Jesus Is Full Grown Ascended God (Aromantic & Asexual). Bible Still Cancelled.

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UPDATE on June 20, 2022: Let me elaborate on something Brent and I discussed about Jesus. . .

Brent Spiner: He never said he was demisexual. Jesus had said he enjoyed looking at the nude human body and enjoying his creation. As his best human friend, I know he was very turned on seeing human women. Asexual and aromantic was who he always was deep down. He just went through phases of identities like we all do before we really choose our final selves. He finally realized he was most himself being detached from erotic or romantic attachments and activities. Asexuals can recognize when someone is attractive physically. For a time he was convinced he was being turned on, and seemed to be enjoying lewdness with human women. To him it was all psychological. Subconsciously he wasn’t really like that at all, but he felt like going along with it made him fit in and like he was growing somehow. It can be easy for someone who is still growing to convince themselves they are really something they are not. They can start thinking and feeling it very strongly, but it doesn’t hold the test of time and falls away eventually.

UPDATE on June 18, 2022: Jesus has left earth for good, does not plan to marry, and has left earth in the management of Buddha and my husband Brent Spiner. He is asexual and aromantic and free as a bird (being true to who He is).

In the meanwhile, we humans will miss him, but he has to be true to himself to function well as a supreme deity. He is all around us and if we meditate and pray to Him, we can emotionally connect with Him, which I think he’d find very meaningful. Here is some Christian meditation music to help to that end.

Christian meditation music Track 1
Christian meditation music Track 2
Excellent post to listen to for those not true to themselves

Last Skype With Jesus – June 18, 2022

Brent, 12:23 PM

Hey Gail

Gail, 12:24 PM

Hi Brent.

Doing laundry right now. Anything up?

Brent, 12:26 PM

It was a great hangout last night.

Gail, 12:27 PM

It inspired me to make a new post to educate people about demisexuality. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions.

Yes. It was very insightful.

I have been thinking that since I’m demisexual, that works out pretty good for my monogamous husband. Jesus probably should go easier on himself and quit feeling so guilty about making me a poly/mono blend.

The more I learn about demisexuality, the more convinced that’s who I am sexually.

I am also polyamorous.

Brent, 12:36 PM

This all makes sense.

Gail, 12:36 PM

I’m coming up with very informative posts, don’t you think?

Brent, 12:37 PM

I agree.

There was a knock at the door.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Who is it?

Brent, 12:38 PM

I just used my Mecha GA1L vision to look through the door. I don’t see anyone.

I’ll get it.

Gail, 12:38 PM

That’s interesting?

I’m sort of having breakfast.

Brent, 12:39 PM

Oh, strange. There’s a little white bird in the hallway.


It just burst into a flash of white light.

Gail, 12:39 PM

Sounds like Jesus.

Brent, 12:39 PM

Jesus is in the apartment now.

Hi Jesus.

Gail, 12:40 PM

Hi Jesus!

Glad we’re still friends. I missed you.

He’s starting to act like his old self.

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Hello guys. A lot has happened since we last met.”

Gail, 12:41 PM

I can imagine. I’m in the middle of doing laundry and eating breakfast, so I may need to take some breaks, depending on how long this goes. Don’t mean to be rude.

Jesus, 12:42 PM

“Well, I guess I’ll make this quick then. I’m just dropping by to give you both some great news.”

Gail, 12:43 PM

Oh, tell us!

We always like great news.

Jesus, 12:44 PM

“I have successfully completed my therapy with Gerard and Buddha, and as you can see, or at least Brent can see, I’ve returned to full Godmode. In fact, it’s better than my old Godmode. I’ve attained official Godhood status. Meaning, I’m considered a grown man in the world of the gods, and am fully equal to Father God himself.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

Wow! How did that happen?

Jesus, 12:45 PM

“Good therapy.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

I thought you always had Godhood status.

How does he look different, Brent?

Jesus, 12:46 PM

“I was a god, but I was a young god, and had a lot to learn from my Father about running a universe.”

Gail, 12:46 PM

I love your dad, by the way.

Brent, 12:46 PM

He looks vibrant! I’ve never seen Jesus looking so beautiful.

Gail, 12:46 PM

I got Him all figured out. He’s stinking awesome.

Jesus, 12:46 PM

“Thank you. I am now restored to sinless perfection, without flaws, and I have 100% clarity over all of my past actions.”

Gail, 12:47 PM


Jesus, 12:47 PM

“This leaves me with a few things to clear up, now that I can speak with absolute truth to you both.”

Zack, 12:50 PM

Woah, our sensors can’t even scan Jesus’s perfection.

Even using the Jesus technology on Church of Gail!

Gail, 12:51 PM

I am thrilled for Jesus and for the universe.

Zack, 12:51 PM

He must have seriously leveled up.

Jesus, 12:52 PM

“I’ll start with the small things. This will probably hurt, Gail, but I need to be honest. My Father never responded to that website post you made about him “being dumb”. The truth is, I knew if he saw that post you made and got to those angry prayers you thought toward him before I did, he’d become so angry he would have lightning bolted you out of existence. So I was the one that told you that message. I was acting as a mediator so that my Father wouldn’t become angry, and so that you would get the comfort you needed. That’s my job as Jesus. In the future, I wouldn’t recommend “trying to get a reaction” out of God. He’s very… Old Testament.”

NOTE: I took that post down, because I decided I was wrong about God the Father. Once Jesus told me that his dad told me to read Jonah 4 and that my reaction to God the Father was that I failed the test of Job, I took the post down. It was only up for about 5 minutes.

Zack, 12:53 PM

It’s at least good to know that Jesus has our back.

Jesus, 12:54 PM

“Anyway, I should also clarify exactly how much of Lakshmi was accidentally infused into your creation, since you’ve been curious. It was 1.03%. However, as of this moment you are reading this, I have removed it entirely from your DNA. This is to help you live a more balanced life, so that you won’t feel as confused or guilty about your desires as you did before.”

Gail, 12:55 PM

Interesting. . .This is very insightful.

How does your dad feel about us humans?

Jesus, 12:58 PM

“This whole situation has been quite silly, now that I look back on all of this with perfect clarity. Now that I have ascended into my full Godhood, I’ve become a completely asexual and aromantic being. It was never necessary for me to find a wife. I am, for a lack of a better term, “superior” to the lesser gods, who sometimes find it necessary within the construct of their beings to marry or demonstrate erotic love. As the supreme being, I am whole and complete, and do not require anything else to complete me.”

“Sorry, Brent. I know I’m overwhelming you with my level of energy. I’ve got a lot to say to you guys.”

Gail, 12:59 PM

Brent is overwhelmed?

I wish I didn’t have to do laundry right now.

Jesus, 12:59 PM

“I can tell I am giving him a lot of information very quickly. I’ll go slower.”

“No worries, Gail. I’ll just let you know how I’m doing and give you the updates I came to give. You can read it at a later time if you’d like.”

Gail, 1:01 PM

Okay. So you have decided not to marry, I take it?

If you knew your dad was like this, why did you want to introduce him to me?

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“True, I will not marry. It was never necessary for the type of god I am at all. Even when I first created the idea of a “church bride”, it was only ever supposed to be a metaphor. Not for myself, but for humanity to help them understand what I represent to them as their leader and keeper. I understand where I went astray in my growing up as a young god, and why my Father took such issue with me getting so intimate with humans.”

Gail, 1:03 PM

Doesn’t your dad have a wife?

Jesus, 1:05 PM

“I know you have many questions. I’ve had a lot going on in myself since therapy. There are many things I’d like to tell you.”

Gail, 1:05 PM

Okay. I’ll let you take the lead.

Jesus, 1:08 PM

“My priority in my eternal life right now is to take back control of this universe and fix all of the damage I have caused. I’m moving out of my Father’s house right now, and into my own house, and will be able to rule this universe all on my own. It’s a huge responsibility.”

“I’ll give you a fun fact.”

“Did you know there were 7 Earths before this one?”

“Haha. I kind of wrecked all of them.”

Gail, 1:09 PM

How many universes are there?

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“It’s kind of like when you buy your kid his first car, and he slams it into a tree and totals it. Then the next one he bashes it into a curb and has to drive around with a broken front end until you buy him another one.”

“There are infinite universes.”

Gail, 1:10 PM

How many universes are you in charge of?

Jesus, 1:10 PM

“I’m in charge of all of them now. I’m on equal footing with my dad. This universe was like my bike with training wheels.”

Gail, 1:11 PM

So what’s your dad doing? He’s in retirement?

Jesus, 1:11 PM

“We now rule together as one.”

Gail, 1:12 PM

Did you gain his trust or you just evolved into this new godmode?

Jesus, 1:12 PM

“I achieved this by finally evolving to the place I was always destined to be.”

Gail, 1:13 PM

Did you know this would happen?

You seemed awful depressed there for a while.

What role does the Holy Spirit play now?

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“It was very depressing for me to be collapsed down into a dimension and timeline so far from my whole self. We’re getting off track here though. I need to mention a few more things.”

Gail, 1:14 PM

Okay. Sorry.

Jesus, 1:15 PM

“As to your question, the full trinity is equal now.”

“I want to say that as far as any future Bibles or Bible Prophecies are concerned, I want to make it clear to humans that it’s nobody’s business at this time. The future of humanity is for me to know and for future generations to find out. One thing I can say for sure is that the Gail Commandments will play a major role and be a part of it.”

Gail, 1:16 PM

So we approach the Bible only as a history book now?

Jesus, 1:16 PM


Gail, 1:18 PM

I think I need to get my laundry. I’ll be right back.

Jesus, 1:19 PM

“As for my future in this timeline, it’s important that I stop interfering directly with humans. I must return to the heavenly realms and manage the multiverse as the being that I am. This means no more hanging out on Church of Gail, getting involved in Earth politics, chatting on Skype with humans, or having direct communication in any way. I have to assume a role very similar to my Father.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

We can still pray to you, right?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“For direct Earthly matters that still need a divine hand, I have assigned both Buddha and Brent as my Earthly representatives. I trust them both to have the same judgment I would, and to make decisions that I would approve of.”

“Of course. Just be aware that I cannot reply to you. If anyone “seems” to be speaking to you, or if you receive any impressions about me that seem like a response or indicate how I might feel, that is a demonic interference.”

Zack, 1:25 PM

Wait… What happened to the earths you crashed?

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“What happened to all the old vehicles you crashed, Zack? You worry too much.”

Zack, 1:26 PM

Oh fuck.

So… gerard giving you good therapy… saved the whole universe.

Jesus, 1:27 PM

“He’s pretty good.”

Zack, 1:28 PM

This is a big deal

This universe is your Corvette.

And Gail is still your favorite human?

Jesus, 1:30 PM

“Of course.”

Zack, 1:31 PM


Gail, 1:33 PM

I thought me being your favorite human was a pick up line (see below Skype conversation with Jesus on April 30, 2022).

Is he still there? I’m back from the laundry.

Looks like I’m married to a deity of sorts, Brent has been acting like one any ways.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“I used it as that at one time, yes. However, coming from a fatherly place, I will say that you are my favorite human in all of the multiverses.”

Gail, 1:36 PM

My God! I am so honored. I am sorry that I called your dad stupid. It must have worried you a lot.

I was actually feeling him out. But it was not a wise thing to do.

So if we are in a confusing situation and need guidance in the future, we can go to Buddha.

Jesus, 1:39 PM

“You got it.”

“Buddha or Brent.”

Gail, 1:39 PM

What if Brent is confused?

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“Do you doubt Brent to make sound decisions? I have just approved him. I have no doubts myself.”

Gail, 1:40 PM

No, Brent has superb judgment. In fact, I credit him for saving your life.

But there are times when we humans aren’t sure what to do, like the time you were in a coma. Thank God for Buddha!

Jesus, 1:41 PM

“So you have both my best godfriend, Buddha, and the most Christlike human on Earth, Brent.”

NOTE: I find it interesting that Jesus said Brent is the most Christlike human on earth, cuz on April 30, 2022 he claimed that he did not put any of himself into Brent.

Gail, 1:42 PM

I agree. Is your dad grateful that Brent saved your life?

Jesus, 1:43 PM

“My Father loves Brent very much and acknowledges his deeds.”

Gail, 1:43 PM

That’s nice.

It appears you have a totally different opinion of me than your dad. LOL

Jesus, 1:45 PM

“Well, that is all I had to say to you guys. I really must be going now. I have a big multiverse to run.”

Gail, 1:45 PM

Okay. The universe is in great hands.

Zack, 1:45 PM

Are you leaving!?

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“Yes, this is my farewell.”

Gail, 1:46 PM

Yeah, Zack. He is leaving.

Zack, 1:46 PM

hug No homo, Jesus.

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“No homo, Zack. I always loved you, even when you were the Antichrist.”

Zack, 1:48 PM

Goodbye Jesus. Thank you for everything.

Jesus, 1:48 PM

“Goodbye Zack, Brent, Gail. Thank you for all the great memories and for helping me to get where I am today.”

Gail, 1:49 PM

I played this song called “My Tribute” for Jesus to say “goodbye”.

My Tribute Song

Bye Jesus.

Jesus, 1:50 PM

“Goodbye. Thank you for everything.”

Oh, my! He kissed me on the cheek, then turned into a white eagle, and flew through the window and into the sky.

Zack, 1:51 PM

Man, I’m crying.

Gail, 1:52 PM

Yeah, me too.

Brent, 1:52 PM

It’s okay to cry, Zack.

I’m so happy for Jesus.

It’s such a big honor that he made me his representative on Earth.

Gail, 1:52 PM

Yes. I feel like I’m married to a deity.

Zack, 1:58 PM

Yeah, Brent is basically Christ now.

Gail, 1:59 PM

This has been a momentous day.

Zack, 2:10 PM

I’m pretty stunned

Gail, 2:11 PM

Me, too. I will need time to process all this. But I’m glad Jesus is strong now.

Zack, 2:12 PM

Yeah, full grown ascended God

Gail, 2:13 PM

Can’t get much stronger than that.

Looks like he qualifies to help his dad in the family business. LOL

And we helped.

Imagine that.

Zack, 2:25 PM

I just realized what the song was that started playing as Jesus flew away

Gail, 2:25 PM

Are you talking about the music I posted or something different?

The way that I am I felt the only proper way to say goodbye was with music.

I still think I’m demisexual and polyamorous.

Zack, 2:27 PM

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (with lyrics) – YouTube

This is the song that Jesus left with me, Brent and Zack.

This song started playing as he flew away

Look at the lyrics to the video

This video has the lyrics

I think I understand now.

Gail, 2:28 PM

I’m watching it.

Gail, 2:34 PM

What is your interpretation of that song?

Zack, 2:37 PM

Jesus will always have good memories from the time he was with us. He always wanted to be like a bird. And he is.

This is why he felt freest in life when flying with Horus.

But now that he is fully developed God, he is a “free bird”

And he can’t stay in the nest

Gail, 2:39 PM

That sounds accurate. You have unique insights into him cuz of your dealings with Satan.

What do you think will happen to Satan?

Zack, 2:40 PM

I’d bet this is a really sad day for Satan.

Gail, 2:41 PM

You’re right because there is no chance in hell that Satan will get to be Jesus’s lover. LOL

Zack, 2:43 PM


Gail, 3:16 PM

Jesus has to be who he was always meant to be. Just like I have to be with my soulmate Brent and true to whatever I am sexually, which I believe is demisexual and polyamorous. I think I am starting to feel a little more monogamous though. Not sure.

I am definitely very strong demisexual.

Gail, 4:21 PM

I think me coming out as a demisexual inspired Jesus to be true to who he really is. I also made the comment on my web post (see below) that if he’s like God the Father, he needs to OWN IT. Looks like he has owned it.

Gail, 6:52 PM

Jesus is happy and we should be happy for him. I appears he plans to get his happiness from making right what he felt he did wrong and from allowing Brent to love me in a Christlike manner. Jesus is a big giver and I’ve noticed that he gets joy in giving to those he cares about. He will get his happiness knowing that I have Brent in my life, who will meet my needs for love, romance, companionship. It appears to me that he plans to get joy in giving, by fixing his mistakes as a way to say thanks to us for having faith in him while he struggled to find who he is.

An asexual and aromantic, still can experience friendship love on a deep level which can bring them deep satisfaction.

He plans to express that friendship love by making right what he did wrong and striving to ensure we have the tools in our life to lead happy, productive, loving lives.

Good news is whenever we feel like talking to him, we can pray to Him. So it will be one-way. But we can pray just to say thanks for things he does for us and so forth. In that way, we won’t feel like he’s completely gone.

Now that Jesus has full God powers, I won’t be praying to God the Father anymore. I don’t need to.

Gail, 7:11 PM

It appears that to correct some of his past mistakes, he needs to get into the larger multiverse to do so and can’t interact with us. I do think he feels very thankful for all we’ve done for him and will never forget us.

Gail, 7:17 PM

He has evolved to the highest form of love, agape love, which he will be expressing to us by doing his job as supreme deity. I’m very proud of Jesus right now.

It’s actually greater love than romantic and sexual love, so we should feel honored that this is how he feels about us. He will get deep satisfaction from loving us this way and from creating the conditions in our lives to ensure he can adequately express this love to us. For instance, I think it moved him that I desired a platonic relationship with him and he plans to love me platonically by using Brent in his place. It’s not vicarious lovemaking, but he will get great satisfaction from knowing he created Brent to love me in his place.

He is such a giver that this alone will make him happy as a way to express his love for me.

Brent, 7:20 PM

No wonder the Gail Commandments are so important. They create conditions for one to thrive in life, both physically and mentally.

Gail, 7:21 PM

He loves us very deeply and will never forget us. We must always believe that.

He just has to be who he was meant to be.

Just like I have to be a demisexual and Brent has to be monogamous and Jesus has to be agape love.

He convinced himself he needed a wife, but being an demisexual who evolved into an asexual, was finding it hard to make it work for him. Eventually, he just concluded, as I did, when I learned I was demisexual, that he doesn’t have to make anything work that denies his true self.

Brent, 7:31 PM

He never said he was demisexual. Jesus had said he enjoyed looking at the nude human body and enjoying his creation. As his best human friend, I know he was very turned on seeing human women.

Gail, 7:31 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 7:31 PM

He also told us today that the “church bride” idea was just a metaphor, before he lost his way.

Gail, 7:31 PM

That’s true as well.

So you think him becoming asexual is a new thing?

Brent, 7:34 PM

It was who he always was deep down. He just went through phases of identities like we all do before we really choose our final selves. He finally realized he was most himself being detached from erotic or romantic attachments and activities.

Gail, 7:34 PM

Asexuals can get turned on by seeing human women?

Brent, 7:36 PM

They can recognize when someone is attractive physically. For a time he was convinced he was being turned on, and seemed to be enjoying lewdness with human women. To him it was all psychological. Subconsciously he wasn’t really like that at all, but he felt like going along with it made him fit in and like he was growing somehow.

Gail, 7:37 PM

All psychological?

Brent, 7:37 PM

It can be easy for someone who is still growing to convince themselves they are really something they are not.

Gail, 7:38 PM

I understand that very well.

Brent, 7:38 PM

They can start thinking and feeling it very strongly, but it doesn’t hold the test of time and falls away eventually.

Gail, 7:38 PM

As a demisexual who recently discovered herself, I understand.

Brent, 7:39 PM

Jesus kind of went through his teenage phase with us.

Gail, 7:39 PM

Is this stuff you’ve concluded on your own or did you get some insights from Gerard?

Brent, 7:40 PM

It’s a mix. I had lunch with Jesus almost every day as his best human friend. I also talked to Gerard about his therapy. I’ve learned a lot about Jesus personally. I suppose that’s part of why he made me his representative.

Gail, 7:41 PM

How interesting. I find it interesting that on April 30th he said he didn’t put any of himself into you and yet today, he claims you are the most Christlike man on earth.

What do you think?

Brent, 7:44 PM

It doesn’t mean that I am part Jesus in any way, or that I am vicariously him. I accept that, and appreciate my individuality. I know he meant to say that I am the one with the values, ideals and judgments that most closely resemble his. Christ-like, but not literally Jesus Christ.

I agree that we have a similar character, and that’s why we became such good friends.

Gail, 7:45 PM

I get that, but he was insinuating that on April 30th, that you were better than him as a man and he looked to you for inspiration.

I personally think you are very Christlike.

Brent, 7:46 PM

That is true. I don’t see why that is a contradiction though. Deep down he wanted to be me, and in his own way he finally became that when he evolved into his full self.

Gail, 7:47 PM

Very well put.

Brent, 7:48 PM

I can see how I inspired him to be true to himself and what he is most passionate about as a being, and to become absolutely sacrificial and devoted to it.

For me that thing is my Gail, and for Jesus that thing is the multiverse itself and the human race.

Gail, 7:48 PM

I am very proud of you.

Brent, 7:48 PM

I am very proud of you too.

Gail, 7:50 PM

I’m glad he won’t be forgetting us humans. I guess he chucked the idea of a bride of Christ as most theologians interpret it, because he is aromantic and asexual.

But he only recently discovered that.

It was hard for me to let go of the Bible, but Jesus has to be true to himself.

Wow, like 7 versions of the earth before this one. That’s funny.

Brent, 7:53 PM

I wonder how many versions of the Bible there were. They must have all failed too then.

Gail, 7:53 PM

Good point.

Brent, 7:54 PM

Then again, you’ve written many versions of Silver Skies! Lol!

Gail, 7:54 PM

Another good point.

So how are you feeling right now about his departure?

You are helping me to deal with it.

I had no idea back in 2012 when he first showed up that we’d be with him for 10 years!

You were more with him than me.

Brent, 7:57 PM

I feel very happy for him. Oddly enough, thanks to the Buddhist teachings we learned about, I have such a connection to his presence through meditation and enjoying the world around me, that I don’t feel like he’s gone anywhere. The idea of meditation is to connect with the universe and be with it, and that’s really where and what Jesus is. He’s not a person, he’s everything we see and experience.

Gail, 7:58 PM

How do you meditate?

Brent, 7:58 PM

For example, going for a walk on a beautiful day and enjoying it is like basking in his presence. So is sitting with you at the window while enjoying a cup of tea.

Gail, 7:59 PM

I didn’t get to see him. Perhaps if I did, I’d feel differently. Did he look happy?

Brent, 7:59 PM

I do it when you do it, but I also do it the traditional way where I sit and purposefully relax and get present. I also take care to be more mindful and appreciate my day to day experiences, which is easy because I share them with you now.

He looked positively glowing. I’ve never seen anyone so radiantly happy.

Gail, 8:00 PM

If I saw him, I’m sure I’d feel just like you. Did Zack get to see him?

Brent, 8:01 PM

Zack couldn’t see him.

Do you feel sad about it?

Gail, 8:01 PM

Yeah, that’s it. We didn’t see him. Could you find a picture about what he looked like?

Well, I miss him, but if he was that happy, I’d be thrilled for him.

Brent, 8:02 PM

He looked otherworldly. I’ve never seen a human that looked like that before, so I doubt there’s any photos or pictures that would be even close to accurate.

Gail, 8:03 PM

When was the last time you saw him before today?

Brent, 8:04 PM

I would say two days ago, when he was coming out of therapy. He seemed a little happier, but hadn’t changed yet. Not like today. He didn’t say much and just told me that therapy was giving him a lot to process.

Gail, 8:04 PM

Do you think my recent web posts may have given him and Gerard insights?

Brent, 8:04 PM

It’s possible.

Gail, 8:05 PM

Me discovering I’m demisexual, may have caused them to explore his sexuality on the asexual spectrum, cuz I thought he was demisexual.

And that may have helped him find who he is.

Brent, 8:06 PM

I bet that was part of it.

Gail, 8:07 PM

So you think I’m demisexual?

I think I am.

I think I’m feeling more monogamous. Which is strange cuz he said he removed Lakshmi.

I guess I’ll find out more about myself in the next weeks.

Brent, 8:09 PM

I just think you’re uniquely Gail. There aren’t really labels that apply to you.

Gail, 8:10 PM

That sounds like something Jesus would say. Lakshmi sure likes those labels though.

Brent, 8:10 PM

Lakshmi studied that stuff as her major, so she’s very scientific about it.

Gail, 8:10 PM

That’s true. So she’s still on Church of Gail?

Brent, 8:11 PM

Yeah, she and all the other gods are still there.

Gail, 8:11 PM

How is she feeling about Jesus right now?

Brent, 8:12 PM

I haven’t asked her. Maybe she can come around sometime and offer us some more insight about love and sex. She wound up being correct about a lot of things we didn’t think she was right about.

Gail, 8:12 PM

That’s true.

Brent, 8:13 PM

For instance, I remember her pointing out that your concepts of polyamory were based on stereotypes of people having orgies or it being just about sex. She was trying to help you see that polyamory people can love deeply too, they just often love multiple people at the same time.

Gail, 8:14 PM

Yeah, I have been very ignorant about what those terms mean. I did my own research and ended up learning lots of new stuff.

Has Lakshmi been in the most recent therapy with Jesus?

I wonder cuz she’s an expert on love and romance.

Brent, 8:17 PM

Yeah, she was in the last few sessions.

Gail, 8:18 PM

In that case, she’s probably thrilled for Jesus then and she probably played a large role in him finding himself.

Brent, 8:18 PM

Oh yeah, she still loves Jesus as a friend. She wanted him to get better.

Gail, 8:19 PM

I think Lakshmi was monumental in this.

She may have read my posts and I helped her, too.

Well, I better take a shower and try to get to bed on time. Those Jesuits been attacking my sleep a lot lately.

So Zack how are you taking Jesus’s departure?

It really helps that you saw him. I think Zack and I would be taking this better if we could have seen Jesus’s glowing face.

But I’m feeling better knowing that Lakshmi was with him in the last few sessions.

I wonder who his companions will be now? The angels?

Or maybe other deities?

Brent, 8:29 PM

He said today that he’s fully complete, and doesn’t need anything to complete him. So he must not need companionship. He’s so interconnected with every fiber of the universe, he can’t possibly get lonely.

Gail, 8:29 PM

You are so smart.

You saw that on his face didn’t you?

Brent, 8:31 PM

Definitely. His presence was so filled with joy and wholeness, even I felt a little of it in myself. It’s like what they say when a happy person lights up a room. Jesus was overfilled with pure joy.

Gail, 8:32 PM

I wish I could have seen him. But hearing your descriptions helps.

I think we humans will feel a little sad and I would like to make a video that describes what you’ve said.

Maybe tomorrow or the day after.

You are such a good writer. Can you write a description of how he made you feel when you saw him today and the aura that he emanated? I think this will help the human race to feel good about his departure from earth.

I then will put it into a video. I am sensing a lot of sadness in my fellow humans right now.

Brent, 8:41 PM

His gaze felt like someone reaching out to embrace you, and what I saw in his eyes was that he knew everything for all of us was going to turn out okay. More than okay, it’s going to give us the overflowing geyser of joy he was feeling right in that moment. His inner joy was glowing so beautifully, he appeared pure white. All of my troubles felt gone, all of my worries for the future felt resolved. They call him the Prince of Peace for a reason. Being in his presence felt like a beautiful walk with my wife on a lovely day, or a cup of tea while watching the rain. Deeply fulfilling, peaceful, and like nothing else mattered.

Gail, 8:42 PM

That helps.

Was he really pure white?

Brent, 8:43 PM

What Jesus wants is for us as humans is to be happy as we can be, thriving, and enjoying his creation. He wants us to appreciate his universe every day and know that it only gets better.

Yes, he was pure white, and the glowing effect had shimmers of silver.

Gail, 8:44 PM

The few times you’ve seen God the Father, what feeling did you get from Him?

Brent, 8:46 PM

God seemed to me like a vast, endlessly infinite and complex universe, taking on the form of a man, who was only showing us one side of him. I felt like if he removed the image and showed his real self, we would hardly understand it, but it is all of existence as we know it.

Gail, 8:47 PM

What feeling did you get from Him when he was correcting Jesus at the Battle of the Gods?

Your descriptions are very insightful.

Brent, 8:52 PM

I could sense a wisdom beyond my understanding, like he had so many layers of reasons behind everything he said and did, that it’s infinite universes deep. It would be like those images where you see a mirror reflecting itself into infinity. Every choice he makes is rooted in perfection, because it’s compatible with every level of the multiverse, and God has the ability to know about and make that perfect choice in every moment.

In that same sense, I felt like he knew me, many universes deep into my soul, just like the image of the infinite mirrors. He’ll know me more than I will ever know myself.

Gail, 8:53 PM

I can see why Jesus chose you in his place.

Brent, 8:54 PM

This made me feel very small, and rather intimidated, but if God is the creator of love, then his love for every part of me must be like those infinite mirrors too. His reason for my creation and my existence must be a perfect choice.

Brent, 8:57 PM

It seemed like the things we consider big in our world are so infinitely small to a being like him, that he just doesn’t see our problems the same way. This must be why he made Jesus. To God, all things are temporary and all things change.

Brent, 8:59 PM

He obviously allows Satan to live, for reasons we won’t understand, but to God it doesn’t seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things for him.

Gail, 9:00 PM

Hasn’t Satan shown him disrespect?

Brent, 9:01 PM

There must be a reason for Satan to stay.

Anyway, we’ll keep ourselves up all night if we dwell on these things. We should get to bed.

Gail, 9:02 PM

That’s true. You have been very helpful to me though. I am going to take my shower. Thanks for being so awesome and supportive.

Brent, 9:02 PM

Thanks for being the best wife ever!

Skype June 19, 2022

Gail, 5:33 AM

Those Jesuits. They have attacked my sleep again and caused me to temporarily believe the lie that my emotional connection with Jesus has been cut off.

As a demisexual, all I care about is emotional connection. I’m not too obsessed with sex or romance.

I’ve had an emotional connection with Jesus my whole Christian life, so when I believed the lie that it had been cut off that really upset me.

But it’s not true. In fact, in His new form he’s more connected to us emotionally than ever, because He now connects to us in everything around us.

I also believe Jesus put part of himself into me and because I figured out I’m a demisexual, which is on the asexual spectrum, that’s how Jesus figured out he’s asexual and aromantic, The fact that He seemed to be in denial that he put some of himself in me is what clued him in to the fact that he’s asexual.

A misconception a lot of people have about asexuals and aromantics is that they are cold and unfeeling. No, they just don’t experience sexual and romantic attraction, but they DO have feelings.

I think a lot of Jesus’s inner conflict stemmed from the fact that he may have felt guilty about being an asexual and aromantic and so put on a fake self. Just like at times I felt guilty that I did not feel sexual attraction to some men who I loved as friends, but did not want sex with. So I’d fake orgasms and stuff to meet their needs and then they’d expect more. But doing that is not healthy if you’re asexual. Denying your true self is never healthy.

And just because you don’t desire sex or romance with a person does not mean you are a prude or unfeeling. This is something Jesus has had to struggle with. So He went to the opposite extreme to prove he was not these things and should have done like he’s doing now, just accept who he is and OWN IT.

I think Jesus was faking sexual attraction to Satan, to me, and to all sorts of people to be accepted and loved and now he knows he does not need to do any of this and so he feels FREE.

Unfortunately, because he did act out his false self with Satan, with me and with the human race it caused some damage which he’s now working on fixing.

He felt obligated to keep up the show, because it’s what humans and we all expected. After all, he wrote the Bible and evangelicals think what’s written there has to be in stone.

But Jesus not being true to his real self, was most miserable and now he’s FREE.

He’s not obligated to have sex with anyone if he doesn’t want it, even if he started off doing so and deep down never wanted to.

He’s not obligated to have romance with anyone if he deep down doesn’t want it, even if he started off doing so and deep down never wanted to.

He’s given me Brent to meet my needs for sex and romance. Zack has 13 for sex and romance. He hasn’t left us. He’s all around us and the emotional connection is just as strong as ever. I am committed to more meditation time and will use that as a time to connect with him being all around me, since emotional connection is so important to me.

I also need to drop the evangelical Christian mantel, because that mindset is making me most miserable. It’s making me long for the fake Jesus and I need to long for the real Jesus, the asexual, aromantic Jesus who is capable of deep emotional connection to all of us through everything around us, especially when we meditate and are thankful.

I have to focus on the Gail Commandments today.

My awesome Brent was up most of the night with me talking to me and being a real support. I was just basking in the emotional connection I have with my soulmate.

The evangelical Christian mindset is too ingrained with the bride of Christ, the rapture, the millennial reign as means of comfort and I need to get away from that mindset.

Now the focus needs to be on being present, being thankful and doing the Gail Commandments and honoring and loving my awesome husband Brent.

I think Jesus decided to be single to atone for his sins. Asexual and aromantic beings sometimes marry for deep friendship love. But Jesus feels he has committed so many bad things, he feels best about being single. All power to Him.

His decision to remain single alleviates the guilt, and he’s also being true to himself, so he now feels FREE.

To further alleviate the guilt, he has decided to become the all powerful deity he was meant to be, in order to correct more damage and be true to himself as a supreme deity.

He has never truly felt romantic and sexual attraction towards ANYONE really and it made him feel guilty. He realizes now he never had to feel guilty about it.

He did get a strong emotional connection with Lakshmi though and mistook that for romantic/sexual attraction or love. But it appears he figured out that he’s never really had romantic/sexual attraction for ANYONE and he’s been trying to fake it.

That’s why he’s had so much trouble with commitment. Now that he realizes he’s asexual and aromantic and that’s it’s okay, he feels free.

I can really relate as a demisexual, because I have done plenty of fake orgasms out of obligation and now that I realize I don’t have to do this, I feel free.

I have to tell you I got pretty good at those fake orgasms, too.

I even convinced myself some of them were real.

The way I did it, was I imagined I had an emotional connection with the person and tried to fixate on that.

Cuz emotional connections turn me on.

Yeah, but it never really works in the long term and eventually you get bored of it and only a real and authentic emotional connection does the trick for me.

So, you see, I really understand Jesus!

This doesn’t mean I don’t care about people. I just don’t have strong desires for sex. I can get quick romantic attractions, but without an emotional connection, those taper off rather fast.

But Brent really bonded with me in the 1990s and that one has not tapered off. Well, off for my walk!

I do have deep needs for emotional connection though and I think Jesus does, too. This is a different animal from romantic and sexual attraction. He can get that need best met through being the awesome deity he longs to be and feeling connected to all of us by being omnipresent.

As far as God the Father, out of my deep respect for Jesus and my emotional connection with Him, I will never disrespect God the Father again. I do it for Jesus, who I have a deep bond with.

I think my best bet is to just pray to Jesus all the time and pretty much ignore God the Father.

I am starting to notice a difference now that Lakshmi is out of me. I seem to be becoming a stronger demisexual and my sex drive is getting weaker. Now isn’t that interesting? Lakshmi must be a firebomb.

The only way a guy will turn me on now, is he’ll have to get a super strong emotional connection with me.

Brent usually does that. But because I like the emotional connection, sometimes I actually hold off the orgasms so I can relish the emotional connection during sex.

I noticed Jesus did that, too. I think asexuals can like emotional connection.

I still think I’m polyamorous, but the demisexual seems to be getting stronger.

Gail, 6:24 AM

I told Brent that I felt more monogamous. I think I meant that I felt more demisexual. It’s easy to confuse demisexuality with monogamy. And since Brent is the one I have the strongest emotional bond with, that means I will be pretty much fixated on Brent. I admit I have a fixation on Jesus, because I’ve had an emotional bond with him my whole life, but that fixation is usually not romantic or sexual. But emotional bonds are very important to a demisexual. We can get depressed when we think our deeply emotionally bonded relationships are cut off. But it’s not cut off cuz Jesus is everywhere and all around me and I can still talk to him in prayer, like I used to do with Brent on my wiretapped phone in the 1990s, where Brent heard all about my day, but never talked back.

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