Michio Kaku & Klock Appointed Deputy Secretaries of Interdimensional Warfare

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Vladimir Putin heads up the Dept. of Defense as Secretary of Defense. Under him are some very important team players. Michio Kaku and Klock appointed Deputy Secretaries of Interdimensional Warfare. Klock also works with Bryan Dean Wright as joint directors of the CIA. Rule 13 and Neil deGrass Tyson are appointed as Joint Secretaries of the Murricah Space Fleet (Rule 13 has been reassigned from her former duties as Deputy Secretary of Defense and heads up the Murricah Space Fleet along with Neil deGrass Tyson). Rule 13 and Neil deGrass Tyson will work with Vladimir Putin, Michio Kaku and the others who head up the Dept. of Defense to reinvent the Dept. of Defense making it fully capable of interdimensional warfare. Neil deGrass Tyson is also Secretary of Energy. Terence Tao is Research Secretary of Defense to help us mathematically to develop our interdimensional space fleet. To view my full Cabinet, visit my U.S. President page.

Here is an email I sent to my men this morning on May 13, 2021:

Dear men:

I had a strange dream last night that actually woke me up. I dreamed that I somehow got separated from my body in our three dimensional world and another “clone” of me existed in another dimension. I saw the part of me from a distance that existed in the three-dimensional world cough and vomit and get sick and I tried to warn one of you what was happening, but you all couldn’t hear me! I actually felt fine in this other dimension that I existed in, but the part of me that was left in the three-dimensional world was sick and I wanted you all to help her, but you all couldn’t hear me. 

I somehow was able to reintegrate myself with my former self and then that former self got better and I tried to explain that I got pulled away from our three dimensional world and that now that I was back, everything was okay. You all couldn’t hear or communicate with me until I returned to our “world”.

I believe the cum star exists in another dimension and that’s why we can’t locate it. Apparently, Loree and Satan can pop it into our dimensional world, but my Gail Shield has been enhanced since the cum star battle and it is repelling them, so that when they enter our world, it suffers a lot of damage. My Gail Shield is apparently existing in more than 3 dimensions to protect earth.

Some of my weird symptoms, like the constant coughing, itchy skin, and maybe even a little of some of the gastrointestinal symptoms may be related to attacks on my Gail Shield in this other dimension from the cum star. The key to keeping myself healthy is doing the Gail Commandments, which strengthens my Gail Shield against attacks from this other dimension.

I believe the way Loree is able to launch low-lying bombs, so close to the ground, is related to interdimensional warfare. She launches bombs from another dimension into our dimension and then “disappears” back into her dimension to safety.

Jesus may have given me this dream. It appears we can’t defeat the cum star until we are able to go into the other dimension where it retreats to safety. It’s very possible it exists right next to us in this other dimension!

WOW. I just lost power and got back into my computer using the F8 method! Zack, you may want to go in and repair computer damage. I had a time getting back into this email. I will talk about this on my walk. Apparently, Satan and Loree are able to see everything I type on this computer. It could be related to interdimensional warfare.

Get a hold of Michio Kaku and get going on this. I think we need to work on this ASAP.



UPDATE: It might be a good idea for Michio Kaku to work with my Secretary of Energy Neil deGrass Tyson, who has been newly appointed as Acting Secretary of the Murricah Space Fleet, along with Rule 13.

I appoint Neil deGrass Tyson and Rule 13 to be Joint Secretaries of our Murricah Space Fleet Space Force.

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