CONSPIRACY LAW Explanation sheet

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(CONSPIRACY LAW documents are as follows):

(1) International Reproductive Laws, p. 1

Laws regarding criminal use of space technology involving reproduction, cloning, etc.

(2) International Criminal Law: Space Technology, p. 44

Laws dealing with crimes involving computer/satellite technology.

(3) General 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws, p. 220

A broad spectrum of laws regarding use of computer/satellite technology

(4) International Privileged Licensed Practitioner and Registered Satellite Practitioner-Network Configurationsp. 288

Suggestions about how to set up a worldwide network of physicians and medical practitioners who practice medicine for the space age (using computer/satellite technology)

(5) Terrorist Money Laws, p. 358

Laws dealing with massive terrorist money networks.

(6) Conspiracy Laws and Government:  Part OnePart TwoPart ThreePart Fourp. 414

A broad spectrum of laws regarding how to implement these laws about criminal use of space technology into the mainstream governments of the world.

(7) Unwilling Agent Laws, p. 1252

Laws regarding Jesuit use of computer/satellite technology to control people against their will, including mind-reading and brain control technologies.

(8) Schuler/Putin Romantic History and Statements, p. 1341

(9) International Military Law  p. 1400

Laws regarding how to set up a worldwide military operation using computer/satellite technology to defeat the Jesuits.

(10) Footnoted sources from Silver Skies’s outline at synop.1, p. 1526

Can see this on my Royal Ancestry web page.

(11) My Last Will and Testament (April 30, 2014), p. 1536

(12) My Offering to God, p. 1545

This legal document outlines how I want to use my winnings from legal cases against the Jesuits.

(13) International Immigration Laws (formerly Russia’s Neighbor Laws), p. 1554

How to maintain a terrorist-free nation, using immigration laws.

(14) Marriage Priorities, p. 1568

(15) 666-Computer or Satellite Computer Laws for Privileged Licensed Practitioners and Registered Satellite Practitioners, p. 1601

Laws regarding how to practice medicine with space age technology (using computer/satellite technology)

(16) International Laws for Clones

Laws regarding how to deal with Jesuit clones.

(17) International Marriage Laws

Laws regarding what is considered a valid marriage under Conspiracy Law, invalidating the “marriages” of Jesuit clones and impersonators, and giving widows/widowers their rights.

(18) Gail’s Living Will – her Designated Health Care Surrogates 1) Vladimir Putin, Russian President, 2) Brent Spiner, physician and Data of Star Trek, 3) Zack Knight, former Jesuit leader

In case of her incapacitation, Gail created this document. Also her health care surrogates are also her emergency contacts. You will need a password (which her emergency contacts should have) to view the living will document, which Gail will give only to her emergency contacts.

(19) Gabrielle Chana Independent Party Platform

No political or military person in a Conspiracy Law honoring country can be a politician or military member if they do not subscribe to this platform.

Letters to Vladimir Putin about Conspiracy Law: 2003, 2004-1, 2004-2, 2005

Jesuits hate my Conspiracy Law, because, if it’s enforced, the truly guilty are punished and the truly innocent are set free. My Conspiracy Law’s basic tenet is that if an actual act is committed (stealing a man’s sperm and placing it in your vagina, in order to frame him with rape/irresponsible sex while you jump into his bed while he’s sleeping or doped out) and the motive for that actual act is to promote/commit a crime (such as encouraging a murder conspiracy against the woman he truly loves), that person (the woman who jumped into bed with the man while sleeping) will receive the punishment (death penalty for his/her motive to participate in a murder conspiracy) even if the actual act committed (stealing the man’s sperm and sleeping in his bed without his knowledge) was not the crime that the person had the motive to commit (murder).  With computer/satellite technology we can now determine motive for all acts committed.  On the other hand, if an actual act (sleeping in your bed and waking up with a strange woman beside you, who has stolen your semen and placed it in her vagina) is committed, and the motive (to get some sleep) for your actual act (waking up in bed with a woman who has your sperm in her vagina) is not to commit an apparent action (having irresponsible sex) that is a crime (such as rape), then you will not be guilty of that crime/apparent action (rape, irresponsible sex), even if all physical evidence (your sperm in the woman’s vagina when she wakes up next to you in bed) indicates you committed that crime/apparent action (rape, irresponsible sex).

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