Brent Spiner Appointed Vice President

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REAL Brent Spiner
Brent has met many Presidents or ex-Presidents. Judging by how happy Brent looks here, I was in his life and Loree had not entered the picture yet. This was in 1991 sometime. Brent started reading my mail in 1990. Loree drug raped Brent in Sept. 1992 and that was her grand entrance to Brent’s life.

Everyone knows my husband Brent Spiner. Because his IQ matches mine in every respect and I know he would never betray me as my original choice, Tulsi Gabbard did, I appoint Brent as my Vice President. Yes! This is the Brent Spiner who played Data in Star Trek: The Next Generation! He is a medical doctor and graduated from U.C.L.A. medical school around 2006.

Brent is from Houston, Texas and has Texas manliness. He is Jewish, but is also a Christian. Unlike the crazy social justice warriors out there, I admire and respect red-blooded men and choose people for my Cabinet based solely on their qualifications, regardless of their sex, gender or sexual orientation. I don’t feel obligated to pick people to show that I support equality. I just choose who’s most qualified, regardless of their sex, race, etc. Though Brent and I are Christians, we are very accepting of those who are not, as long as they are good people. I have people from many walks of life and religious persuasions in my Cabinet, including atheists. By the way, Jesus is not anti-gay, so I have homosexuals, too. I choose people who reflect my positions and for more detail about my positions, check out my U.S. President page.

Brent is also a theologian and studying at Dallas Theological Seminary. He would appreciate some music that represents our hearts as we lead the United States, called Hold the Fort!

Brent had the courage to take out Tulsi Gabbard when she tried to betray me and this is the only person I feel I can trust in this position. Also, both Brent and I have an I.Q. that is the same as Satan’s and I need someone really, really smart in this job because our enemy is Satan himself! I am a team leader and know that Brent will be a real asset to my team. Brent is cool under pressure and often comes up with brilliant solutions in emergencies. Though I would classify him as a reluctant leader, if I give him this role he will use his brilliant emotional I.Q. to work well with all those in my Cabinet.

Brent’s job will be to jump from department to department to ensure all the people in the Executive Branch are doing their jobs and can volunteer his time wherever he wants. I give him complete freedom to execute this role however he sees best. It goes without saying that the Brent Spiner CLONE is NOT the Vice President. I am referring to the REAL Brent Spiner as my Vice President, who was born in 1949. The Brent Spiner clone or clones is/are probably not older than a year and has/have the maturity of a child and is/are certainly not qualified to be my Vice President! Brent can even take time off and just work on his medical duties if he wants. I want him to follow his heart as the Vice President. Because I cannot personally deal with the members of my Cabinet, he can personally deal with them and jump from department to department as needed. Basically, he will do many of the functions that I would do if I could be present at Cabinet meetings. He knows me very well and knows best what I would want, especially if there is an emergency and I can’t be there to make important decisions.

July 8, 2020 (Updated June 27, 2021):

My cabinet (Dems are BOLD, Repubs are ITALICS):

The Vice President: INDEPENDENT/DEM Brent Spiner

Secretary of State: REPUB Rand Paul

Secretaries of Health and Human Services: DEM/IND Bernie Sanders & Gerard Butler M.D.

Secretary of Treasury: LIBERTARIAN REPUB Ron Paul

Secretary of Education: REPUB Ben Carson

Secretary of Labor: DEM Stephanie Kelton

Secretary of Commerce: LIBERTARIAN Jo Jorgensen

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: REPUB Ben Carson

Press Secretaries: IND Kanye West & REPUB Tucker Carlson

Office of Management and Budget: GREEN Jesse Ventura

Trade Representative: Vladimir Putin

EPA and Secretary of the Interior: DEM Bill Nye

Attorney General & ATF Acting Director: LIBERTARIAN REPUB Bob Barr

Secretary of Defense: Vladimir Putin

Deputy Secretary of Defense: Sergey Shoygu

Joint Secretaries of Murricah Space Fleet: Rule 13 (dual Japanese/U.S. citizenship) and Neil deGrass Tyson

Prisons Administrator: Adolph Hitler (resurrected from hell by Satan and allowed to stay on earth by Jesus)

Secretary of Energy: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Joint Secretary of Murricah Space Fleet: Neil deGrasse Tyson (I want someone really smart in this job, who will work well with Bill Nye and Michio Kaku)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration: DEM Rodeslav Cibulka

Secretary of the Interior: DEM John EchoHawk & Bill Nye

Joint Directors of C.I.A.: DEM (recently turned Republican though) Bryan Dean Wright and IND Klock (code name)

Director of National Intelligence: Alexander Bortnikov

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security: REPUB Dan Bongino

Secretary of Transportation: REPUB Elaine Chao

Secretary of Agriculture: REPUB Sonny Perdue

Secretary of Veterans Affairs: REPUB Donald Trump

Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers: DEM Stephanie Kelton

National Security Adviser: INDEPENDENT Zack Knight

Marriage Laws Administrator: INDEPENDENT Joshua J. Joshua

Big Tech Administrator: INDEPENDENT Zack Knight

Worldwide Internet Manager: Vladimir Putin

Genetic Code Voting Administrator: INDEPENDENT Judge Terrance Jenkins

Deputy Secretaries of Interdimensional Warfare: INDEPENDENT Michio Kaku and Klock

Research Secretaries of Defense: INDEPENDENT Terence Tao & Judge Terrance Jenkins

Deputy Research Secretaries of Defense: INDEPENDENT Martin Karplus, Arieh Warshel, and Dr. Bill Van Bonn

Deputy Big Tech Administrators: INDEPENDENT Linus Torvalds and Mike Rodrick

Acting Head of State (United Kingdom & Ireland): INDEPENDENT Gerard Butler M.D.

Acting Head of State (Canada): INDEPENDENT Keanu Reeves

Acting Head of State (Australia): INDEPENDENT Hugh Jackman

Acting Governor of Texas: INDEPENDENT Matthew McConaughey

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