Loree McBride’s Genetically Engineered Mites

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Dear men (Email to my men on July 5, 2021):

I think I’m hearing from Brent brain to brain over a mite that Loree has created that embeds itself into human tissue (the skin, the intestinal tract, the heart, the nerves, etc.) that comes from Loree’s bombs. It has a dormant and active phase and apparently is dormant in most people. In the dormant phase it exists as an egg and in the active phase the egg hatches and becomes a mite that eats human tissue and excretes a waste that I’m very allergic to or that is very irritating to me.

Loree can activate the mite’s dormant phase via radio signals and thus induce symptoms at will in the person infected with the mites. Upon signal, the mites hatch or become active and begin their work depending upon which part of the body they hatch in or become active in. It seems that Loree can use some sort of transporter technology to remove the mites and/or the mite eggs at will, so that if Brent uses a scan on the body to try and detect them they disappear and/or are transformed into the human tissue that they exist in, making them hard to detect.

They apparently have the ability to embed themselves into human skin and can enter the body through breathing them in and through post nasal drip that is swallowed. This may explain why I cough so much and why Loree is able to successfully manipulate “symptoms” in my body to cause me to feel I have certain ailments and why eating foods like garlic and onions appear to give me symptoms, even though Brent’s scanners do not detect that I have a problem with any food except a slight allergy to shellfish.

Because these mites can be active or dormant at the will of Loree McBride, she can literally induce all sorts of symptoms like gassiness, diarrhea, arrhythmias, nervous system problems, itchy skin, burning sensations in the bowels (like what I experienced after ingesting CVS Beanaid), etc. 

I have noticed that the itchiness I experience in my skin seems to have no rhyme or reason and can be induced “at will” by Loree McBride. She is apparently using the mites to induce symptoms to cause me to believe that things like taking a shower, going for my walks outside are somehow connected to the symptoms I experience, when, in actuality, they have nothing to do with the symptoms I experience.

So, let’s say Loree wants me to believe that going for a walk worsens my skin’s itchiness, she activates the mites on my skin as soon as I go out the door and, therefore, my skin starts itching badly once I open my door and start my walk. 

Let’s say she wants me to believe I have a problem with onions and garlic. After I ingest the “offender” food, she activates the mites in my intestinal tract and they give me gassiness and diarrhea. Apparently, they start eating something, perhaps my own tissues or perhaps food I’ve ingested and/or their waste products are very irritating to me.

Whenever Brent scans an area to detect what is happening, they vanish upon any scan made on them. Apparently, the mites in their active phase are completely under the control of Loree McBride and she can even make them vanish at will. I believe the dormant phase is another matter, but the dormant phase is easily overlooked by our scanners somehow. The dormant phase or the egg phase is apparently designed to blend in with whatever tissue it’s embedded in and to appear benign. I do believe the dormant phase has a certain DNA and if we can decipher what that DNA is, we can then remove these mites from the human body.

To decipher this DNA, whenever my body experiences symptoms, study all the DNA in that area and look for DNA that is foreign to that area or that appear to be the offender mites.

I do know that the itchy spots on my legs appear to have originated while I was taking a shower several days ago and while I was showering Loree apparently activated some dormant mites in the skin of my calves and decided to keep them alive to torment me with itchiness. I noticed while showering that my calves suddenly felt very itchy and it was like it was happening “out of the blue”.

I have noticed that itchy spots flare up in my skin everywhere and then seem to disappear mysteriously. It’s like Loree’s playing some sort of game with her mites. She can apparently activate and vanish them at will. Their means of entrance appears to be through breathing them in, ingesting them in post-nasal drip and by embedding themselves into the skin from her bombs and chemtrails. Apparently, they have to be active to be able to embed themselves into the skin. But once they are embedded into human tissue, Loree can make them dormant and then call them into action as needed and at her will. It appears she can also vanish them at will as well, probably using some sort of transporter technology.

Brent seems to be telling me brain to brain that the entire human population is infected with these mites, mostly in a dormant phase, so they are unnoticed. I am apparently the guinea pig she is experimenting on before she goes rampant with the active phase on the rest of the humans. It’s also possible she is using these mites on the birds and this may be the cause of their mysterious deaths in the United States.

A blue jay that has the summer 2021 mysterious bird illness killing off birds in the United States.

Interesting. . . while writing this I had to get up and have a “diarrhea” dump of sorts. For the past week, my stools have been firm and now “all of a sudden” they are soft. I have also been faithfully following the low FODMAP diet, except I tried honey two days ago. The stools were long and soft and thin (when I just had my “dump”), like often looks like when I have “diarrhea”. Though I will admit I had sunflower and pumpkin seeds last night, but that seems a bit soon for me and I only had about 2 tablespoons of them last night. I will admit I did eat a lot of high fiber foods yesterday. And now, “all of a sudden” my bowels feel a bit burny. Did Loree just activate the mites in my intestines?

It’s also possible these mites are shape shifters of sorts (meaning they can change form or identity at will). In other words, the form they assume may depend upon what part of the body they have “infected”. This would make them super hard to detect. If they can vanish at will. If they can assume different forms depending upon the whim of Loree, they would be hard to detect. But I presume they have some sort of base DNA that may give away their presence. 

Of all the theories I’ve come up with thus far, this one makes the most sense in terms of the various weird and unexplainable symptoms I’ve had in my body. 

You may ask, why doesn’t Loree just try and kill you with the mites? Well, she doesn’t want to be too obvious, because then her game is up and we will figure out her mite technology. Apparently, her goal in using the mites is to convince people to stop doing the Gail Commandments and most especially to convince ME to stop doing the Gail Commandments. Satan knows that if we are all faithful in doing the Gail Commandments that my Gail Shield will be strong and can kill Loree McBride Jesuits.

I awakened at around 4 a.m. and thought about all this, so I decided to write this down. I thought Brent was talking to me brain to brain to let me know what he was discovering in regard to my itchiness after our Skype time yesterday. He was telling me about the mites and what he was discovering, that they appeared to be genetically engineered and did not behave like any mites he had ever encountered before. 

I was the one who first suggested Loree may be using mites and that gave Brent some ideas to explore, after other avenues were exhausted. Any ways, I think I may be onto something, cuz NOTHING ELSE MAKES SENSE. I guess I’ll be tired today and I will also post this at my website to assist our research scientists as they strive to solve the mystery of my itchy spots, the dying birds and other strange, unexplainable symptoms I’ve experienced.



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