CHARACTER SKETCH for Silver Skies 1996 Version's ANTAGONIST/villain (Novel in Progress)

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ANTICHRIST has the COMMANDER personality type, which tends to make her/him cerebral and lacking in emotions. However, Suri is also a sociopath/psychopath, so she/he is filled with rage at God for expecting women to be in submission to men. She believes that women are actually superior to men and that because God is a male chauvinist, that is why he lied to mankind and said that Eve sinned and that’s why she needs to be in submission to men, because God is on an ego trip about his masculinity. Her whole life is consumed with reinforcing her truth that women are the superior race, which is also the lie that she believes. She believes that women are superior to men because she NEEDS to believe this to justify her crimes against men and those who won’t be her cuck. Being a cerebral type, she concocts elaborate explanations for why women are superior to men, but is careful not to flaunt her believes bare naked (knowing the mainstream will not accept her views unless she doctors them to make them more palatable), but rather tries to push her views by trying to prove a NEGATIVE, that all men are rapists and, therefore, because women are not rapists, this makes women superior. She says any man who makes love to a woman with a penis, especially if his sexual approach is one where he approaches the woman as the aggressor in lovemaking, like initiating the lovemaking or doing it in a masculine manner, which means he is doing most of the motions, means he raped the woman of her true masculine identity, thus making him a rapist. To Suri, the lovemaking is not consensual, unless the woman made the first move and the man loves it AND if the man is more aggressive, makes more movements than the woman during the lovemaking. So any man who uses thrusting motions to make love, to a woman who is not reciprocating in the same manner is a RAPIST. If anyone tells her that women can be rapists too, pointing out her use of drug rape, she laughs and says, “Impossible, because women don’t have a penis.” You need a penis to rape. A rapist, to her, is anyone who has sex with a woman in a manner that does not acknowledge the woman as the leader and superior one in the relationship. She rationalizes this by saying that any man who approaches a woman in love with the attitude that the woman needs to be in submission to the man, is a rapist, because he is raping the woman of her true identity as the superior sex. She encourages all women to use dildos to make love, to assert their masculinity as the superior race, that women are evolving into manhood and she is the epitome of that evolution. Because, being a cerebral type, she cannot justify her crimes unless she is convinced she is superior, her greatest vice is PRIDE. Her truth is that women are superior and that they are evolving into manhood and the men who try to stop that are the rapists. They are raping women of their true identity. On the other hand, those men who are true to themselves, will always honor the woman in their relationship as the superior one, allowing that woman to control them and all they do. Knowing, that many people don’t like to be controlled, she generously awards her cucks with money, appealing to their greed, lavishing them with presents and they basically get whatever they want, whenever they want it. This appeals to people who are lazy, don’t think for themselves and who are spoiled brats, who get what they want, WHEN THEY WANT. Unlike many people who tend to be cerebral, Suri does not encourage people to think for themselves, but to be her spoiled brat slaves, lavishing them with gifts and wild and violent sex with her and her band of aggressive women. Those people who tend to be deep and spiritual despise her and her followers and she is convinced these people are a cancer who must be eliminated, because they are stopping the evolution of women to godhood as masculine men. Rachel/Suri envisions a world where at least half of the women will evolve into transgender men (the woman’s true calling). If one of her followers disobeys her leadership, she punishes them by withholding presents. When Keane Horton quits serving Satan, because of his love for Jackie, who actually adores his masculinity and thus won his heart, Rachel transforms herself into a transgender man and becomes the Antichrist or Suri David Shalom. She tells the world that as the superior woman, she has reached the epitome of her evolution to godhood and that all women should celebrate her as the perfect human, a woman, who has attained godhood as a transformed woman or man. She tells the women, that if they enjoy lovemaking as a woman, they can remain in the female sex, but must always be the aggressors in their relationships with the man, by making a lot of aggressive body moves during lovemaking. She encourages females to compensate for not having a penis, by violence in lovemaking to create the right atmosphere in lovemaking that makes the women the masculine one in the relationship, because women as the superior race, must always control and be aggressive towards those they are superior to. Suri absolutely must believe that she is the most superior woman who has ever lived to justify her crimes and murders against those who won’t submit to her leadership and control. But those women who have masculine traits are welcome to evolve into manhood as she has. For this reason, under Suri’s rule, there are lots of women who become transgender men. Her greatest threat is Brianna, who gets such loyal support from virgin men, like the 144,000 Jewish missionaries that they would die for her. She has a secret respect for Brianna while she hates her and is ravenously jealous of her at the same time, but is so threatened by her because Brianna’s belief system and her very loyal supporters unravels all her lies and could destroy her entire support system of cucks to do her bidding. Suri concocts an elaborate belief system that extols the female sex as superior (the lie she believes). She needs to believe this to justify her crimes against humanity. Anything that threatens that lie is attacked with ferocity, because it exposes her as a tyrant and evil. So she hates the Bible, soft and feminine women, women who stand by their men and who adore their masculinity, and true thinkers who see through her poorly thought out belief system. Because she is a cerebral type, but is also a sociopath/psychopath, she is a blend between the Commander type, who has kidnapped her intellect with her sociopathy, making her a pseudo intellectual, that true intellects can cut apart and destroy with ease. Several world leaders who oppose her and side with Brianna and Dor are also Commander types (but are NOT sociopaths), and she hates these people and their followers with such ferocity, that she has chosen a special type of execution for them – BEHEADING IN PUBLIC. She also believes in abortion of any babies who won’t enforce her narrative, babies who will grow into masculine men and feminine women, these must be aborted. She uses scans to determine which babies are like this. She then creates her own babies in cloning labs who are programmed to be masculine women and feminine men. There are a lot of holes in her arguments, but she has a following of cuck lawyers, who help her create the narrative she needs to rule as a COMMANDER/SOCIOPATH. For instance, she is against gun ownership of those who don’t support her because it threatens her rule, because they have a means to resist her. To eliminate this problem, she labels all who resist her as mentally ill or criminal and demands they lose their guns. She is a master as propaganda and defamation and has created a web of laws that enable her to maintain complete control. As the Antichrist, she removes all guns from the population, using advanced science to scan guns in the population and remove them. She also eliminates all cash (mid-tribulation), forcing everyone to take the mark to buy and sell. This way she is able to starve out and control those who won’t submit to her tyranny. Of course, at the time she enters the Jewish temple as the Antichrist and desecrates the Jewish Temple, she is now a transgender man.