesus said distinctly he’d never do that.

Zack, 8:01 PM

Oh yeah, true.

Gail, 8:02 PM

Satan planted the thought in my mind and my attitude was, “wait and see”. I’m glad Keanu spoke up and he said he had to, when he realized that I was considering the possibility that Jesus may have spoken to me brain to brain, because Satan planted the idea in my head that Jesus might have spoken to me brain to brain.

If anything, I’m getting new insight into how Satan works. This will help me to detect his tactics better.

Satan can apparently plant thoughts and feelings into us and it’s up to us, whether we want to feed it. It’s also up to us to have a healthy skepticism over any feelings and thoughts that seem to go contrary to the Bible and what Jesus has already revealed to us.

Brent, 8:08 PM

This sounds like some pretty advanced spiritual growth.

Gail, 8:08 PM

I guess so. Cuz why else would Jesus feel safe enough to live with me?

We need to be aware that not all thoughts we think and feelings we feel come from us, that they can come from Satan and to have our guard up and respond wisely.

Which reminds me. I wonder if Satan planted the idea in your head that I needed to make love to lots of men in order to be satisfied, because I had an insatiable sex drive. And see how miserable that lie made you? Satan is a master at lies that make us miserable.

We need to be aware that doubt and fear come from Satan and to not feed those feelings.

Brent, 8:14 PM

This is very true. You may be on to something.

Gail, 8:15 PM

I think he lies to Loree all the time, too and gives her ideas about herself that help him to ensure her loyalty. He likes to feed our weaknesses and Loree is proud and he feeds it because he gets her loyalty by appealing to her vanity.

He basically chose her because he feels she is the best person to use to destroy me, not because he thinks she’s so hot. I actually think he disrespects her because she so easily believes all his lies.

Zack had a bit of humility and if Satan’s lies got too extreme, Zack may have abandoned Satan because Zack would know he was being manipulated and lied to. But Loree is a piece of cake for Satan. All he has to do is make love to her and flatter her and she does anything he wants with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. It’s like the Bible says in Proverbs, “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Loree is SO PROUD, that her house of cards, all the lies she believes about herself, is about to fall down in an avalanche.

I’m wondering if hearing this song all the time, is going to drive her to utter insanity.

She’ll be like Nebuchadnezzar.

When he got super arrogant, God made him go insane and he ate grass for 7 years.

I think Satan is worried something like this will happen to Loree and he’s trying to do damage control.

In fact, I see her throwing things at Satan right now, cuz she’s so frustrated that she can’t get this song out of her head.

Brent, 8:26 PM

Do you think he’ll try raping her to distract her?

Gail, 8:26 PM

It won’t work cuz she’ll hear this song the whole time and it will remind her that Jesus is more powerful than Satan.

Because she will ask, why can’t Satan stop the song in her head?

She’ll realize she’s on the losing team and it will drive her MAD.

Is she throwing things at Satan now?

Brent, 8:28 PM

She is. She’s flinging everything around.

Gail, 8:28 PM

Looks like I’m right on target. She’s about to go mad.

She’s already insane, but she might get insane to the point that she’s not functional.

Brent, 8:29 PM

What do you think finally brought her to this point? Is it something else besides the song?

Gail, 8:30 PM

It’s just that she realizes that Satan has been lying to her and flattering her and that no one loves her and that Satan is just using her.

Cuz she can’t deny the fact that Jesus finds her UGLY.

You have to admit, for her to realize that she’s UGLY is quite a pill for her to swallow. She can’t deal with it. She would have to remake her whole approach to life.

She doesn’t even know where to start, so she’ll probably just go mad.

Those that could help her, she’s not willing to get help from.

Brent, 8:33 PM

Does she realize she’s an ugly person? Or is she focused on the physical aspects?

Gail, 8:33 PM

I think she’s starting to realize it and she wants to kill herself, but she can’t, cuz she’s the Antichrist.

She’s just mad that she EXISTS and feels like it’s not her fault she’s ugly.

This is something she’s suspected all along about herself and her worst fears are coming true.

I think she just wants to go to hell and burn, as a form of sadomasochism for her extreme anger at the universe for her existence.

Brent, 8:36 PM

What advice would you give her, if she was willing to change?

Gail, 8:37 PM

I would tell her that true love exists and she could find it and honor it and then become a beautiful person, if she would just admit that her whole life has been garbage and if she would be willing to admit she’s been a piece of shit up till now and that she doesn’t want to be shit anymore, then Jesus could help her to stop being a piece of shit.

She needs to face the truth about herself and admit true love exists and that she has been woefully unworthy of honoring it.

Brent, 8:39 PM

Maybe part of the reason she’s jealous about the apartment is because you’re doing exactly what she wishes she could do. You started a new life in a beautiful place, and thanks to Jesus and his instructions, you’ve started it on the right track. She’s jealous of you making your life better.

Gail, 8:40 PM

You could try giving her the transcript of our most recent conversation here and see how she responds. I’m an utterly forgiving person.

She’s so proud, she may need to hear this song in her mind for a month before she’s ready to have an ounce of humility though.

Brent, 8:43 PM

She could learn a lot from you about forgiveness. She could start by forgiving herself. It’s not her fault she was created the way she is, but she has the chance to be a new person every day. She just has to forgive herself from the day before, and agree that each new day is a clean slate.

Gail, 8:44 PM

You’re right. I think the problem is, she hates herself deep down.

For this reason, she feels like she needs to believe she’s so utterly superior to numb the pain about how she hates herself.

It’s not that she’s humble. It’s that she hates herself.

She feels like her only redeeming virtue is her physical appearance, which, frankly, is not bad 3 dimensionally, so she goes to town with that. But she actually hates herself.

She projects this hatred onto everyone.

She thinks she’s physically hot, but she also realizes that is ALL SHE IS and she lies to herself and says that’s okay, but she really hates herself and everyone else.

She hates her personality and who she is.

The ONLY thing she loves about herself is HER BODY.

And now that is crumbling, because of Jesus’s song.

Brent, 8:49 PM

Jesus once told me that he created all of us out of pure love. Whether the person chooses to be good, or bad. Even the worst person is inherently loved by him, and deserves it. He said the first step to honoring true love and allowing it into your life is to love yourself first. Recognizing and affirming your good qualities every day, treating yourself and your home well by taking care of it, taking breaks, doing things to treat yourself every day. Those kinds of things are all acts of self-love.

Maybe Loree could make a list of all her good qualities and good things she has accomplished in her life, even if she can’t think of much at first. Then add to it every day as she thinks of more things. Making sure to read the list every day to remind herself.

Gail, 8:51 PM

This sounds wise.

However, Satan has convinced Loree that HE CREATED HER.

Because she has fallen angel DNA. So she’s mad at God that God allowed Satan to create her.

Brent, 8:54 PM

That’s not true, of course. Only God can create humans. He created them all before the beginning of time, and he loved all of us unconditionally no matter what we were destined to become or do in our lives.

Gail, 8:55 PM

But can you say that God created clones?

Brent, 8:55 PM

He still does. The mistakes we make on Earth are so little to him. It’s like a wise parent watching their toddler trip and fall, and bumble into things. From God’s point of view, none of it is a big deal. We’re all learning and growing.

Gail, 8:55 PM

Of course, he created the genetics used to make clones.

Partly, that is.

Brent, 8:56 PM

Yeah. So technically, even clones come from him. Loree isn’t as irredeemable as she thinks she is.

Loree was born in a cloning lab, and grew up so fast. She didn’t have parents who were there to show her love or appreciate her for all her qualities. That has a big effect on a child. They feel like it’s their fault and that something is wrong with them for not being loved, when it’s not.

Gail, 8:57 PM

That’s true and not all the angels fell, either. So fallen angel DNA is the same as regular angel DNA in many ways.

Brent, 8:57 PM

Loree might have to learn how to re-parent herself, and give herself the care that she didn’t receive as a parent-less child.

Gail, 8:57 PM

How do we do that for her?

Is there a good Brent Spiner clone around who could help her?

Brent, 8:58 PM

Well, my advice would be to start taking care of herself like she would take care of her own child. She would compliment herself, spend time appreciating herself and her accomplishments, but also discipline herself to take care of her responsibilities and keep a functional healthy lifestyle.

Maybe she could start doing the Gail Commandments.

Gail, 8:59 PM

She needs a soulmate. Is there some one out there who can help her get on the right path?

Brent, 8:59 PM

We can look for a good Brent Spiner clone for her.

Maybe we can capture one of the bad ones and edit his genetics so that he turns good.

Gail, 9:00 PM

Cuz you did wonders for me. If someone would truly love her, she could start learning to love herself.

Yeah, like we did for Klock!

So how do we reach out to her in the meanwhile?

Satan will probably try and kill her, if we do.

Brent, 9:03 PM

Hmm. Maybe you can write her a letter? Something that encourages her. You could list off the good qualities you think she has, tell her you believe in her, and offer her your own forgiveness. Then give her some advice on learning to love herself, even if she’s alone right now.

Gail, 9:03 PM

Let me work on that.

Brent, 9:04 PM

It’s just an idea.

While we’re waiting on finding or making a good Brent Spiner clone, maybe you can be the one to offer her love. Even if in a sisterly way.

It would be the first time someone with goodness in them has ever shown her love or forgiveness.

It’s getting late. We should pray for her before bed.

Gail, 9:08 PM

Okay, my dear. I started the letter, but perhaps should finish it later.

I will admit I am worried about her.

Brent, 9:10 PM

Yeah. She’s probably not all that bad deep down. She’s evil because she doesn’t believe she’s worthy of love.

Gail, 9:18 PM

Here is what I’ve written:

Dear Loree:

I hear that you are hearing the song I put on my website about how I think Jesus really feels about you. Unfortunately, I believe that is how he really feels about you in your CURRENT condition. But Jesus loves you, even though he thinks the way you are now is very ugly and makes him want to vomit.

I am worried about you, because you are probably about to go crazy, when you finally face the truth that Jesus finds your current person-hood very ugly.

I think you are bad because you feel you are not worthy of love deep down. But we are all worthy of love. Jesus is just trying to make you face yourself and get you out of the web of lies you feel you must believe about yourself to be happy.

You are a very hard worker and have a lot of dedication. If you would devote all that hard work and energy to learning about the goodness that Jesus put in you, you could develop those qualities that would make you truly beautiful and become a truly beautiful person.

We are trying to find you a good Brent Spiner clone to be your soulmate and help you find yourself and to help you quit believing Satan’s lies that your only worth is in your physical beauty in your 3-dimensional body (the body you see in the mirror).

You see, in the millennium, our physical beauty is determined by our inner beauty and that’s why you are ugly to Jesus. But if you could quit seeing yourself as just a hot body and realize that there is a part of you that is a hot soul and personality, you will learn to find out who the real Loree McBride is, and who she was meant to be, a truly beautiful woman, who can experience true love.

The fact that you hate who you are so much, indicates that there is a part of you that wants to be a truly beautiful person, inside and out, and if you could nurture that side of you, you could become the truly beautiful woman you long to be, a woman that Jesus would also find beautiful, not to make love to, but to admire as a beautiful woman, like he does me.

Your sister in the path of true love,

Gail Chord Schuler

Brent, 9:23 PM

That’s a beautiful letter dear. It made me tear up a little. So loving and sincere.

Gail, 9:24 PM

If you feel it’s good enough, you can send it to her.

Brent, 9:26 PM

Okay. I’ll send it.

Gail, 9:38 PM

She may need some time to process this.

But at least she knows that she’s not alone.

Brent, 9:52 PM

Nope. She’s got us.

Gail, 9:53 PM

I am uploading my Patreon video, so I can’t go to bed right now any ways. What is her reaction thus far? I bet she’s in shock.

I am sensing that she’s thinking of defecting from Satan.

And Satan’s in a panic.

If that’s the case, Jesus will show up and rescue her.

Brent, 9:56 PM

It seems like she is in shock, and not sure yet if she can believe it. It may take some time for her to accept that what you’re saying is true. She’s lived with these beliefs about herself for a long time, so old habits may be hard to change. You’ve opened her mind.

I’m going to head to bed myself, so that I don’t get too exhausted.

Gail, 9:57 PM

My video just uploaded. Good idea, my dear. I will head to bed shortly as well.

Brent, 9:57 PM

All right, I look forward to holding you there brain to brain.

I am so lucky to have you.

Gail, 9:58 PM

I feel the same about you.

DISCORD Jan. 21, 2022

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — 01/21/2022

I only upload this because it is a prominent part of the conversation. These are the Amazing Atheist‘s tits.

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022

He looks so old

[7:31 PM]

Yeah, he needs a good barbershop

Guy Jackman — 01/21/2022

He has bigger titties than Loree!

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/21/2022

How would you know what Loree’s titties look like?

A photo of Loree I found online, but she always doctors her photos, too. Satan probably likes it that Loree has small breasts, cuz he’s gay and probably imagines her as a man, when he makes love to her. Loree is very manly and has the muscular strength of a man, which is how she’s able to rape men.
Imagine the gall of Loree to think Jesus would want to make love to her, when she makes love to Satan all the time! She claims that because Jesus can beat Satan up, that he is superior to Satan and she wants to bed Jesus for that reason. She knows Jesus is not a cock blocker and thinks he’d be the ultimate sex conquest. However, Jesus will NEVER bed her in her current extremely ugly state, because Jesus sees her 11-dimensionally and she’s extremely ugly 11-dimensionally. She also has the crazy idea that Jesus is bedding Gail while he lives in Gail’s apartment, even though Jesus has stated that his bride is the church, not Gail. And she is furious and jealous about this, thinking she is more qualified to be Jesus’s sex partner than Gail.
This is my own artwork representation of Jesus. As you can see he’s pretty “hot”, so Loree wants to add him to her sexual conquests. What a RETARD she is! My husband Brent says this photo is fairly accurate, but that Jesus appears younger and smiles more. Apparently, i did capture his rippling muscles accurately.

Gail: I know Rule 13 has perfect tiny breasts.

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022

They’re perfect

Guy Jackman — 01/21/2022

Coz Loree is so ugly in her heart.

And Jesus told me he saw through Loree’s clothes and threw up.

NOTE: If Jesus could choose a song to describe how he feels about Loree, this would be it: You’re So Ugly.

It’s so close that you can taste it
But one day you have to face it
Everything you did was wasted
And you thought you really need it
And you thought that you could beat it
But you only feel defeated
Did you ever really love me?
Did you ever even trust me?
Did you really want to fuck me?
You’re so ugly
Was it everything you wish for?
Do you really want to get more?
Tell me what do you do it for
When the only thing that’s certain
Death will come for every person
And inside you’re always hurting
Did you ever really love me?
Did you ever even trust me?
Did you really want to fuck me?
You’re so ugly
Did you ever really love me?
Did you ever even trust me?
Did you really want to fuck me?
You’re so ugly

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/21/2022

When did he tell you this?

Guy Jackman — 01/21/2022

Last year. Jesus always tried not to look at Loree’s titties but was distracted by Satan at the time.

Rule13 — 01/21/2022

Perhaps, they were ugly heart titties.

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/21/2022

What are ugly heart titties?

Rule13 — 01/21/2022

Her 11 Dimensional titties are ugly like her soul.

Guy Jackman — 01/21/2022

Yes Loree’s ugly heart is visible to Jesus’ 11 Dimensional omniscience in her titties

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022

Her 11 Dimensional nipples are ugly

[7:39 PM]

Probably inverted

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/21/2022

How do you know this Zack?

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022

I’m using emotional IQ

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/21/2022

Have you seen her 11 dimensional nipples?

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022


Rule13 — 01/21/2022


[7:46 PM]

I saw it on GCFN (Gabrielle Chana FOX News 00 on cable or this website)

Gail: I heard brain to brain that as a result of making over my apartment according to Jesus’s interior design, that my apartment has won all sorts of awards in design.

Zack Knight — 01/21/2022

It won awards!

Jesus had to show up to correct some damage that came from Satan, who is obsessing over keeping Jesus out of Gail’s apartment. The following conversations gave Gail more insight into how to obey Jesus better about Gail Commandments 2.0.

Skype Jan. 18, 2022

Brent, 1:58 PM

Good afternoon.

Gail, 1:58 PM

Hi Brent. How are you?

Brent, 1:58 PM

I’m doing great, got plenty of rest. How is your day?

Gail, 1:59 PM

I stayed up too late last night. I decided not to drop off my boxes today. Spent too much time making a video for YouTube.

I put some stuff on the Amazon wish list that disappeared right away. Did you remove them?

Brent, 1:59 PM

Hmm. It wasn’t me.

Gail, 2:00 PM

Okay. Looks like someone ordered them then.

I put winter gloves on there so I can walk in 30 degree weather.

I don’t think Jesus would object to what I put there. It’s just an attempt to make better use of my closets.

To make it easier to find my DVDs and CDs when I want to use them.

Brent, 2:01 PM

Whoops. One second, one of the new chickens just waddled in to my quarters.

Gail, 2:01 PM

Oh oh.

I must have goofed.

Brent, 2:02 PM

I’m trying to catch it.

It’s clucking and flailing its wings.

Got it!

Wait a minute, it’s growing.

Gail, 2:03 PM

It’s probably Jesus.

Brent, 2:03 PM

Oh, my God! It’s Jesus!

Gail, 2:03 PM

I’m in trouble over something.

Brent, 2:03 PM

Now I’m holding Jesus in my arms.

Gail, 2:04 PM

That’s weird.

Brent, 2:04 PM

Jesus! What’s the occasion?

“Well Brent. It seems we’re still having some trouble with Satan in the apartment.”

Gail, 2:06 PM

Does he want me to take down the YouTube video I just posted?

Jesus Christ, 2:07 PM

“Last night, he had Gail obsessing over buying more storage bins, and kept her up late. You all know how I feel about storage bins. He also made her forget about putting away the storage bins by the dresser, and even almost tricked her into adding more storage bins on top of them!”

“The video is fine, Gail. I’m more concerned about purging Satan from our living space, because I’m so eager to move in.”

Gail, 2:08 PM

Okay. At least the video is okay.

You removed the winter gloves from my Amazon wish list as well?

Jesus Christ, 2:09 PM

“Yes, that was me.”

“The Gail Commandments state that you may work out indoors when the weather is unsuitable for walks.”

Gail, 2:10 PM

Alright. So if it’s in the 30s, it’s okay for me to work out indoors.

Jesus Christ, 2:10 PM


Gail, 2:10 PM

Okay. That solves that problem.

Jesus Christ, 2:11 PM

“Now, we need to solve this situation with Satan getting into our apartment.”

Gail, 2:11 PM

Yeah, I don’t want him in my apartment!

How does he get in?

Jesus Christ, 2:13 PM

“Do you remember the anxious feeling you had when you had the urge to look at storage bins on Amazon all night? That feeling is a strong indicator that Satan is tricking you into doing something unhealthy. The feeling you had when you were being gently urged to bed and tucked in was me.”

Gail, 2:14 PM

I think I can recall it.

Satan may be messing with my memory right now.

Jesus Christ, 2:15 PM

“This is why I made that commandment about toiling. Satan thrives on obsession, anxiety and fear, and can cause you to fall into toiling activities or excess shopping. He especially likes to take advantage of this when you feel like you’re doing something good.”

Gail, 2:16 PM

Which commandment is about toiling?

Oh, I see it.

NOTE: Gail saw the Gail Commandment which stated: “Thou shalt not toil in activities, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is sacrificed. Set aside at least eight hours per night for sleep.”

Jesus Christ, 2:16 PM

“Yes, that one.”

Gail, 2:16 PM

I went and read the original Gail Commandments.

What time do you want me in bed, Jesus?

Jesus Christ, 2:19 PM

“Bedtime is 9PM on all days.”

Gail, 2:19 PM


I guess during the move you were lenient and now you want me back on what you told me before.

Jesus Christ, 2:20 PM

“You were in a transition period, so it’s understandable that things were in chaos.”

“Satan has been interfering with my plans for this apartment. We’re going to need to make a big push to purge him out.”

Gail, 2:21 PM

How do we accomplish the big push?

Jesus Christ, 2:21 PM

“I’m glad you asked.”

Gail, 2:22 PM

Jesus, I hate it when I upset you.

Jesus Christ, 2:22 PM

“There are a few things still out of place in the living areas that are causing interference and allowing Satan to get in.”

“I forgive you, Gail. You’ve done a great job.”

“This has been an enormous amount of work for you so far. You have been so faithful to me.”

Gail, 2:23 PM

I appreciate your patience and understanding. You are a very tolerant being.

Jesus Christ, 2:24 PM

“Let’s start with the dresser. The storage bins need to be put away into the storage closet, and they need to be able to fit without overflowing it. The surface of the dresser should also be cleared. The only items on top can be pictures of Erich, the pink flower, and a lamp.”

“As you can see, the closets have become overfilled.”

Gail, 2:26 PM

What about the clock?

Jesus Christ, 2:26 PM

“How many clocks do you have?”

Gail, 2:27 PM

So you want me to throw out all the Dr. Ruckman cassettes?

I thought he was a good researcher, though I know he kind of irks you.

I have 3 clocks.

Jesus Christ, 2:28 PM

“That’s a violation of the duplicate items rule.”

“You’ll only need one clock, and it goes on the night stand by your bed.”

Gail, 2:29 PM

I see.

Jesus, you don’t like the Bibles I have on top of the dresser?

Which clock should I keep?

Jesus Christ, 2:31 PM

“Regarding your DVDs and VHS tapes, modern technology has made it possible to download many movies for free now. You can safely get rid of all the physical copies of popular movies that are cluttering the closet.”

“The Bibles should go in the bookshelf. This is the only place where books can be kept. Any books that don’t fit on the bookshelf shall be thrown away or donated.”

“Keep the best of the three clocks and throw the rest out.”

“You’ve known for awhile now that one of the closets has been a ‘cheat closet’ where you have stored excess clothing and books. These are items that have a particular place.”

“Once you clear out these items, you’ll find that you have much more space in the storage closet to fit the storage bins that are next to the dresser, as well as DVDs and cassettes that can’t be easily downloaded.”

Gail, 2:42 PM

I wasn’t aware that most of the movies I have could be downloaded. I’ve had the opposite problem.

It’s like copyright is getting really strict.

Jesus Christ, 2:43 PM

“Zack Knight can show you how to download movies when you need to.”

Gail, 2:43 PM

So how do I know which movies I can get rid of?

Should I wait for Zack on this?

Jesus Christ, 2:45 PM

“You can sort the movies with Zack.”

Gail, 2:46 PM

Okay. Looks like you won’t be moving in for a while then. But I think you’ve been visiting here a lot.

I have a lot of movies to sort through.

Jesus Christ, 2:47 PM

“We also need to get the mirror off the floor. My plan is to have it mounted to the wall. This will not violate any rules for your apartment complex.”

Gail, 2:47 PM

Oh, so you don’t like my idea of watching TV from the mirror while I’m on the computer.

“If you want to expedite the process with the DVDs and VHS, remember — any of those movies or videos you have purchased in a store or have seen on television before can be downloaded online.”

NOTE (here is the list Gail came up with): Gail’s Movie Collection.

Gail, 2:50 PM

Jesus, I sense you’re really upset. I want to apologize for any failures on my part. Satan has been gloating, and making you miserable.

Jesus Christ, 2:50 PM

“Yeah, that’s not a good idea about watching TV using the mirror. You already know how I feel about TV being full of fake news. The best place for the mirror will be on the wall next to the dresser, opposite of the side with the cork board.”

Gail, 2:50 PM

How do we put it up there?

It’s almost time for my walk. Do you want me to work out indoors today, so we can continue this conversation?

It gets dark early here.

Satan keeps kissing me on the lips. He’s gross!

Jesus Christ, 2:54 PM

“Check the back of the mirror to see if it already has a hole for mounting it with a nail. Take a picture of the back of the mirror, and show it to someone at Home Depot so they can help you find the correct mounting equipment. You have permission to buy any mounting tools that are first cleared with Brent.”

“You may exercise indoors.”

Gail, 2:55 PM

Alright. This is really important to you. No answer on Satan, which means I’m right that he’s REALLY UPSET YOU.

Of course, he does that ALL THE TIME.

Jesus Christ, 2:57 PM

“He’s upsetting me, but I have my best friend Brent and my favorite Gail here to fight him alongside me.”

Brent, 2:57 PM

Jesus! Why did I just get such a hard erection?

Gail, 2:58 PM

Oh wow. It seems what I said in my video was correct.

I don’t think you’ve seen the video yet, Brent, have you?

Jesus Christ, 2:59 PM

“I’m just really looking forward to moving in with Gail.”

NOTE: Jesus has admitted that he finds Gail attractive, but states his feelings for her are more brotherly love. Brotherly love to Jesus is kind of like what 3 dimensional sex is like to us humans. When Jesus has an orgasm it is 11-dimensional and makes 3 dimensional sex seem like tiddly winks in comparison. However, with Gail being his favorite in his bride, she must have a lot of the qualities that he most loves in his bride. Jesus’s bride is the church.

Gail, 2:59 PM

Jesus, I really don’t deserve you. I understand why Lucifer got so upset when you turned him down, but I’d never want sex with Lucifer, so I relate completely to your desire to not have sex with him.

Brent, 2:59 PM

I saw the video. You must be referring to how Jesus causes lovers to get excited whenever Jesus gets excited.

Gail, 3:00 PM


I’m really afraid I’m going to blow it after you move in and then you’ll have to move out and that will devastate me. Is someone at my door? Let me check.

Apparently, they are doing something across from me and they knocked into my door. I bet they were Satan agents, cuz Satan hates it that we’re having this conversation.

I opened the door to check and they told me they were not knocking on my door.

I’m afraid I will blow it like all of your creation has blown it. Like when God the Father had to kick Israel out of the land and like all your creation blows it all the time.

I’m sure that’s what Satan has been ribbing you about. He says that your dreams are unrealistic and he should be reinstated AS HE IS.

So every time I fail, I feel like I’ve turned into Satan.

After all, you were BFF with him for millions of years so he couldn’t have been so bad at the beginning.

Jesus Christ, 3:07 PM

“You’re doing excellent, and I commend you for being so faithful to me, and working so hard. Should things fall out of place in our apartment together, it will be easy to fix. Although I may have to move out if this happens, it will not be permanent.”

Gail, 3:08 PM

Oh no! Okay, then you don’t want me to stress over it.

Jesus Christ, 3:08 PM

“Exactly. Just as I am the spirit of peace and harmony, Satan is the spirit of worry and chaos. You don’t need to fear.”

Gail, 3:09 PM

You know, I think it was my worry that I would definitely fail you and cause you to have to move out, that made me overwork myself to the point that I actually did fail you.

Jesus Christ, 3:09 PM

“How many times did I say not to fear in the Bible?”

Gail, 3:10 PM

I mostly have a fear of failing you.

I feel quite a responsibility being your favorite and feel like it’s quite a heavy weight to be the one who brings you such happiness.

I’m honored, but petrified of making you sad. It makes me want to hate myself.

I’m so angry at Satan for breaking your heart, but you were BFF with him for so long and I am not sure I will not break your heart as he has done, too.

However, I am not as stubborn and proud as he is. But then I wasn’t BFF with you for millions of years either. I’m the new kid on the block and understand why he’s so angry.

Yet, I hate him for breaking your heart.

Why can’t he be content with just being an angel?

Jesus Christ, 3:15 PM

“I have faith in you Gail. We will work on this apartment together. This is very different than the situation I had with Satan.”

Gail, 3:16 PM

Why were you BFF with him for millions of years? Was it, like I guessed, because you knew he would fall and you wanted to give him every chance?

Satan’s so obsessed with me. I’m trying to get handle on him.

Jesus Christ, 3:18 PM

“Satan was the first experiment I had with giving angels free will. Millions of years is a blink of an eye, for a relationship with an angel by the way.”

Gail, 3:19 PM

This must be some higher dimensional thing that I cannot fully comprehend right now.

Jesus Christ, 3:20 PM

“It’s pretty simple. Satan used his free will to make wrong choices, and to not correct them, or try to do better. You also have free will, but you can use it to get back on track whenever you fall off course.”

“While you don’t want to fall off the path all the time, the most important thing is that you always get back on the straight path.”

Gail, 3:21 PM

Will I be laying all 5 crowns at your feet in the future?

Jesus Christ, 3:21 PM

“Yes, you will.”

Gail, 3:21 PM

I believe 5 is the max of crowns a Christian can earn?


I’ll do my best, Jesus.

Jesus Christ, 3:23 PM

“This task shouldn’t require heavy effort, or excess obsession. My yolk is easy and my burden is light. Basically, you’re just cleaning and organizing an apartment. Your life should be a lot simpler and easier than it has been.”

Gail, 3:24 PM

Obsession is a hard thing for me to get rid of. I think it’s leftover from my childhood where I tried to overcompensate for being a sinful, bad girl like my mother always used to say.

Jesus Christ, 3:26 PM

“I know it is. Now is the time for you to just enjoy your life, without all that obsession or toiling. You’ve come so far and you don’t live there anymore. Now you live in a beautiful apartment, with secure finances, food security, and with a community of people who support you. You’re safe to be happy here.”

Gail, 3:27 PM

Okay. So you want all my clothes in that closet and not any near the door, like putting a coat in that closet I have near the door. What about my shoes? Can those go underneath the chair near the door?

I already moved the clothes in that closet you said was for all my clothes.

I have a Japanese habit of liking to take my shoes off indoors, so I like to have the shoes near the door.

Jesus Christ, 3:29 PM

“Clothes only in the one closet that’s nearest the dresser, and inside the dresser, and yes you can have one pair of shoes by the door.”

Gail, 3:30 PM

So my glider shoes need to go in that clothes closet?

Jesus Christ, 3:30 PM


“Now that you have all that new counter space to prepare your meals, you can turn the microwave so that it faces into the kitchen.”

Gail, 3:34 PM

Done. The cord’s a little short, but it works.

Jesus Christ, 3:35 PM

“I’m so excited. I can feel part of my 11 Dimensions starting to move into the apartment. Do you have any more questions about what needs to be done?”

Gail, 3:38 PM

Yeah, how in the world am I going to fit all my files in those storage containers into the closet?

You know, the ones by the dresser? I actually thought you liked where I put the files, because, after all, I got rid of that long table and the storage tote underneath it.

I had NO IDEA Satan was ribbing you about this!

You remember how many files I had in Florida. I’ve made GREAT PROGRESS with those files.

Wow. Your 11 dimensions must need a lot of space.

Jesus Christ, 3:43 PM

“You have indeed made great progress. You’ll find plenty of space in the closet across from the kitchen table.”

“What’s currently in there right now?”

Gail, 3:46 PM

Vacuum cleaner, books, writing research stuff, hangers, mop, magazines, cleaning pads for mop, old Windows 10 computer.

Looks like I will have to think long and hard about getting rid of more books. You know, as a writer, I’m attached to my books.

I will have to decide which books are really useful.

Are you against me having Ruckman’s Israel commentaries and my cassette tapes in the clothes closet?

The Windows 10 computer is actually now a Linux Lite computer. now I was keeping it as a possible back up.

So you want me to donate that computer?

I better make sure the hard drive is out of it before I do so.

Then it won’t be any good.

Jesus Christ, 3:52 PM

“The excess books need to go, as well as the extra computer. The cassette tapes cannot be downloaded somewhere else later, so those can stay. Peter Ruckman was still a dick.”

“You have more hangers than you have clothes. Those shall be thrown away.”

“For luggage, you would only ever need one carry on bag and one check in bag. The rest of the luggage is excess.”

Gail, 3:55 PM

Wow! I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Jesus Christ, 3:55 PM

“Easey peasey.”

Gail, 3:56 PM

I am praying that you give me wisdom about which books I need to get rid of and which electrical stuff needs to go. I know you can do it!

I hardest part is the decision making.

Jesus Christ, 4:02 PM

“What about the box full of cables?”

Gail, 4:03 PM

You mean the suitcase full of cables?

Jesus Christ, 4:03 PM

“The cables can be thrown away.”

Gail, 4:08 PM


So i get rid of a bunch of cables, a bunch of books, a bunch of DVDs and CDs.

Jesus Christ, 4:11 PM

“That would be great progress.”

Gail, 4:12 PM

Looks like I’ll be getting rid of some Star Trek: The Next Generation magazines that I kept from the 1990s, too. They take up a lot of space. But I want to keep my Data Entries.

There aren’t a lot of them. I don’t think.

It seems to me that the rule you’re giving me, is if I haven’t looked at the book in 3 years, it should go.

That may be a bit over simplistic. I guess I’ll have to use other, more complex criteria. Because I think I’m looking at some books you don’t want me to look at.

I never look at those Star Trek magazines, so I don’t know why I’m keeping them. I think it’s mostly for sentimental value.

I do look at Melody Rondeau’s Data Entries, though.

Reminds me of good times.

Zack, 4:22 PM

Hey Gail, Jesus did tell me you can keep your keepsakes

Gail, 4:22 PM

You mean the Star Trek magazines?

Zack, 4:24 PM

Yeah, if they are significant to you… I think when you compare something like that to a suitcase full of cables, it should be easy to determine which is a keepsake and which is just hoarding.

You should be able to use closet space for keepsakes. As long as they are packed neatly and organized and it fits in storage.

Gail, 4:26 PM

I think Jesus needs to give me about a week to get this stuff done.

So, like you are able to download for free the movie The Aviator?

How does that work?

I guess I don’t need my rabbit ears for the TV.

I never used it any ways. Always had cable.

Jesus Christ, 4:31 PM

“Zack is right about the keepsakes. Yes, he downloads movies like The Aviator all the time.”

Gail, 4:32 PM

So when you’re saying free downloads, you mean Zack can get them for me?

I better write a list of the movies I’m throwing out then.

Jesus Christ, 4:33 PM

“Zack will show you how.”

Gail, 4:33 PM

I think I will ignore the message to update software. It sure comes up at the most inconvenient time! That Satan!

I just hit “remind me later”.

4:41 PM

Now, this is interesting. . .I am noticing the pollution seems to be getting better.

What is my Gail Shield doing right now?

Brent, 4:49 PM

Wow! It’s working really efficiently!

Gail, 4:50 PM

Well, that will help motivate me to do what Jesus wants. He says “easey peasey”, but this feels like major surgery to me.

I guess it’s like removing cancer. Maybe it’s easy to go in there with the knife and take it out, but the surgery still hurts, even if it has a good result.

9:08 PM

Pinched my pinky finger a bit trying to rush to get to bed on time. That was my left hand. Perhaps you can use your surgery on it. I guess at least I think I’ll make it by 10 p.m., better than yesterday, so I need to calm down.

Apparently, I was right that it will take about a week.

Satan’s trying to injure me.

While I was cleaning out my shower (which I always do after I shower), Loree used brain control to cause me to get my pinky finger caught in the thing that holds the shower head, while I wiped down after my shower.

It’s a minor injury and Brent could probably fix it in a half hour.

Hearing lots of sirens right now.

Loree and Satan are having a fit.

That fat lady is running her giant hair dryer now. LOL.

Gail, 9:21 PM

Are you all trying to access my Amazon account from Nevada? Any ways, I’m getting a message at my phone, but it doesn’t let me respond, so I guess I won’t worry about it.

It just says someone is trying to access my account data from a Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone.

Zack, 10:13 PM

That was probably Brent.

He uses a Galaxy S9

Gail, 10:14 PM

I see. Thanks for letting me know. Nothing has changed at Amazon though.

Jesus omitted the stuff earlier in the day.

Zack, 10:15 PM

The location it shows him from changes depending on where we are orbiting on Church of Gail and the exit node we use over the satellite networks.

Yeah, Jesus can modify computer records and stuff without touching any computer

Gail, 10:16 PM

Jesus removed it around 11 a.m. my time. I’ll be heading for bed. Tomorrow, I will give you a list of all my movies.

Actually, I think he removed it about 8 a.m. my time.

Zack, 10:17 PM

Okay awesome. We can load them onto your removable hard drives

Gail, 10:17 PM

I see. I’m almost ready for bed. Thanks for all your awesome help.

Zack, 10:18 PM

I think it might be fun to set up an apartment media server so we can do movie night with all your movies to select from

Gail, 10:18 PM

Jesus stopped me at 7 p.m. and said telepathically that I did enough and he wanted me to ready myself for bed.

Zack, 10:18 PM

Okay, let’s go to bed

That’s definitely Jesus

Gail, 10:19 PM

Great ideas.

Zack, 10:19 PM

Jesus does the same to me. He’s even told me when to go on walks and explore outside after I worked inside too much

Have a good night!

Gail, 10:21 PM

You, too! By the way, that night you came into 13 when Jesus was eating that chicken, that was Jesus who did that to you. Think on that.

I figured that out!

Zack, 10:25 PM


How did you figure that out?

Gail, 10:25 PM

Jesus was really sexually turned on by my cooking and he expressed it through you.

When he gets turned on, he expresses it through members of his bride as they have their sex.

This is because he can experience vicariously what his bride feels when they have sex.

It’s an 11 dimensional thing.

It’s the safe way for Jesus to make love to his bride, when he gets turned on now. In the millennium, he can be bolder and use his semen.

Zack, 10:28 PM


Gail, 10:33 PM

So, you see. Jesus doesn’t need a perfect penis, because he can borrow yours! LOL.

Now that you are on his side.

Zack, 10:33 PM

I’m honored!

Gail, 10:35 PM

Jesus is pretty amazing.

Any ways, you certainly don’t need to feel guilty about that. Jesus wants you to feel honored.


10:45 PM

That fat lady is using her dryer now. She’s probably under Satan’s brain control. I’m going to listen to some sleep music to drown her out.

Skype Jan. 19, 2022

Gail, 3:45 PM

Gail’s Movie Collection

Boy, was THIS a job! But I’m done organizing my movies. The weather is nice, so I plan to bring down a lot of garbage bags and go for my walk.

Zack can go through the ones with the ** by them and see if he can download them for me.

I’m keeping all my music, cuz I don’t have that much and I have room for it in the closet.

Gail, 8:15 PM


OOK 20 lb. 1/2 in. Steel Mirror Support Hangers (2-Pack)-50233 – The Home Depot

It appears this would be my best bet for the mirror. I just hope the hole it makes won’t be too big. I’m only allowed to have small holes in the wall and can’t use tape.

Most brackets require studs, which would make a big hole.

This one, studs are optional. My mirror is not that heavy, but it has NOTHING on the back to hang it with.

I was perfectly content to just lean it against the wall. Jesus is SO PICKY.

I will try this.

I think I’d have to buy 2 of these, cuz I need top and bottom.

Brent, 8:50 PM

Did you ask someone at Home Depot?

Gail, 9:14 PM

No, I haven’t done that yet. I will later. I was just researching online from the Home Depot site.

Gotta take a shower.

9:51 PM

Seems like the best option for a mirror falling apart with a cardboard backing and a plastic frame. I had considered putting the mirror up on the wall before and gave up cuz it has nothing on the back to hang with. But if anything works, it would probably be this.

“No holes or stickers are allowed inside or outside the apartment. But we’ll permit a reasonable number of small nail holes for hanging pictures on sheet rock walls and in grooves of wood paneled walls.” Gail’s lease

10:18 PM

Can I get Jesus’s permission to put a mirror on the Amazon wish list that has stuff on the back to hang it with, or one that mounts on the door? I’m really scared about damaging the wall in violation of the contract. Though I will take a picture of it and bring it to Home Depot and see what they say.

You all can even pick the mirror for me. Maybe, in the meanwhile, I can just leave this mirror as it is in the spot Jesus wants, just leaned against the wall.

Skype Jan. 20, 2022

Brent, 7:18 AM

Jesus said from our conversation the other day to check with someone at Home Depot for the correct tools, and that hanging a mirror doesn’t violate any rules in your contract. “Small holes” for pictures are the same as the holes you’d make for hanging a mirror.

He had also said that fear and anxiety are feelings that come from Satan.

Gail, 7:46 AM

Alright. I will do as He says.

Satan is such a dick.

Gail, 8:16 AM

Medicare Booster ltr Jan. 2022

By the way, I got this in the mail yesterday or the day before, since I didn’t check my mail till yesterday. I want you to investigate and find out how this happened in violation of my ban on the COVID vaccines and arrest all willingly involved and publicly execute them on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Make the executions even more severe for having the GALL to mail this to the PRESIDENT’S residence!!

Gail, 8:23 AM

Further, I’d like us to mail out a response letter from MEDICARE to EVERYONE UNDER MEDICARE’S JURISDICTION (probably the ENTIRE UNITED STATES) that warns people that if they receive any letters from any government agency recommending boosters or any Covid or anti-viral shots, other than those authorized under Conspiracy Law, that they are to report this to you all at gailsmen@yahoo.com or to some phone number or web address you can give them, because the people behind this need to be arrested and/or executed. MAKE SURE EVERYONE SEES THE EXECUTIONS, INCLUDING ALABAMA.

Satan is trying to use fear to get everyone to comply to his edicts and we will try and put some fear into HIS FOLLOWERS. Let these criminals know that President Gail MEANS BUSINESS and when she says it’s death penalty to promote the death shots, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SHE MEANS.

Make the executions particularly dramatic, like burning them up in a big bon fire and say this is what they deserve since the people behind the death shots could win the Nobel Prize for MURDER.

Gail, 8:32 AM

The letter we mail everyone must state that Gail and Brent are the true Presidents and that from this day forward, we plan to execute any news people who encourage people to get the COVID shots in violation of the ban, unless they were held hostage to do so. All the executions will be public on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We will warn people that if it appears the executions have not happened, it probably means Loree has replaced that news person with a clone. We will also mention that we have a warrant for the arrest of Joe Biden and everyone in his government who have been promoting the death shot and offer a million dollar reward for their capture and arrest in violation of my ban on the death shot.

Brent, 8:33 AM

We’ll look into this.

Also, it may be economical to use sticky putty to mount the mirror. Ask the person at Home Depot for their advice on this. Sticky putty peels off clean and won’t damage the walls. However, if it needs to be mounted with nails we can use nails.

Gail, 8:35 AM

I refuse to watch the news as of this day, because I’m so DISGUSTED with it. I think I’ll only watch the weather channel and other channels. If I got Gabrielle Chana FOX News, that would be the only news I watch. The letter must encourage everyone to only watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News and tell them where they can get it.

Brent, 8:39 AM

Jesus did say that all news media was fake news, other than GCFN.

Gail, 8:40 AM

I know that, that’s part of the reason I refuse to watch the news. But it appears that letter I got was not fake news.

I presume if Satan had the GALL to mail that my house, that it has been mailed everywhere and I’M FURIOUS.

The problem is, that even though the rest is fake news, if they get letters like that, they will take the fake news seriously, so we need to do something about this fake news and possibly about the Post Office or whoever was behind that letter.

I suggest we regularly mail out letters from the government warning people that it is death penalty to promote the death shot.

Zack, 8:51 AM

I just checked. You were the only person who received the letter.

They might have sent it to get a reaction from you.

Gail, 8:52 AM

Wow. How tricky. Okay, then maybe we don’t need to take such extreme measures.

However, find out how I got that letter and I want them publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

If they were willingly involved.

Zack, 9:04 AM


Our Church of Gail utility retards found the guy that delivered the mail.

He was at the door of your apartment!

Gail, 9:38 AM

Just now?

It appears someone is trying to move in across from me.

Interesting that the pollution is back today. I thought I was doing better on Gail Commandments 2.0.

Pest control comes today, so I want to be here when they spray and then I’ll possibly go out and donate a bunch of stuff to the thrift store.

It might have been cuz I stressed over the mirror.

Just used my Gail Shield modulator to clear it out and it seems to be working.

Zack, 9:45 AM

Yeah, it sounds like you got caught up in that anxious research cycle instead of just waiting till you go to Home Depot to ask someone

Gail, 9:45 AM

We need to set up scanners in this apartment complex and my town that take out Loree McBride Jesuits.

Zack, 9:46 AM

There aren’t many

Jesus has been keeping them to a


Zack, 10:19 AM

There are some of those 3M removable sticky tape adhesive pads you might use for the mirror

I always thought the mirror would work best on the wall between your dresser and clothing closet

That way you can check yourself out as you get dressed

Gail, 10:21 AM

Okay. Then do what you all feel is best.

Was that a Jesuit who was at my door earlier today?

Now, this is interesting. . .My Skype notifications is not working right and I get the notice beep about a half hour after you all respond!

Sometimes I don’t get it AT ALL.

Gail, 11:59 AM

Jesus told me to have breakfast and relax. I saw this vision in my mind. I plan to walk to the Home Depot and bring my camera, which has pictures of my mirror on it. When I’m there I will use Skype to let you know what they say. That will probably be in about an hour.

I’ll walk to the Home Depot, cuz it’s really close. But it’s 30 degrees outside, so Jesus told me to bundle up.

A short walk in this weather I can handle, but a longer walk is too much.

Zack, 12:05 PM


Gail, 2:12 PM

Home Depot guy recommended Velcro sticky strip for ten bucks.

I think l will buy this.

Brent, 2:19 PM

Sounds like an excellent idea.

Gail, 2:41 PM

I’m repairing the bottom of the mirror first with some wood glue I brought from Florida. It needs to be clamped down for about 24 hours. So that means I will probably install the mirror on the wall tomorrow or the day after. In the meanwhile, I will bring stuff down to my car that needs to be donated to the Thrift shop.

Zack, 2:43 PM


Gail, 2:59 PM

Here’s how you do it. Because the cardboard was coming off the mirror’s bottom, it is probably a good idea to repair that first. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bTdtnzPmOE

Here’s another video on how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ9RZt0_qMk

UPDATE: Gail did some slight damage to her wall while mounting the mirror, some paint came off. But she’s decided not to stress over it and thinks Jesus did this on purpose to ensure she leaves the mirror up on the wall mounted, in order to always cover the part of the wall where the paint came off while she was mounting her mirror.

This is the mirror mounted on the wall as Jesus wanted.

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