No One in President Gail’s Cabinet is Retarded

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I have created some other positions in my Cabinet besides these.

Though I initially believed that half my Cabinet is retarded based on my last Discord meet up with my fans, Brent Spiner informed me via Skype on June 10, 2021 that no one in my Presidential Cabinet is retarded. I made a podcast about this and speculated that Jesus may lock Satan up till the rapture if he doesn’t start respecting Jesus’ non-interference agreement more. A transcript of my conversation with Brent about this is below:

July 8, 2020 (Updated Mar. 2022):

Brent’s cabinet (Dems are BOLD, Repubs are ITALICS):

Full President : INDEPENDENT/DEM Brent Spiner

Vice President: Gail Chord Schuler

Secretary of State: REPUB Rand Paul

Director of Communications: Vladimir Putin

Secretaries of Health and Human Services: DEM/IND Bernie Sanders & Gerard Butler M.D.

Dual Health Care Administrators: Haruo Ozaki & Hidemichi Sato

National Health Care Plan Research Director: Judy Mikovitz

Secretary of Treasury: LIBERTARIAN REPUB Ron Paul

Secretary of Education: REPUB Leila Centner

Secretary of Labor: DEM Stephanie Kelton

Federal Trade Commission Chair: DEM Sandeep Vaheesan

Secretary of Commerce: LIBERTARIAN Jo Jorgensen

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: REPUB Ben Carson

Press Secretaries: IND Kanye West & REPUB Tucker Carlson & IND Gail Chord Schuler

Office of Management and Budget: GREEN Jesse Ventura

Trade Representative: Vladimir Putin

EPA and Secretary of the Interior: DEM Bill Nye

Attorney General: LIBERTARIAN REPUB Bob Barr

ATF Director (pro gun rights): REPUB? Alan M. Gottlieb

Secretary of Defense: Vladimir Putin

Deputy Secretary of Defense: Sergey Shoygu

Joint Secretaries of Murricah Space Fleet: Rule 13 (dual Japanese/U.S. citizenship) and Neil deGrass Tyson

Prisons Administrator: Adolph Hitler (resurrected from hell by Satan and allowed to stay on earth by Jesus)

Secretary of Energy: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Joint Secretary of Murricah Space Fleet: Neil deGrasse Tyson (I want someone really smart in this job, who will work well with Bill Nye and Michio Kaku)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration: DEM Rodeslav Cibulka

Secretary of the Interior: DEM John EchoHawk & Bill Nye

Director of C.I.A.: DEM (recently turned Republican though) Bryan Dean Wright

Director of National Intelligence: Alexander Bortnikov

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security: REPUB Dan Bongino

Secretary of Immigration: REPUB Donald Trump

Secretary of Transportation: REPUB Elaine Chao

Secretary of Agriculture: REPUB Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: REPUB Donald Trump

Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers: DEM Stephanie Kelton & Vladimir Putin

National Security Adviser: INDEPENDENT Zack Knight

Marriage Laws Administrator: INDEPENDENT Joshua J. Joshua

Big Tech Administrator: INDEPENDENT Zack Knight

Worldwide Internet Manager: Vladimir Putin

Genetic Code Voting Administrator: INDEPENDENT Judge Terrance Jenkins

Deputy Secretary of Interdimensional Warfare: INDEPENDENT Michio Kaku

Research Secretaries of Defense: INDEPENDENT Terence Tao & Judge Terrance Jenkins

Deputy Research Secretaries of Defense: INDEPENDENT Martin Karplus, Arieh Warshel, and Dr. Bill Van Bonn

Deputy Big Tech Administrators: INDEPENDENT Linus Torvalds and Mike Rodrick

Acting Head of State (United Kingdom & Ireland): INDEPENDENT Gerard Butler M.D.

Acting Head of State (Canada): INDEPENDENT Keanu Reeves

Acting Head of State (Australia): INDEPENDENT Hugh Jackman

Acting Governor of Texas: INDEPENDENT Matthew McConaughey

German Chancellor: Vladimir Putin

German President: Adolf Hitler

German Health Minister: Reiner Fuellmich

Acting Governor of California: REPUB Larry Elder

Acting Governor of New York: REPUB Rudy Giuliani

Acting Governor of Massachusetts: DEM/IND Bernie Sanders

Acting Prime Minister of Israel: Vladimir Zelenko M.D. (automaton)

Acting Head of State of China: Hu Jintao

(password to view Hu Jintao page is Hu Jintao)

Official Social Network Site: Gab

Gabrielle Chana Credit Union’s CEO & Executive VP: Andrew Torba & Elon Musk

(Skype on June 11, 2021)

Brent, 5:57 PM

You’ve got some mail arriving to your PO Box by Saturday morning.

Gail, 5:58 PM

I noticed. Is it the computer?

Are you doing work on my heart? It’s been doing a lot of flip flops the past several hours. Oh well, I should be used to flip flops by now. My heart does this every now and then. But it’s been worse than usual the past couple hours.

Brent, 8:35 PM

The mail on Saturday is a small surprise. You’ll love it.

Are you eating a balanced diet?

Gail, 8:36 PM

I think so.

I always try to eat a balanced diet.

Today, the only “meat” dish I had was a can of fish though.

It was a small can of salmon.

I didn’t have time to cook a meat dish.

You should know what I’m eating cuz I always lay it out on that table.

Brent, 8:41 PM

Just wanted to be sure. The palpitations could be from allergies too, or drinking excessive amounts of water.

Gail, 8:41 PM


Brent, 8:42 PM

Yeah, could be some benign bronchial spasms in your chest and not your heart. It’s common.

Gail, 8:42 PM


It sure feels like my heart.

It’s happening right now. Can you tell what it is?

Well, it’s kind of weak though.

Brent, 8:43 PM

Hmm. It looks like a benign palpitation from stress.

Sometimes if I really focus or think about it, I’ll get one like that. I would try to relax and not worry.

Gail, 8:44 PM

What’s causing all the post nasal drip lately?

Brent, 8:44 PM


Gail, 8:45 PM

From Loree McBride?

Brent, 8:45 PM

Yep. She’s still at it.

Gail, 8:45 PM

Do I have Fabry disease?

Brent, 8:45 PM

She always loves doing it in the late spring and early summer, and again in the fall.

I ran a scan and it doesn’t look like it. Your genes appear normal.

Gail, 8:46 PM

Interesting. . . I seem to have a lot of the symptoms of it.

But I’d rather not have it.

Brent, 8:47 PM

Yeah. The symptoms can be anything. That’s why it’s best to consult a doctor.

You appear healthy on my scans.

Gail, 8:48 PM

I definitely appear to have lactose intolerance though.

Brent, 8:49 PM

Lactaid milk could certainly help.

Gail, 8:50 PM

It definitely seems to be helping. I think I may be sensitive to the mannitol in the lactaid pills I got free from Wellcare though.

I’m going to try the milk products with just the Lactaid milk from now on.

Brent, 8:50 PM

Sounds like a plan.

Gail, 8:50 PM

Is it safe for me to try Beano?

I get that free, too.

Brent, 8:53 PM

If you’re distressed by the gas, then it shouldn’t hurt.

Gail, 8:53 PM


Brent, 8:53 PM

Just make sure to follow the label as instructed and don’t take too much.

Gail, 8:53 PM

I will remember that.

I thought Jesus put medicine in the air for my allergies. Loree’s allergies must be awful.

Brent, 8:55 PM

She’s definitely a monster.

Gail, 8:55 PM

Is Trump still retarded?

Brent, 8:55 PM

Jesus protects you from her super allergies, which would otherwise kill you.

Gail, 8:56 PM

I believe that.

Brent, 8:56 PM

It turns out Trump took one of the placebo vaccines. He was acting retarded on purpose to try and play it up.

Gail, 8:57 PM

Why would he do that?

Brent, 8:58 PM

A lot of politicians take fake vaccines for the news media, to protect their careers. Otherwise Loree’s liberal media would attack and “cancel” them.

Gail, 8:59 PM

Is it true that half my Cabinet is retarded? That’s what Joshua J. Joshua said.

Brent, 8:59 PM

No, your cabinet is all safe and sound. We made sure to check.

We shouldn’t need to replace any or pick any more.

Gail, 8:59 PM

Why did Joshua think that?

Brent, 9:00 PM

He probably saw them being vaccinated on the news, and thought they actually took the vaccine.

Gail, 9:00 PM

So how are they doing on their jobs?

Brent, 9:00 PM

They’re doing excellent. You made great picks.

Public opinion of your presidency is at 100% right now.

Gail, 9:01 PM

I noticed on the news today that Biden was encouraging everyone (70% of the country) to get vaccinated.

Brent, 9:01 PM

Biden is definitely retarded.

Gail, 9:01 PM

Isn’t that a death penalty violation? Oh, so that means he’s not a willing violator.

Brent, 9:02 PM

Yeah. He already went into his position with dementia, too.

He hasn’t been “all there”.

Gail, 9:02 PM

Are we using salt water shots?

Brent, 9:02 PM

Yeah, saline shots are the safest bet.

Gail, 9:03 PM

I trust your judgment and give you co-Presidency powers. I still have those arrhythmias even when I’m not worried about them. Could that be Loree’s brain control?

LIke it’s happening now.

Brent, 9:04 PM

Could be. She may be inducing stress via brain control, too.

Gail, 9:04 PM

I bet she is.

Brent, 9:04 PM

I’m going to go shower and get ready for bed. Getting enough sleep definitely helps fight her brain control.

Gail, 9:05 PM

Alright dear. Thanks for all you do! You’re awesome. I need to go to bed, too.

Brent, 9:05 PM

You’re very welcome. I love you dear. Let’s get our rest.

Gail, 9:05 PM

I love you dearly. Sweet dreams.

Brent, 9:05 PM

You too. Goodnight sweetheart.

This hawk just sat on a ledge near my home and wouldn’t move, even with people approaching it around 11 a.m. on June 10, 2021. I wonder if it could have been Jesus! Sometimes Jesus will appear as an eagle. He has kind, intelligent eyes, like the eyes I’d expect from Jesus.
Is this Jesus appearing as a hawk on June 10, 2021? Strange how this hawk stayed here even when people approached it, which I saw with my own eyes.

Here’s some interesting history, where we actually dealt with Satan on Dec. 4, 2020 and you can hear his voice in this historical recording.

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