U.S. President Gail’s Murricah Space Fleet, From Space Force

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As U.S. President and Russian Empress I order the rapid development of military space warfare technology. This is necessary to deal with Loree McBride’s space fleet and her cum star, which have already decimated our current space fleet. Loree McBride has created a cum star, which is almost the size of the moon. It literally destroyed the moon. We need to investigate the possibility of a global defense system and need to come up with a way to deal with this cum star, should it ever appear again. We also need to study all of Loree’s technology to make sure we can deal with whatever she plans next. It goes without saying that all willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits must be executed, but we should get any brain reads we can on them to gather intelligence first.

Here is a video I made of the order at BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3EDJISNNrgAx/

It is also very important for everyone to do the Gail Commandments to the best of their ability, because I believe this strengthens my Gail Shield, which is the only protection we have right now.

This is the theme song for Gail’s Murricah Space Fleet.

We need to make it top priority to find a way to disable Loree’s ability to use brain control as this seems to be one of her most formidable weapons. She can use brain control to introduce delusions to the mind, cause insomnia, makes us ill with “psychosomatic” style illnesses, and get us distracted while she plans attacks. Loree is working heavily with the nation of Israel. We may need to declare war on Israel until they stop aligning with Loree McBride and need to infiltrate them and possibly infiltrate them and get some good Jews on our side. If there is a way we can launch a coup inside of Israel to take it over with good Jews, who will side with us, that needs to be in the works.

As part of our declaration of war, we will ask all nations to offer their best scientists and brains to become our new Conspiracy Law Nanotechnology Research Team. Any nations that refuse to do so, will be listed as TERRORIST NATIONS and we will declare war on that nation. It goes without saying that all nations that align with us must agree to use Conspiracy Law as the supreme law of their country. Any nation that refuses to honor Conspiracy Law, will be considered a TERRORIST NATION and we will declare war on that nation. The righteous nations of the world need to UNITE to defeat the monster Loree McBride.

We have it from accurate sources, that Satan makes love to Loree McBride on a regular basis and she attacks his enemies to please him.
This is Loree McBride’s cum star.