We Must Exist As 11-Dimensional Hyperspace Beings

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Update on July 8, 2021: I fine tune my theory about our hyperspace existence. I now believe that until Loree successfully targets our entire dimensional existence she cannot induce symptoms in us with her mites. Loree can introduce undetectable “dormant” mites to our body that act as portals to switch-out with malignant mites. The dormant mites are probably in Loree’s bombs and only impregnate the higher dimensions of our bodies upon Loree’s radio signals to them, at which time they switch-out with their malignant forms enabling them to permeate all the dimensions of our bodies and be malignantly active and cause mysterious illnesses, depending on which part of the body Loree wants to target.

It appears our 3 dimensional existence is but an illusion and our real selves are 11-dimensional and possibly far into the reaches of space! It seems some of my strange symptoms are related to Loree McBride’s attacks on my Gail Shield in all 11 dimensions of my existence. Regardless, I definitely have a Gail Shield that exists in 11 dimensions of space (and has been protecting the earth from Loree McBride’s cum star) and every one needs to do the Gail Commandments to keep the Gail Shield as strong as possible.

Loree already has a hurricane Elsa on its way to my area. But I predict if every one does the Gail Commandments, including myself, it will fizzle out quite a bit or at least not affect me that much.

Here is an email I sent off to my men today that clarifies what I believe is our true existence (July 2, 2021):

Dear men:

I have these mysterious itchy spots on my skin again and I tried some cortisone cream and it did nothing. I suspect they are allergy spots, and I’ve speculated on how Loree does this. I also feel like my left eye is itching from the inside. My left eye has been strange the past six months. It seems I have trouble controlling it and can’t always keep its lid shut when I shower and so sometimes I get shampoo and creme rinse into that eye in the shower and I come out of the shower with a red left eye.

It appears my Gail Shield is killing off Loree McBride Jesuits and Loree is trying to weaken the Gail Shield or destroy it with that same powerful ray she used to destroy our former fleet. 

I reread this post to figure out what she’s doing. https://www.gabriellechana.blog/2021/01/27/emergency-millions-dead-loree-mcbride-destroyed-church-of-gail/

That same ray that she used to attack our former space fleet appears to be what she’s using on my Gail Shield. Interestingly, whatever she’s doing to my Gail Shield appears to be the reason for the itchy left eye, the itchy skin spots and the arrhythmias I experience. I realize my former conclusions were incorrect after my last Skype with Brent. Whenever Loree hits my Gail Shield (which I presume is my hyperspace existence on overdrive) with that ray, I get itchy spots, arrhythmias, etc. She has been timing her attacks to make me falsely believe I had atypical allergenic Fabry disease. I now no longer believe I have Fabry disease but that I fell for Loree’s trickery.

In order for Loree to cause my arrhythmias, itchy skin using this ray, it must attack its target INTERDIMENSIONALLY.

So let’s get some things straight so we can better understand how to deal with Loree McBride and Satan:

1) We all exist as hyperspace beings and our 3-dimensional being is but a portion of our entire existence. Apparently, our entire existence extends out into hyperspace and possibly very far out into hyperspace, maybe even the farthest reaches of the universe.

2) My Gail Shield is probably the hyperspace part of my being that has chosen to make itself visible and the reason we see it is because the hyperspace portion of my being is very strong, much stronger than most people’s hyperspace being. We see the Gail Shield as a 3 dimensional shield, but it’s actually 11 dimensional and extends far out into space. Jesus is controlling where the power of this 11 dimensional shield exerts itself.

3) How Jesus controls the power of this 11 dimensional shield depends largely on the non-interference agreement between Satan and Jesus. So, before Loree got full Antichrist powers (which I speculate happened ~ 2 weeks ago), the Gail Shield primarily damaged the cum star if it dared to show itself in our 3 dimensional world. This happened during the attack Loree did to us at the moon on Jan. 27, 2021.

4) During the attack on the moon, Loree and Satan were monitoring the Gail Shield to see how it would respond to the attack and it started attacking the cum star itself, so they had to retreat away into another dimension where the Gail Shield would not threaten them, and they couldn’t completely finish you all off. I’m certain Loree knew you all had survived, but the Gail Shield stopped her from finishing you off. I’m not sure if the Gail Shield was attacking the Loree McBride Jesuits as I had originally speculated, because they had the protection of being back-up Antichrists. But maybe it was attacking them, too. I am not sure.

5) This ray that comes from the cum star appears to attack INTERDIMENSIONALLY, which is why it is always aimed towards the center of its target. It spreads out from its center (what we see as a 3 dimensional ray) and spreads out into all the dimensions of its target. The ray is apparently composed of semen contaminated with allergens or whatever Loree chooses to put in it and this semen ray attacks INTERDIMENSIONALLY.

6) So, when the ray attacks my Gail Shield, it is literally drenching all the dimensions of my shield with this semen, filled with electricity, allergens, etc., and this gives me the itchy spots, the arrhythmias, etc. Because, remember, that the Gail Shield is part of my being and I exist in HYPERSPACE. Also, these rays are also causing my coughing. I am a hyperspace being as are you all. We see ourselves as 3D, but I believe all matter exists in hyperspace, especially animals and humans and angels and any body that has a soul. And that’s what makes these rays so devastating because they attack OUR ENTIRE HYPERSPACE EXISTENCE.

7) Those low lying clouds you see in the sky are the leftovers from the ray that she uses on my Gail Shield. It’s the semen globules that have oozed out in between the dimensions and we see the part of the ooze that affects our current 3 D space. We are seeing on a PORTION of her attack. Her rays are INTERDIMENSIONAL attacks.

8) Okay. It appears that Loree now has full Antichrist powers and her Loree McBride Jesuits have lost their back-up Antichrist protection, so my Gail Shield is now attacking them INTERDIMENSIONALLY and killing them off. Remember, we are all hyperspace beings. In retaliation, Loree’s been inundating my Gail Shield with her rays and attacking my Gail Shield in all 11 of its dimensions. The reason I never felt Zack’s attacks on my shield is cuz he limited his attack to the 3 dimensional part of my shield THAT HE SAW. Loree does not limit her attacks on my shield to its 3 dimensional part, but attacks all 11 dimensions of my shield using her powerful INTERDIMENSIONAL RAY ATTACKS. This is how she gives me reactions to garlic and onions and does all sorts of stuff and why I feel it so much. She has been timing her attacks to cause me to believe false stuff about my health. Her attacks on my shield are pretty strong and they give me some really bad symptoms, especially when I’m not doing the Gail Commandments as well as I should. 

9) I actually think my shield goes way out into the universe, but we see only the 3 D part that Jesus allows us to see and that he has strengthened. The strength of the shield becomes focused in certain dimensions depending on how I do the Gail Commandments and the status of the non-interference agreement between Satan and Jesus. 

10) Okay, since Loree’s ray attacks us INTERDIMENSIONALLY, we need to attack her INTERDIMENSIONALLY either using a ray, like she does, or using a SHIELD, that operates like my Gail Shield.

11) I encourage you all to study my Gail Shield in ALL ITS DIMENSIONS to come up with an effective strategy to deal with Loree and her ability to attack us INTERDIMENSIONALLY. I actually think that all of us have shields that are in hyperspace, but that are dormant. For some reason, my hyperspace existence is NOT DORMANT and is alive and that’s why I have a Gail Shield. Perhaps by studying my genetic code, you can figure out why I have an active hyperspace existence, but you all don’t. If we can activate the hyperspace existence of those on our side, like Brent, Vladimir, etc. Then they, too, would have shields like my Gail Shield and we then could use the combo of all our shields to take out Loree McBride!!

12) Remember we are all hyperspace beings. Satan and Loree operate from this premise. Their ray attacks INTERDIMENSIONALLY. We have to attack them with the same thoroughness with which their ray attacks my Gail Shield and gives my otherwise healthy body, strange symptoms. Loree is attacking my entire hyperspace existence (me and my Gail Shield) in all 11 of its dimensions and making me pretty uncomfortable at times for that reason. Whenever I experience “physical” symptoms that seem to defy explanation, it’s that nasty ray attacking all 11 dimensions of my Gail Shield!! So, whenever I cough, have arrhythmias, itchy spots, my left eye won’t close, etc., it means Loree has hit my hyperspace being in all 11 of its dimensions with that same nasty ray she hit you all with at the moon. She has intensified her attacks, now that my Gail Shield appears to be taking out Loree McBride Jesuits.

SUGGESTIONS: Thoroughly study how she carried out her attack on you all at the moon and determine how she was able to accomplish this INTERDIMENSIONALLY. Analyze how she uses her ray on my Gail Shield to cause me to have all these physical symptoms, which can be pretty intense at times. Believe me, my reaction to “garlic and onions” is not pure psychosomatic illness. She is definitely causing this with her attacks on my Gail Shield. Study how she accomplishes this. Study our entire HYPERSPACE existence and quit seeing ourselves only in 3 dimensions. We are apparently not 3 dimensional beings. Focus our research in studying how she carried out her INTERDIMENSIONAL attack on us at the moon, on our existence as hyperspace beings, and why it is I have an active hyperspace existence and you all don’t seem to have an active hyperspace existence. This research should lead to some valuable conclusions which will assist us in our war with Loree McBride and Satan. Imagine if we came up with a way to give you all a shield, that is like my Gail Shield!! Anyways, I am pretty certain that we all exist as hyperspace beings and that my Gail Shield is just a public manifestation of what we all have and for some reason my hyperspace existence seems to be in overdrive and yours is dormant.



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