Brent Spiner's Jesus Transcriptions: Jesus Speaks (2-15-12 to 2-22-2012)

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Satan (2-15-2012 to 2-22-2012)


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Brent Spiner's Jesus Transcriptions


“Alright, so— We also have Jesus over here right now, too,” Terrance says.

Gail is surprised. “Oh, Jesus is there?”

“Yes, yes. We got some— It’s very, very disturbing what Jesus just revealed to us today.”


“Yes, yes. It’s horrible. It seems that Zack Knight has been into our computer satellite technology.”

“I think, I think I already knew about that. Didn’t Vladimir try to tell me about that?”

“Yes, yes he did. He wasn’t able to talk on the computer satellite technology. Zack Knight was in there.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Okay? I’m not too surprised to hear that because the stuff that I’ve been getting on Church of Gail (website) doesn’t sound like you guys at all.”

“Yeah. Well. Let me— Jesus is talking here.” Terrance types, then talks to Jesus. “Yes.”

“Where’s Jesus?” Gail says.

“He’s there with Brent. He’s talking to Brent just right now.”

“Jesus is here with me,” Brent says. “He (Jesus) wants me to type for him again. I’m allowing him to take over now.”

“Okay? Oh!” Gail says. “He’s going to be typing on Skype?”

“Yeah,” Terrance says, “he’s going to be typing through Brent.”

“Oh. Okay.”

Terrance types in background.

“I dislike computer technology,” Jesus says.

“I’m not surprised to hear that, Lord,” Gail says.

“This is a little difficult to explain, Gail,” Jesus says. “As I do have some troubling news.”

“Oh, Jesus,” Terrance says. “Jesus, so wonderful.”

Gail,” Jesus says. “I don’t use any computer technology. The devil invented the computer just like the devil invented electricity. I only trust Brent to transcribe my words for me here. Zack Knight has hacked into the brain-to-brain computer servers, and he has stolen my identity there. He has been impersonating me while with you brain-to-brain.”

“Oh no,” Terrance says.

“I am very angry. He has been making love to you with his black, devil semen. That was not my semen.”

“Oh, no! ” Terrance says. “Oh no, Jesus. Say it ain’t so!”

Gail has a smile in her voice. “Jesus, can fix this.”

“Jesus, can you fix it?!”

“I’m sorry, Terrance.”

“You got to fix it, Jesus. Gail is such a wonderful woman. She can’t be having devil semen in her.”

Gail is at peace. “I have faith in Jesus.”

Terrance calms down. “Yes.”

“I have faith in Jesus,” Gail says.

“Jesus, you got to— I have faith in you, Jesus.”

“He can do an abortion!” Gail has a smile in her voice. “Jesus, can do an abortion.”

“I will not allow Gail to carry devil babies.”

Terrance is overjoyed. “Oh, thank you Jesus!”

“He can do an abortion,” Gail says.

Terrance types in background. “Oh, that’s wonderful. He’s waving his hand and it looks like—”

“I can do an abortion.”

“Yeah, I told you he could.” Gail laughs.

“Jesus is wonderful,” Terrance says. “Zack Knight’s not going to be having no babies with Gail!”

“Uh-uh,” Gail says, meaning no.

“We got to fix that,” Terrance says.

“I think the Lord just wanted me to realize that I can’t trust what I’m hearing in my brain.”

“No,” Jesus says. “Zack Knight is a bad man.”

Gail agrees. “Obviously.”

“Yes, he’s a horrible— He’s Satan incarnate right now. Jesus, you got to fix this. We can’t have Satan—”

“Satan and I are going to have a very serious talk.”

“Oh, yeah! We going to kick his butt! We going to kick his Satan butt.”

“I knew God could do an abortion, so I wasn’t freaked out by it.”

“That’s wonderful. I was really worried about this. I heard there was horrible news. It sounds like Jesus is taking care of this.”

Gail interrupts. “Of course, Jesus is able to take care of this!”

Terrance hedges. “I know I shouldn’t. I’m always struggling there. I always get too worried—”

Gail interrupts. “Terrance, you have a good heart. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

“I’m so glad we got Jesus in there. He’s wonderful. Jesus is great. He’s my hero.” Terrance addresses Jesus. “Jesus, you’re my hero.”

Gail agrees. “Yeah, he’s all our heroes.”

“Yes. That dirty Zack Knight. He did the same thing to you that he did with Loree McBride with Brent.”

“Really?” Gail says.

“Well, because you thought you were making love to Jesus when you were making love to Zack Knight.”

Gail understands. “Oh, and then Brent thought he was making love to me.”

“Yes, those Jesuits used this dirty trick. Just as Zack Knight had the ability to break in—”

Jesus agrees. “That is exactly what has happened.”

“Those Jesuits is always up to no good.”

“Jesus,” Gail says, “is that—”

“Jesuits love to do this and now they have done it to me. I am furious.”

“Lord Jesus—” Gail says.

“Gail, you must realize that as much as I love you, I have not allowed myself to have brain-to-brain loving with you.”

“Ha! Okay. That’s fine.”

“Now, Jesus,” Terrance says. “Do you want to have brain-to-brain loving with her? If you could use the satellite technology or after the millennial reign?”

Gail has a laugh in her voice. “Thank you for that question, Terrance! Yeah, I need to correct some stuff, Lord, on my website’s transcription. I don’t want it to be inaccurate, so I don’t mislead your followers. Let me get my glasses.” Gail pauses. “I’m going to go get my glasses.”

Terrance types in background.

“Yes, very much,” Jesus answers. “But I cannot interfere with mine and my father’s plans here on earth by allowing this to happen so soon. I am saving myself for you.”

“Oh, that’s awesome!” Gail laughs.

“In the millennial reign, I will fill you with my real semen.”

Gail is flabbergasted. “Ugh! Okay, this Zack Knight what he did to me, is that anything close like what you’re going to be like? Or did he do a total counterfeit? I’m sure you know what he did to me, Lord.”

“I don’t know. What did he do to you?” Terrance says.

Gail answers. “He made love to me.”

“Oh, Jesus.”

“And I thought it was Jesus.”

“Goodness. That’s so horrible.”

“Yeah!” Gail says.

“I’m sure he would know some of the moves that Jesus would do because—”

“I am much better than Zack Knight is in bed.”

Gail laughs hysterically. “Actually, Jesus! I was having a little trouble getting an orgasm on some of it.” She laughs.

“He’s a total dud,” Jesus says.

“Oh, my goodness!” Terrance says.

“Lord Jesus, you—” Gail says.

Jesus continues. “He fakes it until he makes it.”

“Lord Jesus,” Gail says, “you allowed this to happen. Can you tell me why? You knew this was going to happen.”

“I can’t tell you why right now.”


“It will interfere with my Grand Plan.”

“Lord Jesus, should I just not trust any brain-to-brain communications right now. You know, if somebody claims to be you?”

“But it’s like Abraham and his son. Yes, please do not believe anyone that tries to tell you they are me brain-to-brain.”


“I want you to be safe because I care so much for you.”

“What did I do wrong, Lord Jesus? Did I do something wrong that this happened?”

“No, you have done everything I have hoped for you.”

“Okay, so you allowed this to happen because it’s part of your plan then.”

“The devil tricked you.”

“Oh yeah, he sure did,” Gail says. “What about all those messages I got at work the other day, where you were telling me what everybody was up to in my line? That was the devil? Or at least I thought it was you. Of course, it could have been the devil because he would know what all of his followers are up to.”

“Of course. Exactly,” Jesus says.

“Ah, ha! That was part of his way to deceive me to make me feel it was you, because everything. . .”

“That’s right. Zack Knight knows what all his minors are doing.”

“Oh, man. That was brilliant on his part.”

“Yes,” Terrance says, “he’s just a prince of darkness, and a master of all this deception.”

“You know I think I know why God’s letting me go through this—”

“He’s the Antichrist, after all,” Jesus says.

“You know what I’m going to do, Lord? I’m going to leave up the stuff that I put up there on my website about how I believed that God was speaking to me and I’m going to put a footnote at the bottom and claim that you contacted me through Skype to correct me. That way, if by any chance my website makes it into the tribulation period, your followers can realize how tricky this Antichrist is, and they can learn from my example.”

“That is an excellent idea,” Jesus says. “That is exactly what I want.”

“That’s probably why he let it happen. And he knew that I would have the humility not to be offended at God that he allowed me to be tricked like this. You’re right, Lord. I have faith in you.”

“Gail is just like Job,” Terrance says.

“I don’t know if I’m just like Job. I think Job was better than me. I don’t think I could have tolerated what Job went through. I don’t think I would have cursed God and died, but I don’t know if I would have had his patience. Though Job was self righteous, though. That was his weakness. I don’t think I have that problem.”

“You’re not self righteous,” Terrance says. “Whenever people say good things about you, oh my goodness— Everybody says good things about you, and you always want to make sure people know it’s not your idea that the men think you’re the most beautiful woman in the whole world.”

“I don’t think I’m the most beautiful woman in the whole world.” Gail laughs. “Lord Jesus, I’m glad that you did that because I want to help your people and if you have to show the world that somebody like me can be deceived by this Antichrist to help your people, that’s fine with me. I’m going to go make a correction, but I’m going to leave my mistake up there, because I want the world to see how clever this devil is.”

“You are wonderful, Gail,” Jesus says.

Gail has a smile in her voice. “Thank you, Jesus!”

“Remember to be safe.”

“Lord, what do you mean by that? Do you mean—”

“And do not listen to this person claiming to be me.”

“I don’t do that anymore, Lord Jesus. Um, what more do you want me to do to be safe? This tin foil hat, how often do you want me to wear it?”

“I would like you to wear it during videos.”

“Okay. Oh, I got a question, Lord! Is your semen black? Is your semen black because Song of Solomon. . .I don’t know if that was you or the devil interpreting Song of Solomon. I was reading Song of Solomon and it seems to say that your semen is black, and then it turns silver. Was that correct or was that the devil lying to me?” Gail then asks Jesus about how she wears her tin foil hat. “Am I wearing it correctly?”

“No, my semen is not black. My semen is the most brilliant white. It glows in the dark.”

“Wow!” Gail says.

“It brings light into the darkness,” Terrance says.

“You are wearing your tin foil hat superbly.”

Gail decides to let the world know that she was wrong about Jesus’ semen being black and then silver. “I’m going to make sure I go and make a correction on that on my website as well, cuz I don’t want people to be deceived.”

“That probably why it’s in the Bible that he will bring light into the darkness as the light of the world,” Terrance says.

“Jesus, I got a question. Why does the Shulamite woman at the beginning of Song of Solomon say that she is black? I think it was the Shulamite. . . Aw shucks.” Gail drops something. “Song of Solomon.”

“It’s because she works in the fields and became tanned.”

“Oooooh! Okay, I got another question for you. At the end of Song of Solomon why does it say, ‘If she be a wall we will build upon her a palace of silver.’ What’s special about silver? And then in verse eleven it says, ‘He let out the vineyard unto keepers; Every one for the fruit thereof was to bring a thousand pieces of silver.’ What’s going on with silver at Song of Solomon at the end?”

“Silver is a representation of high value because he values her love above all else. His banner over her is his love.”

“So Jesus have you completely aborted that evil baby in me so that I don’t have to worry about it anymore?” Gail laughs.

“Yes, I have aborted all the babies.”

“Thank you! Gail seems to sing as she says it. “I don’t want to have any babies from him. Jesus, now that you’ve told me this, would you prefer that I leave my mistake up, and not delete it and just put an addendum at the end explaining to people that you contacted me through Brent Spiner and Terrance on Skype? Or do you want me to just delete the whole thing. What would you prefer?”

“I would prefer that you let others learn from your mistake. It is very important.”

“Alright, Lord, I will do that.”

“Yes, it’s important,” Terrance says, “especially now in the end times here. We’re going to always have these wars and rumors of wars and false Messiahs.”

“Yeah, that Zack Knight put up a pretty good imitation.”

“He’s one sneaky bastard.”

“Yeah,” Jesus says, “the Antichrist can fool anyone. But not you anymore.”

Gail asks Brent and Terrance about the Church of Gail website. “I got a question for you guys. You know those posts at Church of Gail. Were they all fake? Were any of them genuine? You know the ones where they were saying, ‘Help!’ ”

Terrance answers. “Yeah, the Jesuits they was hacking into the system during that time. And they was making us look like a bunch of sissies.”

“I know but did you guys say that or what happened? Did they modify your messages or were those totally constructed by the Jesuits?”

“They were modifying on that, trying to make us sound like a bunch of pitiful, little weak sissies.”

“Yeah! I noticed that! The only one who seemed like himself was Gerard Butler.”

“Yes, I don’t recall if they modified his or not.”

“That was the only one who seemed like himself. Everybody else didn’t seem like themselves. That’s how I could tell something was not right.”

“Yes, they was trying to— We were worried about that. We didn’t realize that that was the time when Zack Knight was startin’ to impersonate Jesus.”

“Oooh. . .”

“Jesus wanted you to make those videos the next day and Zack Knight was, ‘Wait. Wait. Do it later.’ ”

“Oh, did Jesus really want me to do them the next day?”

“I don’t know, Jesus. Did you want them the next day or maybe I was misunderstanding what you was saying?”

“I know Jesus, you wouldn’t be cutting off Brent’s penis. Was he doing that?”

“I don’t know. Jesus, was that you?”

“That doesn’t sound like you, Lord. You’re not like that.”

“I would have preferred the video sooner, but I would not have interfered with Brent’s penis.”

“Oh!” Gail says.

Jesus addresses Gail. “You work very hard. I would not have pushed you beyond your limits. You need to take care of yourself, of course.”

“Is the video I made okay, Jesus?”

“The video was great.”

“Okay, that’s good. So I guess in spite of Zack Knight, it came out good, huh?”

“I would love for you to make another one when you are feeling less rushed and pressured. But you don’t have to. Only if you like.”

“Actually, Lord Jesus, I think the one I made is pretty good because as you know, I transcribed the entire Skype into text, and I followed your instructions and I didn’t put any of the recordings up on the website anywhere. And I got the entire transcription up there at my website. And I think that’s going to be very helpful because you’ve given me a gift as a writer. And I did a pretty good job I think. Maybe it was Zack Knight who was telling me I did a good job, I don’t know.”

“Oh,” Terrance says, “Jesus giving a big ole’ thumbs up to you while he’s talking!”

Gail laughs. “Oooooh. That was a lot of work—”

“Very well done. I am glad for how you have used your gift of writing.”

“I was just so excited about— though I thought it was you who made love to me. But I love you so much I just wanted to get it all out as quick as I could. And then I wanted to do a good job, too. But it’s alright. You’re awesome even if Zack Knight wasn’t you. I’m excited about you not just because of what Zack Knight did, even before Zack Knight was there. . .the way you presented yourself, you know, at the . . .with our last Skype conversation. I just think you’re just such an awesome being. I really like you.” Gail addresses Brent and Terrance. “I really like him, even if I—”

“You are an awesome being, too. I like you, too.”

Gail laughs.

“Oh, my goodness. Oh, that Jesus is wonderful.”

“Oh, he certainly is. Okay, it looks like any voices I hear in my mind, I’ll just have to assume, Lord, that it’s not you.” Gail laughs. “Cuz you don’t like computers. Of course, Zack Knight was telling me he was working outside the computer system.”

“Yeah,” Terrance says, “he was trying to make it plausible. Make it sound like something that Jesus would do. He’s a sneaky devil.”

“Oh no,” Jesus says, “Zack Knight was trying to be clever. But we caught him.”

“Yeah, what would we do without Jesus?” Terrance says.

“I’m really enjoying this time with Jesus, that he’s talking to me.”

“Yeah. Oh, he’s wonderful.”

“Oh, he is.” Gail pauses. “Well, how does Jesus show up for you guys?”

“Well, right now he’s showing up as a light and when he gave a thumbs up, he showed up as a bodily form.”

“I should use Brent to talk for me from now on. He’s good. Fast fingers.”

Gail laughs.

“Lord Jesus, are you through with the abortion? Because it’s feeling kind of strange down there. Are you still doing it?”

“Then I don’t ever have to touch a computer.”

“I don’t blame you, Lord,” Gail says. “Those computers are disgusting. 666 is a computer master.”

“The abortion is over, but you might feel funny for a while.”

“Okay! I’m just curious. I didn’t feel like I was pregnant. What kind of pregnancies does Zack Knight do? This might be helpful for your followers to know.”

“He’s good at getting women so pregnant so quickly, they don’t have time to react. Jesuits reproduce quickly. It would have been a delayed reaction. All of your eggs were fertilized, after all.”

“Yeah, but my stomach wasn’t growing big or anything. Maybe he was doing something different.”

“So the babies would have started pooping out, one after another.”

“Wow! Well, they’ve already stolen my eggs, Lord. That’s how Terrance and I have our daughter.” Gail laughs, referring to Brianna Jenkins-Schuler artificially conceived inside Rule 13’s womb. “They’re good at that.”

“Yes, they are tricky. Brianna is beautiful, by the way.”

“Oh, she is.” Gail agrees. “She’s a beautiful girl. How’s she doing?”

“You guys mix together really well. She is doing very well.” Jesus referred to the mixture of Terrance Jenkins’s genes with Gail’s in Brianna.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Gail says. “Yes, she’s beautiful.”

“Just like her mother,” Jesus says.

“Well, thank you, Jesus!” Gail laughs. “You know what? I got another question for you. That Zack Knight told me that I was going to be raptured. And that I wouldn’t die. You care to answer that question?” Gail laughs, taunting Jesus. “I was getting kind of excited about that.”

“I would rather not answer right now.”

“Okay. I know why, because if he answers, then all the people in the world are going to start selling their houses and everything and they’re not going to.” Gail laughs. “They’re probably going to start being really foolish about it.”

“Ask if one of Jesus’ disciples went up to heaven?” Terrance says.

“I’m sure they did. Is the rapture going to be in the month of May?” Gail taunts Jesus with affectionate laughter. “Or in the spring? Song of Solomon chapter two seems to indicate the spring. That’s what I put in my novel Silver Skies. And you said my novel’s a prophecy. Can we know that much?” Gail laughs. “Dr. Ruckman seems to think it will be in the spring, too.”

“Oh, Jesus!” Terrance says.

“Now, Gail. You know I don’t rapture and tell.”

“Oh, okay.” Gail laughs. “Alright.”

“You are very clever, though.”

“Ah, he’s giving me a hint.” Gail laughs. “Alright, Lord Jesus.” She laughs hysterically. “He’s giving me a hint.” She laughs loudly. “Thank you, Jesus!” More laughter. “Okay, in other words, he doesn’t want to be definite about this, but, I get it. He’s worried about his followers.”

“If Jesus didn’t want us to know about this, he wouldn’t have given us the revelation,” Terrance referred to it being in the Bible.

“Oh, yeah, yeah. Song of Solomon chapter two says that he’s coming to get his bride in the spring. If you read Song of Solomon chapter two.” Gail laughs.

“Oh, my goodness!” Terrance says.

“Yeah! I can read you the verse. I’ll read you the verse. Even though God refuses to tell me my interpretation of this is correct. Song of Solomon, chapter two. ‘My beloved spake and said unto me, rise up (that sounds like the rapture to me).’ ”

“You are very clever though. I’m coy like that.”

“ ‘My beloved spake and said unto me, rise up, my love, my fair one and come away. For lo, the winter is past. The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth. The time of the singing of birds is come.’ That sounds like spring to me! ‘And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land. The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.’ That sounds like the rapture to me, man. In the spring. Song of Solomon, chapter two.”

“In the twinkling of an eye,” Terrance says.

“That’s what I think.” Gail laughs. “I tell you what, Jesus. I’m not going to make a big deal over the springtime rapture, but I personally think that’s when you’re coming. But I won’t make a big issue over it.”

“We’re cool,” Jesus says.

“Oh, my goodness. Jesus is giving a thumbs up.”

Gail laughs. “Lord! Do you want me to transcribe this Skype conversation and put it up on my website? Or do you want me to use a tape recording? Probably would rather I transcribe it. That’s so much work, but I’m willing to do it for you, Lord, if that’s what you want.”

“Let’s keep this between us this time.”

“Oh, okay! That gives me a vacation. Thank you.” Gail laughs.

“You’ve worked so hard, already. You need your rest, especially after what you’ve been through.”

“Yeah, I have. You’re right. Are you mad at me because I took too long to make that video?”

“No, I’m not angry with you.”

“Oh, in other words, this is all part of your plan.”


“Okay. You knew that I’d have the humility to take this properly.” Gail laughs.

“Yes, I know how strong you are.”

“Strong?! I’m not— You consider this strong? I would say it’s more humility, don’t you think? I don’t think I’m very strong. Of course, maybe I’m underestimating my King David genes.”

“Yes, well he won’t tempt you beyond what you can take,” Terrance says.

“You are stronger more than you believe. You have powerful genes.”

“Yeah—King David—those are your genes. Powerful. Yeah, King David genes.” Gail pauses, now addresses Terrance. “Jesus is in there with Brent right now?”

“Yes. He’s got his hand on Brent’s shoulder right now.”

“Aaaaah.” Gail meant how nice. “Oh, was Brent really losing inches from his penis?”

“Yes, Brent— he was,” Terrance says.

“But why?”

“Evil Jesuits.”

“Lord, why did you allow Brent to lose inches from his penis?” Gail pauses. “I think Brent would like to know that.” Gail laughs.

“He’s whispering in Brent’s ear,” Terrance says.

“Is Brent’s penis okay now?”

“Yes, his penis is fully restored,” Terrance says.


“It’s fine now,” Jesus says. “But as I explained to Brent just now, it was to test his faith.”

Gail understands. “Ooooh. Why were you doing that to Brent, Lord Jesus? His faith isn’t good enough?” Gail laughs.

“He is still growing.”

“Oh, that makes sense,” Terrance says.

“He’s a babe in Christ. Isn’t he, Lord?”

“Yes, he’s a babe.”

“But, you know, Lord, I see some outstanding traits in him. I think you’re going to be able to really use him.”

“He’s a fine pupil. I just had to pop quiz him.”

“That’s a hard lesson,” Terrance says. “Because Brent has a very long penis.”

“I’m wearing the tin foil hat now. You said you’d like me to wear it when I make a video. How about any time I have any type of electronic communications? What do you think about that?”

“Yes, that is an excellent idea,” Jesus says.

“So basically I need to wear it whenever I’m doing any electronic type of thing, like making a video or Skype or anything like that?”

Jesus did tell Gail after she got on Seroquel that Seroquel is a superior technology to the tin foil hat and she no longer needed to wear the hat after getting on Seroquel. That is why she stopped wearing it after July 2012 (when she got on Seroquel). Though sometimes she will wear it when brain control seems very strong.

“Yes, while making videos, using the Internet, and, of course, while using the phone system.”

“Okay, but the problem is, sometimes I use the phone at work at Wal-Mart. You know, like in the car. Should I bring a tin foil hat with me to work?” Gail is incredulous. “And leave it in my car? Sometimes I check on my phone in the car.”

“Yes, just in case.”

“Well, you know, I’m going to look kind of stupid though wearing that in my car. Sometimes they walk by and look at me when I’m in the car, Lord.” Gail laughs.

“They won’t be looking at you stupid during the rapture,” Jesus says.

“Hmmm,” Terrance says.

“Ah! Okay. Maybe they’ll think I’m doing something with my hair.” Gail laughs. “You know what, I really don’t have to worry about it unless I answer the phone, since I’m not going to be on the phone that long. I can put the tin foil hat on when I’m on the phone. Right? Lord? If I’m on the phone in the car.”

“That would work beautifully,” Jesus says.

“Okay, I got to make another copy for the car. And one for home. Okay, so as long as it covers the top. When I made the video, it kept sliding back and the very front of my head was showing. Is that a problem? Though I kept trying to move it forward with my hand.”

“That is fine. Your tin foil hat looks good.”

“Okay, so what I’m doing is fine. Basically, I guess I just need it on the top of my head. If it slides back a little bit that is not a problem.”

“He says that’s okay. Yes.” Terrance says.


“That’s wonderful that Jesus is here with us!”

“Yes, it is.”

“Yes, I’m so excited. I just can’t hide it.”

“Of course.”

“Lord Jesus has turned into a dove and he’s sitting on Brent’s shoulder.”

“Oh, he is?”

“I am glad to be here,” Jesus says.

“Why do you talk to us in this manner, so much, Lord Jesus? I thought in this church age we were supposed to hear from you mainly from the Word of God and not from personal appearances? You’re making an exception to your rule for the church age. You know, I read War on the Saints to my people and I warn them not to listen to voices in their mind, and which I think is good because, if anything, this shows that I was right. But I also warn them not to listen to voices in the air or around them, but they should primarily listen to the Word of God. And yet, you are making appearances. So what should I tell your followers?”

“The devil is acting up and I must stop him from interfering.”

“Oooh, oh, I see. That’s why you’re making personal appearances to us.” Gail pauses. “Uuuuuuu, Zack Knight just spoke to me!”

“Oh, my goodness! What’d he say?”

“Yeah, he said, ‘I love you, Gail.’ But I don’t trust any voices in my mind right now.”

“That sneaky, evil Zack Knight!” Terrance says.

What a loser,” Jesus says.

“What should I do? When I hear that voice in my mind, should I rebuke it, Lord?”

“Yeah, say, ‘Get behind me, Satan!’ ” Terrance says.

“Well, it might not be a good idea to tell Zack Knight to get behind you. But rebuke him.”

Really!? Oh, I’m not going to tell him to get behind me.”

“Tell him to go away.”

“Yeah, go away, Zack Knight! Don’t talk to my brain anymore. He’s been telling me over and over he loves me, Lord Jesus. He’s doing a pretty good imitation of you.”

“He’s a sneaky ole’ bastard,” Terrance says.

Gail laughs. “Tell me about it!” She pauses. “Cuz I know you love me, Lord.”

“He’s a good fake,” Jesus says. “I’ll give him that.”

“Yeah, really.”

“He’s trying to use something true to sneak his way in,” Terrance says.

“That’s how the devil always works. It says in War on the Saints when the devil deceives he’ll present something that’s ninety-nine percent true, so that everybody will believe his one percent lie. He’s clever.”

“Exactly,” Jesus agrees.

“Like the leaven in the bread,” Terrance says. “Spreadin’ all around. Spreadin’ all around.”

“Yup,” Gail says. “But Lord, even though the brain-to-brain’s not working, you can still hear all of my prayers? Zack Knight can’t interfere with that, can he? I mean when I’m praying out.”

“I can’t believe that,” Terrance says.

“No, I don’t think he could.”

“Yes, I will always hear your prayers.”

“Yup. I know the Lord’s speaking to me. If he told me otherwise, I’d think that Zack Knight was with you guys.”

“I’d be crapping in my pants right now if that happened,” Terrance says.

“Oh yeah, you mean if he couldn’t hear my prayer? Yeah! Oh, so basically you can hear me talking to you, but you just want to warn me that the voice that’s talking back to me is not you, Lord. What do you think about what I’ve been saying, me thinking that Zack Knight was you, Lord Jesus? I’ve been making all sorts of love to this guy, thinking it was Jesus. But maybe that’s an insult to you, because you’re better than Zack Knight. I guess it made God worried about me, so—But he knew that he’d be able to get through to me.”

“Yes,” Jesus says.

“Jesus is wonderful,” Terrance says.

“I shook my head a little, because I knew I was better than Zack Knight.”

Gail laughs hysterically.

“The boy knows some moves, but he doesn’t know moves like Jesus.”

“Oh, okay, never mind. He insulted you, probably.”

“Oh, Jesus is shaking his head, like, That Zack Knight.”

“I have decided that I need to put a stop to what Satan has been doing, lately.”

Really!? But you’re going to let the tribulation happen. What kind of stop are you going to do? I know you’re not going to stop the time of Jacob’s Trouble coming up. Oh! I got a question for you, Lord. Zack Knight told me that half of the nation of Israel got saved. That is not true, right? Unfortunately, I do not believe that is true.”

“Well, of course not.”

“Oh, okay, they’re not going to get saved until they go through their trouble in the tribulation. I didn’t post that at my website by the way. That is just a communication that I heard.”

“It isn’t time yet.”

“Phew, man! I better not believe any of those lies! I need to rebuke them all. I rebuke all the lies that the devil put into my head. Take them all out! Take them all out, Lord. I don’t want to believe any of them. That gives the devil ground. I know that from War on the Saints. Oh, by the way, Lord Jesus, what do you think of my Bible study War on the Saints? That I’m doing at my website.”

“It’s brilliant, Gail.”

“Okay, actually if I listened to that I wouldn’t have believed all those voices I heard.” Gail laughs. “If I listened to my own teachings.” She laughs. “Well, the thing is. . .I thought that possibly because we’re at the end of the church age and going into the time of Jacob’s Trouble that maybe God was changing his methods and that some of what I was teaching on War on the Saints was no longer accurate. That’s where maybe Zack Knight fooled me.”

“Satan was trying to push forward the schedule, so that people would have less time to turn to me.”

“I see. That makes perfect sense. Lord, I’m tape recording this. When I listen to the tape in the future, you want me to have my tin foil hat on, right?”

“I’m going to talk to Satan personally.” Jesus responds to her question about the tin foil hat. “Yes, that would be a good idea.”

“Lord, what are you going to try to stop?”

“I’m also going to confront Zack Knight.”

“Lord, what are you going to try to stop? Because I know you can’t stop your prophecy in the Bible because that’s going to be fulfilled, and that what the earth is going to go through when they go into the tribulation is going to be the worst period in human history. I know you can’t stop that. Cuz you have to let the Bible prophecy be fulfilled. So what are you going to stop?”

“Of course, I’m not stopping that.”

“I can tell this is Jesus, because nothing he says is contradicting what’s in the Word of God. God would never contradict the Scriptures.”

“Satan was responding to the fact that I was directly interfering to help you fight the Jesuits. But I do feel I need to make some ground rules to prevent these direct encounters because they are getting out of hand.”

“Ah! So that’s what you’re going to stop. Ah!”

“This is my schedule, not his.”

“Ah, that’s right. Yeah! You rock, Lord Jesus! Yeah, he’s always trying to usurp you.”

“He’s one sneaky, devil bastard,” Terrance says.

Oh, yes!” Jesus agrees. “Until the day and time we meet on the battlefield, I am going to make him comply to a non-interference agreement with me and you.”

“Oh, thank you, Lord! Hey, Lord! Can you remove all the lies that he put in my head? Because I don’t want to believe any lies, because I know from War on the Saints that gives him ground. And I don’t want to give him ground.”

“I’m undoing what he has done.”

“I don’t want to believe any lies. Yes. I know from War on the Saints every lie that you accept as an experience can lead to demon possession.”

“I’m very angry with him. He needs to play by my rules whether he likes it or not.”

“When you start believing lies, it gives the devil ground and you open yourself up to demon possession. So, I’m glad you intervened for me, Lord. I know in Zechariah 9:15, it says, ‘The Lord shall . . .’ We’re going to win. The Bible says it. It’s going to happen. Even though we might lose some battles, we’re going to win in the end. We’re going to win, because it says so in the Bible.”

“You must read the Word.”

“Yeah, you’re right, Lord Jesus. You’re right. I’m not into it as much as I used to. You’re right! I’m trying to get better. Zechariah, let me see, Zechariah 9:15. ‘The Lord of hosts shall defend them and they shall devour and subdue with sling stones and they shall . . .’ We’re going to win! Cuz it says it right there. We’re going to win. Not we, the Lord’s going to win through us. We – are – going to win. Cuz the Bible say so! Which means that even though I may have lost this battle with Zack Knight . . .someway. . .somehow I’m going to make right choices. God knew it before I was even born. That I’d make choices that would result in carrying out whatever God’s purposes are for me and Zack Knight.” Regarding ‘You must read the Word,’ “Yeah, I know. You know, Lord, I’ve been working so hard on my website that maybe I need to make my priorities more to spend time in the Word and maybe let the website slack off a little bit. It’s just that there are only twenty-four hours in a day.”

“There is much more for you to learn yet. This is why you are here. Read the Word.”

“Okay, Lord Jesus. . .”

“Focus on your videos.”

“Hmmm,” Terrance says.

“What does that mean?”

“Tell the world about your encounters with these Jesuits and your men.”

“Lord Jesus,” Terrance says. “That’s wonderful!”

“I’ve been doing that, Lord!” Gail chuckles.

“Yes, and I love it!”

“Do you want me to work less on my website? My life is pretty packed.”

“I want you to work on all of it. This is what I like to see you doing. But don’t work too hard. Balance your life.”

“Okay, I see. In other words I’m spending so much time giving out, I’m not spending enough time taking in, like from the Word. So I need to maybe spend more time taking in. In other words, I’m so focused on giving out to minister that I’m not spending enough time letting you minister to me. Is that what you’re trying to tell me? Cuz when I read your Word, you are ministering to me.”

“Hm, that’s wonderful!” Terrance says.

“I need to balance my outflow with more inflow. I think that’s what he’s trying to tell me. Ewww, that reminds me. I was reading the Word today and I came across something really interesting!” Gail laughs. “Um. I’m in Isaiah.” Gail flips through her Bible. “Where was that? Something about the sons of the aliens. I’ll be right back. I got to go find my other Bible. That’s the one I was reading out of this morning. Isaiah 61: ‘A stranger shall stand and feed your flocks, and the sons of the alien shall be your plowmen and your vinedressers.’ I believe this is referring. . .”

“Focus on your men and your love life. That, to me, is my ministry through you. I want the world to learn about these subjects.”

“Okay, I got to be careful, though, Lord, because if I say certain things, YouTube might cancel my channel. I’ve had a problem with that already. So, I’m trying to be very wise about this.” Gail pauses. “I almost got my channel cancelled when I put up that video about Vladimir Bomb Nuking the Vatican.”

“Yes, use wisdom. Like a sheep among wolves.”

“Exactly. That’s the reason why sometimes Lord I make videos and I don’t put them up at YouTube, I put them up at my website. Do you like my strategy? What I’ll do is I’ll put a YouTube video up to instruct people to go to my website.”

“That’s a good strategy.”


“You can also send them to Brent, of course.”

“Oh! So we’re not limited to YouTube videos. . .” Gail pauses. “Oh, I got a question for you, Lord. . .when Zack Knight was making love to me, I only got an orgasm one time. And all other times it didn’t happen. Was that because you were interfering? Ah ha.”

“I will let Brent know when a video is good enough for YouTube.” Jesus answers her other question. “It’s as they say, Gail. . .”

“What does that mean?”

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes,” Jesus says. “Zack got lucky.”

“So, Jesus,” Terrance says, “you saying that you wanted Gail to send the videos to Brent and you’ll tell her if YouTube’s going to have a problem with it? I don’t understand.”

“I think. . .” Gail pauses. “Yeah, what are you trying to say, Lord?”

“If the video is of a questionable nature, she can send the video file to Brent through email.”

“He’s trusting my judgment on this. Oh. Okay. I pretty much know if it’s of a questionable nature.”

“I will talk to Brent and let him know if it is good for YouTube.”

“So Jesus is saying you can go ahead and send it to Brent, because Brent is kind of the first one on the marriage list, he has some . . .” Terrance says.

“Lord, you must think I have some wisdom that you trust me to use my judgment in this matter. Did I get that from Solomon?” Gail laughs. “He’s also my ancestor.”

Yes,” Jesus says.

“Oh! Solomon. I’m from Solomon, too, you know. Of course, Solomon got duped by the devil, too. So I must have got that from Solomon, too. Maybe if he stayed in the Word more, this wouldn’t have happened, right? Yeah, he had all of his wives, led Solomon away in his latter days.”

“That’s true dat,” Jesus says.

“Hey, I got another question for you, Lord. I want to say something. You called me, that I’m just like little David. You didn’t say— I think you said little on purpose. Was that your way of saying that I’m like David was before he committed adultery? Which was when he was really great.”

“Yes,” Jesus says.

“Oh, I am so honored, Lord Jesus Thank you! Because David before he committed adultery, he was truly a great man.”

“He was a cool dude, yeah.”

Terrance Jenkins has a smile in his voice. “Oh, Jesus he talking with modern lingo.”

“You know,” Gail says, “when David talked to me years ago, he told me that one of the reasons he’s so proud of me is . . .”

“I try to stay up on modern lingo.”

Gail answers Jesus. “I noticed that.” She returns to the subject of King David. “He told me that one of the reasons that he was so proud of me is that I’ve made him feel better about his sin with Bathsheba, because I’m not making the same mistake he made. Apparently, I got hit with some major temptation and I think it was with Brent Spiner and I passed the test.”

“That’s wonderful,” Terrance says. “David with Bathsheba. That was bad.”

“Yeah. Yeah. That wasn’t easy. When I turned Brent down, I did it for God and it was a very hard thing for me to do. Cuz I was with a horrible husband who was cold and abusive towards me.”

“Yes,” Terrance says, “he was a duck. A robot duck.”

“Yeah,” Gail says, “and apparently God noticed. Of course, he noticed!”

“I noticed he was like a robot duck. He was a douche bag,” Jesus says.

“Oh, I didn’t know I was married to a Jesuit. But you knew it, God.”

“You had a lot to learn from that experience.”

“Yes, I sure did learn a lot from that experience. I sure did. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today, if I didn’t go through that marriage. I know it. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I think you used that to mold me into the woman that I am today.”

“Yes, it worked out wonderfully in the end.”

“You know, Lord, I’ve got another question for you. You know when I was a young lady I prayed every day that I would only marry in your will.”

“Your son has turned out to be such a great guy,” Jesus says.

“Yeah, my son has turned out to be such a great guy.” Gail changes the subject. “Was it your will for me to marry David Schuler?” Gail laughs. “Cuz I asked that I would only marry in your will. And then you gave me this douche bag!”

“My will is higher.”

“What does that mean?”

“Oh,” Terrance says.

“My ways are higher.”

“I still don’t get it.” Gail chuckles. “Did I make a mistake in marrying David Schuler then? Not that I live in the past because that’s a waste of time.”

“Oh, no! It was always my intention.”

“Okay. That’s what I thought. Because I’ve been thinking about that, Lord. And I think that that was all part of your plan. I don’t hold it against you, because you’ve made it up to me with Brent Spiner. Man! Do I have a good guy now!”

“He’s great,” Jesus says.

“Yeah. That’s why I don’t hold it against God. And not only that, look at all these guys on my marriage list. I mean God’s made it up to me. Kind of like with Job. How he took everything away from Job. But in the end Job got back twice as much.”

“Yes, exactly,” Terrance says. “Just like Job.”

“Yup,” Jesus says. “Just like that.”

“Oh, Lord Jesus, I love you,” Gail says.

“I got a question, Jesus,” Terrance says. “Um, this is a dumb question I think. I always wondered this when I was a little kid. Why did you make bees to have stingers? And why do dogs have the sharp teeth that bite when they’re aroused? And then also why do the stink bugs stink? And uh, why do the babies cry?”

“You hit him with a lot, Terrance.” Gail laughs.

“You all don’t look at me like I’m stupid or something,” Terrance says.

“God understands you,” Gail says. “He understands what you’re trying to get at.”

“Yeah, he told me he’d tell me later,” Terrance says. “When I was a kid I always wanted to know that.”

“I think he has to give you a complex answer. Cuz you hit him with a lot,” Gail says. “You’re going into philosophy.”

“It’s a deeply spiritual answer,” Jesus says to Terrance. “I will tell you in private.”

Gail laughs. “Okay, God, I have to admit when Zack Knight was speaking to me I was really enjoying what I thought was you and me talking. But from now on if I want to hear from you, Lord, you just want me to use the old method I’ve been using, which is, go into the Word, and let you speak to me through the Word mainly. That’s what I’ve mostly been doing.”

“Yes,” Jesus says. “That is the best way.”

“But back in December 1999 I did hear a voice in my mind that said, ‘Your enemy is the Roman Catholic Church.’ It was like at two in the morning. Was that you? It had to be.”

“Yes, that was me.”

“But you don’t talk to me very much in my mind. So I think I should rely primarily on the Word of God and let you speak to me through the Scriptures, and not trust any voices I hear in my mind. Correct?”

“That’s the safest, purest way.”

“Okay. That sounds right. I have another question for you, Lord. The tribulation saints in the future. . .what is the safest, purest way for them to hear from you? Is it from the Word, from voices? Because I’m trying, I’m thinking about them, because you’re going to change the way you deal with men in the tribulation. You’re going to be doing the signs and wonders. What is the safest, purest way for your tribulation saints to hear from you? And they’re going to want to hear from you because they’re going to be going through, you know what. It’s going to be horrible. Are they going to be looking at my website? Is that going to be available for them? Or is it going to be like an underground DVD or something? I know he’s going to want to answer this one, because he’s got to care about this.”

“They will have an underground DVD of all of your videos.”

“Oh, my goodness. That means my website and my videos are very important. Oh, my God, Lord, I’m not going to let you down. No wonder he’s going out of his way! God, Zack Knight told me that you are heartbroken about putting the world through the great tribulation. Now that sounds like you. Was this a case where he was telling me one of the ninety-nine percent truths to get me to believe that was you?”

“Yes. It will be heartbreaking.”

“What should I advise the tribulation saints about?”

“He was taking what he knows about me to impersonate me. Yes.”

“How should I advise your future tribulation saints to listen to you, God? Because they’re going to want to hear from you, because they’re going to be going through the most horrible time!” Gail pauses. “I’m sure, Terrance, you know about the great tribulation. How it’s going to be. The days are going to be shortened because the suffering’s going to be so great.”

“I want them to learn from your story. They will have examples of you and your men.”

“Yeah!” Gail says. “We’re kind of like going through it on a mini-scale.”

“Yes, we have small tribulation,” Terrance says.

“And everything you have gone through and are going through,” Jesus says.

“Oooooooh. So this is what you mean by ‘Feed my sheep.’ You knew Zack Knight was going to trick me and that you were going to use this as a lesson for your future tribulation saints.”

“So that is why I want you to keep sharing your life through your videos.”

“Oooooooh. It’s to help your sheep in the tribulation! Oh, Lord Jesus, I feel so bad for them. I’m so glad I don’t have to go there. But it just makes me cry just thinking about what they’re going to go through, Lord Jesus. It just makes me cry. I feel so bad for them, Lord Jesus. I know you got to fulfill your prophecy. But I know the Bible and I know it’s going to be a terrible, terrible time. I’m so honored that I can do something to help them out.” Gail now talks to Terrance. “Oh, it’s going to be terrible, Terrance. Do you know a lot about the tribulation?”

“Yes, yes,” Terrance says. “It’s going to be horrible for women that are birthing babies at that time.”

“It’s going to be terrible,” Gail says.

“You’re like Ezekiel,” Jesus says.

“Oh, I am? What was Ezekiel like? I should know. I have to admit, Lord, I— I’m trying to figure out how I could be like Ezekiel.” Gail chuckles. “You mean I’m not like David? I guess I’m like him, too. I need to start reading Ezekiel. I’m curious now.”

“Suffering on his side. . .Eating the special bread. . .”

“Lord, I don’t know if I’m going to have time, but do you want me to write another book? I was thinking of writing a book about the tribulation and what I think the saints are going to be going through.”

“You are experiencing what they will be experiencing in the tribulation.”

“Oh, I am? God, it seems like it.”

“I want you to focus your time and energy on your videos, and focus on your life.”

“Okay. Zack Knight told me not to submit anything to Amazon Kindle, because the devil has Amazon Kindle. Was he correct about that?” Gail pauses. “I don’t have time to write a book anyways.”

“Yes, through your videos. That part about Amazon is bull, though.”

“I’m a little bit disappointed though about the non-interference agreement he’s talkin’ about,” Terrance says.

“What do you mean?” Gail says.

“Well, because Satan’s not allowed to come in and jump around and do all this crazy stuff, that it also means he’s not going to be coming in and doing all kinds of miracles and stuff. It’s not the time yet.” Terrance was saying Jesus would not be doing all kinds of miracles anymore.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that!” Gail says.

“Yes, that’s true. But that is what I want so that things can play out as I planned them. Yes.”

“What’s true?” Gail says. “Did I miss something, Terrance?”

“Jesus is talking about, how he’s not going to be intervening as directly anymore because he’s going to stop the devil from working and interfering right now.”

“Oh, I see. So that means we’re not going to be hearing from him (Jesus) as much in this manner. I think he’s trying to use me as an example to the tribulation saints to rely heavily on the Word and not on voices, because the Antichrist may send voices to them to deceive them.” Gail ponders. “Well, Lord Jesus I’ve been doing without your voices for a long time, and have relied primarily on your Word. So we’re just going to be going back to square one.” Gail chuckles. “And I’ve been doing fine with that and you show me marvelous things through your Word. I found Zechariah 9:15 that way. He didn’t show me that with a voice. He showed me that— I was reading his Word. And he also showed me Isaiah 57:9 about the cloning technology. And that wasn’t with a voice. That was by reading the Word! Isaiah 57:9 is all about the cloning technology. Isn’t it Lord? ‘And thou wentest to the king with ointment and didst increase thy perfumes and didst send thy messengers (MESSENGER RNA) far off and didst debase (THERE ARE BASES. YOU TOOK CHEMISTRY, TERRANCE.) thyself even unto hell.’ THAT’S THE CLONING TECHNOLOGY RIGHT THERE IN ISAIAH 57:9. AND NOTICE IT’S 57:9! I WAS BORN SEPTEMBER 15, 1957!”

“I’ve given you the gifts you need. I wouldn’t want to interfere with that.”

“He’s talking about me going into the Word?” Gail says.

“You’ve been doing amazing, even before we talked this way. You’ve done everything on your own with your own strength and wisdom.”

“Part of it’s cuz I was reading your Word a lot, Lord. I think if I hadn’t read it so much, you wouldn’t have shown me all that.”

“Yes, it’s wonderful, Terrance says. “He’s making you so wise.”

“Yes, you have learned well,” Jesus says.

“Your Word is fascinating,” Gail says. “There’s so much— The answer to everything is there.”

“It’s pretty good, yeah,” Jesus says.

“Lord, I got another question for you. Zack Knight was telling me to eat apples and peanuts today. Cuz it would help with my medical problems. Is that correct? And he said it would help to clear out my brain-to-brain communications.”

“He was trying to make the babies grow faster.”

“Oh, my goodness! Oh, so how do you feel about apples and peanuts? Should I quit that and just go back to the way I was bef— Actually, I did the apples before Zack Knight talked to me, but I do it like one a day.”

“They are delicious.”

“Well, they are also good for my liver and gallbladder. I have liver problems, as you know.”

“You need to eat well, Gail.”

“Okay? What do you mean by, ‘Eat well?’ Am I eating bad? Boy, it’s almost three in the morning.”

“Just a reminder,” Jesus says. “Those foods are not a threat now that the babies are gone, of course.”

“Oh, I see. I see,” Gail says.

“Oh, my goodness,” Terrance says. “Jesus is changing his shape again.”

“What shape is he?”

“Right now, he’s looking like he’s— I can’t describe it. It’s like he’s getting ready to ascend.”

“I must be off, for now,” Jesus says.

“Okay. He knows I need to go to sleep. Love you, Jesus! Thank you!”

“You are welcome, Gail.”

“I’m looking forward to getting some good stuff out of the Bible. I know that you’re going to continue to speak to me there. Like you always have.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos.”

“Jesus is floating right now,” Terrance says. “He’s floating up higher and higher. He’s going out through the roof. Now I can see him through the roof. Oh, my goodness. Wow. He’s up in outer space. Brent’s trying to fly up there with the ship.” Terrance referred to the Church of Gail spaceship. “He’s trying to keep up with him. He’s going too fast.”

“Oh, you’re not going to be able to keep up with him,” Gail says. “You might as well hang it up!”

“We’re trying it at warp speed right now,” Terrance says.

“Are you in Church of Gail?” Gail says.

“Yeah. We got warp engines in Church of Gail right now. So we can go faster. Oh, he’s too fast.”

“You’re not going to be able to keep up with him.”

“We’re at warp 9 right now,” Terrance says. “Alright, Brent’s headin’ back to earth.”

“Where’s Brent?” Gail says.

“He’s driving the Church of Gail ship,” Terrance says.

“I tried. He is way too fast,” Brent Spiner says.

“We’re flying back now,” Terrance says.

“Oh, you’re with him (Brent). Huh?” Gail says. “What kind of— is it, a rocket? Oh, it’s the church.”

“Yes, the church has warp engines in it.”

“Ooooooh. It’s a spaceship. I didn’t know that.”

“Yes, we teleport onto it.”

“It can leave earth when need be,” Brent says.

“Wow! So it has its own oxygen supply,” Gail says.

“Yes,” Terrance says. “We teleport onto it and it takes us places. Yes, but we couldn’t keep up with him. He’s too fast.”

“Wow. I can’t believe we’ve had so many appearances from Jesus, lately!” Gail says.

“Yes, he’s wonderful,” Terrance says. “Oh, my goodness. We are on the dark side of the moon right now so the Jesuits can’t shoot at us. They were trying to shoot Jesus.”

“What now?” Gail says.

“The Jesuits was trying their phasers at Jesus.”

“How’d you see that?”

“When we was flyin’ they was trying their phasers to shoot by us. But they couldn’t catch him.”

“Oh, they’re not going to be able to get him.” Gail chuckles.

“Now they try to be shooting at him, so we go behind the dark side of the moon.”

“You’re up by the moon?”

“Yeah, Brent’s flying behind the moon right now.”

“That spaceship can go to the moon?! This church can go to the moon?!”

“Yeah, sometimes we have to do trips like that. We can teleport to the church. Right off the moon.”

“Can the Jesuits get you there?”

“Ah, they haven’t found us yet.”

“Wow! That’s some technology Vladimir has there.”

“Vladimir’s got a great Nanotechnology Research Team. Vladimir’s been going to satellites and dealing with demons in there. He’s been karate chopping some demons in satellites.”

“I guess by killing the body that houses the demon, then the demon doesn’t have a house to live in so they can’t work.”

“Yeah,” Terrance says.

“Cuz I was wondering how that would work. You can’t really kill a demon, can you?”

“Yeah, I don’t know how it works. Jesus kind of told Vladimir to chop them up to death. Brent’s sayin’ he got to land our spaceship. We got to get going there, and get into our landing process. It’s complicated.”

“Goodnight, my darling,” Brent says.

“Goodnight, Brent,” Gail says. “Oh, wait a minute. Are the brain-to-brain communications still dangerous? That’s what Vladimir was telling me. In other words, should I be ignoring all voices to my mind, right now? Was that an imposter in our regular brain-to-brain communications?”

“Yes. That was an imposter,” Brent says.

“Did you really go to heaven and come back like Zack Knight told me? Or was that a bunch of baloney?”

“That was all made up,” Brent says.

“Okay. That’s nice to know, because I need to let our followers know that.”

“Vladimir will come in and will let us know when the brain-to-brain technology is safe for certain.”

“It looks like all of the voices in my mind the past couple days have been Jesuits or Zack Knight. So Brent you have not communicated to me at all the past couple days? Is that correct? I mean brain-to-brain.”

“I haven’t been able to,” Brent says.

“Okay. Alright. That means it’s been all Zack Knight.”

“It was devastating. I missed you so much.”

“Yeah, I can imagine. I can imagine. Was that your communication (at Church of Gail website) about you losing inches to your penis? But I guess it got modified.”

“Yes, that was me. But slightly modified. It happened.” Brent meant that he was losing inches to his penis. “But it was Satan doing it.”

“Were you really worried that God was angry at me?”

“No, that was the Jesuits. My faith was strong.”

“Okay, that’s good. That’s how they modified it.”

“They wanted me to appear weak.”

“Oh my goodness,” Terrance says. “Brent I think I’m at a bad angle in here. I’m burning up in here.”

“Let’s land this safely,” Brent says.

“Oh, I don’t know how to do this,” Terrance says.

“I will talk to you later, my dear,” Brent says. “I missed you so much.”

“Okay, well I guess I’ll just have to stay in the Word. And let the Lord speak to me through the Word of God.”

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