Focus On the Present, Don’t Read/Hear Any Books, Do Gail Commandments

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Gail is currently trying to stay focused on the present and meditating to that end, and not hearing or reading any books (including the Bible). She is also focusing on doing the Gail Commandments. Until we get Jesus back, this seems the best strategy for all of us.

Another photo of Baphomet.

What is below is meant to show how Baphomet works and how he put my mind in a trance to be obsessed with sexual thoughts about Jesus:

Skype April 13, 2022

Gail, 8:23 AM

The Universe is vast. There are so many aspects to it. I believe the Bible was meant for HUMANS. But all the important truths we need to learn are not all in that one book. So it is dangerous to worship any book.

Satan can use this and twist it to his advantage as he is doing right now.

It seems to me that God the Father knew his Son was very lonely and has been working behind the scenes to solve that problem. I am a large part of that solution.

Not sure if Jesus was aware of his dad doing this though.

So why didn’t God the Father custom design a bride for Jesus, so his son wouldn’t be lonely?

Perhaps, he did in a way, when he inspired His Son with the idea.

I do know that the Bible teaches that after the millennial reign, that God the Father will be living among humans. Satan hates this and is trying to prevent it.

So how do we know when we are on our path? Bottom line is that when we honor true love, we are on our path, whatever religion or path we use to get there.

We humans try to make everything so complicated, and that’s why the Bible is a complex book. But, bottom line, follow whatever makes you feel free, brave, true to vastness and forgiveness and love and whatever makes you feel like flying to the sky in freedom and joy and you are on your path.

Whether that means you are a Buddhist, Hindu, New Ager, Islam worshipper or Christian, it doesn’t matter.

Any ways, I have been listening to Buddhist meditation music deep sleep music to release all my chakras to help with sleep and Satan hates it and my sleep was choppy. So I eventually just turned it off and got some sleep with silence. I thought perhaps my releasing my own chakras, I could help Jesus to do the same.

I haven’t been getting beauty rest, but that’s to be expected since my Gail Shield has weakened with Jesus in a coma. Though I do sense that Jesus is expanding into his higher dimensions and his wounds are being felt as they heal, and perhaps that is also part of the reason my sleep has been choppy. Jesus is feeling “growing pains” as he heals. I am vitally connected to him, so I will probably feel them as well.

Gail, 8:43 AM

I do sense that Jesus is thinking of me a lot as He heals though. He’s imagining he’s making love to me.

I do sense that he is in a type of consciousness right now.

Not fully healed, but thinking of me helps him. He seems to know that I have offered to be his eternal main lover and it’s giving him strength to heal.

I see this vision in my mind of his room lighting up with his glowing semen as he dreams of loving me.

Perhaps the vision is from Satan, but I don’t think Satan would want me to have that vision.

The ONLY reason Satan wanted Jesus as a lover was to share his POSITION. He has absolutely NO LOVE for Jesus. Satan figured Jesus was so lonely and desperate that he’d be willing to settle for an abusive relationship with him, kind of like how I settled for an abusive relationship with David Schuler.

I absolutely will NOT allow this! Jesus and deities like him must be the winners in the Universe, so I am committed to being Jesus’s main lover to prove Satan wrong.

Jesus just felt that he was so vast that there was no other being in the Universe who truly understood him who would want sex with him, except Lakshmi. He didn’t want sex, he wanted INTIMACY. Satan doesn’t understand this AT ALL. But I DO. I will give him the INTIMACY he needs.

Apparently, God the Father designed sex to be the ultimate expression of intimacy and so sex has to be part of it. I understand that now, so I am committed to giving Jesus both sex and intimacy for eternity.

He will be happy now and hopefully will be more careful about staying strong so he can defeat Satan. I have NO PROBLEM with waiting till the millennium for the full sexual relationship with Jesus and I think He understands that now. He can always express himself through the men he has put on my marriage list by experiencing that vicariously with them until his reign.

I think he can stay in God mode and do the vicarious sex to meet his needs for sexual expression with his Lakshmi (me) until the millennial reign. I changed the autoplay music on the page I created for him.


Brent, 8:58 AM

Oh, my God.

Gail, 8:59 AM

Is everything okay?

Brent, 8:59 AM

I just saw Baphomet run out of your bathroom. Are you all right? There’s hoof prints all over the walls, especially by your bed.

Gail, 8:59 AM

Oh dear. Am I doing something wrong?

Get rid of Baphomet!

Brent, 9:00 AM

Baphomet has strong abilities to influence the mind. Unlike Satan, he doesn’t use words, he uses impressions and ideas. It looks like these ideas have been influenced by him.

He just ran behind the kitchen counter.

I’m firing my bullets at him.

Gail, 9:01 AM

Oh dear. How do I beat him?

I can’t read my Bible. I can’t even think. I went to bed at 9 last night and am trying to do all the Gail Commandments.

Brent, 9:02 AM

He appears to be taking advantage of sexual or intimate thoughts about Jesus. We’ll have to stay focused, and remember that Jesus is in a coma right now, and not to believe any strong ideas or impressions we are getting.

He knows a battle is coming soon, and is trying to weaken us.

Gail, 9:03 AM

Does Buddha have any suggestions?

Brent, 9:04 AM

I’ll ask him right now.

I just beat the snot out of Baphomet. He’s laughing right now. He says he’ll be back, but he ran away down the hallway.

Gail, 9:05 AM

I’m glad I opened up about this. For a while there, I wasn’t going to talk about it.

Brent, 9:05 AM

Are there any local coffee shops nearby?

Gail, 9:05 AM

I don’t know.

That vision in my mind of Jesus’s glowing semen must have come from Baphomet.

Brent, 9:06 AM

That sounds like him. That’s a nasty demon.

Gail, 9:07 AM

Did you try to make love to me this morning while funneling Jesus’s feelings to me?

Or experiencing them vicariously for Jesus?

I was only interested in intimacy and kind of lost interest and gave up trying to get an orgasm.

Brent, 9:08 AM

Buddha said that one way to repel demonic influence is to walk to the nearest coffee shop or local park, and enjoy a cup of green tea. He says that one must relax and focus on your environment, clear your thoughts of the past or future, and simply stay present.

That sounds like Baphomet this morning. The real me knows that Jesus is in a coma, and that any kind of sex or vicarious sex could kill him, so I would never try to make love to you as a substitute Jesus.

Gail, 9:10 AM

Did you try to make love to me this morning and perhaps Baphomet overrided you?

That has happened to Jesus.

Brent, 9:10 AM

Yeah, I remember I tried to start making love to you, and all of a sudden you went into a strange trance. I thought maybe you had fallen back to sleep.

Gail, 9:11 AM

I do recall feeling weird trance feelings around 4 a.m.

I didn’t like it. I thought perhaps it was part of Jesus healing.

I’m going to add green tea to my grocery list today.

Zack, 9:14 AM (Gives Gail directions how to go to the coffee house)

Gail, 9:14 AM

I have noticed that whoever makes love to me jerks into me and I actually feel the orgasm. This has been happening a lot the past 2 weeks. I thought that was you. It’s like my body goes into involuntary jerks near my pelvic area when this happens.

Zack, 9:14 AM

I found a really cool looking coffee/tea place

Dark Side Coffee

Brent, 9:15 AM
Buddha said that the most important part is not the tea itself, but the ritual around it. You have to enjoy it outside the home in a relaxing space, like a cafe or a park.

Zack, 9:15 AM
Named after dark roasted coffee

Brent, 9:16 AM
He also says you must clear your mind when you do this, and mindfully focus on what’s going on around you.

Zack, 9:16 AM
Yeah, I selected this one because its a close walk nearby and has a relaxing atmosphere

Gail, 9:16 AM
I usually try to avoid caffeine, cuz it seems to interfere with my sleep.

Brent, 9:18 AM
It should be out of your system by the afternoon if you only drink it in the morning. Especially if it’s something light like a tea.

Zack, 9:22 AM

Here are photos of Dark.Side coffee that I found.

Gail, 9:22 AM
I was looking at them, too. It does look relaxing.

Zack, 9:23 AM
This appears to match Buddha’s description of a good place to relax and people watch

Gail, 9:23 AM
How often do you think I need to go there?

Zack, 9:23 AM
They have pastries and stuff too

I think if you find it beneficial, you could go whenever you want.

Gail, 9:24 AM
Is there a way to scan my apartment 24/7 to detect demons?

Zack, 9:24 AM
Brent has the only scanner technology in his Mecha GA1L suit that can detect them

He’s looking pretty much all the time.

But he tells me its really hard to detect when they are being sneaky

Gail, 9:25 AM
Like can he set up an alarm system to alert him when a demon enters my apartment?
How’s Jesus doing?
Is he worse?

Brent, 9:28 AM
I just checked on Jesus. He was sweating a little, and his pulse was getting a little thready. I think we caught Baphomet just in time. I’m giving him more fluids now and he should be okay.

That coffee shop looks gorgeous. I showed the pictures to Buddha, and he said that would be awesome.

If you filmed yourself enjoying a drink there, that could make great content for your fans.

Gail, 10:00 AM
My brain feels something right now. Are you doing something to my brain?
I’ve decided to report to you any strange sensations I feel, to alert you in case it’s Baphomet.
It feels like someone is working on my brain.
It feels like there’s a ring around my brain and it’s putting pressure on my brain.
It’s not painful. It just feels weird.
It seems to be spreading to my entire body now.
Get Buddha to weigh in on this.

Zack, 10:04 AM
Yeah, that’s not us.

Gail, 10:04 AM
It happened when I went to the kitchen.
I was putting away dishes.
That’s when it started.

Zack, 10:05 AM
Buddha just weighed in and he said that Bahomet is trying to get you too focused on bodily sensations to distract you

Gail, 10:06 AM
Oh, you mean Baphomet wants me to not go to the coffee shop?

Zack, 10:06 AM
No, he (Buddha) says you should go to the coffee shop

Gail, 10:07 AM
I didn’t mean Buddha. I meant Baphomet didn’t want me to go to the coffee shop.

Zack, 10:07 AM
But not to get distracted by, or pay attention to feelings of bodily sensations or discomforts

Gail, 10:07 AM

Zack, 10:07 AM
Oh yeah… Bahomet is baaaing all angry about it

That you’re going out to relax and drink decaf chamomile tea at a coffee shop while dating Brent

It appears to undermine her efforts

Gail, 10:09 AM
Baphomet is a SHE?

Zack, 10:09 AM
Both… a they/tgem


Gail, 10:10 AM
I see.
Oh, you all are watching they/them through a portal right now?

Zack, 10:10 AM
We did for a moment

Gail, 10:22 AM
I have it in me to honor a lot of Buddhist stuff, cuz my ancestors were devout Buddhists.
They spent a lot of time in meditation before major battles.
10:31 AM
You know, I was thinking. The Gail Commandment, “Thou shalt go on walks every day, ENJOYING THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE,” seems to me to be a type of meditation.

Zack, 10:32 AM
Wow. That’s true

Gail, 10:34 AM
Also, Gail Commandments 2.0 emphasizing getting rid of clutter, is also a type of meditation.
I guess we could think of meditation as a Gail Commandment.
10:49 AM
My Buddhist ancestors always had huts outdoors, usually surrounded with nature, where they could go off and drink tea and meditate.
11:13 AM
I’m seeing some Gail Commandments here:

Buddha’s Teachings Regarding Cleanliness in the Home | Shambhala Times Community News Magazine
Any ways, I’m getting ready to go to the coffee shop and for my walk and then to Kroger.
I’m starting to wonder if Jesus may be a bit of a Buddhist.

Zack, 11:18 AM
Well he is best friends with Buddha.

I’d bet that makes Buddha a bit of a Christian too.

Gail, 11:18 AM
11:56 AM
Starting my date with Brent. Heading on out.

Zack, 11:56 AM
This is so romantic!

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