Jesuit Nuclear Bomb That Hit Canada (Dec. 2011)

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Gail’s book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom at Amazon covers this event.

This is what happened after the bomb hit Canada:

The bomb hit Canada, but God did a miracle for Canada and Terrance Jenkins (see my video about Terrance Jenkins dying and coming back from heaven He died from the AIDS virus he caught from the nukkake bomb, but God brought him back and also cleaned up Canada for us. The Jesuits admit themselves what they did at their website:

Scientists did respond to this video, but Jesuits put out a false news report that said the bomb had been averted and every one believed it and then the bomb hit Canada, so we were not able to get the shields up in time to avert the bomb. Fortunately, the rest of the world listened, and Canada only suffered catastrophic damage from the nukkake. Jesuits wanted to hit the United States and other countries, but my message got out and people realized that Canada had been hit and needed to put up shield over their countries. Which they did.

Here’s what I wrote as the bomb was on its way: I plead for scientists and military experts to listen to this video, and respond immediately. Any one who can help, contact Terry Jenkins at or

The bomb hit. In a video entitled “NUCLEAR BOMB HITS CANADA (JESUIT-BUKKAKE STYLE)” (, I read a letter from actor Brent Spiner as he describes in vivid details the horrors. The rest of the world needs to take precautions, and put up shield technology to protect their countries. Jesuits plan to launch more bombs.

To read a transcript about the aftermath of this attack, go to

The Jesuits admit at their website (that they claim is not theirs) about their nukakke bomb:

FOX News has only been able to report this in Canada. Jesuits have blocked this news from reaching the rest of the world and though I made a YouTube video pleading for help, we were not able to get a protective shield up in time.

The nuclear bomb interfered with my brain to brain communications & Jesuits gave me false information. I thought the bomb was averted. Unfortunately, the bomb hit Canada.

Judge Terrance Jenkins died for about 15 minutes, went to heaven, came back. God returned him to us, his body became alive, and God fixed his leg, so that the leg that the Jesuits sawed off was back on there, and he no longer had the evil clone leg (that was acting up). Also, his testicles, that Jesuit Rule 13 had destroyed, God restored. So God gave back to Terrance the body he had before the Jesuits tortured him. God also cured him of the AIDS he got from the nukkake.

Our scientists studied his body, and, using the antibodies and enzymes that God gave us to fix Terrance’s killer AIDS (which was what killed him), we determined that an extract from mushrooms contained the ingredients needed to cure the horrible AIDS virus that Jesuits put into their nukkake bomb and that had infected all the Canadians and my men.

This “mushroom formula” has been sprayed all over Canada and given to the Canadians and Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and others infected with this horrible AIDS virus.

The mushroom cure appears to be working and the Canadians and my men are “on the mend” and making fast recoveries.

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