Need to Limit Fructans, Must Exercise Moderation in Eating

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UPDATE on June 26, 2021: I have atypical Fabry disease caused by an allergy to the alpha-galactosidase enzyme, which means I have to temporarily follow the low FODMAP diet.

Gail Chord Schuler

I have determined that I have an inability to properly digest the sugars in foods containing high amounts of fructans, like wheat, onions and garlic. These need to be limited in my diet.

Like I can eat one slice of bread, but not 4 slices of bread a day. My Wasa Multigrain crispbreads are likely low FODMAP with one crispbread per day. This is NOT an allergy, but a digestive issue with me. High FODMAP foods which should be fine for me are those with fructose, GOS and lactose (dairy products). I don’t need to do the elimination diet recommended because I’ve pretty much figured out which foods are bothering me because of my cooking channel and paying so much attention to ingredients and the food diary I’ve kept the past months. Here is a SUMMARY about FODMAPs and IBS.

Here are recipes I may need to look into, from Monash’s low FODMAP recipes.

Here is another helpful summary about FODMAPs.

Check out the following PDF file, which lists the different High FODMAP foods and their categories:

Fortunately for me, the only foods I need to concern myself with are those high in fructans, though I have noticed a slight inability to digest polyols. Fructans need to be limited and polyols need to be eaten in moderation. On days I eat more fructans, I may need to avoid polyols.

The only ones I need to worry about are fructans and somewhat the polyols. Cabbage was measured in Monash’s FODMAP lab a few years ago and was found to be low in FODMAPs. They usually recommend patients stick to 1/2 cup, based on clinical experience, as some patients report they do not tolerate larger amounts. They may be confusing Savoy cabbage with regular white cabbage on this image. Eggplant is low FODMAP. According to the Monash University, eggplant is low FODMAP in a single serve of a cup. In fact, it’s medium FODMAP at a serving size of 2 and a half cups. Miso paste is a staple in Japanese cooking and is made from fermented soy beans (4). Miso paste is low FODMAP in 12g (2 sachet) serves (2). But then beans are not a big issue with me. YES, you can eat apples on the low FODMAP diet. Monash University is constantly testing and re-testing foods and in the August 2018 update they have now provided a low FODMAP/Green Light portion of 20 grams for either Pink Lady Apples or green Granny Smith apples. I show this chart to show the different categories, but for a more accurate picture of what is high FODMAP, consult this PDF file.

The food I may need to pay attention to is broccoli, where I can’t have more than 1/2 C a day. Broccoli has both fructans and polyols when consumed in large quantities. Garlic, onions and wheat need to be pretty limited. Snow peas should be avoided because they have both fructans and polyols. I can use the green part of green onions in place of onions in my diet.

Because I love my garlic, I have made garlic oil to use in recipes using garlic and oil. I have frozen this oil in an ice cube tray and I will pop out the oil I need for the day, when I cook.

I don’t have to completely give up wheat flour in recipes that use it in small amounts, as long as I’m not having crackers or cereals that have some wheat in them on the same day. But if I’m having crackers or other sources of wheat on that day, I can create my own flour, by putting Cheerios and Rice Chex in a blender and creating my own flour! Like I can use this to coat chicken breast for Italian Chicken Piccata. If I need bread crumbs for a recipe, I’ll just use Rice Chex cereal in place of bread crumbs for recipes. For onions, I can use the green part of green onions in place of onions.

I am undecided on chamomile tea, which is high in fructans. I don’t believe I have a problem with digesting lactose, so all dairy products should be fine. I love my chocolate milk in the morning with a sorbitol sweetener. That should be fine, as long as I don’t have more than 1 C a day, because polyols are not a big problem for me. Regarding fruits, these are all fine, but all fruits should be eaten in moderation and the ones that are problems for me, I don’t eat any ways.

Got to pay attention to the grains and emphasize the low FODMAP grains like oats, rice, and corn flour or corn starch. Wheat needs to be limited, but doesn’t need to be eliminated altogether. They say quinoa is fine, but I’ve learned from my food diary that it gives me way too much fiber. However processed quinoa, like in pasta, is probably fine.

All sugars should be fine for me, but moderation is key here. I love my sorbitol and that should be fine in moderation. I only have a slight problem with polyols. I can eat my granny smith apple, a polyol, but should eat them on days when I don’t have fructans.

Because this is so complicated, I’m probably going to mess up and need to forgive myself when that happens. This will require a bit of a learning curve. Hopefully, when Loree McBride’s brain control gets under control, perhaps I can quit worrying about all this stuff.

It is also not a good idea to be on a FODMAP elimination diet for a long time. A lot of fructans help the gut maintain a healthy microbial balance and should be reintroduced when the body can tolerate them.

My dietary management is complicated. And here are some low FODMAP foods I can emphasize!

Quinoa gives me too much fiber though and that makes my IBS worse. However, quinoa in pasta will probably be fine.

Fortunately, because I mainly have to concern myself with fructans, and because lactose, GOB and fructose are not a big issue for me, there is still plenty I can eat! Polyols need to be consumed in MODERATION.

Can I Eat Apples on The Low FODMAP Diet?

Great questions! And the answer is, YES, you can eat apples on the low FODMAP diet. Monash University is constantly testing and re-testing foods and in the August 2018 update they have now provided a low FODMAP/Green Light portion of 20 grams for either Pink Lady Apples or green Granny Smith apples. 

This is approximately a generous 2 tablespoons of finely diced apple, if measuring by volume. This amount could be added to oatmeal, granola or yogurt.

Because a whole apple is too much, slice the apple and store the slices by soaking them:

Soak them in a bowl of cold salt water. Not too much salt, or it affects the taste of the fruit. Dissolve 1/2 teaspoon of salt per 1 cup of water. The soaked apples will have a slightly salty flavor, but you can remedy that by giving them a quick rinse before eating them. 

Soak them in a bowl of cold lemon water. This is better than squeezing the lemon juice directly on the fruit, unless you don’t mind the fruit tasting really lemony. Mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice per 1 cup of water.

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