Vice President Brent Spiner vs. Loree McBride’s Brent Spiner CLONE

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To me, the greatest way to tell the difference between the clone and the real Brent though is that Brent is deep and his clone is shallow.

To get the complete ACCURATE history on Brent Spiner’s relationship with me, buy the books (1) The Forbidden Abyss: Part One (Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin); (2) Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom; (3) Brent Spiner’s Flames and (4) Bible for Tribulation Saints.

To put it in a nutshell, Brent Spiner has been in love with me since 1990. Because I am literally half King David and Catherine the Great, the Jesuit Order created Loree McBride in a cloning lab to remove Brent Spiner from my life.

Jesuit clone Loree McBride, created in a Jesuit cloning lab using UFO (fallen angel) technology, attacked Brent Spiner in Sept. 1992 using drug rape and claimed that Brent raped her and that he wanted to! She maintained her relationship with Brent by threatening to kill the woman he’d die for (ME) if he wouldn’t play her game. And, no, she did not enter Brent’s life in 2000. Loree McBride has been his stalker since Sept. 1992. And it’s been one Loree McBride clone after another attacking both Brent and I as we both just wanted to be lovers and LEFT ALONE!

No such luck, since Satan is behind the Jesuit Order and we’ve had to deal with thousands of Loree McBride clones from 1992 till now. Currently, Loree has Antichrist powers (which means she cannot be killed) and seems to have an IQ that is about as high as Satan’s. For this reason, Jesus has given Brent and I an IQ as high as Satan’s, which is part of the reason I’ve made him my Vice President. Jesus decided to even the score.

Even though Loree rigged the 2020 Presidential elections, so that her cuck Biden won, it doesn’t matter, since the United States decided to make me President FOR REAL. I can assure you Loree’s not too happy about this. Any ways, I’m real proud of the work Brent is doing as Vice President and I give my thoughts about that and why Satan rebelled against Jesus. Yes! Satan is a rejected gay lover! Check my audio out.

History about the 2011 Jesuit nukkake that hit Canada:

In this video clip from Brent’s performance as John Adams (in the Broadway musical 1776), you can see Brent’s pain at this time, since in 1998, I had rejected Brent as my long distance lover because of Loree McBride, not understanding (till Dec. 1999) that she was a Vatican agent used to destroy our love for each other. I find it ironic though that he played John Adams and is now the Vice President! By the way, Jesus told me in a still, small voice in Dec. 1999, that Loree was a Vatican agent and I fully forgave Brent for her then, which made Brent very happy. I offered him my hand in marriage in Dec. 1999, but Loree McBride made sure we could not get together. After all, that has been her job since the beginning of her “relationship” with the real Brent (1992 to now). Don’t believe Loree’s crap that she started her “relationship” with him in 2000.

She just says that because the Jesuits instructed her to artificially impregnate herself in 2001 with the sperm she stole from Brent (in 1992). Yes! Jesuits can steal sperm and keep it alive for years. Loree used that stolen sperm to impregnate herself (giving birth to Jackson Spiner in 2001), which she used to try and trap Brent into marriage with her. Loree has dollar bills and an obsession with fame in her heart and she ain’t about to give that up to honor the true love that exists between me and Brent. With Satan on her side, she thinks she’s invincible.

In this 2008 interview, Brent talks about what inspired him to make his CD Dreamland. He admits that his personal life may have inspired the storyline, which is true, since the storyline parallels our love story from 1990 to 2008. The reason Brent mentioned his “son” Jackson on the back of the Dreamland CD and sometimes in interviews related to Dreamland is because Loree McBride threatened to kill me if he wouldn’t.

This is the Brent Spiner CLONE, who made this supposedly around May 14, 2020. Notice how shallow he is compared to the real Brent. He’s fooling NO ONE, unless you’re one of those brainwashed retards (who believe everything you hear in mainstream Loree McBride LYING news) who don’t believe in the existence of clones. As a sidenote, the Brent Spiner CLONE IS NOT THE VICE PRESIDENT!! God forbid, that this idiot would be my Vice President!

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