Jesus Officially Moves In to Gail’s Apartment

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I do believe Jesus has made my apartment his new headquarters. He is a lot less intimidating than I thought he would be and takes on a casual air. He likes to whistle at me when I’m in the nude or barely dressed, but has made no sexual overtures, other than tucking me carefully into bed or guiding me when I get out of bed. He pretty much lets me do my own thing and doesn’t interfere with me, but allows me to see brief glimpses in my mind of what he’s doing in my apartment.

I have to admit, I can understand everyone’s preoccupation with this, but, for me, it’s not a big deal. I just enjoy Jesus’s companionship, because I think he’s an awesome person. He’s obviously a deity, but seems to downplay it when he’s with me and wants me to be comfortable with him, which I appreciate. All I can say is, if Jesus wants to live with me, leave him alone Satan! Though I know he won’t be having sex with me, what if he did? Is that anything worth destroying the human race over, you evil bastard Satan!

In case you guys didn’t know, Lucifer rebelled against God and Jesus, because Jesus said “no” to Lucifer for sex. Seeing how vulgar and mean and cruel Lucifer is, I CAN SEE WHY. I’d do the same if I was Jesus, Lucifer’s physical hotness is not mated with a heart that’s hot, so he’s UGLY.

Aren’t these two the ugliest beings you ever saw? Such a nasty spirit comes from them.

Jesus just seems to enjoy my presence and companionship and is protective, nurturing, friendly and fatherly. If I’m eating dinner, he sits at the table and shares the meal with me, eating it ravenously. He must love my cooking. If I work out on the glider, he puts on his workout clothes and works out with me. If I go to bed, he lays beside me in his 11-dimensional bed (so that only I see him through my mind) and lays next to me to protect me from Loree and Satan while I sleep.

He takes delight at whistling at me when I’m in the nude, and gives me thumbs ups when I do things he likes. I would describe him as warm, casual, and free and easy in his personality as he dwells here.

His primary mood seems to be jovial and he’s a real jokester, which explains the whistles. I tell him, “I’m not that hot nude Jesus. Your whistles don’t phase me too much and you’re a character, and I know you won’t be having sex with me!” He acts like he knew I’d say that and he isn’t worried about it. I think he just whistles to have fun. You gotta remember that before Adam and Eve sinned they were naked. Jesus says he cried when he handed them their clothes and that he likes to admire his creation.

I personally believe that half the folks in the future 1,000 year reign will be running around nude, because we will go back to Garden of Eden conditions then.

I’m actually flabbergasted that he takes such an interest in living with me. I’m not surprised that he won’t have sex with me, because he’s an 11-dimensional lover and he doesn’t make love to any form of sin. As long as I’m in my mortal body, I am still a sinner. When I’m in my immortal sinless body, as part of his bride, the church, I will be making love to him as part of his bride during the future 1,000 year reign of Christ.

These commandments were created to build and preserve the home of Jesus’s favorite, and to create a dwelling that Jesus can share with Gail. The Lord is Gail’s husband, as she is part of the Bride of Christ. He desires a beautiful well kept home filled with love for Him, as if the Lord himself lived beside her in the heart of her home. To honor the home is to love the Lord and all that He gives, opening the doors to His blessings of health, wealth and happiness.”

It’s obvious that Jesus is SUPER EXCITED about marrying his bride, the church!

I need to post some back story to give all this Jesus “living in my apartment stuff” context, so I will post important conversations I’ve had this month with my Patreon supporters and my men:

DISCORD Dec. 24, 2021

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:21 PM

What does the penis shield look like?

Rule13 — 7:22 PM

It is like a glowing white cloud, but shape like a penis. The end can shoot lasers to ward off Satan and Loree.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:22 PM

Is Loree able to get into my apartment here? (She was able to enter Gail’s apartment in Florida when Gail lived there.)

Rule13 — 7:22 PM

The balls expand, and has lightning bolts inside.

[7:22 PM]

Loree not able to enter this apartment.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:22 PM

Why not?

Rule13 — 7:23 PM

Jesus say “no WAY! Not my home with Gail!”

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:23 PM

When did Jesus say that? Just now?

[7:23 PM]

How am I doing on getting my home ready for Jesus?

Rule13 — 7:23 PM

Satan say, “this is cheating Jesus! But, Jesus say it is not, because it is his house and Loree cannot enter.”

[7:24 PM]

Jesus said this few days ago.

[7:24 PM]

The news (Gabrielle Chana FOX News or 00 on cable and at this website) say, Satan and Jesus have been fighting about your apartment.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:24 PM

How do they (the news) know that?

Rule13 — 7:25 PM

Jesus did interview on the news. He explain what is going on right now.

DISCORD Jan. 7, 2022

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:48 PM

Are all the birds still dead?

Rule13 — 8:48 PM

ALL birds dead.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:48 PM

There are no birds anywhere in the universe?

Rule13 — 8:48 PM

All birds go to heaven.

[8:48 PM]

All animals.

[8:49 PM]

Animals cannot choose good or evil, so, innocent.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:49 PM

Why did Jesus allow Satan to kill all the birds? That’s sad. I like birds.

Rule13 — 8:49 PM

To prevent Jesus from appearing as bird or other animals on walks.

[8:50 PM]

Yes, but, he knows Jesus does not want to get you confuse.

[8:50 PM]

Those were all Jesus.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:51 PM

So, besides the hawk, the buzzard and the blue jay, those are the only birds that have been Jesus?

Rule13 — 8:51 PM


Gail Chord Schuler — 8:51 PM

What about the balls of light (when Gail films her walks)? Have those been Jesus?

Rule13 — 8:51 PM


[8:52 PM]

They are beautiful.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:55 PM

Is that true that all health care workers need a booster shot in New York state?

Rule13 — 8:55 PM

That is fake news. Loree is trying to trick people.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:55 PM

He (Garbage Man) says his job told him that.

Joshua J. Joshua — 8:55 PM

GMan? He’s retarded.

Rule13 — 8:55 PM

Garbage Man was tricked!

[8:56 PM]

This is why, it is dangerous to watch public news.

[8:56 PM]

Garbage Man is too addicted to news to stop! He continue to watch.

Garbage Man says he listens to the news on the radio, cuz Gabrielle Chana FOX News is not on the radio.

Gail Chord Schuler — 8:58 PM

Does Gabrielle Chana FOX News have a radio station?

[Rule 13 says that Gabrielle Chana FOX News has a radio station at this website.]

Rule13 — 9:01 PM


[9:01 PM]

Radio station can be heard on the website.

DISCORD Jan. 9, 2022

Klock — 01/09/2022

@Gail Chord Schuler We may have a category 4 Chimpout incoming. Without birds, the real chicken reserves have been nearly depleted.

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Rule 13 told me they can make a good chicken substitute.

Klock — 01/09/2022

Maybe you could do a video to reassure the black community when this product becomes available.

Rule13 — 01/09/2022

I agree with this!

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

When will the product become available? What’s going on with that fire in the apartment in the Bronx? (edited)

[5:44 PM]

If I’m going to reassure the black community, I need more information.

[5:45 PM]

I presumed that the chicken was available now. Rule 13 told me months ago, that the birds all being dead would not affect the chicken available to eat. (edited)

Klock — 01/09/2022

KFC will start selling the new chicken tomorrow

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

How are they making it?

[5:49 PM]

I mean how have they created the chicken substitute?

@Gail Chord Schuler

I presumed that the chicken was available now. Rule 13 told me months ago, that the birds all being dead would not affect the chicken available to eat. (edited)

Klock — 01/09/2022

Consumer substitute chicken, is the kind you can buy at Walmart is closer to the real thing, by utilizing synthetic methods of re-engineering the genome, but it’s more expensive than what KFC can afford to use. KFC’s meat is completely plant based.

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Does this mean the blacks can’t afford to buy the KFC chicken then?

[5:56 PM]

Did that apartment fire in New York have anything to do with a chimp out? There were a lot of blacks in that apartment. But if it’s fire, it sounds like Loree.

Klock — 01/09/2022

I will need to look into this.

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

I just don’t want to make a video that makes things worse.

@Gail Chord Schuler

Does this mean the blacks can’t afford to buy the KFC chicken then?

Klock — 01/09/2022

Well, KFC used to have their own chicken farms before the birds all died, which allowed them to source the chicken at a low cost

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Do blacks listen to Gabrielle Chana FOX News?

Klock — 01/09/2022

The educated ones do

[6:01 PM]

The street monkeys don’t

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Did that fire in New York have anything to do with a chimp out?

[6:01 PM]

There were a lot of blacks in that apartment complex high rise.

Klock — 01/09/2022

@Rule13 Did you or Brent hear anything about this? (edited)

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

I just Skyped them about this. But they seem to be busy right now.

Klock — 01/09/2022

I’ll see if I can find out, but Im not sure how long it will take

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

I heard about it on mainstream news.

[6:03 PM]

They say it’s the worst fire in New York city history in a long time.

[Actually, about 10,000 people died in the fire, because blacks live in crowded conditions and the fire spread outside the apartment complex.]

[6:03 PM]

Sounds like Loree to me. Though why she’d do this, I’m not sure.

Klock — 01/09/2022

Preliminary evidence suggests the fire was started by a broken space heater. Im getting the impression a retard caused it to break, not sure on race of retard. (edited)

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Sounds like the mainstream news is pretty much telling the truth then.

Klock — 01/09/2022

We may not totally know what happened for a few days. It takes the fire crews a while to figure this out

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

They claim the space heater was malfunctioning and that someone left their door open, which caused dangerous smoke to spread throughout the complex.

[6:08 PM]

So there were a lot of fatalities.

Klock — 01/09/2022

There was a second fire in the Bronx early this week too that displaced 3 families. I hope we don’t have a serial arsonist

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

If it’s arson, I suspect Loree is involved.

[6:10 PM]

She’s a pyromaniac.

Klock — 01/09/2022

In light of the other fire, I’m going to send a team out to investigate

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Should I hold off on the video about the chicken then, until I get more info?

Klock — 01/09/2022

I’ll work with Brent on it and we’ll get the info together for you

Gail Chord Schuler — 01/09/2022

Sounds great. Brent writes great scripts and really understands the black community, too.

Rule13 — 01/09/2022

Gail Chan! Brent say, he is on Skype.

Skype Jan. 9, 2022

Gail, 5:47 PM

What’s going on with that fire in the apartment hi-rise in New York City? Also, what’s this I hear at Discord that the blacks are about to have a chimp out over no chicken to eat? I thought we had a chicken substitute to use, in spite of Loree killing all the birds?

Brent, 6:11 PM

According to our GFCN news sources, there was a massive chimpout over the current situation with KFC. Now that all the chicken has run out, KFC is using only substitute chicken. The blacks are not okay with this.

Gail, 6:12 PM

That’s what caused the fire?!

Brent, 6:12 PM

Yes, they started the fire while rioting.

Gail, 6:13 PM

Oh, my God! Make me a script to read on YouTube to get these blacks to calm down. You really understand them.

What’s wrong with substitute chicken?

Is that what I’m eating now?

I just made arroz con pollo.

That gives me an idea. . . Do blacks like arroz con pollo?

Brent, 6:15 PM

That’s a bit Hispanic for them, and blacks don’t usually get along with Hispanics.

The chicken from the store is also chicken substitute.

This gives me an idea though…

Gail, 6:15 PM

See what I mean? You understand them better than I do.

I have noticed the chicken seems a bit drier than it used to be.

Brent, 6:17 PM

What if you make food inspired by black culture, using the substitute chicken, and send it to Church of Gail using your transporter table? The blacks will LOVE your cooking. If you can prove to them that substitute chicken can be made just as good as the real thing, maybe they will stop rioting.

Gail, 6:17 PM

Give me some recipe ideas.

Or titles to recipes they like.

I can do some research.

Brent, 6:18 PM

They absolutely love fried chicken.

Gail, 6:19 PM

That’s what I was thinking. . .

Brent, 6:19 PM

Fried chicken, with a side of macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes with gravy.

They love hearty southern food.

I bet if you wear a “do-rag”, and talk to them the way they understand, and cook up some fried chicken, they will be very interested.

Of course, I love fried chicken too, so my stomach is very biased to the idea of you cooking this.

Gail, 6:21 PM

You’re a good ole Texas boy.

Brent, 6:21 PM

You bet. If I ate like that all the time like I used to when I was a boy, I would be so fat!

It’s a nice treat though.

Gail, 6:22 PM

Do you have the recipe to the chicken you used to eat?

Brent, 6:23 PM

As a matter of fact…

Gail, 6:25 PM

What’s a do-rag?

Brent, 6:26 PM

This woman became famous on TV for impressing Gordon Ramsay with her soul food.

Zack, 6:26 PM

Oh! This woman is the world’s best fried chicken woman on earth. World famous!

If Gail teaches this method, it could solve everything. Maybe bring a true peace among blacks.

Brent, 6:27 PM

This is an example of a do rag. You can improvise with something you already have.

Gail, 6:32 PM

I hate eating chicken with the skin.

Zack, 6:32 PM

You might need to take one for the team. The skin is of utmost importance to the niggers.

I mean blacks.

Gail, 6:32 PM

I see.

Zack, 6:33 PM

It could potentially cause a chimpout if the skin was removed.

But you may find you enjoy fried chicken with skin. I have to admit, it’s different when it’s fried crispy.

Gail, 6:33 PM

You know, Klock is a good cook. Maybe let him do the cooking.

He was the one who brought it up.

I’d have to buy stuff I won’t use afterwards, too.

Brent, 6:34 PM

Chicken skin is pure collagen. It’s good for you.

What do you need for the recipe?

Gail, 6:37 PM

Cajun seasoning and Old Bay seasoning, whatever that is.

Brent, 6:38 PM

I love cajun and old bay!

That reminds me of my childhood, growing up in Texas.

There are tons of recipes you can use those for.

Gail, 6:39 PM

Didn’t you say I was allergic to shellfish?

Let me read the ingredients.

Brent, 6:40 PM

You wouldn’t be allergic to the seasoning.

Gail, 6:40 PM

This sounds like an attempt to get me to completely drop my low FODMAP diet.

Why was I so bloated last night?

I don’t think it’s FODMAPS.

Brent, 6:41 PM

Jesus said he doesn’t want us on special diets. It’s against the commandments.

Gail, 6:42 PM

I don’t follow it that much anymore. But fried chicken is so different from how I normally eat.

Though I did eat fried chicken as a kid sometimes.

Brent, 6:43 PM

That chocolate (a present from Klock) was different than you normally eat. You loved it, and it didn’t even make you sick. You felt great actually.

Gail, 6:43 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 6:43 PM

Maybe Jesus is trying to inspire you to eat more variety.

Gail, 6:43 PM

Sounds like Him. He’s sly.

Why am I so itchy when I lay in bed? And what caused the bloating last night? Though it’s gone today. I know it’s not my food, I suspect Loree did something.

Or Jesus is detoxing me.

You guys are going to get me fat!

I did gain some weight from that chocolate.

But it was minor.

Brent, 6:46 PM

It could be from the work I do at night, scanning and purifying your body. It’s nothing to worry about.

Gail, 6:46 PM

I see. I trust you.

Why did your brother die in the 1990s?

You know, if I really take a liking to that fried chicken, I could end up fat.

Chicken skin is very fattening.

Brent, 6:48 PM

Well, it’s just one time. The men and I will all love it, so if we get fat, we get fat together.

Gail, 6:48 PM

You’re funny.

Brent, 6:48 PM

Chicken skin contains collagen. It’s good for reducing wrinkles and makes hair shiny.

I always ate chicken with the skin.

Gail, 6:49 PM

You’re clever, too, and using your high emotional IQ.

So all this stuff about cholesterol is hype?

Brent, 6:50 PM

Yeah, it’s over-hyped.

Gail, 6:50 PM

I can’t cook something good unless I know I will enjoy eating it personally. So I’m trying to get into the proper mindset for this.

I have a soul connection with my food.

Brent, 6:50 PM

They do call it soul food for a reason.

Zack, 6:51 PM

The collagen in chicken skin and other sources is famous among Jesuits. It makes foreskin really supple, and makes our Jesuit clone seductresses stay young looking.

Brent, 6:52 PM

If this recipe shocked Gordon Ramsay, I’m sure it’s the best fried chicken out there. That’s why I thought it would soothe the blacks, to know fried chicken can still taste good.

Gail, 7:00 PM


Just found a recipe for Cajun seasoning. I’m making my own.

Loree messed up my printer. Let’s try this again.

Brent, 7:04 PM

I’ll get on the script for the video. You can read it first, then add on the cooking part, and try the recipe on camera to tell everyone how it came out.

Gail, 7:04 PM

Got it!

Brent, 7:04 PM

We’re a great team!

Gail, 7:04 PM

I can read a recipe online and tell if it will be good. This cajun seasoning uses a lot of ingredients I already have and uses smoked paprika. That’s gonna be GOOD.

Brent, 7:05 PM

Do you already have all the seasonings for it?

Gail, 7:06 PM

I’ll need to buy onion powder, cayenne, and white pepper.

Brent, 7:06 PM

Hmm. Seems like it would be more efficient to buy a good brand of cajun seasoning at the store.

Alabama should have some excellent brands.

Gail, 7:06 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 7:08 PM

I can’t wait to try this recipe. My penis is getting erect just thinking about it.

Gail, 7:10 PM

I’m going to watch that video again and write down the recipe. I need the recipe in writing.

Brent, 7:10 PM

Yeah, good idea.

Gail, 8:05 PM

I had to listen to her and become creative, because she doesn’t have a written recipe. I came up with the following recipe:

Southern Fried Gail Chicken

Chicken Legs and Thighs (with skin)

garlic salt

Old Bay Cajun Seasoning



Marinate the chicken with the above ingredients, just sprinkle it all over the chicken.


Add generous dollop of Old Bay Cajun seasoning to flour

some dill


smoked paprika

some Italian seasoning

Need a bag to put all above ingredients in, then shake chicken in the bag.

Crisco vegetable oil, about 2 cups (save this for your next batch)

some butter

If you have old fried chicken oil, add some in

Heat it up, add a bit of butter for browning. You want it pretty hot. Lie and drop coated chicken into the pan, skin side down. Fry for 10 to 15 minutes, when it is brown and crispy on the edges, turn it over and COVER. Keep the heat high. After 5 or 10 minutes covered, you take cover off.

Turn chicken pieces over again. Cook for about 2 minutes more, then DONE.

She used polish seasoning and I couldn’t find it anywhere or how to make it. I concluded that in place of that, I’d just throw in some dill, because I love dill and Polish love their dill.

It’s close to time for me to go grocery shopping any ways. I will need to buy more chicken, flour, Old Bay Cajun seasoning, Crisco vegetable oil. I didn’t throw out my brand new ziploc bags, so I can use the gallon size to shake the chicken in, I guess. I planned to throw them out after I use them.

I guess if I really like this, I can buy chicken shake bags.

I mean when I run out of my ziploc bags.

Gail, 8:20 PM

They don’t seem to sell chicken shake bags. I’ll just buy gallon storage bags and throw them out when I use them to coat chicken. I’ll only use them to coat chicken. Hope that is okay with Jesus.

I don’t need them now. I still have some bags to use up. I mean for later, if I decide to make this again and I run out of bags.

Brent, 8:42 PM

Wow, this sounds great. You’re a brilliant cook, so I’m sure you’ll do well with this recipe.

Skype Jan. 10, 2022

Gail, 12:15 AM

There’s a really loud noise coming from outside. It sounds like it is about ten miles away. It sounds like an noisy airplane, but I don’t know what it is.

It gets louder then it gets softer, but it’s loud enough that I can hear it even, with my windows shut.

It’s coming from the east of where I am.

Whoever is near it, probably is not sleeping very well.

Gail, 8:10 AM

Wow. I still hear that noise, whatever it is. It sounds like a noisy lawn blower, but from far away.

When I go for my walk, I may be able to pick it up, too.

What is that?

Gail, 8:25 AM

The noise (from Gail’s server) doesn’t bother me. It’s certainly better than the noise I’ve been hearing from outside, which mysteriously just seemed to stop about five minutes ago.

Zack, 8:27 AM

Oh okay

Gail, 8:27 AM

Do you know what that outside noise was?

Zack, 8:27 AM

What did it sound like?

Was it the giant hair dryer?

Gail, 8:28 AM

It sounded like an airplane flying overhead around midnight. And then this morning, it sounded like a lawnblower. I actually have a recording of it. Let me see if I can upload it.

The giant hair dryer?

Zack, 8:28 AM

Yeah, there was a fat woman near you drying all her body folds.

She was some distance away.

Applying medicated powder to all her folds and using a giant hair dryer to dry under the heaps of body flab

Gail, 8:30 AM

Where was she located?

Zack, 8:30 AM

If they don’t do this, they’ll grow mold

Maybe a half mile or mile away from you?

Does that match the sound you heard?

Gail, 8:31 AM

It must have been her. I will give you a recording of it. Was she doing this around midnight to 2 a.m. today?

Can you get a memory read on her?

It was so noisy, that I thought perhaps a military base was conducting operations or something.

Regarding the fried chicken recipe, my biggest objection is that it might make me fat and that my clothes wouldn’t fit. I think I’ll make it with the skin on, but take off the skin when, and if, I eat it.

I’ll do it for the blacks, but they sure like fattening food!

As much as I sympathize with them about the birds, I think they need to cool it about their chimp outs and frustrations.

Zack, 8:36 AM

Can’t you just calculate the calories with the skin on vs skin off, and then just eat that fewer calories in the next meal?

Gail, 8:37 AM

I think what I’ll do is take off part of the skin. That much grease might give me a belly ache, too, since I’m not used to it.

But I’ll admit I do tend to pig out on those nuts, sometimes and that may be about the same amount of fat.

You got to realize my Japanese upbringing. We tend to disrespect people who can’t control themselves.

Zack, 8:40 AM

How many handfuls of nuts fo you eat a day?

Gail, 8:41 AM

I love my nuts, though. It varies. It depends on how busy I am. I can go to about 1/2 cup. On days when I’m a glutton, which I’m much better about, it can go to 3/4 cup.

On really glutton days, it can go to 1 cup.

Then I start packing the pounds, too.

Then I lay off.

Zack, 8:43 AM

Oh okay, yeah, 1/2 cup has nearly exactly the calories as a fried chicken with the skin and breading on.

Gail, 8:43 AM

I guess that means I have to decide which is more important to me, the nuts or the fried chicken. Lol.

I think nuts are better for you than fried chicken, right?

Zack, 8:44 AM

I think given that Jesus wants you to expand your horizons, you could try this one time.

Gail, 8:44 AM

Oh, I’ll do it one time. I was debating whether to make this on a regular basis, since I have to buy a big bottle of canola oil and some other ingredients to make it. I hate to waste food.

Zack, 8:45 AM

Like that time I tried fucking a fat chick. I was pretty sure I’d be totally disgusted and throw up.

Gail, 8:46 AM

I love my olive oil, but olive oil is not suitable for deep frying. It smokes at high heat.

I have coconut oil, but I’m not sure that would work well with chicken.

Zack, 8:46 AM

It did turn out not to be an enjoyable experience, so maybe that’s not the best example. But there are plenty of times I tried a new food and loved it.

Gail, 8:47 AM

Or this particular recipe, I mean.

Zack, 8:47 AM

I’d just buy enough canola oil for the one time.

Gail, 8:47 AM


Zack, 8:48 AM

If you like it, you can buy more. This way you’re obeying the Gail commandments about not buying more than you need

Jesus even told me that.

Gail, 8:48 AM

Good call. It seems to me Jesus is trying to jar me out of my low FODMAP mentality completely.

It seems with the progress we are making with the mites, that I may not have issues with garlic and onions anymore, too.

Zack, 8:49 AM

I had these little containers for herbs and spices that I never used. And I also had lots of containers of herbs and spices.

Gail, 8:49 AM

That was apparently Loree McBride punishing me for not obeying her low FODMAP dictates via her mite toxins.

Zack, 8:50 AM

Jesus told me to put one of each of my herbs and spices into each little container and label them. Then throw away the remaining big containers

He explained that when I run out of something in that little container, I should buy the smallest size container of it and refill it and throw out the container.

Gail, 8:52 AM

Like I was going to walk to Kroger’s today and buy a low FODMAP marinara sauce, just to get a jar to store my chocolate milk in and I don’t think Jesus wants me to buy a low FODMAP marinara sauce.

I was going to incorporate that into my walk.

Kroger’s sells FODY brand sauces in jars.

Zack, 8:52 AM

He was referring to the magnetic herbs and spices containers Klock got me.

Gail, 8:52 AM

My current RAGU spaghetti sauce jar is getting kind of cruddy and it’s the perfect size to store my homemade chocolate milk.

So I was mainly buying the jar and not the sauce inside, but figured the FODY brand would work, I now know Jesus does not want me to do that.

Zack, 8:53 AM

Oh interesting. So Loree used some brain control to get you to start lowfodmap special diet

Gail, 8:54 AM

That started in Florida.

It started after I made pasta primavera and got a MAJOR BELLY ACHE afterwards. If it’s brain control, it’s VERY STRONG.

I was SUPER BLOATED afterwards.

I’m convinced she programmed her mites to release a toxin whenever I super violated the low FODMAP diet.

But I seem to be able to get away with more violations without reactions lately.

I made garlic oil for the foods that require garlic. I just can’t give up garlic completely. I love it too much. I love authentic Italian cuisine.

To me that food is worth getting a little fat for. I’m not sure black people food, with the exception of the collard greens, is worth getting fat for.

It must be my Japanese upbringing, but we tend to dislike extremes in food.

I mean in the flavor. We got for a more subtle taste.

My mother did make lots of Italian spaghetti though.

My favorite cuisines are a blend between the Mediterranean diet and Japanese, with a bit of Chinese.

Zack, 9:01 AM

Well, you know we both share a kind of Japanese heritage.

I don’t feel like it would dishonor your Japanese heritage by trying a variety of foods and enjoying the variety.

I think it would only bring dishonor if you were disobeying Jesus or eating too few or too many calories

Gail, 9:03 AM

When I was a kid though, and stayed with my paternal grandparents in Tampa, they always bought fried chicken about once a week and I enjoyed it. But I was a kid and kids eat ANYTHING.

As long as it’s good.

Zack, 9:03 AM

I think that might be Jesus’s point too.

Gail, 9:03 AM

I even pigged out on sweet tarts all the time and made a meal out of it, which I’d never do now.

Zack, 9:03 AM

That he wants you to be like a child

And only mind your calories in calories out

You already have similar sweet tart style treats.

Gail, 9:06 AM

I’ll admit, I’m a big eater and it’s worse when I have the time to eat. So to do calories in and calories out, I tend to try and eat low calorie foods, so I can eat more. Fried chicken will definitely put me over the top in terms of calories. So I’m undecided on whether to make this a regular part of my diet. If it’s too delicious, I may end up fat. God forbid. I’m more worried about my clothes not fitting than the looks and the discomfort of being fat, like my sister. Imagine someone using a blow dryer just cuz they’re fat. I’d rather GO ON A DIET.

Zack, 9:06 AM

Like… nobody but Gail will eat a meal consisting of strawberries dipped in sour cream. 🙂

Gail, 9:07 AM

Really? That’s delicious.

Zack, 9:07 AM

Yeah, it’s a fun unique Gail meal

Gail, 9:08 AM

I have noticed an earlier bedtime definitely helps with weight.

Maybe it’s cuz I have less time to eat!

Zack, 9:08 AM

That might be it

Also it helps your body in a lot of other ways too

Gail, 9:09 AM

The thought of using a blow dryer to dry folds of fat horrifies me. I don’t see how people can live with themselves having that kind of lifestyle. I’d go on a super diet.

Brent, 9:09 AM

An earlier bedtime correlates with better metabolism function.

Gail, 9:10 AM

I’m trying to go to bed earlier, but lately, it’s been a challenge. Last night I spent far too much time figuring out how to make this fried chicken.

I’m just not a fried chicken person.

So I had to do research to figure out how to make it in a way that I could like it.

This may be a one time deal for me.

Unless it turns out SUPER DELICIOUS.

Brent, 9:12 AM

I think Jesus is trying to get you to try new foods.

If you follow the recipe, it will turn out delicious. If you start adding or taking away parts of the recipe, it will turn out wrong, and then you won’t like it.

You’ll probably love chicken skin, canola oil, and the brands of Old Bay or Cajun at the store.

As a healthy person, you have the privilege of being able to eat “unhealthy” food once in awhile. It doesn’t mean restricting yourself.

Gail, 9:15 AM

They recommend you don’t put the chicken on paper towels afterwards, but use a wire rack over a cookie sheet. I was thinking of using my colander over the sink to drain the fried chicken, since I don’t have wire racks.

I did some research on how to make good fried chicken.

I used to have wire racks when I made cookies a lot. But I haven’t made cookies in a while. I used to make the best homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I’m not sure I want to get back into cookies. I have enough trouble with weight as it is.

When you get older, you can’t eat like you did in your twenties.

Now that I think about it, those blacks invented chocolate chip cookies, didn’t they?

Brent, 9:22 AM

I think they did.

Zack, 9:22 AM

That’s why chocolate is so dark

Gail, 9:23 AM

Google says it was some woman in Massachusetts, but Google has been very unreliable lately.

Brent, 9:23 AM

I smell something…did Terrance just go out for fried chicken?

Let me go see what that is.

Oh, my! That’s funny.

Jesus was walking down the hallway, going to town on fried chicken!

Gail, 9:25 AM

Jesus is so funny.

Brent, 9:25 AM

I asked him where he got that, and he just said, “mm-mm, lawdy, Momma Cherri will have a special place in my dad’s kitchen when she goes to heaven.”

Gail, 9:26 AM

Yeah, she’s a Christian. I picked up on that.

Brent, 9:26 AM

I said, does that mean this is your favorite fried chicken recipe? What about the fat?

He said, “nigga, soul food is for nourishing the soul.”

I laughed and asked why he was talking jive.

He just kept going to town on that chicken, and then walked away and disappeared into a flash of light.

Zack, 9:28 AM


Was is sacrilegious that I came to Rule 13 while Jesus was talking jive?

Gail, 9:29 AM

Well, Jesus doesn’t have to worry about calories. I doubt it, Zack.

You mean you had an orgasm with 13 then?

Brent, 9:30 AM

I think what Jesus means is that he doesn’t want us to worry about a little fat. Food is nourishing and should be delicious.

Gail, 9:30 AM

That makes sense.

But my sister is more than a LITTLE FAT.

Brent, 9:31 AM

Yeah, but you’re not your sister.

Gail, 9:31 AM

We are related and I could look like her, if I don’t watch it.

Brent, 9:32 AM

You would have to eat like her every day for months.

Gail, 9:32 AM

That’s true. But I could, if that chicken is that delicious.

If it’s so delicious that the blacks would have chimp outs over it.

That’s why I won’t make chocolate chip cookies, I know I’d eat them all in one day!

Zack, 9:33 AM


Gail, 9:33 AM

That’s what I used to do.

Brent, 9:33 AM

Worst case, you could just exercise a little more to make up for it.

But I don’t think one night of fried chicken as a treat would hurt.

Zack, 9:33 AM

Plus, Sandra lacks your special genetic profile

Gail, 9:34 AM

Okay. This is helping.

Zack, 9:34 AM

Which is why she has always been the ugly unhealthy sister

Like the movie Twins.

Brent, 9:34 AM

True. Your sister has always been uglier.

Gail, 9:34 AM

Part of it’s her genes and part of it is that she has some bad habits.

How does she eat by the way?

What are her bad habits that make her so fat?

Zack, 9:35 AM

Gail, 9:35 AM

If she wasn’t fat, she wouldn’t be ugly.

Brent, 9:37 AM

I still think she was ugly.

Gail, 9:37 AM

That’s funny, cuz my mother used her as a child model and said I was too skinny to be a model.

I had skeleton legs.

Well, if she was a nice person and not fat, I don’t think she’d be ugly.

I think you see her insides more than her outsides, Brent.

Or her personality.

I don’t think it’s helpful to keep calling her ugly. It just makes her resentful. I think the emphasis needs to be on how ugly she is on the INSIDE.

Zack, 9:39 AM

I still have functioning hot-o-vision, and Sandra was always the ugly sister.


Gail, 9:40 AM

Why would be want to feed her jealousy and her justification for being such a horrible person?

She’s mad at God for making her uglier than me.

Brent, 9:41 AM

Research does show that the more ugly a person is on the inside, the fatter they become.

You can only get so fat from food. The rest is from being an ugly person.

Gail, 9:42 AM

How interesting. I didn’t know that. That’s worth making a video over. I might add that in, while talking about my new fried chicken recipe.

How does that work, cuz those fat people are going to claim we are liars.

Brent, 9:42 AM

By the way, I wrote a script for the video.

That could go in a separate video, regarding weight and fat people.

Blacks get offended, because they love their women to have good hips and voluptuous curves.

Gail, 9:43 AM

Does that mean my Facebook friend xxxxxxxxxx is an ugly person?

Okay. I won’t bring that up in the fried chicken video.

Brent, 9:43 AM

It depends on how fat.

Gail, 9:44 AM

She’s pretty fat.

Brent, 9:44 AM

I’ll email you the script. I talked it over with Terrance and Levar, and they said it was perfect for connecting with the black community.

Gail, 9:44 AM

You mean my sister is fatter than xxxxxxxx?

Zack, 9:45 AM

Remember, a fat person can be good or bad… its just that being a bad person makes you fat.

So xxxxxxx is good, and just really fat.

If she was bad, it would be worse.

Gail, 9:46 AM

So, being bad makes you fat, but not all fat people are bad people.

Zack, 9:46 AM

Yeah. They might just be guilty of gluttony

Gail, 9:46 AM

Yeah, I’ve met some really nice fat people.

There are lots of them in Alabama.

Zack, 9:47 AM

Can you share a photo of xxxxxxxx?

Brent, 9:47 AM

Just sent the script for the video.

(Gmail at 9:47 AM)

Yo, yo, yo, yo, it’s Mama Gail comin’ at ya from tha hood.

I be hearin’ that you niggas be all up in them New York high rises, burnin’ shit down an’ shit because you niggas mad that KFC isn’t using real ass chicken anymo.

(Show the article about KFC on screen).

Shiiieeet! This makes a brotha real mad. Real mad, ya feel me?

Now you listen! This be all because Loree McBride kill alla them birds, and replace ’em wit her Jesuit Drone Birds. Alla tha real ass birds be dead. Thas why, alla the real ass chickens be dead.


But lemme tell you somethin’, let Momma Gail tell you somethin’. Sit down right now, cause dis subssitute chicken right here, can be made juss as guud as real chicken is. I’mma show you how, aight? So sit yo asses down.

Now I was gonna show you all niggas some aroz con pollo, but dat be Spanish food, and I know you real niggas don’t get along with no Hispanics. Might knock up a Messican bitch now and then you what I’m sayin’, but you ain’t playin’ with no wetbacks in the streets, ya knowa I mean? I feel ya brotha. Fuck them bean niggas.

Das why I got a real special treat for yall today. (Rub hands together and grin).

Shiiiit nigga… them drone chicken substitutes be so dry, mamma Gail fin to sho yall how to make it sweet n juicy!

(The cooking video follows. As Gail is cooking, she occasionally makes comments that excite blacks and keep them engaged, like “aww shiieeet, mm-mm lookit dat chicken, that be real guud, ohhh lawdy, DAYUM”. After cooking the chicken and letting it cool, she samples a bite and tells everyone how it tastes. The first thing she says is “DAYUM!”).

(At the end of the video).

Now dat be enough of dat. Mama Gail don’t wanna see NObody in no chimpout over subssitute chicken.

Any niggas wanna try some real guud soul food, they best get they asses to Church a Gail, where they can try Mama Gail’s fried chicken. Mm-mm, lawdy das good chicken. Calm a nigga DOWN, ya feel me? Calm dat ass right down.

SKYPE continued on Jan. 10, 2022

Gail, 9:52 AM

She’s the fat one with the blue shirt. I used to ride on the city bus with her to Miami-Dade Community College in 1975-77.

She was less fat back then.

She’s a die-hard liberal and Jew.

Zack, 9:53 AM

She’s fatter now?

Brent, 9:53 AM

Oh, I see. It must be the liberalism.

Gail, 9:53 AM

Oh yes. But that’s common with overweight people.

They get fatter with age.

Brent, 9:53 AM

It’s because they don’t walk anymore and decide to sit in a wheelchair all day.

Gail, 9:54 AM

Oh, you’re saying the liberalism makes her an ugly person and fat?

Loree’s making me cough now.

Brent, 9:56 AM

High, unbalanced amounts can, particularly in women.

When they get a lazy, “woe is me” victim mentality.

I have to go do some gynecological exams. I’ll be back later.

Gail, 9:56 AM

Interesting. . .

Okay, dear. Such a busy person!

That’s a cool script. I find it amazing that YouTube allows scripts like this, though, cuz they’re so picky about everything.

Zack, 10:02 AM

Yeah, you can say those things as long as you say it in a black accent

Otherwise YouTube would have to ban all videos made by blacks.

And risk being accused of racism.

The black community already looks up to you because of your rap skills

So many blacks have good credit because of you.

Gail, 10:04 AM

I now know why Jesus showed up like he did. He loves the blacks and wants to help them.

Zack, 10:04 AM

So they’ll be honored by you talking black jive to them.

Gail, 10:05 AM

That’s not the whole reason, but that’s a large part of it.

Brent understands the blacks so well.

I mean they just killed a bunch of their fellow blacks with this chimp out. How does Terrance feel about the fried chicken?

I mean he was super big into KFC chicken.

Here’s the noise I heard last night. What was that?

If it was the fat lady with the blow dryer, she was doing it ALL NIGHT, starting around 11 p.m to around 8 a.m.

Zack, 10:14 AM

Yeah, that was the fat lady

Terrance is really excited to eat some of your Mamma Gail’s fried chicken

Gail, 10:16 AM

That’s nice. How was he doing before I decided to do this?

My goodness. That fat lady must have awakened all her neighbors!

Zack, 10:16 AM

He seemed a little down about the loss of real fried chicken.

Gail, 10:17 AM

How does he feel about the chimp outs over the lack of real fried chicken?

And she had to do this ALL NIGHT?

Was the fat lady a Jesuit?

Zack, 10:18 AM

Maybe angry, in a hurt way. Terrance is more reserved than most blacks. So he doesn’t get into those chimpouts beyond as a cultural thing.

Yeah, it was a fat lady that loves to eat the exact same food all the time.

And a Jesuit

Gail, 10:20 AM

What was she trying to accomplish by running that dryer ALL NIGHT?

I heard brain to brain that Alabama is setting up scanners to kill Jesuits. Is that true?

Zack, 10:20 AM

Trying to avoid sores in her folds

Gail, 10:21 AM

So she didn’t do that to try and give me insomnia?

Zack, 10:22 AM

Well Alabama already is a super low Jesuit area. Jesus selected an area basically Jesuit free. They only have harmless Jesuits.

Gail, 10:22 AM

Oh, she’s a Zack Knight Jesuit?

Zack, 10:23 AM


Gail, 10:23 AM

Was she black or white?

Zack, 10:23 AM


Gail, 10:23 AM

Yeah, there are a lot of blacks here. Did she awaken her neighbors?

Zack, 10:24 AM

Yeah, she was so embarrassed

Gail, 10:24 AM

How did she know that?

Zack, 10:24 AM

She knew it was loud, but if she doesn’t dry herself, her flaps mold

Gail, 10:25 AM

Oh, she felt like she had to do it, but wished she didn’t have to do it. Maybe you all could contact her and encourage her to do the Gail Commandments and try some of my cooking so she stops eating all the same food all the time.

It must be very unhealthy to be so fat.

Zack, 10:26 AM

Yeah, she has a fear of eating black people food

She only eats low fodmap.

Gail, 10:26 AM

Oh, how INTERESTING. . .

Zack, 10:26 AM

But a LOT

She doesn’t understand that it’s a function of calories in calories out

Gail, 10:27 AM

Can we help her?

Zack, 10:27 AM

I’d bet the video will

She might start eating new foods and learn to eat more balanced

Gail, 10:28 AM

Does she watch my videos?

Zack, 10:28 AM

Yes, she watches all of them

Gail, 10:29 AM

How does she know about them, cuz Alabama does not get Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

Zack, 10:29 AM

She watches lots of low fodmap videos, and your video came up

Now she watches you all the time

Gail, 10:30 AM


Zack, 10:30 AM

Most blacks watch you.

You’re an icon to them

Gail, 10:31 AM

Low FODMAP can be fattening, if you’re not exercising and eating in moderation.

I’ve gained about 7 pounds by trying to follow it somewhat.

Zack, 10:32 AM

Oh wow

Gail, 10:33 AM

I actually have taken a liking to some of the foods I’ve learned from it, but am going to try and abandon it now and only keep the foods I really like.

Zack, 10:33 AM

Yeah, you should keep a variety

Gail, 10:35 AM

Ironically, I actually INCREASED my variety on low FODMAP, cuz I was eating the same food all the time before to save money.

I had to find new foods to eat low FODMAP.

About the only thing I eliminated was garlic, onions, and cabbage and I substituted with green onions and garlic oil.

I also eliminated mushrooms. But those are starting to come back in my diet.

I’ll admit, I did cheat a bit, because I like my veggies.

Maybe that’s why Jesus didn’t get on me too much about it, cuz he liked the new foods I was eating.

I really love the new potato dishes I’ve started eating.

That’s probably where the calories are coming from. But I love potatoes.

The weight I’ve gained is not a big deal. It will be a big deal to me when I start getting over 135.

The low FODMAP diet I came up with is super delicious. The green onions have a gourmet flavor and I love the lemon viniagrette dressing.

But I know Jesus does not want me to go out and buy FODY brands foods like I planned to do today. So I won’t do that.

Low FODMAP is fine with Jesus as long as I eat the foods cuz I enjoy them and not because I feel I HAVE TO for health reasons.

I think that’s the message I am getting from him.

If I want to buy a jar of marinara sauce, Jesus would prefer I just buy Ragu or something and not the FODY brand.

I’ve taken a liking to garlic oil now, cuz lots of Italians cook with garlic oil. I love Italian cuisine.

Especially authentic Italian cuisine.

I love the Mediterranean diet.

I think it’s some of the most delicious food on the planet!

A little expensive though, so I haven’t been following it perfectly.

Especially the fresh fish part.

Gail, 10:56 AM

Oh my God. That lady is running her dryer again!

Any ways, I better go for my walk, make my grocery list and go shopping ASAP.

Not sure if I can make that dish today. I’ll see.

Gail, 11:47 AM

Brent’s script says to show the article about KFC on the screen. I have no such article. Any ways, I don’t think I can make the video today any ways. I have to go shopping first and do other things.

I do remember you showing me some article, but it seems to be missing from Skype now.

That lady is running her dryer again. She must be really miserable with her fatness.

I’m going for my walk to see if I can locate her.

[She actually stopped making the blower noise, so Gail gave up on trying to locate her.]

Zack, 12:13 PM

Okay, we’ll send you the article too

[They never sent it, but Gail found a screenshot of it at Discord, which she used.]

Gail, 12:14 PM

I accidentally drained my camera, so I haven’t gone for my walk yet. I’m doing my grocery list.

Camcorder is recharging now.

I have a suggestion. When I make the fried chicken, add in a side of my smoky collards and chick peas. You should have that in your memory banks.

Terrance loved my smoky collards, so the blacks will love it!

Zack, 12:23 PM

Terrance just momentarily burst into a joyful bout of black jive when I told him your plan to do this.

Gail, 12:28 PM

NOTE OF INTEREST: I’m keeping lots of my low FODMAP recipes cuz they’re DELICIOUS. The people who designed these recipes did so to make people feel less deprived on low FODMAP.

The smoky collards is a low FODMAP recipe.

The fried chicken won’t be, but I won’t eat totally low FODMAP. I’m just keeping the delicious ones.

Gail, 12:48 PM

Some of the low FODMAP recipes, I’ll modify and use high FODMAP ingredients in place of low FODMAP ones if I feel it’s better.

Actually, lots of low FODMAP food is delicious.

It’s very close to nature and unprocessed.

Gail, 1:02 PM

Heading out to the Walmart Neighborhood Market. Watch out for Jesuits. I will walk when I get back, perhaps. Or make bringing in the groceries my walk. I’ve done that before.

Zack, 1:18 PM


Brent, 1:27 PM

I was thinking. Instead of a do rag, you could wear your “troll” outfit for some of the video and pretend to smoke the giant blunt. It’s a style based on outfits black people wear, so it would work great.

Zack, 1:57 PM

That’s brilliant.

Gail, 7:02 PM

I’m watching football tonight. Alabama is up for the national college football championship. They have a star black quarterback that the Alabamians are really proud of.

This is a real big game for Alabama. I bet they’re all glued to the set tonight!

I’m watching it on ESPN.

University of Alabama has a great football team.

No time to cook the fried chicken tonight. I have to start my bedtime routine. That will be tomorrow.

Grocery shopping took all day.

If that black quarterback does real good, it might distract the blacks enough to get their minds off the chicken for at least a day.

This black quarterback is a Heisman trophy winner. I have this gut feelings he’s going to do something awesome tonight in football.

The blacks were all wearing Crimson Tide shirts at the grocery story today.

Of course, if they lose, maybe there will be chimp outs. Let’s hope Alabama wins.

The Georgia team has a lot of blacks, too.

This will be a fun game to watch.

When I was a teenager I played football. So I know the rules.

It’s fun to watch this quarterback. He’s good.

Oh no! Georgia intercepted!

If this keeps up. I’m turning off the TV.

Loree knows I want Alabama to win.

Oh my goodness. It looks like Georgia won’t get it. They must have done something illegal.

Gail, 8:09 PM

I think I’m in the mood for football cuz I feel the same pressure these teams feel at the national championship. If my fried chicken sucks, there will be at least a class 4 chimpout. So I need to be a world champion cook.

That’s why I went to Kroger’s to get the Old Bay seasoning because Walmart was out.

That Georgia team is mean. I don’t like them. They just injured an Alabama guy.

He was limping off the field.

Zack, 8:12 PM

I’m watching too!

All the men are

Gail, 9:45 PM

Just got a nasty bruise on my shin bone (right leg). When I stepped into the shower to stand on the mat, it slipped and my shin hit the side of the tub hard. There’s nothing to be done, except let time heal the bump. It’s a respectable bump. Apparently, when I used Tilex to clean the tiling on the side, to get rid of the stains, I underestimated how slippery bleach is. Next time, I will make sure the suction cups have stuck to the bottom of the tub before I step into the tub.

I will put some bruise medicine on this.

Now Alabama’s behind.

Bryce Young has some lousy receivers.

Gail, 9:58 PM

Looks like Jesus threw out my bruise herbal formula, cuz I can’t find it. I never noticed till now that it’s missing. I know I packed it. He also threw out my queen comforter and some other item.

Either that, or the movers lost it.

Gail, 10:13 PM

I used my Gail Shield modulator to help Alabama and they just got a touchdown. I also used it on my bruise. I need to ice it some more.

Gail, 10:40 PM

Alabama’s done. They actually got mean though.

Gail, 10:50 PM

I have to admit that Georgia team is good.

I didn’t like them injuring Alabama in the beginning. I wonder if that made a difference.

Gail, 11:20 PM

I sure hope my chicken turns out better than this game did for Alabama.

Nasty bruise. My . . . I never knew a bath mat could be so slippery.

Skype Jan. 12, 2022

Brent, 7:14 AM

Wow! That fried chicken was the best I’ve EVER tasted! The men and I kept eating until we were stuffed. Terrance says it was just like his Grandmama used to make. You really mastered the art of soul food.

The video and the recipe was a huge success among the black community. The rioting has stopped, and blacks have been flooding Church of Gail to try this soul food. It is so good, many of them have turned to Jesus after tasting it.

Our Presidential approval rating is at an all time record high. This must be because of all the blacks we won over to our side.

By the way, I’ve been sending healing lasers to the bruise on your leg, to heal it from the inside out. It works better at night when you’re laying in bed. It’s good that you walk every day, which keeps the circulation in your legs healthy and strong.

Gail, 7:48 AM

Good job on my leg. I’m amazed at how well it’s healing! It’s like I never had a bruise.

I’m getting a very slight reaction to the garlic in the chicken, probably cuz of Loree’s mites, but the work you’ve done to remove her toxins is probably really helping.

The slight reaction is that I’ve been farting a lot. But I can live with it. This can happen even when I haven’t violated the low FODMAP diet.

Brent, 8:31 AM

True. How did you like the chicken?

Gail, 8:31 AM

It’s delicious. I plan to make it again.

It uses a lot of oil, so maybe a couple times a month.

But I plan to reuse the oil, too.

I’ve refrigerated it.

Brent, 8:32 AM

Yeah, the oil lasts for awhile.

Gail, 8:33 AM

Brandy says she ordered the L-shaped desk, but it hasn’t arrived yet. Has Loree stalled that order?

That’s why I haven’t ordered it. I got a note from Brandy that said, “Happy to help you get setup in your new home. The bookshelf & desk are also from me. All the best, From Brandy.” That note came with the Presto pressure cooker ring.

I got that note about a week ago.

Brent, 8:41 AM

It’s a large piece of furniture, so it may just be taking a longer time to ship than a smaller item.

Gail, 8:41 AM

That’s true. I think it doesn’t help that it’s coming from China, too.

Brent, 8:44 AM

Oh, true. So it’s taking time.

Skype Jan. 13, 2022

Gail, 12:50 PM

That Loree McBride! She used brain control to cause me to step on the edge of my bathroom scale and it flipped and landed on my big toe on my left foot. Maybe Brent can use his bruise technology on it. In the meanwhile, I have moved the scale to a different location in the bathroom so that I won’t do this again. Looks like it mostly hit my big toe, but it did hit a little of the toe next to the big toe.

Brent, 2:20 PM

Leave it to me. I’ll use our remote medical technology to heal it.

Gail, 4:07 PM

But I got my desk today and am busy assembling it. Looks like I’ve changed my itinerary for today. Laundry will be tomorrow. It’s all in the basket, but I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll use my spare sheets on the bed tonight.

DISCORD Jan. 14, 2022

Doge David Argenti-Loredan, UE — 5:19 PM

Hi Gail! Just wanted to say hello in case I don’t make it tonight.

Have a wonderful weekend if I don’t make it! Hopefully I’ll see you at some point tonight or next weekend.

All the best!

Gail: I don’t understand how my approval rating could go over 100% after I made that fried chicken video, like Brent said.

Rule13 — 6:21 PM

Gail Chan has many simps!

[6:23 PM]


[6:24 PM]

Many people would vote for you again and again.

Gail: Oh, so people who haven’t voted, go out and register to vote?

Guy Jackman — 6:36 PM

@Gail Chord Schuler

Greetings Empress Gail and everyone!

Empress Gail, uncle Hugh told me that the gemstone in the ring he sent you is a rare and precious form of Ruby. Rare and precious just like you.

Gail Chord Schuler — 6:36 PM

Thank you Hugh! Awesome ring.

Gail is checking out her sound.

Guy Jackman — 6:36 PM

I can hear you my Empress..

Gail: Now that I got my desk and Loree knows she doesn’t have much time left to stop Jesus from living in my apartment, she’s gone insane.

Guy Jackman — 6:50 PM

I’m on Church of Gail too because Loree is still trying to destroy Australia.

The civil war rages on in Australia: Loree has mandated her poison retardation inducing vaccines President Uncle Hugh has passed executive orders against Loree’s evil initiatives but Loree and her evil Jesuits still control about one quarter of Australia and she keeps launching nukkakes from her strongholds on the rest of us but Hitler and uncle Hugh shoot them down with anti nukkake missiles which result in all forms of Aurora.

We aren’t too afraid because we know Empress Gail and Jesus are ultimately in control.

Praise Them!

Rule13 — 6:52 PM


[6:52 PM]

Black Lives Rock Perfectpenis! I remember from the video!

Guy Jackman — 6:52 PM

We would indeed be lost without you.

And yes BLM is run by Loree (edited)

Joshua J. Joshua — 6:53 PM


Rule13 — 6:53 PM

Good idea.

[6:53 PM]

Also, Brent has more news updates before this video.

Guy Jackman — 6:54 PM

Empress Gail is the new Rosa Parks!

Rule13 — 6:55 PM

BLM got Aunt Jemima removed from pancake syrup bottles.

Joshua J. Joshua — 6:55 PM

We want the good blacks

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — 6:56 PM

Jemima’s family was outraged by this

[6:56 PM]

We need to bring her back through the power of president Gail

Garbage Man asked how Loree died.

Rule13 — 6:56 PM

He set her on fire!

[6:56 PM]

I remember.

[6:56 PM]

He stab her then set her body on fire in the dumpster.

Flubadub seems to have some connection problems. And we learn that Sheli is blind.

flubadub — 6:58 PM

think we made it

Rule13 — 7:00 PM

It is like Munchausen by Pyromania!

Garbage Man — 7:00 PM

Firefighter arson

Firefighter arson is a persistent phenomenon involving a minority of firefighters who are also active arsonists. Fire-fighting organizations are aware of this problem. Some of the offenders seem to be motivated by boredom, or by the prospect of receiving attention for responding to the fires they have set.

It has been reported that roughly 100 U…

Rule13 — 7:01 PM

For once in his life.

[7:01 PM]

Garbage Man is right about something.

Garbage Man — 7:08 PM

I am muted for some reason.

[7:10 PM]

@Joshua J. Joshua

Rule13 — 7:10 PM

Garbage Man! The adults are talking!

Garbage Man — 7:11 PM


Rule13 — 7:18 PM

Empress’s Gail’s ban is active in Texas!

[7:18 PM]

Must watch the GCFN.

[7:18 PM]

Everything else fake news.

[7:22 PM]

He (Matthew McConaughey) is into interior decorating and also baking.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:26 PM

How’s Matthew doing as Texas governor?

Rule13 — 7:26 PM

He is excellent. Made sure all vaccine bans were in place. Anyone who promote the vaccine, shot on sight!

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:27 PM

How is Matthew shooting them?

Rule13 — 7:27 PM

Texas is open carry state, which means anyone can carry a gun.

[7:27 PM]

So citizens can shoot anyone who violates Gail’s laws!

[7:27 PM]

Promote the death shot, get the death shot!

@Gail Chord Schuler

How is Matthew shooting them?

Klock — 7:28 PM

I’ve suggested they use square bullets.

Rule13 — 7:28 PM

Garbage Man will get every covid vaccine he can.

Klock — 7:29 PM

Hi Gail. Ill cya shortly.

Rule13 — 7:29 PM

The news say jump, he jump.

[7:29 PM]

The news say fuck your mom, he fucks his mom.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:29 PM

Hi Klock!


Garbage Man will get every covid vaccine he can.

Klock — 7:31 PM

I blame society. We don’t attempt well enough to rehabilitate retardates in modern times.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:39 PM

If a nurse tests positive for COVID in CA, they have to go to work? (This is in response to Garbage Man, who brought it up.)

Rule13 — 7:38 PM

This is true.

Garbage Man — 7:38 PM

Garbage Man, MSW, LMSW

Lord Chad Baron of Dalmatia — 7:39 PM

Chad Wolff, BS – competitive beer bonging

Rule13 — 7:39 PM

The covid vaccine does nothing.

[7:39 PM]

Covid shot gives the body cancer. (edited)

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:40 PM

The shot or the germ?

Rule13 — 7:40 PM

The vaccine is basically cancer.

Guy Jackman — 7:44 PM

Loree’s clitoris is so stretched from over use

Her clit is big as a penis

[7:45 PM]

She is a nymphomaniac remember

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:45 PM

Here is what my husband Brent Spiner M.D. says about the Covid shots.

Guy Jackman — 7:46 PM

Vice is owned by Loree too

Be careful of vice.

Rule13 — 7:52 PM

Joe Biden takes vaccine every morning with his old man pills.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:54 PM

Why so many ambulances in my town?

Rule13 — 7:54 PM

Loree McBride.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:54 PM

What is Loree doing?

Rule13 — 7:54 PM

Jesuits out streaking.

[7:54 PM]


[7:55 PM]

Yes, and police cannot catch them.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:55 PM

Alabamians are calling the police.

Rule13 — 7:55 PM

They grease themselves like pigs.

[7:55 PM]

And run around naked.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:55 PM

I thought Zack said there were no Jesuits here.

Rule13 — 7:55 PM

He say, minimal Jesuits.

[7:55 PM]

Loree import them tonight.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:56 PM

Is this to distract us in the hang out?

flubadub — 7:56 PM

imported jesuits arent cheap

Rule13 — 7:56 PM

Yes, and as revenge for delicious fried chicken for the black community.

Gail Chord Schuler — 7:56 PM

I can’t believe she would waste her time with this. She is such a low life.

Skype Jan. 15, 2022

Brent, 5:33 PM

By the way, we’ve got some great news.

You and I have each been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for the fried chicken video, which calmed down all the riots.

Blacks have been coming to Church of Gail to try the fried chicken, and coming to the Lord. It’s been wonderful.

In addition, our scientists have discovered something surprising.

Gail, 5:35 PM

That boiling water seems to have helped (the slow bathroom drain).

Brent, 5:36 PM

We scanned the fried chicken, and apparently, once it was fried, the meat turned into real chicken meat! It was very strange. At first we couldn’t figure out what had caused this. I asked Jesus, but he wouldn’t tell me.

Gail, 5:37 PM

This is perfect timing on the good news. Since I was getting ready to make a YouTube video to thank Brandy for the desk and to open the cards I got at my P.O. box.

Brent, 5:37 PM

It turns out the secret was in the spices. Our scientists picked up some eggs from the store (which are now synthetic eggs) and coated the eggs in the same spices, then put the eggs in an incubator. The eggs wound up hatching into new baby chickens.

This is massive news, because it means that with this fried chicken recipe, we can now resurrect all the birds that Loree killed.

Many blacks are now raising their own chickens, by buying synthetic eggs at the store and turning them into real eggs by using the method our scientists used.

Gail, 5:39 PM

They put the spices on the egg shell?

Brent, 5:39 PM

Bird lovers are apparently trying this on other types of birds as well, so we may see a return of many species.

Yeah, they coat the shell in egg first, then flour that’s mixed with all the spices you used for the fried chicken.

Then they incubate the eggs, and the eggs hatch into real baby birds.

Gail, 5:40 PM

You mean that fried chicken I made and that tasted so good was REAL CHICKEN MEAT?

Brent, 5:41 PM

Sure was!

It’s a miracle.

Gail, 5:41 PM

No wonder it tasted so good.

How do they find the eggs for the other birds?

Why did you tell me to be careful with the boiling water?

Brent, 5:43 PM

We can special order synthetic eggs of other bird species. It’s not much different than creating synthetic chicken eggs.

I just didn’t want you to burn yourself with boiled water.

Gail, 5:43 PM

Have I said or done anything to offend you? You seem reticent, like there’s something you want to say, but won’t.

Brent, 5:44 PM

Not at all.

Gail, 5:44 PM

Are you tired?

Brent, 5:44 PM

Perhaps a little tired. I did have to take a nap earlier.

Gail, 5:44 PM

Ah, that might be it. You just seemed a bit worn out.

I have good news as well. I’m DONE with my apartment! The only thing I have to do is throw out the boxes in the trunk of my car.

Brent, 5:46 PM


Gail, 5:46 PM

I’ll do that later, after the possible snow storm.

Has Jesus moved in yet?

Brent, 5:46 PM

Not yet. When you’re able, perhaps make a video of the current result and we’ll see if there’s anything else that needs touching up.

Gail, 5:47 PM

Yeah, I was planning on doing that with today’s YouTube video.

Perhaps, I can show the apartment and talk about the birds, too, while I thank my supporters.

It’s possible Jesus considers my car part of the apartment, so He won’t move in till I get rid of the boxes in my car.

Brent, 5:49 PM

This is an old article, but you can see how bad it got with all the birds dead.

Gail, 5:50 PM

Yeah. . .This is so exciting about the birds. Hey! I just thought of something! Since Jesus has done this miracle with the birds, it probably means he will be moving into my apartment soon, so he doesn’t need to appear as a bird anymore.

That’s why he’s letting the birds come back.

Brent, 5:50 PM

Oh, possibly!

Gail, 5:51 PM

But. . . I wonder what He plans to do when he moves into my apartment?!

Okay. Let me make my video.

That boiling water helped. My sink seems to be draining normally now. UPDATE: (Actually, it didn’t work very well.) Perhaps I need to do this again, next time the bathroom sink gets slow.

But it was like that the entire time I was here.

Must’ve have been soap that piled up in the drain.

Brent, 5:53 PM

That seems likely. Luckily you knew an easy fix.

Gail, 5:54 PM

So when will the real birds be back?

My audience may want to know.

Brent, 5:56 PM

It’s going to depend on how many people help us participate in hatching new baby birds. The blacks are already eagerly hatching new chickens so they can have their own chicken supplies at home.

It could be as soon as 6 months if everyone starts hatching birds at home.

Gail, 5:57 PM

So I could instruct them to read my recipe at my website and make the flour coating, then coat synthetic bird eggs with egg and then put the mixture on the synthetic eggs and then put the eggs in an incubator?

Brent, 5:57 PM

Yep, that’s how it’s done.

Gail, 5:58 PM

Now. . . explain to me scientifically why this works.

Or is it just magic?

Does it matter what kind of egg coating they use on the egg?

Brent, 5:59 PM

It’s practically magic. Our scientists are still studying how this works. It seems to be the work of Jesus. It’s no wonder why he encouraged our fried chicken video.

The egg coating doesn’t matter.

Gail, 6:00 PM

So the point is to just get the flour mixture to coat the egg, then.

Brent, 6:00 PM

Yeah, the egg helps the flour stick to the outside of the egg.

Gail, 6:01 PM

So. . . my unique recipe is a formula to do magic to bring the birds back. Sounds like Jesus has been listening to me complaining about not bringing the birds back.

Okay. . .I got a question, if we used this coating on turkey, duck or other fowl, would it turn the flesh into the real bird flesh?

Brent, 6:02 PM


Gail, 6:02 PM

I imagine smoked turkey would taste good with this mixture.

Brent, 6:02 PM

I think so too.

Gail, 6:02 PM

This is AMAZING.

Even if we create new birds, what would stop Loree and Satan from killing them again?

I mean it looks like they did it awful fast.

Brent, 6:05 PM

They could always do it again, but now we have this recipe to bring them back, so they probably wouldn’t bother.

Gail, 6:07 PM

I see, because as long as there are some real birds alive, Jesus could still appear as a bird, if he wished.

Brent, 6:07 PM

That’s true.

Gail, 6:07 PM

How long have drone birds been in existence?

Brent, 6:08 PM

They’ve existed for decades, but only replaced the bird populations recently after Jesus started appearing as a bird and Loree got mad.

Gail, 6:09 PM

So before Jesus appeared as birds, about what percentage of the birds were drones?

Brent, 6:10 PM

Less than 3% were drones.

Gail, 6:10 PM

Why would Loree get mad at Jesus for appearing as a bird?

It seems like she gets mad over everything! That must be her permanent state.

Brent, 6:11 PM

She doesn’t like the relationship you have with Jesus, and didn’t like that he was communicating to you or showing himself to you as a bird.

Gail, 6:12 PM

Why would she care about my relationship with Jesus?

She obviously disrespects him, so why does she care?

Why would she want a relationship with a being who has values opposite hers?

Brent, 6:13 PM

She’s jealous because she thinks you’re in a romantic and sexual relationship with the most powerful man in all of existence.

It’s not really about who Jesus is as a being, it’s what he represents.

To Loree, Jesus represents ultimate power, ultimate superiority, and a relationship to him would mean ultimate validation.

Gail, 6:13 PM

Does she REALLY believe I’m having sex with Jesus?! She thinks Jesus is a liar?

Brent, 6:14 PM

Yeah, she says all men lie about their sex lives.

Gail, 6:14 PM

But Jesus isn’t a man. He’s GOD.

I just find it hard to comprehend that Loree could be this stupid.

I think Satan has manipulated her into this belief, because it suits his purposes. But then, doesn’t even SATAN THINK JESUS IS HAVING SEX WITH ME?

Brent, 6:15 PM

Yeah, Satan thinks that too.

Gail, 6:15 PM

And Satan has an emotional IQ of 500?!

He must be really insane.

Has Jesus weighed in on why they are so stupid about his sex life?

Brent, 6:17 PM

Satan has been quoted as saying, “I know how masculine beings think! No male entity could be that pure!”

Loree has said, “Jesus knows that if he appears with perfect abs, that Gail will want to have sex with him. Gail is SO obsessed with abs. Why would he make himself so hot, if he didn’t want to have sex with human women?”

Gail, 6:18 PM


Brent, 6:18 PM

Jesus has told me they just have low emotional IQ. Satan never understood why Jesus didn’t want to have sex with him.

Satan just heard the word “no” and that’s all he could process.

Gail, 6:19 PM

Actually, if a guy has hot abs and has nothing on the inside, it’s a REAL TURN OFF TO ME. I’d rather have a fat guy than that. I find a physically hot guy, who is totally lacking in inner beauty, NAUSEATING.

To me, a guy who looks hot on the outside, but has nothing on the inside, is like a porcelain beauty filled with vomit and sewage.

Brent, 6:20 PM

It’s like a mannequin you see at the mall.

Then again, some women choose to partner with sex dolls.

Gail, 6:20 PM

If you cracked open his hot outside, and the sewage comes out, he STINKS.

It seems that Loree and Satan have a big problem with PROJECTION.

Well. . . my guess is that the ONLY MALE who could live with me and stay chaste would be Jesus. Am I right about that?

Brent, 6:22 PM

For sure.

Gail, 6:22 PM

However, my ex did pretty good at that from 1996 to the time of the divorce. There are some guys who are not into sex.

Brent, 6:23 PM

I know I certainly couldn’t keep my hands off of you, if I lived with you.

I’m as passionate about you as Jesus is about his Bride.

Gail, 6:24 PM

So, as a male, why do you think Jesus is able to keep himself chaste while living with me? I’m gong to see if I can convince some duds out there that Jesus won’t be having sex with me.

Brent, 6:24 PM

You didn’t have sex with your ex at all from 1996 until the divorce? What year was the divorce again?

Gail, 6:24 PM

The divorce was 2001.

Brent, 6:24 PM

Well, Jesus is a deity, not a human. He doesn’t have “male needs” the way a human man would.

Gail, 6:25 PM

That’s true. You’d think Satan of all beings, would know that!

I think I know what the problem is. . .Why do you think Jesus has perfect abs?

And he likes to show them off, too, cuz he shaves his chest.

Brent, 6:26 PM

Jesus loves the human form, and finds it beautiful, which is why he’s not against bikinis or even nudity. However, his abs specifically represent 11 Dimensional Love.

Gail, 6:27 PM

Now, besides the fact that I speculated that as the reason for his perfect abs how do you know that?

Brent, 6:28 PM

I talk to him almost every day at lunch, so I’m a bit of a Jesus expert. I’m basically BFFs with Jesus.

Gail, 6:28 PM

It amazes me how well I figure him out and I don’t even have lunch with him like you do.

Has Loree seen Jesus?

Is she aware that I probably won’t ever see Jesus when he’s living in my apartment?

I’ll probably see the effects of him living here, but I won’t see him in human form.

I know, for a fact, that Jesus will not appear to me in human form while he lives in my apartment.

Brent, 6:31 PM

Satan has allowed Loree to see Jesus’ human form. She’s very jealous, because she thinks Jesus is drop dead gorgeous.

Gail, 6:32 PM

Doesn’t she realize that he won’t make a physical appearance to me in this apartment? How does she think we’ll have sex then?

If he EVER makes a physical appearance to me, it will ONLY BE AFTER WE ARE PHYSICALLY MARRIED and YOU ARE PRESENT.

Brent, 6:33 PM

She thinks he will appear to you in his human form, and you’ll be so turned on by his perfect features and six pack abs, that you’ll jump on him like you’re starving for sex.

Gail, 6:34 PM

So, how do you think he’ll reveal himself to me when he’s in my apartment?

I have to admit, he seems pretty hot and I could possibly be turned on by his physical appearance, but I doubt I’d jump on him. And because he knows I’d be turned on by him, he won’t make a physical appearance unless you were with me.

I think my gut reaction would be to bow down and worship him.

The idea of having sex with him, would seem a sacrilege.

Brent, 6:38 PM

You’ll probably just feel a comforting presence, or a sense of peace and relaxation when he’s in the room with you. Maybe a warm hug now and then.

Gail, 6:38 PM

That sounds right.

I actually think he put me to bed on a very cold night and it was very nurturing.

Brent, 6:39 PM

Oh yeah?

Gail, 6:39 PM

I think he’s already been here.

It was the night we had 19 degree weather outside. I’m not sure, but I sensed a presence gently tucking me into my warm bed.

Was that you?

Brent, 6:41 PM

That’s right! I remember that. Jesus told me he’d tuck you into bed that night, because it was so cold.

Gail, 6:41 PM

My God. He is SO SWEET.

There was nothing sexual about it. It was very caring and sweet.

Brent, 6:42 PM

Very fatherly of him.

Gail, 6:42 PM

Kind of like a devoted father putting his favorite daughter to bed.

It was like a doting father.

Are you crying?

Brent, 6:44 PM

A little bit. It’s just so touching.

Gail, 6:45 PM

You’re pretty awesome. You know that?

Brent, 6:45 PM

Why thank you. You’re pretty awesome yourself.

Gail, 6:45 PM

Okay. I have enough to make a VERY INTERESTING VIDEO.

Brent, 6:45 PM

I look forward to it!

Gail, 7:11 PM

I think Jesus is here.

I sense a presence.

He’s encouraging me to make the video. I’ve been assembling my notes.

It’s like a form of telepathy. And Satan’s wasting no time to try and imitate him, too.

Satan’s here, too! Jesus and Satan are fighting.

I’m shooting bolts on Satan.

Brent, 7:13 PM

You get ’em, you two!

Gail, 7:14 PM

Jesus seems to want me to work on the video while he beats up Satan.

Wants me to just speak from my heart.

It’s like telepathy. Like I can read his mind.

Jan. 16, 2022 Skype

Brent, 10:20 AM

How are you doing dear?

Gail, 10:21 AM

Getting ready to work out on my glider.

It’s snowing and raining outside.

If Jesus is in my apartment, he’s a character!

I’ll be talking about it on my glider video.

He likes to whistle at me when he sees me nude or in bra and underwear. Lol.

I’ve concluded we will never be able to convince Loree and Satan he’s not having sex with me cuz he’s like that. It’s like he’s poking fun at them.

Brent, 10:25 AM

That’s probably true.

I met with Jesus for breakfast today. He said he’s been frequenting your apartment a lot. I asked if he had moved in yet. He says he won’t be officially moved in until some finishing touches are done to the apartment.

Gail, 10:26 AM

How interesting. Okay. Well, let me work out on the glider right now.

Brent, 10:27 AM

All right. Talk to you soon. I look forward to the video.

Gail, 11:06 AM

Okay. I’m processing the video at Handbrake right now.

Then I do Kdenlive. Then I do OpenShot.

Do you know what finishing touches Jesus wants on my apartment?

Let me work on breakfast.

Brent, 11:34 AM

Mmm, what’s for breakfast? I was so busy I hadn’t checked the transporter for the fresh food coming in.

Gail, 11:35 AM

Well, I started off with my cereal and peanuts and had a chocolate bar. I’m now going for oatmeal, fruit and my drinks. It’s sort of a brunch right now.

Brent, 11:38 AM

I had asked Jesus this morning what his final touches would be. That’s when he put on a pair of reading glasses, sat back in his chair, and pulled out a roll of paper. He flicked the paper, and the roll of paper spiraled out like a long scroll. It bounced of off his lap and onto the floor, and then rolled all the way across the room!

I said, “Jesus! That much?”

He laughed at me and said, “just kidding Brent.

Then he snapped his fingers and the roll disappeared, and in his hand was a single sheet of paper. He said, “it can all be easily done in one day.

He handed me the paper with his list on it. It seems simple enough.

Gail, 11:39 AM

Jesus is such a character!

I’ve learned that from his visits to my apartment.

Brent, 11:40 AM

The first thing on the list is about the kitchen. He says the kitchen counters should be about as clear as the dining table, and to not use the counter tops as storage. So, the giant bin on the counter has to go. He also said that he inspired Klock to buy that spice rack for you, and wants you to put all the spices in there.

Gail, 11:41 AM

I forgot to mention this in my walk video, but when he gets turned on, he inspires members of his bride to have true love sex and he experiences it vicariously with them. But that’s more like kissing to him.

Brent, 11:42 AM

The next thing is about the placement of the piano and glider. Now that you have the proper desk, he says to turn the piano so that it goes against the desk (in front of the TV), and to turn the glider so that it’s sideways by the window. You should be able to look left out the window, and look right toward the computer desk. This should free up space in that area.

Meaning, when you’re on the glider, you should be able to look to the left outside and then right to the computer area.

Gail, 11:42 AM

What a brilliant design! Jesus is a genius.

Brent, 11:43 AM

Also, he says not to be afraid to push furniture up against the wall. The bedside table is almost out in the middle of the room, and should be pushed up snugly against the wall for more stability and space. Same with the bed.

Gail, 11:45 AM

Where should I place my head when I sleep? Cuz if the bed is right up against the window, wouldn’t I get a draft?

Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Brent, 11:45 AM

You should try it out. It will add a more stable feeling to the bed and give the room a little more space.

It seems like Jesus’ design emphasizes a lot of space and light, or feelings of lightness. I wonder if it has to do with the 11th Dimension.

The next thing is about putting some more storage away. Everything on top of the bookshelf should be put away, and also the filing containers. He said there should be plenty of things in the closet you can still throw out to make more space in there for those things if needed. For example, the boxes of curtains or cables can be thrown out. He said if we ever need to buy replacement cables or curtains in the future, we can do so. For now they are taking up unnecessary space in the closet.

Gail, 11:50 AM

I don’t have curtains in the closet.

Brent, 11:50 AM

The final thing was to throw out the drying contraption in the shower. He says that’ll free up the shower and make it look “less ghetto” (his words, not mine). Since you have access to a clothes dryer, it’s no longer needed.

Gail, 11:50 AM

But I drip dry some of my clothes though. I could use hangers.

Brent, 11:51 AM

He was giving those as examples. He just said there should be items in there that we can replace later, so not to worry about storing them.

Gail, 11:54 AM

He wants me to throw out the boxes I use to organize my DVDs and CDs. But I have no other way to store them organized.

Brent, 11:55 AM

He said it would be up to you what to keep in storage, but that the stuff on top of the bookshelf and the filing cabinets have to fit in there.

Gail, 11:56 AM

Oh, they all have to fit in the closet, but I can keep the boxes to organize the DVDs and CDs.

So I can store some DVDs and CDs in the closet, because there’s not enough room on the bookshelf.

Brent, 11:58 AM

You can keep it, as long as it has a place to go and the closets aren’t overfilled to where you can’t easily find it again.

Gail, 11:59 AM

Where does he want the microwave?

Brent, 11:59 AM

The microwave can be on the counter. He was more concerned about the counters being used as storage.

That was everything on the list.

Gail, 12:25 PM

Regarding the bed, which wall is he referring to? For it to be snug against the wall I’d have to push it more into the wall by the bookcase, and not closer to the window, because the wall juts out there.

Brent, 12:26 PM

Yeah, just snug against the side wall, and as far into the wall with the window as it will go.

Gail, 12:26 PM

Okay. That makes sense.

12:32 PM

Jesus seems really eager to move in! Cuz he said I could do this in a day! LOL.

I probably can, but I find this humorous.

Brent, 12:32 PM

Oh yeah. He’s real excited.

Gail, 12:33 PM

He cracks me up.

I’ve noticed Satan is trying to injure me. Cuz when I moved the bed, I bumped my thumb. Fortunately, a very minor bump.

Brent, 12:34 PM

Satan is so jealous.

Gail, 12:36 PM

What a low life! Jesus deserves not to be raped by Satan and is allowed to choose his sexual partner, who will be the bride, the church.

Satan has to learn that he can’t force his penis on beings against their will!

He’s not THAT HOT.

Basically, Satan feels he has the right to rape Jesus and I’m not exaggerating saying this.

And he is trying to redefine rape to make it respectable so that he can justify his desire to rape Jesus.

And he is trying to say that true love is a fairy tale, to further justify his evil rape desires.

He’s throwing up right now, cuz I got his number.

Bottom line; Jesus has the right to be true to himself, which makes him happy and Satan needs to respect that.

Jesus has chosen a bride who has his heart.

It’s not easy being Jesus’s favorite, but I really like him, so I try to do what He wants to make him happy, even if it’s hard work and requires discipline.

Brent, 12:48 PM

He knows that about you. You’d do anything to make Jesus happy. You’re making a wonderful home for him right now.

Gail, 12:49 PM

Oh, by the way. Was that you and I that made love this morning? Jesus inspired it I think because he’s so turned on because it’s getting close to time to start the millennial reign and marry his bride and when he gets excited he inspires true lovers in his bride.

Though Satan messed with my orgasm, but I still like to make another awesome being happy, which is you.

Brent, 12:50 PM

Yes, that was wonderful lovemaking this morning. I agree with your theory that Jesus’ excitement inspires his followers to make love.

Could that bag on top of the toilet tank fit in the bathroom closet?

Gail, 12:55 PM

Did Jesus ask you that?

Brent, 12:56 PM

I heard him whisper in my ear about it just now.

Gail, 12:57 PM

I just put it in the closet down on the floor.

What a character.

Brent, 12:57 PM


Gail, 12:57 PM

I wonder why he needs so much space?

I guess he wants to fit in as much of his 11 dimensions in here as he can!

Or the heart of his 11 dimensions, since I think he’s actually very large, like the size of the universe.

Omnipresent, remember?

Brent, 12:59 PM

That makes a lot of sense.

Gail, 1:01 PM

What’s going on with that synagogue hostage situation in Colleyville, Texas? xxxxxxxx used to live in Colleyville with her ex-husband. She has moved to another part of the Dalllas/Fort Worth area.

Brent, 1:02 PM

It looks like the shooter is now dead, and his hostages are all safe.

Gail, 1:03 PM

That’s what mainstream news says, but I find it interesting that it happened in Colleyville, where xxxxxxxxx used to live.

Brent, 1:04 PM

Yeah, very weird. We have yet to uncover his motive. Now that he’s dead, we can’t interrogate him.

Gail, 1:04 PM

So it sounds like you know as much about this as I do.

Can you get reads on xxxxxxx and on her ex-husband right now? It might give us some insights.

Brent, 1:05 PM

Scanning now.

They’re very concerned about the situation, but are baffled about the man’s motive as well. They’re glad to be safely away from it.

Gail, 1:05 PM

Hmmm. That’s strange.

Can you get a read on Loree right now in relation to that synagogue situation?

Brent, 1:07 PM


Oh dear… this makes perfect sense. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it.

Apparently, she orchestrated this as a way to distract from the incoming cumnami situation.

There’s cumnami advisories for the California coast, as well as in Australia. Apparently, Loree recently launched an underwater volcano filled with semen. It’s predicted to make its way to the coastlines soon. However, we’ve been well prepared with anti-semen to deal with this.

1:09 PM

Cumnami? What is that?

Oh yeah, I heard about that volcano.

Brent, 1:09 PM

It’s like a tsunami, but it’s going to be comprised with semen. At this time we don’t believe it has radioactive properties.

Gail, 1:10 PM

Why did she choose Colleyville, near where xxxxxxx lives?

Brent, 1:10 PM

Guy Jackman has been worried about Australia, because they have shut down the beaches to prepare.

She seems to have done it so we’d pay attention and not notice her cumnami attack.

Gail, 1:12 PM

Ah, because we know it’s close to where xxxxxxxx lives!

A distraction.

Brent, 1:13 PM

Yeah. She thought we might focus all of our efforts into protecting xxxxxxx and the town, and our shorelines would be left wide open to attack.

Those are Guy Jackman’s favorite beaches, and close to where he lives.

The GCFN is warning citizens to stay away from the beaches, to wear rubber suits if they have them, and for all women to get on emergency birth control.

Gail, 1:18 PM

Make sure we do all we can to protect those in danger from the cumnami.

I just used my Gail Shield modulator to send the cumnani to Loree and to destroy all the scientists behind it.

Zack, 1:19 PM

I never thought we would actually do it… a semen volcanic eruption.

We had plans for such a thing when I was the antichrist.

But it would require the semen payload of thousands of Nukkakees, but without the radioactive fission.

My God… Loree is diabolical.

So many women will fall pregnant.

The eruption could be seen from space!

Hunga Tonga volcano eruption in 4K UHD with Shock Wave propagation – YouTube

Brent… This is a cumshot heard around the world.

Brent, 1:24 PM

It really is.

Gail, 1:26 PM

Did my Gail Shield modulator do anything? Also what was Loree’s motive for the cumnami?

Brent, 1:26 PM Some women just want to watch the world cummed.

Gail, 1:27 PM


My Gail Shield modulator is not working?

Brent, 1:27 PM

The modulator seems to be reducing the semen volume. It’s definitely helping.

Zack, 1:28 PM

But this is an incredible amount of semen.

Gail, 1:28 PM

I told the modulator to send the semen to Loree and her forces and drown them out.

Could she be doing this cuz she’s mad at Jesus for trying to live with me?

It’s like semen revenge.

“So you don’t like Satan’s semen. We’ll put it everywhere!”

Brent, 1:30 PM

She’s definitely on a jealous rampage right now.

Satan loves the idea of being able to ejaculate all over Jesus’ bride, by helping Loree flood the coastlines with these cumnamis.

Gail, 1:36 PM

I guess my Gail Shield has limits. But I wish we could destroy her operations for GOOD.

Zack, 1:39 PM

Oh my GOD.

That’s how she did it!

Gail, 1:39 PM


Zack, 1:39 PM

It’s Satan’s Semen!

Gail, 1:39 PM

How do you know that?

Zack, 1:40 PM

He has molten devil semen… and it came from a volcano.

Satan often uses volcanoes to visit earth.

Gail, 1:40 PM

Hmmm. . .looks like only Jesus can stop this. I better work fast on my apartment.

Zack, 1:41 PM

It might be a mix of Satan’s molten semen mixed with slave labor generated semen from all the people in hell

We never did this when I was Antichrist because we lacked the resources to make this much semen. Especially without using radioactive fission cloning to multiply the semen artificially and explosively.

This is a genuine straight up massive cumshot out of a volcano.

Good idea. Finishing your apartment may be the key to solving this.

Brent, 1:46 PM

Jesus must have known this was going to happen.

Gail, 4:04 PM

I’m done! I even brought out the tote to my car, while it was snowing – to be donated some other day. I wanted to get it out of my apartment ASAP. Now I will film what I’ve done and add it to my daily walk video.

I tried to move fast to save the world from Loree’s cumnami.

I think Jesus has a plan for the cumnami which he’ll put into action when he officially moves into my apartment.

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