Character Sketches for Silver Skies 1996 Version Characters (Novel in Progress)

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Why does Dor Ben Habakkuk want a wife? He wants love and acceptance. But he won’t find acceptance until he learns to embrace spiritual freedom or the freedom to honor his conscience without the shackles of convention. Until he faces death straight in the face, so that he must choose between hate or love, he is always trying to pacify religious convention of one sort or another in pursuit of love.

A Jewish freedom fighter in a deadly marriage strives to beat back a holocaust finding his soul mate in a forbidden Christian girl.

This story falls in the category of BUDDY LOVE. It is first and foremost a love story.

TRUTH that Dor Ben Habakkuk believes: That when he honors his Song of Solomon love for Brianna with a hatred for all that would destroy that love that matters more than anything else, their rare love will inspire the world around them to rise above the hatred that is evil. Hating lovers and all that honors true love is true evil. But hating all that destroys love, IS LOVE.

The LIE that Dor believes: Dor needs to learn that we can never be truly free until we embrace all in our life that honors love and authenticity and when we hate all that opposes this. Dor’s lie is that he thinks he can love without hating. But the purest, strongest love hates what destroys that love with an intensity as strong as death. As it says in Song of Solomon, love is as strong as death. If we don’t hate, we don’t love. Did Jesus throw out the money changers in the Temple because he did not love? No! It was because his love was so pure and high that he hated with intensity all the made that love impure, like the greed of the money changers at the Temple. Does Jesus send people to hell because he hates them? No! It is because his love for humanity is so pure, he cannot allow evil in heaven to make that love impure. Jesus hates sin, not because he is evil and a hater, but because his love is so pure, he must hate sin, because of the damage it does to love. In fact, those who tolerate sin, do so, because they love impurely or they don’t love at all. Only Jesus loves perfectly and those who are the most loving and the most like Jesus will hate what destroys love. Dor has to reject the lie that it is always wrong to hate. No it is wrong to not love and all that threatens love should be hated. It is not hatred alone that is sin, it is a rejection of love that is sin and a rejection of anything that blocks or denies love. If we don’t hate what destroys love, then we don’t love, because love hates what destroys love. Love is that part of us that exposes our soul to another, that part of us that longs to be real, transparent and committed and caring to another is real love. Hatred is the opposite. It is a sham of love, a pretense, a concern more with appearances than with being real and concerned about another person. When we become more concerned what people think and in the applause of the world than in being real and great to another person, we embrace hate.


COMMANDER PERSONALITY (Loree McBride/Angelina Ballerina/Sandra Metcalf) – true Antichrist Rachel/Suri David Shalom in Silver Skies and Mary Carson of The Thornbirds:

BRENT SPINER CLONE TYPE & Dor’s evil automaton in Silver Skies is DEBATER:

REAL BRENT SPINER & Dor Ben Habakkuk (male lead) in Silver Skies and Fee in The Thornbirds is ADVOCATE :

Gail Chord Schuler and Brianna Wilhelm (female lead) in Silver Skies and Meggie of The Thornbirds is MEDIATOR:

REAL VLADIMIR PUTIN and Dor’s sister Danielle in Silver Skies and Franz Wilhelm of Silver Skies is DEFENDER:


JESUIT LEADER ZACK KNIGHT and KEANE HORTON in Silver Skies (first Antichrist) and Luke O’Neill in the Thornbirds is ENTREPRENEUR:

JESUIT LEADER RULE 13 and Jackie in Silver Skies is CONSUL:

Alex Jones of InfoWars is CAMPAIGNER:

Gail’s ex-husband David Schuler is LOGISTICIAN:

Brianna’s mother Paula in Silver Skies and Gail’s mother is EXECUTIVE:

Brianna’s brother Tyson in Silver Skies and Rainer Hartheim of The Thornbirds is ARCHITECT:

Father Ralph DeBricassart of The Thornbirds is PROTAGONIST:

Dane of The Thornbirds is CAMPAIGNER:

Justine of The Thornbirds is ADVENTURER:

Archbishop Papal Legate Vittorio of The Thornbirds is ARCHITECT:

As I work on the ending to Silver Skies, Wuthering Heights is a new inspiration to help me in characterizing Keane Horton and Jackie.

Cathy of Wuthering Heights is ADVENTURER:

Healthcliff of Wuthering Heights is VIRTUOSO:

The Thornbirds was my inspiration for Silver Skies.

As I work on the ending to Silver Skies, Wuthering Heights is a new inspiration to help me in characterizing Keane Horton and Jackie.