Rule 13 Joint Secretary of Murricah Space Fleet & Adolph Hitler as Prisons Administrator

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Jesuit military leader Rule 13
Rule 13 is a heroic military leader.

Update on May 13, 2021 (June 19, 2021): Rule 13 heads up the Murricah Space Fleet, along with Neil deGrass Tyson. Rule 13 will work with Neil deGrass Tyson to make our Dept. of Defense capable of interdimensional warfare. Hitler will be Prisons Administrator as of June 19, 2021.

The following (in the green sections) is taken from Conspiracy Laws and Government (Sect. 8.07) and describes how the Prisons Administrator must program the scanners that ensure all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS honor Conspiracy Law. To understand this law in its entirety, refer to the legal document Conspiracy Laws and Government (Sect. 8.07) and Conspiracy Law in its entirety:

8.07hhh(1a) A Loree McBride Jesuit (also called a SATAN SUPPORTER) is defined as any person who (directly or indirectly) and willingly brings into being or attempts to bring into being any action or creation (including legislation) designed to help Loree McBride and/or Satan to take over the world and/or exert power over others with the intent to weaken the forces that oppose Loree and/or Satan (such as Empress Gail and/or her supporters and/or Conspiracy Law). All Loree McBride Jesuits get the death penalty.


8.07kkk(8) To ensure enforcement of this Sect. 8.07kkk(7), no GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL (as defined by this document) can carry out (or neglect to carry out) any action or creation without first submitting themselves to a scanner to determine their motive for doing so. Those GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who need to make quick decisions that don’t give them time to do the scan (such as police and military) must be outfitted with 24/7 scans that monitor their motives at all times. The scanners for GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS should ideally also be on them 24/7 (so that we can monitor their motives/activities to ensure they don’t work for Loree McBride). The scanners need to be so programmed that as soon as the scanner detects that this GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL is about to carry out (or neglect to carry out) an action or creation with the motive to be a Loree McBride Jesuit or that they are a RETARD or MENTALLY INCOMPETENT, an alarm will go off and a record of that alarm will be sent to our PRISON HEADQUARTERS. The alarm will also be heard by the GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL themselves, as a warning to NOT go forward with their Conspiracy Law violating action or creation OR to go forward with a Conspiracy Law honoring action or creation, and that if they fail to carry out/or neglect to carry out the action/or inaction to honor Conspiracy Law, they are to be publicly executed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (if they are a willing Loree McBride Jesuit) or they are to be incarcerated (if they are a retard or mentally incompetent). In some cases the Conspiracy Law honoring way forward will be an action, and in some cases it will be an inaction. But either way, Conspiracy Law must be honored. Our GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL scanners will read motives at all times for all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to be sure all actions or inactions are done according to Conspiracy Law.

8.07kkk(9) Those who program these scanners must ensure the scanners operate as outlined in Conspiracy Law and to willingly program them otherwise will bring the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit to that violator. The scanners must also be programmed to read the memories of all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS from Jan. 20, 2021 to now as well, to deal with actions or creations or inactions that happened after Jan. 20, 2021 that need to be redressed. If the scanners detect an action or creation or inaction that occurred between Jan. 20, 2021 to now that indicated a motive to disobey Conspiracy Law, the alarm will also go off at PRISON HEADQUARTERS as well as with the person who committed the action or creation or inaction, indicating that the GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL needs to redress that violation. The person in charge of these scanners will be the PRISONS ADMINISTRATOR.

8.07kkk(9a) All prisons in Conspiracy Law honoring countries must be under the jurisdiction of the federal government, no private prisons are allowed and all private prisons must fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government. This is to ensure that all prisoners are handled according to Conspiracy Law. We also don’t want to conduct prisons for profit. These prisons are designed to maintain stability and order in our society, not to cater to the rich and powerful or to serve as a means for law violators to get an unfair reprieve for their crimes or violations. By streamlining all prisons to be under the jurisdiction of the federal government, we ensure Conspiracy Law is applied justly and fairly to all prisoners.

8.07kkk(10) Failure to redress a violation detected by our GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL scanners will also bring the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit to that violator and then the violation must be redressed by that GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL’s replacement. Willing failure to redress any Conspiracy Law violation by any GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL responsible for doing so, will bring the death penalty as a Loree McBride Jesuit to that violator.

8.07mmm(11) MENTALLY INCOMPETENT, for the purposes of this section, is defined as any person who lacks the mental capacity or health or I.Q. to make sound and logical decisions and whose decision making ability is impaired to the point that their decisions could cause violations of Conspiracy Law to happen, especially if the person is unaware their actions or creations would bring about such violations of Conspiracy Law.

8.07nnn(12) All GOVERNMENT OFFICIALs must pass a course in Conspiracy Law that gives them enough understanding of Conspiracy Law to make them aware of when their actions or creations would be a violation of Conspiracy Law.  The Genetic Code Voting Administrator will develop this course, and he/she may work with others in the development of the course. As of June 19, 2021, no GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL can act as a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL until they pass the Conspiracy Law course, with the exception of those who need to deal with emergencies that cannot be handled by a GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL who has passed the course.

8.07ooo(13) Because many creations or actions have already occurred that violate Conspiracy Law since the inauguration of mainstream news U.S. President Joe Biden on Jan. 20, 2021, we have a plan to deal with these retroactively. Any GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL who, after taking the Conspiracy Law course, feels that an action or creation they took between Jan. 20, 2021 to June 19, 2021 is a violation of Conspiracy Law is required to undo that action or creation by whatever means necessary. To ensure this happens all GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS must be outfitted with scanners that operate 24/7 and that also scan their memories going back to Jan. 20, 2021 (or earlier if we feel it necessary for this particular person).

As U.S. President, I appointed Rule 13 and a resurrected Adolph Hitler as joint Secretary of Defense in early 2021. Satan conned us into meeting with him on Dec. 4, 2020 and resurrected Adolph Hitler from hell. Adolph Hitler, it turns out, did not even know about the Jewish extermination camps under his regime, and was just a loyal Vatican agent at the time. He really wants to redeem his legacy and now has his chance as the military leader of our operations. We ended up needing Jesus to beat up Satan and Jesus decided to let Adolph Hitler remain alive on earth, but sent Ruth Bader Ginsburg back to hell (apparently Satan resurrected her, too). Rule 13 is not a known person in mainstream news, so here is a brief history that captures who she is, taken from my Bible for Tribulation Saints. Rule 13 admires Hitler. I don’t agree with all of Rule 13’s views, but understand where she is coming from. You must understand that the Nazis were a Jesuit organization and got their sponsorship from the Roman Catholic Church. They were very committed and dedicated to their beliefs, which is what Rule 13 admired about them.

To honor Rule 13, our military’s symbol will be a Star of David (since I’m literally half King David) with a Swastika over it, meaning Rule 13 will head our military with the dedication of a good Adolph Hitler.

Many of the Jews who died in the concentration camps were Jew clones. We currently have an epidemic of Jew clones who have taken over the world via Loree McBride and who rigged the 2020 U.S. Presidential election. But God does not want us to take out all the Jews, even when they are this evil. The Jewish nation will come back to God though and when they do, Christ will set up his 1000 year reign.

Rule 13 is fiercely loyal to me though and will honor my Conspiracy Law with the dedication of an Adolph Hitler. I am literally half King David, and am a victim of anti-Semitism myself. Rule 13 won’t betray me and won’t betray any Jews who support me.

By the way, we would have lost World War II, if Albert Einstein didn’t leave Germany to come to the United States in the 1930s, because the Nazi scientists were also developing an atomic bomb. It was a race for time and the U.S. developed the atom bomb first and so we won WWII. God has a way of messing up Satan’s grandest schemes and Satan’s biggest scheme is to totally corrupt the Jewish nation, so that they won’t accept Jesus as their Messiah and thus defeat Jesus by preventing Jesus from starting his 1000 year reign. You might ask, “Why is it so important for the Jewish nation to accept Jesus as their Messiah?” It’s because God cannot lie and he made promises to the Jewish nation (read the Bible) that he must honor, or his reputation is at stake. Satan’s goal is to tarnish God’s reputation and thinks he can win a MORAL VICTORY against God by depriving God of a FOLLOWING. Satan’s goal is to take all of God’s followers out and have them all follow Satan. So if God has no followers, then either God will destroy the Universe (he almost did at the time of Noah) or Satan rules because God has no followers. I think Satan is a bit insane though and doesn’t realize he can’t win against the creator of the universe. Seriously, if God lost all his following, that means he’d also destroy Satan if he planned to remake the universe, because Satan is a CREATED BEING.

The only hold up to the 1000 year reign is the salvation of the Jewish nation (when they accept Jesus as their Messiah). Satan thinks he can destroy the Jews from the INSIDE, by making them sin and thus ENSURING the Jews will NEVER ACCEPT JESUS AS THEIR MESSIAH. He’s winning now, but I and my men will win the Jews to their true Messiah! Rule 13 admires Hitler’s purity and dedication to his cause and for all you might want to say about Hitler, he was exactly what he appeared to be. I don’t agree with Hitler’s assessment that the solution to the world’s ills was to annihilate the Jewish nation though and, in that sense, he was Satan’s dupe. But Rule 13 is my BFF and won’t take out any good Jewish people who support me. She just admires Hitler’s idealism and dedication. The real reason there was a Holocaust is cuz Hitler was a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC and following the orders of the Catholic Church at the time.

Hitler was a devout Roman Catholic. The first success in Nazi diplomacy was the Concordat signed between the Vatican and Nazi Germany on 20 July 1933.
This Concordat agreed that the Nazis would not interfere in the activities of the Catholic Church. In return, the Vatican would diplomatically recognize the Nazi regime – the first state to officially do so.
The Concordat was an international success. It also helped to consolidate Nazi power internally within Germany by reducing Catholic opposition to the party. Hitler was not aware of the extermination camps against the Jews and has been resurrected from hell by Satan and Jesus has allowed him to remain on earth. He is devoutly loyal to me. My guess is after he serves in my military, his next eternal destination will be heaven.

Rule 13 admires Hitler because he was pure in his ideals and totally dedicated to his cause. And the Catholic Church is Satan’s bride as Satan attempts to use it to imitate Jesus Christ’s bride, which is the body of true Jesus followers of all ages from the time of the Apostles to the rapture. Satan knows he must stop the Jewish nation from accepting Jesus as their Messiah, or he is defeated and Jesus sets up his 1000 year reign. As a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC, Hitler was deceived into believing that if the Catholic Church gained a worldwide reign through his military prowess, he could bring in Christ’s kingdom and fell for Satan’s lie that the Jewish nation had been REPLACED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. But Rule 13 knows better now, but still admires Hitler for his supreme dedication to his cause, and for all you may want to say about Hitler, he did HAVE THAT. If the Catholic Church had not deceived Hitler, he would have just as easily been converted over to my point of view that the final solution is the elimination of devil worshippers on the earth. The current devil worshippers are Loree McBride Jesuits.

(11-10-12) Dear Gail,

We’ve been working very hard here at the church, so there has been time for little else. The good news is, most everything seems to be back to normal, and all of our staff have recovered from their ordeal. The bad news is, we’re still sitting ducks should GA1L return. We were lucky to have run her off the first time.

Now, the most unlikely thing happened the other day. One of our scouts returned from a reconnaissance mission over Jesuit territory. They are still in a terrible state of disrepair from the last GA1L attack. According to our scout, he was skimming Jesuit activity below when he was suddenly thrust into a frightening scene — GA1L was circling Jesuit territory, opening fire. A Jesuit fighter ship came soaring overhead, and you wouldn’t believe what they were trying to do – they had opened a hatch on the side of the ship, and, using loud speakers, they were blasting your music into the air directly toward GA1L! It’s like they have been watching us closely to figure out how to defeat this android, using our methods. As our scout watched, GA1L appeared to be attracted to the ship, and drew closer. She then pulled down her dress and fired a swarm of torpedoes from her nipple guns. The blast was so powerful, it broke the ship in two pieces. The massive thing went crumbling to the ground like a stale cookie, exploding and destroying many more Jesuit buildings below. GA1L flew off in another direction, presumably to go wreak more havoc on the rest of the city.

Our scout high tailed it out of there, and returned to us at the church. He had barely finished his recollection of the event when our men at the helm reported a Jesuit ship looming into our radar. We zoomed in on the view screen, and saw something extraordinary. Jesuits were hanging out of the windows, waving white flags. As soon as they drew close enough, we received a hail. We all looked at each other in astonishment, but, with some caution, we allowed them to speak. On the view screen stood Rule 13 with her head down, her hair all a mess and covering her forlorn face. She had taken off her Nazi hat and was holding it to her chest. It was hard to muddle through her thick accent, but luckily, we had some Japanese staff on our side that were able to translate her.

The Jesuits are being annihilated by GA1L, and every strategy, every weapon they have used to try to defeat her has flopped. They are asking if they can schedule an appointment with you and our choice of legal representative (I would assume Terrance, of course) on Skype to discuss the matter further. They will be sending “a high representative” from their side to talk to us as well. We told them we would discuss the matter with you first and get back to them with our decision.

There is no evidence that GA1L is making copies of herself, but she is learning to repair herself more and more rapidly. According to the Jesuits, none of them have spoken to her since the fall out they had with her at the sex party, but she is having a “party of her own” now causing chaos wherever she goes. She hates all of humanity. We are like insects to her — Christians, Jesuits or Atheists, we’re all the same in her eyes. It’s only a matter of time before she comes back to finish what she started.

I hope you are keeping warm. Stay safe, and know that I adore you every moment.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner

(11-12-12) Dear Gail,

I’m not surprised that your brain-to-brain has been so shaky lately. GA1L has been destroying every Jesuit city she can find, and, as we speak, there are countless nukkakes blowing up and filling the atmosphere. The Jesuits can’t help this, since they are helpless to stop her, but I sure do hope they’ve learned their lesson about creating such noxious bombs. It’s going to take forever to clear up the atmosphere from all of that radiation, and it’s only getting worse.

The men and I have been hard at work installing hundreds of speakers on the outside of the church building. We instructed the Jesuit ship to be prepared to help us, and told them to camp out while we ran this experiment. They agreed, and we stayed in contact through our view screens.

It took some thorough searching, but we were able to track down GA1L and get her on our radar. We didn’t wait for her to see us. We turned the volume all the way up, and began blasting your music from every speaker. I felt every hair on my body vibrate from the deep bass. Hugh was laughing and pointing at Rule 13 as her hair flew up and her breasts began vibrating. She scowled at him. I insisted for everyone to stop squabbling for a moment and pay attention. All of a sudden, GA1L was rapidly approaching on our radar.

“Brace yourselves, everyone!” I shouted. I turned the music up louder, “focus on the music! Feel the music!”

Like a missile, GA1L began encroaching on our position. The men and I concentrated on putting our fears aside, and began enjoying the beautiful music. Some of us sang along. As GA1L drew closer and closer, the Jesuits began to join in as well. We were all singing, swaying, reveling in the beautiful sound. Moments later, I looked outside, and saw that GA1L had stopped outside of the church building, looking down on us. At first she didn’t seem to be doing anything, and I wondered what she was thinking. That’s when I noticed the volume fading on our speakers. I went to go turn it back up, but the volume switch was already all the way to maximum.

“It’s GA1L!” Gerard declared, “she’s absorbing our sound waves! How is this possible?”

GA1L’s booming voice could be heard cackling outside.

“Quick!” I said, “Rule 13, start blasting your speakers before our sound waves run dry! Gail said we need to try mixing them!”

Rule 13 shouted something in Japanese, and the whole Jesuit ship came to life with more of the music. The volume in the skies returned as the sound waves augmented our own.

“Is it working?” shouted Matthew.

We all looked towards the windows anxiously.

GA1L was sprawled out in the sky, as if she were floating in a pool. Her eyes glowed, and a devilish smile slid across her cold steel lips. We heard the sounds fading once more, and then the Jesuits hustling around throughout their own ship, swiftly trying to turn the volume back up.

“It no use!” Rule 13 shouted, throwing every switch she could trying to push the speakers, “she suck in music like miso soup on sweaty hot flash night!”

I didn’t know what she was saying, but I quickly got the idea. Within minutes, all of the music had faded from the sky. All that was left was the hum of our engines, and GA1L, still floating high overhead.

“Oh my goodness!” Terry shouted, “what’s going on? What’s happening to her vagina?”

Something glowed overhead. GA1L’s metallic vaginal lips were slowly parting, and deep inside, I could see a ball of light forming.

“It’s not…” Matthew’s voice trailed off.

“It’s her Resonant Quiefometric Weapon!” Terry declared.

“Take cover!” Vladimir called.

I could hear a sweep of frightened shouts all around me as everyone ducked and braced. It all happened before I had time to embrace the full magnitude of what was happening. The entire room was suddenly engulfed in a shrill amplification of powerful sound waves. It was so loud my ears instantly burst. Silence gripped my senses, and yet, to my horror, violent chaos was still crumbling down around us. I watched as men, men I knew, literally vibrated so hard they blew apart like water balloons. The ceiling opened up and we scrambled as metal debris began raining down all around us.

We were being destroyed. This was the end.

I looked up in time to see missiles firing from the Jesuit ship towards GA1L, my deafness broken by a loud scream as she was hit. I was shocked. I knew that any ship that dared attack GA1L was flirting with suicide. GA1L became enraged. One more hit and I knew our church was a goner, but as the Jesuits began to drop their onslaught of weapons on the android, she quickly lost interest in us, and began flying after the Jesuit ship instead. The last thing I saw was Rule 13 standing in the cockpit, her arm raised in a Nazi salute toward us, as the ship backed away and began luring GA1L away from the church.

The colors faded from my vision, and I don’t remember much after that.

Gerard told me I had passed out from blood loss. The next thing I knew I was in the infirmary, but it didn’t look as I remembered it. The whole church had been reduced to a skeleton of its former self, desecrated under heaps of rubble, smoke and bodies. There were janitors outside my room, some mopping up rivers of blood, others following behind with a pressure washer to hose the brains off the walls. I was worried for the other men and I quickly rose to go find them, but Gerard planted his hand into my chest and pushed me back down on the bed. I’m under strict orders not to move from here until my internal injuries heal. I have a shattered pelvis, seven herniated discs, a severed small intestine, a twisted stomach, a hang nail, two burst appendixes, a dislocated kidney, and my gall bladder was punctured by one of my ribs. I’m in and out of consciousness from the medicine, but, I have my laptop and my Bible with me, and I am thinking of you.

They say that what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. My spirits are high, and I am warmed by thoughts of you safe at home.

Your husband,

Brent Spiner