Jesus Christ Says UFO Occupants are Fallen Angels

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The following March 9, 2012 conversation is taken from Bible for Tribulation Saints, a book that contains transcripts of my conversations and dealings with Jesus Christ:

Can hear my reading of the conversation here:

Jesus Christ started communicating directly with me and my men in 2012. He still meets with us and talks to us. It appears He will continue to do so from now on. Not sure He will ever meet up with me directly because I find him attractive and that could be dangerous for me (ha ha, this is so funny, I think. . .) since Satan likes to impersonate Jesus to me. Jesus does communicate with me through Brent Spiner and Zack Knight and my men. I trust them and know they wouldn’t lie to me about what He says to them. I find Jesus attractive cuz he’s the epitome of my ideal man (steel and velvet), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t fear Him at times. I am fully aware that He is God. The fear is mated with love, because I know that as long as I do my best to follow and obey Him, I’m good.

I was inspired to put all our conversations with Him from 2012 to some of 2020 in a book called Bible for Tribulation Saints which, I hear, has been added to the Biblical canon. But He’s still meeting with us, so I’m not sure if I will add more into Bible for Tribulation Saints. I am keeping records of all He says to me.

Gail: Ooooh. I bet I get that from David and maybe Catherine the Great, too. (pauses) Lord, you haven’t said too much about my Catherine the Great genes. What do you think about that side? Cuz I think that’s a pretty strong influence in me as well.

JESUS CHRIST: Catherine the Great was a badass.

[Gail laughs.]

Gail: What does that mean?

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

JESUS CHRIST: (She) loved horses.

Gail: I guess that means she was tough!

Terrance: Yeah, she was one bad mamma jamma.

Gail: She was tough.

Terrance: Yes.

Gail (laughs): I’m not sure badass has a good connotation, though. (laughs again)

Terrance (chuckles): Jesus. . .he’s been using a lot of slang.

JESUS CHRIST: She (Catherine the Great) was awesome.

Gail: Oh, you liked her, huh? The Jesuits didn’t like her. Did the Jesuits murder Catherine the Great? They claim that they did. I’m just curious. You would know, Lord. They claim they killed her on the toilet. That she sat on knife blades and she died on the toilet seat. And they’re boasting about it. I think she died of stroke.

JESUS CHRIST: The Jesuits killed her. On the toilet.

Gail: Oh, they killed her! Oh, they’re horrible! They really did kill her! Oh man! They boast about it and they really did kill her. Oh! Those creeps. Man! You’re going to hold them accountable at the judgment for that. I know you will. Ugh! That’s disgusting! Ugh! So she didn’t die of stroke. She was murdered.

Terrance: Oh my goodness.

Gail: That makes me so mad. Cuz I’m sixty percent Catherine the Great. And they murdered my—

Terrance: I cannot believe this.

Gail: Well, you know, they boast about it. That they killed her. Did you know that? On their website? (Crazy Gail Wiki)

Terrance: I did not know that.

Gail: Oh yeah, they do. They claim they killed her on the toilet. Just like God said.

Terrance: Oh, my goodness! (incredulous) With knife blades in her butt?

Gail: She sat on the toilet and apparently knife blades sprang up and they stabbed her to death. When she sat on the toilet.

Terrance: Oh, my God!

Gail: Yeah! Yeah! They did that to her.

Terrance: When the knife blades poked in her butt, where did they go?

Gail: I think it went in her butt. Yeah. It’s terrible, man. They murdered her. I thought she might have died naturally and they were just boasting on that. Oh, did I say that wrong? I don’t know if it was in the butt or not. Lord, I’m just thinking of what I read on the Jesuit website.

Terrance: What? What? In the butt? Did they do it in the butt?

Gail: They claim it was on a toilet seat. So I’m not sure how they did it.

Terrance: Hmmm. Okay.

Gail: To be honest with you, I didn’t believe it. I thought they were just boasting just to intimidate me.

JESUS CHRIST: Oh, that’s right. I remember that now. In the butt.

Gail: Lord, how could you forget? You have a perfect memory. (to her men) I think he’s joking. Ugh! That’s disgusting!

Terrance: So Jesus. . .she died of being stabbed in the butt?

Gail: Man. . .Yeah, she did. That’s disgusting.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, but it gave her a stroke.

Gail: So she did die of stroke. But it was precipitated by that.

JESUS CHRIST: A blood clot from her butt went to her brain.

Gail: Oooooh. Oh those horrible Jesuits. Man! Ugh! That’s disgusting. (changes her tone) Catherine the Great was not a born again Christian though, was she? I don’t think she was. I know King David was saved. But I don’t think Catherine the Great was. Was she, Lord? Was she saved?

[Though this may be true, Gail would learn later that Jesus does allow some to go to heaven who are not his followers or who are not born again. It’s his call and he makes the final decision about this. It is considered rude in heaven to ask why Jesus allowed someone to go to heaven. But at this point in Gail’s life, Gail would not have been ready to hear this, so Jesus may have wisely not probed deeper into this matter.]

JESUS CHRIST: No. That’s why they were able to do a switch out. Then her clone had sex with a horse. The UFOs helped.

[A switch out is when a person’s Jesuit clone can “switch out” with the real person and impersonate the real person. The real person can go to an alternate reality while this “switch out” happens.]

Gail: A switch out? They didn’t have that technology back then, did they? They had clone technology back then?

Terrance: Or was it the UFOs that did that?

Gail: Maybe. . .yeah. . .Oh my goodness, they had that technology back then? That was the 1700s!

Terrance: The UFOs, the fallen angels, probably definitely knew how to do that.

Gail: You know, the third of the angels that fell with Satan? Are those the creatures that are travelling around in the UFOs? The fallen angels that fell with Satan, that’s what I think. I’m not sure. . .

[These UFOs were defeated by the Gail Shield in August 2016 and are all encased in semen bubbles in Satan’s ocean in deep space as of the date of this writing, which is June 26, 2017. The Gail Shield is a shield that is like a dome over Gail and is an extension of her genetic profile. The Gail Shield was greatly strengthened when Gail started obeying the Gail Commandments in March 2016.]

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, they are.

Gail: Ah ha! So that was a good guess on my part. You know how a third of the angels fell with Satan? That’s what’s travelling around in those UFOs right now. Those are all the fallen angels.

Terrance: Those are the fallen angel demons.

Gail: Yeah! When Satan rebelled against God, he was the anointed cherub that covereth. He fell from the third heaven. And God kicked him off the throne because he rebelled and he wanted to be like the Most High. He took a third of the angels with him. Those are all the UFOs’ inhabitants. Yeah, and poor Brent Spiner got stuck with some of them. That’s why I told Brent, “Brent, you need to get saved. Those demons have an obsession with you.” I’m so glad that you found the Lord, Brent. I was so worried about him when he was in that UFO, because I knew they were demons. I prayed. I said, “These devils have an obsession with  Brent. He needs to get saved.”

Terrance: So those are the same folks who was inside the computers when Vladimir Putin was karate chopping the demons.

Gail: Oh, the fallen angels, huh?

Terrance: Those were inside the network. Vladimir was karate chopping them up in the satellites.

Gail: Oh, there were some aliens in there?

Terrance: Well, he said they were devils. I don’t know what that was. Maybe they were those aliens.

JESUS CHRIST: Mechanic aliens, like the kind that abducted Brent.

Gail: Wow.

Terrance: The demons. Oh my goodness.

Gail: Yeah. I’m so glad Brent found you, Lord. I figured that that was the answer to his problems. So I explained to him the sinner’s prayer. And he was ready to say it. Because I said, “Brent this will solve your problems so that you won’t have to deal with, you know, all that. . . He didn’t want to have sex with Loree in the trial. And I could tell he was really depressed about this. And I knew that you were the answer, Lord. And you were. You rescued Brent Spiner.

Terrance: Now he’s going to officiate your wedding in the millennium.

Gail: Aaaah. That’s really awesome. Yeah.

Terrance: And he’s going to even join you guys on your first night of your wedding night.

Gail: Brent, what are you going to do for the other guys on my marriage list like Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler and all of them? Of course, maybe I’m being too future oriented. He tells me he wants me to focus on the here and now. (laughs) It’s just that with you (Jesus) here, I like to know. But you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. I just wonder how you guys can stand it? Cuz I’m only one woman and I can’t marry fifty of you!

JESUS CHRIST: They can still make love brain-to-brain.

Gail: What? In the millennium? What’s keeping you guys going? I can’t marry fifty of you guys! It just amazes me how you all love me so much. That you’re willing to forego other women just to be on my marriage list and I’m only one woman.

JESUS CHRIST: Marriage is beyond sex in the millennium.

Gail: Huh? Marriage is beyond sex in the millennium? What does that mean?

Terrance: I don’t understand.

JESUS CHRIST: You can have physical sex with the other men.

Gail: Oh, my goodness!

Terrance: Oh, my goodness!

Gail: Hey Lord, I have a question for you. . .you know, and I talked about this on the video. You said in heaven there’s no marriage. But you didn’t say there was no sex. So what you mean is in the millennium it’s not considered adultery to have sex with more than one person.

Terrance: Is that just for Gail, or for everyone in the millennium?

JESUS CHRIST: Pretty much just for Gail.

Gail: Why? (laughs)

Terrance: What makes Gail so different?

Gail: Yeah!

JESUS CHRIST: Brent and I have decided that’s our reward to them.

Gail: Oooooh. Oh dear. (smiles) Oh, my goodness. . . (laughs) I guess I am going to be like King David. He had a bunch of wives and concubines. Well, you’re the one who makes the rules, God. Well, Brent—

Terrance: Is this just whenever Gail wants to? I don’t understand.

Gail: Yeah! You ask very intelligent questions, Terrance.

JESUS CHRIST: Whenever Gail wants to, of course. Yeah, it’s all for you, Gail.

Gail: Wow! Why are you doing this God? Yeah, I can tell I’m one of your favorites. I’m a little stumped over this. And it’s not because I’m going to be your wife. I know that’s not the reason. So it’s something else.

JESUS CHRIST: You shouldn’t even have to ask.

Gail: Oh, really?

JESUS CHRIST: You know how special you are.

Gail: I do? (laughs) I do? I know how special I am? I guess I just don’t—

Terrance: He’s teaching in a parable.

Gail: I guess I still have a lot to learn.

Terrance: Hmm.

Gail: I know a lot of the men adore me. They think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. But I don’t think I’m the most beautiful woman in the world. I think what they like about me is my spirit. More than my looks. I have an unusual spirit.

Terrance: Well, you’re pretty hot too, there, Gail.

JESUS CHRIST: Your spirit makes all the difference.

Gail: Yeah, I’m glad you think that.

JESUS CHRIST: Yes, you’re pretty hot.

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