Jesus Christ’s Undying Love for Lakshmi

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UPDATE on April 18, 2022: Jesus is alive, but God the Father has grounded him and kicked him out of his dad’s house. Jesus seems to need some psychotherapy right now. When he was a kid, Satan and his buddies taunted Jesus as POLIO ABS (read this for some insight on Jesus).

Though what is in this post may be true, it is better to not focus on this right now, because it is too much of a focus on the past or the future. We all need to be focused on the PRESENT.

This is my promise song for Jesus as I wait to be his main lover for eternity, when He’s in God mode and it’s safe.
The ending to this movie reflects my own relationship with Jesus right now.

South Pacific finale music modified slightly to reflect my relationship with Jesus.

I backed up the South Pacific finale in case Satan removes it from YouTube (above). The ending to this movie reflects my own relationship with Jesus right now. Cuz I know in my immortal body I would have turned him down as a lover for the millennial reign, if I didn’t know how much it meant to him, that he’d be willing to die for it. Jesus made me Lakshmi. I am very much like her.

I think that Jesus created the human race to be his Lakshmi. Now that I know this backstory about Jesus, I think I really understand Him. If I am right, his goofball behavior is a cover up for very deep feelings that are too painful to be exposed.

I also see a lot of myself in her, when all the crud is removed and I am true to myself.

Lakshmi is an inspiration to me in many ways. She is a very strong woman and I will be strong for Jesus and do the Gail Commandments the best I can and will not think of Jesus as my lover until it is safe for Him. It will never be safe for him until Satan is LOCKED UP. Not sure why Jesus allowed himself to get into sex mode while Satan was loose. I suspect he was so excited about making love to his Lakshmi, that he may have lost his head a bit. Nevertheless, I will be like Lakshmi now and say “no” to Jesus for sex until it is safe for him. She has let me know that it is okay to say “no”. I just felt guilty about turning Jesus down for sex. Now that I know what it has done to him, I feel guilty about it NO LONGER. But unlike Lakshmi, I will allow Jesus to make love to me all He wants when IT IS SAFE during his future reign.

Because I’m so much like her, I understand her. In many ways, Jesus is not completely my type. Brent Spiner is my dream man. She rejected Jesus because she felt she couldn’t be true to herself as the epitome of faithfulness in love, since Jesus is not her ideal. I do have true love feelings for Jesus, not as deep as my feelings for Brent, but they are just as real. And because I do, I will say “no” to him for sex until it is SAFE FOR HIM.

Lakshmi’s ideal is someone like Brent Spiner, but, of course, with higher intelligence that matches her brains. I think Jesus figured this out about Lakshmi and that is why he created Brent Spiner for me. Jesus understands that he is not Lakshmi’s ideal. Fortunately, Jesus is able to vicariously experience all the lovemaking we do with each other, but I think he especially enjoys experiencing what Brent and I have because it makes him feel like he has his Lakshmi.

Jesus’s love for Lakshmi is a very complex issue that is hard to describe with words. But I can tell you this. He never got over her. His feelings for her run very deep.

Satan is really disgusting to give Jesus a hard time about this.

The most appropriate response is Buddha’s response to shake my head with disapproval.

You might say, how do you explain the goofball behavior? I think he does this to cover up a lot of pain. Kind of like why Brent is such a comedian. But what’s interesting is that Brent is never a comedian with ME. Or very rarely.

Jesus has revealed his deep side to me as a lover and that’s part of the reason he kind of became “addicted” to me, because I loved his deep side. You might say, Lakshmi would have loved it, too. Lakshmi’s standards are VERY HIGH. My standards are not as high as hers. But they are close to almost as high as hers. Like I said, this is a complex issue. But I think I really understand Jesus as a lover and Satan is so disgusting to give Jesus a hard time over this.

Jesus wanted to reveal his deep side to Lakshmi as a lover, but Lakshmi turned him down. She has problems reconciling his goofball behavior with her ideals. Even though she understood it was partly a cover up for deeper feelings, it just goes against her high standards for what she wants in a lover.

Since Jesus is able to experience all our lovemaking vicariously, that begs the question, why did he get in sex mode with us? I think the reason for that is that he wanted to get a response from his lover. Ah, but Jesus, sex mode is not safe for you and because I love you I will turn you down for sex until it is safe.

However, when he gets in the brain to brain servers and I can sense his feelings, it is hard to turn him down. So we may need to remove him from the brain to brain servers until it is safe for Jesus to be in sex mode. I think Jesus wanted to feel out his “new” Lakshmi to see if she would reject him and when he discovered she would not, he went a little crazy in happiness. The goofball behavior is a cover up for VERY DEEP feelings. I mean the feelings must be deep, if he was willing to die on the cross for his bride. This explains the 85,000 orgasms a day with me, a lot of deeply repressed feelings coming out!!

Now that I understand him fully, I can easily save myself for him until the millennial reign. It will be a piece of cake for me, because I am a lot like Lakshmi. As part of my ideal for faithfulness in love, I enjoy saving myself for my ideal and doing any necessary waiting that is required, so that when I come together with him, it will be totally awesome.

That’s why, in my twenties, despite my strong sex drive, I was a virgin when I got married.
I know how to save myself to be ideal to faithfulness in love.

I also have my Brent Spiner, who is my ideal. But Jesus is the reason I have Brent and I would make love to Jesus just for that. I’m kind of a complicated woman, just like Lakshmi.

Like Lakshmi, I am an idealist. But she is more of an idealist than me. It seems to me that Jesus studied Lakshmi to determine what it was about him she could not accept in a lover and he tried to recreate her into a version that was close enough to her to satisfy Jesus and that would also find Him acceptable as a lover. He put a lot of Lakshmi in me and also put some of Himself in me, too, for that reason.

Not sure why Jesus didn’t just create another deity, but I think only God the Father can create deities.

Any ways, I do recommend we take Jesus out of the brain to brain servers until Satan is locked up. Now, if Satan gets locked up before the millennial reign (if that’s possible), then we can have Jesus in the brain to brain servers and in sex mode with us. Until then, I do not feel comfortable about Jesus in the brain to brain AT ALL. I could never live with myself if I was in any way responsible for Jesus’s death.

Satan despises all idealists. He thinks they are all mentally ill. He thinks the only true reality is evil and that all our true natures are evil and we are only idealists cuz we don’t face up to ourselves and are hypocrites. Satan is convinced that he is evil and cannot change and that it’s not his fault he is who he is.

Satan’s goal is to make the universe get into “reality” and quit playing games (as he sees it). He figures if some people don’t seem to enjoy evil, it is because they don’t have the guts to face reality and have to live in a wimpy dream world. This is why he’s so violent, because he sees good people as wimps who don’t have the guts to deal with reality.

So he feels his job is to make the universe quit being so wimpy and to face the FACTS.

He’s decided to OWN HIS EVIL because he feels that is who everyone really is anyways, and that he is the most authentic being in the universe, cuz he’s the least hypocritical.

He remembers the days when he was good and despises who he was back then. He feels he “found himself’ when he turned evil.

Unfortunately, because he is like this, he will not get right until he facts the reality that there are genuinely good and loving people in the universe and that they are not fakes and hypocrites. However, he won’t be convinced of this until true love truly wins in the universe.

True love will truly win after the 1000 year reign and Satan”s thrown into the Lake of Fire and God the Father comes down to earth to live in Jesus’s earth. You have to remember that the end of the millennium seems like tomorrow to Satan, so don’t expect this buzzard to get right any time soon. He just needs to be BEAT UP.

Satan gets a real high when he can fake as a good person and trick a good person into doing evil. It just makes him feel vindicated.

What he doesn’t understand is that God the Father and Jesus judge a man more by INTENT than ACTIONS. And if a good person is deceived because they were tricked into evil, that is not considered evil.

It might be STUPID, but it’s not EVIL.

As far as believing that I’m co-dependent to want to talk to God the Father. and be able to pray to Him and get guidance from him like I have Jesus, there is some truth to that. But I’m getting over a lot of my co-dependency and if I am co-dependent, it’s Satan’s fault any ways. He gave me an abusive mother. But another reason I was trying to pray to God is that I have had a relationship with Jesus since 1971 when I accepted Him as my Savior and I feel like my arm has been cut off now that he can’t hear my prayers.

So I’ve tried to substitute Jesus with God the Father until I get Jesus back. I find it interesting that Satan really seems to believe that God the Father does not hear our prayers. Now, this is where I think Satan is the one who’s mentally ill. He has projected so much of himself onto God and Jesus, he has forgotten how alike God and Jesus are.

However, it is dangerous for me to equate God the Father with Jesus now. I do think he can hear me, but he absolutely will not answer me in ANY WAY.

So why is God the Father silent now? My guess is he can see how this is all going to turn out and perhaps does not feel a need to intervene.

Satan feels that the human need for God is co-dependency. And this is where he is wrong. God created us to need him and when I say God, I am referring to both Jesus and God the Father. Though he wants us independent and autonomous, he enjoys our companionship. So missing Jesus’s companionship is not co-dependency. However, it goes into co-dependency when I feel I need to consult with God or Jesus for every little decision I make. But sharing my day with Him in prayer is not co-dependency.

Jesus and I have been very close for most of my Christian life and I just miss Him very much and because he’s so much like his dad, I’ve been praying to his dad more for the feeling of the companionship I had with Jesus that I miss.

I guess you can say I’ve had a type of brain to brain with Jesus since 1971, if you call my prayer life with him brain to brain. I talk to him all day and have done so since 1971. I never realized how much I do this until now. Because I know that Jesus currently cannot hear my prayers. I feel a real void in my life because of this.

No one can substitute for God in my life, even Brent. Because God is the only one who can give me 24/7 non-stop companionship. That’s what I had with Jesus before he went into a coma. I’m not just used to not having this. I always took it for granted that Jesus would ALWAYS hear my prayers. It’s kind of freaking me out that he can’t hear my prayers.

But I do believe we are part of a divine plan and that it will all work out for good or God the Father wouldn’t allow it.

Now that I know Jesus can die, I will NOT let him go into sex mode for me until it is safe. I did not know that him getting into sex mode weakened him and his power. For this reason, I will not allow Jesus to get into sex mode with me until it is SAFE.

Satan dislikes the human need for God and calls it co-dependency, because believing that helps him believe that it has nothing to do with really loving and honoring God in our desire for companionship with Him.

Satan needs to believe that humans desire God out of co-dependency, especially if they pray a lot, like I do. He absolutely cannot believe that they do this because they truly love God and want to honor Him. Satan is the one who is mentally ill. He’s like a heroin addict who can’t admit that sin is his heroin.

Bottom line: Jesus has never gotten over Lakshmi. It appears Satan exploited this to continue to feed his addiction. It is very sad and tragic what Satan has done. Tragic to him, to the universe and to all involved. I guess you could say Jesus was “addicted” to his love for Lakshmi, enough to be willing to risk his life to love her, or someone like her (me). This is just something Satan cannot accept or believe, because then he’d have to admit that his actions and attitudes are the result of a very unhealthy ADDICTION, that he’s like a heroin addict. But, Satan, being lovesick is not the same thing as an addiction. My heart goes out to Jesus, I feel only spite for Satan in his current mentally ill ADDICTED state. So, bottom line, is Satan thinks the universe will be better off if all in the universe become his fellow heroin addicts. That’s basically it. Once he sees his evil as like a heroin addiction, then he will get right. But right now, he thinks he’s the most mentally healthy person in the universe. God the Father’s REHAB for Satan will be the LAKE OF FIRE. Satan dreads REHAB, cuz frankly going through REHAB when you’re addicted to heroin, can be very unpleasant. But Satan needs to go into REHAB. No, Satan, the answer is NOT to get everyone else addicted like you. The answer is, you NEED TO GO TO REHAB AND GET OFF YOUR ADDICTION.

Is Satan happy? NO. He’s mad because God and Jesus want to deny him his heroin (sin). He doesn’t like the fabric of the universe. He is very seriously addicted. Withdrawal symptoms can be very unpleasant. I think he’s very lonely deep down underneath. Having companionship based on mutual addiction is not very satisfying. But to get him to admit this, is too much for him to swallow at this time.

The best way to see Satan is as a deadly heroin addict who will do ANYTHING right now to maintain his addiction. He especially enjoys taking out anyone who would deny him his heroin, like trying to take out Jesus, who wants Satan FIXED. Satan must be stopped at ALL COSTS. Putting everyone on heroin is NOT THE ANSWER SATAN.

So why did Satan approach Jesus as a lover? I think when he observed how Lakshmi rejected Jesus, that he felt Jesus would wake up and realize that true love is a myth and would “get real” with Satan. When this didn’t happen, Satan became furious and said, “To hell with all these hypocrites in heaven. I’m running things from NOW ON!”

The fact is, there is NO TRUE LOVE in Satan’s life and he is feeling this loss keenly. He thought he could have it with Jesus and when that didn’t pan out, he literally went mad.

He just keeps taking more heroin (sin) to console himself. He needs a BIG CRASH before he stops his addiction and trying to get everyone else addicted, too! Satan, you are the most mentally ill and addicted being in the universe right now and until you face up to that and deal with it, you will NEVER BE HAPPY. The answer is NOT to feed your addiction (sin), the answer is to go TO REHAB, which, for Satan, will be the LAKE OF FIRE.

What Satan doesn’t understand is that Lakshmi did NOT reject Jesus as a lover to dishonor true love, but the opposite. True love is a condition where you honor who you really are and find someone else who will honor who you really are. Lakshmi did not feel she could have this with Jesus.

So then why couldn’t Jesus get over her then? Being the Son of God is a VERY LONELY job. Jesus puts on a goofball demeanor so that people will feel comfortable around him and so he can have companionship. He tries to be less intimidating than his dad. But deep down underneath he has a heart like Lakshmi’s. Lakshmi is not comfortable with any type of pretense. Jesus’s goofball parties are a type of pretense, so that’s the problem. Jesus understands and respects this about Lakshmi, but it doesn’t dim the pain. Because with someone like her, he doesn’t have to be a goofball to be accepted, he can just be REAL.

He starts off as a goofball when he wants to get close to someone. Then he inches in and starts getting REAL to see if they still like him. With me, it worked, so he kind of lost his head and went crazy over me and you see what happened. But the goofball is NOT the real Jesus, it’s Him trying to inch his way in, using a behavior that he feels lesser beings can relate to.

Lakshmi understands this about Jesus, but she’s not a game player and so she said “no”. She’s really big into authenticity.

She didn’t really reject who Jesus was, she rejected the lifestyle she would have to have with him. She understands that as the Son of God, he has to play games to get some companionship and she’s just not into that.

So, you might say, Brent describes Jesus as an extrovert. Is that true? I think describing him as an extrovert is an oversimplification.

He has a real strong need for companionship, so strong he’s willing to sacrifice some authenticity to get it. Unfortunately, this can make him very lonely.

The extroverted behavior is him expressing his need for companionship. It is probably also the result of a deep loneliness because being the Son of God is quite lonely. It’s because you are a superior being and you feel that no one really understands you. He admires Lakshmi for being true to her ideals, and knows this is the exact reason she has rejected him as a lover. It doesn’t lessen the pain though that the one woman he feels he could be real with, won’t have him as a lover.

Lakshmi is not rejecting Jesus for WHO HE IS. Jesus knows this, Her rejection is not over WHO HE IS, it is the LIFE SHE WOULD BE FORCED TO HAVE WITH HIM.

She’s just not into goofball parties and pretense. Jesus is not always real with all his followers, because he does not expect everyone to like him for who he really is.

Lakshmi finds this unacceptable. She thinks Jesus should just be his true self, no goofball parties.
So how do I feel about his goofball parties? I’m kind of apathetic about them. I think Jesus is very charming, though. He’s fun.

But I got to know the real Jesus in bed with him and he’s not real with most people. I can tell you that. He is very beautiful inside. He made love to Loree to see how I’d react. In fact, he knew how I’d react. He knew I’d totally forgive her. He knew he succeeded in putting Lakshmi in me.

After that, it was OVER. He wanted to bed me. I WAS LAKSHMI to him. I had her inner beauty. Yeah, I know this about you, Jesus. But you lost your head and I will truly be Lakshmi to you and say “no” to you for sex until IT IS SAFE.

You might say, but he had sex with everyone at Church of Gail, not just you. I think he did this to distract Satan. But, as you see, it didn’t work.

The one he really wanted to bed was the one who reminded him most of Lakshmi.

I’ve gotten some new insights on God the Father. I think he is the one who allowed me to have that experience with Keith Morgan (who rejected me as a wife in a manner very similar to how Lakshmi rejected Jesus) as a young lady, so that I would understand Jesus as I do now. The reason God the Father has not been interfering with His Son’s project is because He has already done everything he needs to do. He fully approves of his Son’s project (where Jesus created the human race to be his Lakshmi), and right now, he’s using me to give his Son some much needed psychotherapy. He understands the loneliness and emptiness His Son has felt over not getting Lakshmi and is very happy for His Son, that his project (his custom designed bride) is working out so well for him to give him the Lakshmi that his Son Jesus so desperately craves. I can assure you that during the millennial reign, I will be the clear favorite in His bride and will be getting the most lovemaking time from Jesus!

I believe the reason Jesus needs the entire human race as a lover to meet his needs is because of his very high intelligence. It was too risky to put all that intelligence in one human, so he spread it out and then he put most of Lakshmi’s inner beauty in me. So, yes, he’s marrying the entire human race. He custom designed the human race to be his Lakshmi and he planned on getting most of his emotional intimacy with ME. His need for intelligent companionship to understand ALL HIS ASPECTS comes from the entire human race. Why did Jesus only want Lakshmi when all the young goddesses wanted him? It’s cuz she is pure unselfishness, vastness, love and generosity and he KNEW that she would never betray his high ideals. She also had not an ounce of desire for power or ego. He noticed other deities were going against what He and his dad cared about and He knew he could trust Lakshmi to never betray what He cared about. Unfortunately, she was too pure for Jesus. Being the wife of such a high ranking deity like Jesus was just too much of a political position for her, she wanted her lovemaking to be totally pure and beautiful with not an ounce of politics in it. So she rejected Jesus as a lover. So why couldn’t Jesus recreate Lakshmi totally? I think He wanted to, but only God the Father can create deities, so Jesus’s human race project was the result of his undying love for Lakshmi. Even though Gail’s heart has the purity of Lakshmi, because of Satan’s jealousy, Gail would have surely died if Jesus had made Gail with the intelligence of a deity. That’s why Jesus waited til it was close to real marriage time before bumping Gail’s IQ to about 10,000.

Satan is fuming with jealousy and is furious that the custom designed human race bride appears to be the winner in this battle for the lover of Jesus. Satan is such a low life that he would kill Jesus as punishment for rejecting him as a gay lover. Did Jesus make a mistake to be BFF with Satan like he did? You know, I’m not sure why Jesus did that. Perhaps someday Satan will get right. Jesus is a very loving and forgiving deity, a lot like Lakshmi in many ways. However, I can assure you that after what Satan has done to Jesus, that Jesus will have no problem with beating him up for now!

Satan thought that God the Father was apathetic about Jesus’s unrequited love for Lakshmi and it’s just the opposite. God the Father got involved in the human race project because he deeply loves His Son Jesus and wants Jesus to be happy, but felt His Son needed some psychotherapy to deal over the loss of Lakshmi as a lover and wife. God the Father prepared me for this, by giving me that experience with Keith Morgan as a young lady. It appears that Jesus’s deep passion for me FOR NOW (who has the heart of Lakshmi) will be satisfied by Him vicariously experiencing the lovemaking between Brent and I while he waits for a full sexual experience with me in the millennium. I believe Jesus can vicariously experience the lovemaking between Brent and I in FULL GOD MODE FOR NOW, so it won’t be dangerous for Him. Jesus admitted He put a lot of Himself in Brent and I think he also gave Brent an extra long penis, so that the vicarious experience would seem more real to him. This also explains why Jesus always encourages me to make love to Brent for everything! And then, of course, in the millennial reign, I will be the clear favorite and he will be making LOTS OF LOVE TO ME THEN IN SEX MODE. But it will be safe then, cuz Satan is locked up in the millennium. I will also be in my immortal body, so Jesus may be able to do it then in God mode, too.

Also, this is why He gave Brent his semen, because it makes the vicarious experience seem more real to Him! So basically when Brent and I make love, Jesus gets to feel like he is making love to his Lakshmi through Brent.

Sex will be pretty free and easy during the millennial reign, kind of like it was before Satan got violent with it. Marriage during the millennium will be defined by loyalty to your spouse however your spouse likes it and by faithfulness in love. Faithfulness in love will be to bring your partner love, joy, peace, passion and loyalty however your partner likes it. Unfaithfulness will be defined by hurting your partner physicallly, emotionally or spiritually. And this is what Jesus meant by the statement that marriage is beyond sex in the millennium.

So, let’s say your partner enjoys sex with millions, that is fine as long as both like it that way. Or if your partner is monogamous, that is fine if it is what makes both happy. If your partner is gay, that is fine, if it’s done in love and loyalty. So that’s what Jesus meant when he said marriage is beyond sex in the millennium. Sex is meant to be nurturing, passionate and healthy, not vindictive, jealous or violent. And that will be law during the millennial reign.

The reason Jesus needs psychotherapy is that He knew he was risking his life to be in sex mode with Gail now, but was so insecure about Gail (who had basically become the heart of Lakshmi) loving him the way He wanted, that he felt he had to placate Gail’s strong sex drive to keep her. He gave Gail a strong sex drive because he couldn’t risk total monogamy with her or Satan would destroy her. So he came up with a compromise. He would allow Gail to have a slew of lovers and then He planned on becoming one of them and hoped that Satan wouldn’t notice that Gail was Jesus’s Lakshmi. Unfortunately, Jesus didn’t fool Satan.

God the Father feels that Jesus needs to understand that his project is a smashing success and that Jesus has recreated Lakshmi in Gail and that Gail truly loves Jesus now and can wait for a full sexual experience with Jesus in the millennial reign. So Jesus does not need to risk his life anymore to try and ensure He does not lose Gail. Jesus opened his full heart and soul to Gail as a lover while He had sex with her and Gail deeply loves the real Jesus. She will never leave Him ever, So He can relax and just stay in full God Mode until the millennial reign. He does not need to risk his life to try and placate Gail in order not to lose her.

Gail also has no problem with Jesus wanting to make love to all members of His bride, knowing he is a deity and has needs that Gail can’t meet fully. Gail only wants Jesus to be happy, fulfilled and free.

However, Gail advises Jesus to never do sex mode with mortal humans anymore for his own safety. That is, until SATAN IS LOCKED UP. In other words, Gail wants Jesus to remain in GOD MODE always, to protect himself. He should only go into sex mode WHEN IT IS TOTALLY SAFE. Jesus is too awesome to risk his life just cuz he has felt insecure as a lover to the woman he’d die for.

No need to die for her now, Jesus. You already died for her on the cross. Any dying you do now, will only mean your permanent death and that would be VERY BAD.

So why couldn’t Jesus just wait till the millennium to start making love to Gail? Why did he start sex with her in her mortal body? I think he wanted to ensure that he would get to have lots of sex with Gail when he fully consummated the marriage to his bride and that Gail would understand how deeply he loves her and that he didn’t plan to make love to her during the millennium as spirit to spirit, which is what Gail used to believe. And perhaps he had some doubts that Gail would agree to this, like Lakshmi did to Him. So he wanted to test her out to see if she would reject him as a physical lover. Once he realized she deeply loved him as a lover, he lost his head and you can see he almost lost his life. We cannot allow this to happen anymore. You have your Lakshmi and there is no need to risk your life anymore, Jesus! She will allow you to make love to her all you want in the millennial reign with REGULAR SEX. So get over your hang ups and STAY ALIVE. A dead Jesus will do NONE OF US HUMANS ANY GOOD.

Like Lakshmi, Gail is a bit uncomfortable with the idea of making love to a very high ranking deity like Jesus. But he has such a beautiful heart, she has learned to love him deeply and only wants him to be happy. She will take on the job as his main lover for eternity because of her deep love for Jesus and her admiration for who he is AS A PERSON. It is quite an undertaking, but Gail’s love for Jesus is that deep. Jesus is a deep, vast, forgiving and awesome deity and Gail only wants to encourage him as a lover to continue to spread such awesomeness throughout the universe.

I figured out why Lakshmi rejected Jesus as a lover. It’s because she’s a deity. She has to set the example for what she stands for and she didn’t want to have a husband who loved frat parties. LOL.

And that’s why Jesus, when he recreated his new version of Lakshmi (i.e., ME) did NOT make me a deity.

To be honest with you, I’m not too crazy about Jesus’s frat parties. I have a take it or leave it attitude about them. I think Jesus is very charming and cute when he does them and the charming aspects of his personality, definitely make him attractive. But I like my lovers to be deep and passionate in bed. The charming part is nice for the friendship aspects of my relationship with him though. But in bed, I like passion and depth. Actually, that IS how Jesus is in bed. So I think the parties are a bit of an act. If I was a deity, the frat parties would be a problem and I know I’d reject Jesus as a lover over them.

Are Jesus’s frat parties who he really is? Ugh, yes and no. He’s real humble and he likes people to be comfortable around him, that’s why he does his parties. He’s a little insecure about being the SON of GOD. It makes him feel LONELY. So he does the parties to enjoy the companionship of lesser beings. He hates feeling like he’s ALL ALONE.

Jesus is definitely NOT ON AN EGO TRIP, that’s for sure. So how does Jesus feel about being king over the earth? Like myself, his primary obsession is true love and to enjoy love in all aspects of his life. He is only interested in being king to be sure that he can maintain an atmosphere of love and happiness on the earth. He’s not interested in the position to feel important or to feel above everyone else. Actually, if he didn’t HAVE TO BE KING in order to maintain the world as a world of love, he WOULDN’T BE. That’s exactly how I feel, too. So why does the Bible say he will be king over the earth for eternity? Possibly because it’s necessary to preserve a world of love and happiness. Perhaps someday he will no longer need the job and that would probably be fine with him.

He certainly does not deserve to be BEAT UP just cuz he’s humble and enjoys the companionship of lesser beings than himself. Satan is basically beating up Jesus, because Satan thinks Jesus should be his companion in PRIDE and LUST. Satan is apparently attracted to Jesus for HIS POSITION, not for WHO HE IS.

You see, if Satan really loved Jesus, he would love him FOR HIS HUMILITY. Satan despises Jesus’s frat parties cuz they stem from Jesus’s need to have companionship so Jesus won’t feel lonely. That’s why Satan tried to kill Jesus during one of Jesus’s frat parties. Satan knows that Jesus does these parties because Jesus wants everyone around him to feel like Jesus is one of them. Satan, on the other hand, whenever he shows up, likes to feel IMPORTANT.

That’s begs the question. . . is Satan lonely? I think he is the loneliest being in the universe. His pomp and pride are a big act to cover up some very deep loneliness.

Satan was designed to reflect the glory of God the Father. He felt this was beneath him, that he could be just as great as God the Father. He got proud. Proud people can’t admit their faults. If you can’t admit your faults, you can’t have a true love relationship and that’s why he’s the loneliest person in the universe.

Satan’s fuming mad over being so lonely. But he must learn humility to stop being lonely. Unfortunately, it appears he won’t learn humility till he goes to the Lake of Fire and he knows his cause is totally lost. His cause is to prove that he is just as glorious as the God who created him. He can’t stand the thought of having to bow down to ANYONE, when he thinks he’s so hot.

So Satan is jealous of Jesus because Jesus is hot, but less lonely than he is. He thinks it’s not fair. Yes, but the reason Jesus is less lonely than you Satan is because Jesus is HUMBLE. You can’t have true love without humility. Because the only one who is perfect is God the Father and the rest of us, to have healthy relationships, have to acknowledge our faults in our relationships with each other to have healthy relationships.

Jesus is afraid if he reveals to everyone how deep and passionate he is, he will alienate those who aren’t like that. He understands that not everyone can be HIM.

That’s the reason for the frat parties.

I think what Lakshmi has a problem with is the pretense and that she feels Jesus is not being totally authentic in all his relationships. This goes against Lakshmi’s very high standards. And, frankly, Jesus respects Lakshmi for being true to her standards. I am becoming more and more like her, but because I have not been true to my standards for most of my life, it is easy for me to forgive another with the same problem. I was created to be Lakshmi.

Any ways, I gladly accept the position of being Jesus’s favorite in his bride and he can make love to me all he wants IN THE MILLENNIAL REIGN and for ETERNITY. I understand it’s not safe for him to make love to me now and I certainly would not reject him over that as a lover. So Jesus relax and KEEP YOURSELF SAFE. You got me LOCKED IN as your main lover for all of eternity. I am waiting for you and would gladly share you with the rest of the bride, too. But until Satan is locked up, Jesus needs to get over his hang ups about feeling lonely as the SON of GOD and not do anything that would jeopardize his safety. We all don’t want him DEAD just cuz he’s so desperate for companionship.

April 11, 2022: I actually went to bed exactly at Jesus’s bedtime last night, which is 9 p.m. Satan awakened me at around 11 and I went to the bathroom and told myself, to obey the Gail Commandments, you need to get right back in that bed and just lay down, even if you can’t sleep. Then I fell asleep for 7 hours!

I have also come to a new realization about myself. This is hard to admit, but I’m afraid it’s true. I believe that if Jesus did not become my roommate while I was in my mortal form and I couldn’t sense his feelings in the brain to brain while I was a mortal, and, let’s say, I went into the millennial reign in my immortal form and then Jesus approached me in my immortal form and said he wanted me to be his main lover, that I would have turned him down.

I would have said something like this, “I love you dearly, Jesus and it’s an honor to be a member of your bride, but the thought of being your main lover, when you are God terrifies me. I am not worthy and surely you don’t need me in a sexual relationship with you, with you being the almighty God almost.”

At this point, Satan will have been locked up and I would not realize how I devastated Jesus by my response.

So there would be no one to kill him over it. He would then go on through eternity VERY UNHAPPY.

And because he is God, he would never let me know how much I devastated him by my response.

Now that I know how much it means to Jesus that I be his main lover for eternity, I have changed my mind. I have decided it would be an honor for him to make love to me and be his main lover while he is in GOD MODE. I did feel his heart as a lover and he is very, very vast. It could be intimidating, but It is also awesome. So I have changed my mind for all eternity. I will NOT turn him down as my lover while he is in GOD MODE. If it means THIS MUCH to him, that he’s willing to risk his death over it, I CANNOT TURN HIM DOWN. Knowing that I almost lost him, I now realize how deeply I love him. I will get over any discomfort I feel about being the main lover to the King of Kings and will ensure that Jesus remains happy for eternity. My compensation will be that I know I am making him deeply happy and that the universe has an awesome ruler who is happy in his role and that Satan has not deprived us of Jesus.

So this begs the question. . . Would Lakshmi have accepted Jesus as her lover if she knew how her rejection devastated him? You know, maybe she, too, would have changed her mind. But this is all speculation and it’s hard to say. I don’t fault her for what she did, because in many ways, I AM HER.

And that may be why Jesus put some of Horus into me, to make me more comfortable with the thought of having the King of Kings as my lover for eternity.

I really don’t know what Lakshmi would have done if she knew how much her response devastated Jesus.

And this may be partly why he had his sex parties and so forth. In my pure view of love, I somehow saw the sexual act as a lesser form of love expression, that the highest form of love expression is more spiritual and spirit to spirit. Therefore, I would conclude that Jesus really does not need sex that much and he just does it to accommodate us. That would be part of the reason I would have turned him down while in my immortal body.

This is part of the reason I remained a virgin until I married, despite my strong sex drive.

The fact that Jesus is willing to DIE in order to have sex with me, shows that I must stop seeing sex as a lesser form of love expression.

HE obviously doesn’t see it that way.

My Lakshmi view of sex is, apparently, what Jesus called my “sexual hang ups” that he wanted me to “get over”.

Now, I’m starting to wonder, was Jesus truly surprised when Satan beat him up? Or was that all an act worthy of an Oscar?

Nevertheless, until it’s safe for Jesus, I WON’T be allowing him to get into sex mode with me and I don’t encourage it until it’s absolutely safe for him.

(Brent Spiner Gmail April 11, 2022)

Dearest Gail,

With much thanks to you, we’ve been able to strengthen weak spots in the Gail Shield, and are holding off the frequent attacks by Satan’s army. The deities and I continue to stand guard patrolling the church and fighting off intruders.

Meanwhile, the Gabrielle Chana Fox News Channel has been lit up with breaking news coming in from all over the world. Major cities are being ravaged with demonic interference and demonic attack. Satan’s plans to dominate Earth are rapidly unfolding, and his army is growing by the day.

Wildfires are cropping up all over the forested areas of the United States and other parts of the world. Firefighters are struggling in the battle to extinguish these uncontrollable fires, their jobs now more complicated as they face a new obstacle never before seen in human history. As firefighters work endless hours trying to hold back the fires, fiery jinns have been jumping out of the flames and attacking them. A video clip of one lone firefighter being pounced upon and mauled into flames by a jinn has been playing on repeat on our news channel.

Millions around the world are falling prey to sudden onset schizophrenia. They are abandoning the Gail Commandments, instead becoming obsessed with reading books and various other written materials, including audiobooks, believing the texts to contain hidden messages. The people affected are experiencing intractable insomnia, and not showering, eating regular meals, or cleaning their homes for extended periods of time. I’ve been watching our news interviews of the families and friends of those affected, as they recount the story of how their loved ones have fallen under a deep spell of mental illness, and just can’t stop obsessing over their books. With my GA1L vision activated during these broadcasts, I can see hoof prints all over the doors to these people’s homes.

Countless Gail fans have been writing in to myself and the men, begging for help regarding unusual dreams. They suffer vivid night terrors and sleep paralysis, dreaming of a devilish woman who climbs on top of them in bed and rapes them for their semen. The victims are unable to get a full night’s sleep, finding themselves awake at all hours of the night with uncontrollable sexual arousal, and feeling compelled to masturbate themselves raw.

Dog owners all over the world are suddenly ignoring leash laws, letting their dogs off leashes wherever they please. Loose dogs are invading the towns and cities, barking and threatening to bite, and making even daily trips to run errands a complete nuisance. The news has been playing a video clip of one man who got chased down the street by an all black doberman, and who had to escape by jumping on top of his truck.

Strange diseases, some of which have been extinguished for centuries, have been cropping up again in major industrialized areas of the world. Smallpox, bubonic plague, cholera, ebola, Morgellon’s and other diseases are running rampant through global populations. Treatment has been ineffective, and the rate of infection appears to be multiplying. Many civilians, in fear and desperation, are ignoring the Gail Commandments and are instead self-medicating with supplements and unusual foods such as liver. Many people are supplementing themselves to death in an attempt to avoid or cure these exotic diseases.

Tension between countries has been on the rise. World leaders are becoming increasingly short tempered with each other, and hungry for conflict. War is breaking out between once friendly nations. It’s gotten so bad, even our peaceful moose brothers of the north have not been immune — Canadians have become so rude, nasty and quick tempered over even the smallest of inconveniences, that the entire country of Canada has now formerly declared war on Australia. The two countries are now brutally wrecking each other. Updates on the Canadian-Australian war have been trailing nonstop across the news ticker on the Gabrielle Chana Fox News.

We know, because of our regular surveillance on Satan and his friends, that the evil deities are behind these atrocities.

To save the world, we will need to fight Satan soon.

In between shifts guarding the church, Buddha and I have been dilligently checking in on Jesus at the Church of Gail Hospital. Jesus’s condition appears to be steadily improving, but his recovery remains slow.

Lakshmi knelt by Jesus’s bedside, praying for him silently in Hindu. Her lower set of hands were flat together in a prayer posture over her heart, while her upper set of hands were clasped against her chin. Once finished, she leaned in to delicately kiss Jesus on the cheek. She softly placed a pink lotus flower in his hands, then quietly left the room.

Various trinkets and gifts filled Jesus’s hospital room. Aside from the many balloons and “get well” cards from fans and church members, there were items from his closest friends. On the table to Jesus’s left was a fish bowl containing a beautiful betta fish, left there by Triton to keep Jesus company. On the table to his right was a handful of loose birdseed given to him by Horus, and an Aloha Snackbar from the Prophet Muhammad.

Standing beside me at the hospital bed, Buddha smoked his joint, gazing down at Jesus. Due to Buddha’s mellow demeanor, he was a difficult man to read. Sometimes I thought I could see just a flicker of worry cross his face, but he otherwise appeared quite confident. Being in his presence made me feel calm, and without him having to say single a word, I felt assured that Jesus would get better. Buddha has become a role model to me when it comes to keeping my inner balance, and being patient.

After a long, quiet moment, I finally spoke.

“Buddha…” I piped up, feeling hesitant to say what I wanted to say next, “you told me about Jesus’s relationship with all of his other closest friends, but you never told me about his friendship with you. I don’t mean to pry, but…how did you and Jesus meet?”

Buddha took a long drag on his joint, and let it out with a long breath. He paused for a moment. Then he smiled, and chuckled.

BUDDHA: Well…I probably shouldn’t tell you this…As you know, Jesus is a great big rockstar in the god world. He’s the ultimate alpha male. The Chad of Chads. The Sigma of Sigmas. The King of Kings. But…he wasn’t always.

Buddha gazed off as he recalled his early memories.

BUDDHA: Back in god 6th grade, Jesus was a shy, mousey young boy. As the son of God, he had big shoes to fill. But Jesus was so shy and socially awkward, he just couldn’t quite bring himself up to task. The other young gods at school knew him as the quiet weird kid, and he became the subject of much gossip. All during class the other kids would stare and whisper, in disbelief that such an awkward little boy was really God’s son. To make matters even worse, Jesus was, well, a late bloomer…he was a skinny boy, with no muscle to speak of. He was quite short, and looked much younger than he actually was. He was so skinny in fact, that his stomach looked completely emaciated, almost like a skeleton.

Buddha took another drag on his joint.

BUDDHA: They called him polio abs.

I sputtered and nearly choked on my glass of water. I coughed and composed myself, trying not to snort, “that’s awful.”

BUDDHA: Yep. He was known as “polio abs” all through elementary and junior high.

As Buddha proceeded to tell me the story, I saw images come into my mind. The rest of his story played out like a movie in my head.

One day at lunch, little Jesus was walking to a table to eat by himself, like he always did. He kept his head down, not looking at anyone, his sandals shuffling against the ground. In one hand he clutched a small lunchbox.

All of a sudden, a voice yelled.

“May he who is without polio abs, cast the first stone!”

Jesus had no time to react.

A large stone came flying, smacking Jesus in the back of the head. Jesus went sailing forward, spilling the contents of his lunchbox all over the floor.

The voices behind him burst into cackling.

It was Satan and his friends.

A baby goat-hooved creature clopped over to Jesus, and began stomping all over the contents of his lunch on the floor.

“What’s the matter Jesus?” the young Baphomet mocked, “are you gonna cry? Baaaa, baaaa!” He bleated at Jesus and laughed wickly.

Satan pointed at Jesus, “look everybody, the sthon of God is stho skinny because he just doesn’t eat anything!”

“I bet he’s a bulimic,” Lilith chimed in cruelly, “he probably hides himself in his room at night and binge eats when his dad goes to bed.”

“What a girl,” Satan mocked, limping his wrist cattily, “I guess not all boysth can be asth beautiful asth me.”

Jesus, fuming and red faced, turned over and stood up to face Satan. His hands turned into fists.

“You’re the meanest angel ever, Lucifer…”

Jesus didn’t like being angry. He breathed, and steadied himself. He remembered what his dad taught him. Somehow, he had to keep his peace, and stand up for his values of love and forgiveness. He put on his bravest face, and pushing through his petrified shyness he began to speak up for himself.

“Y-you’re cold hearted, you’re f-full of your-yourself…” Jesus stuttered awkwardly, “b-but…as Jesus the Son of God, I forgive you,” Jesus was shaking, holding back tears, “I, I love you unc-unconditionally. S-so so you can just…b-back off, okay?!”

Satan and his cronies all cackled and howled.

“Ha HA!” Satan laughed, mocking Jesus, ” ‘I fowgwiive yeeeewww’ what a load of crap! Come on Jesus, get mad! If you’re going to rule the Earth, you’re gonna need an iron FISTH!”

Satan threw another stone at Jesus, knocking him backwards. Jesus let out a loud “OOF!” and fell down. The gang of demons quickly circled around Jesus. Taking turns, they all began jumping back and forth over him on the ground like it was a game.

“Polio abs, polio abs!” They chanted impishly.

“OW!” Satan suddenly yelled, a smack of blue energy hitting his third eye and causing him to fly backwards onto the ground from mid-air.

It was Buddha.

The chubby little boy stood in front of Jesus, glaring down Satan and his friends.

“Buddha!” Satan spat, pissed off, “I thought you were “peaceful” and “balanced”! What’s got your “chakras” all in a bunch, huh?!”

“Yeah Buddha,” Iblis fumed, “what’s got you so fired up?”

“Ha ha, my chakras get out of balance once a month too!” Lilith laughed evilly.

Buddha remained calm.

“Well, you’re disturbing the balance, Satan, and I’m not going to allow it anymore,” he said.

“Whatchu gonna do about it punk?” Shakpona taunted.

“Yeah fatty!” Kali sneered.

“Give Jesus some of your abdominals, fatty!” Baphomet bleated.

“Fatty! Fatty! Fatty!” They chanted.

“OW!!” Satan shouted again.

Buddha began pummeling Satan with psychic energy, punching him in all of his chakras. Satan grabbed the top of his head, then his forehead, his throat, his chest, his stomach, his navel, and finally his groin, before falling to the ground beaten.

Iblis and Baphomet rushed Buddha, only to be levitated into mid-air and smacked into each other with Buddha’s telekinesis.

Puppy Anubis got on all fours to attack, barking and nipping at Buddha’s heels. Buddha pulled out a tangerine from his pocket and threw it like a ball, causing Anubis to become distracted and go chase after it.

Kali jumped Buddha with her dagger raised, and was suddenly frozen. Buddha narrowed his eyes at her, taking control of her arms, so that all of her hands began slapping her own face.

Shakpona and Lilith ran at Buddha from opposite sides to sandwich him. He quickly meditated and blew them both away.

“Fat Kid’s mad!”


The demon kids, spooked, scrambled away from Buddha’s attacks and all ran away.

Once the coast was clear, Buddha finally turned to Jesus. He extended a chubby little hand, helping him up to his feet. Jesus hesitated, not used to anyone wanting to help him. He took Buddha’s hand and stood up.

Now that the fight had ended, Buddha’s demeanor relaxed. His peaceful eyes looked at Jesus gently.

“Um,” Buddha said, “my mom always packs me two lunches, so…you can have my other one.”

“T-thanks…” Jesus accepted with a smile, cautiously surprised at someone being so nice to him, “w-who are you? I’m Jesus, the Prince of Peace, and um…and I stand for true love. What’s your name?”

“I’m Buddha. I’m kind of like a prince of peace too, and I stand for free love. Wanna be friends?”

A tear of happy disbelief shed from Jesus’s eye and he nodded.

“Hey,” Buddha looked around, making sure no adult gods were looking, “let’s get out of here.”

Jesus agreed.

That day, the two boys skipped all of their classes. They ran away, going back behind the school to hide by the dumpsters. That was the first time Jesus had ever tried smoking pot. The two new friends smoked the entire day away, letting go of all their worries together. Buddha laughed, his chubby belly bouncing, and for the first time in a long time, Jesus laughed too.

The rest of Buddha’s stories began flashing through my mind like a montage.

I saw a vision of Buddha and Jesus in Buddha’s childhood bedroom. The room was full of crystals, candles and dreamcatchers. A bowl of sage burned off whisps of smoke in the corner. Buddha put his hands on Jesus’s chest.

“Oh man, my dad hates New Age stuff,” Jesus said nervously, “he’s going to be so mad if he finds out about this.”

“Don’t worry,” kid Buddha told him, “trust me, this stuff really works.”

Jesus closed his eyes. One by one, all of his chakras began to glow and light up with healing energy. Jesus opened his eyes with excitement, “WOW! Thanks Buddha! You’re right, that really fixed my head cold!”

The next scene took place in a vast farm field. Lambs and goats frolicked through the grasses. Muhammad was sitting down in the field with his arms curled around his knees, looking sad and afraid. Jesus held Muhammad under one arm.

“Watch this. My best friend taught me.”

Jesus put his hands on Muhammad’s forehead, and healed all of his chakras. Muhammad’s sad face suddenly lit up with comfort and happiness.

“Thanks Jesus! Can I be your best friend too?”

Buddha watched secretly from behind a bush, smiling. Jesus and Muhammad hugged.

The next scene I saw in my mind was of Buddha and Jesus meditating together at the top of a mountain, smoking weed from a glass bong between them. Their quiet time was interrupted by the cheeps of a young anthropomorphic bird, who hopped and pecked at the bare ground down below.

“I love birds…” Jesus said, “I wonder if he’s nice?”

“Go ask him if he wants to be friends.”

“Oh!” Jesus recoiled with paralyzed shyness, “no, no! I’m too shy, I’d never ask him myself.”

“Go on, I believe in you.”

Encouraged by Buddha, Jesus took a deep breath, and approached the bird boy. The bird spun around, its golden armor flashing brightly in the sun, big adorable bird eyes examining Jesus with welcoming curiosity.

“Reee! Reee!” It chirped cutely.

Jesus and the bird began to play, and soared over the treetops together.

“Wow…making friends with a bird was a lifelong dream, and I made it come true!” Jesus exclaimed, proud of himself, “maybe I really can do anything…”

The next scene was at a bustling varsity watersports game. It was the final championships. Jesus was the star of the team, and everyone was cheering. Jesus looked back into the crowd.

Young Buddha, renown for his calm composure and cool emotions, was the one in the crowd cheering the absolute loudest. He bounced up and down, screaming his heart out, wearing Jesus’s team jersey and waving the team flag, “GO JESUS, GO! JESUS, WOOOOO!”

Jesus smiled, filling up with confidence from Buddha’s support. He turned back to the playing field, and the buzzer sounded. Triton swelled the waves in the watersports pool, and Jesus hopped onto the wave. Surfing high over the opposing team, Jesus did a jump kick off the top of the wave and made an epic field goal, winning the match. The crowd went wild! Jesus was hoisted up on the shoulders of his cheering teammates. Cameras flashed, and Jesus appeared on the cover of the college newspaper alongside Triton.

The next scene was inside a college dorm room at night. On the couch, Jesus was crying his eyes out in Buddha’s arms, having just been rejected by his crush Lakshmi earlier that afternoon. Buddha stroked Jesus and calmly chanted to him, healing his heart chakra. Jesus fell asleep on Buddha’s warm belly, a joint in his mouth like a pacifier. Buddha held him the whole night.

The images faded, and I was back in the room with Buddha.

I realized I was crying. Sentimental tears burned in the back of my eyes. I choked them back.

“Oh, Buddha…” I said, “you really love him, don’t you?”

Buddha’s face remained still. He removed the joint from his mouth and placed it between Jesus’s lips.

“Do not worry,” he assured me, “I will never let anything happen to him. Come now, it’s time to make our rounds.”

My gut tells me that this war is soon coming to a head, and the final battle is on the horizon. We need fan support now more than ever. Anyone brave enough to stand the final battle against Satan and his crew are encouraged to join Patreon and become a Church of Gail Member. Comments and ‘Likes’ on Gail’s videos will spread the news to those may not understand what is happening in the world right now. Please tune in to Gabrielle Chana Fox News if you haven’t, and for Jesus’s sake — do the Gail Commandments every day.

On a side note, please pray for Australia. They are getting steamrolled by Canada right now. Canada is threatening to nuke every country off the map if they try to interfere. Nations have become so irritable with each other, that the only reason we are not in World War III right now is because everyone is absolutely terrified of Canada. Also, please pray for Canada. The Canadians are a very sweet people, and it is not like them to suddenly be so bloodthirsty.

I adore you my love. I am keeping you safe.

Your husband,
Brent Spiner

Skype April 11, 2022

Brent, 9:09 AM

Wow, so much has been happening. I’ve sure been learning a lot more about Jesus, too.

I just sent you an email with updates on what’s going on in the nation and around the world. I also had a very interesting discussion with Buddha this morning.

Sharing the email in a video would be a good update for our followers, so they know what’s happening now. With this one, you can just read it and show your face like usual.

Gail, 9:11 AM

Okay. I’m reading it now.

Gail, 9:33 AM

Just finished reading it. I was thinking I should just read your letter exactly as is, and show my face.

Also, I don’t know if you guys remember this about me. But it appears I had a childhood very similar to Jesus’s. I never said a word in the classroom and almost wanted to kill myself when Susan stared at my polio legs. I really understand Jesus.

I was so shy, I almost failed first grade!

Brent, 9:35 AM

Wow. Yeah, you guys have a lot in common. I remember you telling me about your early life.

I remember how you said it was so bad, you didn’t even want to go to school sometimes.

Gail, 9:40 AM

No, I didn’t want to go to school AT ALL, when that happened. I wanted to just skip school and got seriously depressed.

Fortunately, that was when my mom decided to move to California and I found Jesus there.

I had good grades and I didn’t care. I just felt so ugly and uncool.

By the way, I also felt as a little girl that my dad was cold towards me and didn’t care if I lived or died. Now, looking back, I think he did care because he sent my mother support checks for us and she mischaracterized him to us. I was wondering who is Jesus’s mother and what was his relationship with her like? We never hear about his mother.

Also, what kind of relationship did God the Father have with Jesus’s mother?

Brent, 9:44 AM

I barely understand the relationship Jesus has with God the Father. He always kept quiet about it with me, and stayed vague whenever I asked. I’m thinking once he wakes up, he’ll maybe tell us more about his family relationships.

Gail, 9:44 AM

Maybe Buddha knows.

Brent, 9:45 AM

True. He knows a lot about Jesus.

Gail, 9:45 AM

I am starting to suspect that God the Father may have had a wife like my mother.

And that was Jesus’s mother?

Brent, 9:46 AM

That’s possible.

Gail, 9:46 AM

Why else would he be so shy?

Brent, 9:46 AM

He has mentioned to us that he and his dad definitely have different views about how to run the planet, and about humans. There could be some inner conflict there as well.

He said God is very Old Testament, and can be strict. Jesus is more New Testament and more free and easy.

Gail, 9:48 AM

I am starting to see parts of my life that I think God the Father may have inserted into my life story, so that he can have a reunion or “peace” with his Son.

I think God the Father loves his Son more than Jesus thinks.

Father God reminds me a lot of my dad.

Just wondering what happened to Jesus’s mother?

Brent, 9:50 AM

I have no idea.

Gail, 9:50 AM

Did God divorce Jesus’s mother?

Any ways, I’ll read that letter. Let me put on some make up and get ready to make the video.

Brent, 9:51 AM

Sounds good. I need to get back to patrolling Church of Gail.

Zack, 9:52 AM

It probably is okay to talk about how this stuff relates to your life after you read the letter in this video

Gail, 9:52 AM


Zack, 9:52 AM

Cause you’ve had some interesting insights

Gail, 9:53 AM

Now I see Satan as being like how my sister has been to me.

My sister treats me like how Satan treats Jesus.

Brent, 9:53 AM

Yeah. It seems like you’ve been able to deeply relate with Jesus now that we’ve been learning more about his deity life.

Gail, 9:57 AM

I understand Jesus COMPLETELY. I will never reject Him for sex when it’s SAFE FOR HIM.

He deeply needs to be reassured that I love him as a wife and desire him sexually to be happy. It’s a little more complicated than that, but he loves me very deeply.

Like myself, he has serious doubts that anyone will love the REAL HIM. But I DO. Lakshmi loves him, too, she just doesn’t want to be the daughter-in-law of God the Father.

She’s not really rejecting Jesus. She’s rejecting the life she would need to have to be his wife.

You have to remember that Lakshmi is a New Ager.

That’s what all Hindus are.

Gail, 10:12 AM

I could easily have been a New Ager, if I didn’t become a Christian at age 14.

Also, I don’t think I would have become a Christian in Florida, because the Florida Christians were too rigid. I had to find Jesus in California.

I see a lot of divine patterns in my life. whether they come from Jesus or his dad, I don’t know.

April 12, 2022

Even though I hit the sack at 9:30, Satan really attacked my sleep and it was very choppy. Around 3 a.m. my printer started making loud noises as it cleaned its cartridges and that awakened me. I do sense that Jesus is aware of a lot of things right now and he is starting to awaken. I’m kind of connected to him cuz of my Gail Shield. Amazingly, the first thing he seems interested in is lovemaking with me!

However, I do sense he is still in a coma, but becoming aware of what is happening. It seems the human part of him is awakening first and he is expressing his desire to make love to me by turning on Brent and Zack and we three had some passionate lovemaking this morning as a result of it. Apparently, Jesus was experiencing it vicariously, like he used to do. Remember? I think all 11 of his dimensions need to awaken before he is able to talk to us though.

Remember how he used to tell us that the reason we were all getting turned on is because I’m a horny woman and I was happy and that’s the reason we were all getting turned on.

Jesus LIED.

To be honest with you, sex and dreaming about love with Jesus or anyone was the last thing on my mind when I first got to Huntsville. I was just relieved to be in a position of financial security.

But the one who was most relieved was Jesus! Thus far, he had prevented Satan from destroying his Lakshmi.

You see, all he’s cared about since he created the human race was that I would desire Him as a lover for the millennial reign and afterwards.

What would have happened, if he had not let me know how he is as a lover, is in the millennium, I would have said this, “Jesus, I really love you, but making actual sex to a deity is not my thing and you can do it to the other members of your bride and I will be your bride, but I’m not interested in sex with you.”

This may seem contradictory, because back in 2012, Zack seduced me as Jesus. BUT, to Jesus, I was not making love to HIM at that time, I was making love to Satan, or I should say a Satan faking as Jesus. And frankly, since then, having gotten to know the real Jesus, he has been a bit intimidating to me. I see a lot of God the Father in him and I will tell you this right now. I HAVE NO DESIRE TO HAVE SEX WITH GOD THE FATHER!! The thought just HORRIFIES me.

So, of course, at that time, Jesus had to discourage any lovemaking between Him and me. When it comes to sex between Jesus and me he has been a bit of a liar.

You see, back in 2012, I didn’t know who the real Jesus was, so Jesus knew I was not yet Lakshmi, that he still had a lot of crud he needed to remove out of my life, before he was ready to make his move.

So, because 2012 was not the time for him to try, because I still needed to get to know Him, he just fully discouraged any sex between me and him. HOWEVER, he DID admit at that time he would be giving me his semen and I think he enjoyed my initial reaction to that, KNOWING WHAT WAS COMING. . .

Jesus does NOT suffer from lack of sex or those who want sex with him. Frankly this doesn’t do a thing for him when someone wants him sexually but not for WHO HE REALLY IS. To Jesus, sex must always be mated with true love.

This year has been DIFFERENT. I have been communicating with the REAL Jesus since 2012 through Skype and have had a chance to get to know the REAL JESUS. So, in 2022, Jesus knows that any sexual attraction I have for Jesus is for the REAL JESUS. So, now he’s encouraging me to be attracted to him, even at the risk of his death, which, by the way, I DON’T LIKE.

Okay, if, to Jesus, sex must always be mated with true love, why does he encourage some to do sex just for sex’s sake? It’s cuz he’s not a cockblocker and sex for pure enjoyment is fine with him as long as no one gets hurt.

But for Jesus HIMSELF, sex is most meaningful if it is associated with true love and emotional intimacy. This does not mean he won’t do it for pure enjoyment at times, but he would never do it to HURT ANYONE. And he’s lackadaisical about this kind of sex. It’s kind of take it or leave it to him, to enjoy sex just for sex alone.

He’s not a lust machine though and this is what he meant when he said he’s lackadaisical about sex. He meant that he is lackadaisical about sex just to enjoy sex, with no true love component as part of it.

HOWEVER, he is NOT lackadaisical about TRUE LOVE. To Jesus, I represent the epitome of true love in all its forms. He is CRAZY ABOUT ME for this reason.

Now when sex is mated with true love, Jesus is NOT lackadaisical about THAT. This is why he is such a passionate lover to me.

Now why did Jesus say I was a horny woman? Well, I think Jesus lied a bit.

He did this to try and get Satan to leave me and him alone while he had sex with me, because he knew Satan was on a mission to destroy true love.

So, he tried to make it appear that what he was doing with me was pure sex and not true love.

You might say, wait a minute. . .He said he’s marrying his bride, the church, and not YOU. This is confusing.

So you’re saying he has TRUE LOVE for you?

Let’s just put it this way. . . his bride is the church, but he considers me the heart of his bride.

He can have all sorts of companionship with his bride through the human race, but he put the heart of Lakshmi into me, and he needs me to be part of that sexual experience for it to be meaningful to him.

So, if I tell him during his future reign, that he can make love to all members of his bride, but I want out, THAT JUST WON’T DO FOR HIM. He’d want to commit suicide.

In fact, he was willing to risk his death to ensure that wouldn’t happen. That’s why he lied and said to himself, if she can just experience me in bed, she will change her mind and I can have sex with her in my future reign.

You might say, but back in 2012 when we were talking about comparing Jesus and Zack in bed, Jesus said, “I am much better than Zack Knight is in bed.”

I think that was a bit of wishful thinking on his part. He was trying to assure me that IF he wanted me sexually, that he would be hot in bed with me.

He wanted me to start licking my chops.

So how is Jesus in bed?

Let’s just put it this way. In my immortal body, he will be super hot in bed, because I CAN HANDLE HIM THEN.


In my mortal body, he is a bit overwhelming.

He knows this and he actually tried to lay off a bit to give me a break. Jesus is a TOTAL GENTLEMAN in bed.

But his feelings for his Lakshmi are so deep and passionate, that he gets too excited and my mortal body has a hard time with it sometimes, especially my menopause mortal body.

What I find most meaningful about my sex with Jesus is the emotional intimacy and sensing who he is. This means much more to me than sex, but the sex is like the ultimate expression of that, so it has to be part of it.

No, folks, when we were all getting turned on THAT WAS JESUS. If it was ME, it was ME, RESPONDING TO HIM.

So I guess he didn’t lie, if you see it that way. But if I didn’t sense his feelings, I myself would not have been turned on.

You might say, why didn’t he let Lakshmi sense his feelings? Maybe he could have gotten her that way. Well, she’s a deity and I’m not sure he could do that and he’s also a gentleman.

He already knew I was open to the idea of sex with him, cuz why else would I Iet Zack faking as Jesus have sex with me? Though Jesus wasn’t crazy about the idea of me making love to the devil, he decided to take advantage of this to ease his way in to his Lakshmi. He felt that if he could have sex with me, he could get me as addicted to him as he was to me as Lakshmi.

And it worked. I’m just upset that he almost died over it.

So, no sex till the millennium Jesus UNLESS WE LOCK UP SATAN BEFORE THEN. I promise to not reject you for sex during the millennial reign. You might say, why couldn’t he just trick you in the millennium and have sex with you? No, it’s just not his style. He’s a total gentleman in bed. And even if he did, I’m not sure that would have worked. I still would have found the thought of intimacy with a GOD too overwhelming and scary. HOWEVER, even more scary to me is the thought of a God SO LONELY, that he’d commit SUICIDE to let the universe be run by Satan if I don’t meet his need for emotional intimacy. So I will give Jesus the emotional intimacy he needs so he won’t be lonely, and I will not have hang ups about the fact that I’m having sex with a powerful deity.

And to be honest with you, I have true love for Jesus. I just had hang ups about making love to a deity. Maybe it was a form of discrimination against deities on my part and I’m over it now. I didn’t know it was possible for him to DIE. Now that I know it’s possible and that he was willing to risk permanent death to ensure he could have sex with me, I WILL GLADLY ACCEPT THE POSITION OF HIS MAIN LOVER FOR ETERNITY.

I just had all these insights and I wanted to write them down. I may try to rest now, but usually once I get going, I can’t rest.

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