Linus Torvalds & Mike Rodrick Appointed Deputy Big Tech Administrators

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Zack Knight has a big job as Big Tech Administrator and President Gail has appointed Linus Torvalds (who developed the Linux operating system) and Mike Rodrick of ITProTV to assist Zack Knight in transitioning our most important infrastructure away from the Windows operating system to a Linux based operating system.

They shall determine which companies or government organizations (that supply essential infrastructure or essentials like water, electricity, gasoline, etc.) are using Windows as their operating systems and force them over to a Linux operating system, which is more stable and less likely to cause serious disruptions to necessary operations, like what happened to Colonial Pipeline when their computers crashed due to a Windows update. Windows sucks as an operating system and needs to be totally transformed and made over into an operating system that operates more like Linux.

Our eventual goal is to phase out the Windows operating systems in Conspiracy Law honoring countries to replace them with Linux operating systems, even transforming the Windows operating systems into a system that operates like LInux.

Here is more about Mike Rodrick:

While we work on fixing the Windows updates, we recommend people, especially who use computers that manage important infrastructure, disable Windows updates.

There are a lot of bugs in the Windows operating systems and these men will work with Zack Knight to transition the computer operating systems that manage our most important infrastructure (like those who supply gasoline, oil, water, electricity, etc.) and what we need for our daily lives over to a Linux based system that should be more stable and efficient, thus, hopefully, preventing problems like we had with Colonial Pipeline in May 2021.

All of these men will also work with our Secretary of Energy, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and our Secretary of the Interior, Bill Nye and to transition everyone over to Linux and away from Windows (our eventual goal).

Mike’s primary emphasis will be management and education and he will train those who are working on the transition away from the Windows operating systems over to a Linux based system for all our infrastructure.

We also want to help out all those who are currently using a Windows operating system and want to transition over to Linux and Mike will offer free courses to those who want to do so. President Gail officially endorses Linux as the operating systems best for everyone’s computers and encourages everyone to transition over to Linux.

In the meanwhile, she wants Zack Knight to work with Mike and Linus to make the current Windows operating systems more streamlined and efficient, based on the Linux model.

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