Judy Mikovitz Appointed National Health Care Plan Research Director

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President Gail makes another update to her Conspiracy Law to her National Health Care Plan. In summary, I am removing the ability to make a criminal profit off of medical patents and am encouraging true humanitarians to be medical researchers. The FDA, CDC and NIH are totally and irrevocably BANNED and anyone who obeys them or works for them will be executed. I appoint Judy Mikovitz as Director of the National Health Care Plan Research Organization.


55.6 [a-1] Due to rampant corruption in all university medical research, especially those with federal funding, President Gail cancels completely the Bayh-Dole Act of 1980. All patents for all medicines granted under this act fall back under the jurisdiction of the federal government, and the federal government retains full patent rights on all health products that got government financing as a result of the Bayh-Dole Act. We do not want to encourage medical researchers to research with profit-motives in mind.

55.6 [b-1] Furthermore, Judy Mikovitz will be in charge of evaluating all products patented as a result of the Bayh-Dole Act and evaluating them and deciding if they are safe and effective. The FDA, CDC and NIH are ALL BANNED. Any one who continues to work for any of these organizations will be executed.

55.6 [c-1] All workers in these organizations who have moral integrity and are not Loree McBride Jesuits will be migrated into the National Health Care Plan Research Organization. No research can be conducted until the researcher first passes a scan that evaluates their motives for research and/or the scan must occur before approval of any product or research. The scanner must pass a scan that what they are doing or approving of is best for the health of humanity to the best of their knowledge and is the most effective treatment or plan to alleviate whatever this research is supposed to cure/alleviate. If the researcher fails this scan, they cannot go forward with the research or they will be executed.

55.6 [d-1] Regarding patents for medicines and health cures. . .these are only allowed if the product is purely original and has no copies already in existence and cannot be used to make a profit off of the product. To discourage greed and conflicts of interest in creating medical cures, the government will reward medical researchers based on the effectiveness of their cure. There is to be no collaboration between medical research and marketing.

55.6 [e-1] To reward a scientist who has created a worthy medical product, the federal government will award them a bonus based on how effective the product is when used on actual patients. The data on the product’s effectiveness must be accurate and the person who presents this data must pass a scan for honesty to ensure they are not lying. Those who present inaccurate information about the effectiveness of the product with the intent to deceive the public into using an unsafe product, will be executed publicly on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. The cost of the product must be as low as possible so that it will have greatest benefit to humanity. The more people that are helped by the product, the more of a bonus the patent owner will get from the government. The bonus will be considered the equivalent of a Nobel Prize in Medicine, Chemistry, etc.

55.6 [f-1] Because a lot of unsafe products, like the Covid vaccines, have already been patented, these must all be withdrawn from the market and any one who distributes them will be executed. Furthermore, effective medicines like Ivermectin. monoclonal antibodies, and hydroxychloroquine must be made available fully to deal with Covid infections.

55.6 [g-1] The goal of the National Health Care Plan Research Organization is to promote true research with the motive to benefit humanity and not to make a profit! This is why the marketing of the product must not be connected to the research and the reward for the product creation cannot be based on profits, but on a government award which is given purely on the product’s merit and not on how profitable it is.

55.6 [h-1] Furthermore, all products approved or banned by the FDA must be re-evaluated and given new approvals or bans based on the research of the National Health Care Plan Research Organization. The FDA, CDC and NIH are TOTALLY REPLACED by the National Health Care Plan Research Organization and any one who claims to represent the FDA, CDC or NIH and tries to influence the public will be executed.

55.6 [i-1] Brent Spiner M.D. has full authority to override Judy Mikovitz at any time and can work with her to make appointments inside the National Health Care Plan Research Organization. All patents granted by the government will be re-evaluated by the National Health Care Plan Research Organization and no longer can patent owners earn a profit off of their patents. From this day forward (Oct. 1, 2021), patent owners will be rewarded by the government based on the effectiveness of their product. All profits made from such products must be funneled to the government, who will store the profits in a special bank devoted to that purpose. If the product deserves the profits made, then those profits will be given to the patent holder as part of the government award to the patent holder to reward them for their effective and safe product. If the product is criminal and causes harm to people, the profits from the patented product will be paid out as damages to the victims of the criminal product.

55.6 [j-1] By revamping the system for patents, Gail hopes to discourage profiteers from creating and marketing criminal products on the public. This system for patents for medical products must be in place in all Conspiracy Law honoring countries.

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