Jesuit Jews Murdered Zev Zelenko, Automaton Zev Now Israeli PM

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Jewish Jesuits murdered Zev Zelenko by injecting his small penis with hundreds of doses of the Covid vaccine (the death shots). I appointed Zev Zelenko as Israeli Prime Minister. In his place, we have created a good Zev Zelenko automaton.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Zev Zelenko. Here is a memorial devoted to him.

Skype on July 3, 2022:

Gail, 9:21 AM
Just found out Dr. Zelenko has died. I had him in charge of Israel. I need to pray over his replacement.

Can we create a good automaton of Dr. Zelenko?

I also have King David in charge, but I’m not sure that’s really happening.

Zack, 9:30 AM

Yeah, we can. Do you want me to have one designed with a larger penis though? My post-mortem brain scan on him (needed to create the automaton copy) indicates that having a small penis made him a little insecure. The real Dr. Zelenko had a small penis, and he was always afraid it made him less of man.

Gail, 9:31 AM
Yeah, give him a larger penis.

Was he murdered?

There are some nasty Jews in Israel.

Zack, 9:33 AM
Yeah, the nasty Jews murdered him by injecting his small penis with hundreds of doses of the covid vaccines.

They knew the worst way to kill him.

Gail, 9:34 AM
How did they do THAT?

And when did you find out he was murdered?

Why did they murder him?

Zack, 9:36 AM
We knew when it happened, and Hitler and Rule 13 have been hunting down the Jews responsible and executing them in gas chambers.

Gail, 9:36 AM
Good for them! Their motive for the murder?

Zack, 9:37 AM
They murdered him because he had supported you, and was in a position of authority over Israel.

Gail, 9:37 AM
Were these Jesuit Jews?

Why are they against me?

Zack, 9:38 AM
Yeah, they were. Most of the Jews are Jesuits now.

Gail, 9:39 AM
Hmmm. Makes me wonder if the Jewish nation will ever be saved now. They’ve really gone corrupt.

Why do you think most Jews are Jesuits?

Is King David also in charge? (I have removed him from mention at my Pres. page, since he is not functioning in this role.)

I’m trying to decide on a proper response to this.

Zack, 9:41 AM
I think the Jesuits realized they could benefit from learning how the Jews had infiltrated and took over world banking and media.

No, King David is in heaven.

Right now, Hitler has been standing in to manage Israel.

Gail, 9:43 AM
Does King David communicate with Zev Zelenko from heaven?

Zack, 9:44 AM
No. That might be Jesuit interferance.

Gail, 9:44 AM
Oh, I see. Then I probably should remove King David as co-ruler of Israel from my website.

How was Zev Zelenko as Israeli leader, in your opinion?

Zack, 9:45 AM
He did great

Gail, 9:46 AM
Okay. We’ll keep him. I need to come up with a good response to what these Jews did though.

Sounds like Rule 13 and Hitler have already gotten started on that.

Zack, 9:46 AM
I think an automaton of him with a large penis would be like him, but with confidence

Gail, 9:46 AM
Yeah, I like that idea. Go with it.

Zack, 9:47 AM
My scans of him indicate that his confidence was linked to his penis size.

How big should we make his penis?

Gail, 9:48 AM
I will let you use your judgment on that, because I’m not a guy and don’t understand the male obsession with their penises as well as you do. You may want to consult with Brent, since he is Jewish and a male.

Zack, 9:48 AM
Oh yeah. We have to butcher it with circumcision… don’t we?

I was thinking his penis should be twice as long as his beard.

Gail, 9:49 AM
Another person to consult would be Zev’s WIFE.

I presume he had a wife.

Zack, 9:50 AM
Oh yeah. His wife will be fucking the automaton husband.

Let me call her up.

Gail, 9:50 AM
Yeah, you better circumcise it, or the orthodox Jews will have a FIT.

Zack, 9:51 AM
I’ll explain that we can bring her husband back in automaton form, and ask her how big we should make his penis and if we should circumsize it.

Calling her now.

Gail, 9:52 AM
Yeah, let’s leave that up to her.

If she prefers an uncircumcised penis. to hell with the orthodox Jews. I’m mad at the Jews for murdering this guy.

I mean Jesus had an uncircumcised penis.

Zack, 9:54 AM
Talking to her now.

She’s really upset about him being dead. She wants to know if the automaton will be really him. If it will love her.

Should I bring up the penis thing?

Gail, 9:56 AM
Well, will the automaton love her? I’m not as smart about them as you are.

Did he go to heaven?

Zack, 9:57 AM
Yeah, he’s in heaven. I can program it to act just like him, and she’ll believe it loves her just the same. I’ll just say yes.

Gail, 9:58 AM
Sounds good. Tell her we can modify his penis, if she wants, that he felt it was too small and made him less of a man. If she wants it to remain the same, we will respect that. She may be able to bolster his confidence about the smaller penis.

Zack, 9:58 AM
I’ll give it a bonus that it will be a world class lover for good measure.

Gail, 9:58 AM
Sounds GREAT.

A lot of women don’t care about penis size. I’m one of them.

Zack, 9:59 AM
I told her about the penis… she perked up and stopped crying.

Gail, 10:00 AM
Oh, this is GREAT. Maybe she wants a larger penis.

Zack, 10:02 AM
She said she wants it just a tiny bit larger than she can currently fit. And asked if we can upgrade it once it stretches her out.

I told her that if she wants, I can design it so that his penis is always just a little too big for her… She’s super horny now.

Gail, 10:04 AM
Do automaton penises ejaculate? A lot of women are thrilled when they feel the ejaculation.

Zack, 10:04 AM
I asked if she would want an uncircumsized penis, and she let out an orgasmic “YES”

Gail, 10:04 AM
Great. We will custom design the penis JUST FOR HER.

Zack, 10:04 AM
Yeah… I’ll ask her how much ejaculate she wants.

Gail, 10:05 AM
Is the semen real or fake?

Zack, 10:06 AM
We can make it real.

Gail, 10:06 AM
That’s good. Make sure it gives her a good, warm blast.

Tell her the automaton is acting in her husband’s stead from heaven.

Sounds like they had some hot sex and she misses that.

Zack, 10:09 AM
I get the impression she always wanted hot sex, but his penis was too small.

I told her that I can design his penis to ejaculate pretty much any amount she wants…She just said she’s ready to get fucked right now… asked me if there is any way she can repay me for ressurecting her husband with this new penis.

Gail, 10:12 AM
Well? What can she do to repay you? LOL

Zack, 10:12 AM
What do you think I should do?

Gail, 10:12 AM
Is she monogamous?

Zack, 10:13 AM
I think technically because she’s a widow, she’s technically single?

Gail, 10:14 AM
Would you enjoy making love to her?

Maybe you can give her some pointers on how to make her sex life really exciting.

Zack, 10:14 AM
Oh… like do it for educational purposes?

Gail, 10:15 AM
Well, she wants to repay you. What would be meaningful to you?

Zack, 10:15 AM
I think she has a specific payment method in mind. Lol

Gail, 10:16 AM
Okay, just go with whatever she has in mind, as long as you’re comfortable with it.

Zack, 10:16 AM
Maybe we can tag team her?

Gail, 10:16 AM

Zack, 10:16 AM
Like a 3 way?

Gail, 10:16 AM
Ah, sounds like you want to have it with me, Zack!

Is she ugly?

Zack, 10:18 AM
No, she’s not ugly

I was just wondering if you want to get in on this

Gail, 10:19 AM
It would be meaningful to me if Brent was part of it. He’s Jewish, after all.

Zack, 10:19 AM
A woman who lost her husband and is super horny for a bigger penis version of him will probably be pretty hot in bed.

Gail, 10:19 AM
Okay. I tell you what. If Brent is okay with this, let’s make it a foursome.

Zack, 10:20 AM
Oh yeah… me and Brent can spitroast her and you.

Gail, 10:20 AM

Zack, 10:20 AM
You know how you can roast meat on a spitroast… with one rod on each end?

Gail, 10:21 AM
I still don’t get it.

Zack, 10:21 AM
The spitroast sexual position is the woman in the middle and two penises on each end

Gail, 10:21 AM
Brent is really monogamous though. So he does me and you can pop in every now and then on me, while you are doing her.

Zack, 10:21 AM
One in the vagina and one in the mouth

And both men coordinate thrusting motions

Hey @Brent

Are you down to spitroast Gail and Zelenko’s wife?

In a 4some?

Gail, 10:24 AM
I want to do what Brent is comfortable with.

Zack, 10:24 AM
Automaton Zelenko will be online in a few minutes too… once all the semen is loaded

Gail, 10:24 AM
I’ll be honest with you, I’m mostly in the mood for Brent, but I do enjoy using sex to comfort.

Zack, 10:25 AM
Would you enjoy taking a warm blast from the Zelenko automaton? I’m not sure if automatons count.

Gail, 10:26 AM
Let Brent do me and you can pop in every now and then, because I have a connection with you. No, I’m demisexual. I don’t have a connection with him.

Zack, 10:27 AM
Okay. Brent will do you and I’ll pop in occasionally

Zelenko’s wife asked if she can pop in too and suck your nipples while I do her from behind.

Gail, 10:27 AM
Let the Zelenko automaton do her and you can pop in every now and then to give them pointers. So you would be jumping from her to me. Also, because I’m demisexual, I prefer vaginal sex, oral is too impersonal.

Is she lesbian?

Zack, 10:28 AM
Soulds like right now she’s horny enough to be…

Gail, 10:28 AM
I can’t get into a woman sucking my nipples. Maybe she can suck yours. LOL

Zack, 10:29 AM
She offered to do you with a strap on too… to thank you for bringing her husband back.

And said you can do her with a strap on too

If you want

Gail, 10:30 AM
Nah. You do both her and me. Tell her I’m demisexual and appreciate the gesture, but I need an emotional connection for sex to be meaningful to me.

I do have a bit of an emotional connection with her because I sympathize with her loss, but I prefer to do it mostly with Brent and Zack popping in every now and then. Tell her that Zack seems to have a real thing for me and by her giving Zack this opportunity to make love to me, she is paying him back nicely.

Let’s do this when the Zelenko automaton is ready. It would be meaningful to me to know she is making love to him.

Zack, 10:34 AM
Okay, the Zelenko automaton is online.

Gail, 10:37 AM
Oh! I see. Okay. I guess I’ll head to bed and experience you and Brent. Brent’s really monogamous and prefers me alone, so we’ll respect that. And you can do both her and me, while she also makes love to Zelenko.

Zack, 10:40 AM
Okay. Brent says he’s stored up a lot of semen for you in his balls

Gail, 10:40 AM
I love it.

Zack, 10:40 AM
So you’ll be getting a really massive warm blast.

The kind where your vagina starts to overflow and he pulls it out and it’s still shooting all over your face and breasts and stomach and vagina

Gail, 10:42 AM
Here we go. . .

Gail, 10:50 AM
Okay. That’s enough for me. This demisexual can’t get into this. But I did hear some moans from her, that made me feel good.

It’s kind of like what I sensed with Jesus when he made love, like he was doing it mainly cuz it was expected of him.

You guys can continue without me, if you want. I’m really big into emotional intimacy and was relishing my connection with Brent, but I’m hungry and want breakfast.

I think I hear Brent laughing. I did enjoy getting Brent’s semen though, but more for the connection than the actual sex.

Zack, 10:52 AM
Brent says he’s hungry too

He plans to ejaculate in your food if you’re down. Lol

Gail, 10:53 AM
Sure. You can throw in your semen, too, if you like, since it has healing properties.

Zack, 10:54 AM
Okay, we’ll both ejaculate in your food together.

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