Terence Tao and Judge Terrance Jenkins Appointed Research Secretaries of Defense

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Because our warfare is interdimensional, we need a mathematical genius to head up our military. It takes very advanced math to understand the higher dimensions and how to deal with them. Michio Kaku and our military leaders can educate Terence on the interdimensionality of our warfare and help him to develop our military so that it is capable of interdimensional warfare. Terence doesn’t seem to have a military mindset, so we may assign him primarily to research and helping us develop our arsenal to invade other dimensions of space to successfully attack the cum star where it exists in a higher dimension. He enjoys research and working with a team, so we’ll place him with a team to help reinvent our military and to transform it into an interdimensional military and space fleet.

Judge Terrance Jenkins

Judge Terrance Jenkins has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and a B.S. degree in chemistry and an M.S. in quantum physics from Cal Tech. With this impressive science and math background, he would make an excellent Research Secretary of Defense and I feel would work well with Terence Tao to develop strategies to take out Loree McBride’s cum star from hell, which exists in the higher dimensions. He is also a good man who has consistently supported me under any and all conditions.

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