Allergy Seems the Culprit Behind My Urinary Frequency & Arrhythmias

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Refer to the image above while listening to my podcasts to help in understanding what I talk about.

UPDATE on June 30, 2021: Gail came to some incorrect conclusions about her and the general population having an allergenic atypical Fabry disease and has cancelled the Enzyme Immunotherapy Administrator position. However, her research into this field did find a cure for Fabry’s disease! Her Conspiracy Law does state in Sect. 14.0x of INTERNATIONAL MARRIAGE LAWS that if any of her laws are deemed ineffective they can be ignored.

Urinary frequency is a chronic problem for me and I’ve dealt with this since at least 2000. But it definitely seems to worsen during allergy season and when I ingested the CVS Beanaid. I also have learned what is the main culprit behind my arrhythmias, which I’ve suffered from for years, but which have definitely gotten worse in the past year! Loree McBride’s bomb clouds are an invention from hell. There is clinical evidence that pollution particles can enter the bloodstream and affect the organs and cause heart problems. Make sure to listen to my two podcasts on this page and refer to the illustration above to help in understanding what I talk about.

I am noticing a definite increase in urinary frequency after consuming an enzyme (CVS Beanaid) several days ago on June 21, 2021. My first reaction was that my intestines felt like they were on fire, which I speculate was the result of my body releasing histamine into my intestines as a form of allergic response. I have also been experiencing intestinal inflammation and bloating for several days after ingesting the Beanaid, which worsens several hours after a meal, possibly because the allergen is in my bile, which is being released into my small intestine to promote digestion.

Bile, which is a greenish-yellow secretion, is in charge of aiding the digestion of fats in the duodenum, the first region of the small intestine. Waste products are also eliminated from the body when they are secreted into bile.

Bile is continually secreted from the cells of the liver and then passed to the gallbladder, which is attached to the liver and rests on top of the small bowel. In the gallbladder, bile is stored and concentrated by the absorption of water and small electrolytes. The body will store bile and other secretions until they are needed to perform digestion. After we eat, our bile duct opens and allows bile, enzymes and secretions to do their jobs.

Bile salts are the main organic component found in bile. They allow the body to excrete cholesterol and potentially toxic compounds, like bilirubin and drug metabolites. Bile salts are synthesized in liver cells that are called hepatocytes, then stored in the gallbladder and secreted into the first part of the small intestine. Then they are reabsorbed and returned to the liver, where they are recycled and used by the body again.

Several hours after the meal, the intestinal inflammation tapers off somewhat, possibly because the bile is no longer being introduced into the small intestine then.

This would seem to indicate that if I ingest some allergens and they manage to get into my blood, like certain enzymes I may be allergic to, that my liver will filter the toxic substance out and it will become part of my bile, which explains why I get a lot of bloating right after eating a meal, which tapers off somewhat several hours after eating. This means it will take several days (possibly up to a week) before my body clears out the Beanaid that I ingested. It’s like it gets continually recycled through my bile. The main point being, if the allergic substance manages to get into my blood, like enzymes can, then it gets to my liver and my bile and the process to eliminate it is rather complicated and takes a while, because of it being continually recycled through the bile.

The allergic reaction also seems to give me urinary frequency and I just learned that enzymes can be passed through the urine. And the Beanaid is pure alpha-galactosidase enzyme, except for maltodextrin, which I already know is not a problem for me. Could I be allergic to the Alpha-galactosidase enzyme? Or perhaps only man-made Alpha-galactosidase enzyme which is produced from aspergillus niger? Though other enzymes and products (like citric acid) supposedly made from aspergillus niger or similar molds don’t seem a problem for me. Some Fabry patients actually react to blood transfusions which contain an enzyme that mimics alpha-galactosidase. Could Loree McBride be putting this enzyme, or an allergic form of the enzyme, in the bombs she drops over my head? This may explain why I still deal with urinary frequency and other allergic related issues, despite the fact that Jesus has cured my yeast infection with Seroquel.

How is Fabry disease managed or treated?

There isn’t a cure for Fabry disease. Medications for pain and stomach problems can ease symptoms. There are two treatments that may slow down the build up of the fatty substances with the goal to prevent heart problems, kidney disease and other life-threatening complications:

  • Enzyme replacement therapy: Every two weeks, you receive an intravenous (IV) infusion of lab-made agalsidase beta enzyme (Fabrazyme®). This replacement enzyme does the work of the missing alpha-GAL enzyme so that fatty substances don’t build up. You may receive an antihistamine and other medications before therapy to prevent an allergic reaction.

A urinary tract infection is one reason behind men and women having to take care of frequent urination. Nonetheless, there are different causes for this together with diabetes, prostate issues, and different well being conditions. But what some of us don’t perceive is that allergies may also cause this problem, relying on the allergic trigger. Normally, relying on how delicate your system is, this can be related to certain forms of meals allergies.

Meals and Drink High in Acid

Your daily weight loss plan could have many attainable allergy triggers which may trigger constant running to the restroom. For probably the most part, it is extremely acidic meals and drinks that may trigger allergic reactions and frequent urination to come back collectively, but this will likely not come to light for most individuals for fairly awhile. It often requires writing down the whole lot you absorb each day before you can decide what foods are the reason for these allergy symptoms and frequent urination.

While this foods and drinks high in acid could not upset the stomach, the way your body digests it may set off some kind of allergic response inflicting the extreme rest room breaks. No one actually is aware of why this occurs but when frequent urination is interrupting your life, you may want to think about banning excessive acidic meals and drinks like salsa, sodas, teas, coffee and cranberry juice.

Celiac Problems

Some folks with celiac disease have difficulty with the digestion of gluten products and any time they eat these merchandise it can trigger a distinct intestinal issues. A facet-effect of this situation with some individuals is frequent urination. Meals that include gluten products embody bread and pasta, which have wheat flour and should trigger an adverse response when eaten. These wheat primarily based allergies and frequent urination are tied together in this respect and the only approach to keep away from it for some people is to eat a very gluten free diet to avoid the symptoms.

Allergy Medications

Allergic reactions and frequent urination could also be tied together resulting from your reaction to the treatment used to deal with the allergies. Not all medicine are infallible and many of them include a laundry checklist of side effects, considered one of which might be frequent urination. If frequent urination is an issue, be sure to rule out different well being situations like an enlarged prostate or urinary tract an infection first earlier than contemplating an allergy.

Why This Happens is Nonetheless Not Certain

The link between frequent urination and allergy symptoms continues to be not precisely recognized, and some individuals simply seem to have abnormal allergic reactions to some things. It is extensively believed that whatever allergic trigger you have got creates a chemical chain response in your physique and this could cause hives from consuming certain foods whereas others could have free bowl actions, stomach cramping or nausea. They may not always get the identical reaction to the meals that caused the allergic reactions and frequent urination. The human body is actually one massive biological, chemical being and your immune system could have simply been weak throughout that time.

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