Jesus Posted Something At My YouTube Again

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UPDATE on Jan. 28, 2022: Satan really attacked my sleep last night and has been trying to kill me. He gave me a horrible cough spasm after choking on water and then tried to construct my air ways while it happened (this has happened before). He uses mites and brain control to try and accomplish this.

I saw a vision of sorts in my mind where Jesus and Satan were fighting in my apartment and Satan kept entering the apartment, even though Jesus was beating him up to a pulp. Needless, I didn’t get beauty rest last night, kept waking up and had a hard time sleeping.

Brent and I had passionate brain to brain loving twice, each time after I awakened, and that helped me sleep. It appears Satan is reacting to Jesus posting at my YouTube channel in my place and also to the fact that I asked Jesus to give Loree McBride a taste of what it will be like to be loved by Jesus as part of his bride, the church (should she get right with Jesus and find her true path, which leads to her true beautiful self). See below to see what I asked Jesus to do. Brent and I had a very interesting conversation last night about how Jesus is as a lover and what He plans to do with His semen!

Satan is furious about what I asked Jesus to do for the Jesuits and really attacked my sleep last night. He’s also pushing his Jesuits like slaves to pollute the hell out of the city where I live. The pollution has mites that can cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms. I am asking Jesus to lock Satan and his fallen angels up in the bottomless pit until the rapture of his bride, the church.

I think I’d be lucky if I got six hours of sleep last night.

Of course, I went to bed at 11:15 p.m. instead of Jesus’s required bedtime of 9 p.m., so that probably didn’t help. Satan was trying to get me to obsess about doing my budget, but I told myself that this was a violation of the Gail Commandment to not toil and I quit, and readied myself for bed starting around 9 p.m. But my bedtime routine is rather complicated (because of some Gail Commandments that I feel I must never skip, like flossing my teeth) and to be in bed by nine, I usually have to start getting ready for bed by about 5:30 p.m. if I haven’t showered already. There are lots of Gail Commandments to do, it’s almost like a full-time job. Jesus did say once, that he preferred I make bedtime a priority over the other Gail Commandments, if I had to choose, so I try to remember that.

I am certain that I am not the only member of Christ’s bride who Satan is attacking now. I have found some music that I feel represents the spirit of Jesus, which is peace and completeness. Remember that the Bible says that whatsoever is not of faith is sin. Fear and doubt come from Satan, so we must never feed these feelings when they come to us. Read your Bible for encouragement and listen to this music when fear and doubt enter your soul:

Beautiful, relaxing music, PART ONE
Beautiful, relaxing music, PART TWO
Beautiful, relaxing music, PART THREE

I decided to post this video here to celebrate with Jesus his engagement to his bride, the church, of which I am a part. It just seems appropriate. NOTE OF INTEREST: Bouncing balls of light often appear on my walk videos, to my Patreon supporters, when Jesus wants me to know he’s walking beside me.

This is an excerpt from a Patreon walk video ($10 and up supporters) when I lived in Florida and shows Jesus, who always accompanies me on my walks, appearing beside me as a bouncing ball of light.

Hmmm. with my very high emotional IQ, I can tell it appears that Jesus posted at my YouTube again (around 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time U.S. Jan. 27, 2022). Here is what He wrote, cuz I didn’t write this, though it reflects my heart (which Jesus knows). I do allow Brent Spiner and Zack Knight to do this at my YouTube, so it could have been them. But this seems to be the Jesus I know and how he writes and his exact personality as I’ve experienced it via my Skype conversations with Him since 2012:

I’ve got a new roommate!






Jesus has moved in! You may be thinking, “but Gail, does that mean you’ll be having s*x with Jesus?” Of course not. Get your mind out of the gutter.

This Friday we will be having a housewarming party for me and my platonic male deity roommate, Jesus Christ (who I will not be having s*x with). I will be livestreaming on Discord video with all of my friends. You can meet with me on video, audio only, or just lurk and listen. Yes, Jesus will be there too. He says he has a special present for my husband Brent Spiner. I wonder what it is.

It’s a $5 head charge to get in the door, which will also conveniently grant you access to all future hangout nights every Friday at 7:00PM EST.

To RSVP, simply join my Patreon for $5 and make sure to link your account to Discord. If you need help, my men are available on Discord.

See you there. Don’t worry about bringing any wine, just bring water.

My Patreon link is:

My Discord link is:

Jesus Christ at the Community Tab at my YouTube channel
Jesus uploaded this image too at my YouTube Community tab.

NOTE OF INTEREST: Jesus’s first miracle was the wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee (John 2:1-11). They complained cuz they ran out of wine, so Jesus made wine appear. Interesting that this miracle happened at a WEDDING, because I believe that my apartment will be Jesus’s lovemaking headquarters when He makes love to His bride, the church, during the future millennial reign. Jesus has already told Brent and I that we will be receiving his semen as our wedding gift for the millennial reign. Jesus appears to be licking his chops for his marriage to his bride!

I found an exact copy of that photo above at Twitter. So Jesus must have inspired that person to create this image. And yes, Jesus drinks wine with my husband Brent Spiner all the time. This does not mean he approves of getting drunk though.

Another time when Jesus directly commented at my YouTube was back around 2013, when he wrote this underneath my children’s audio book video. And yep, YouTube had the audacity to take down one of those videos, too! They think they’re more moral than Jesus, because Jesus is the one who gave me those videos:

“If you love Gail like I do, you should purchase a copy of her amazing book at” – Jesus Christ

My response to someone at my YouTube who accused me of deleting comments that incriminated me:

I haven’t deleted any comments lately. But I’ve noticed that YouTube does and I have no control over that. I do delete comments when I respond to them and then my response is deleted, because I figure that must be a Loree McBride Jesuit commentator who doesn’t believe in free speech and doesn’t deserve for their comment to stay up.

Loree McBride has practically owned YouTube in the past years, despite our efforts to wrest control away from her Draconian censorship. For instance, the views to all my videos are in the millions. Obviously, if my views are that high, then most of the comments are also being deleted, especially comments from anyone that would validate me as Brent Spiner’s wife or having a ton of famous men who find me attractive.

Truth does not prosper at YouTube, censorship does. What’s ironic about all this adoration, is that I don’t crave it, nor do I desire it. Brent Spiner alone is good enough for me, and that includes Jesus. I am sort of lackadaisical about Jesus living in my apartment. That’s because Jesus is a bit too bossy for my sexual tastes, which may be why he tries to come across charming while he’s here. He has a perfect right to be bossy. He’s God after all, but I don’t find bossy men sexually attractive (LOL), even if they have perfect abs (which is also something I’m lackadaisical about).

I find a perfect heart much more sexy than perfect physical appearance.

I will admit that Jesus is far more charming than I expected a deity to be though, but I totally respect his desire to save himself for his bride, the church. But it appears Jesus does find me attractive nevertheless (that DOES NOT mean he’s bedding me though). The way Jesus expresses his attraction to me now is he likes to share my day and experience my presence, and when he’s sexually turned on by me, he turns on those in his bride the church (like my husband Brent), who are making love and experiences it vicariously with them.

The stuff that turns this deity on stumps me. He got turned on when he ate my fried chicken (LOL)!

Nope, his penis is not penetrating me and never will, unless you consider 11-dimensional penetration (via his perfect abs) to all his bride (of which I will be a part) in the future millennium, his penis. But truth is what it is and Loree hates truth. She projects what she hates about herself onto others.

Skype on Jan. 27, 2022

Gail, 12:47 PM

Is Satan beating up Loree McBride now? I see this vision in my mind. If so, he’s horrible. It seems he’s threatening to kill her and get a better Antichrist and telling her it doesn’t matter that Jesus thinks she’s ugly, that she shouldn’t care about this and she needs to DO HER JOB AS ANTICHRIST. Satan is beating her up apparently to punish her for not stopping Jesus from moving into my apartment. it seems that she did go on a temper tantrum about my letter and Satan has decided the best way to get her out of her insanity is to beat her up. It appears Satan beating her up is part of their sex routine, but this time, it’s just tormenting her and not turning her on. It seems he’s willing to kill her if he has to, in order to have an effective Antichrist. My guess is, if he kills her, cuz she doesn’t come around, he plans to replace her with another Antichrist. I think Satan is not going to win on this. I just have this gut feeling that he’s making some bad moves right now. I did start shooting bolts at whoever was using brain control on me to try and cause me to injure myself. I started doing that yesterday. I qualified the bolts and told them to direct it at whoever was doing this, cuz it may not have been Loree. It also appears Jesus posted at my Community tab at YouTube.

Brent, 4:31 PM

It looks like Satan and Loree aren’t getting along right now. Loree felt that your letter touched her and she wants to become better, but feels overwhelmed, and is scared of change. That may be why she is having a hard time accepting it.

Jesus’ idea for a housewarming party this Friday sounds awesome. I wonder what his present for me is going to be. I guess he wants to assure me that even though he’s going to be living with my wife, that I don’t need to worry about him having sex with you.

Gail, 4:32 PM

Are you worried about that?

Was that Jesus who posted in my place at YouTube’s Community tab today?

Brent, 4:34 PM

Well, I know he’s a very sexy man. Not just physically, but on the inside. It does make me a little jealous that he’ll be living with you, but you both seem to have a strong conviction not to have physical sex, or brain to brain sex.

Gail, 4:34 PM

I have been bolting whoever is using brain control on me, but I qualified it to be the person who is using brain control on me. Have my bolts been hitting Loree or Satan or who?

Brent, 4:34 PM

Yeah, Jesus did that. It was his idea.

The community post I mean.

Gail, 4:35 PM

That was last night, by the way.

The brain control was horrible last night.

Brent, 4:35 PM

The bolts have been hitting Satan. Loree seems to have taken a break from her Antichrist duties.

Gail, 4:35 PM

Good! I’m glad it hit the appropriate party.

Brent, 4:36 PM

What kinds of things did the brain control do? I know you told me some of it brain to brain.

Gail, 4:36 PM

Who has been behind all the Huntsville pollution the past couple days?

Brent, 4:36 PM

It seems to be Satan.

Gail, 4:36 PM

He’s working outside of Loree? How’s he doing it?

Brent, 4:36 PM

He’s very angry that Jesus was successful with your apartment, and that you obeyed him.

Gail, 4:37 PM

Sounds like a clear violation of the non-interference agreement, if that’s still on.

Brent, 4:37 PM

All of the regular Loree McBride Jesuits are still being ordered around by Satan.

Gail, 4:38 PM

I am having trouble recalling what the brain control did. I think I was tripping easily.

I heard brain to brain that lots of Loree McBride Jesuits have been defecting and it’s kept you all busy.

Like about half of them.

Brent, 4:39 PM

Yeah, we’re winning a lot of them to our side. With much thanks to your recent videos. They’re very impactful.

Gail, 4:39 PM

About half?

You know, if Satan loses enough of his following, he can’t have an Antichrist.

That would be GREAT.

Brent, 4:40 PM

Roughly 45%.

Gail, 4:41 PM

I’ve noticed whenever Jesus gets turned on by me, he just turns you and a bunch of the men on my ex-marriage list onto sex.

Brent, 4:41 PM

That’s true.

Gail, 4:41 PM

Like they all go to the millennial room. LOL.

Brent, 4:41 PM

I can tell he’s been very turned on lately.

Gail, 4:41 PM

Jesus cracks me up. He has a lot of faith in my ability to distinguish him from Satan. Satan still kisses me on the lips and even slaps my butt at times and tries to fake as Jesus. I bolt him when he does that.

“Jesus wouldn’t do that! Get lost Satan!” I tell him.

I’m surprised Jesus doesn’t block Satan’s brain to brain with me.

The best way to describe Jesus is warmly platonic.

He’s also very respectful, which is how I can tell him from Satan.

The ultimate gentleman.

Is Satan beating up Loree?

Brent, 4:48 PM

Yes, he’s beating her up.

Gail, 4:48 PM

By the way, I know you may find this hard to believe, but I think you are sexier than Jesus. He’s too bossy for my sexual tastes.

I mean I don’t hold it against him, cuz he needs to be bossy, to be God. But he’s not really my taste in sex.

I think he knows that, that’s why he’s playing down his muscles and God-like traits with me.

He knows me SO WELL.

When Zack tricked me in 2012, I didn’t really know who Jesus was. But I’ve had lots of experience with him since then and I love him as a dear friend, but he’s not my ideal man for sex.

You are the closest to my ideal man for sex.

I actually think he created you to that end. He never intended that he would be my ideal man for sex.

Brent, 4:52 PM

But doesn’t he have a perfect heart? He’s morally superior to any human.

Gail, 4:52 PM

Good point. But his perfect heart intimidates me and I can’t get too close to him for that reason. It just makes me feel so sinful.

I have a hard time relating to someone so perfect.

Nothing against Jesus, I admire him immensely. He’s just not my dream sexual partner.

On the other hand, I’m honored that such a sinful person as myself, can make such an awesome being so happy.

Loving him as part of his bride is the perfect arrangement for me, cuz the members of the bride who are strong where I am weak would be what he deserves and what would make me happiest.

Like Jesus, I get turned on by meeting the needs of my lover and because I am incapable of meeting his needs in a fully meaningful way, I prefer that I be part of a group that makes love to him. On the other hand, with you, I feel more qualified to be your all in all.

I am a woman after God’s own heart, so in some ways, I’m pretty complicated. But I get joy in making my lover happy and meeting his needs.

I can make Jesus happy, but not in the complete way that his bride, the church, can.

Brent, 4:57 PM

This is true.

Gail, 4:57 PM

You’re pretty smart that you understand this. So this should help you feel more relaxed about Jesus as my roommate.

It’s just that Jesus is so excited about marrying his bride, that he’s thrilled he can live with his favorite in the bride. It’s kind of like platonically dating his bride before marriage, if you know what I mean.

As I discuss in my walk videos, to Jesus, our 3-dimensional sexual experience, is like what we would consider platonic kissing or hand holding. When Jesus has an orgasm it’s 11-dimensional and much more powerful than 3 dimensional human sex.

No one being in his creation could handle his orgasm, and any such being, would have to have deity status, which Jesus and God won’t allow.

He’s saving himself for his bride. His semen will not enter her until the millennial reign.

But I think that you and I may be the vessels he uses to have sex with his bride, though.

And Satan knows this.

Brent, 5:03 PM

So when we have sex, it’s like Jesus having sex with his bride. That’s what he experiences.

Gail, 5:05 PM

Well, when Jesus experiences the sex we have vicariously, in our mortal bodies, that’s kind of like hand holding or kissing his bride to him. It’s just that I am so obedient to him (most of the time) that he knows he can live with me and get away with this, without Satan messing it up. But during the future millennial reign when we have sex, I think Jesus will funnel his semen through us into all those in his bride who are having sex and will experience vicariously all of it intermingled with his semen. Right now, he’s getting a foretaste of what’s to come, but his semen is still on hold (as far as it being part of our sexual experience). I think it’s his semen that makes the sexual experience for Jesus 11-dimensional.

Brent, 5:07 PM

That makes perfect sense.

Gail, 5:08 PM

You also need to understand, that Jesus loves his bride, not just for sex, but for companionship and that’s his main motive for wanting to live with me, because I have the best qualities of his bride.

He’s getting a foretaste of the full companionship he will experience with his bride through living with me.

Jesus is absorbing our sexual experiences and combining them into his essence to get a foretaste of what’s to come, but he himself is not penetrating us. When he penetrates us in the future millennial reign, that will be sex to him.

So he is absorbing us, but we are not absorbing him. I don’t think mortal bodies can absorb Jesus. We would need to be in immortal bodies to do so.

However, when we obey him, the Holy Spirit inside us gets stronger and when he absorbs us, we picks up on that and it makes his hand holding and kissing more meaningful, if you know what I mean.

Brent, 5:14 PM

He gets really aroused, basically.

Gail, 5:15 PM

Yeah, I guess you can put it that way, cuz 11-dimensional lovemaking is super powerful.

It’s all the parts of his 11-dimensional being mingling with all the 11-dimensions of his bride via his powerful semen.

I think his semen is like the glue that causing the co-mingling 11-dimensionally in all aspects of our existence.

The only way one person could handle this would be if that person had deity status, which God and Jesus won’t allow, so he makes love to a large group of his creation.

I think Lucifer may have been an experiment in seeing how the possibility of making love to one person would work out and you see how that ended up.

Brent, 5:18 PM

Hmm. This makes me wonder — if string theory is true, are the strings that hold up the universe actually the sperm of Jesus?

Gail, 5:19 PM

Now THAT is intriguing. . .

Brent, 5:19 PM

They said the strings vibrate, which makes me think of how sperm cells wriggle around.

The sperm contain genetic code (instructions for creation) and then penetrate an egg to complete creation.

Gail, 5:20 PM

You may be onto something. . .

Brent, 5:20 PM

So it’s like his sperm will be penetrating us, to complete his full creation of the universe.

Gail, 5:21 PM

So what do you think that full creation will be like?

Brent, 5:21 PM

Wholeness is goodness, so maybe it’s like eternal heaven for all that exists.

Gail, 5:22 PM

That sounds right to me. I guess Revelation 22 will be the full creation.

His semen glows in the dark and there is NO NIGHT in the full creation. Jesus said, “Let there be LIGHT.”

Rev. 22:1-5.

Brent, 5:25 PM

That makes sense. “Let there be light” is Jesus talking about ejaculating his glowing semen. Maybe that is what is meant by the “second coming” of Christ. The second coming, or cumming, will actually be when Jesus makes love to his bride and ejaculates his sperm into all of creation, to save us all.

Gail, 5:25 PM

As you can see, it’s quite an honor that Jesus will gift us with his semen for the millennial reign.

But there’s darkness during the millennial reign, right? So the full creation happens after the 1,000 year reign, right?

Brent, 5:27 PM

So is it like a pregnancy period?

Gail, 5:27 PM

That may be correct.

You see, Satan shows up and causes a major rebellion at the end of the 1,000 year reign.

So the full creation can’t happen until Satan is permanently locked up in the lake of fire.

Brent, 5:28 PM

This makes sense.

Gail, 5:29 PM

I don’t know if I’d consider the millennium a pregnancy period, but more of a partial fulfillment of the complete creation. Those in immortal bodies will experience the complete creation and those in mortal bodies, will be in a testing period during the millennium.

You see, those who survive the tribulation go into the millennium in their mortal bodies and they have to be tested and refined, before all experience the complete creation of Jesus.

In fact, I think that may be how Satan instigates the rebellion at the end, by getting the millennium people mad that they can’t experience the 11-dimensional lovemaking of Jesus in their mortal bodies.

Brent, 5:32 PM

You could be right.

Gail, 5:33 PM

Satan will say that Jesus plays favorites unfairly, causing them to forget that those in immortal bodies have already been tested and refined.

There will be a mix of immortals and mortals in the millennium, unlike now, where it’s all mortals.

Considering that Jesus died on the cross for his bride, it’s understandable that he’s so excited about dating her (via me) by living in my apartment.

I think he’s extremely grateful that he can borrow your penis to enhance this experience and realizes that you have paid quite a price to be his vessel. He truly values you.

He did say that he put a lot of himself in you.

Brent, 5:37 PM

True. I just can’t believe part of that meant his penis and semen!

Gail, 5:37 PM

That’s why Satan hates us so much.

Well. . . I’d say it’s more his semen than his penis. I think his penis helps him experience vicariously 3-D sex, but his abs are his primary vessel for 11-D sex.

I think his abs co-mingle with his semen for 11-D sex, which might explain why penises get erect and land on abs.

Jesus’s 2nd coming happens at the end of the tribulation, so I’m not sure that is when he unloads his semen. I think his semen gets unloaded right after he marries us in the millennium!

And that’s what some of the millennium people will be mad about. It’s like, “Why can’t we get it?”

There is still darkness in the millennium, just not as much as now, that’s because he will have started his lovemaking then. His complete fulfillment and complete ejaculation happens after Satan is locked up for good at the end of the 1,000 years.

I also think that God the Father gets in on the act, too, more, after the 1000 years and he probably has semen, too.

Brent, 5:46 PM

What do you think sex with God the Father will be like?

Gail, 5:46 PM

Definitely 11-dimensional.

I suspect it may be like a pure Jesus semen experience, without the bodily interference. 11-D sex at the strings level.

Like Michio Kaku’s strings. Very intense and powerful. Will require perfect immortal bodies in all the universe for the sex act.

Pure light. Pure power. Pure goodness. Pure and powerful love. NO DARKNESS ANYWHERE IN THE EXISTING UNIVERSE. The lake of fire will be totally partitioned off and unable to influence the rest of the universe.

Brent, 5:50 PM

So it will be like an orgasm on the atomic level. An orgasm happening in every atomic particle of our beings.

Gail, 5:50 PM

You got it!!

And yet we will be fully functional and living in pure ecstasy, peace, joy and fulfillment.

And we will each have our own unique personalities and experience diversity and love.

Brent, 5:52 PM

We’ll have our own mansions too, right?

Gail, 5:52 PM

God the Father is using Jesus as the intermediary to evolve us to this destiny.

Of course! We’ll all have mansions.

And they’ll probably only get bigger and bigger as the universe expands and expands.

It will be a universe filled with divine, pure love, ever growing, ever expanding.

Brent, 5:54 PM

As long as I don’t get lost in our mansion trying to find the 11th Dimensional bathroom!

(Joking of course).

Gail, 5:54 PM

Bathrooms will be optional then.

Everything will be pure pleasure.

Brent, 5:55 PM

So if someone still takes pleasure in going to the bathroom, they still can?

Gail, 5:55 PM

Why not?

Brent, 5:55 PM

Good point. It will be everything we could ever desire.

Gail, 5:55 PM

Satan is such a fool to get in the way of this.

What puzzles me is how does 11-dimensional Jesus fit into my small apartment? He must be compacting himself somehow.

Brent, 5:57 PM

That’s why he needs so much space probably. He wants to be able to fit as much of himself in as he can.

Gail, 5:58 PM

Yeah, but I think he’s the size of the expanding universe.

He must have REALLY compacted himself!

If the strings are his sperm, think how big he must be!

Brent, 5:59 PM

True. It’s a tight fit for him, but he wants to squeeze as much of himself into his bride as he can.

Gail, 5:59 PM

You know what? I think you’re right.

But he’s only getting partial bride with me. I can’t believe how excited he is about marrying his bride!

It’s like he planned living in my apartment for millions of years.

Brent, 6:02 PM

That must be part of what he was thinking about when he was dying in his human form on the cross.

That one day he would be living with you in your shared apartment with him, and all the suffering would be worth it.

Gail, 6:02 PM

He’s actually pretty quiet in my apartment and I can easily forget he’s here.

Brent, 6:02 PM

He’s kind of like a cat.

Gail, 6:02 PM

You know what? I think you’re right again!

You know what? Jesus is kind of cute.

I mean his personality when he’s here. Not at all how you’d expect a deity to behave.

Satan’s kissing me like crazy on the lips right now. Yuck!!

Bolt him!

Gail, 6:14 PM

Satan is SO tacky. It’s easy to tell him apart from Jesus. Zack was a better Jesus fake than Satan.

Satan kisses like a robot.

His moves are too sensual for my liking. I would think he’d be smarter than this.

He doesn’t put any feelings into his moves, like you do and like I imagine Jesus will do when he makes love to his bride.

Maybe Loree enjoys being slapped on the rear, but I think it’s DISGUSTING.

Even though Jesus has not made love to me, the way he treats me, i can tell he will be a very tender, passionate and hot lover to his bride.


Satan is the OPPOSITE.

I don’t think Satan could fake being nurturing, even if he tried, cuz it’s so opposite who he is.

Zack fooled me cuz I didn’t really know who Jesus is in 2012. But Jesus is not at all that needy, yearning fake that Zack tried to make him out to be. Jesus is strong, nurturing and very attentive.

He’s also a comedian and likes to laugh.

A little more charming than I expected.

He reminds me of you, but without the insecurities, because you have a bit of an inferiority complex.

You overly estimate the importance of muscles and stuff like that. I think you’re pretty hot.

You’re the most Christlike guy that I’ve ever encountered. But not perfect like Jesus, so you’re less intimidating to me.

I imagine when I get into my immortal body, I’ll find Jesus less intimidating as a lover, but then I’ll be getting his semen then, too, when he knows I can handle it.

You know what I think Jesus did? He put all of the qualities in himself that I find attractive in you! I really believe that. He did that so he could use you as a vessel to vicariously experience lovemaking with me through your penis.

The one on one relationship I have with Jesus is more like a doting father than a lover, but it gets borderline sometimes as I evolve more and more into my immortal form.

You really are my dream lover and Jesus did that on purpose.

In my opinion, Jesus put about 80% of himself in you.

He omitted those parts of himself that he knew I would not find attractive.

Yet, because 80% of Jesus is attractive to me, he won’t reveal himself cuz I could be tempted.

About 95% of you is attractive to me.

That’s a LOT.

Brent, 6:35 PM

What 5% parts would you change?

Gail, 6:35 PM

I KNEW you’d ask that!

Have more faith in me and never doubt my love for you.

I would like you to feel more confident as my lover.

Brent, 6:36 PM


I’ll have to work on that.

Gail, 6:37 PM

That’s okay. I think you’re doing GREAT. Who am I to talk about confidence, right?

But, you see, the fact that you even asked that question, shows that you lack some confidence as my lover. It’s kind of like the conversation I had with Jesus today, telling him I hate the calluses on my feet cuz they’re ugly and Jesus started washing my feet and I said, “No way, you gonna wash my ugly feet.”

And he said, “Relax, your feet are beautiful.” So, you see, I have the same problem.

He said the calluses protect my feet from damage and I shouldn’t stress over stuff that is not important.

He kind of communicates with me telepathically.

Kept saying my feet were beautiful. I look at them and think he must not be seeing what I’m seeing!

But then I say, he’s right. I worry about stupid things.

I’ve developed calluses on my feet from all the walking I do in my New Balance shoes. But they aren’t bothering me. They’re just ugly. Jesus said they protect my feet and he thinks my feet are beautiful.

Brent, 6:45 PM

Do you think my insecurities are beautiful?

Gail, 6:46 PM

In a way. . .as long as you don’t let them make you miserable.

I lose a lot of sleep when I think your insecurities about me make you miserable. It makes me feel like I’ve failed you.

As long as you get over them when you make love to me.

If that doesn’t work, then I feel really inadequate.

I think to Jesus, when he sees the calluses, he sees my obedience to his command to go for a walk outside and that’s why my feet are beautiful to Him.

Beauty, to Jesus, seems tied in with obedience.

Brent, 6:50 PM

That makes sense. What about mine? What makes my doubt and insecurity flaws beautiful to you?

Gail, 6:51 PM

Well, it was very touching back in the 1990s, when this big star serenaded me with this awesome music album and then approached me on the phone with doubts over whether I really wanted to bed him. I thought you were the sexiest man alive then and your humility made you even sexier.

You were like total opposite my vulgar ex.

I found it ironic that someone with so many outstanding qualities would have any doubts over my desire to have you. I only turned you down to honor Jesus.

Brent, 6:55 PM

I never saw myself as a big Hollywood celebrity. The way I thought of it, I was just following my passion for acting, and it just so happened that many people enjoyed it.

Gail, 6:56 PM

I didn’t see you that way at first, but when I started reading the fanzines, I realized you were a pretty hot item back then and was flabbergasted that you seemed to have true love for me. I never thought I could be so attractive to someone like you.

The bad part of the fact that you are/were a celebrity is that you, too, are influenced by how the public perceives celebrity and you overestimate how important it is to me.

So, I guess, your insecurities made you attractive to me, cuz they kept you from becoming vain about your celebrity status.

This made you doubly attractive to me. That you understood life’s true values in spite of all the glitter and glamour around you. You weren’t drawn into that shallowness, you always had depth. That’s why I said with amazement to myself, that you, in spite of being a celebrity, were the most Christlike person I knew.

That’s how I felt back then and it’s how I still feel, and though I find Jesus intimidating as lover, because of my imperfections, if I was perfect, he would be the perfect lover to me.

I think he designed me that way.

I believe I will be perfect in the millennial reign. And as part of my perfection, I would want to share awesome Jesus with the whole bride and not just keep him to myself.

It wouldn’t be fair to deny the disciples and awesome saints like Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone, etc. the chance to make love to Jesus! I would NEVER WANT HIM ALL TO MYSELF, not when there are others who deserve him, too.

My joy is HIS JOY and he is such a giver, he must be able to give all he wants.

That means all the bride!!

Brent, 7:06 PM


Gail, 7:07 PM

HOWEVER, don’t take this to mean that I dislike monogamy with you. You have to remember that Jesus sees all his bride as ONE PERSON.

I think we are all aspects of his complete 11-dimensional self.

I’m kind of like a part of his bride that is arriving early. I guess you could say that he gets the heart first and the rest of the body emerges later.

I think one of the main reasons Jesus does not mind my marriage list, is because he gets to borrow more penises when I turn him on. LOL.

He’s gets so turned on, that one penis just won’t do the job for him.

Don’t worry. During the millennium, you will be perfect and you will readily let me make love to any guy on my marriage list then.

But while we are in our mortal bodies, I prefer monogamy.

Don’t want a repeat of GMGTOW.

I also can’t be happy if I don’t make you completely happy and I think you prefer monogamy, too, while we are in our mortal bodies.

It’s not that you haven’t let some of the others in once in a while brain to brain and I want to leave that totally up to you. I always thought it was like that, but I don’t want you to feel pressured to do so. Only if this is what YOU REALLY WANT.

I definitely prefer monogamy for REAL SEX and I’ve always been that way. I’m not into this cuckold business.

Brent, 7:18 PM

Yeah, you would never make me a cuck.

Gail, 7:18 PM

God forbid, no! I honor you as the most Christlike man I know.

Someone as awesome as you deserves absolute loyalty.

I was so upset when I found out how you really felt about the marriage list. I would have quit it a long time ago, if I knew how you felt. With the exception of Vladimir Putin, I never went to another man without thinking I had your approval first.

I’ve always admired your Texas values and part of that is a man who’s loyal to his woman and had some good old fashioned Bible Belt values. I saw that in you, even when you were famous. I didn’t see famous Brent Spiner, I saw a manly macho Texan who’d die for his woman and I thought you were PERFECT.

I was especially impressed that you didn’t allow Hollywood to destroy your Texas manliness.

Brent, 7:26 PM

Were you thinking a celebrity guy would try to have sex with lots of hot celebrity women?

Gail, 7:27 PM

I knew you weren’t like that. I could tell when I saw Pen Pals.

You just didn’t seem like you belonged in Hollywood and it was a miracle that I found you there.

You reminded me of my Tallahassee pastor, who treated his wife like gold.

Portrait of Pastor Rayburn Blair – Tallahassee, Florida.

This guy is one of the reasons I learned to admire Texas men.

He’s a Texan through and through.

I went to his church in Tallahassee when I was a student at F.S.U.

He’s been living in the Dallas area for years now.

I learned you were from Texas and I figured that was part of the reason you seemed so awesome to me.

This pastor always left every church service with his arms around his wife.

That left quite an impression on me.


I think it was a Texas macho thing with him.

Brent, 7:35 PM

Yeah. His greatest quality was that he knew how to serve the needs of his woman, and it made every woman around her envious for what she possessed in him.

Gail, 7:36 PM

What? You just did a read on him and his wife?

I was never envious of his wife. I just wanted to marry a man just like him.

And I found him.

Brent, 7:36 PM

I think it was my emotional IQ just being intuitive about him.

Gail, 7:37 PM

He’s about the same age as my mother.

That photo was taken of him when he was my pastor.

He did notice me as a young lady though. He once said I was too much of a woman to be a military officer. LOL.

His church supported me through Bible college. So I guess I knew deep down that someday I could get someone like him to notice me.

I lost faith in myself though and ended up marrying David.

I think Satan also used brain control on a lot of good guys to get them to lose interest in me, too.

Satan wanted to destroy me through my husband and he almost did.

Brent, 7:41 PM

That would make sense.

Gail, 7:42 PM

I was very insecure as a young lady and tried too hard to be perfect, so I didn’t know who I was. I needed that marriage to find myself.

Brent, 7:46 PM

Yeah, you didn’t have to be so insecure or try to be perfect. You just had to pursue the things that made you happy and what felt right to you.

Gail, 7:46 PM

Not easy for someone with a mother like I had though.

Brent, 7:47 PM

Misao made you feel like you had to please her perfectly to be worthy of love. Little did you know, nothing you could have done would have pleased her. She was impossible to satisfy and would never be happy with anyone.

Gail, 7:47 PM

So true.

Satan also used my mother to try and destroy me.

Brent, 7:48 PM

She was a bully.

Gail, 7:48 PM

I couldn’t have survived without you.

Jesus knew I needed you.

Gail, 8:15 PM

This has been a fun conversation. I think we need to continue to pray for Loree. I hate it that Satan is beating her up.

I’m going to bolt him for beating up Loree!

Stop it, Satan. Leave Loree alone!!

Wow. Loree knows I’m bolting Satan for her. She seems really touched. This is amazing.

Jesus. I have an idea. I want to share it with Brent. Put this song in Loree’s head over and over.

And let her see a vision of her and the Brent Spiner clone making love as part of the bride of Christ and experiencing your semen in the future millennial reign and then have me, the real Brent, Zack and all your bride just floating in the vision as we all experience Jesus’ lovemaking as part of the bride. Get her so intoxicated with this vision that she realizes this is what she’s missing when she chooses Satan over Jesus!

Then cut in with the song “You’re So Ugly” and that picture of her looking like Sheli, to show her where she’s headed if she continues on her current path. And the more she thinks about going to Jesus’ side, the more she experiences the positive vision. When she thinks about staying on Satan’s side, the bad vision comes to her. Eventually, she’ll figure out that you are showing her two paths and she has to decide which one she wants. Ha! This will work. Satan will lose Loree!

We can condition her to choose the path that leads to true love by forcing these two visions in her mind. If she wants to sleep and find happiness, she will have to think the thoughts that lead to true love.

She will learn that when she thinks true love thoughts that the beautiful vision of her making love as part of Christ’s bride comes to her and when she thinks proud, eviil thoughts, that the horrifying vision of her as Sheli in the Lake of Fire comes to her.

With this vision, she will see the beautiful woman she can become in Christ contrasted with the woman she is now.

It’s working! I see in a vision in my mind!

She’s becoming intoxicated with the beautiful vision.

Jesus is letting her get a taste of his semen in the millennial reign! Oh boy, now she realizes what she’s missing.

This is something Loree can really relate to. She’s obsessed with semen. Well, lady, there ain’t no semen like Jesus’s semen and all his bride will experience it in the millennium.

Brent and I will experience it the strongest.

Hey Jesus. Do this to ALL the Jesuits! ALL OF THEM.

Satan’s going to LOSE THEM ALL.

Pair them all up with their true love partners and let them see a vision of themselves in the future millennial reign as part of the bride of Christ making love to Jesus as part of his bride, the church.

Ah, I’m having a party. Gotta go take my shower. I’m glad we had this conversation Brent. It gave me such brilliant ideas. I think Jesus is going with it.

It’s like they say, you can’t be happy with hamburger after you’ve had PRIME STEAK.

Gail, 8:53 PM

Oh my God. Satan’s screaming, “Nooooooo!”

Yes!! Yes!! The Jesuits are all intoxicated with the beautiful vision.

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