Vladimir Zelenko M.D. Appointed Israeli Prime Minister

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UPDATE July 3, 2022: Because Jesuit Jews murdered Dr. Zelenko on June 30, 2022, he has been replaced with a good automaton.

I have added Vladimir Zelenko M.D. to my Cabinet.

Israel is a mess and Loree McBride uses Israel’s scientists and intellectuals heavily to help her corrupt the world’s systems, so we need to totally take over Israel and appoint our own leadership there. Vladimir can help with their insane vaccine mandates and help us to execute Jew clones inside of Israel. Vladimir Zelenko does have some problems being accepted as a Haredi Jew in Israel, but I want him as Prime Minister because he will greatly assist me in my ban on the Covid vaccine in Israel.

Because many Jews are atheists and agnostics, I prefer to use a person who is not resurrected as the visual Prime Minister. I think this will make the leader more believable. But I sense Zev Zelenko has an open heart and will work well with King David, who I have appointed as the true Israeli leader. King David will help Zev in his public relations and should help Zev to win over the religious Jews easily.

You might say, you should just let Jesus rule the world. No, now is not the time. Even if I offered it to him, Jesus would decline. It would mess up God’s plan. I know the Bible.

Vladimir said this in May 2020.

The video above was posted Oct. 9, 2021 at Rumble and is a recent video by Dr. Vladimir Zelenko.

Probably recorded in 2013.

The following describes the traditional role of the Knesset Speaker in Israel. I have expanded on this and made it the most powerful position in Israel with Zev Zelenko automaton as the Knesset Speaker and Chief Adviser:

The first task of a newly elected Knesset is, customarily, the election of a Speaker from among its Members. The Speaker of the Knesset is elected for the whole term of that Knesset. His/her main functions are to manage the affairs of the Knesset and represent it externally.

Up to eight Members are elected soon thereafter to serve as deputy speakers. The Speaker and deputies (together called the “Presidium”) set the schedule of the Plenum, approve parliamentary questions, motions for the agenda, private Members’ bills and other issues presented for debate. The Speaker or one of his/her deputies presides over the sittings of the Plenum, puts bills to a vote, and declares the results of these votes. The Speaker of the Knesset is granted the authorities of command and arrest within the Knesset. The Knesset Guard, directed by the Knesset Sergeant-at-Arms, follows the Speaker’s orders regarding organization and discipline. In the absence of the President of the State from the country, the Speaker serves as Acting President.

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