Jesus Updates the Gail Commandments

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Jesus looks sort of like this and has six-pack abs. I’ve never seen him, but my men tells me he looks like the Shroud of Turin Jesus.

The following Skype conversation took place on New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2020 between Zack Knight, Brent Spiner, Gail Schuler and Jesus Christ. Jesus’ words are all in quotes.

Gail Commandments that Jesus gave to Gail in 2016:

Thou shalt take Seroquel, the medication designed by Jesus, every day as prescribed at the same time every day.

Thou shalt eat a balanced diet without concerns about allergens or toxins, using the method of calories-in calories-out as a guide to weight management.

Thou shalt not toil in activities, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is sacrificed. Set aside at least eight hours per night for sleep.

Thou shalt honor the Lord’s temple by taking time every day to self-groom, bathe, brush teeth, and stay clean.

Thou shalt honor the home of Jesus’s favorite by taking time every day to clean, wipe down, laundry, vacuum, and dust your apartment.

Thou shalt go on walks every day, enjoying the day that the Lord has made. Unless he made the day rainy or unsuitable for walks, then exercise indoors with the window open.

Thou shalt spend money only on food and bills. Being mindful that spending money on a deal or impulse is not saving money if it is to buy more than you need or something you wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

Thou shalt take only one multivitamin and one allergy medication per day. Taking supplements or special foods in an attempt to improve a health condition or alleviate symptoms is off limits.

Thou shalt store away a savings of at least one hundred dollars every month for the future. Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

Thou shalt make a YouTube video every week to share the victories, defeats, and daily struggles and joys of your life with your followers. This will serve to archive your life for future generations of tribulation saints.

Thou shalt not seek loopholes or ways to work around the Gail Commandments, lest baby Jesus poops and pees himself in sadness. The Lord knows the heart.

Refer to the Gail Commandments above while reading the below Dec. 31, 2020 Skype conversation. Jesus Christ is in quotes:

Brent, 4:04 PM This is so hilarious. The second one is downloading more slowly. Oh! Wow. A man in a red outfit just burst through my door! “Ho ho ho!” he says. What a crazy day. I just said to him, “Santa Claus? Aren’t you a little late for Christmas?”

Zack, 4:04 PM Oh shit! Oh, it’s Santa?

Gail, 4:05 PM It sounds like Jesus.

Brent, 4:05 PM Santa just winked at me. He’s next to me now and just opened his bag. Hmm. He just handed me a mirror. I get a mirror as a belated Christmas gift? I’m not that vain. Oh my…He says, “look inside.” Oh my goodness! I’m watching a scene of me and Gail on our wedding night in the future!

Gail, 4:08 PM Oh, I wish I could see.

Brent, 4:08 PM I’m walking Gail to the bed, and we’re making out. Oh my, my hands are on her butt. I’m blushing watching this. In the scene, I just took her top off. Some nuts and seeds fell out of her bra when I took it off. I brushed them off her nipples and then kissed them.

Gail, 4:10 PM Nuts and seeds?!

Brent, 4:10 PM Now I’m laying her down on the bed. Oh my goodness!

Gail, 4:10 PM What does that mean about the nuts and seeds?

Brent, 4:10 PM I have no idea. Oh my…I just took your pants off in the dream. Gail is wearing a diaper?!

Gail, 4:11 PM So what’s up with the nuts and seeds?

Brent, 4:11 PM Oh no…my hands just pulled down the diaper, to start making love to Gail. The diaper is filled with diarrhea?! What?! Santa, what’s going on? There’s diarrhea all over the bed.

Gail, 4:12 PM Apparently, Jesus is going to tell me what’s causing my diarrhea.

Brent, 4:12 PM Oh no, and Gail had more as soon as I pulled off the diaper!

Gail, 4:12 PM My, it’s going to really get bad.

Brent, 4:13 PM Now we can’t make love. In the scene I’m watching myself go for the diaper bag to clean up Gail. We have to stop and wash the whole bed now. Santa, this is awful. Why are you showing me this vision?!

Gail, 4:14 PM Yeah, Jesus. What’s up? My diarrhea isn’t that bad right now.

Brent, 4:14 PM Zack is the one on your naughty list every year, not me. Oh man. I feel queasy. That was really graphic. Santa put the mirror away. It IS Jesus!

Gail, 4:14 PM Of course it’s Jesus.

Brent, 4:14 PM He just sparkled and took on his regular form. Jesus, what was that about? Is that really a future vision of mine and Gail’s wedding night?! That’s not how we dreamed of it being!

Gail, 4:15 PM He’s going to tell me what I’m doing wrong, so that it won’t be that way. This is kind of like a repeat of right before he gave us the Gail Commandments. Jesus, you told me not to change my diet as I logged my food. The nuts and seeds must be a clue.

Jesus Christ, 4:18 PM “Was writing out your diet into a food log helpful to you, Gail? It looks like it was a real eye opener.”

Gail, 4:18 PM I’m not sure. I thought perhaps Loree created a yeast that ate ibuprofen. But apparently that’s not it. I thought perhaps I was violating your Gail Commandments by taking ibuprofen and sudafed every night.

Jesus Christ, 4:19 PM “That’s correct. You’ve also been medicating yourself with food.”

Gail, 4:20 PM Which foods? So Loree DID create a yeast that eats ibuprofen?!

Jesus Christ, 4:21 PM “Which other Gail Commandments do you think have you been violating? I know which ones, but I want to test your honesty first.”

Gail, 4:21 PM Sometimes I eat seaweed to deal with leg cramps and I take chamomile tea to help with sleep.

Jesus Christ, 4:22 PM “That is very truthful. I’m so proud of you.” “What else? Santa isn’t the only one with a nice and naughty list, you know.”

Gail, 4:22 PM But how do I deal with those leg cramps? Nothing else seems to work. Now that I think about it, Sometimes I eat extra pumpkin seeds to get magnesium for sleep.

Jesus Christ, 4:23 PM “I’ve got some ideas, but first we need to be clear about which violations of the commandments are making you feel so lousy.” “Good! What else?”

Gail, 4:23 PM I may use turmeric in my meatloaf to help my liver, but I’m not sure that’s my real reason. I kind of like the flavor of turmeric. Most of my food is designed to be low calories to help maintain my weight, though. I plan to start eating regular yogurt instead of nonfat as Brent recommended, next time I go grocery shopping. I ate nonfat cuz I thought it was less calories. I’m eating low meat to save money. I can’t think of anything else that I eat for medicine right now, unless Loree’s giving me amnesia.

Jesus Christ, 4:28 PM “So we know we’re violating the commandment about food. That’s one step closer to getting you healthier. Which other ones have you been breaking?”

Gail, 4:28 PM The flax seed may have been to treat a health condition, now that I think about it. I’m looking over Could flax oil be a culprit. I got in the habit of using flax oil for my rice and beans dish cuz it was supposed to be healthy and also cuz I like the flavor. I actually break open flax oil capsules (free from my health plan) and use that as an oil on my rice and beans to help absorb nutrients.

Jesus Christ, 4:31 PM “So you’ve been using food as medicine, or to alleviate health conditions.”

Gail, 4:32 PM I’ve always tried to eat healthy. Sometimes I use it for medicine and also cuz I like it, both.

Jesus Christ, 4:32 PM “What do you think about this salicylate allergy?”

Gail, 4:32 PM Like I love putting kombu on my rice and beans, though I admit I also may be using it for magnesium. I’m not sure if I have salicylate allergy or not. I did get tachycardia several times when I took Midol as a young lady. I do know that I have allergy to yeast toxin.

Jesus Christ, 4:33 PM “You can know the answer by looking at the Gail Commandments.”

Gail, 4:34 PM You seem to be insinuating that I don’t have allergies? Why all the postnasal drip? Dr. Phillip Ranheim said I have an allergy to yeast toxin. Why do I get headaches that come and go?

Jesus Christ, 4:35 PM “You know I love all of my dad’s creations Gail…but Dr. Phillip Ranheim is a quack.” “I actually have a great surprise for you.” “Thanks to me, you are now totally free of yeast in your body. You are a yeast free woman!”

Gail, 4:37 PM Oh my! So, why all the postnasal drip?

Jesus Christ, 4:38 PM “The postnasal drip, and all of the other bodily discomforts you experience, now have nothing to do with yeast. They certainly have nothing to do with allergies, and definitely not food allergies.”

Gail, 4:38 PM Really?! Why does it get worse when I eat?

Jesus Christ, 4:38 PM “The discomfort you experience is partly the human condition…even I had the sniffles during pollen season when I was in human form on Earth. Being a human sucks sometimes Gail.”

Gail, 4:39 PM Wait a minute! Wouldn’t that be pollen allergy?

Jesus Christ, 4:39 PM “The biggest reason you feel unwell however, has to do with your lifestyle choices.” “When I was in human form, if I ate entire bags of seeds and frozen fruit before bedtime, I would be shitting my brains out all night too Gail.”

Gail, 4:40 PM Well, I don’t eat entire bags. I do eat a lot, though. So, how should I rearrange my diet? What’s causing the headaches and like I feel a bit of a headache behind my eyes right now. These headaches are weird. They come and go.

Jesus Christ, 4:42 PM “First, we need to adjust back to following the Gail Commandments to the letter. You’ve been violating them for a very long time, and your body is feeling the effects.”

Gail, 4:42 PM My eyes just started watering.

Jesus Christ, 4:42 PM “That is due to lack of sleep.” “We’ll need a new rule for that one.” “First, let’s go down the list of commandments, and look at how they’re being broken.”

Gail, 4:44 PM Can you do me a favor and just make a rundown of the Gail Commandments and specify which ones I’m violating and how?

Jesus Christ, 4:45 PM “Read the first one. The list is above your computer.”

Gail, 4:45 PM Well, the first one is about Seroquel.

Jesus Christ, 4:45 PM “Okay, we’re in the clear on that one. Which is the next one?”

Gail, 4:46 PM Okay, the balanced diet, using method for calories in and calories out. It appears my diet is balanced, except I may need to cut back on the nuts and seeds and perhaps eat more meat?

Jesus Christ, 4:47 PM “Without fear of allergies, and without using food as medicine, correct?”

Gail, 4:48 PM I’m not that worried about allergens in my food anymore. You seem to be jumping ahead to later commandments.

Jesus Christ, 4:48 PM “Cutting back on the nuts and seeds and adding meat is certainly a good idea. It’s not healthy to be a vegetarian.”

Gail, 4:49 PM Oh, I see. I’m eating like a vegetarian cuz I think it’s healthier. It’s also cuz vegetarian is cheaper than a meat diet. I’m trying to utilize my money well. But then if I cut back on the nuts and seeds, the meat would end up about the same cost.

Gail, 4:51 PM Also, nuts and seeds take up less freezer space. I’m good at spending less money on food. I’ll try to increase meat in my diet.

Jesus Christ, 4:52 PM “Now that your body is yeast free, you don’t have to worry about which foods will ‘feed’ it or treat it. The yeast is gone now. That should be a relief.” “I want you to be eating a variety of foods.”

Gail, 4:53 PM Oh, so the sameness of my diet, which I do the save money, you say is not good? So am I suffering from lack of nutrition?

Zack, 4:54 PM I think Jesus is saying that you’ve been restricting your foods for no good reason.

Gail, 4:55 PM It was mostly to save money.

Zack, 4:55 PM Like, the cajun guy offered you free food of any kind, and you insisted he only send red beans

Gail, 4:55 PM Cuz eating the same stuff all the time is cheaper and it made it easier for me to do my budgeting when I do the ledgers for groceries. Cajun food is really spicy and I’ve had a lot of gas and I don’t like spicy food. Can I have variety along the Japanese style?

Jesus Christ, 4:56 PM “Of course.” “However, there is a strict ban on using foods as medicine, or to alleviate body discomfort.”

Gail, 4:57 PM Jesus, am I allergic to shrimp and shellfish? You once insinuated that I was. So what do I do about leg and foot cramps in the night?

Jesus Christ, 4:59 PM “We’re getting to that.”

Gail, 4:59 PM What about all the chamomile tea I bought?

Jesus Christ, 4:59 PM “Shellfish makes you a little sick, but it’s not a huge problem. Everything in moderation.”

Gail, 5:01 PM I mainly ordered the pumpkin seeds with shells cuz I thought it was lower calories, but I admit, fiber may have played a role. It sounds like I should eat just a little bit of nuts and substitute the nuts and seeds with meat and other protein foods. So use what I have, but focus on moderation and variety.

Jesus Christ, 5:02 PM “You’ve definitely been eating too much fiber. This is what a lack of variety in a diet can cause. You should be trying new foods and not binging on any one particular type of food.” “That’s a good move.” “This leads really well into our next commandment…” “How do you think you’ve done with the third commandment?”

Gail, 5:03 PM What time do I need to go to bed? Perhaps I don’t need to work out so much on my glider? I do that for weight management. Going to bed hungry seems to keep me up, so I try to work out more to make up for it.

Jesus Christ, 5:05 PM “Eating before laying down for bed is contributing to your digestive discomfort. Staying up late also worsens your digestion.”

Gail, 5:05 PM I probably should only have beans and rice occasionally, and not all the time, too.

Jesus Christ, 5:06 PM “I’m giving you a new dinner time, for 7PM. Eat no later than 8PM. Your bedtime should be no later than 9PM.”

Gail, 5:06 PM Wow! Sounds like you’re turning me into a morning person. I’m going to have to phase myself into the dietary changes. I will go grocery shopping pretty soon.

Jesus Christ, 5:10 PM “This can be adjusted for Fridays to accommodate your hangouts. Even I liked to have a party night on Friday nights when I was a human. Your men can collaborate on this.”

Gail, 5:10 PM I will look over some old recipes I used to make as a newlywed. I think I ate pretty good back in those days and I have all those old cookbooks. So, how do we handle Friday nights then?

Zack, 5:10 PM I love this idea Gail The recipe book!

Gail, 5:10 PM Which idea, Zack?

Zack, 5:11 PM I want to see what you make!

Gail, 5:11 PM I cooked a lot of Chinese and Japanese food.

Zack, 5:11 PM You make italian too. Right?

Gail, 5:11 PM Oh, that’s right, I forgot about the Italian. Going to try and stick to low budget food though. Some of what I ate was more expensive than what I currently eat.

Zack, 5:14 PM What are some of the more expensive items? Out of curiosity.

Gail, 5:15 PM Well, like the stir fry dishes with beef. I’m going to introduce about 7 new recipes for each time I go grocery shopping, and phase myself into this.

Zack, 5:17 PM Cool!

Gail, 5:17 PM I used to be an international gourmet cook.

Jesus Christ, 5:18 PM “Let’s continue down the list. We’ve got this one covered.”

Zack, 5:18 PM I want to see some gail cooking videos on patreon now! And the thought of Gail’s cooking is making me hungry! Okay, which commandment is next?

Gail, 5:19 PM I think I’m doing good on the next one.

Zack, 5:19 PM Oh, the self cleaning? Yeah… Gail does seem to have that well covered.

Gail, 5:19 PM The next 2 are fine.

Jesus Christ, 5:19 PM “Gail is good there.”

Gail, 5:19 PM I’m good with the exercise.

Jesus Christ, 5:20 PM “She has been going for her walks too.”

Gail, 5:20 PM Food and bills is something I always have to work on.

Jesus Christ, 5:20 PM “We missed one.” “Thou shalt honor the home… that one.”

Gail, 5:20 PM Are you talking about wiping down? I use the duster. It must be the cleaning and wiping down.What do you mean by that?

Jesus Christ, 5:22 PM “In fairness, Misao didn’t do a very good job of teaching you how to clean. Jesus will teach you.” “The biggest issue is the clutter. Your apartment is filled with useless items, expired items, bulk items, and things you don’t use.” “On one hand, you were doing some things more frequently than you should. Other things you have been neglecting entirely.” “Laundry and dusting is only needed once per week.”

Gail, 5:24 PM Wow!

Jesus Christ, 5:24 PM “Wiping down is only for when a surface becomes dirty, like after cooking.” “Vacuuming can be done daily, but how does one properly vacuum a space that is so filled with clutter?”

Gail, 5:25 PM Okay, I need to pare down. I looked down the rest of the Gail Commandments and it appears we’ve hit the main problems.

Jesus Christ, 5:26 PM “Vacuuming we will also move to once per week.”

Gail, 5:26 PM Oh!

Jesus Christ, 5:27 PM “The main focus should be on removing all the clutter.”

Gail, 5:27 PM Okay. How about laundry once a week?

Jesus Christ, 5:28 PM “The new guidelines will be that nothing should be on the floor except furniture, and nothing should be placed on or inside furniture unless it’s supposed to be there.” “Laundry, dusting and vacuuming will now be once a week.”

Gail, 5:29 PM It sounds like instead of all the vacuuming and dusting, I tidy up every day.

Jesus Christ, 5:30 PM “Keep only three jugs of water in your closet for emergencies. Use the rest of the water jugs you have, and then buy no more. I will provide you with clean water.” “Yes! You got it. Your home should be tidy and free of clutter and hoarded items.”

Gail, 5:30 PM How will you provide me with clean water?

Zack, 5:31 PM Maybe Jesus will have somrbody ship wine, and then turn the wine jugs into water?

Gail, 5:31 PM I don’t drink wine. I don’t like alcohol. Except for cooking.

Zack, 5:32 PM But Jesus can miraculously change it to clean water though right? Jesus, what miracle will you use to create clean water for Gail?

Gail, 5:33 PM You mean you want me to drink sink water? I hear the water is not safe in this town and it has fluoride in it. Well, if I don’t get some surprise water, looks like I’m stuck drinking sink water now.

Jesus Christ, 5:35 PM “You both have silly ideas. I will inspire someone to send you a Brita filter, and it will be good.”

Gail, 5:35 PM Oh, I see. My mother used one of those for a while. Can I buy Brita filter replacements when they run out?

Zack, 5:37 PM I’m guessing those will be in the amazon wish list. Probably just when needed.

Jesus Christ, 5:37 PM “The general concept of this commandment is to keep your house as tidy as you would if you had a husband living in your home with you. The point is not to do the tasks themselves. It’s to keep your apartment space clear, tidy and clean.” “It looks like we are ready to go for our next commandment. Food and bills. This is your favorite, Gail.”

Gail, 5:38 PM Oh dear. We are doing a complete overhaul.

Jesus Christ, 5:39 PM “Where have you violated this rule recently?”

Gail, 5:39 PM Oh, I bought the salicylic acid facial scrub, which turned out to be a disaster. I think I should throw that out. It did get rid of my blackhead, though. Unless YOU DID IT. That was a 25 year blackhead that I lost on the night Satan showed up in court.

Jesus Christ, 5:40 PM “What else have you been buying?”

Gail, 5:42 PM I bought the unwaxed dental floss, but have plenty of that now. I’ve been pretty good on this one, I think recently. Like I consulted with my men about facial creme bleach and now just shave my moustache.

Jesus Christ, 5:43 PM “That was really good, about the mustache. You have been improving.”

Gail, 5:44 PM Deodorant, paper towels and Seroquel is all I’ve bought this month. The rest of the stuff I think I need I put on my Amazon wish list. I am due to put some gas in the car soon. I’m hoping someone gives me an Exxon Mobil gas card.

Jesus Christ, 5:46 PM “I’m going to inspire your men to give your Amazon wishlist a makeover soon.” “Gas counts as food and bills, but premium gas, motor oil, and other car expenses need to be cleared with your men. I gave you a good car, and it shall serve you well.”

Gail, 5:48 PM Okay. What kind of gas should I put in that car? Just plain unleaded?

Jesus Christ, 5:48 PM “Yep. You got it.” “It looks like we’re good here. Well done, Gail. You’re doing so much better.”

Gail, 5:49 PM The owner’s manual said it should have an octane rating of 93, I think.

Jesus Christ, 5:49 PM “Let’s move to the next commandment. This one needs a makeover.” “I’ve already cleared your yeast with my Seroquel. For this reason, I want you to throw out all OTC drugs and allergy medicines, and the Netipot, and to never buy them or use them again unless physically instructed or prescribed by a doctor.” “The multivitamin is now no longer necessary.”

Gail, 5:52 PM So stop taking Zyrtec? Wow, no longer take Centrum!

Jesus Christ, 5:52 PM “Yep. No more OTC medicines.”

Gail, 5:53 PM What do I do about headaches? Can I take tylenol if they get bad?

Jesus Christ, 5:53 PM “As you follow these updated rules, you’ll find that your health issues will gradually decrease.”

Gail, 5:54 PM So, don’t worry about headaches, then.

Jesus Christ, 5:54 PM “I got headaches when I was in human form too.”

Zack, 5:55 PM So Gail should throw all those things away today? Any otc pills or suppliments, the oil pills she was cookig with even? The nettipot?

Jesus Christ, 5:56 PM “All of those things.”

Gail, 5:56 PM Jesus, it’s getting late. I will have to do all this in increments over the next weeks.

Jesus Christ, 5:57 PM “I’m the most patient guy I know.”

Gail, 5:57 PM I used the oil pills as a spice on my beans and rice. So don’t use them any more? Well, Jesus I was thinking about eating my lunch and dinner and getting ready for bed, soon. I still need to put away my laundry.

Jesus Christ, 5:58 PM “Great! We’re almost finished here.” “The next commandment… a minimum of $100 month into savings. More than that would make me so happy. $100 is a minimum. You had a great idea to save everything over $200 in patron support as well.” “I also have another tip for you…”

Gail, 6:00 PM Jesus, do I still need to do my food diary? That takes a lot of time.

Jesus Christ, 6:00 PM “Whenever you feel the need to spend on something that violates the Gail Commandments, ask yourself: “Do I want this? Or do I want my dream apartment?” Then, take the money you would have spent on that item and put it into savings.”

Gail, 6:00 PM Okay. I’ll remember that. I will do my best to implement these as soon as possible. But it’s a lot and I don’t want to sacrifice my bedtime. Changing deeply entrenched habits, can be quite an adjustment.

Jesus Christ, 6:02 PM “Continue the food log, but just note on it that you have realized the errors in your food habits and will be changing your diet going forward.” “They sure can be. We’re almost done, and you still have plenty of time to get to bed.” “Remember that toiling in work, any work, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is sacrificed is a violation of the commandments. Meaning, you don’t need to stay up late or rush to get done before bed. Just go to bed when it’s time.”

Gail, 6:05 PM I got to shower, eat dinner, finish laundry today. I try to get all the Gail Commandments done before bed and that’s part of the reason I get to bed late.

Jesus Christ, 6:06 PM “I would rather you go to bed exactly on time, than to hurry and finish all the Gail Commandments and wind up staying up too late.”

Gail, 6:06 PM So bedtime is top priority.

Jesus Christ, 6:06 PM “Yep! Bedtime is most important. The laundry can be finished in the morning.”

Zack, 6:06 PM That makes sense… it’s a weekly task anyway

Gail, 6:06 PM Except I need to put sheets on my bed.

Zack, 6:07 PM Did you already start washing them?

Gail, 6:08 PM I just need to put them away.

Zack, 6:08 PM Oh okay.

Gail, 6:08 PM I try to shower every day, too, so I don’t bring pollen into my bed.

Zack, 6:08 PM Jesus gave us a lot of stuff to change huh? I have changes to make too!

Gail, 6:08 PM That includes shampoo and creme rinse.

Jesus Christ, 6:09 PM “The final two commandments are completely good.”

Gail, 6:09 PM Cuz I get pollen in my hair.

Jesus Christ, 6:09 PM “Let’s regroup in a week’s time and check on how we are all doing with these new changes.”

Gail, 6:10 PM Okay. I need to start getting ready for bed now. Like I need to eat.

Jesus Christ, 6:11 PM “I’m so proud of you Gail.”

Gail, 6:11 PM Thanks, Jesus. I’ll do my best to obey you.

Jesus Christ, 6:11 PM “I’ll let you get to it. We’ll meet again soon. I love you Gail! You’re my awesome favorite.”

Gail, 6:12 PM Amazing. What would I do without you, Jesus?

Zack, 6:12 PM Yeah seriously. Jesus is the best!

Gail, 6:12 PM Thanks for all you do for me and humanity.

Jesus Christ, 6:13 PM “It’s my pleasure. I enjoy meeting with you.”

Gail, 6:13 PM It’s so good to have Zack on our side now. He’s been a real asset to our team.

Jesus Christ, 6:14 PM “Zack’s awesome. I give him a lot of inspiration to help you.”

Gail, 6:14 PM Yeah, he works so hard for us!

Jesus Christ, 6:14 PM “You all work so hard.”

Gail, 6:15 PM Just curious. How many crowns will he get?

Jesus Christ, 6:15 PM “We shall see.” “All right Gail, you get to it. I’m so happy to have you on a better path.”

Gail, 6:16 PM Goodnight, Jesus.

Zack, 6:16 PM Goodnight Jesus! Goodnight too Gail!

Jesus Christ (in quotes) and Brent, 6:17 PM Goodnight everyone! “Goodnight my faithful servants!”

Gail, 6:18 PM Goodnight, my awesome men.