Loree McBride Jesuit With Unleashed Dog Harasses Me (6-28-21)

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It’s pretty obvious that Loree McBride and her evil Jesuits think they’re invincible and can do whatever the hell they want, and have no regard for any laws or people that get in their way.

I was distracted and not paying attention to her and by the time I noticed her, I couldn’t avoid her and her dogs. She was obviously timed to intersect with me on my walk.
This appears to be the same person on May 15, 2021 walking her small dog without a leash, with her 2 big dogs on a leash. She seems to like to irritate me.
I took this photo on my May 15, 2021 walk. Is this the same person? She had a different unleashed dog on May 15th. On June 28, 2021, the unleashed dog was a bulldog. She likes to walk her 2 big dogs with a leash and a smaller dog without a leash.
I went out of my way to avoid her on June 29, 2021. At least she had all her dogs on a leash this time. But she deliberately took the way I normally walk and I had to go out of the way to avoid her! I don’t like bumping into Loree McBride Jesuits on my walk.
Funny how she just lingered here on June 29, 2021, right in the area where I normally walk. I took this from across the street, cuz I took another route to avoid her. My lightning bolts didn’t seem to work on her. Or maybe this is clone #2? Loree McBride Jesuits sure are brazen! I suspect Loree pays her agents a bonus for doing stuff like this.

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