Brent Spiner M.D. Appointed Enzyme Immunotherapy Administrator

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UPDATE on June 30, 2021: Gail came to some incorrect conclusions about her and the general population having an allergenic atypical Fabry disease and has cancelled the Enzyme Immunotherapy Administrator position. However, her research into this field did find a cure for Fabry’s disease! Her Conspiracy Law does state in Sect. 14.0x of INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS that if any of her laws are deemed ineffective they can be ignored.

The following is an update to my Conspiracy Law (see green sections in Sect. 55.0 (f1) to (f5) in CONSPIRACY LAWS & GOVERNMENT: PART TWO) and to my NATIONAL HEALTH CARE PLAN to ensure coverage of ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS and to ensure the treatment is carried out effectively and appropriately for the real pandemic of our times, which is a pandemic of allergy to necessary enzymes, resulting in potentially life-threatening conditions, like atypical Fabry disease.

To deal with the TRUE PANDEMIC OF OUR TIMES, I have appointed my husband Brent Spiner M.D. as the ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY ADMINISTRATOR. He will be in charge of the ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS, whose job will be to identify those in the population who have allergies to necessary enzymes in their body and to put them on appropriate treatments for this problem (see below). In all cases these patients need to be put on immunotherapy and some may require dietary management (like the low FODMAP diet). He will also work with our military and scientists to remove all allergenic enzymes from all supplements, foods or medications, or in the air, etc. by creating scanners that remove these allergenic enzymes from anything the human body could ingest or inhale. Perhaps we can replace all these enzymes with salt or something benign so that those who ingest these substances or inhale them will not suffer the negative effects of having these allergenic enzymes entering their body.

Brent, being a physician himself, is free to delegate this job to others and can pick whoever he wants to work with him (or work under him) on this project.

The following article, taken from a Japanese study, indicates an atypical version of Fabry disease which limits itself to the heart and is not always associated with obvious genetic abnormalities in those affected, which may bolster my theory that they may have the allergenic version, since they all seemed to suffer from hypertrophy (which means an enlarged heart muscle). I have added stuff in quotes to make my point from the following quotation from this article. I would like to point out that the heart lies close to the lungs and if the main point of entrance of the allergic a-galactosidase was through breathing it in, it would make sense that the heart would be the most affected organ. Also, the body would be trying to get rid of the “allergen” a-galactosidase through the bile, and it would be continually recycled through the liver (going straight to the heart next), further causing inflammation of the heart muscle (see diagram above).

We could not find any mutations in the coding regions of either the signal peptide or the enzyme subunit in the other five patients. However, the results of the Northern blot analysis revealed that the amounts of the a-galactosidase messenger RNA were markedly decreased (low plasma levels of the a-galactosidase enzyme) in the four other patients in whom it was measured. In these patients, there are presumably some mutations outside the coding region that involve the transcription of a-galactosidase. (They had to assume this to explain why these patients suffered from low plasma levels of the a-galactosidase enzyme, not taking into consideration the possibility of an allergy pathogenesis). Further genetic analysis should clarify the pathogenesis of Fabry’s disease in these patients. In conclusion, we detected Fabry’s disease in 3 percent of unselected male patients with left ventricular hypertrophy (is allergic inflammation of the heart muscle part of this?) who were referred to a cardiology clinic in Japan. Fabry’s disease was found in 10 percent of the patients who had no other underlying cause of left ventricular hypertrophy. This atypical variant of Fabry’s disease, with clinical manifestations limited to the heart, may be more common than previously believed. Fabry’s disease should be considered in the differential diagnosis of male patients with unexplained left ventricular hypertrophy.


I suspect that Loree McBride is using allergenic enzymes in the coronavirus vaccines, and she’s downplaying the dangers of doing this, as she attempts to kill off people with atypical Fabry disease and then to blame it on the coronavirus (which is very similar to the common flu).

Federal officials have confirmed 323 cases of heart inflammation in people ages 12 through 29 who’ve gotten either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, at rates slightly higher than in those who did not receive vaccine. There were no deaths among the 323, and having COVID-19 remains much more dangerous than the rare side effect, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presented Wednesday to its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. “The facts are clear: this is an extremely rare side effect, and only an exceedingly small number of people will experience it after vaccination,” said a statement co-signed by the Department of Heath and Human Services, the CDC and 15 medical, public health and provider organizations. The condition, called myocarditis, is a swelling of the heart muscle and can include pericarditis, an inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. Both can cause chest pain, shortness of breath and heart palpitations. The discovery of the slight increase in cases of myocarditis among young people is an indication of how well the vaccine surveillance system works, said Dr. Grace Lee, a member of the ACIP committee and a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University Medical School. “There is continuous and ongoing monitoring of vaccine safety for all vaccinations in the U.S.,” she said. There had been previous reports of slightly higher rates of myocarditis among people who’d received the vaccines. The CDC provided the latest availabledata to its panel Wednesday.

USA Today or


55.0(f1) The medical coverage will include dieticians who specialize in treating those who suffer from disorders that require dietary management and modification of diets as a form of permanent or temporary therapy to treat disorders and illnesses. It will also cover a new medical specialty called ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS who work with physicians to administer Gail’s IMMUNOTHERAPY SERVICES, designed to treat patients who have disorders related to having allergies to enzymes needed for human metabolic functions, such as atypical Fabry disease (which Gail has as a result of an allergy to the alpha-galactosidase enzyme). 

55.0(f2) Atypical Fabry disease is a deficiency of the alpha-galactosidase enzyme caused by the patient having developed an allergy to the alpha-galactosidase enzyme itself (which is needed for many metabolic functions in the body). Because typical Fabry disease is caused by genetic mutations on the X-chromosome resulting in an inability of the body to properly metabolize the functions requiring the alpha-galactosidase enzyme, a deficiency caused by an allergy to the enzyme (atypical Fabry disease) would also cause the same symptoms that happen because of this deficiency, regardless of whether the deficiency is caused by genetic mutations or the body removing the enzyme from the blood because of an allergy to it.

55.0(f3) Most people that have to follow the low FODMAP diet have atypical Fabry disease or another enzyme deficiency related to having an allergy to the particular necessary enzyme involved, resulting in the body removing that necessary enzyme from the body (because it views it as an allergen), thus creating a deficiency of that enzyme and the resulting symptoms of that deficiency. This is particularly true of enzymes that spend a lot of time in the blood for metabolic functions, like the alpha-galactosidase enzyme, because the body (treating that enzyme as an allergen) can easily remove that enzyme from the blood via the liver and kidneys. While this may help with allergy symptoms, the patient will then develop symptoms related to a deficiency of a necessary enzyme, such as in atypical Fabry disease. Eventually, if illnesses like atypical Fabry disease are not treated by desensitizing the patient to their allergies to the necessary enzymes, the patient could become so deficient in the necessary enzyme that the enzyme deficiency of a necessary enzyme becomes life threatening.

55.0(f4) The treatment for people with allergies to necessary enzymes is a desensitization program (immunotherapy) to the necessary enzymes that the patient suffers allergies to. Those in this program are called ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS. These specialists will study how the Jesuits have induced these allergies to enzymes, probably through creating an allergenic version of the enzyme that mimics the real enzyme used by the body, that promotes a condition in the body that creates an allergy to the particular enzyme involved. This allergenic version may be introduced into supplements, prescription meds, vaccines, via bombs, aerosols, etc. By studying the means of entrance of the allergenic version of the enzyme to the body and then creating immunotherapy that targets that particular allergen, patients can unlearn their allergies to necessary enzymes and be healed. Because Jesuits have inundated the world with allergenic enzymes, this has become the real pandemic of our times. It’s an allergy pandemic and is more life threatening than the coronavirus, which Loree has really hyped up. In fact, the cure for the coronavirus, (i.e., the coronavirus vaccine is probably loaded with allergenic enzymes), which is why so many patients are dying or becoming deathly ill from the vaccine.

55.0(f5) It goes without saying that those who are ENZYME IMMUNOTHERAPY SPECIALISTS must all be scanned before they provide their services, as all in the National Health Care Plan must do and cannot carry out any treatment without saying the necessary oath (see Sect. 55.0z).

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