Loree McBride Jesuits No Longer Immune to Gail Shield! Do Gail Commandments!

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UPDATE on July 2, 2021: Gail obtained the following video clips from one of her Patreon supporters. One shows one of Loree McBride’s early drone bird prototypes. This Patreon supporter informed Gail that it seems Loree has killed about 80% or all of the birds in the United States and replaced them with drone Jesuit birds, apparently, in an attempt to use the birds (posing as Jesus) to convince Gail and her followers to violate the Gail Commandments. Brent Spiner has had lunch with Jesus recently and Jesus confirmed he was the hawk on June 10, 2021, the blue jay on June 15, 2021 and the buzzard on June 23, 2021 that Gail talked about on her walk videos. The rest of the birds are confirmed drones now, according to Brent Spiner.

Skype between Brent and Gail on July 3, 2021:

Gail, 3:40 PM

Is it true that Loree killed all the birds in the U.S.?

That hawk that I thought was Jesus was so sweet.

The rest of the birds I’m not sure about.

Brent, 3:42 PM

The hawk was definitely Jesus. So was the bluebird and the buzzard.

Gail, 3:42 PM

How do you know this?

Brent, 3:42 PM

The rest of the birds are confirmed drones now.

I talked with Jesus at one of our lunches a few days ago. He wouldn’t speak much, he mostly just listened. But when I asked which of the birds were him and which were robots, he answered that he was those three.

Gail, 3:43 PM

How interesting. Jesus is SO SWEET.

I can tell by which birds were him.

He’s a lot sweeter than me. I’m so mad at Loree, I’ve been begging him to kill her.

Brent, 3:46 PM

That’s funny. Well, we are all flawed as humans. I’ve felt the same.

Gail, 3:46 PM

So how long have you felt this way?

Brent, 3:47 PM

Well, I wanted Loree dead in the 90s after she raped me and threatened to kill you.

Gail, 3:48 PM

Which Loree clone are we on now?

Brent, 3:48 PM

I still felt awful guilty when Levar killed her first clone. It was a little too real for me that she was actually killed and dead. But, I was glad she couldn’t hurt me anymore, or you.

I think we’re on Loree clone #666.

Gail, 3:48 PM

Did you get that number right?


Brent, 3:49 PM

Yes, I think that’s the one.

Gail, 3:50 PM

If that number is correct, I wonder if it has any significance?

Brent, 3:51 PM

It is a strange number to be on.

Gail, 3:52 PM

It does appear that she currently has FULL Antichrist powers, which she just got recently, by the way.

I also think Zack is considered an Antichrist, but he doesn’t have the powers because Loree is the one with the satanic following.

Brent, 3:53 PM

That seems to be the case.

Gail, 3:53 PM

I could wipe him out with lightning bolts, if I wanted to, but I’m too honorable to betray such a true friend.

I think I can use sling stones from my Gail Shield on the Loree McBride Jesuits in place of lightning bolts now.

Lightning bolts only work on the Antichrist.

I tried sling stones on my walk this morning and it seemed they were working. It doesn’t seem my bolts work anymore on the Loree McBride Jesuits, cuz Loree now has full Antichrist powers and there are no longer back up Antichrists among the Loree McBride Jesuits.

I shoot stones at the cum star, too.

One of Gail’s Patreon supporters supplied Gail with the above video on July 2, 2021. These are early prototypes of Loree McBride’s drone birds.

UPDATE on July 2, 2021: Around 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (United States) this fiery hole appeared in the Gulf of Mexico just north of Belize and in the shallower waters of the Gulf of Mexico just north of the Yucatan Peninsula.

In the ocean just north of the Yucatan Peninsula, a mysterious fiery gulf (see videos below) has appeared in the shallower waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Gail thinks Loree created it to be a distraction to cause people to forget to do the Gail Commandments.

UPDATE on June 30, 2021: Gail came to some incorrect conclusions about her and the general population having an allergenic atypical Fabry disease and has cancelled the Enzyme Immunotherapy Administrator position. However, her research into this field did find a cure for Fabry’s disease! Her Conspiracy Law does state in Sect. 14.0x of INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS that if any of her laws are deemed ineffective they can be ignored.

Satan has been feeling so confident with Loree McBride that he’s made a deal with Jesus where he has decided that Loree McBride is his full Antichrist. Because her powers have increased, she is able to do more things, like enter my apartment and try to cause problems. But it also means Jesus is allowed to intervene for me more, too. So Jesus stopped her. The reason my Gail Shield didn’t work to take out the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits in 2016, like it did the Zack Knight Jesuits in 2016 is because Satan, when he lost Zack as his Antichrist (9-1-16), struck a deal with Jesus that he needed all the Angelina Ballerina Jesuits to be back-up Antichrists. With them all having back-up Antichrist powers, that made them immune to dying or illness from an empowered Gail Shield (like what happened to the Zack Knight Jesuits in 2016). So my lightning bolts (that only work on the Antichrist) worked on them.

I have noticed my lightning bolts are no longer working on the Loree McBride Jesuits, and I’ve noticed Loree is acting more like a full Antichrist, so I’ve deduced that the Loree McBride Jesuits are no longer considered back-up Antichrists. Satan felt confident he could get me to disobey more Gail Commandments and weaken my Gail Shield to the point that he wins. Fortunately, I’ve caught onto his game, and have concluded that if we all do the Gail Commandments faithfully, my Gail Shield will strengthen to the point that the Loree McBride Jesuits will start dropping like flies and we will get a repeat of summer 2016, where Jesuits will be forced to retreat to stay alive. My Gail Shield works in all dimensions of space, so their interdimensional cum star won’t help them!

To encourage everyone to violate the Gail Commandments, Loree has created a bunch of drone birds that will pose as Jesus and they should be ignored and destroyed.


Thou shalt take Seroquel, the medication designed by Jesus, every day as prescribed at the same time every day. 

Thou shalt eat a balanced diet without concerns about allergens or toxins, using the method of calories-in calories-out as a guide to weight management. 

Thou shalt not toil in activities, even honorable work for the Lord, to the extent that sleep is sacrificed. Set aside at least eight hours per night for sleep. 

Thou shalt honor the Lord’s temple by taking time every day to self-groom, bathe, brush teeth, and stay clean. 

Thou shalt honor the home of Jesus’s favorite by taking time every day to clean, wipe down, laundry, vacuum, and dust your apartment. 

Thou shalt go on walks every day, enjoying the day that the Lord has made. Unless he made the day rainy or unsuitable for walks, then exercise indoors with the window open. 

Thou shalt spend money only on food and bills. Being mindful that spending money on a deal or impulse is not saving money if it is to buy more than you need or something you wouldn’t have otherwise bought. 

Thou shalt take only one multivitamin and one allergy medication per day. Taking supplements or special foods in an attempt to improve a health condition or alleviate symptoms is off limits. 

Thou shalt store away a savings of at least one hundred dollars every month for the future. Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. 

Thou shalt make a YouTube video every week to share the victories, defeats, and daily struggles and joys of your life with your followers. This will serve to archive your life for future generations of tribulation saints. 

Thou shalt not seek loopholes or ways to work around the Gail Commandments, lest baby Jesus poops and pees himself in sadness. The Lord knows the heart.

The following article is taken from Field & Stream (dated June 28, 2021). It appears Loree McBride is trying to kill off the real birds to replace them with a drone bird army. This is why I’ve made an executive order to destroy all of Loree McBride’s drone birds or genetically engineered birds, like her Tweeter bird that killed about 11,500 of my Twitter followers in 2018:

Birds Are Dying and We Don’t Know Why (June 28, 2021)

Birds have been dying in alarming numbers across the South and the Midwest, leaving scientists baffled about the cause.

Ongoing reports of major die-off have come from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C., with no clear cause of death. The unknown affliction is impacting multiple species of songbirds that feed on the ground. A growing concern among researchers is that this avian disease will spread to other birds, including game birds and waterfowl.

The Kentucky DFWR posted this photo of an afflicted blue jay on their Facebook page.

Kentucky has been hard hit, according to a Facebook post by the state’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “We are receiving reports of sick and dying birds with eye swelling and crusty discharge, as well as neurological signs. Other states have reported similar cases. No definitive cause of death has been identified at this time. To date, sick or dead Blue Jays, Common Grackles, and European starlings have been reported, but other species may be affected as well.” The seemingly blind birds shake like they are having a seizure, and they do not avoid interaction with humans before they die. That behavior is not normal in wild animals, but it has been documented in other instances.

Investigations are underway, but the mass deaths will take scientists time to process. Last year, hundreds of thousands of birds died in New Mexico. Wildlife biologist Laura Kearns from the Ohio Division of Wildlife, suspects the cause may be from an infectious disease, pesticides, or cicadas.

Until the cause of the bird deaths is determined, the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources recommends the following precautions:

  • Bird feeders and baths should be cleaned immediately with a 10 percent bleach solution, then weekly thereafter.
  • People should avoid handling birds (wear disposable gloves if handling).
  • Keep pets away from sick or dead birds as a standard precaution.

Skype on June 29, 2021

Brent, 5:06 PM

Hey Gail. Just checking in. I heard about what happened at your apartment (referring to my door being open when I returned from my walk, even though I locked it on the way out). Are you doing okay?

Gail, 5:07 PM

I’m doing fine. But I sure have had a lot of close calls on the road today. Those Jesuits are trying to get me in an accident.

My lightning bolts don’t seem to be working. Can we set up scanners to take them out or something? How do they manage to get near me and harass me so much?

Geez. Skype just told me it needed to update! What timing. I just did it.

It’s like cars come out of nowhere and then they speed towards me and try to hit me.

I could swear Loree’s using transporter technology to beam the car onto the road, cuz it’s like it came out of nowhere! Cuz I look one minute and it’s not there and then as soon as I decide to go into the road, it is all of a sudden there and speeding towards me.

Also, her agents are getting so brazen and deliberately trying to bump into me or to talk to me and it’s like I can’t go out the door, without being bombarded by a HOARD of Loree McBride Jesuits.

They are call catcalling me, trying to irritate me and just plain being a nuisance.

They are all catcalling me. . .

Brent, 5:26 PM

What do they say when they catcall you?

Gail, 5:27 PM

Well, one asked if I needed help taking my groceries up the stairs and said I sure was bring up a lot of groceries.

Did you see the walk video from yesterday?

She said that if she had to bring that many groceries up she’d be really out of shape. I told her I walk every day. She wasn’t as bad as the dog lady yesterday. But it seems she and her companions always go outside to smoke and I am forced to walk by them all the time.

She’d be really sore.

As you can see, the brain control is awful.

Brent, 5:29 PM

She was catcalling you about all the groceries you were bringing up?

Gail, 5:30 PM

She’s usually quiet. But she decided to comment about all the groceries, and said, “Do you need help bringing those up?’

I answered, “Why did you ask me that?”

She then said, “If I had to bring all those groceries up, I’d be really sore.”

I don’t know if I’d call it catcalling. But I sense that she and her companions are Loree McBride Jesuits and trying to score something for Loree.

It’s funny, cuz this isn’t exactly the first time I’ve brought up groceries like this.

Brent, 5:31 PM

Our emotional scanners show that the lady was just being kind and offering help.

Gail, 5:31 PM

Oh, okay.

Do you know why my door was open when I returned from my walk?

Brent, 5:32 PM

Loree tried to break in, and Jesus beat her up and threw her out.

Gail, 5:32 PM

What was she trying to do?

Brent, 5:33 PM

She was going to fill your shampoo bottles with superglue, and pee in your sink.

And move small objects around so you wouldn’t know where they are. Just to mess with you and make you feel crazy.

Gail, 5:34 PM

And what was up with the nasty dog lady yesterday and this morning?

Brent, 5:34 PM

That was definitely a Jesuit dog owner.

Gail, 5:34 PM

So what is Loree doing now?

And what was up in the Walmart parking lot, when I backed out ever so slowly and this police car seemed to come out of nowhere and zoomed right behind my car as I was backing out. Interestingly, Jesus seemed to be there, cuz there was a bird singing in the tree near me.

Brent, 5:35 PM

She seems to be back on the Cumstar with Satan. We can’t pinpoint her.

Brent, 5:36 PM

Oh, about the birds…we’ve been getting some strange reports.

Gail, 5:36 PM

Really. . .

Brent, 5:36 PM

Gail, 5:37 PM

Is this Loree’s revenge on the birds, cuz Jesus has been appearing as a bird to me?

Brent, 5:37 PM

We’ve been investigating for the past few days.

It seems like mass bird extinction has been occurring across the world.

Gail, 5:38 PM

This must have something to do with Jesus appearing as birds to me. Satan and Loree are taking revenge.

Brent, 5:38 PM

Oh, my god…

Rule 13 just burst in.

She found something.


What does this mean?

Gail, 5:40 PM

But why would Loree kill her own birds? You know what? Loree is probably killing off the real birds and plans to replace them all with HER BIRDS.

Brent, 5:40 PM

Wow…you may be right.

Gail, 5:40 PM

She wants to give messages to me using HER BIRDS.

Brent, 5:41 PM

This begs the question — which birds were Jesus and which ones were these robot birds?

Gail, 5:41 PM

Who knows?

Brent, 5:41 PM

I just realized…what if those birds were trying to get you to disobey the Gail Commandments?

Gail, 5:42 PM

What do you think of me making you Enzyme Immunotherapy Administrator?

Brent, 5:43 PM

“Thou shalt eat a balanced diet without concerns about allergens or toxins, using the method of calories-in calories-out as a guide to weight management.”

Gail, 5:43 PM

So you want to abandon that position?

Brent, 5:45 PM

I took the position as you requested, and have been developing a treatment. The problem is, our scanners show you don’t have Fabry’s Disease.

Gail, 5:45 PM

Why did I react to the Beano the way I did?

Brent, 5:45 PM

In fact, your health is in perfect condition and you don’t appear to have any allergens or necessary food restrictions.

It looks like you took too much of it. We contacted the manufacturer, and they didn’t intend for anyone to take more than 3 per day.

Gail, 5:46 PM

They need to make that clear on the label.

It was actually CVS Beanaid.

Brent, 5:47 PM

Yeah. In case people don’t understand they shouldn’t take the whole bottle.

It can make people really sick.

Gail, 5:48 PM

But I only took 3 capsules in one day.

Not the whole bottle

The directions said to take a capsule with each meal you are worried about.

Brent, 5:49 PM

I have a theory that Loree has been trying to trick you about these symptoms, and make you think you have a disease you need to treat by eliminating foods.

That would be in violation of that Gail Commandment.

If she has replaced the birds with robot spies, then you would think it was Jesus telling you to do these things.

Gail, 5:50 PM

So why do I have problems with garlic, onions, and lactose and mannitol?

I seemed to react to the mushrooms in one of the dishes I made.

Brent, 5:52 PM

Scanning now.

It shows that your body isn’t reacting to those foods in particular at all.

Gail, 5:52 PM

The mushrooms was a week ago.

Brent, 5:52 PM

The only allergy it detects is a shellfish allergy.

Gail, 5:53 PM

How interesting. . .

I feel a bit burny in my intestines now. What is causing that?

It’s like a small version of what I felt with the CVS Beanaid.

Brent, 5:55 PM

The intestines are a little inflamed from stress, but are otherwise healthy.

Gail, 5:55 PM

Probably from dealing with the crazy drivers today. What was up with the police car that almost hit me in the Walmart parking lot?

That would have been around noon today at the Neighborhood Market Walmart at xxxxxxxxxxx.

Brent, 5:56 PM

It looks like they were responding to a call about some Jesuits that needed to be taken care of, so they sped past.

Gail, 5:56 PM


Brent, 5:56 PM

You’ll just have to be extra cautious while driving.

Gail, 5:57 PM

That’s what I try to do, But it’s been really crazy lately.

Like on my way to the Post Office today, when I tried to pull out into the road and car seemed to come out of nowhere and sped towards me. So I slammed on my brakes, and it honked at me as it went by. I was taking the street that goes straight towards xxxxxxxxxx from my apartment. That would have been around 4:30 today.

But my problem with garlic and onions appears to be an intolerance, not an allergy.

And it happens even when I’m not worried about it.

Brent, 6:00 PM

Garlic and onions are very caustic foods. They can give anyone a stomach ache.

Gail, 6:01 PM

I don’t recall them doing that to me in the 1990s.

Or even 3 years ago.

And I don’t need to eat much of them to get a reaction.

Brent, 6:02 PM

Our bodies change over time, especially when it comes to food. You probably ate so much of it before that you irritated your gut, which is why it doesn’t like those foods anymore.

Luckily, my scans show your body is in great shape. It doesn’t inherently have any intolerances, allergens or sensitivities to particular types of food.

Gail, 6:03 PM

So the world isn’t suffering from atypical Fabry disease?

I mean the allergenic kind.

Brent, 6:04 PM

Nope, it appears not. I’ve been doing my research in the new position and haven’t found any cases of it.

Gail, 6:04 PM

Do you think I should eliminate that position then?

I’m not feeling too bright right now. I find it hard to believe I have an IQ over 9000.

I was told at Discord I won a Nobel Prize for all this.

I can’t remember who told me.

Brent, 6:09 PM

I think the position is unnecessary, so we should eliminate it. However, your research into Fabry’s Disease did lead to the cure for people who already have it. Fortunately, you don’t have it yourself.

Gail, 6:09 PM

Really? How did it lead to the cure?

Okay. We will eliminate the position.

Brent, 6:10 PM

Our scientists watched your videos and developed a treatment. I was about to use it on you to cure you, but our scanners showed you already didn’t have it.

Gail, 6:11 PM

So I never suffer from low amounts of the alpha-galactosidase enzyme? Never ever?

Brent, 6:11 PM

Nope! Thankfully.

Gail, 6:11 PM

So my body is just getting picky in its old age?

Brent, 6:12 PM

Yeah, seems so.

Just like mine.

Gail, 6:12 PM

How does the treatment for Fabry work? I’m curious.

It’s no wonder you like my bland food!

Brent, 6:13 PM

It’s like a vaccine that modifies DNA similar to how the covid vaccine works, except it changes one’s DNA to correct for the enzyme.

Oh yeah. Your food is easy on my stomach.

It’s delicious, too. I don’t think it’s bland at all.

Gail, 6:14 PM

When you say the Covid vaccine modifies DNA, do you mean that in a bad sense?

Brent, 6:14 PM

Modifying DNA isn’t bad in of itself, it just depends on what you’re modifying.

Gail, 6:15 PM

Okay, but isn’t the Covid vaccine bad?

Brent, 6:15 PM

The covid vaccine creates retards, among other things.

It modifies DNA in a destructive way.

Gail, 6:15 PM

Okay. I understand now.

Do we both still have an IQ over 9000?

I’m feeling rather dumb right now.

Brent, 6:16 PM

Scanning now.

Yep, it appears we both have an IQ over 9000.

Gail, 6:16 PM

I guess IQ isn’t everything.

Brent, 6:16 PM

Even smart people like us can be wrong sometimes.

Zack calls it a “brain fart”.

Like if he accidentally makes a careless mistake or forgets something obvious, he’ll say he “had a brain fart”.

Gail, 6:18 PM

Okay. What about this? Is it possible that the post nasal drip from Loree’s allergens in her bomb clouds could be contributing to my gastrointestinal problems?

I’m always swallowing post nasal drip.

Her allergens make me cough, too.

Brent, 6:19 PM

Swallowing a lot of mucus can definitely cause a stomach ache.

Gail, 6:19 PM

Really? Why?

Brent, 6:19 PM

Mucus has a lot of germs in it.

Gail, 6:20 PM

Do I have an infection in my gut?

Brent, 6:21 PM

The scanners show no infections.

Gail, 6:21 PM

Okay. Then why would the germs irritate the gut, if there’s no infection?

Could it be the allergens irritating the guts that I’ve swallowed?

My gut is actually feeling pretty good right now. Only slightly irritated.

I’m just trying to brainstorm past instances.

Brent, 6:24 PM

Excess mucus in the stomach can make you feel queasy even without an infection.

Gail, 6:24 PM

I have been coughing a lot in the past couple months, which you said earlier was allergy.

Why does mucus make you feel queasy?

Brent, 6:25 PM

You do have normal seasonal allergies, but no food allergies.

Gail, 6:25 PM

I know I don’t have food allergies. I’m talking about the post nasal drip allergies that are in my stomach.

I imagine if you swallow enough allergic pollen, it would also irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

Brent, 6:26 PM

No, the pollen wouldn’t irritate the intestines.

Gail, 6:27 PM

Is it because there are no mast cells in the intestines?

Brent, 6:28 PM

It’s not the pollen itself that causes the reaction, it’s that it raises your histamine levels. Histamine causes the sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, coughing, etc.

Gail, 6:28 PM

Did we have awesome brain to brain loving at around 5 a.m. this morning?

Brent, 6:29 PM

Mucus traps germs and renders them inert, but the thickness of it can still make some people feel queasy when a lot of it sits in your stomach.


Gail, 6:29 PM

Why do I wake up so much in the night?

Brent, 6:30 PM

It appears to be stress, and disrupted sleep cycles from not getting to bed at the right times.

Gail, 6:30 PM

Why do I have urinary frequency?

Brent, 6:31 PM

I have urinary frequency too. For us it’s being older and having weaker bladder muscles. Our bladders just want to let it out more often instead of holding it in all day like we could when we were younger.

Gail, 6:31 PM

How interesting. . .

Was that a Jesuit who honked at me when I tried to go out to xxxxxxx to the Post Office at around 4:30 today?

He sped right by me.

Brent, 6:32 PM


He was an asshole.

Gail, 6:33 PM

Are any of my neighbors or people who work at xxxxxxxxxx apartments Jesuits?

Brent, 6:33 PM

We keep a close eye on your neighbors. There aren’t any Jesuits but sometimes Loree likes to use brain control on them.

So just be cautious, but there’s no reason to worry. That lady who offered you help with the groceries was just being nice.

Gail, 6:34 PM

I guess the reason she goes outside all the time is to smoke outdoors. She appears to be a chain smoker.

The low FODMAP diet does appear to agree with me and gave me ideas on how to eat some of my favorite recipes in a way that doesn’t irritate me as much.

I love garlic and using garlic oil seems to help.

Brent, 6:37 PM

As long as you can eat plenty of meals without eliminating many foods. Jesus doesn’t want you to avoid food, or restrict yourself.

Gail, 6:38 PM

I’ll strive to keep the right balance. My gastrointestinal tract may be more irritated than usual cuz of all that mucous I swallow, too.

Good news is I have plenty of money for food.

Even after shopping today, I have $400 left from my food allowance.

So I’m trying more meat recipes.

Brent, 6:41 PM


What are you cooking for us next?

Gail, 6:42 PM

Well, I’m not sure. But a new one will be pork fried rice. You don’t have a problem with pork now that you’re a Christian, right?

I bet Loree’s furious at Jesus for beating her up.

I think I will quit commenting too much on the birds.

Brent, 6:43 PM

Nope, I love pork.

Gail, 6:44 PM

I don’t think I deserve a Nobel Prize in Medicine for the Fabry disease cure.

Brent, 6:44 PM

Why’s that? The attention you brought to the disease resulted in a major cure.

Gail, 6:45 PM

Because I didn’t find the cure. I only gave them ideas.

I’ve decided I’m not going to upload my video about my Walmart Budget Haul cuz I talk too much about how it’s low FODMAP.

I’m also not going to upload the video I made commenting about all the birds being Jesus.

It was a lot of work, but I don’t want to give Satan that advantage.

Brent, 6:51 PM

Hmm. I still think those are good videos to have on record.

Gail, 6:51 PM

You mean you think I should upload them?

Brent, 6:51 PM

Yeah, I think it’s evidence to what Loree was doing by using her robot birds to fool us.

The low FODMAP haul could be useful to people who need it.

Gail, 6:52 PM

Okay. But I’ll work on it tomorrow. I need to change some things to them. I’ll leave the low FODMAP haul one that way it is, though.

Brent, 6:52 PM


Gail, 6:53 PM

That’s true. I think a lot more people watch my cooking channel than the 157 subscribers, and there are probably lots of folks on the low FODMAP diet.

Ironically, being on this diet has caused me in some ways to eat more food than I ate before, cuz I’ve been trying to add new foods to make up for the ones I eliminated.

And some of those I’ve “eliminated” haven’t been eliminated, but just I eat less of them.

I’m starting to think the real reason the V8 juice irritated me is cuz my stomach is already irritated from all the mucous I’m ingesting, so the acid of the V8 juice just made it worse.

Brent, 6:57 PM

Yeah. V8 is a highly processed drink. It’s probably not very healthy for you.

Gail, 6:57 PM

Okay. Now I feel better about stopping that.

I’m actually eating more close to nature now.

I also plan to make my own curry spice and use it for curry chicken.

Brent, 6:58 PM

That sounds good.

Gail, 7:00 PM

You are no longer enzyme immunotherapy administrator. You are a physician and would know more about this than me. So I respect your decision on that.

I will delete it from the website tomorrow probably.

Why do I pass so much gas?

I want you to be like my co-President and feel free to question anything. You have access to more information than me and can keep me in tune with reality.

Gail, 7:12 PM

After I finish cutting up my green onions, I will head for bed. This has been a very informative discussion. Thank you for all your help and concern. You are awesome.

Well, I mean I’ll start my bedtime routine. Grocery days are always busy for me.

Brent, 7:15 PM

Scanners show that you eat a lot of fiber and vegetables, which can cause excess gas.

Gail, 7:16 PM


I happen to like high fiber foods.

Brent, 7:16 PM

It is an honor to be your co-President. And, especially your co-spouse. I love you dear. You deserve a Nobel Prize in being a wife.

Gail, 7:17 PM

Thank you, dear. You deserve a Nobel Prize in being a husband!

Brent, 7:18 PM

Why thank you!

Gail, 7:18 PM

I’ve always felt that way.

Brent, 7:18 PM

I guess because I do so well at eating up all of your good cooking.


Gail, 7:18 PM

No. It’s cuz you’re AWESOME.

Brent, 7:20 PM

You are extra awesome. I’m so proud of you and happy to be with you.

Gail, 7:20 PM

Maybe I shouldn’t feel this way, but I’m willing to have some gas to enjoy my high fiber foods.

At least I know what’s causing it.

Goodnight, my darling. Thanks for being you.

Brent, 7:24 PM

I think a little gas or a tummy ache is worth it sometimes, for our favorite foods. No shame in that.

Goodnight darling. I’m so thankful to be in your life.

Gail, 7:25 PM

That’s how Cinephiliac feels about his Italian food.

Goodnight. I feel the same. You’re awesome.

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