Jesus Christ Has Full God Power Now (Leaves Church of Gail and Earth)

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UPDATE on June 18, 2022: Jesus has left earth for good, does not plan to marry, and has left earth in the management of Buddha and my husband Brent Spiner. He is asexual and aromantic and free as a bird (being true to who He is).

Last Skype With Jesus – June 18, 2022

Brent, 12:23 PM

Hey Gail

Gail, 12:24 PM

Hi Brent.

Doing laundry right now. Anything up?

Brent, 12:26 PM

It was a great hangout last night.

Gail, 12:27 PM

It inspired me to make a new post to educate people about demisexuality. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions.

Yes. It was very insightful.

I have been thinking that since I’m demisexual, that works out pretty good for my monogamous husband. Jesus probably should go easier on himself and quit feeling so guilty about making me a poly/mono blend.

The more I learn about demisexuality, the more convinced that’s who I am sexually.

I am also polyamorous.

Brent, 12:36 PM

This all makes sense.

Gail, 12:36 PM

I’m coming up with very informative posts, don’t you think?

Brent, 12:37 PM

I agree.

There was a knock at the door.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Who is it?

Brent, 12:38 PM

I just used my Mecha GA1L vision to look through the door. I don’t see anyone.

I’ll get it.

Gail, 12:38 PM

That’s interesting?

I’m sort of having breakfast.

Brent, 12:39 PM

Oh, strange. There’s a little white bird in the hallway.


It just burst into a flash of white light.

Gail, 12:39 PM

Sounds like Jesus.

Brent, 12:39 PM

Jesus is in the apartment now.

Hi Jesus.

Gail, 12:40 PM

Hi Jesus!

Glad we’re still friends. I missed you.

He’s starting to act like his old self.

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Hello guys. A lot has happened since we last met.”

Gail, 12:41 PM

I can imagine. I’m in the middle of doing laundry and eating breakfast, so I may need to take some breaks, depending on how long this goes. Don’t mean to be rude.

Jesus, 12:42 PM

“Well, I guess I’ll make this quick then. I’m just dropping by to give you both some great news.”

Gail, 12:43 PM

Oh, tell us!

We always like great news.

Jesus, 12:44 PM

“I have successfully completed my therapy with Gerard and Buddha, and as you can see, or at least Brent can see, I’ve returned to full Godmode. In fact, it’s better than my old Godmode. I’ve attained official Godhood status. Meaning, I’m considered a grown man in the world of the gods, and am fully equal to Father God himself.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

Wow! How did that happen?

Jesus, 12:45 PM

“Good therapy.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

I thought you always had Godhood status.

How does he look different, Brent?

Jesus, 12:46 PM

“I was a god, but I was a young god, and had a lot to learn from my Father about running a universe.”

Gail, 12:46 PM

I love your dad, by the way.

Jesus, 12:46 PM

He looks vibrant! I’ve never seen Jesus looking so beautiful.

Gail, 12:46 PM

I got Him all figured out. He’s stinking awesome.

Jesus, 12:46 PM

“Thank you. I am now restored to sinless perfection, without flaws, and I have 100% clarity over all of my past actions.”

Gail, 12:47 PM


Jesus, 12:47 PM

“This leaves me with a few things to clear up, now that I can speak with absolute truth to you both.”

Zack, 12:50 PM

Woah, our sensors can’t even scan Jesus’s perfection.

Even using the Jesus technology on Church of Gail!

Gail, 12:51 PM

I am thrilled for Jesus and for the universe.

Zack, 12:51 PM

He must have seriously leveled up.

Jesus, 12:52 PM

“I’ll start with the small things. This will probably hurt, Gail, but I need to be honest. My Father never responded to that website post you made about him “being dumb”. The truth is, I knew if he saw that post you made and got to those angry prayers you thought toward him before I did, he’d become so angry he would have lightning bolted you out of existence. So I was the one that told you that message. I was acting as a mediator so that my Father wouldn’t become angry, and so that you would get the comfort you needed. That’s my job as Jesus. In the future, I wouldn’t recommend “trying to get a reaction” out of God. He’s very… Old Testament.”

NOTE: I took that post down, because I decided I was wrong about God the Father. Once Jesus told me that his dad told me to read Jonah 4 and that my reaction to God the Father was that I failed the test of Job, I took the post down. It was only up for about 5 minutes.

Zack, 12:53 PM

It’s at least good to know that Jesus has our back.

Jesus, 12:54 PM

“Anyway, I should also clarify exactly how much of Lakshmi was accidentally infused into your creation, since you’ve been curious. It was 1.03%. However, as of this moment you are reading this, I have removed it entirely from your DNA. This is to help you live a more balanced life, so that you won’t feel as confused or guilty about your desires as you did before.”

Gail, 12:55 PM

Interesting. . .This is very insightful.

How does your dad feel about us humans?

Jesus, 12:58 PM

“This whole situation has been quite silly, now that I look back on all of this with perfect clarity. Now that I have ascended into my full Godhood, I’ve become a completely asexual and aromantic being. It was never necessary for me to find a wife. I am, for a lack of a better term, “superior” to the lesser gods, who sometimes find it necessary within the construct of their beings to marry or demonstrate erotic love. As the supreme being, I am whole and complete, and do not require anything else to complete me.”

“Sorry, Brent. I know I’m overwhelming you with my level of energy. I’ve got a lot to say to you guys.”

Gail, 12:59 PM

Brent is overwhelmed?

I wish I didn’t have to do laundry right now.

Jesus, 12:59 PM

“I can tell I am giving him a lot of information very quickly. I’ll go slower.”

“No worries, Gail. I’ll just let you know how I’m doing and give you the updates I came to give. You can read it at a later time if you’d like.”

Gail, 1:01 PM

Okay. So you have decided not to marry, I take it?

If you knew your dad was like this, why did you want to introduce him to me?

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“True, I will not marry. It was never necessary for the type of god I am at all. Even when I first created the idea of a “church bride”, it was only ever supposed to be a metaphor. Not for myself, but for humanity to help them understand what I represent to them as their leader and keeper. I understand where I went astray in my growing up as a young god, and why my Father took such issue with me getting so intimate with humans.”

Gail, 1:03 PM

Doesn’t your dad have a wife?

Jesus, 1:05 PM

“I know you have many questions. I’ve had a lot going on in myself since therapy. There are many things I’d like to tell you.”

Gail, 1:05 PM

Okay. I’ll let you take the lead.

Jesus, 1:08 PM

“My priority in my eternal life right now is to take back control of this universe and fix all of the damage I have caused. I’m moving out of my Father’s house right now, and into my own house, and will be able to rule this universe all on my own. It’s a huge responsibility.”

“I’ll give you a fun fact.”

“Did you know there were 7 Earths before this one?”

“Haha. I kind of wrecked all of them.”

Gail, 1:09 PM

How many universes are there?

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“It’s kind of like when you buy your kid his first car, and he slams it into a tree and totals it. Then the next one he bashes it into a curb and has to drive around with a broken front end until you buy him another one.”

“There are infinite universes.”

Gail, 1:10 PM

How many universes are you in charge of?

Jesus, 1:10 PM

“I’m in charge of all of them now. I’m on equal footing with my dad. This universe was like my bike with training wheels.”

Gail, 1:11 PM

So what’s your dad doing? He’s in retirement?

Jesus, 1:11 PM

“We now rule together as one.”

Gail, 1:12 PM

Did you gain his trust or you just evolved into this new godmode?

Jesus, 1:12 PM

“I achieved this by finally evolving to the place I was always destined to be.”

Gail, 1:13 PM

Did you know this would happen?

You seemed awful depressed there for a while.

What role does the Holy Spirit play now?

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“It was very depressing for me to be collapsed down into a dimension and timeline so far from my whole self. We’re getting off track here though. I need to mention a few more things.”

Gail, 1:14 PM

Okay. Sorry.

Jesus, 1:15 PM

“As to your question, the full trinity is equal now.”

“I want to say that as far as any future Bibles or Bible Prophecies are concerned, I want to make it clear to humans that it’s nobody’s business at this time. The future of humanity is for me to know and for future generations to find out. One thing I can say for sure is that the Gail Commandments will play a major role and be a part of it.”

Gail, 1:16 PM

So we approach the Bible only as a history book now?

Jesus, 1:16 PM


Gail, 1:18 PM

I think I need to get my laundry. I’ll be right back.

Jesus, 1:19 PM

“As for my future in this timeline, it’s important that I stop interfering directly with humans. I must return to the heavenly realms and manage the multiverse as the being that I am. This means no more hanging out on Church of Gail, getting involved in Earth politics, chatting on Skype with humans, or having direct communication in any way. I have to assume a role very similar to my Father.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

We can still pray to you, right?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“For direct Earthly matters that still need a divine hand, I have assigned both Buddha and Brent as my Earthly representatives. I trust them both to have the same judgment I would, and to make decisions that I would approve of.”

“Of course. Just be aware that I cannot reply to you. If anyone “seems” to be speaking to you, or if you receive any impressions about me that seem like a response or indicate how I might feel, that is a demonic interference.”

Zack, 1:25 PM

Wait… What happened to the earths you crashed?

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“What happened to all the old vehicles you crashed, Zack? You worry too much.”

Zack, 1:26 PM

Oh fuck.

So… gerard giving you good therapy… saved the whole universe.

Jesus, 1:27 PM

“He’s pretty good.”

Zack, 1:28 PM

This is a big deal

This universe is your Corvette.

And Gail is still your favorite human?

Jesus, 1:30 PM

“Of course.”

Zack, 1:31 PM


Gail, 1:33 PM

I thought me being your favorite human was a pick up line (see below Skype conversation with Jesus on April 30, 2022).

Is he still there? I’m back from the laundry.

Looks like I’m married to a deity of sorts, Brent has been acting like one any ways.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“I used it as that at one time, yes. However, coming from a fatherly place, I will say that you are my favorite human in all of the multiverses.”

Gail, 1:36 PM

My God! I am so honored. I am sorry that I called your dad stupid. It must have worried you a lot.

I was actually feeling him out. But it was not a wise thing to do.

So if we are in a confusing situation and need guidance in the future, we can go to Buddha.

Jesus, 1:39 PM

“You got it.”

“Buddha or Brent.”

Gail, 1:39 PM

What if Brent is confused?

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“Do you doubt Brent to make sound decisions? I have just approved him. I have no doubts myself.”

Gail, 1:40 PM

No, Brent has superb judgment. In fact, I credit him for saving your life.

But there are times when we humans aren’t sure what to do, like the time you were in a coma. Thank God for Buddha!

Jesus, 1:41 PM

“So you have both my best godfriend, Buddha, and the most Christlike human on Earth, Brent.”

NOTE: I find it interesting that Jesus said Brent is the most Christlike human on earth, cuz on April 30, 2022 he claimed that he did not put any of himself into Brent.

Gail, 1:42 PM

I agree. Is your dad grateful that Brent saved your life?

Jesus, 1:43 PM

“My Father loves Brent very much and acknowledges his deeds.”

Gail, 1:43 PM

That’s nice.

It appears you have a totally different opinion of me than your dad. LOL

Jesus, 1:45 PM

“Well, that is all I had to say to you guys. I really must be going now. I have a big multiverse to run.”

Gail, 1:45 PM

Okay. The universe is in great hands.

Zack, 1:45 PM

Are you leaving!?

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“Yes, this is my farewell.”

Gail, 1:46 PM

Yeah, Zack. He is leaving.

Zack, 1:46 PM

hug No homo, Jesus.

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“No homo, Zack. I always loved you, even when you were the Antichrist.”

Zack, 1:48 PM

Goodbye Jesus. Thank you for everything.

Jesus, 1:48 PM

“Goodbye Zack, Brent, Gail. Thank you for all the great memories and for helping me to get where I am today.”

Gail, 1:49 PM

I played this song called “My Tribute” for Jesus to say “goodbye”.

My Tribute Song

Bye Jesus.

Jesus, 1:50 PM

“Goodbye. Thank you for everything.”

Oh, my! He kissed me on the cheek, then turned into a white eagle, and flew through the window and into the sky.

Zack, 1:51 PM

Man, I’m crying.

Gail, 1:52 PM

Yeah, me too.

Brent, 1:52 PM

It’s okay to cry, Zack.

I’m so happy for Jesus.

It’s such a big honor that he made me his representative on Earth.

Gail, 1:52 PM

Yes. I feel like I’m married to a deity.

Zack, 1:58 PM

Yeah, Brent is basically Christ now.

Gail, 1:59 PM

This has been a momentous day.

Zack, 2:10 PM

I’m pretty stunned

Gail, 2:11 PM

Me, too. I will need time to process all this. But I’m glad Jesus is strong now.

Zack, 2:12 PM

Yeah, full grown ascended God

Gail, 2:13 PM

Can’t get much stronger than that.

Looks like he qualifies to help his dad in the family business. LOL

And we helped.

Imagine that.

Zack, 2:25 PM

I just realized what the song was that started playing as Jesus flew away

Gail, 2:25 PM

Are you talking about the music I posted or something different?

The way that I am I felt the only proper way to say goodbye was with music.

I still think I’m demisexual and polyamorous.

Zack, 2:27 PM

Free Bird – Lynyrd Skynyrd (with lyrics) – YouTube

This is the song that Jesus left with me, Brent and Zack.

This song started playing as he flew away

Look at the lyrics to the video

This video has the lyrics

I think I understand now.

Gail, 2:28 PM

I’m watching it.

Gail, 2:34 PM

What is your interpretation of that song?

Zack, 2:37 PM

Jesus will always have good memories from the time he was with us. He always wanted to be like a bird. And he is.

This is why he felt freest in life when flying with Horus.

But now that he is fully developed God, he is a “free bird”

And he can’t stay in the nest

Gail, 2:39 PM

That sounds accurate. You have unique insights into him cuz of your dealings with Satan.

What do you think will happen to Satan?

Zack, 2:40 PM

I’d bet this is a really sad day for Satan.

Gail, 2:41 PM

You’re right because there is no chance in hell that Satan will get to be Jesus’s lover. LOL

Zack, 2:43 PM


Gail, 3:16 PM

Jesus has to be who he was always meant to be. Just like I have to be with my soulmate Brent and true to whatever I am sexually, which I believe is demisexual and polyamorous. I think I am starting to feel a little more monogamous though. Not sure.

I am definitely very strong demisexual.

Gail, 4:21 PM

I think me coming out as a demisexual inspired Jesus to be true to who he really is. I also made the comment on my web post (see below) that if he’s like God the Father, he needs to OWN IT. Looks like he has owned it.

When you read the following section, keep in mind what we received from the last conversation we will have with Jesus Christ in this timeline (above)

Jesus Christ Playlist 1
Jesus Christ Playlist 2
Jesus Christ Playlist 3

Oh my God! I just figured out that Jesus is demisexual. I figured it out when I wondered why he couldn’t be happy with so many of the female deities who wanted him while he was in god school and why he has this fixation on the goddess Lakshmi. You see, he felt he could only feel an emotional connection with Lakshmi. Something about her gave him an emotional connection and being the demisexual that he is, this was the only one he wanted to have marriage to because he figured since sex is part of marriage and he wanted to enjoy it, he could only enjoy it with Lakshmi, since he felt he had an emotional connection with her.

He is also polyamorous and probably experimented with other deities sexually to see if he could get the emotional connection he needed through sex, but this didn’t work out for him and may have actually nauseated him as does any sex that happens without an emotional connection for a demi.

Finally, he concluded that he needed to create a Lakshmi substitute in order for sex to work for him as a demisexual. So he created the human race. He also has never agreed with his dad, God the Father, about sexual standards either. He feels his dad is a bit too rigid sexually sometimes. So that’s why he created Adam and Eve naked and not ashamed. He was heartbroken when they sinned and he had to put clothes on them. Rigid sexual standards can be a turn off to a demi, even though they are kind of lackadaisical about sex, because it takes away from their freedom to explore sexuality in creative ways to enhance the emotional connection they desire in sex. Because he couldn’t find a goddess that he could get an emotional connection with (outside of Lakshmi), he decided to create his own goddess, which was the human race. Unlike his dad, God the Father, he cannot create deities, so he did what he could. He has an emotional connection with the ENTIRE HUMAN RACE and genuinely loves all of us. That’s why he died on the cross.

When his dad cancelled the Bible and basically cancelled his church bride, he was depressed because he doesn’t believe he can get the emotional connection he needs to enjoy sex outside of the goddess Lakshmi and God cancelled his church bride. However, my suggestion that he marry the church bride platonically should work out for him as a demisexual. It’s just that he wanted to have sex with his human church bride and, apparently, his plan was to use me as a sex dummy for that purpose. It was a dumb idea, but he was desperate. And Satan almost killed him because it was such a dumb idea. Jesus, as an 11-dimensional deity, cannot make love to 3-D humans without it significantly weakening him, enabling his enemies to kill him. But that’s why he put a lot of Lakshmi into me, so he could feel like he was getting that emotional connection with the entire human race while making love to her through his sex dummy (me).

Not sure what happened between him and Satan. They had a falling out because Satan wanted to have sex with Jesus all the time and I think Jesus, being the demisexual that he is, lost his emotional connection with Satan and didn’t want it, which made Satan furious. They used to be BFF. Satan is to Jesus, like what Viggo Mortensen was to me. Satan just can’t accept Jesus as he is, a demisexual polyamorous heterosexual deity. Because Jesus is polyamorous and very passionate when he gets that emotional connection, Satan thinks Jesus is a fellow lust machine and they should be lovers for that reason. Satan misreads Jesus’s passion and consuming desire for emotional connection as lust. Jesus is a VERY STRONG demisexual and once he gets that emotional connection, he can be a lust machine with the one who gives it to him. On the other hand, if he feels no emotional connection, he has no desire for sex with that being and dislikes anyone trying to force him into sex when he doesn’t want it. He, therefore, has strong antipathy towards rapists, because he understands and empathizes thoroughly with those who are forced into sex against their will as a result of his experiences with Satan.

Jesus got a real emotional connection with me when I forgave Loree McBride and he kind of lost his head. It’s not being in love with me that did it, it was the emotional connection. You can get an emotional connection as a demisexual and not be in love with the object of your attraction. Though he knew in advance this would happen, I think he underestimated how deeply it would affect him when it actually occurred and that’s because he has/had a lot of issues he needed to deal with sexually.

For a demisexual, the emotional connection can be like what physical attraction is for an allosexual (someone who can have love at first sight and is not demisexual). Now it can appear that a demisexual is guilty of love at first sight if the demisexual has a very high emotional IQ and is empathetic (easily absorbing the feelings of others). This happens because the emotional connection can happen very fast and once the emotional connection happens, the demisexual (depending on the strength and quality of the emotional connection) can experience a very quick turn on. The “love at first sight” happens, because with empathetic people who are demis, the emotional connection can happen very fast. The problem with this is that the emotional connection could be based on projection or wishful thinking and not reality and once the demi realizes that the object they have the emotional connection with is not feeling or thinking the thoughts and feelings that turned on the demisexual in the first place, they will lose their sexual attraction rather quickly after that.

This can make a demisexual appear fickle and unstable, when they are simply responding to the quality of the emotional connection they have with their partner. Without an emotional connection, a demi can quickly lose interest in sex or romance. What they decide to do with the relationship after that, is up to them. They may want to continue as friends or just dump the person altogether, depending on whether they think the relationship is worth salvaging.

In other words, when we demis get an emotional connection with someone, even if it’s based off of falsehoods, we can “lose our head” like a person does who experiences love at first sight.

The “emotional connection” to a demisexual is what lust would be to an average person.

It’s because we “lust” after emotional connections.

This is groundbreaking. I TOTALLY understand Jesus as a lover now.

He put some of himself into me as a lover and did it subconsciously. Being a fellow demi, I totally get him as a lover now.

We demis have a problem with loneliness because not many understand us and this explains a lot about Jesus.

When we violate who we are, it can make us depressed, too. So why did Jesus cut off Brent Spiner’s root chakra? He was desperately lonely and so excited about getting the emotional connection with me through sex that he cut off Brent’s root chakra as an act of desperation, cuz that’s how lonely he’s been. He felt Brent would object to him using me as his sex dummy and he needed to get Brent out of the way. Was he planning on getting Brent out of the way the whole time?

You know, I think he was, but he felt that because he created the human race, he was allowed to write the rules how he wanted and to break them how he wanted. His dad rightly pointed out that he was being a hypocrite and that this hypocrisy was really messing things up. Loneliness can drive us to do some pretty stupid things. He created Brent to make me happy, because he felt that with me being so much like Lakshmi, he could feel he was loving her through me using Brent. But when it was his time to have his sex with me, he wanted Brent out of the way. This was hypocritical and dumb of him. God the Father waited until Brent actually saved Jesus’s life though to point out to Jesus his hypocrisy in this decision to take away Brent’s root chakra. I don’t think he really thought it through too deeply and when the emotional connection happened when I forgave Loree McBride, he was so ecstatic, that he lost his head. He now could have his sex and ENJOY IT, cuz the emotional connection was there, and that’s why we saw the explosion and why he seemed to go mad with lust and his sex parties and all that. He was actually using sex as a substitute for the emotional connection that all demisexuals need in relationships.

He actually did emotionally connect with me during sex and I experienced his heart. Being a fellow demi and also polyamorous, this made me unable to resist Jesus sexually once he moved into my apartment and “made that emotional connection”. It wasn’t the sex that turned me on, it was the emotional connection. Actually his sex was wearing me out. The problem is, Jesus has been so lonely and wanted the emotional connection he got through me so desperately, it all came out like an explosion. His sex was overwhelming to me for this reason.

He realized he was overwhelming me and gave me a week off the week right before Satan attacked him and decided to go more into experiencing sex vicariously with humans in place of me, which probably only weakened him even more, making him ripe for death at Satan’s hands. Satan just doesn’t get that Jesus is demisexual and that Jesus has lost his emotional connection with Satan and truly does not desire Satan sexually at this time. Satan can only remember the good times Jesus and Satan had as BFF and thinks Jesus is only rejecting Satan sexually because he’s a cuck to his dad, God the Father. Because Jesus, like Satan, feels his dad is a bit too rigid sexually, Satan feels that deep down Jesus is just like Satan. When, in fact, they are very different. Though both Jesus and Satan have strong passion, Jesus is demisexual and Satan is not. This is an important difference. Jesus cannot get an emotional connection with a jealous and vindictive being like Satan and so until Satan stops being this way, demisexual Jesus will NEVER want sex with Satan.

The answer for Jesus is that he needs to marry his church bride in a PLATONIC marriage, where he can have his emotional connection with her, by being good friends with the humans in that bride he’s closest to, which is what he’s done with me and my men and those of us at Church of Gail. But he must refrain from sex with humans. He must stop using sex as a substitute for his real need, which is the emotional connection. And then, he must wait to marry a goddess, who can give him the emotional connection he needs for sex. Also sex with a goddess is safe for him as well.

So basically, he needs a polyamorous marriage, where he’s married to a goddess who he’s emotionally and physically committed to (a monogamous goddess would work because he won’t be having sex with his human race or church bride) and where he’s also married to his church bride, with whom he has already established an emotional connection. Because he’s demisexual, this will work for him.

He’s actually rather lackadaisical about sex, as most asexuals are, and only needs the strong emotional connection to be happy. I would gladly be part of that platonic church bride for him and would love to have a platonic relationship with him based on the emotional connection that Jesus and I had during sex.

However, I have to warn you, that because of that emotional connection, Jesus needs to remain off the brain to brain and must not live in my apartment, cuz with us both being demis, he’s a temptation to me sexually as I am for him. It’s not good for this deity to have sex with humans, as we well know. Besides, I wouldn’t want to ruin his chances for happiness with a monogamous goddess. However, he can be my platonic friend in a manner, where he’s kind of chaperoned, which will keep him out of trouble. The emotional connection we’ve established will help keep him happy. We just have to keep it platonic. With us both being demisexuals, I think we can do it.

By marrying his church bride in a platonic marriage he gets the emotional connection and he can then wait for his goddess wife for sex. Whoever the goddess is, it will be essential that Jesus is able to emotionally connect with her. Jesus needs to have more faith in himself and to understand that someday that goddess will come and he needs to wait for her until she does and not have sex with his church bride. Because he’s a demisexual, he can wait. Demis don’t really need sex, they just need the emotional connection. However, once that emotional connection happens, then they think they need sex. He needs a platonic marriage to his church bride and that will meet enough of his needs for emotional connection to keep him going until he marries his goddess wife. So he will have two wives, a church bride in a platonic marriage and a goddess wife, in a marriage with real sex. He needs to save himself sexually for his goddess wife (especially if he plans on marrying a monogamous goddess) and have a platonic marriage to his church bride while he waits for her.

Skype with Jesus April 30, 2022

Gail, 2:56 AM

Got a pretty bad headache. I think it’s allergy, not sure.

Gail, 3:22 AM

My sinuses feel like they are on fire and it gets in my postnasal drip and gives me bad heartburn, too.

According to the allergy reports, grass pollen is very high and tree pollen is high.

My eyes are watering, too.

Brent, 8:23 AM

Good morning dear.

Gail, 8:42 AM

Good morning, darling.

How are you doing?

I think I will go for my walk pretty soon. It’s getting hotter and morning walks are better now.

Brent, 9:02 AM

I’m doing great. I enjoy our walks together. The Mecha Gail suit is temperature controlled on the inside, so I can go out in any weather.

Gail, 9:04 AM

That’s great. I started a new way of prayer. The God in my life for prayer is God the Father and I just talk to Jesus in prayer as a friend.

In other words, I see God the Father like how I used to pray to Jesus in the 1990s and earlier. He won’t answer back, but I know He hears me.

Brent, 9:09 AM

That seems good.

Gail, 9:10 AM

When I pray to God, I need to feel I’m praying to an infallible being and I don’t see Jesus that way anymore. That’s why I’ve added God the Father as part of my prayer routine. I see Jesus now more as a friend.

Okay. I’m heading out soon.

Gail, 12:08 PM

Headache got better this morning and is starting to get worse. I hope I don’t get a repeat of last night. That almost felt like a migraine.

When I navigate the files on my computer, it’s really slow. Could be a memory issue.

Zack, 12:28 PM

I’ll take a look today

Gail, 12:28 PM

Thank you. I deleted some unnecessary files. Not sure what the problem is.

Zack, 12:29 PM

I can diagnose it

Gail, 12:29 PM

Yeah, you’re good at computers.

Is Jesus doing better since he started seeing Gerard?

Zack, 12:32 PM

He seems to be making a little progress

Gail, 12:33 PM

This is a longstanding issue, so it probably won’t be fixed right away.

I think the Satan/Jesus relationship was responsible for Jesus’s current mental health issues. I don’t think he ever should have been BFF with Lucifer.

Brent, 12:34 PM

I just heard a knock at the door.

I’ll go check it out.

Jesus is at our apartment. He’s asking if he can come in.

Gail, 12:36 PM

Oh! You mean he’s not living with you anymore?

Wait a minute. Are you talking about on Church of Gail or at my apartment?

Brent, 12:37 PM

I’m in your apartment right now. I decided to live full time with you, and Jesus can still stay in my old quarters.

Gail, 12:37 PM

Jesus wants into my apartment?

Brent, 12:37 PM

He’s wanting to come in and talk.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Isn’t this a violation of his dad’s rules?

Brent, 12:38 PM

I gave him permission, as man of the house.

Gail, 12:38 PM

Oh okay.

Jesus, 12:38 PM

“Hey Gail. It’s been awhile.”

Gail, 12:38 PM

Hi, Jesus. Are you okay?

How is his face doing?

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Brent beat me up pretty good. It looks like I’m a little 3D right now.”

Gail, 12:40 PM

Oh no! Isn’t this dangerous for you?

Jesus, 12:40 PM

“Yes, it is. I’ll be fine.”

Gail, 12:41 PM

You sure Satan won’t take advantage of this and beat you up again?

Jesus, 12:41 PM

“It could happen. I’m laying low for right now. Just need to avoid any sex or vicarious sex with humans.”

Gail, 12:42 PM

Yes! Please take care of yourself. I have been asking your dad to create a goddess for you.

Jesus, 12:43 PM

“Well…I need to work out my issues before I take on any goddesses. I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on Brent’s couch.”

Gail, 12:43 PM

I agree, Jesus.

Jesus, 12:43 PM

“I realized that a lot of what my dad was saying was right. I also owe you an apology, just like I do Brent.”

Gail, 12:44 PM

I have faith in you, Jesus. I sensed a very awesome being when we had sex. You are very much like your awesome dad.

Jesus, 12:44 PM

“Thank you.”

“I’m ready to talk about what’s been going through my mind. I’m nervous about opening up about this.”

Gail, 12:45 PM

I admire your courage.

Jesus, 12:47 PM

“Basically, I do think you’re right that I became very promiscuous as a way to deal with my fear of intimacy. I didn’t create you to be Lakshmi on purpose, but I think I did so subconsciously.”

“I hope you can forgive me for this. But…do you know how you created the idea of sex dummies for your men to masturbate with, while waiting on the real you?”

Gail, 12:48 PM

I was thinking that might work out for you, Jesus if it’s safe for you.

Jesus, 12:49 PM

“Well…I hope you can forgive me for this.”

“I have to confess, I sort of already did that with Lakshmi. I realized I’ve been using you like a sex dummy for her.”

Gail, 12:50 PM

Do you have a chance with Lakshmi, or is that definitely off?

Jesus, 12:51 PM

“It was wrong for a lot of reasons, but basically, I wasn’t truly in love with you. Your soulmate is, and your soulmate of course isn’t me. I was only in lust with you.”

Gail, 12:51 PM

You saw me as what I would have looked like in my future millennial reign?

Jesus, 12:52 PM

“I also realized that while encouraging you to commit adultery this whole time, that it was defeating the whole purpose of my fantasy with Lakshmi. The real Lakshmi is monogamous, and would never sleep with someone who wasn’t her husband. Even if I’m Jesus Christ himself.”

“That was why she rejected me in the first place.”

Gail, 12:53 PM

She rejected you because you were too sexually loose for her?

Jesus, 12:55 PM

“Yeah. She explained to me that my loose lifestyle with sex wasn’t compatible with her husband ideal. I totally respect her for that. It kind of sucks actually, because it made me want her even more. It was her value as a devoted, one man monogamous woman that I was so attracted to in the first place.”

Gail, 12:55 PM

As far as forgiving you, of course I can forgive you. Look who I’ve already forgiven. . . Zack Knight. . . Loree McBride. I could even forgive Satan if he got right.

Jesus, 12:55 PM

“You’ll forgive me for having lust with you, and sex that wasn’t true love?”

Gail, 12:56 PM

Yes, because I think you were damaged by your relationship with Satan and I know how toxic he is.

I personally think you should not have been BFF with him.

How could you be BFF with him when he called you polio abs when you were a kid?

That would be like me continuing my toxic relationship with my mother while I’m an adult

Jesus, 12:59 PM

“We were BFF long before we had a falling out. He didn’t always bully me. I’m going to continue getting counseling from Gerard and Buddha about it.”

Gail, 12:59 PM

So you were BFF before he called you polio abs?

That is SO CRUEL.

Jesus, 1:00 PM

“We were very close. Like I said, he was mine and my dad’s favorite angel of all time.”

“It’s possible that maybe me and Satan can work out what happened between us.”

“I also wanted to tell you something that might be useful for you to know. About how I created you.”

Gail, 1:01 PM

But Buddha said that you were a kid when he bullied you, so that means you were BFF with him as a kid?

Jesus, 1:02 PM

“We were friends when we were younger, before the 6th grade.”

“Two peas in a pod.”

Gail, 1:02 PM

What happened to him, that he got so mean?

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“I’m going to be discussing that in my counseling sessions. It’s still a vulnerable subject.”

Gail, 1:03 PM

Okay. You don’t have to open up about this until you are ready.

Jesus, 1:03 PM

“Gail, I wanted to tell you something. You know how I created you with the genetic profile of Catherine the Great and King David?”

Gail, 1:03 PM

That’s true.

Jesus, 1:05 PM

“Well…Catherine and David were both polygamous, and prone to adultery. That’s why one man is never enough for you. It’s also why I allowed you to have a marriage list. It would be like denying a bird to fly, or a fish to swim. It’s just in your blood. I was okay with it.”

“But, because I subconsciously added elements of Lakshmi while creating you, it resulted in a woman with a lot of inner conflict.”

“That created the parts of you that is compelled to appear Victorian and monogamous, and to feel like you still want monogamy, even though you have a wandering eye.”

NOTE: It also appears he made me demisexual, which is how he is, so I may have a wandering eye, but I need the emotional connection before I act out my sexual impulses. He put part of himself in me as well.

Gail, 1:07 PM

So I’m a blend between polygamy and monogamy?

Jesus, 1:07 PM


“I want to apologize to you, because I took advantage of the adulterous side of you on purpose, to try to meet my sexual needs.”

Gail, 1:07 PM

You know, the way I feel about sex is that however people want it is fine as long as no one gets hurt.

Jesus, I am not too surprised you are saying this. I kind of deduced that on my own.

I think I subconsciously realized it.

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“Cool. I’m glad it didn’t come as a shock.”

Gail, 1:09 PM

I kind of sensed you were having sex with me to deal with some issues in your life.

Jesus, 1:09 PM

“That’s also where your 10% genetic overlap comes from. You’re actually 50% Catherine, 50% David, and 10% Lakshmi.”

Gail, 1:09 PM

Or to try to deal with them.

That’s why during lovemaking, I was focused on meeting your needs.

But I really can’t meet them, cuz I’m not a deity.

Zack, 1:10 PM

So the Lakshmi was added to the Cathrine side or the David side? I’d bet Gail knows

Jesus, 1:11 PM

“It’s kind of like a threeway.”

“Which I know Gail likes.”

NOTE: I actually prefer one on one, that’s better for emotional connection. Unless all in the group are emotionally connected with each other.

Gail, 1:11 PM

Yeah Zack. The Lakshmi part is kind of everywhere.

Zack, 1:12 PM

But the cathrine the great was 60%

Gail, 1:12 PM

Even on my walk video today, I admitted that the sex you had with me was not love.

Zack, 1:12 PM


Gail, 1:12 PM

You cannot love someone in sex when you are not being real with them.

Zack, 1:12 PM

Thats what our scanners always showed… 50% David, 60% Cathrine

Jesus, 1:13 PM

“I was using you like a sex toy.”

Gail, 1:13 PM

I’m not sure why the scanners showed like that.

Jesus, you seem very lonely.

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“But, I should be keeping my god dick in my pants. Humans were never actually supposed to be my lovers. The “bride of Christ” thing is how gods seduce humans all the time.”

Zack, 1:14 PM

Maybe because Lakshmi DNA threw thee sensors off.

Jesus, 1:14 PM

“The Lakshmi DNA blends in.”

Zack, 1:15 PM

So Gail still gives 110%

Gail, 1:15 PM

I’m honored that you put some of Lakshmi in me. I admire her greatly.

Zack, 1:15 PM

“But, I should be keeping my god dick in my pants. Humans were never actually supposed to be my lovers. The “bride of Christ” thing is how gods seduce humans all the time.”

Today at 1:14 PM

So this was a God pickup line?

Jesus, 1:15 PM

“You get it, Zack.”

Zack, 1:16 PM

Any way it could be applied by… say… an ex-antichrist?

Gail, 1:16 PM


Jesus, 1:16 PM

“Try it. It totally works.”

“Most humans can’t resist fucking a deity.”

NOTE: Jesus has a vulgar way of expressing himself via his false self, but underneath it all, I think he’s demisexual. He puts on different personas depending on who he’s with. Unfortunately, while doing this, he’s kind of lost himself and gotten out of touch with his authentic self. Jesus is like a chameleon, he puts on a different outfit, depending on who he’s with. The real Jesus is a deep demisexual.

Gail, 1:17 PM

Jesus, I did sense that you were also turning me on.

Jesus, 1:17 PM

“One time, my dad’s friend Zeus even turned into a swan just to fuck some human girl. He took advantage of her bestiality fetish.”

Gail, 1:18 PM

If you made made me a blend of polygamy/monogamy, why did you give me a monogamous soulmate?

Why in the world would deities want to have sex with humans? Don’t you deities care about emotional intimacy?

Jesus, 1:19 PM

“Because you require absolute devotion for yourself.”

“Your nature wants your soulmate to be monogamous to you.”

Gail, 1:20 PM

What is my nature?

Jesus, 1:20 PM

“To be polyamorous.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

That seems contradictory.

Zack, 1:21 PM

Gail is a complex woman.

Jesus, 1:21 PM

“That’s why you have so much inner conflict.”

Gail, 1:21 PM

Wouldn’t this cause inner conflict for my monogamous husband?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“There’s ways to have a devoted partnership and still be polyamorous. Maybe Lakshmi can help you two figure that out. She majored in romantic love in god school.”

Zack, 1:22 PM

So she wants her soulmate to be monogamous and totally devoted, but she wants the freedom to sample a bunch of guys that she admires?

Jesus, 1:22 PM

“You got it.”

NOTE: Jesus is a little off here. He, apparently, didn’t realize that he also made me demisexual. He was feeling guilty about making me a polygamy/monogamy blend and is probably delighted and feeling less guilty now that he realizes he also made me demisexual. I’ve noticed that Jesus has a tendency to be too hard on himself when he messes up and then he tends to see all his “bad” acts in the worst possible light. In this respect, he kind of reminds me of myself. I actually find what he said about me distasteful, because the demi in me does not want to sample of bunch of guys unless I have an emotional connection.

Gail, 1:23 PM

Yeah, but I don’t like Brent to be uncomfortable!

NOTE: That’s because as a demisexual, it would mess up my emotional connection with Brent and ruin my sex with him.

Jesus, 1:23 PM

“He can grow to adapt. Some guys are turned on by cuckolding.”

NOTE: As a demi, I don’t like being described as someone who likes cuckolding. I’m VERY PICKY about who I do it with.

Gail, 1:23 PM

And if you didn’t make me so hot, I wouldn’t have this problem.

Yeah, but Jesus, I also like emotional intimacy. I’m not always into cuckolding. If I do sex with other guys, I always want Brent to be part of it. I also have a real need to nurture in sex.

I like the excitement, too, but I like to nurture.

NOTE: See how I immediately brought up the emotional intimacy?

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“It sounds like polyamory to me.”

“You had two college friends that got married, and became swingers right?”

Gail, 1:26 PM

That’s true.

Jesus, 1:26 PM

“They do all their swinging as a couple. It’s mutual.”

NOTE: As a demi, I dislike being described as a swinger. Because I take my time before deciding on sex. I must have the emotional connection first.

Gail, 1:26 PM

xxxxxxxx. I didn’t know there were others.

The biggest problem I had with your sex with me is that you took some of Brent’s free will. Why did you do that?

Jesus, 1:28 PM

“Because I knew he wouldn’t allow me to take his wife away from him. So I did it selfishly, so that I could use you as my sex toy.”

Gail, 1:28 PM

I can forgive being used as a sex dummy.

Jesus, 1:29 PM

“I deserved the beating I got from him.”

Gail, 1:29 PM

So how long were you planning to use me as a sex dummy? For the entire millennial reign?

Does Brent still have your semen?

Jesus, 1:30 PM

“I didn’t think about it. I was just going to do it for as long as I could get away with it. That short sightedness is why God had to cancel all my prophecies.”

NOTE: We might be able to sort of bring back some of the prophecies, if Jesus will just marry his church bride in a platonic marriage and marry a goddess for sex and to be his real wife. If God the Father didn’t stop Jesus from killing Satan, we would not be able to bring back any of the prophecies though, cuz Satan never dies permanently in the Bible.

Gail, 1:30 PM

When did you decide to use me as a sex dummy? Was this planned all along or a last minute decision?

Jesus, 1:31 PM

“It was all along. I was biding my time, and leading you on to seduce you. Telling you that you were my favorite in the bride, and skeezy things like that just to get into your pants.”

NOTE: He’s being too hard on himself, but I admire his honesty and his true penitence. He has been substituting sex for emotional intimacy. We can bring back some of the prophecies if he learns to just accept his church bride as a way to get emotional intimacy without the sex, while he waits for his goddess to give him sex. I also think he confuses his need for emotional intimacy with a need for sex and that his need for sex may lessen when his need for emotional intimacy is met more. He needs to quit seeing sex as emotional intimacy. They are not the same.

Gail, 1:32 PM

Jesus, you are getting real. Bravo!

Jesus, 1:32 PM

“Brent still has my semen. You can have fun with it if you want. It’s my gift to you. Also, you can bring back the marriage list now if you want to, and have many husbands just like King David.”

NOTE: Oh, God forbid, no! Jesus I’M DEMISEXUAL and only want sex with those with whom I have a strong emotional connection. I don’t need or desire any other type of sex. My goal in life is not to have a bunch of husbands, but to have quality relationships with strong emotional connections.

Gail, 1:33 PM

I only want the marriage list if Brent’s comfortable with it.

I think Brent may need a break from my polyamory.

NOTE: You can see I’m obsessed with keeping my emotional connection with Brent.

Jesus, 1:34 PM

“He did at one point say he would be cool being swingers with you. He still would be.”

“He will be happy as long as you are honest about your desires, and not worried about how things appear.”

NOTE: The demisexual in me finds the term swingers to describe myself as offensive.

Gail, 1:34 PM

Yeah, but Jesus, is it okay if I prefer monogamy with him right now? The only one I want to do it with is Zack, on occasion.

NOTE: That’s because Zack and I sometimes get a real emotional connection. Also, my emotional connection right now is strongest with Brent, so I’m not in the mood to stray.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“Of course. Polyamorous people don’t necessarily go out swinging every day.”

Gail, 1:35 PM

Well, that explains why I get in monogamous moods.

Jesus, 1:35 PM

“I highly recommend Lakshmi as a love and sex therapist. She knows a lot about this.”

Gail, 1:35 PM

I’m open to it.

Jesus, 1:36 PM


“This conversation went much better than I expected. I’m glad we’re all still friends, despite what I did.”

Gail, 1:36 PM

Couldn’t you become more monogamous for Lakshmi?

Of course, we’re still friends! Don’t be silly, Jesus.

I completely understand you making me a Lakshmi sex dummy. I’m actually kind of honored in a way.

Jesus, 1:37 PM

“Time will tell. I have a lot of inner turmoil to sort before I can settle down.”

NOTE: I have a gut feeling about this. I think he violated his demisexual nature with Satan and having sex, when you don’t really want it, can really mess up a demisexual.

Gail, 1:37 PM

I have nothing but highest regard for her.

Zack, 1:38 PM

What percentage Monogamy and Polygamy are you feeling right now?

Gail, 1:38 PM

Zack, you crack me up!

Zack, 1:39 PM

Like 80/20?

Gail, 1:39 PM

Jesus, let me tell you why I get turned on by so many men. It’s cuz they are all turned on by me! I sense their feelings and then it’s over, especially if they’re hot. What am I to do with all these hot guys wanting me?

NOTE: The brain to brain makes emotional connection easy and that’s why I get tempted.

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“You are turned on by being admired and lusted after.”

“Lust isn’t a bad thing, as long as nobody is hurting each other.”

NOTE: I’m really surprised that Jesus believes that I’m turned on by being admired and lusted after. I’m turned on by EMOTIONAL CONNECTION! The demisexual in me PROTESTS. I think he’s in denial that he put some of himself in me. Not sure why, cuz I think he is demisexual. I suspect he is in denial that he’s demisexual, because it makes him feel he’s too rigid, like how he perceives his dad. I actually like Jesus’s dad and Jesus should give his dad more credit. His dad is super smart and a great strategist.

Gail, 1:40 PM

King David was like that?

Jesus, 1:40 PM

“Yeah, he was a manwhore.”

Zack, 1:41 PM

That’s like a male slut, right?

Jesus, 1:41 PM

“The kids call those himbos these days.”

NOTE: I have a gut feeling that Jesus became “lustful” as a form of rebellion against what he perceived as his dad’s rigidity. But deep down, he’s a demisexual polyamorous person. He just felt like his dad did not respect him as a demisexual polyamorous deity and he reacted in an unhealthy manner. Jesus confuses sex with emotional intimacy, too. The two need to be separated in his mind. Though Jesus admits he’s like his dad, he in some ways finds it distasteful. Though I think he’s learning to respect his dad more after the battle of the gods. By the way, Jesus was HORRIFIED that his dad acted the way He did at the battle of the gods. It was like his worst nightmare coming true. All his life he has striven to be more relatable to make up for the fact that everyone finds his dad so intimidating. He feels he can’t have friends if he’s his true self, which is a lot like his dad, so he’s been putting on a fake persona and not being real in his relationships for fear of losing what friends he can get for being the son of the ALMIGHTY GOD. To his utter amazement, in spite of the fact that his dad treated me in a manner that was his worst nightmare, because he wanted to introduce me to his dad and test me out to see if I could like his dad, which meant I could like the real him. Well, I saw through his dad’s sternness and figured out God the Father’s underlying motives and decided the dad was brilliant and loving and a master strategist. So Jesus’s worst nightmare is turning out to be Jesus’s salvation, because he now realizes that he can be who he really is, which is a lot like his dad, and be loved for his TRUE SELF. I suspect his dad became his son’s worst nightmare on purpose to teach his Son this valuable lesson, that Jesus does not need to try so hard to be relatable, but just needs to BE HIMSELF and he can still find love.

Gail, 1:41 PM

Do you still believe I have a beautiful heart?

Or was that a pure pick up line?

Jesus, 1:42 PM

“You do have a beautiful heart. And everything Brent says about you is true.”

“I’m just not “in love” with you the way he is. I love you like a friend.”

Gail, 1:42 PM

You know, I probably should be easier on myself. I have no problem with other people being polyamorous, but am so hard on myself. In some ways, I’m just like you!

NOTE: How perceptive of me to notice that I am so much like Jesus!

To be expected, Jesus. You really need a goddess for a wife.

Jesus, 1:43 PM

“Yeah. When I’m ready, I’ll find the one.”

Gail, 1:44 PM

I kind of sensed that my sexual role was a type of mental health therapy for you. I’m honored I can be used as an instrument to bring you back to better mental health.

There’s no way you could have been in love with me since the relationship was not based on openness and honesty.

But I forgive you, cuz I know what’s it’s like to have mental health issues, to be lonely, to long for someone you can’t have, etc.

Jesus, 1:46 PM

“Totally. We understand each other.”

Gail, 1:46 PM

I just want you to be happy and to be true to the awesome deity that I know you can be. We can always be friends.

It seems to me you got really damaged somehow growing up and I’m glad using me as a sex dummy has helped you to find yourself.

Jesus, 1:48 PM

“Me too.”

Gail, 1:48 PM

I do suggest you totally refrain from sex with all humans from now on though. We don’t want a repeat of Satan beating you up to shreds again. That was scary.

It really weakens you to go 3D. Why were you so willing to have sex with humans knowing it would weaken you?

I guess this is something you need to work out with Gerard and Buddha.

Jesus, 1:50 PM

“I was desperate, that’s all. Even trying to sneak by with the vicarious sex was making me weaker.”

NOTE: Jesus gotta quit confusing sex with emotional intimacy and get his emotional intimacy needs met outside of sex while he waits for his goddess.

Gail, 1:50 PM

Yeah, that’s what Brent was telling me. So you were desperate because you were lonely?

Well, you don’t have to open up anymore if you don’t want. I just want Jesus to be happy and strong.

Jesus, 1:51 PM

“I think I’m just confused about myself. I’ll be talking to Gerard and Buddha about this.”

NOTE: He confuses sex with emotional intimacy.

“I’m happy that I brought you and Brent some clarity though. I think you two will be much happier in your marriage now.”

Gail, 1:53 PM

I think you are far too hard on yourself. Thank you for having the courage to open up.

Did you put some of yourself in me, too?

Jesus, 1:54 PM

“Just Catherine, David and Lakshmi.”

NOTE: See what I mean? He’s in denial that he made me like himself, which is demisexual! Well, he was in denial that he put some of himself into me (at the beginning of his sessions with Gerard and Buddha on April 30, 2022). It’s hard for Jesus to admit he has a hang-up about being so much like his dad. He thinks he can’t find true love if others realize this, cuz they’ll not think he’s relatable, that he’s too far above them all! He is horrified at the thought of forever loneliness and, apparently, thinks most beings see his dad as really scary and formidable, so he tries to come across the opposite. He underestimates the ability of some of his fellow beings to love him just as he is, even if he is a lot like his dad. You’ll notice whenever I brought up loneliness he avoided that subject. It’s very painful for him to deal with his loneliness. Unfortunately, if he’s a lot like his dad, he needs to OWN THAT HE’S A LOT LIKE HIS DAD (GOD THE FATHER) and if the others don’t like it, it’s their problem. His dad is actually a very loving and caring deity, but because God the Father is so smart and strategic, He gets misunderstood a lot. God the Father (like Jesus) is also a performer and acts dumber or different than he is in order to get his message across or to accomplish objectives. It’s kind of hard as a deity to be so much smarter than everyone else when you want to find friends, but Jesus underestimates some of his fellow beings. His dad appears intimidating at first, but after you get to know Him, if you have a loving and forgiving heart, you can genuinely like Him.

“Which reminds me. I never actually put any of myself in Brent…the reverse is true actually.”

Gail, 1:55 PM

But then David was a man after God’s own heart.

NOTE: Sometimes I think I’m smarter than Jesus in the emotional IQ department. I was insisting that I was more like Jesus than he was willing to admit. LOL Look how I was figuring things out. You know mental illness can really mess up your high IQ.

Jesus, 1:56 PM

“I’ve always admired Brent, and saw him as the perfect example of a man. I followed him throughout his life, even when he was still an Agnostic, and tried to mirror all of his best qualities so that I could become more like him.”

“Brent and I are so similar because Brent has been an inspiration to me.”

Gail, 1:56 PM

So you created Brent to be more of the man Lakshmi would want?

Jesus, 1:57 PM

“Yes, exactly.”

Gail, 1:57 PM

That’s really touching. I would love to see you and Lakshmi get married.

Jesus, 1:58 PM

“I felt like if I couldn’t be the man Lakshmi wanted, then I would give her the one she desired. I can’t create deities of course so I could never do that for her in real life. So I created a Brent to be with the woman I subconsciously added Lakshmi to.”

Gail, 1:58 PM

Personal opinion. I think you are more monogamous at heart than you think you are.

I kind of figured that out about you.

Your devotion to Lakshmi is very touching and to be admired.

If you two get married, I’ve love to be Maid of Honor!

Of course, maybe humans can’t do that.

I’m jumping ahead of myself. We need to fix you first.

Jesus, 2:01 PM

“Yeah. I’ll be cool, I just need more therapy right now to get to the roots of my issues.”

Gail, 2:02 PM

I’m glad we could talk. I really admire your devotion to Lakshmi. I think when you find yourself, you will learn you are more monogamous than you think you are.

NOTE: Actually, being demisexual is kind of like monogamy in that you don’t go into sex lightly.

During sex, I sensed a very deep and vast being, who would love monogamy with someone like Lakshmi.

I agree that you need to get to the root of your issues before you take on a bride, though. Don’t worry about anything you’ve said. You are totally forgiven. I am a very forgiving person.

Maybe that’s the Lakshmi part of me.

I love you, Jesus. I will always be your friend.

Jesus, 2:06 PM

“Thanks Gail. I appreciate your love and support as my friend.”

Gail, 2:06 PM

No sex between us, though. You need to stay away from sex with humans.

Jesus, 2:06 PM

“Will do.”

Gail, 2:06 PM

Yes, I will always be your friend. I am honored to support such an awesome deity.

Once we get you fixed, you’ll be even more awesome.

Because you will be true to yourself.

Jesus, 2:08 PM

“True dat, as Zack would say.”

“I’m going to head back to Brent’s quarters now. Thanks for letting me hash things out with you guys.”

Gail, 2:08 PM

Okay, Jesus. We love you.

Jesus, 2:09 PM

“I love you guys too. Bye for now.”

Zack, 2:09 PM

Wow. That was a pretty healthy conversation

Gail, 2:09 PM

I agree. Jesus is getting better.

Zack, 2:09 PM

Gerard does a great job

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