U.S. President Gail’s Military March Music

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Update: Loree McBride came to our side in 2022.

We need to practice offensive warfare against Satan’s Jesuits, like they have been doing to us! Here is the march music to inspire our troops! U.S. President Gail is 60% Catherine the Great and Catherine was a German, so that is why Gail has chosen German-themed music for her military theme. We also have Rule 13 and Adolf Hitler on our team and they both honor the virtuous aspects of the Nazi regime. Adolf Hitler was not aware of the concentration camps when he was the German Chancellor. As proud leader of our military, Gail takes the leadership as a military President, to defeat once and FOR ALL the monster Satan!

Great rendition of “Hold the Fort” in the audio above.

I made this video to honor my awesome Patreon supporters on May 4, 2021.
Rule 13 is one of our military leaders.
Satan resurrected Adolf Hitler from hell in Dec. 2020 and Jesus allowed him to stay on earth. He is now a military leader on President Gail’s side.
These are our enemies and who we must defeat in war!
Actual photo of Loree McBride’s cum star which is capable of destroying the entire earth if not for the Gail Shield. It also has formidable brain control powers right now. We suspect that Satan helped Loree McBride create this.
When this penis protrudes, it launches rays that are deadly, enabling Loree to practice horrible brain control and other monstrosities.
We are on the side of Jesus Christ.
During Christ’s millennial reign, He will rule with a rod of iron, but will rule in love.

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