Our 11 Dimensional World Explained

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In this video I will tell you what we mean by dimensions and how many dimensions are there. All 11 dimensions from zero dimension to eleventh dimensions will be discussed here.

Zeroth Dimension
Any object having Zero dimension has no length, no width and no height. A point is an example of zeroth dimension.

First dimension
An object in first dimension has only one dimension i.e. the length. If we connect two points then we get a line having only one dimension. So a line is an example of first dimension.

Second dimension
Flat figures like a square or triangle are two dimensional objects. These two dimensional or 2D Objects have non zero area but their volume is zero as there is no height.

Third dimension
If we add height or depth to a two dimensional object, it becomes a three dimensional object. A Three dimensional object has non zero volume.

Fourth dimension (Time)
Time is considered the fourth dimension. Without the fourth dimension i.e. The time dimension, no events can take place. Without time dimension nothing will change in this world. Time is the way for three dimensions to change. It is the time dimension that allows the objects to change their position and location in space.

So these were the first four dimensions that can be perceived by humans. Now We are going to discuss higher dimensions that we can not perceive, although they exist.

Fifth dimension
We can not perceive dimensions higher than the fourth dimension as they exist on a subatomic level. These higher dimensions actually deal with the possibilities. But why we cannot perceive higher dimensions. Actually these dimensions are curled in on themselves in a process known as compactification.

If a person were living in a world of five dimensions then he would be able to play with time in different ways. He could move either in past or in future. It would also be possible for him to be present at different locations at the same time. He would be able to do many jobs or can have many hobbies at the same time. He could be a doctor, an engineer, a cricketer, a poet and anything else at the same time, as he has full control over the time dimension.

Sixth dimension
In The sixth dimension we enter into the world of parallel universes I.e. The concept of multiverse. This dimension will allow us to see all possible presents, pasts and futures. But Every Universe present in this multiverse will have the same beginning as that of our universe I.e. the big bang. This is the limitation of this dimension.

Seventh dimension
This dimension also, includes the concept of parallel universes. Seventh dimension contains infinite number of universes. So a Person living in seven dimensions can move in any universe and can have infinite forms of itself. Seventh dimension can contain a plane of all possible universes with different start conditions. Universes present in this dimension may have originated from different possibilities.

Eighth Dimension
According to String theory, there will be no physical existence of any object that is present in the 8th dimension. If you find it difficult to imagine, then you can understand it like the digital world that we are familiar with. The eighth dimension will contain a plane of all the possible presents, pasts and futures for all the infinite number of parallel universes that are stretching up to infinity.

Ninth Dimension
Ninth dimension is again very interesting and unbelievable.
In the ninth dimension, it is possible for many civilizations or aliens to live at the same place and at the same time without seeing and feeling the presence other. A Person living in the ninth dimension will be able to move in any infinite number of universes, will have no physical form, will be able to move in all presents, pasts and futures of any infinite number of universes that are extending to infinity. One different thing that will happen in the universes of the ninth dimension will be, that these universes may have their own laws of physics and separate conditions and probabilities of their origin.

Tenth dimension
This dimension will contain infinite possibilities and would be infinitely complex to understand for us. A person living in the tenth dimension will have infinite powers. That person would be so powerful that he would be no other than the God itself as he would be able to control space and time and every thing present in any infinite number of universes.

Eleventh dimension
Friends before describing the eleventh dimension, let me tell you that according to string theory there are 10 dimensions, while M- Theory says that there are total 11 dimensions. But According to Bosonic theory, total number of dimensions may be up to 26.

Michio Kaku, who is part of my Cabinet, believes there are 11 dimensions, which is the position I hold. This knowledge is crucial to us defeating Loree McBride’s cum star which, I’m convinced, exists in a higher dimension or dimensions.

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